Fanfic / Child of the Storm

A story by Nimbus Llewelyn that started on a What If? In this case, what would happen if Thor had been incarnated as James Potter, as a first run on that humility thing?

Oh, and after he died, he went mad with grief in a form of Gone Horribly Right combined with Gone Horribly Wrong, and Odin had to wipe his memories. Then, those memories were restored by Loki in Harry Potter's Third Year at Hogwarts.

So far, the answer appears to be a world of strange hijinks, constant snarking, lots of badassery, evil plots, Loads and Loads of Characters, creepy super zombies, an even creepier Necromancer, and Loki's incredible coffee making skills.

Manages to take a Marty Stuish Wish Fulfillment based premise (Harry gets a Really Royalty Reveal) and turn it into something (so far) pretty good, largely by exploring the Butterfly Effect: while Harry is far better protected, loved, and supported, it creates issues that weren't there before, both personally for Harry and on a far grander scale for the rest of the universe. Notable negative repercussions include the deaths of Arthur Weasley and Luna Lovegood.

Notable for its epic World Building in a fashion somewhat reminiscent of The Last Son series (but, arguably, far beyond in scale) (which Word of God has credited as part of the inspiration for the fic), along with SmallvilleX: Evolution. Also credited are Smallville and X-Men: Evolution, in that it takes a similar concept of a young person discovering their powers and the issues that come with them.

In short: A Patchwork Fic that is both Denser and Wackier and Darker and Edgier.

There are also constant hints by Llewelyn that he has the entire series mapped out. Equally, there are constant hints that he's constantly changing his mind and adding things in at the last minute (like major characters), meaning that it's not uncommon for something definitively stated in an A/N to be contradicted ten chapters later. The general consensus seems to be that the broad framework is laid out, but the details are subject to change.

He's also friends with the authors of The Magic of Torchwood and De Aged, crediting the former as a key beta/source of advice and the latter as an invaluable source of scientific expertise.

Now has a completed twoshot spinoff, Chaos Reigns, which elaborates on a Noodle Incident that Wanda mentions in chapter 62 about her and Harry Dresden kicking demon arse together.

The first book was finished in July 2016 (clocking at 80 chapters and 821,705 words), and a first look into Book II was simultaneously posted, Ghosts of the Past, dealing with most of the summer after Harry's third year.

Also, a reading, the first chapter of which can be found here.

Child Of The Storm contains examples of the following tropes:

Ghosts of the Past contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Mythology Gag: Carol's swimsuit in the first chapter has the same design as her comicbook counterpart's most famous costume.
  • Pool Scene: In the first chapter.
  • Shout-Out: Harry and Carol's psychic therapy session in the first chapter is straight out of "The Girl in the Fireplace".
  • Shipper on Deck: Bruce is this, in regards to Harry/Carol.
    Bruce Banner They're not romantic but I figured that they'd gone through too much to be friends.
  • Ship Tease: Harry and Carol, full stop.
  • Sleep Cute: After Harry gives Carol some late night psychic therapy, they fall asleep in her bed, where Natasha finds them the next morning.
  • Tempting Fate: Harry, at the end of the first chapter, which gets lampshaded by the Lemony Narrator.