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Shock and Awe

"There's nothin' like a fistful o' lightnin', now is there?"
Atlas, BioShock

The use of lightning, huge electrical discharges, and stuff resembling them as a weapon to fry things with. This is one of the most common Elemental Powers and is part of the basic Fire, Ice, Lightning trio. It's also one of the handiest ones around; used for anything and everything that the writers can think of. For why this doesn't work in Real Life, see the analysis page.

Wielders of this power set have an odd tendency to be insane and have blond hair.

Related to Blinded by the Light and Ride the Lightning. Someone with this power may also be a Technopath. Compare Magnetism Manipulation which (sometimes) includes electromagnetism. See Electric Black Guy for black people with this power. Contrast An Ice Person and Playing with Fire. For other uses of lightning and electricity, see Magical Defibrillator and Electric Torture. For the physics (or lack thereof) behind electrical attacks or weapons, see Chain Lightning, Lightning Gun, and Static Stun Gun.

Has nothing to do with the United States military rapid dominance doctrine, though came from that name.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Hibari and Hibiki in Sekirei use this as their standard attack, and their Ashikabi Handsome Lech Seo can power them up to deal massive damage by making out with them!
  • Mikan from Rising X Rydeen also known as the Lightning God because of her very power electric based powers. She turn her arms and legs into lightning to shoot powerful blasts of lightning, and preform teleportation-like dashes. She can also create orbs of electricity that surround her and most of the area and electrocute anyone they touch.
  • In Bastard, Arshes Nei is called the Thunder Empress for obvious reasons.
  • Apparently Lero-Ro from Tower of God, though he's never been shown using it up to this point. His facial markings are proof of that (and possibly a Pokémon reference).
  • Pikachu, use Thundershock/Thunderbolt/Volt Tackle!
    • Dawn has a Pachirisu, Iris has an Emolga and Cilan has a Stunfisk.
    • Electric Pokémon in general do at least one type of big Electric attack. On some rare occasions in the past, Pikachu has used thunderclouds to enhance the attack, including the episode where he used Thunder for the first time.
  • Fate Testarossa-Harlaown of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Her squad is called "Lightning" for a reason. Other Lightning mages include her adopted kid Erio, her psychotic and abusive mother Precia, and (in A's Portable continuity) her Doppelgänger Material-L/Levi the Slasher. In fact, some fluff contains the term "Mana Conversion Affinity", an ability to spontaneously convert one's mana into a specific form of energy without the use of spells, etc.. Fate and Erio have Lightning (that is, electricity) affinity, whereas Signum is attuned to fire. Rio on the other hand, has both lightning and fire, which is really rare.
  • Gash of Zatch Bell!. It's no coincidence that Zatch Bell's creator, Makoto Raiku, has the kanji for thunder in his name.
  • "God" Eneru of One Piece. He's more than a little crazy. Unlike most examples, who can simply control lightning, he's made of lightning itself. And in the One Piece world, not even the strongest characters, like Zoro or Sanji, can take more than two lightning bolts at a time (one in Sanji's case) or even touch him, so he has Nigh-Invulnerability; except to rubber. Nami also frequently uses her weather manipulating staff to create lightning. Also, "Thunder Lord" Makugai is able to channel lightning through his sword, though how he does it hasn't been explained yet.
  • Nue and Black Burn in Air Gear.
  • Dai no Daibouken has "raiden", which is a lightning attack.
  • Ginji Amano of Get Backers.
  • The stand Red Hot Chilli Peppers from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure could manipulate electricity as well as hide and travel through any electrical devices.
  • Negi Springfield of Mahou Sensei Negima! uses this as one of his elements. Setsuna wields this as one of her Shinmeiryuu elements.
  • The Lightning Oni from the Oni mission of the Gantz Manga is the royal type.
  • Sailor Jupiter of Sailor Moon. Given that Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus, it's rather fitting.
  • Hikaru Shidou in Magic Knight Rayearth, despite being called the Magic Knight of Fire, has one lightning spell: Ruby Lightning. The spell "Lightning Strike" is also one basic spell used by most people of Cephiro that can use magic. Especially Lantis.
  • Raiha of Flame of Recca uses the lightning counterpart of Fuujin, Raijin. It's powerful, but the usage is nastier than you think, and Raiha mostly uses his Badass Normal strength in general anyway.
  • Naruto: Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, and a number of other characters including Raiga and several ninja in the Ninja Guardians Arc.
