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     Thor Odinson/James Potter 
  • Thor taking Snape down a peg or five.
  • Thor managing not to smite the Dursleys. That said, it is a near thing...
  • Casually controlling five powerful tornados and using them to hoover up the rest of the undead army.
  • When his classic comics catchphrase is used at long last, it does not disappoint:
    • This is immediately followed by a lightning bolt about three or four times the size of the largest recorded.
  • While worrying desperately for his son, he manages to restrain an enormously powerful storm and pick off a Death Eater trained by Baron Zemo with a precisely aimed lightning bolt. Now that's what you call multitasking.
  • Proving the alternative application of some of his powers by using gales of Razor Wind to slice away at a Hive Mind of Slendermen.
  • Channeling an absolutely insane amount of storm power in order to kill the undead kraken unleashed on New York, hitting it at supersonic speed.
  • When rejoining the battle in chapter 76, he quickly reminds people that even without Mjolnir, he's still the God of Thunder and Lightning, by putting the latter to good use.
  • In Chapter 77:
    • Tag-teaming with Harry against a bunch of demon dragons. His part is throwing Mjolnir through several of them, including three in a line.
    • Much like Wanda in the previous episode, finding the time to tease Harry and doing an Affectionate Gesture to the Head.
  • Chapter 78:
    • Tag teaming with Hercules against the demon infestation.
    • Working with Lily to enter Harry's mind and free him from Cthon's influence.

     Harry Potter/Thorson 
  • Harry's epic calling out of Odin. Overlaps with Tear Jerker.
  • Harry antagonises the Disir to get their attention as part of The Plan. They threaten him and ask why they shouldn't just eat Uhtred. Harry responds with a Badass Boast.
    Beat as the leader of the Disir stares at him in shock.
    Harry: I swear that oath on my blood as a Prince of Asgard, on my power as a sorcerer, and on my eternal soul. *Beat and Slasher Smile.* And if you devour me, you know what will happen. Asgard will come against you in its full might. My father and uncle… oh their wrath will be terrible. Do you honestly think that Odin could not undo the spells that bind you to this unlife and obliterate your essences if he so wished? Do you not think he could cast you into the vilest realms of torment in a heartbeat. The only reason he hasn’t is because he has more important things to worry about, such as what variety of mead to drink with his dinner. You anger the Allfather at your peril. So, you either do as I say, or you face your destruction. And if it is me doing the destroying, I guarantee that it will be not be quick. Your torment shall last as long as I can make it. So swears Prince Harry Thorson.
    • After that, during the actual escape, he pauses to say this to 13 monsters that it took Bor at the height of his powers to banish, he makes a speech that is a pure case of Refuge in Audacity, crossing over with Crowning Moment of Funny:
    Harry: I just want to say a few things. One, your hospitality is terrible. Two, you’re really ugly. Three, you’re really thick if you’re going to trust anyone related to Loki. Four, you’re not the first soul eating monsters I’ve met, and you’re not the scariest either. You don’t even make me relive my worst memories. I know just the word for you: Pathetic. * Disir snarl* Oh hush, I’m getting to the good bit. Five, Expecto Patronum, suckers.
  • Chapter 54 has him go after the Ravenclaw Quidditch team for their complicity in the bullying of Luna Lovegood. One round of Deadly Dodging, with the aid of the Weasley Twins, later, all seven of them are in hospital with several broken bones each, sending a clear message as to his level of tolerance towards bullying: non-existent.
    • Chapter 55 arguably makes it more awesome, when Harry realises the consequences of his actions, and apologises to the Ravenclaw team. But, at the same time, he makes it clear that anyone who picks on anyone else is going to answer to him.
  • In a similar vein in Chapter 58, he uses his physical presence and a few carefully chosen words to make the older brother of Bobby Drake back off. Then, he uses the disarming charm to detach the other boy's ski. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Chapter 60, after being powered-up by a mountain spirit, he is quite capable of beating the crap out of most everyone he goes against. Starting with a huge pillar of fire that can be seen for miles around, and makes a hole on a mountain, which he intended to be the "small" setting.
  • His Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
    No. No more running.
  • Apparently by the time he's 16, Harry will be powerful enough (or have the means) to travel most of 50 years back in time.
  • When HYDRA attacks Hogwarts, Harry — backed by Freki and Geri — goes full-on Prince of Asgard, charging into battle and mowing down everything in his path. And after Luna is killed, he throws off his restraints and manages to go toe-to-toe with Daken. It doesn't end well, but still.
  • Chapter 74 has him finally snap into full on Tranquil Fury after Thor is shot with an enchanted bullet and put into a coma, stopping 'hundreds, thousands' of bullets without apparently making any real effort, before dropping them for effect. When HYDRA's field leader takes a child hostage, Harry responds by forcing him to put his own gun to his head and looks like he's seriously considering making him pull the trigger. At the same time, he rips the guns from the couple of dozen HYDRA troopers, turning them to face their owners, and picks up the two vans they arrived in and crushes them against one another. Eventually, Jane talks him down and he settles for making them lie flat on the floor, hands on their heads and sandwiching their guns between the crushed vans, but it's a close run thing. Most reviewers compared it to Neo, while Word of God has indicated that it was intended to evoke Magneto's "you homo sapiens and your guns" scene in X-Men and underscore the running theme that Harry, sweet and well intentioned as he is, is only a bad day or two away from turning into the next Magneto.
  • In Chapter 75:
  • In Chapter 76:
    • Pays Gravemoss back for what he did to Sif under Paris by telekinetically opening his chest and ripping his heart out of it. It doesn't kill him, but it does hurt him a lot.
    • Psychically shields Diana's empathic senses from the hate and rage of the demons attacking them, while simultaneously fighting off his own share.
    • Working with Carol, is able to blast Gravemoss out of the building and into the Thames - through Battersea Bridge.
    • Calming down a quickly awakened and disoriented Hulk.
  • In Chapter 77:
    • Fighting alongside his father, his role being telekinetically pushing demons into position for Thor to hurl Mjolnir through and crushing those who are getting away.
    • Tag-teaming a multi-headed dragon with Carol, one of them distracting it while the other is described as playing whack-a-mole. All while having a discussion about it being stupid enough to merit entry in the Darwin Award. And then blocking its throats with telekinetic energy, preventing it from breathing fire and then destroying it.
  • In Chapter 78:
    • Prevents Chthon from attempting to take over Wanda by doing something described as 'very noble and very, very stupid.'
    • With just a little prompting from his parents, he manages to kick Chthon out of his mind and out of the universe.
    • And then helps restore the damage caused by Chthon's entrance.
  • He gets into two psychic battles with Voldemort in chapter 2 of Ghosts of the Past. The first he gets an early advantage in (managing to give Voldemort a Psychic Nosebleed), before Voldemort's threats to his friends scare him off. The second, he doesn't have to hold back and sends Voldemort packing with raw power.
    • Afterwards, he conjures a bird made of fire to tear the Dark Mark apart.
    • And earlier, taps into the Phoenix to strengthen his telekinetic shield sufficiently to shrug off a blow from Thor, who Voldemort had psychically nudged sufficiently that he did not recognise friend from foe.
  • Giving Carol's dad a truly epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, when he tries to get Harry to "control" her.

