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Cool Big Sis


If your show is aimed at a younger audience, this young woman (usually in her mid to late teens, sometimes in her early 20's) will be older than the Shorttank and be the girl everyone thinks is hot (if they're nice) or an Alpha Bitch (if they're not), though their personalities can vary widely from Tsundere to Emotionless Girl to Tomboy. The Shorttank girls often admire them, even when they playfully flirt with the much younger male lead and steal everyone's attention. The Shrinking Violet will admire and at the same time envy how more open her Big Sister figure is with her thoughts and feelings.

This young lady may or may not catch a shonen series lead's eye; if he hasn't entered puberty yet, she's more likely to be paired up with either The Big Guy, the Team Dad or the Big Brother Mentor. Or maybe, if she's persistent enough, she'll end up in an Odd Couple with an Aloof Big Brother or a single father. She may also evolve into a Team Mom thanks to Character Development.

Expect a somewhat jaded character who prefers to work the system to their advantage rather than admit to others she's become cynical. If old enough to drink, she may also be a Hard-Drinking Party Girl, or even The Lad-ette; if not, she'll often be a Lethal Chef and/or Big Eater. If older than the standard, she might be a Christmas Cake as well. She's often a Good Bad Girl and frequently the person who keeps the main characters in line. Sometimes she's even portrayed as the only person the protagonist(s) are truly afraid of.

This trope can apply to male characters as a lesser form of the Big Brother Mentor. This type is more commonly applied to a level-headed Non-Action Guy or a Nice Guy whose main job is to be a mediator in a group or take care of the kids.