    • The Hidden Cloud Village of the Land of Lightning tends to produce ninja with an affinity for lightning-style jutsus. Some of the most powerful ninja in the world hail from there, like the Raikages and Killer Bee.
  • Yaiba has Raijin, the God of Thunder. The protagonist learns to use this power, albeit sometimes, he gets possessed by Raijin and becomes a Lightning-tossing Oni.
  • The Thunder Card of Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • Master Roshi/Jackie Chun from Dragon Ball used a technique called Bankoku Bikkuri Shou, which supposedly uses his ki to create an electric charge and use it as an Agony Beam.
    • Piccolo Daimaou's son Cymbal could also shoot electricity from his hands.
    • Tambourine also electrocuted Bacterian to death in the anime.
    • Buyon and Piccolo can shoot electricity from their antennae.
    • Rage Shenron and Omega Shenron's Dragon Thunder from Dragon Ball GT.
    • Neiz from Cooler's Revenge could do this and tried to use it on Piccolo, only for Piccolo to kill him with the same electirc shock.
  • Suzaku, the leader of the Saint Beasts in YuYu Hakusho.
  • Hei (a.k.a. Chinese Electric Batman), Bai, and Nick in Darker Than Black. Hei can't shoot lightning, he can merely give off electric discharges, meaning he has to conduct the electricity to the enemy. Enter the metallic choke-wire. But he used that even before he could zap people.
    • Hei's abilities have been stated to be the manipulation of molecular and sub-atomic particles. Generating electricity is just a by-product of that (presumably by manipulating electron flow). He seems able to do this only through touch. He could probably generate lightning bolts but creating electricity through air molecules is quite complicated. They probably didn't delve into his other abilities because they are even more complicated.
  • A Certain Magical Index: Misaka "Railgun" Mikoto, a Level 5 esper, can generate and manipulate electricity in very inventive and intimidating ways.
    • She gets her nickname from her signature attack where she accelerates a ferromagnetic object to Mach 3, with range limited by the projectile tending to dissolve from air friction. She can launch bigger objects but prefers arcade coins for their portability and concealability, at the expense of having a "short" range of 50 meters.
    • She can also throw blasts of electricity and call down lightning in a very Kill Sat-esque manner.
    • She has also been shown to use her power to manipulate magnetic fields, giving her pseudo-telekinetics that go as far as throwing a block of reinforced concrete by manipulating the steel bars inside of it, magnetically attaching herself to walls, and using electricity to align her brain with someone else's, allowing her to see that person's memories.
    • At several points in the A Certain Scientific Railgun spinoff, she even uses her powers to materialize a Whip Chainsaw out of nearby iron dust. Yeah. Later we see similar technique in a form of cloud and protection field. That's right, chainsaw protection field. She is that good.
    • She can also float over water by doing electrolysis on the water and spark-igniting the hydrogen products of the reaction as propulsion. Her rival, Mugino "Meltdowner" Shizuri, has a similar ability based on converting electrons into what is for all intents and purposes antimatter. She can also use electricity to turn oxygen into ozone, effectively suffocating the enemy.
  • RaiRyu from GaoGaiGar. Naturally, GekiRyuJin and GenRyuJin, which RaiRyu helps form, also have access to his abilities.
  • Killua from Hunter × Hunter uses mostly lightning or lighting-related abilities.
  • Laxus from Fairy Tail, as well as Orga. Also, Erza in her Lightning Empress armour, which also grants her immunity to lightning attacks.
  • Asura mode Rouge from Ranma ˝ can already shoot fireballs, breathe fire, create tornados, and combine them into flaming tornados, but when empowered by a shoulder massage, the pain of having six arms goes away and she starts tossing bolts of lightning at Pantyhose Tarou, culminating in a gigantic sphere of electricity that all but fries the flying minotaur.
  • All of the Oni of Urusei Yatsura can fly and have at least one other power. Chick Magnet and Big Eater Rei can transform into a giant ushiotora ("bulltiger", and it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin). Jariten can breath fire. Meanwhile, Lum and her mom can generate electricity, both shocking whoever they touch and launching lightning bolts from their fingers. Lum routinely uses this to punish Ataru Moroboshi for angering her, but she can't entirely control it, resulting in the obvious implication that Ataru's hesitance to get near her is partially due to her tendency to shock him accidentally when she hugs him or tries to sleep in his bed.
  • The titular heroines of Futari wa Pretty Cure. Cure Peace in Smile Pretty Cure!, too.
