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Series: Angel
From left to right: Fred, Wesley, Angel, Cordelia, and Gunn. (Lorne's holding the camera)

"Man, atonement's a bitch."
Angel, "Disharmony"

Looking for angels in general? Try Angelic Tropes.

Angel, a Spin-Off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ran for five seasons on the WB Network (1999-2004). Part horror, part melodrama, part neo-noir, with a helping of comedy (a given for Whedon), Angel ran for a respectable five years but never quite escaped the shadow of its parent show.

The plot centers around the eponymous vampire who had a curse placed on him by Gypsies centuries ago. The curse gave Angel his human soul back — and two centuries' worth of guilt for all the misery he caused as a vampire. On Buffy, Angel learned he could make amends for said misery and left Sunnydale to pursue his redemption on his own. He soon cobbled together his own West Coast Team (well, it's the same coast, but you get the idea) and formed an Occult Detective agency to help him as he challenged the forces of evil.

Over the course of its run, the show experimented with Monster of the Week episodes laced with a hard-boiled, Sin City atmosphere, but later jettisoned it for something more akin to urban fantasy mixed with Ancient Conspiracy. The overarching plot became a complex meditation on the nature of good and evil, and Angel himself was an enigma on both sides. Much like Buffy, Angel switched directions on a semi-regular basis; by the fifth season, of the original starring cast of three, only David Boreanaz as the title character remained. Numerous Buffy alumni also migrated to Angel, totaling out at five by series' end (not counting numerous crossovers within the 'verse).

Despite its arc-driven and not-especially-accessible nature, Angel nevertheless gained a devoted following that included numerous high-profile television critics. While the network cancelled the show abruptly during its fifth season, Joss and Mutant Enemy still had enough time to put together a Grand Finale, which ended up topping the Buffy finalé in terms of viewers.

Like Buffy, Angel now continues in a canon comic book form that gives fans a chance to see what Joss had planned for future seasons.

Angel has, to one degree or another, greatly influenced Torchwood, which could be considered its British equivalent. (Just compare the page images.)

This show has a recap page and character sheet. Angel's adventures continued in a comic named "Angel: After The Fall," published by IDW. The story picks up after Dark Horse's Buffy: Season Eight. Dark Horse currently publishes the latest continuation, an ongoing series with Faith called Angel And Faith.

NOTE: You can find tropes relating to the comic series Angel and Faith on the Buffy page, as that series plays an integral role within "Season Nine".


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