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->''"Everybody goes on about your ''soul''. 'A vampire with ''a soul''.' Nobody ever mentions the fact that you're really a vampire with big, brass testes."''
-->-- '''Lindsey''', "Not Fade Away"

''Angel'', a [[SpinOff spin-off]] of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', was co-created by Creator/JossWhedon and David Greenwalt. The show ran a respectable five seasons on [[Creator/TheWB WB]] (1999-2004) but never quite escaped the shadow of its parent show.

The eponymous Angel (Creator/DavidBoreanaz) is a troubled man who can't accept the bottom line on vampirism. (Killing people is in the job description.) A curse [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire gave him his soul back]] -- along with two centuries' worth of guilt for all the lives he took. With the Slayer's help, Angel learned he could make amends and left to pursue redemption on his own. Along with other ''Buffy'' alumni, he cobbled together his own WestCoastTeam to fight the forces of evil... [[EvilInc and their lawyers.]]

The premise of Angel in a spinoff was shaky at first, considering that the themes in ''Buffy'' are more universal. Not everyone can relate to trying to single-handedly clean up a major city, and the regulars were a bit one-dimensional in the ''Buffy'' years. Many of them would later become major characters on their own: Joss stated that he wished he could've shown Buffy's progression from ditsy cheerleader to warrior woman, but later realized they already had it with Cordy (Creator/CharismaCarpenter) on ''Angel''.

Over the next five years, the show experimented with a [[OccultDetective hard-boiled, Sin City atmosphere]], but later jettisoned it for something closer to {{urban fantasy}}. This means that if you don't like the show as it is, there will be a new premise, location, and cast next year. At the end of the first season, Joss [[TrashTheSet blew up the central location]] (never to be seen again); and by the fifth season, of the original cast of three, only Boreanaz as the title character remained. But like ''Buffy'', it proved to be a malleable format and gained its own following, one which included high-profile television critics.

Though the network cancelled the show abruptly during its fifth season, Joss and Creator/MutantEnemy still had enough time to put together a [[GrandFinale grand finale]], one which ended up topping the ''Buffy'' finale in viewers. If you measure the ''uninterrupted'' run of ''Angel'' against Whedon's other shows, it is actually one of his strongest, something [[MagnumOpusDissonance which surprised Joss himself.]]

!!Spiritual successors and spin-offs
''Angel'' has, to one degree or another, greatly influenced ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', which could be considered its British equivalent. Just compare the page images.

Angel's adventures continued in a comic named ''Angel: After The Fall,'' published by IDW. Its tropes can be found [[ComicBook/AngelIDW here]], though that page is a work in progress. Creator/DarkHorseComics currently publishes the latest continuation, an ongoing series with Faith (Creator/ElizaDushku) called ''ComicBook/AngelAndFaith''.

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-->''Angel Investigations, [[{{Spoonerism}} we hope you're helpless!]]''