  • Lightning is used in a different way in Fight Ippatsu Juuden Chan Rather than hurting people, it's used mostly to help people cheer up when they're depressed.
  • Harvar D. Eclair from Soul Eater is a lance Weapon with lightning powers. His meister, Ox Ford, likes to be known as the Lightning General King for his prowess in using lightning when wielding Harvar, though it helps if they're outdoors. Harvar's an odd example personality-wise in that he's The Stoic.
    • Marie Mjolnir's "Izuna" ability uses electricity to heighten the reflexes of her meister; it allowed Stein to attack powerful Death Scythe Justin Law without breaking a sweat.
    • The third Weapon to have lightning-related abilities is the 'shaman' Pot of Thunder, one of Kirikou's two Weapons.
  • Great Mazinger has the "Thunder Break" attack, which causes a lighting storm in sky, channels lighting from said storm into receptors on robot's neck, and is then redirected out of a pointed index finger.
  • Morimura Tenma of Harukanaru Toki No Naka De (and his "successors" from later games in the franchise) has lightning-based powers.
  • Levi A Than, one of the Varia in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, always carries eight umbrellas with him. They shoot lightning. Appropriately enough, this attack is called Levi Volta.
    • Also, Lambo (well, his 10 and 20 years older self) and, more generally, any Thunder Flame user fit this trope.
    • Anyone with Lightning Attribute Flames qualifies.
  • Wizardmon from Digimon Adventure
    • Let's just say "the majority of Digimon who are based on some variety of beetle". (And Mega Seadramon. "Lightning JAVELIN!")
  • Judging from the attack's effects, the Buster Collider from GunBuster seems to be electricity-based.
  • Main character Gangryong and his presumed dead mentor Lightning Tiger in Veritas practice the Enlightenment Of Thunder and Lightning (EOTL) school of martial arts which manifests its users' ki as electricity. In the hands of a master, it's a bit of a Game Breaker since the electricity can disrupt the ki flow of anyone it hits. Lightning Tiger took it up a notch by reverse engineering Vera's Arts of Heaven's Rich Strength on the spot and combining it with EOTL to call down a bolt of lightning from the sky.
  • Gundam has a few instances of electrified whip/wire weapons, including Gouf series of MS (seen in the original series, The 08th MS Team, and Gundam SEED Destiny)' Heat Rod, Zeta's Hambrabi and its Sea Serpent, many Zanscare MS' Beam Strings, and several 00 machines' Egner Whips. Though it shares a name with the Gouf's weapon, Epyon's Heat Rod doesn't qualify since it's a superheated Whip Sword that has no electrical component.
  • Urd in Ah! My Goddess does this. She can also use fire.
  • Emperor Ganishka from Berserk.
  • In the original manga and OVA of Birdy the Mighty, the titular character is able to grab people and electrocute them; this is how she fatal wounds Tsutomu in those incarnations.
  • Sage/Seiji Date from Ronin Warriors (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers)' elemental power is lightning, which he invokes with his Thunder Bolt Cut (Rai Kou Zan). Cale (Anubis) also has this power with black lightning.
  • From Rosario + Vampire, there is Raika, leader of Fairy Tale's fifth subdivision. Unfortunately for him, his opponent was Ruby.
  • Pandora in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas.
  • In Tokko, Mayu can shoot electricity from her hands.
  • Bleach:
    • Choujirou's zanpakutou is named Goryoumaru, a name that focuses on lightning. In the anime's filler Zanpakutou arc, his zanpakutou is given lightning powers. The final arc confirms that the zanpakutou controls the weather to produce very powerful lightning storms and strikes in Bankai.
    • Ulquiorra's power can be harnessed in a form called Lanza del Relampago (Lance of the Lightning) which is a lance of solidified energy that causes tremendous electrical explosions.
    • Candice is "The Thunderbolt". Not only can she fire massive blasts of electricity from her hands but she's also incredibly fast, able to combine speed blitzing and lightning strikes to deadly effect.
  • Soi from Fushigi Yuugi
  • Shakuei Amano from Popcorn Avatar, as the incarnation of the Deva of Lightning Indra, gives her avatar Kai access to lightning-based skills.
  • Nurakami from Kamisama Kiss is able to summon lighting.
  • In the final episode of Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation, Rei Rights - In addition to firing a giant laser cannon, calls down lightning bolts from the sky.
  • Kannon Ozu in Coppelion, due to having electric eel genes spliced with her own. She's capable of shooting bolts of electricity at anyone she likes. It also acts as a radar, allowing her to pinpoint the locations of people by using their bio-electricity, and stops her from feeling any pain (although she laments the latter deeply, as it is implied she can't feel anything).