     Loki Odinson/Laufeyson 
  • On a meta level, stealing pretty much every scene he's in.
  • In chapter 22, creating a literal sea serpent out of water, infusing it with magic and using it to put out magical fire. He even took the time to add colour and detail to it.
  • Simultaneously creating a world wide spy network, gaining a reputation as a philanthropist and actually helping out the deprived.
  • Calming down a panicking Thor when Harry is kidnapped.
    • Calming him down again when he gets angry after dwelling on Pettigrew's betrayal.
  • Binding an entire battlefield's worth of spirits and stopping them from escaping to wreak havoc.
  • Hunting down and disabling six separate Death Eaters trained by Baron Zemo without even getting out of second gear.
  • Turning into a giant serpent in order to hold down the undead kraken attacking New York long enough for Thor to finish it off.
  • Chapter 75:
    • As soon as he gets back in action, he teleports to London and destroys a street and three quarters of the demons within.
    • His entrance in battle is bad enough, in HYDRA's point of view, to be worse than a gigantic sea serpent.
  • Chapter 77: Using the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons as part of a spell, tapping into power of the city of London itself to close all the largest portals at once.

     Captain Steve Rogers 
  • His simple remark on seeing the raging supernatural storm in chapter 59.
    "I've fought in worse."
  • Overpowering one of the Slendermen with raw muscle, noting how that immediately makes the rest pay attention and freak out slightly, because mortals are not supposed to be able to do that.
  • Chasing down the Winter Soldier while atop a sinking and listing Helicarrier.
    • Going toe to toe with the former, the Bogeyman of the Cold War, on several occasions - losing the first round, drawing the second, and were it not for a critically timed distraction, he would have won the third.
  • On a slightly more meta level, accidentally becoming the patriarch of a Badass Family including the first and second Agent 13 - the latter of which kicks the ass of the Red Hood, among others, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill and Carol Danvers, the latest - temporary - Green Lantern.
  • His last line in chapter 76, a magically enhanced parade ground roar and highly effective Battle Cry. You know the one.
  • In Chapter 77, his Hold the Line next to Knights of the Cross Sanya and Michael Carpenter and Sir Dane, the Black Knight, against hundreds of demons.
  • In Chapter 78, he is the first to tell everyone that they are best suited with the task of banishing all remaining demons, ignoring his many injuries.

     Director Nicholas Fury 
  • Taking on Lucius Malfoy as a young man and breaking his wand, permanently damaging his leg and burning his house down around him with what Fury later reveals was napalm.
    • During the same incident, it is revealed that, having disabled Malfoy and left him to die, he noticed baby Draco at the top of the stairs. Despite the fact that the house was on fire, the stairs were blocked off and he was nursing a missing eye, he ran through the flames and up the collapsing stairs to grab the baby, the son it should be said of a man he utterly despises, then got the hell out, saving his life. Nick Fury is pure concentrated awesome.
  • The fact that, as a young spy, pretty much working alone as the Order's de facto spymaster, he took on Lucius Malfoy, who is in this verse a fully fledged Magnificent Bastard, and the might of HYDRA and while he was losing, put up a serious fight.
  • Chapter 42 is essentially the Nick Fury Is Awesome Show:
    • Luring Baron Von Strucker out into the open by dangling the temptations of himself (Director of SHIELD), Psylocke (key member of the rebuilding MI13 and potentially powerful enemy) and War Machine (the US army's most trusted pilot and a key confidant of Tony, being close to the Avengers) and forcing him to act before he was ready.
    • Taking out one of HYDRA's bruisers and forcing their top telepath (the Shadow King) to cut and run.
    • Humiliating Von Strucker and sending him to spread the terror among the rest of HYDRA.
      • And at the end of this, the most epic Shrek reference ever.
    Fury: This is the part where you run away.
    • Acquiring a valuable intelligence asset (Narcissa Malfoy) who will doubtless be only too happy to screw over the man who tried to kill her.
  • Intimidated Auror Dawlish into backing off. By holding a knife to his balls.
  • Chapter 75: Turns out he had a back-up to the Avengers in the form of the Shadow Initiative: Wolverine, Black Panther, Captain Mar-Vell, Havok, War Machine, Sirius Black, Wanda Maximoff, Harry Dresden and Namor, in addition to Clint and Natasha. He manages to meet with them with no one in SHIELD being the wiser. Then he sets them on HYDRA's base.
  • Chapter 77: Knowing how Malfoy thinks, he monitored all out-going communications, waiting until the man called for help, then getting the name of the man he called: Alexander Pierce.

     Tony Stark/Iron Man 
  • On his first visit Asgard, taking one of his armours and taking on Volstagg in a bout to show how good it is. The bout ends with Tony chokeslamming one of the biggest badasses in the Nine Realms to the floor. While Volstagg is stated to have been holding back, not wanting to crush Tony, he's still one of the best fighters in the Nine Realms, with millennia of combat experience and serious physical power to boot.
  • The astonishment of just about every artificer in Asgard at the Iron Man armour, which, designed with inferior Earth materials, can turn the wearer into a physical match for anyone short of Thor and his physical peers.
    • It's noted that if he had access to Asgardian materials, he could build something that would make the Destroyer look like a toy.
    • Going by the Prometheus armour, this is in no way an exaggeration.
  • When faced with The Winter Soldier without his armour, his first instinct is to put himself between The Winter Soldier and Pepper and the kids.
  • In Chapter 74, faced with Zola seizing control of his Tower, intentionally overloads the building's arc reactor and blows it up (with himself still inside, barely surviving) in order to keep HYDRA from stealing all his technology.
  • Chapter 75:
    • He is kept sedated by HYDRA because they know perfectly well how dangerous the man can be if awake.
    • You know in chapter 34 when it mentions that Tony explicitly avoided building an armour out of Asgardian materials because he was scared of how powerful it would be? He changed his mind. In his free time, he made a suit called Project Prometheus powerful enough to deal with god-sized problems which he hid at Hogwarts. While incomplete, it's adamantium armoured and armed with Destroyer based weaponry, with the few conventional weapons being described by a flabbergasted Peter Wisdom as 'punctuation'.
  • In Chapter 77:
    • He has a Plan to deal with a demon dragon: fly into its mouth and destroy it from the inside.
    • Multitasking in the battle: he locks down HYDRA's largest troop concentrations, turns on the sprinklers and puts the Crazy Frog song on a loop.
  • In Chapter 78: Punches Doctor Strange after learning what he is having Jean-Paul doing, despite the risks.