Compare Onee-sama, also a sister figure but usually more ladylike, quiet and graceful, and Aloof Big Brother, where the status causes a conflict between the (usually male) siblings.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Satella from Chrono Crusade fits this trope somewhat, although Azmaria is the only one that really looks up to her. (Rosette is generally more frustrated with her antics than anything, although there's moments where they share bits of advice with each other.)
    • And of course, Rosette plays the role straight towards Azmaria, as the picture above shows.
  • Milly Ashford, the Student Council President from Code Geass, is actually referred to on the show's official website as a "reliable older sister" to her friends (when she isn't tormenting them with her playful antics and "magic spells"). She's one of the more popular side characters due to this, as well as her... um... huge tracts of land and eagerness to grope the female Student Council members.
    • Cornelia is one to her little sister Euphemia, who in turn was one to Nunnally.
  • Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail definatly qualifies. She is respected and admired by her fellow guild mates and especially Lucy looks up to her. (In a letter Lucy wrote to her mother she describes Erza as cool, beautiful, warm and full of passion) She is someone relied on by everyone and capable of keeping the chaotic guild under control with one glare.
  • In One Piece, Nami and Robin tend to alternate between this and the Team Mom trope. Nami is definitely the Cool Big Sis type to both Vivi and Chopper, while to the rest of the crew, she is definitely the Team Mom. Robin is the Cool Big Sis to Nami, and is often referred to as "oneesama" by Nami.
    • Nami also has Nojiko, her "sister" who was adopted with her by Bellemere.
  • In My Neighbor Totoro Satsuki is this for Mei (Hayao Miyazaki seems to like this trope).
  • In Ranma ˝, though she ends up playing the Yamato Nadeshiko so straight she becomes a parody of it, Kasumi Tendô is a gentle, kindhearted woman who holds the Tendô household together, always tries to comfort her family, thinks the best of others and displays a subtle comic wit, often trying to pull off a one-woman Boke and Tsukkomi Routine. Akane Tendô, her Tsundere little sister whom she helped raise, adores her "Kasumi-neechan" and desperately wants to be like her, but without giving up her martial arts abilities.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Misato Katsuragi tries to be one to her wards, Shinji and Asuka. Unfortunately, they are two severely traumatized kids, and her own issues made her hard to connect with them and help them. As a result of it, she failed them when they needed her the most.
  • Two aversion in Slayers; While Lina is the first to admit (in the manga) that her older sister Luna is "really cool" she's also terrified of her due to some unfortunate events during their childhood (not that Lina didn't deserve it). (Lina is so scared of Luna that near the end of Slayer's Try she actually says (entirely without irony) that she has to save the universe because otherwise "my big sister is gonna kill me.") Amelia's older sister Gracia AKA Naga the White Serpent did teach her some magic (per Word of God) but she also ran away after witnessing the horrifically bloody assassination of their mother. Amelia hasn't met her since, and (in the novels at least) misses her terribly.
  • Mai Kujaku/Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh! to Shizuka/Serenity and, to a lesser extent, Tea/Anzu.
    • Aki Izayoi (Akiza in the the dub) in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fits this, generally keeping track of Rua and Ruka after she outgrows her Dark Magical Girl leanings in the beginning of the show.
    • A literal example (where she's truly the character's big sister) occurs in Yu Gi Oh Zexal, with Yuma's sister Akari; given that the Biker Babe and Intrepid Reporter Tropes could both apply to her, she certainly qualifies. (Yuma is actually the first protagonist in the franchise to even have a sibling.)
  • Urd of Ah! My Goddess, to both younger sister Skuld and Keiichi on occasion, though with mixed success. Skuld seems to regard Belldandy more as her Cool Big Sis than Urd.
  • Shigure Asa of SHUFFLE!, who is also a Genki Girl Bokukko to boot. And she's the one who gets the guy.
  • Override in Transformers Cybertron fits the type even if she is a Giant Robot (and is only a girl in the dub). She even refers to one of the humans as "little sis".
  • Pokémon
    • Kasumi (Misty) has not one, not two, but three Cool Big Sisters, actual sisters at that. She doesn't exactly idolize them, though, getting along only with the eldest of the trio.
    • A more straight example is Lady of War Soledad (Saori) from Advanced Generation, who acts like a cool big sis to May and Drew.
    • Zoey/Nozomi tries to act like this for Dawn/Hikari, but ends up looking like something else.
    • Dawn's Togekiss, who acts in this role towards Piplup. This is mainly seen by Togekiss deflecting wayward Draco Meteor attempts back at Ash and Gible to keep them from falling on Piplup, and scolding Gible for repeatedly hitting Piplup.
    • Ash's Snivy fills the role for the Unova gang. She's always watching out for them but would rather stay out of pointless squabbles. She also developed a rivalry with Iris' Emolga because of a personality clash.
  • In Pokémon Adventures, Blue probably sees herself as Silver's older sister-type figure (though shippers say that Silver feels something a little bit more for her). She also occasionally looks out for Yellow.
  • Kaya, more specifically, her alter ego Nagato-sensei, in Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara: Dream Saga.
  • Scrapped Princess: While Pacifica looks to both her adopted siblings for protection, Racquel is the one she turns to when needs someone to confide in. At one point, she even tells Racquel that she had hoped to be as good a big sister to Cznote  as Racquel was to her and Shannon, who shares Pacifica's sentiment. Near the end, when he finally breaks down in tearsnote , Racquel provides him with a shoulder to cry on.
  • Michelle Cheung, the eldest of the three Paper Sisters from Read or Dream/R.O.D The TV.
  • The Outer Senshi in Sailor Moon: Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Uranus), Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune), and Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto).
  • Kuwabara Shizuru in YuYu Hakusho, actually Kuwabara Kazuma's older sister, who seems to consider it her job to keep the younger (acting?) girls safe and upbeat. Urameshi Atsuko kinda shifts between this in the manga... she had Yuusuke when she was about fourteen (Yuusuke's same age), after all.
  • Triela fills this role in Gunslinger Girl, despite not being related to any of the other protagonists. She seems a bit older than the other girls. Sixth Ranger Petra, despite being the most teenage, does not apply here since she doesn't even interact with the others.
  • Technically she's the cousin of Ryoma Echizen, but otherwise Nanako Meino fits the trope to a T in The Prince of Tennis. And there's also Fuji's EXTREMELY hot sister Yumiko.
  • Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh is pretty much this, being quite protective of Chiyo-chan and earning Chiyo's admiration in return. And then there's all her in-show fangirls.
  • Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann becomes this after outgrowing her Tsundere stage early in the show, although she had hints of it from the beginning.
    • Kamina acts as Simon's cool big bro note .
  • Bitter Virgin has Izumi Suwa, elder sister of Daisuke, who is considered a Cool Big Sis by Daisuke's childhood friend Yuzu Yamamoto. She also becomes such to female lead Hinako when she encourages her to fight for Daisuke's affections and becomes the only person who Hinako has knowingly divulged her secrets to. She also earns some points for casually dismissing the flak she catches for returning to her conservative home town very pregnant with no father in sight.
  • Mai Tokiha from Mai-HiME who, atypically for this trope, is a shonen series lead. She jokes about Shiho's Big Brother Attraction toward Yuuichi when they all first meet, stating that she (Mai, not Shiho) and Takumi are blood-related.
  • Gundam
    • Christina Sierra from Gundam 00 isn't the sister of either Feldt or the Gundam pilots, but treats them as if they were her siblings.
    • She possibly caught that from Catherine "Cathy" Bloom, the cool big sister from Gundam Wing. Who's confirmed by Word of God to be the long lost older sister of the Gundam Heavyarms's pilot, Trowa Barton.
    • And let's not forget Toniya, the Dark-Skinned Blond from After War Gundam X, who plays this role towards Tiffa and Garrod (and even ships them together).
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Robotech: Claudia acts as a big sister figure to Misa Hayase/Lisa Hayes, often by lending an ear when Lisa's stressed and needs to vent, and occasionally gives her relationship advice to help her get closer to Rick Hunter. Though when it comes to her fellow Bridge Bunnies (Kim/Kimberly, Vanessa, and Shammy/Sammy), she's the Team Mom.
  • Bleach gives us two:
    • Rangiku Matsumoto. She really takes on the Cool Big Sis role when she lives with Orihime, and later is this also to Momo and her own captain.
    • Yoruichi Shihoin. Teases the hell out of Ichigo, after abandoning cat form and appearing nude in front of him, revealing his prudishness. Also was the mentor of both a teenage Soifon and a teenage Byakuya. (Byakuya was even less thrilled than Ichigo by Yoruichi's antics, making Soifon the only one of the trio who adored having her as a mentor and Cool Big Sis. And maybe even more)
  • Cathy Taymor and Pamela from Kaleido Star. Sarah Dupont is both this and the local Team Mom.
  • Natsumi Hayama from Kodomo no Omocha used to be a Big Sister Bully to her brother Akito since she blamed him for their mother Koharu's Death by Childbirth, but becomes this after her Character Development.
  • In Overman King Gainer after she switches sides, Adette eventually becomes this role, well after she stops sleeping. The Siberian Railroad even still calls her Big Sis while she's attacking them.
  • Played for laughs with Li Syaoran's four older sisters in the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie. They were all very sweet and well-intentioned ... and complete Kawaiikos.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia has several, actually:
  • Melissa Mao from Full Metal Panic!. She mentions the trope almost by name in The Second Raid when she confronts Sousuke about spacing out in the middle of a mission. Not to mention that Kurz calls her "Sis."
  • Rin Ataka from Gasaraki is arguably one of these too, she even goes so far as to sneak off of a military base despite being detained in order to check if Yushiro is ok.
  • Fasalina in GUN×SWORD is amongst the antagonist's group, however she seems fond of newcomer Michael and if he's not being guided by The Claw, he goes to her and she teaches him. It doesn't excuse her position as a villain though, making her a rare villainous Cool Big Sis.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has Negi's cousin Nekane filling this role whenever she's around. Kaede, Konoka, Akira, and Chizuru all fit the bill as well. On that note, most of the 3A girls can qualify at some point or another...
  • Tae Sekihara in Rurouni Kenshin, who counsels her friend Kaoru and takes Tsubame under her wing.
  • Kirino Chiba, Bamboo Blade's Kendo Team Captain, is more ditzy than flirty, but is clearly remarked to be the Cool Big Sis for the kendo team, which helps to keep them united. This may also make her something of a Team Mom.
  • Anehara Misa in Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou.
  • So far, Eva from Karneval is one to some extent, being reliable during a crisis, especially when Tsukumo-chan is concerned, although the guys are pretty scared of her.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Touma apparently has a fetish for Cool Big Sis types, though he tries to keep it quiet. Kaori is the only one in his Unwanted Harem who would fit the type, and even that's a little bit of a stretch (she's the Cool Big Sis to some of his haremettes, but not to Touma).
    • Fukiyose Seiri is good at depicting this image. She's also hijacked the role of Class Representative on a number of occasions.
    • Shizuri Mugino acts as one to the other members of Team ITEM, but she's also Ax-Crazy and wouldn't think twice about killing them before her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Though only one year older than the rest of the main cast of Hayate the Combat Butler, Maria seems to be the holder of this title.
    • While Yukiji is better known as an irresponsible Hard-Drinking Party Girl and older than most, she has shown to have this side to her, mostly to her younger sister.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica has Mami Tomoe who has a protective, motherly personality towards rookie magical girls. Most adapations and timelines show her in this relationship with one or more of them. However, in one timeline she murdered The Team because she learned the Awful Truth, crossed the Despair Event Horizon, and decided this was the best course of action, viewing it as a Mercy Kill.
  • Madlax
    • Elenore is this to Margaret as well as being Mama Bear to her.
    • Vanessa is this likewise to both Margaret and Elenore.
  • In episode 16 of Nichijou, Yuuko befriends the Professor and becomes this.
  • Ayako of Slam Dunk personified this trope in the early chapters, being much more outgoing then the more moe Haruko. Later on she becomes more a Team Mom.
  • Nathan from Tiger & Bunny is built on this trope, right down to his name (or, as it's pronounced in Japanese, Nee-San). The fact that he's male does not diminish it in the least.
  • Michiko from Michiko & Hatchin eventually becomes one to Hatchin.
  • Saki formerly saw her older sister Teru as this, but by the start of the series, after their parents' separation and possibly a death in the family, Teru refuses to speak to Saki or acknowledge their being related.
    • Hisa, being the Club President and oldest member of the Kiyosumi mahjong club, serves this role to the younger girls, albeit girls who are not related to her.
    • In Saki Shinohayu -dawn of age-, Mafuka Kasugai, an Idol Singer and Mahjong player, is this to Hayari Mizuhara, cheering her up with a magic trick involving a mahjong tile on two occasions.
  • Yomi to Kagura in Ga-Rei -Zero-. Even after a barrage of very awful tragedies she's still a Cool Big Sis, to the bitter end.
  • Aoi Kimi of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. As the protagonist's slightly older sister, she's about the same age as most of the rest of the main cast, but definitely plays Team Mom. She's also a flamboyant pervert.
  • In Girls und Panzer, the Little Army prequel manga reveals that Nishizumi Maho, who otherwise seems like an Expy of Teru from Saki, is actually quite close to her younger sister Miho, and that the aloof behavior she often displays in the anime is actually a Jerk Ass Facade brought on by having to be the ideal Nishizumi heiress, which she does so that Miho will be free to live her own way.
    • Pravda High's second-in-command Nonna has this dynamic with her direct superior Katyusha. One need only look through the non-action scenes episode 9 for proof.
  • In Magic Knight Rayearth, Presea the Ultimate Blacksmith is very affectionate towards the trio despite her habit of fantasizing about Disproportionate Retribution and Cool And Unusual Punishments. The anime has enemy dancer Caldina act as this to Ascot. In both versions, she becomes another big sister figure to the Magic Knights after her Heel–Face Turn.
    • And in the anime, Presea's Angsty Surviving Twin Sierra also plays the role. While masquerading as Presea, that is.
  • If Her Flag Breaks: Kikuno is Souta's self-declared big sister, so she does sisterly things for him, such as making him lunches, giving him advice, and being a little too affectionate sometimes. She also acts like a big sister figure to the rest of the cast.
  • Petra Ral from Attack on Titan became one to Eren. She functioned as a Team Mom to Levi's squad, and was the most supportive and kind member.
  • Kill la Kill: Satsuki Kiryuin gets this trope as a part of her character development. Made even more meaningful by how a good part of her cold and ambitious behavior came from her swearing revenge on her Almighty Mom, Ragyo, for experimenting on Satsuki's newborn little sister and throwing her away for dead when said experiments didn't work. Said sister? Ryuuko, of all people.
  • In A Centaur's Life, Class Representative Manami Mitami is this to her four younger siblings, Chigusa, Chinami, Chiho and Suetsumu.
    • Himeno is this to her younger cousin, Shiho. Shiho herself acts as a Cool Big Sis to an even younger centaur girl from the same kindergarten, Maki.
  • Yoshiyuki Tomino is supposedly trying to invoke this with Aida in Gundam Reconguista In G.
  • Definitely related to above, this is very strongly invoked by Kamiki Mirai from Gundam Build Fighters Try, older sister of (one of the three) main character, Kamiki Sekai. Not only is she beautiful to the point of charming almost literally everyone who sees her, she is also very supportive of whatever her little brother takes interest in, be it martial arts, or toy battle. That said, when he gets himself into a police station or gets distracted away from finishing transfer student registration, she does show some stun side.
  • Is the Order a Rabbit?'s Cocoa tries to act like one. Though it doesn't work very well on Chino, Megu seems to buy it.
  • Variable Geo: Satomi is a literal and borderline tragic example, given she's been left to support herself and her brother, Daisuke, since their parents deaths, years ago. She's held two jobs to make ends meet, which includes Daisuke's medical expenses, and goes so far as to submit herself to The Jahana Group for experimentation, after they offer to take over the costs of Daisuke's medical treatment.
  • Shinshunki Miman Okotowari invokes the trope since the heroine, Asuka, aims to become this towards her recently found half-siblings Manato and Kazusa so they'll accept her in their family. Things get muddled, however, when she starts feeling attracted to Manato and he eventually reciprocates..
  • Given the Central Theme of family, Lyrical Nanoha has a lot of examples:
    • The first example in the franchise is Nanoha's older sister Miyuki.
    • Nanoha described Farin, head maid of the Tsukimura family, as being one for Suzuka.
    • Subaru Nakajima loves and admires her older sister Ginga. So do Cinque, Nove, Dieci, Wendi, and presumably Thoma (if they ever continue Force) once they're adopted.
    • Alicia acted this way for Fate when the latter was trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine. This relationship was carried over to the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT spin-off.
    • Arf was somewhere between this and Parental Substitute for Fate back in the first season (since Fate was in desperate need of a positive influence), even though she's technically younger.
    • Vita acts as one for both Rein and Agito. The latter even calls her "Anego" which means "big sister", but it can also mean "boss".
    • Caro stated in a episode of StrikerS that she's always viewed Fate as an older sister instead of a mother, probably due to the fact that there's only a 9 year difference between them.
    • Multiple girls act as this for Thoma including: all six Nakajima sisters, Signum, and Alto.
    • Several of the older Numbers act as big sisters for they younger ones, more specifically: Due for Quattro, Tre for Sette, Cinque for all of the ones that make a Heel–Face Turn (especially Nove), and Sein for Wendi.
    • Nove pulls double duty as both this and The Mentor for Vivio and her friends, to the point that they name themselves Team Nakajima in her honor when they enter in the Inter-Middle Championship (despite her embarrassed protests).
  • Sai in "Angelic Layer" is this for Misaki when the latter reaches the finals. The first thing she does when they meet is hold Misaki's hand and help her walk out to the crowd. She also helps her discover Hikaru's weakness and through Sai's backstory where we find out she had a little sister who died of an illness, and was her entire reason for playing Angelic Layer it can be assumed she sees Misaki in the same way.
    • Also in a little twist, Hatoko is like this for Misaki as well, despite being a few years younger, by constantly teaching her about Angelic Layer and helping her become a better player.