    Card Games 
  • Many Red direct damage spells in Magic The Gathering, starting with the classic Lightning Bolt.
  • Yomi features Grave Stormborne, who mixes lightning attacks in with his martial arts.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! gives us Summoned Skull, Hamon - Lord of Striking Thunder, the Raigeki spell, and a few Thunder-type monsters such as the Watts and Batterymen. An interesting feature of the Elephantnose that has been expanded upon with Mermail - Abyssnose, is its use of a weak electric field. Since the Elephantnose has poor eyesight, it instead uses a weak electric field to find food and navigate. Mermail - Abyssnose on the other hand uses his electric field as a weapon, shocking other fish like you see in the bottom right hand corner.

    Comic Books 
  • One of the principal nasty things Storm of the X-Men does to enemies. Magneto can also control electricity to some degree (he almost killed Kitty Pryde with an electric shock in UXM #150), though some writers tend to forget that magnetism is good for more than just chucking metal around; electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, after all.
  • FORSOOTH! When the lightning falleth, the Son of Odin be-eth in the familial dwelling!!
  • Various characters from The DCU:
  • Lightning Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes, as well as Lightning Lass, their Psycho Electro brother Lightning Lord, and Storm Boy. Lightning Lass and Lightning Lad get a free pass from the "no two members with the same powers" rule, for some reason, even though it was the very rule invoked to keep Storm Boy from joining. So when Lightning Lass joined, her powers had been deliberately downgraded so that all she could do was nullify gravity on objects. They just failed to kick her out when she regained her lightning. By then, Lightning Lad was also dead. Once he got better, she arranged to get the Light Lass powers. And then, yes, she got her lightning back, and they didn't do anything about it. Storm Boy had a wide variety of weather-based abilities; he didn't get in because he was using a concealed Weather Control Machine, rather than intrinsic powers.
  • Electro from Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery. His "daughter" Aftershock for Spider-Girl.
    • Not, however, Shocker, who attacks with shock waves. Nobody told the guys who made Arcade's Revenge.
  • Wildguard: Casting Call had a few electric superheroes trying out, among them Dr. Wattage, who isn't an actual doctor but plays one on TV, and Conductra, who can generate 1.21 Gigawatts and used to be the sidekick of her father, who had the same powers.
  • Maxie Zeus in some of the Batman continuities.
  • Jolt from Thunderbolts. She generated bio-electricity, which she could channel into energy blasts, super strength, and super speed.
  • Guns that shoot bolts of electricity are the signature weapons of Atomic Robo and other Tesladyne Action Scientists. Justified, since Robo was created by none other than Nikola Tesla.
  • Steeplejack of The Surrogates can channel lightning through his suit.
  • Spider-Woman's venom blasts are biolectrical in nature. They're not very potent as lightning powers go and are usually treated more or less like a taser.
  • There's the Incredible Hulk villain Zzazz and his Distaff Counterpart Axon.
  • Electric Ray from Amazing Man can emit lethal electrical charges.
  • Lash Lightning, who was featured in Sure-Fire Comics and Lighting Comics, has the ability to generate electricity.
  • Dynamo, who was featured in Science Comics and Weird Comics, can control electricity and shoot electrical bolts.
  • Electro Man, from Rocket Comics, can fire electrical blasts and turn into electricity to travel through wires.
  • Lightning, from Jumbo Comics, can shoot electricity from his fingers.
  • Firebrand, from Yankee Comics, can produce destructive electrical blasts and create an energy field to protect himself.
  • Striker from Avengers Academy has the basic set.
  • 9-Jack-9, the assassin villain from Zot.
  • Circuit Breaker wears a suit that not only allows her paralyzed body to move, but also lets her channel electric blasts powerful enough to harm Transformers. One time she electrocuted Unicron and made him scream in pain!
  • Baal in The Wicked And The Divine has this. Fitting, since he is a storm god.

