Occult Law Firm

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"Founded in 1791 on ground deconsecrated by the blood of mass murderer Mathias Pavayne, Wolfram & Hart has put roots down in this glamorous city that grow deep, and branches that reach right into the heart of every major corporation, including Yoyodyne, Weyland Yutani and News Corp."
- Wolfram & Hart promotional video, Angel

Exactly What It Says on the Tin: lawyers that represent the occult and the bizarre creatures of the night. Caught taking a little crimson nip? We'll get you out before sunrise! Attacked by the local band of angry villagers? We'll get restraining orders against them all! Want revenge against your Mad Scientist creator? We'll get you emancipated and sue him for child support!

Our rates are reasonable, our hours excellent. We accept credit card, check, or virgin sacrifice. Pro bono work is not a speciality of ours, but should we consider it, we certainly do not have our own reasons beyond potential future, gainful employment.

We frequently work closely with The Law Firm of Pun, Pun, and Wordplay to ensure our name is instantly recognizable to the savvy client.

If we aren't exactly what you are looking for, we recommend you check out the Amoral Attorney or Rules Lawyer, instead. Although a few on our retainer could easily count as those, too.


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     Anime and Manga  

     Comic Books  

  • Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, the law firm that employed She-Hulk for a time (although they represented aliens and underground civilizations, too).



  • The law offices of Moorecomb, Honeyplace, and Slant in Ankh-Morpork aren't necessarily 100% occult, but there's no denying they've been in the business longer than anyone else; Mr. Slant is a zombie (and a major player in city politics), and his partners (who never actually appear, but are obviously mentioned whenever the firm is mentioned by name) are both vampires. They don't necessarily specialize in supernatural cases, but then, nor do the firms run by living human lawyers specialize in mundane cases; that's just the kind of world Discworld is.
    • Mr. Morecombe is the Ramkin family lawyer and as such has a small scene with Vimes in Men at Arms, but the other vampire hasn't appeared.
  • Julia Evans, a seventeen year old heiress who inherits her grandfather's Mega Corp. in the Greg Mandel trilogy. Peter F. Hamilton wanted to avert the Corrupt Corporate Executive cliche by having a more idealistic CEO, which would require them coming into their wealth at a younger age.
  • Mann, Levinn, and Lewis of Pact. Clients repeat the name of the firm three times to summon the partners, and the lawyers themselves explain that they are practitioners (specifically, diabolists) who gave up their mortal identities in exchange for absolution of the immense karmic debts they had accumulated in their careers. They're cheerfully upfront about wanting this fate for the protagonist, which is why they assist him, so that he can live long enough to one day be backed into a corner and take the deal.

     Live-Action TV  

  • Wolfram & Hart from Angel start off as just a particularly evil-oriented example of this trope, but are later revealed to be the front organisation for an extremely powerful trio of extra-dimensional demons, the titular Wolf, Ram, and Hart. They claim to be responsible for all human evils and are the main force behind the final apocalypse.
  • Cole from Charmed originally posed as an Assistant District Attorney while he was plotting to kill the sisters and, after that collapsed, was employed by various law firms over the course of the series.

     Video Games 

  • Somehow, The Soldier managed to become one of these. He ended up advising the two recently deceased Mann Brothers about how they each needed to send the other to hell to pick up their inheritance.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney plays with this trope. While the game itself doesn't revolve around the supernatural, there are many gameplay and story elements involving it.

     Web Comics  

  • Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre, Supernatural Law.
    Beware the Creatures of the Night they have lawyers!
  • In the opening chapter of Monster Soup, the same lawyer represents all of the main cast, though he comes across as more of a public defender.
  • Simon from Simon Sues is an example of this trope.
  • In one Nodwick story, the heroes have to get past a pair of "infernal law clerks" to get to an evil wizard's palace, whom Artax calls "devils with the details". The two are foiled by Piffany after they fail to find anything immoral or unethical in her record worse than swatting a fly, and become so shaken up by the "morally superior being" that she fools them into signing a contract without reading it, which gets rid of them.

     Web Original  

  • The law firm Mack goes to in Tales of MU. Technically all law firms given the high fantasy setting, but this one is played as more willing than most to represent non-humans, apparently they've worked for greater Dragons in the past.
  • Mann, Levinn and Lewis from Pact. A firm composed of practitioners who offer their services (and their identities) to demons in exchange of the cleansing of their karma debt.