  • The Sandman includes Death, who is the sweetest, gentlest girl anyone could ever meet. She loves everyone, and everyone, audience included, loves her. She is by far the sanest of the Endless, and is able to provide a pragmatic perspective to her younger brother, the anguished poet Dream. Most importantly, she is extremely badass when it is called for, and is the only one of the Endless who "is bound by no rules." The ironic contrast between the kind and beautiful Death and the typical Grim Reaper archetype is deliberate and effective.
  • Y: The Last Man: Yorick always thought of his sister Hero this way... until she joined the Daughters of the Amazon after the Gendercide and murdered someone in front of him. He had a tough time accepting her Heel–Face Turn after that.
  • Spider-Girl: Mayday Parker is well on her way to be this to her baby brother Benjamin.
  • After Orube in W.I.T.C.H. gets over her Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy attitude, she becomes this to the Guardians.
  • Although the timeline of events indicates Megan is actually somewhat older, her far more experienced cousin, Laura Kinney aka X-23, takes this role in their relationship.
    • Later on, Jubilee becomes this for Laura herself.
  • Lucy acts this way towards Rerun a lot in the later Peanuts strips, very unlike her relationship with Linus in the earlier ones. (A lot of Character Development is probably the cause.)
  • All New X-Factor: Scarlet Witch tries to be this for her half-sister Polaris.