     Bruce Banner/The Hulk 
  • The Hulk shielding Harry from the robots and taking them on (literally) singlehandedly.
  • Bruce's Badass Boast.
    Rest assured Thor. We will find Harry. We will find the people that have taken him. And Hulk will smash.
  • Gets a good moment in chapter 60 when he gives that line.
    Don't make me angry, Mister McGee. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry.
  • In Chapter 75, HYDRA knows well enough to keep him sedated, on the grounds that an awakened Bruce leads to Hulk.
  • Chapter 78: Hulk repeats his Metronomic Man Mashing from the film. Against CHTHON!. It shocks everyone, including Chthon himself. As Loki vaguely remarks:
    Loki: It is so satisfying to see that happen to someone else.

     Clint Barton/Hawkeye 
  • Clint's Improbable Aiming Skills. Ricocheting an arrow off three walls to split an apple ten feet behind you may be completely impossible if you don't have a magically enhanced pair of eyes, but it is also unbelievably cool.
  • The fact that he's universally recognised as the best archer in the Nine Realms. His only equal is Prince Faradei of Alfheim, a.k.a. the real life Legolas.
  • Saving Wisdom's life, first by calling on Thor (because exploding arrows are the only things that would really be sure of taking the veidrdraugar and it would end up taking Wisdom too) to get them - quite literally - off Wisdom's back, then picking off the ones attempting to interfere in Agent Drew's rescue op.
  • Chapter 75: He manages to kill several demons in just a few seconds by shooting them with explosive arrows while riding a flying motorbike into battle!

     Lady Sif 
  • She's the Goddess of War. In the ancient warrior culture of Asgard, she, who is also hinted to from fairly low ranking nobility at best, was picked by Odin to be the Goddess of War. That is pure awesome in and of itself.
  • Sif nutting Fandral. From a seated position. And knocking him out in one shot.
  • As barely more than a teenager, fighting Fenris, surviving being chewed and swallowed by him, then cutting her way out of his stomach with only one hand. And then picking up that hand and walking to the nearest settlement all while chewed up (literally), beaten up, suffering from having her hand bitten off and oh yeah, being covered in stomach acids. Sif is made of awesome.
  • Being acknowledged as Fandral's match with a blade when he is considered to be the finest swordsman in the Nine Realms and is a specialist.

     Agent/Director Peter Wisdom a.k.a. Regulus Black 
  • Is Nick Fury's protégé.
  • Went toe to toe with the Winter Soldier and survived.
  • Masterminded the defence of Britain from Gravemoss' army, organising the RAF, the Navy, the Army, the Ministry, the Avengers and Excalibur into a coherent battle in a matter of moments.
  • Went toe to toe with one of the veidrdraugar and killed it.
  • When he finds out the secret of Hermione being Wanda's daughter, he uses it to blackmail Wanda. But he doesn't threaten to make it public. Instead, he threatens to tell Hermione that Wanda is her mother, which keeps Hermione out of danger while simultaneously bothering Wanda more. Magnificent Bastard and Manipulative Bastard all at the same time.
  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome reveals that he's destroyed three of Voldemort's horcruxes.
  • Chapter 76 shows him finally activating his secret defence known as Project Wolftrap. What is it? Why, it's the HMS Belfast, reactivated and rearmed with state of the art weaponry, which proves more than a match for HYDRA's rather battered Dreadnought Helicarrier.
  • In Chapter 2 of Ghosts of the Past, he gives Amos Diggory and the Ministry as a whole a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech for letting so many Death Eaters walk away at the end of the war, which has contributed to the current crisis.

     Carol Danvers 
  • Kicking Simon Krieger in the balls and laying him out flat.
  • Being the niece of Jack O'Neill, cousin of Agent 13 and great-niece of Peggy Carter means that its In the Blood.
    • Even more if the theory that her grandmother was actually Peggy's and Steve Rogers' daughter is right.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 75!
  • In Chapter 60, a double whammy: she proves to be a skilled strategist, enough for The Winter Soldier to consider her the greatest threat (well, after Harry and Diana leave the scene), and later, when she sacrifices herself to save the others, after they lose their upgrades. She survives, but the intention is there.
  • In chapter 74, also an Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming, she went nose to nose with Sif simply to ensure that Harry wouldn't be alone. Fandral remarks, impressed, that that's the longest he's seen anyone stare down Sif in centuries. Subverted somewhat in that Sif had actually been about to extend the offer of travelling to Asgard to Carol and any other of Harry's friends who wished to come on the grounds that they'd be under threat too, but it's still remarkable - Sif was certainly impressed.
  • In Chapter 75:
  • In Chapter 76:
    • Working with Harry, blasts Gravemoss out of the building, through Battersea Bridge, and into the Thames.
    • Simply rips down any barricades in the group's way with the Green Lantern Ring.
  • In Chapter 77: She has a great time using the Green Lantern ring; among other things, she creates an Andre the Giant construct to simultaneously put seven dragons in a headlock.
  • Nearly crushes the condescending and sexist Ludo Bagman's hand upon meeting him, only stopping once she considers her point made.

     Jean-Paul Beaubier 
  • In chapter 60, what tactic does he, a Fragile Speedster, use against a tank sized werewolf? A rock to the eye, thrown at Mach speeds.
  • In Chapter 69, we get a demonstration of the lingering power boost Jean-Paul got from the Genius Loci, as he runs from New York to Kansas... by heading east. Meaning he runs across the world, including running on water (several times, presumably), hitting an average speed of somewhere in the neighbourhood of Mach 150, even reaching relativistic Doppler shift, before eventually stopping. And without being even remotely winded afterwards, either.
    • And he does all that in the span of a mere ten minutes.
  • In Chapter 75:
    • Harry's team (Carol, Diana, Jean-Paul and Uhtred) are shot at with a machine-gun. Jean-Paul catches all of the bullets with a top hat that is not even damaged by the bullets. The shooter was Daken, by the way.
    • In the subsequent fight, Harry notes that the woman Jean-Paul fought is nowhere to be seen... beyond a few splotches of blood here and there. And he hasn't even got a hair out of place. Harry, an Omega Class demigod psychic and Phoenix host in the midst of Tranquil Fury makes a note to never, ever piss off Jean-Paul.
  • In Chapter 76:
    • When Gravemoss tries to destroy the group with a massive energy blast, he grabs the others and shifts them into Bullet Time, giving them a chance to figure out how to handle the situation.
    • Hits some enemies so fast, they just seem to explode.
  • In Chapter 77, he's so effective at destroying demons and so fast that they can only associate his trailing golden lightning with death.
  • In Chapter 78, he runs around the world to accelerate. Takes the time to save Clark and Chloe from a falling building. And manages to reach the speed of light in order to punch Chthon with infinite kinetic energy even though he knows it could end with him dead, which, fortunately, does not happen.
    • And just before he begins, Frigga warns him that Chthon will catch him. In a homage to Kingdom Come, he replies:

  • Uhtred standing his ground against the Disir. These are monsters that he's grown up on stories of, the things that come and snatch you away in the night and devour you, things that cannot be touched let alone stopped, and he's plainly terrified of them. Yet he stands his ground.
  • Being the protégé of Sif herself.
  • In chapter 59, displaying his skills as a Scarily Competent Tracker - while the trail itself is easy to follow, he figured out that the ice was too thick and not natural, in the middle of a raging blizzard, simply by tapping it a couple of times.
  • Taking on one of the Slendermen in a contest of raw power.
  • After the temporary Plot-Relevant Age-Up, is powerful enough to wrestle with a supercharged werewolf and complain that the others are too busy chatting to notice.
  • In Chapter 75:
    • He is injured in the fight against Daken's partners, Extremis powered supersoldiers. Barely. The guy he fought is decapitated.
  • In Chapter 76:
  • In Chapter 77, he continues laughing his way into the battle, shouting the demons to Bring It while holding his war axe in one hand and a N'Garai's torn out spine in the other.