    Fan Fiction 

  • Force Lightning from Star Wars, which is considered one of the more powerful abilities of The Dark Side, though you don't necessarily have to be evil to use it.
    • One of R2-D2's gadgets is an arc welder. A particularly hilarious scene involves a droid KO'ing R2 after getting shocked.
  • One of the spirit-demon guys from Big Trouble in Little China (creatively named "Lightning") used lightning as a weapon.
  • The primary streamthrowers in Ghostbusters. They can toilet paper, explode maid's carts, and will cause The End of the World as We Know It if you cross the streams. Oh yeah, and you can snare ghosts with it.
    • Though, to be fair, those are proton streams rather than the electron streams they'd need to be to classify as lightning.
    • Not all that much better when you consider a proton with no neutrons or electrons is isotope of hydrogen. The streamthrowers are nothing but gas guns.
  • The lightning guns used by Zion's forces throughout The Matrix trilogy.
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, after Cartman's V-chip gets zapped, he eventually discovers that swearing now lets him generate electricity without causing self-trauma. He uses this against Saddam in Sith/Dragon Ball style.
  • Bayverse Jolt has electric whips.
  • Godzilla has been known to electrify and/or magnetize his body on occasion.
    • In King Kong vs. Godzilla, Kong has this, albeit only by touch.
    • King Ghidorah spits gravity beams from his mouths, but with the exception of Keizer Ghidorah the beams look and act like lightning bolts.
    • Megalon can fire a lightning bolt from his horn. Gabara generates electricity from a row of spines on his head and channels it through his hands. Mechagodzilla, Super Mechagodzilla, and Kiryu have at least one electricity-based weapon (a chest blaster, the Shock Anchor, and the Wrist Blades respectively).
    • To an extent in Godzilla (2014). The Mutos are able to emit EMPs thanks to their absorbing of radiation. It doesn't directly harm organic creatures, but the force of their footsteps still creates a powerful shockwave of its own that can send humans flying.
  • Oh, and maybe...Thor, who is the freaking God of Thunder and Lightning?
  • In The Running Man, one of the stalkers after Arnold Schwarzenegger is "Dynamo", who can electrocute people using his Lightning Gun.
  • In Pacific Rim, Cherno Alpha apparently has Tesla-powered punches! Also, the Kaiju Leatherback has the ability to unleash electromagnetic pulses.
  • X-Men:

  • In The Zombie Knight, Karkash has the power of magnetic field alteration. It is implied by his impressive soul power that he took a very long time to gain the ability to fire lightning with it.
  • The first book of The Dresden Files has an evil sorcerer fueling his evil spells with massive lightning strikes. However, the main spell he used it for ripped people's hearts out, the lightning was used only to provide power.
    • Elaine appears to favor electricity for combat, using both lightning strikes and a magical electrocuting chain.
    • While Harry favours fire and force, he has a neat line in air magic (of which lightning is a part), and occasionally uses it, if only to surprise opponents who generally expect him to try and Kill It with Fire.
  • Joanna of The Weather Wardens series can use lightning as a weapon, and so can any other weather mage with the proper air/water elemental specialty.
  • Lightning bolts are a favorite tool of Discworld's gods, though Blind Io has a monopoly on thunder.
  • Channelers in The Wheel of Time can summon lightning from an open sky, given proper skill in weather manipulation.
  • War Wizards in the Sword of Truth series. Both because it's dramatic (which can be at least as useful to winning a battle as killing people) and because Wizard battles are primarily about daisy-chaining counters and finding unusual vectors, so they can't always use their terrifying Wizards Fire.
  • Kilowatt, of the Seekers of Truth. Explained in-universe as the ability to manipulate electric charges, but for some reason, she still likes to just shoot lightning from her hands.
  • Princess Elektra of Xanth. Though her powers are much weaker than most of those listed here. She can only use her powers at a lethal level once a day, for instance.
  • At the end of Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, it's stated that the hero received that title "either because he could wield lightnings or because he refrained from doing so." He was also capable of preventing electronic devices from working, just by willing it. Convenient, when your enemy wants to shoot you with a blaster.
  • Thalia of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the daughter of Zeus, and though she disappoints by being acrophobic, she can really bring on the voltage.
    • In the sequel series The Heroes of Olympus, Jason, being the son of Jupiter, has the same abilities. He can also harness the wind and fly.
  • In The Thrawn Trilogy, Joruus C'baoth likes using Force Lightning. He's crazy, all right
  • The main way of attacking for a witch or sorcerer in The Otherworld series and its spinoff Darkest Powers seems to be through throwing lightning bolts. These apparently range from lethal to non-lethal, with the damage depending on just how much OOMPH the user puts into the spell.
  • The Guardians each have a Gift related to their life. Jake's second Gift is electricity, and they're referred to as the human Taser.
  • In the Codex Alera, windcrafters cannot generate lightning by themselves. However, if a group of them are in a thunderstorm, they can, via group effort, gather the lightning generated by the storm and direct it at a target on the ground. In addition, a windcrafter who is also capable with watercraft can generate a sort of defibrillator via electrical generation while a patient is submerged in a healing tub.
  • In Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series, Wasp-kinden are able to shoot blasts of bioelectric energy from their hands.
  • Cracklers/Edisons from The Grimnoir Chronicles are superhumans with electrical powers.
  • Tris from Circle of Magic. Though she can wield other abilities, her chief attribute seems to be lightning, as she has been referred to as a lightning mage.
  • Michael Vey.
  • In Shadow Ops, generating lightning and controlling electrical storms is a subset of Aeromancy.
  • Trapped on Draconica: This is the element that Rana was blessed with by Dronor.
  • Septimus Heap: DomDaniel is planning to destroy Keeper's Cottage with a bolt of lightning when he's interrupted by the approach of the Dragon Boat.
  • In The Shadow Speaker, Dikeogu has the involuntary ability to attract lightning to himself.
  • In The Wise Man's Fear, Kvothe called down lightning and smote one of the Chandrian and his minions in a terrifying display of Sympathy and physics.
  • Forever Gate: All humans develop lightning powers and gols put a Power Nullifier on them because of them.
  • Although the air-magic of Ruahks in The Quest of the Unaligned falls more under Blow You Away, the more powerful ones do get the ability to throw lightning or use walls of it to protect themselves.
  • Opaline of The Ultra Violets has this as her powers.
  • Parshendi stormforms in Words Of Radiance, second book of The Stormlight Archive, can throw lightning as well as adding it to their punches and kicks. Luckily for the humans, stormform lightning behaves more or less like regular lightning, meaning that it's nearly impossible to aim. Unfortunately, the stormforms are immune to lightning, so they don't actually need to aim: Just pump out enough and some will hit the humans. Back on the lucky side, Shardplate was originally made to fight stormforms (among other things), and so makes its wearer immune to lightning as well.
  • In Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, Penny designs some electro-glove things that causes people it zaps to stick to the next surface they touch, usually the ground.
  • The Rainbow Magic series has this. In Storm the Lightning Fairy's book, an extra-mean goblin with red eyes shoots fairy lightning at the girls with the power of the Lightning Feather. While it isn't as dangerous as real lightning, it's still very threatening, to the point that no one in the entire book is hit by it directly.
  • In Rachel Griffin, fulguration is a valid dueling or combat skill, as well as being a sport in the Magical Olympics.