    Fan Works 
  • A Crown Of Stars: Misato is a mix of Parental Substitute and this to Asuka and Shinji. In chapter 70 she calls herself this. With those exact words and capitalization.
    Misato:“So I’ll be your Cool Big Sis instead.”
  • Advice And Trust: Misato tries acting like this to her wards, taking care of them, trying to protect them and even encouraging Shinji to confess his feelings to Asuka.
  • Doing It Right This Time: After finding out Rei is (in this story) her mother's clon, Ritsuko changes completely her behaviour towards Rei, treating her like her little sister and being quite overprotective from her.
  • Racer and the Geek features Rainbow Dash playing this role to Scootloo.
  • A Growing Affection has Yugao Uzuki serve as this to both Team Kakashi and her own team.
  • The Black Sheep introduces Mariella Smith-Rhodes, who wants to grow up just like big sister Johanna. Mariella is evidently a sjaemboek cut from the same rhinoceros hide, as she has succeeded in being selected for education at the Assassins' Guild School against heavy competition.
  • In the Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light, Jamie and Sophie have an adopted elder sibling, Helen, who is this to them both. It should be note-worthy that throughout the fandom, there are many stories in which Jamie and Sophie have an elder sister. Helen is the only one who actually cares about them, and doesn't abandon them the minute she meets Jack.
    • By the same author, there's the crossover fic with Megamind, called Protectors, only this girl, Rikki, is Roxanne's elder sister. She's just as awesome, but not just to Roxanne; she's this to all the kids.
  • In the Medaka Box fanfic World As Myth, Nabeshima to Zenkichi, and Yobuko to Onigase, at least when the former isn't being a Yaoi Fangirl.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion Genocide, Hikari says Asuka is like her bigger sister when she's trying to talk her friend into staying with her.
    Asuka: I'm not your sister. I don't have any family. I don't need family.
    Hikari: Do it for me then. I told you Kodama moved out, right? I need someone to talk to, you know, about girl stuff. I need someone told tell me if my outfit matches my shoes. I need someone to tell me how I could do better than being just a boring class representative. Someone I can trust.
    Asuka: You mean you need a bigger sister
    Hikari: Well, since you put it that way…

    Films — Animation 
  • Badass Princess Merida from Brave has three little brothers who think she's awesome.
  • Margo in Despicable Me is this to the two younger girls, Edith and Agnes, though Word of God has stated that the three are not biologically related. However, they legally become sisters after Gru adopts them.
  • Tigress in Kung Fu Panda 2 to Po, if you want to disregard the hints that she may be falling in love with him.
  • Lin (Rin) in Spirited Away is not actually Chihiro's sister, but after a rocky start, she takes her under her wing.
  • In Kiki's Delivery Service, Kiki has a bout of insecurity and loneliness when she loses her witch's powers. One of her friends, a young painter named Ursula, invites her to stay in her forest cottage and helps her mental block.
  • Played with in Lilo & Stitch. It seems like Nani used to fill this role for Lilo, but once she's Promoted To Parent, their relationship becomes much more strained.
  • Queen Elsa from Frozen used to be this to her little sister, Princess Anna, when they were young. After almost accidentally killing Anna with her powers, she all but ignored her existence and ultimately isolated herself from the world. By the end of the main events of the film, they have rekindled their relationship.
  • Tadashi Hamada of Big Hero 6 is a total Cool Big Bro so much so that he was deemed to Too Cool to Live by the story writers. His friends in the Nerd Herd at the university follow his example, quickly becoming devoted to Hiro and looking after him after Tadashi's death.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bon Cop, Bad Cop had a Cool Younger Sis for the strait-laced, by-the-book Ontario cop. Naturally, the chain-smoking, rulebreaking, yet oddly charismatic Quebec cop was interested.
  • In the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, Éowyn very much took on this role for Merry.
  • Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch, who looks out for and protects her sister Rocket, as well as the rest of the group. "I'm only doing this because you'd all get killed without me."
  • Kitai's big sis, Ranger Senshi in After Earth.
  • Tim's brother-in-law Sidney in the Confessions of a... series, who pulls strings to get Tim a job and often works alongside him.
  • The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen to Prim and Rue.