     Diana of Themyscira 
  • Calming Harry and Uhtred down with her empathy for long enough for Harry to clear the air between them. Without either noticing.
  • Outrunning the leader of the Disir in flight while carrying Uhtred and Harry. Bear in mind that even though she's got Super Strength, she's about 11, and a small 11 at that.
  • In chapter 60, when aged up, destroying a robot created by Baron Zemo that was about to kill Harry... by ripping it in half with her bare hands.
  • In Chapter 75:
  • In Chapter 76:
    • During a melee, Harry notices her beating a troll to death with its own arm.
    • Wields Mjolnir, becoming her aged up self again and giving us another taste of the future Wonder Woman.
  • In Chapter 77, she utterly destroys a Mabdhara by flying at mach speed, sword first. And remember, this is part of the same species as the one that took an orbital bombardment, being rammed at half the speed of sound by the Tumbler, hit with demolition charges from the same and finally fried by most of Chicago's electricity supply to put down.
  • Upon meeting Ludo Bagman, she gives him a dismissive look over his condescending attitude and sexist comments, while simultaneously pinning down an angry Uhtred to stop him from acting.

     Wanda Maximoff a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch 
  • Most of this is reported, but...
    • Taking on Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange at once and winning.
    • Being trained by Doctor Strange.
    • Being estimated as, after the above, the second most powerful mortal practitioner on the planet. In a world that contains the Senior Council, this is pretty damn impressive.
    • Being a master of the Colony Drop, according to Fitzsimmons.
      • She's used it on Nicodemus Archleone himself. If nothing else, this confirms that Wanda is a fucking badass.
    • Being the daughter of Magneto. Badassery was inevitable.
  • Her first onscreen appearance? Illuminated by the gigantic pillar of flame she'd unleashed on an army of the undead from the heavens.
    • She's Wisdom's ace, and her entrance immediately turns the tide of battle - mainly from a tactical point of view, as she sets about banishing the intangible beings, taking advantage of the fact that Loki's locking them down, which frees up Loki to flex his mystical muscles and start showing what the God of Magic can really do.
  • She easily keeps up with Thor when he's flying at supersonic velocities.
  • She lays down the gauntlet to a crack squad of Ministry Aurors, telling them that if they want to get to Sirius Black - visiting his brother in hospital, they'll have to go through her, with total confidence. And this, mind you, is after fighting in a pitched battle. These guys are fresh as daisies.
    • And by striding forward, without saying a word, she tells them to move or be moved. They move.
  • Her blessing on Harry has bent probability and arguably reality around him so strongly that even Odin's picked up on it. Wanda is scary powerful.
  • Dresden spends most of chapter 2 of Chaos Reigns alternately dumbfounded and in awe of Wanda's power and skill. Incidents include taking out two N'Garai and immobilising a whole bunch of Mindless Ones with about three fairly simple spells, then pulling a Colony Drop on the Mabdhara.
  • Finds time in chapter 76, in the midst of the Final Battle, to give Harry a maternal scolding and ruffle his hair.
  • In chapter 78, punches Doctor Strange after learning what he is having Jean-Paul doing, despite the risks.
    • And when her father eyes her new boyfriend (who makes a sensible, yet futile, attempt to hide behind her), apparently intent on giving him a If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... speech, she simply narrows her eyes and says, "Father, don't you dare." Magneto, who has just crumpled the Vibranium armoured and nigh invincible Dreadnought and made it look easy, acquiesces.

     Sean Cassidy a.k.a. Banshee 
  • Mostly an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome, but he more than holds his own during the Battle of the M4.
  • When he arrives at Hogwarts, he quickly establishes himself as a Reasonable Authority Figure and becomes a mentor to Harry.
  • The fact that whatever he did on his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the IRA cell that killed his wife with his Compelling Voice still gives Nick Fury nightmares is a rather dark moment of awesome. After all, Fury's not an easily shaken man...
    • This is perhaps part of the reason why Dumbledore, Loki, Pierce and Lucius all regard him with a certain degree of respect.
  • Demonstrating that screaming really loudly is just the beginning of his Audiokinetic powers. He can also use them as a Compelling Voice, a Glass-Shattering Sound (capable of shattering bone, wand wood and apparently, liquefying granite) and to pull a Stealth Hi/Bye so effective that it startles Freki and Geri.
  • Putting up with a mopey Warren is probably an awesome moment in and of itself.
  • Managing to keep Ron and Hermione alive during the Pensive Incident.
  • In chapter 70 he shows exactly how dangerous he is by using his powers to dampen sound around him, setting a claymore mine, picking off the next few who come down the stairs, then using his scream to shatter the bones of the remaining HYDRA mooks, before executing them.
  • In chapter 76, teaming up with Sirius Black to take on all comers.

     Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden 
  • Saved Thomas and Martha Wayne in a confrontation on a graveyard that ended with the would-be killer/robber being struck by a ball of conjured force and lightning.
  • In chapter 44, unleashing the full wrath of his Death Curse on Gravemoss. It doesn't do any permanent damage (he got a shield up just in time), but it punts the bastard straight into the North Sea, over five hundred miles away. Dresden's death curse did cause metaphysical damage to Gravemoss, causing the necromancer to become even more unhinged and join the terrified of Harry Dresden club.
  • He gets plenty more moments to shine at the climax of Chaos Reigns: He kills a Mindless One by slamming his staff into its eye slit, backfiring its energy blast, One Hit Kills about a dozen N'Garai, quite literally vaporizing several of them, and finishes off the mortally wounded Mabdhara by channeling the electricity from a broken power cable through his body and staff into the water surrounding said demon.
  • Being selected for Fury's Shadow Initiative in chapter 75.
  • When fighting Gravemoss in Chapter 76, he accidentally calls on Soulfire for the first time. Which manifests by turning his blasting rod into a lightsaber. Which he then uses to kick Gravemoss's ass, including cutting off his arm (Which noticeably does not grow back). In between, he finds time to see off the undead demon hound version of Bellatrix Lestrange. Wanda's and Constantine's jaws, needless to say, are hanging loose.