  • Dying Embers: Amadahy Love has raised her brothers and cousin for the past seven years.
  • Raven becomes more and more of this as the H.I.V.E. Series goes on, particularly to Otto and Wing, who are both orphaned early on.
  • Eldest Whistler in A Brother's Price. She also doubles as an Aloof Big Sister. She leads, the others follow.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Sixteen-year-old Margaery Tyrell is this for Tommen Baratheon. They are married for political reasons, but since Tommen is eight he is far too young to think of her as a romantic partner. However, they get along well: he quickly learns to love her like a big sister and even stands up for her when his mother Queen Cersei threatens her.
    • 10-year-old Myrcella Baratheon was Tommen's loving big sister before she was shipped off to Dorne for her own Arranged Marriage. In a way, this makes Margaery a Replacement Goldfish.
    • Sansa Stark, while masquerading as Alayne Stone, meets two cool older girls who play this role for her: tomboyish Plucky Girl Mya Stone (who's the bastard daughter of her father's friend Robert Baratheon) and world-wise, lively Myranda Royce.
    • As a little girl, Lysa Tully used to adore her older sister Catelyn. Key words used to.
    • Meera Reed is a cool big sister to her brother Jojen and to Bran Stark (who also has a boyish crush on her).
  • Jacyl acts as one to The Hero, Lyra, in Black Dogs.
  • Eva Luna gives us the rare male-to-female transsexual version with Melecio, who is this in her Inter Generational Friendship with Eva. As Mimi, she keeps playing the trope towards Eva and takes it Up to Eleven.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club:
    • Kristy, Dawn, Mallory and Jessi to all their siblings.
    • Janine is slowly revealed to be this, though Claudia initially doesn't see her this way.
  • In The Host Melanie and, by extension, Wanda serve as this for Jamie. They are a bit overprotective but, given the environment, it's understandable.
  • Katniss Everdeen, cool enough to take her little sister Prim's place in The Hunger Games.
  • The In Death series. Peabody thinks of Dallas this way, while Dallas is impressed by Mira's grace, style and poise, to the point of her mental descriptions reaching near girl-crush levels.
  • Meg is this to all her younger sisters in Little Women, especially Jo and Amy, and Jo is also this to Beth.
  • Yellowfang is this towards Cloudpelt in Warrior Cats: Yellowfang's Secret.
  • Nellie from The 39 Clues.
  • Lucy Pennykettle from The Last Dragon Chronicles,to Joseph Henry. Although they rarely get along, Zanna comes through as this for Lucy in times of trouble.
  • Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events is one to her younger siblings, Klaus and Sunny. She tends to take on the "parent" role the most, and always tries to get them through tough situations.
  • Subverted in the Maeve Binchy novel Evening Class, when a young girl assumes her older sister Fran is this, citing the numerous things Fran has done for her since childhood—buying her school clothes, helping her with her homework, giving her "the talk", taking her on day trips to the city, arranging Italian lessons, etc. She outright says, "I just thought she was a marvelous big sister" when talking with her father—who she's just met for the first time because she's just learned that Fran is actually her mother.
  • In Prophecy Of The Sisters, Lia is this for her disabled younger brother Henry. She remembers one incident from her childhood when she tried, albeit without success, to retrieve a toy boat he had lost in a river. When their father dies, making them full orphans, it is clear that Lia is now, in a way, Promoted To Parent, as the only adult in the house is their aunt, Virginia.
  • The Secret Garden: Martha, to Mary as well as literally for Dickon.
  • Tonks from Harry Potter is this to Ginny and Hermione. She uses her Voluntary Shapeshifting powers to amuse them (and, similarly, shapeshifts an appearance in one scene that's specifically noted as making her look like she could be Ginny's older sister), and they seem to be quite fond of her. Hermione looks up to her because she's clever enough to have become an Auror, and Ginny gets into Shipper on Deck mode because Bill insists on liking Fleur when, if he'd only toss her over and marry Tonks instead, Tonks could be Ginny's sister-in-law.
  • Attractive and intelligent Melodía of The Dinosaur Lords tries to be this for her younger sister Monserrat, as their father rarely notices they exist.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel: Fred tries to act as one to Connor. It works when he's in a good mood and she's not torturing him for going after Angel.
  • In the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, Kara Thrace is said to have filled this role for Sharon Valerii.
  • In the Korean Series Boys Before Flowers, Joon Hee is the white Ferrari-driving older sister of Jun Pyo.
  • On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy originally filled this role for Dawn. However, after dying, coming back and basically abandoning her, it stopped applying for a bit. It was repaired in Season 7.
    • Tara and Willow are somewhere between Cool Big Sis and Has Two Mommies towards Dawn.
    • Faith, the Ax-Crazy man raping Shadow Archetype, became this when The Bus Came Back in season seven, primarily because she was took the potentials out to let off steam and was seen as more reasonable than Buffy.
  • On Chuck, Ellie is the ultimate Cool Big Sis. She practically raised her younger brother Chuck by herself after their parents left their lives, is willing to lend an understanding ear to his problems, and is just generally an awesome person.
    • And in the flashback, we see Morgan defending Chuck, so Chuck considers him to be his Cool Big Bro, and Awesome's pretty cool too.
  • Firefly has urbane, sophisticated Inara frequently playing the more experienced Cool Big Sis to Kaylee - complete with hair-brushing sessions and advice on boys.
  • Eun Bi from the Korean Drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is this to Ba Wool, who admires her for being an ex-gang leader and for being the daughter of somebody he respects as well.
  • Referenced almost by name in C-drama The Holy Pearl between Mu Lian and Yu Die.
  • In Pasta, the older sister of Kim Sam is awesome!
  • In Kamen Rider Double, Princess Wakana to Philip.
  • Mako's this in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, much to Ryuunosuke's dismay. Additionally, Kotoha's older sister (who was meant to be Shinken Yellow before getting sick).
    • This dynamic is repeated in Power Rangers Samurai, with Mia (Pink Ranger), and Emily's sister, Serena (original Yellow Ranger).
  • Liv and Maddie has Maddie be this to her brother Parker. Liv tries her best to do so to Parker in "Sleep-A-Rooney" but has trouble being one (due to her being away from him since he was 6) and later succeeds.
  • Ally Dawson shows signs of being this to Nelson, despite being her student.
  • In The Vampire Diaries, Elena is one to Jeremy.
    • Jenna is to her niece and nephew.
  • In flashbacks on The West Wing, a college age Jed Bartlett meets a young Mrs. Landingham, who says he needs a "big sister" to help guide him. She will later become his loyal but Sassy Secretary when he becomes President of the United States.
  • Penny on the The Big Bang Theory to pretty much everyone, but especially her self declared "bestie" Amy.
  • Once Upon a Time: Red seems to have developed into this for Henry, which makes sense she's his grandmother's best friend.
  • Gossip Girl: Serena is very protective of her brother Eric and Jenny, her boyfriend's younger sister.
  • Agents Of SHIELD: Almost immediately after her reveal as one of the good guys and saving her, Simmons started gushing over Bobbi Morse.
  • Sherlock: Sherlock seemed to have developed this for Mary and, since she understands the fact that he's different, rather than freaked out by it. Also, despite the fact she shot him, she's about as loyal to John as Sherlock is, since they're both willing to do anything for him. Anything, really. And Sherlock seems to be a Mary/John shipper.
    • Sherlock and Molly seem to think John's pretty cool, and consider him like a big brother, and, after Molly helped Sherlock fake his death, Sherlock consider her to be a cool little sis. And John considers Molly to be a cool little sis, and Sherlock to be a cool little brother, or at least a cool friend.
  • The Fosters: Callie towards her little brother Jude. She eventually seems to develop into this for her foster sister Mariana as well.