     Warren Worthington III a.k.a. Archangel 
  • In between moping, Warren's a genuine badass.
    • His first major appearance is made via a Dynamic Entry in which pounces on a gigantic undead dragon, disabling and beheading it in moments.
    • Demonstrating how sharp his wings are by chopping down ten trees in a single pass.
    • Outrunning Harry's tuned up Firebolt, which tops out at four hundred and fifty miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier.
    • Calling out Snape and showing such fine control of his Razor Wings that in a fairly crowded room, he can have the tips at Snape's throat the moment he looks like he's going for his wand without hurting anyone else.
    • Taking on the HYDRA paratroopers attacking Hogwarts. They're trained commandos equipped with pirated Falcon suits and Destroyer based weaponry. He's in pyjama bottoms and nothing else. And there's about ten to twenty of them. A Mook Horror Show ensues, Dwindling Party and lack of Gory Discretion Shot included.
    • Going full Angel of Death in chapter 76, easily outflying a HYDRA Quinjet in a low level dogfight amongst the streets of Central London, and generally performing well enough that he actually impresses Namor.

     The Warriors Three 

     Agent Coulson 
  • Being one of the very few people Nick Fury trusts is Awesome in and of itself.
  • Is also a former Army Ranger.
  • Persuaded first Fury, then the Director of the time, Jim Woo, to allow the Kents to keep Clark, since SHIELD moved in after the meteor shower.
  • Manipulated Dresden into helping search for the veidrdraugar, when it was very obvious that Dresden thought (not incorrectly) that he was out of his depth.
  • The interrogation of Narcissa. All of it.

     Doctor Stephen Strange 
  • Being the Sorcerer Supreme and more to point, the series' Magnificent Bastard in chief thanks to have some unknown degree of future knowledge and a masterful deployment of the Butterfly Effect, he gets a lot of these:
    • He not only cheerfully navigates the series' massive Gambit Pile Up, but he plays everyone, all these brilliant schemers including but not limited to Nick Fury, Peter Wisdom, Magneto, Charles Xavier, Albus Dumbledore, Lucius Malfoy, Loki, Odin, the Elder God Chthon, the Phoenix Force a.k.a. Destruction of the Endless and possibly the rest of the Endless, like a harp.
      • And he achieves this by only appearing onscreen in two brief glimpses until chapter 47, only using magic on a few occasions and without telling a single lie. Though in the latter case, as everyone notes, his proclivity for Exact Words means that this is not the same as being honest.
    • One of the reasons he has historically been taken seriously despite his rarely using magic on a grand scale is his duel with a demonically enhanced and Elder Wand wielding Grindelwald in Berlin in 1945. Loki, who was in Europe at the time, explicitly described Grindelwald's power as god-like. His and Strange's duel flattened Berlin and at the end of it, Grindelwald was stripped of almost all his enhanced abilities. Strange, apparently, walked away whistling. It is because of this that Thor remarks that if he had fully taken the field in the Voldemort, they'd have been picking bits of Voldemort out of the wall within an hour.
    • Knowing about Fury's Shadow Initiative when even Alexander Pierce didn't know about it.
    • Saving Coulson's life after he was stabbed by Loki.
    • Challenging the entire White Council to a duel over the matter of a 13 year old Wanda Maximoff, whose powers were running wild. Prior to this point, even the combined forces of Albus Dumbledore, Charles Xavier, Howard Stark and Magneto hadn't made them blink twice. But when Strange threw down the gauntlet, no one dared pick it up.
      • Considering Wanda's impressive feats, it should be noted that this is the man who taught her everything she knows.
      • And considering Dresden's feats as her apprentice, it should be noted that he recommended Dresden as chief candidate for her apprentice.
    • Resurrecting Sif and Harry Dresden in chapter 45, something which is supposed to be near impossible, certainly impossible for any human who isn't Merlin. Apparently Strange looks on the Laws of Nature as being more in the order of guidelines than actual rules.
    • In chapter 74, swiping Loki's decapitated head from under Gravemoss' nose and delivering it into the Avengers' custody, the swiping it again, this time from the very heart of Asgard's royal palace and leaving behind a note saying 'I.O.U. one Loki, then putting together a ritual, performed by Hermione and the Twins that puts Loki back together again. And to top it all off, for that ritual, apparently just for the hell of it, he swipes Alastor Moody's wooden leg.
    • While it could be argued that the entirety of chapters 75 to 78 can be credited to him because he arranged the events involved, here are some of the best moments:
      • Talking Odin into trusting him and letting him send Harry, Carol, Diana, Jean-Paul and Uhtred into the midst of HYDRA's base even though Loki was still reduced to an Oracular Head and Thor was in a coma. Admittedly, he did have the trump card of being able to say that the Phoenix was looking out for Harry.
      • Giving Harry and his friends a pep-talk with a few warnings scattered within it and giving Carol the Green Lantern Ring without telling her that it's more than just a Magic Ring, then using the distraction of Fury's Shadow Initiative and Excalibur attacking to slip them into the base. This comes back when the battle seems to be going awry (undead giants the size of skyscrapers are involved) and Fury tears strips off him for what he did. Strange just smugly points out the window as the kids, having retrieved Mjolnir and freed the imprisoned Avengers, promptly take down the giants in about thirty seconds, if that, turning the battle on its head and reducing Fury to dumbstruck silence.
      • Breaking Lucius and reducing him to a Villainous B.S.O.D. with a Breaking Speech in the form of a single Wham Line before derisively remarking, "amateur." Then he promptly frees the Winter Soldier, brainwashed as Malfoy's bodyguard and enforcer, from his conditioning, restoring his memories, then sends the temporarily returned spirit of Arthur Weasley to give him a pep-talk to break him out of his resultant Heroic B.S.O.D..
      • Finally displaying his skills as a duellist by engaging Gravemoss in an epic duel, forcing Gravemoss to draw on more and more of the Darkhold's power until Chthon takes over, which while it leads to Strange being flattened (though he shuts up Chthon's monologue with a well-timed Iron Fist punch to the jaw), seems to have been part of his plan judging by his remark of "check."
    • His call of "check" is thoroughly warranted. Because, unlike Chthon, he knows what is going to happen: everything is in such a state of flux that the Heroes of Tomorrow (Superman, at least one Flash, The Green Lantern, Quicksilver, and hundreds of others) are undoing everything Chthon has caused... and the Elder God cannot do a goddamned thing about it, because it is his power (slightly modified by Strange) that has brought them in.
  • In the first book's final chapter, he justifies his long term manipulations by listing all the various benefits that his actions have made possible. To whit, it is quite a Long List.
  • When first appearing in Ghosts of the Past, it's apparently right after fighting off an attempted invasion by Dormammu. And he's still in good enough condition to snark about it, undo the "Freaky Friday" Flip and deliver Pepper's baby.