    Video Games 
  • A female Player Character can be this to Mission Vao in Knights of the Old Republic.
  • Nathyrra plays this role to a female Player Character in Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark.
  • A particularly odd example of this trope can be found in the game Persona 2: Innocent Sin, with the character Maya Amano. It's odd because the four younger kids she played with locked her in a shrine (with the exception of one of them, who was locked in with her) so she wouldn't have to move away. Of course, the shrine catches on fire and they think they've killed her. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Excellen Browning of Super Robot Wars is perpetually cheerful, friends with everybody (especially Lamia Loveless and Einst Alfimi) and an unabashed Ms. Fanservice. In fact, Excellen plays on this trope by having Lamia address her as "Ex-oneesama" when they first meet.
    • Likewise, Ouka Nagisa of The School Children is the eldest and addressed by Arado Balanga, Seolla Schweizer and Latooni Subota as their "sister".
  • Suikoden
  • Bleu/Deis from the Breath of Fire series is somewhat of a Cool Big Sis to the party, most notably in Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV. She guides and gives hints to Ryu and his party, and is definitely the most... erm... endowed woman in the party. Interestingly enough, Ryu does express romantic interest in her (pretty much the most you'll ever see him express towards anyone, considering he's a Silent Protagonist) in 3, sort of culminating in a little kiddy crush. Probably has to do with how he saw her full front, completely naked and up close.
  • Teased with Grandia III. Everything you've seen indicates Miranda is a Cool Big Sis, until it's revealed she's a mother. Her personality, however, fits this trope.
  • Letty Whiterock of Perfect Cherry Blossom is one of these for the ditzy ice fairy Cirno.
    • One thing that not many people catch is that being Cool Big Sis is an implicit part of Kagiyama Hina's hat. She's a specific kind of god of misfortune, in that she covers the festival where people "put" misfortune inside paper dolls and cast them down the river. These paper dolls are known as "big sister dolls".
    • After Undefined Flying Object, fanworks seem to also make out Byakuren Hijiri to be half this trope and half All-Loving Hero in equal helpings — with the sis-dom particularly pointed towards Shou Toramaru and Nue Houjuu
  • Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to her sister Maya but also to Phoenix
    • being level-headed, mature and clever she is always there to help and guide them even after her death
    • the younger version of Mia in Trials and Tribulations has similar motions like Phoenix which shows the strong influence she has on her protegé
    • also Lana Skye to Ema Skye - in fact Mia and Lana bear many similarities. Both are highly capable and have younger sisters who have helped Phoenix in his cases and both wear scarves tied around their neck in a similar fashion.
  • Lyn from Fire Emblem Elibe, specially to Florina (if not more), Nils and Ninian (even when they're technically much older than she is, though to be fair we don't learnt hat until almost the end of the game. Also Syrene, Mahnya, and Cecilia.
    • In support conversations, Tana outright admits that she sees Syrene as this. Syrene's actual sister, Vanessa, seems to look up to her a lot, too.
    • Lucina comes off as this in Fire Emblem Awakening, specially towards Cynthia. Sumia seems to view Cordelia as this as well.
    • Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates comes off this way towards the Nohrian siblings, especially in Elise's eyes (who idolizes her enough that she put purple highlights in her hair to match Camilla). Scarlet also has some Cool Big Sis vibes with Corrin in their supports and Revelations interactions, though to a lesser degree than Camilla.
  • Rosalyn from Okage: Shadow King is this to Ari, his little sister Annie, and possibly Linda. If you're not one of these people, chances are if you're part of the rest of the group, she's going to be short-tempered with you.
  • In Mass Effect a female Shepard can be this to Tali to the point where in the second game she seems to have something of a crush on the Commander. She's also something like this to Garrus during the first game. Shepard's role as the team's Living Emotional Crutch does seem to put him/her in this position a lot.
  • Isabela acts like this towards Merrill and Bethany in Dragon Age II, especially the former. Whenever Fenris / Anders would be ragging on Merrill for her use of Blood Magic, Isabela just tries to comfort her and asks if it's what she really wants. Party banter between them involves offering to teach Merrill about body-shots and trying to get Bethany a night at the local brothel. If the PC romances Merrill, Isabela gives him / her the If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... speech, threatening a male PC with castration.
  • In NieR, Kaine plays this role to Emil, in that she can relate to the idea of having a part of their body that makes them hated (Emil has Magical Eyes while Kaine is a Hermaphrodite possessed by a Shade) and tells him to never be ashamed of himself for what he is.
  • Esperia seems to have this role among the spirits in Eien no Aselia. Halion really tries, but she's a bit too slow and strange to pull it off.
  • In the Street Fighter 'verse there are two:
    • The arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV portrays Chun-Li in this light towards Yun and Yang Lee. It should be noted that given the connections between Gen, Lee, Chun-Li's father, Chun-Li, and the Lee Bros. and the likening of a martial arts instructor/master to that of a father figure, Chun-Li is more or less their actual martial arts "big sister".
    • Cammy can also be seen as this towards her fellow Dolls. Particularly, SSFIV has Cammy attempting to go all Sister Cub on newcomer Juri for savagely attacking and hospitalizing them, not to mention looking after a recovering Juni in her ending. And in Ultra, she's willing even to return to Bison's side if this means she can save the life of Decapre, the Doll that's actually her clone and the one who's been more physically/mentally/emotionally damaged.
  • In Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, Mai Shiranui is said to be this to Hokutomaru, who refers to her "Mai-neechan" ("Big Sis Mai").
  • The King of Fighters has two example between King and Chizuru Kagura.
  • Advanced V.G.:
  • Final Fantasy X: Mid-way through the story, Rikku seems to view Lulu this way; Yuna is implied to have had a more mother-daughter relationship with her instead.
  • SoulCalibur: Seong Mina is Yun Seong's "big sister" figure and his mentor between parts II and IV, where she takes it upon herself to stop him from pursuing Soul Edge, before it's too late. But, since he won't listen to her, she's decided to knock some sense into him and march him straight back to her father's dojo.
    • In Soul Calibur V Ivy was viewed either this way or as a surrogate mother by the younger warriors who were introduced in that game.
  • Posthumously, Ada Clover from BlazBlue, whom her little brother Carl described to be so kind, caring and compassionate that he seriously adored her. Obviously, when she had her soul plucked out by their father Relius (callously, no less) into the Nox Nyctores Nirvana, Carl swears revenge and eternal hatred to Relius.
    • Also from the same game, and playable one, Litchi Faye-Ling generally acts as a big sister figure to many of the younger ones, with her teaching Taokaka the ropes, generally humors with Noel when they meet and Noel certainly appreciates her (... or being jealous at her boobies), and she was exceptionally kind and caring to the aforementioned Carl that she secretly wants a little brother like him, and Carl adores her so much that he sees parts of his sister residing on her. This could be either a subversion or a double subversion, the former because Litchi's Cool Big Sis attitude hides her massive emotional baggage about her grief and guilt about losing her friend and her taking on an Impossible Task to Find the Cure, to the point of being forced to join the main bad guys and never telling anyone else her problem, thus damaging her Cool Big Sis credentials (Noel was particularly devastated when she learns her new allegiance and actions, though Carl decides to try and help her). The double-subversion is that regardless of the baggage, the caring, sisterly attitude was truly genuine on Litchi's part if the situation was not that severe.
  • From Agarest Senki 2, Fiona sees the Love Interests from the first generation this way. She thinks the world of them and wants to be as good a healer as Aina and says she's a great teacher, thinks Felenne is an awesome badass and squees at the fact that Victoria is both a princess and a warrior. She even states she wants to grow up to be like them.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, Judith, after warming up to her teammates, becomes one for the party. She is usually bright in tone, is very reliable, and acts supportively towards her teammates, especially Karol.
  • In Roommates, Anne's relationship with both Sally and Isabella has shades of this at first, as she's the shy Country Mouse and both of them have a little more life experience than her.
  • You can play this in Baldur's Gate to Imeon, particularly in the second game, but to an extent in the first one. The second game adds Aerie who basically thinks you're the best thing ever.
  • This is of the new villager personality types in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, officially referred to as "Uchi"note . Uchi villagers are blunt and tomboyish, but are also very protective of characters they've befriended. They'll even give you medicine if you get stung by bees!
  • Comes up in with a couple of classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The bounty hunter to Playful Hacker Mako and the Sith Warrior to The Gunslinger Vette (who also happens to be an Expy of Mission). With The Warrior you can even say she's like a little sister when you meet up with her old friends.
  • Crash Bandicoot probably isn't the first person you'd expect to be big brother material, but the guy has saved the day numerous times over and is literate with countless forms of combat, weaponry and transportation, all of which is only concentrated when it involves his baby sister Coco. Crash follows her every command and desire, and when the villains target her, he becomes a very different person.