  • One by The Disir in retrospect. They mowed through Asgardian armies and it took Bor himself to banish them, and he did that because that was all he could manage: he wasn't able to kill them. When they got free after about five or six thousand years of imprisonment, they manage to come up with what would be a plan to extort a tribute from Asgard, get revenge on Bor's descendants and make their unlives more comfortable in a matter of minutes. It would have worked too, if they had been more up to date on magic, Midgard and Harry wasn't such a Spanner in the Works.
    • And one for Gravemoss for utterly flattening them and subduing them, utterly shattering any image of his being a Squishy Wizard (by Asgardian/Alfheim standards, anyway).
  • Gravemoss' assault on MI6 in a Nightmare Fuel sort of way.
    • He also went toe to toe with both Loki and Doctor Strange and survived to tell the tale.
  • Baron Zemo utterly curbstomping Fenrir Greyback after the latter objects to being placed under HYDRA command in about three blows and as many seconds, before delivering a succinct "Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Zer reason ve command you is because we are better than you.
  • Lucius and Von Strucker trading threats.
  • Lucius proving that he earned his Magnificent Bastard status by drugging Von Strucker, forcing him to give up the secret of controlling the Winter Soldier, then executing him. After that, he summons the Conclave, the leadership of HYDRA, walks in with the Winter Soldier in toe and informs them that Baron Von Strucker died of 'mysterious circumstances'. After a HYDRA member sees through this transparent lie and demands the Soldier shoot Lucius, the Soldier shoots him instead, at which point Lucius casually informs the Conclave that Mysterious Circumstances can be catching. Needless to say, they all fall into line. This move gives him full control of HYDRA and its resources, to go with the financial resources of the Death Eaters unwise enough to join him and, when they went into hiding, give him power of attorney, and, of course, control of the Winter Soldier.
    • Keep in mind this is The Dragon of Voldemort and we still haven't seen Voldemort yet. So if Lucius can be this dangerous then imagine what Voldemort is capable of. However, it should also be noted that Lucius didn't think much of Voldemort's strategic and political capabilities, seeing himself as the Hyper-Competent Sidekick. Of course, Lucius is arrogant and rather biased, so no one knows whether he's right or not.
  • Voldemort finally shows up in Chapter 68, and gets one hell of an awesome villainous moment: it turns out that he's been using his Psychic Link with Harry to siphon off his powers to restore himself. When Betsy cuts him off, he uses what he's gained to pull Grand Theft Me on Wormtail, regaining a physical form a full year ahead of canon, armed with part of Harry's powers.
  • Alexander Pierce gets a few moments over the course of several chapters — he's Affably Evil enough to fool even the Properly Paranoid Harry and Freki and Geri into trusting him; is able to casually manipulate Harry into having a panic attack that triggers a minor display of his powers sufficient to gain data on them for HYDRA, doing so in such a way that while Dumbledore and Sean pick up on it, they can't call him out on it; and then strolls into HYDRA's headquarters, something Lucius inwardly observes is impossible (and with the reveal that said HQ is in a Pocket Dimension, that just racks up Pierce's awesome).
    • In chapter 77 he also successfully plunges the knife into Lucius' back, being the only person other than Strange to actually get the better of Lucius.
  • Chapter 70 is the story's Darkest Hour, and thus full of the villains being awesome:
    • Lucius walks into the Ministry of Magic and addresses the heads of all its departments, and proceeds to give Fudge a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he was so easily played over the years both by Dumbledore and Lucius himself. And when the Ministry refuses his Join or Die offer, he proceeds to reveal that they can't arrest him, since he didn't come in person, instead sending an LMD which then self-destructs, killing most of them.
    • Gravemoss walking up to Azkaban, bending the Dementors to his will without any effort, freeing all of the prisoners, and easily forcing them into line by killing Bellatrix Lestrange, transforming her soul into his spectral servant, and any other Voldemort die-hards who refuse to serve Lucius.
    • Baron Zemo managing to kill King T'Chaka, a Black Panther, and then curbstomp T'Challa, making his escape with a large amount of Wakanda's Vibranium.
    • Daken going toe-to-toe with an enraged Harry and (momentarily) killing him.
  • Chapter 74 has HYDRA top themselves by enacting a plan that results in Avengers Tower destroyed, Thor comatose, Loki reduced to an Oracular Head, and Steve, Bruce and Tony captured. Afterwards, Lucius figures that they're now in a position to dictate terms to both the United Nations and the supernatural community, intending to play the various factions against each other until there's no one left strong enough to defy HYDRA. If it wasn't for Fury's Shadow Initiative, Strange's master plan and Lucius resting on his laurels, it might well have worked, too.
    • Lucius also puts a plan in place to neutralize Magneto, by setting up HYDRA as Lorna Dane's benefactors — aside from the Shame If Something Happened aspect, if Magneto interferes, Lorna will see him as the villain, and if he doesn't, HYDRA is in place to one day recruit her, gaining at least an Alpha, if not an Omega, class mutant. Zola and Zemo are both impressed.
      • Keep in mind that in Chapter 74 he managed to successfully, even if temporarily, incapacitate The Avengers and basically give the entire world a Join or Die offer. Adaptational Badass doesn't even begin to describe him.
  • Zemo once again proves to be more than a match for T'Challa in chapter 75, with Wolverine explicitly stating that Zemo was playing with him.
  • In Chapter 77, Chthon finally takes over Gravemoss. The initial effects are shown everywhere in the world, causing a series of accidents that steadily domino. His mere entrance into the world is described as making the realm tremble.
  • Everything Voldemort does in Chapter 2 of Ghosts of the Past is horrifying, but it demonstrates just how powerful he's become. And it's a mild case of The Bad Guy Wins, as he's able to just walk away afterwards, having gathered everything he needed.