    Visual Novels 
  • Charlotte is a cool big sis for both Angie and Mary Clarissa in Shikkoku No Sharnoth. However, the short voice over at the beginning of every chapter reveals that when they were children, Mary actually played this role for Charlotte instead.
  • Physically older? Check. More mature than everyone else, protagonist included? Check. An actual leader for The Squad? Check. Huge tracts of land? Check. Meet Forte Stollen from Galaxy Angel.
  • Kurugaya from Little Busters!. She actually encourages the girls from the group to call her "Anego" or "Onee-san".
  • Akira Satou from Katawa Shoujo, with the bonus of being Lilly's actual older sister.
  • Amane in Grisaia no Kajitsu was the first cool big sis in the story after more or less adopting Makina and attempting to keep some kind of normal human reasoning in operation for the girl. In Grisaia no Rakuen we get another with the Thanatos computer system, which Makina and Sachi instantly decide is their older sister, much to its confusion. It copes with that better than being called Tanako by Michiru, though.
  • Maji De Watashi Ni Koishinasai is absolutely full of them, more so as time passes. First there was just mainish heroine Momoyo who basically signed a contract with Yamato to make him her younger brother. Chris also has an older sister figure with Margit, who spoils her but is rather harsh to everyone else. In the Agave route Tatsuko seems to think she's one but... not so much. S adds a handful more like Benkei and Takae. For the most part, these kinds of girls are most common because they're the protagonist's type. He likes older girls and they all seem to want to treat him like their little brother or hang out with him at least if they happen to be the same age but still the right character type.
  • Noan starts out bullying Setsuna in Shiny Days but as time goes on and Setsuna stops being The Load at work, she generally starts treating her nicer and starts offering some practical advice.
  • Kyou Fujibayashi from CLANNAD to her twin sister Ryou.

    Web Comics 
  • Yuri Zahard from Tower of God, who appears out of curiosity when an Irregular appears, takes a liking to him and gives him a weapon that he really fricking needs. The younger characters, which would theoretically apply to everybody in the main cast since she is 618 years old, but especially Androssi and Baam, refer to her as noona and unni, the Korean honorifics for elder siblings.
  • El Goonish Shive has Diane, the Queen Bee of Moperville South who is somewhere between this and Onee-sama (EGS had thick anime roots before these girls) for Rhoda — unusual in that they are in the same class, but Diane is about a head taller and more mature, so she comes across as senior and acts very protectively toward "her puppy" who is tiny and feels even smaller.
  • Amethyst Lashiec from Heart Core is like this, both to her actual younger sister Sukina, and to her sidekick Lutz.
  • Magick Chicks: As the 'Big Girl on Campus', Faith is greatly admired by the student body at Artemis Academy for her leadership ability, and because they know she'll protect them.
  • Misfile: Once she lightens up after Rumisiel exorcises her dead older sister's vengeful spirit, "Kamikaze" Kate becomes one of these, insisting on making Ash her "little sister" (even though Ash is still terrified of her). Since Ash is an involuntary Gender Bender who is absolutely horrified at the thought of remaining anybody's sister this works more as a deconstruction than anything else.
  • Dora of Questionable Content had this sort of relationship with Faye and Marten, until she hooked up with the latter.
    • Since Dora is a few years older than either, Faye made a point of humming "Mrs. Robinson" after the hook-up.
  • Nique to Criminy in Sinfest, though its more along the lines of Nique considering him to be like a little brother. She can be very protective of him, something Fuchsia found out early in her romance arc.
  • During the "Phoenix Rising" arc of Sluggy Freelance, Oasis takes on this role to Katie. Since Oasis is a semi-psychotic assassin/vigilante with an All Crimes Are Equal attitude, this really freaks out Katie's mom.
  • Subverted in Sticky Dilly Buns. At first glance, Amber might seem to have most of the qualifications to play the part in relation to her actual younger sister Ruby. But Ruby despises her for her past career as a porn star (which Ruby discovered in a traumatic fashion), thinks that Amber benefits from Parental Favoritism, really doesn't want to be living with her, and is generally unwilling to ask or take her advice on anything. Whether Amber can grow into this role as Ruby gains a more nuanced viewpoint remains to be seen.
  • Homestuck: Porrim is this to Kanaya. Kanaya is initially intimidated by her, and hesitant to talk to her. When they finally do meet, you hear the tail end of their conversation, where Porrim has taught her more about her biology and how to control her powers, and telling Kanaya she's proud of her for what she's accomplished as well as wishing her luck on her quest.
    • Kanaya herself tries to be this, but everyone besides Karkat finds her more meddlesome than helpful.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • Yang is this to Ruby. She actually used to read bedtime stories to her every night when they were younger. Slightly tragic example considering she kind of had to become one, and fast, due to certain circumstances. Yang is this to her other team-mates as well, to a lesser extent. She's the one who, in her own special way, talks Blake out of her Heroic RROD. In fact, both Yang and Ruby have been hit by the Missing Mom trope. Yang's mother left when she was a baby. Her father ended up marrying Ruby's mom (Yang's mother's friend), but she died shortly after Ruby's birth. Yang was pretty much forced to pick up the mantle for her half-sister.
    • For another family, Weiss Schnee effectively worships Winter, her older sister. While the latter is fairly callous and aloof (even dope-slapping Weiss when she doesn't give a straight answer to her question of "How have you been?"), she genuinely cares about Weiss' wellbeing, and is even shown having tea with her and teaching her some advanced glyph techniques.

    Web Original 
  • Ilivais X has Mille, who's a more Hot-Blooded variant of this. Unfortunately, she has the impression that one-night stands are the epitome of romance, and to that end her reputation of sleeping around heavily is known more than being kind and compassionate. Her only real friends are people who she ended up having to see and interact often with regardless of what she did with them, and she eventually winds up in a relationship with the resident broken Token Mini-Moe protagonist instead of the usual archetypes present.
  • Fallout Is Dragons has an interesting case of mutual Cool Big Sis with Aurelia, the magically aged up dragon, and Flotsam, the bomb-toting pegasus filly.
  • Jolt has Shay Myers. Despite being described as one of the less attractive characters in the series, she definitely fits the bill, going so far as to beat up her little brother's high school bullies.

    Western Animation 
  • Frankie acts as one to Mac in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to the point where people unfamiliar with the show have mistaken the two for siblings. Whatever the case, it's quite useful for a boy constantly bullied by his biological older brother to have someone else to look up to.
  • Jerrica Benton of Jem plays this role for the kids at her orphanage and to her blood sister Kimber; the rest of the band are downplayed but present examples as well.
  • Kim Possible, actually the eponymous main character of her show.
    • Also, when her nemesis Shego was turned good and became her friend, Kim described her "like a big sister".
  • Flash from Justice League Unlimited considers Hawkgirl as one of these. In his words:
    "She loves me. She's like the big sister I never had. Only, y'know, short."
  • Irma and Cornelia in W.I.T.C.H..
  • X-Men: Evolution
    • This rendition of Jean Grey, also a Type B Tsundere.
    • Tabitha Smith, aka Boom-Boom, really fits the bill after her Character Development.
    • Rogue to Nightcrawler, possibly; they never actually stated which of the two is older, though it seems to be Rogue.
  • Daisy Dingo from Blinky Bill.
  • Jazmine "Jazz" Fenton in Danny Phantom.
  • Jen on 6teen has a mean older sister everyone loves that she's jealous of.
  • Wendy acts as a surrogate one to Mabel in Gravity Falls. This is best demonstrated in "Society of the Blind Eye" where she helps Mabel talk about her "Summer Romances" problem.
  • Yumi Ishiyama from Code Lyoko. Johnny sure thinks that Hiroki has a Cool Big Sis.
  • Subverted with Blackfire in the Teen Titans animated series. The other Titans think she's here to hang out with her little sis and maybe even join the team, but she's actually there to frame Starfire for a robbery she committed to get the authorities off her back. Even Starfire was excited to see her at first and didn't expect such treachery. This moment marked a Moral Event Horizon for Blackfire as Starfire wasn't at all happy to see her again.
  • Suzie Chan from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. Henry is her Spear Counterpart.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: To some extent, Mai to Azula and Ty Lee. She's a year older than them and fits the aloof, snarky profile. Also, Katara to Toph, when they're not fighting or annoying each other.
  • Korra from The Legend of Korra is adored by all of Tenzin's children, and Ikki and Meelo often imitate her to their father's dismay (though it's made all the more amusing since Korra is the reincarnation of their grandfather).
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight Sparkle to Spike. At times, she comes off as a mother more than a sister though, since Spike has no separate maternal figure in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash also sees her old friend, Gilda the Griffon, as one. To her credit, Gilda does seem to care about her; the problem is that she doesn't care for anyone else.
    • Princess Celestia walks the line between this, Parental Substitute and Onee-sama, quite possibly for her entire nation, but at least for her "most faithful student" Twilight Sparkle. The rest of the Mane Six and her sister, Princess Luna are in-between the two.
    • Literal big sisters Applejack towards Apple Bloom, and (eventually) Rarity towards Sweetie Belle. This is explicitly invoked in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles".
      Scootaloo: We can start with the coolest pony in Ponyville...
      Apple Bloom: Applejack!
      Sweetie Belle: Rarity!
      • Fanon puts Berry Punch, Cloud Kicker, Carrot Top/Golden Harvest, and Sparkler/Amethyst Star as this to Piña Colada, Alula, Noi, and Dinky Hooves, respectively, based on them being seen together in "Sisterhooves Social", which was all about Rarity learning to be this.
    • Pinkie Pie sometimes takes this role, trying to cheer up Apple Bloom or chaperoning foals on Nightmare Night.
      • And with the recent arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Cake's twin foals, Pinkie is now filling this role in a quite literal sense given that the Cakes seem to regard her as something of a foster daughter.
      • Subverted hilariously when she tries to act this way toward Fluttershy.
        Fluttershy: I'm a year older than you.
    • The couple whose wedding the Mane Six attend in the Season 2 finale, appropriately enough, both played this role for Twilight Sparkle when she was a foal: Shining Armor is her "B.B.B.F.F.note ," while Princess Cadance was her foalsitter (and apparently, "the best foalsitter in the history of foalsitters").
    • Subverted by Rainbow Dash. While the other members of the Mane Six are all pretty good with kids and fit this trope nicely, Word of God has revealed that the reason she wasn't given a younger sibling was because her occasional Jerkass tendencies probably wouldn't make her the best big sister. But then, nearly three seasons' worth of Character Development finally paid off in the events of "Sleepless in Ponyville," where she effectively becomes a big sister to Scootaloo!
      • She does still get occasional moments of this with other team mates however, especially to Fluttershy. When Gilda revealed her true colors and turned on Pinkie, she stood up for her (and all her other friends) as well.
      • All are pretty good with kids to some degree or another. Twilight is very responsible, seems to know a good deal about looking after children, and interacts very well with the kids in town, particularly the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Fluttershy doesn't have that much experience with kids, but her Friend to All Living Things status certainly gave her a leg up when the opportunity arose. Pinkie Pie and Applejack both seem to get along very well with kids, the former partially due to being similar to them. Rarity is a more questionable case, as the Cakes went to her last when looking for a foalsitter, even after Rainbow Dash!
      • Even before Sisterhooves Social, Rarity had been this to Sweetie Belle on her 5th birthday and... not what Sweetie Belle had thought in mind. Rarity entertained Sweetie Belle's guests to prevent them from leaving as they were waiting for the birthday girl to come down because Sweetie Belle was trying to look good for the birthday with dress, lipstick, and heels on. When one guest said that they don't need the absent birthday girl because of her older sister entertaining them, Rarity actually defends Sweetie Belle as she wants her birthday to go well. Unfortunately at that time, Sweetie Belle was overseeing this which made her go back to her bedroom crying and thought her sister upstaged her on purpose. This was part of her motivation in the plot of "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" to sabotage a dress of one of Rarity's highest clients as payback for the dresses Rarity made overshadowing Sweetie Belle's play she worked hard on. It's also heavily implied that Luna, who was helping Sweetie Belle see the error of ways in her dreams, thought that way about Celestia.
  • Olga Pataki, the 20 year old sister of Helga Pataki on Hey Arnold!. Not only does she get top grades, is a Valedictiorian, humanitarian and has her own trophy room, but she's gorgeous and tends to steal the lime light at any given second. Everyone adores her... except her sister. Their parents even love her more than Helga.
    • Not to mention that, despite having a good heart, poor Olga has terrible problems of her own. The fact that the Pataki parents dote on her so much has caused Olga to become a Stepford Smiler who collapses in tears at the slightest evidence that something may go wrong. As a result, while she plays this role to Lila and others who are outside the family, she and Helga are pretty distant — and sometimes Helga comes off as more mentally strong than Olga does.
  • Arcee acts as this to Jack in Transformers Prime, shifting into Mama Bear territory when he's threatened.
  • Miss Martian becomes Beast Boy's adopted sister in season two of Young Justice. It doesn't hurt that she was the donor when he needed a blood transfusion in the first season, or that she modeled her human appearance on his mother.
    • Batgirl also gives off some of this air in her interactions with Robin III and Wonder Girl. She hugs Cassie after a successful mission and is usually paired with Robin for covert ops, including knocking him out of the way of attacks. When complaining about how all the other kids have mentors, Jaime includes Batgirl as one of Robin's.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Padmé's relationship with Ahsoka seems to be like this.
    • Ahsoka's relationship with the Jedi younglings in the Young Jedi story arc in the fifth season also seems to be like this, considering that she is their chaperone.
  • Doug's older sister Judy was both this and a Bratty Teenage Daughter at the same time. Judy is ostensibly considered one of the main antagonists of the series yet she gets plenty of heartwarming scenes of Doug, which is most likely the end result of her gaining new respect for him after he willingly gave back a large amount of cash to the old woman who lost it, even though the money was now legally Doug's.
  • Stephanie is this on Moral Orel, particularly to the titular character.
  • Mike Chilton's older sister Capri in Motorcity.
  • Winx Club: Flora to Miele (and an honorary one to Mirta), and Daphne to Bloom.
  • Mike, Lu & Og: Mike is this to Lu and Og.
  • Grojband: Mina to Carrie, unlike Corey and Trina's relationship, they seem to get along.
  • The Loud House: While Lincoln has five older sisters, it's Luna he seems to have the healthiest relationship with, and thus looks up to her.
  • In Steven Universe, Garnet and Amethyst each play the role albeit in different ways. Garnet's the responsible one who gives him advice, serves as a role model, and is in tune with his emotional needs. Amethyst's the more laid-back and mischievous type who has fun with Steven.

Alternative Title(s): Cool Big Bro, Cool Big Sister