     The Winter Soldier 
  • A One-Man Army and The Brute for the bad guys. The idea that he's back terrifies just about everyone.
    • Going from US Army Sergeant to 'Europe's Terror' and public enemy number one to the same extent as Bin Laden. But unlike Bin Laden, no one knew anything about him.
    • According to Tony, the Stark bodyguards had only one response plan if he attacked - get between him and the family, then die as slowly as possible to give them time to escape.
    • Absolutely terrifying an entire room full of Death Eater's with his entrance, after killing a chimera and a nundu on the way in. Only one wizard ever succeeded in killing a chimera and was killed falling from his flying horse. A nundu takes a hundred trained wizards to subdue. The Soldier didn't even slow down, and throws their heads into the centre of the room to show everyone what he's capable of.
    • Fury admits that while he's not scared of the man, he's 'terrified of what he's capable of'.
    • Natasha believes that, alone, he could completely destroy SHIELD, which is why she opted not to try and find him, in case his failsafe came on line.
    • James Bond got the drop on him and had him at gunpoint, on the point of making his traditional Pre-Mortem One-Liner quip. About half a second later, he's dead after being shot in the stomach and the head.
    • The only person who survived fighting him was Agent Peter Wisdom, a mutant and a badass in his own right, who is also heavily implied to be Regulus Black. And Wisdom only survived by teleporting first to Hull, then, when he was followed, onto the Helicarrier.
      • Wisdom was the only person on that base who survived. The Soldier didn't even take a scratch.
      • Wisdom mentions witnessing the Soldier killing three men in about half as many seconds, with as many shots, from a handgun, about 90 meters away. Improbable Aiming Skills indeed.
    • Gravemoss, a completely Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniac necromancer, acts like a kid on Christmas day when he senses him coming, and is, according to Lucius Malfoy, fascinated by him.
    • Lucius is actually more frightened of him than he is of Gravemoss. At first. Then he finds out how much of a monster Gravemoss really is.
    • The Weapons Plus Project, which included Wolverine and Weapon X, was created specifically to stop him.
    • His utterly enormous kill tally (though it is admitted In-Universe that it might be exaggerated): 1 American President (JFK - Natasha set up Oswald as a patsy and seduced Jack Ruby into killing him), 12 other non-magical Heads of State, 16 Generals, 70 lower ranked officers, 213 Police Officers of all ranks, 79 bodyguards, 9 Ministers of Magic, 16 Auror Commanders, 147 Aurors, 2 Directors of SHIELD, 5 Deputy Directors, 89 SHIELD/SSR Agents, 43 Agents of MI-5 and MI6, 22 Agents of MI13, 200 agents of other security agencies and 500 other miscellaneous targets.
    • And adding in the superhumans, Spitfire I, Union Jack and the Destroyer. Spitfire II only escaped, barely, through her Super Speed and Weapon X was left a beaten ruin under the rubble of the destroyed Weapon X complex.
  • In chapter 60, he kicks the crap out of Captain America, manages to break off the control HYDRA has on him (at least partially) because his orders conflict with his Wouldn't Hurt a Child attitude, and kills a car sized werewolf that was about to kill Carol Danvers with his bare hands, and brings her back to her cabin before she dies of hypothermia.
  • The culmination of his Heel–Face Turn with this line.
    Well. Fuck the mission, then.
  • Carving his way through both the Ministry of Magic and the SHIELD Helicarrier.
    • During the above, Mercy Killing Arthur Weasley so that HYDRA can't torture him (or worse, hand him over to Gravemoss).
  • Catching Steve's shield when it's thrown at him.
  • Ending his fight with Wolverine by shooting him in the face with an RPG.
    • Followed up by shaking off what's left of his Red Room conditioning, refusing to kill President Ellis. And then saving the First Lady by double tapping the HYDRA agent about to shoot her. Through several walls.
  • In chapter 77, after Strange finally wipes out all trace of brainwashing from his brain he goes after Fenrir Greyback, still in his giant, demonic wolf-form that made him a threat to the likes of the aged-up teens. The fight lasts thirty seconds, if that, and he saves Remus' life.

  • Hermione manages to gain Loki's admiration and respect at their first meeting through one simple suggestion: sic Tony on the Dursleys for what they did to Harry.
  • Odin's descriptions of the last Frost Giant War make it sound pretty damn cool.
    • Prospero Slytherin wielding what is heavily implied to be a conduit to the Phoenix Force and taking down an entire Frost Giant army to protect a refugee column in an epic Heroic Sacrifice / You Shall Not Pass moment that carves out the Grand Canyon. Made even more awesome by implications that he's not dead.
    • Athelstan Gryffindor, a mortal wizard, taking on Laufey in a duel and scarring him, losing his hand in the process, something that carries shades of Fingolfin versus Morgoth. And unlike Fingolfin, Athelstan survived.
    • Branwen Hufflepuff's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, one so terrifying that even Odin was stunned by it, and over 1500 years on, Frost Giants en masse are terrified of magic.
    • The legendary Lady Knight wielding her own sword and the Sword of Gryffindor in battle, cutting a hand off of Byleistr (specifically called 'the Loki of his day' in respect to magical power) in a one on one duel, and taking on Sif and Fandral as Squires.
  • Chapter 44 is a long series of awesome moments.
    • For Doctor Strange, impossibility is something that happens to other people.
    • Archangel's entrance - pouncing on an undead dragon from above, then beheading it with a single scissor slash of his wings, before moving on to the others.
    • Hell, the very idea of Rhodey, Archangel and a bunch of jets dogfighting with zombie dragons is just plain cool.
    • Rhodey finds himself out of ammo, with one undead dragon left, armed only with repulsors that won't pierce the dragon's hide, and it's bearing down on Luton airport. What does he do? Grab the jet that was downed earlier, using it on the dragon like a lance at mach speed, lodging it in, then using his repulsors to blow the jet and the dragon up. Jessica Drew notes several months later that most of MI13 is still referring to him as 'Saint George' for this stunt.
  • The very concept of Alan Scott going toe to toe with Magneto and giving an excellent account of himself - Magneto remarks in chapter 78 that he recognises the ring, usually from when it was coming at his face along with the rest of Alan Scott's fist.
  • Chapter 49 implies that Krypton and the Nova Corps, Marvel's cosmic cops (the Green Lantern corps have been confirmed not to exist), went to war around 1000 years ago. Certainly, whatever happened, Odin was forced to intervene.
  • In Chapter 59, Bobby Drake (with a little help) manages to hide himself, using his powers, from The Winter Soldier and the assorted bad guys bearing down on him, and Harry, Carol, Jean-Paul, Uhtred and Diana manage to hide with him. Bobby and Diana then manage to convince the spirit of the mountain to "power them up" for long enough to get away. The result makes The Winter Soldier think Wow, we're screwed before he even has to face any of them.
  • In Chapter 60, Pepper has no problem in ordering The Winter Soldier around. And he complies.
  • In Chapter 64, M gives Petunia Dursley a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech over her treatment of Harry.
  • In Chapter 68, Betsy uses her psychic training of Harry to locate and isolate the fragment of Voldemort in Harry, and then cut the link between them.
  • The entire country of Wakanda gets an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, when Hermione recites a story from World War II — Italy tried to conquer the country, only for their entire army to disappear, followed by Mussolini waking up one morning to find the commanding general's head on the pillow next to him.
  • Thomas Raith takes apart a N'Garai in a matter of seconds in Chaos Reigns after making a sixty foot leap to pin it down.
  • Bruce Wayne, the future Batman, also gets in on the action during Chaos Reigns, as he grabs the Tumbler and drives it to the battle, where he rams it into the already-wounded Mabdhara, before setting off explosive charges, ripping the demon in half. This is what provides Dresden with the opening needed to finish it off.
  • While Chapter 70 is HYDRA's big move, and mostly their success story, there are a few Curb Stomp Cushion moments:
    • The first HYDRA troopers to get into Hogwarts being cut down by a statue controlled by McGonagall, who even gets a Bond One-Liner:
    • Sharon Carter/Agent 13, who had been posing as the British Prime Minister's secretary, getting him to safety when HYDRA attempts to assassinate the entire British government. In the process, she fights off Jason Todd — in this verse, Baron Zemo's protégé — and sends him packing.
    • Arthur Weasley, of all people, being the voice of the heroic and rational members of the Ministry of Magic, first calling out Fudge and his sycophants for ignoring the truth about Lucius Malfoy and HYDRA, and then telling Lucius exactly what to do with his Join or Die offer.
  • Chapter 71 continues the all around awesome:
    • The Phoenix resurrects Harry after Daken kills him, then possesses him and proceeds to immolate Daken in return, before then wiping out the entire HYDRA assault team in Hogwarts, including a small army of Dementors like they aren't even there. And this relatively low-key manifestation sets a ripple going across the world, causing both Gravemoss and the Darkhold to have an Oh, Crap! reaction to sensing Her presence.
    • Rhodey realises that the griffon he's fighting is another victim of HYDRA, and when its handlers kill it for breaking free of their control, snaps into an Unstoppable Rage and demonstrates just how dangerous an Iron Man armour in the hands of someone who knows to use it really is. And then managing to hold the Helicarrier up in the air long enough to prevent it from crashing completely.
    • Namor makes his first appearance, relieving and completing an exhausted Rhodey's attempt to safely land the crippled Helicarrier.
    • Wolverine showing up to stop the Winter Soldier from assassinating President Ellis, and fighting him well enough that the Soldier has to resort to using an RPG in order to win. Hell, his mere presence is enough to cause the Soldier to have an Oh, Crap! moment.
    • President Ellis himself reveals that he has big brass balls, as when confronted by the Soldier, he decides to Face Death with Dignity. And upon recognising the Soldier as Bucky Barnes, manages to get through to him, helping him break free of the remainder of his Red Room conditioning. This saves the President's life.
  • Chapter 75:
    • Jane Foster, with the help of Hank Pym, Susan Storm, Reed Richards, Erik Selvig and several others, manages to locate (they knew the location on Earth it was tied to, but not much beyond that) and force HYDRA's base from the subdimension they are hiding in in only a few hours.
      • On an intellectual level, the fact that two of the aforementioned "several others", that Jane ends up thinking of as minions thanks to Tony Stark, are Major Samantha Carter and Rodney McKay. The outright smartest humans in two galaxies in their own continuity, and there's enough collected brainpower on the project that they're low enough on the scale to barely get mentioned by name.
    • HYDRA aren't the only one that can call giant sea serpents in. And there's one person riding it to crash into HYDRA's base:
      • T'Challa's section reveals that he's gone a step further and unleashed dozens of Lindorms, small (relatively) sea dragons, on the HYDRA base. A very dark form of Hilarity Ensues.
    Sean: *as a Lindorm chases a screaming HYDRA trooper* Someone's no' been feedin' those things.
    • Hermione and the Weasley Twins - with some intellectual support from Doctor Strange - manage to put Loki together with just one ritual.
    • Jean Grey manages to reach Yggdrasil on her own, with Cerebro, when she's never even used it before. And, with a helping hand from Huginn and Muninn - who state that they just made it quicker and easier - she can project her astral body all the way to Asgard!
      • And in chapter 76, she singlehandedly breaks the enchantment on Thor. Not bad for your first time out.
  • In Chapter 77:
    • Stephen Strange utterly breaks Lucius Malfoy with a few words:
      Stephen Strange: Indeed, Lucius... you should know better than most that the most incomplete picture of any situation is that seen by a piece on the board.
      • He then suitably points out to Gravemoss (whose actions are bringing the spirit world closer to the mortal world) that in doing so he has only made him stronger.
    • Hercules (Diana's father) appears in all his glory, completely destroying a N'Garai in one punch, liquefying several others with a clap, making the time to hug and congratulate his daughter and then throwing himself into a fight against several augmented humans.
    • JARVIS' second fight against Arnim Zola. As he delightfully states, he was created with the capacity to learn, which he proceeds to demonstrate by attacking it a million times per second with an attack similar to what Hogwarts used, forcing Zola to back off.
    • Dumbledore and the other Hogwarts teachers saving some people that had, for some reason, remained behind in London, and then protecting them from a HYDRA quinjets' attack. Hagrid even plants himself as a Human Shield in front of the people. And then Captain Mar-Vell destroying the quinjets just as the teachers begin to run out of power.
    • Jason Todd, once Zemo's right hand, does a Heel–Face Turn at the behest of Stephen Strange thanks to one of his specialised Wham Lines specifically, "Faith can be something someone has in you," and temporarily becomes Sir Jason, wielder of the Sword of Faith!
    • Sirius fighting off Bellatrix Lestrange's spectre form.
    • Remus almost killing Greyback. If it were not for Gravemoss' powers giving Greyback a new, stronger form, one previously capable of (briefly) going toe to toe with an aged up Harry, he would have managed to do it, too.
    • The X-Men (including young Bobby Drake, determined not to let anyone get hurt protecting him) fighting the demons attacking the X-Mansion, while Charles Xavier prevents them from attacking nearby Bayville. And then Jean crushes all the demons (about ten thousand) in one go. All it does, after all she's already done, is tire her out.
    • Until now, Magneto had been a mere figure in the background, feared by hero and villain alike. Here, he finally proves how incredibly powerful he is, by causing a giant geomagnetic storm that plays haywire with all communications as a mere side effect of his entrance and crushing the previously utterly impervious Vibranium-fitted Dreadnought.
    • Stephen Strange sucker-punching Chthon with the power of the Immortal Iron Fist.
    • Odin Allfather comes forth, with Huginn and Muninn and a large Asgardian army next to him, ready to battle Chthon himself.
  • Chapter 78:
    Steve: Is it a bird?
    Clint: Is it a plane?
    Strange: Spoilers.
    • In the background, thanks to the collapse in the walls of reality all sorts of things leak through: for but two examples, a blue police box is noted spinning through the sky and giant suits of Powered Armour are mentioned fighting giant monsters. Gipsy Danger, anyone?
    • Odin using his son's catchphrase as he slams Chthon headfirst into the ground.
    • Jane organises her lab (and her many minions) with great efficiency, and then organises everyone's evacuation when a chaotic portal opens right in the lab while she (with Sue Storm's, Reed Richards' and Darcy's help) tries to close it. And then knowing when to fold them by forcing Sue and Reed to leave and later getting herself and Darcy out with her transporter.
    • One person, only one person, can give Harry the last push to ensure he punts Chthon out of reality: Lily Evans Potter, who willingly became the Phoenix's permanent vessel, the White Phoenix of the Crown, to save her son. If that's not awesome, what is?
  • In Chapter 79, Lily gives a casual demonstration of their power by instantly teleporting everyone who fought against HYDRA and Chthon in London to Asgard for the post-battle feast with a Badass Fingersnap. As Carol puts it...
    Carol: Dude. Your mom has got moves.