    Live Action TV 
  • One Monster of the Week in The X-Files was a teenager who called down lightning and controlled electricity in general.
  • Elle Bishop in Heroes. Sylar, too (and not even the usual way, originally. He still kills her eventually, though, and destroys the body with her own power).
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow's offensive combat magic of choice is bursts of dark-energy lightning.
  • Gwen Raiden in Angel.
    • Angel tries to take out Jasmine this way, but it doesn't work.
    Jasmine: I was forged in the inferno of creation, vampire. Do you really think a little electricity would destroy me?
    Angel: Worth a shot.
  • Johnny B of the cult classic Misfits of Science. The ability to throw lightning and move at Flash-like speeds somewhat makes up for the fact that a drop of water will burn him like acid. How he doesn't die of dehydration was never addressed.
  • Brennan Mulwray in Mutant X.
  • The Spellbinders' power suits in Spellbinder can generate powerful blasts of electricity - provided they don't get wet. A significantly upgraded version was also capable of flying by means of repelling the Earth's magnetic field.
  • No love for Tesla himself of Sanctuary. Can't shoot bolts himself, but invariably causes a lot of damage with lightning. Some of the other characters even call him insane, though justifiably a genius.
  • The Master in The End of Time. Made unpleasantly realistic by his need to recharge.
    • The Silence also attack their enemies with electricity.
      • While not having actual control over lightning itself, ever since Revelation of the Daleks, Davros has been shown shooting electricity out of his hand and synthetic eye. This ability is presumed to come from cybernetic upgrades.
  • Kamen Riders Blade and Kiva (in Dogga Form) make use of lightning for their Finishing Moves. Zanki, Todoroki, and most stringed instrument-type Oni also use lightning as their element.
    • Uva can shoot lightning. This power is passed down to his Kuwagata Medal.
    • Kamen Rider Stronger was powered by electricity. His Hour of Power Super Mode allowed him to discharge more electricity than usual (and he had to; otherwise, he'd explode).
    • As well as Fourze in Elek States
  • Carla Burnelle from Flander's Company has her powers based on electricity. She's quite good with it.
  • In Alphas, this is the Red Flag operative Kosar's power. He can't shoot lightning bolts, but he can create localized brownouts and electrocute things by touching them, or if they're connected by a conductor.
  • After several failed attempts to try and replicate an electrical water stun gun per a myth, Adam and Jamie of the MythBusters ended up weaponizing a Tesla coil by having Jamie sit within one and shoot water out of it, causing the charge to run down the stream onto its target.
  • One memorable moment from Merlin had Merlin killing Nimueh by hitting her with lightning until she exploded. It has never been brought up again, although quite understandably as he's never needed to use it again.
    • He uses it again in Grand Finale, against the entire Saxon Army. No explosions this time though.
  • Many, perhaps all, of the Greek gods on Hercules and Xena could throw lightning, not just Zeus. They used it with varying degrees of effectiveness. Ares preferred to brawl and would whip out the thunderbolts only if he was losing a fight; Hades was pragmatic enough to realize that absolutely no one was going to beat Hercules in a fistfight and that the son of Zeus was best attacked from a distance.


  • Older Than Feudalism: Zeus of Greek Mythology is frequently portrayed as flinging thunderbolts.
  • Likewise, Thor, God of Thunder, from Norse Mythology.
  • Indra, the king of the Hindu gods (according to the earliest text, anways), is the god of thunder and lighting. Also, many "ruler of the gods" are associated with Thunder or the Sun.
  • Raiden of Shinto.
  • Perun, one of the main gods of the Slavs. He has some similarities with Thor.

  • Data East's Jurassic Park has "Electric Fence" mode, where little Timmy will become electrocuted if the player fails to hit the bumpers enough times to shut them off.
  • Cirqus Voltaire is set in an avant garde circus with an electricity theme.
  • Blanka in Gottlieb's Street Fighter II pinball is drawn with this on the playfield.
  • Flash is all about this trope, largely due to its Thunder God protagonist.
  • The Magneto Limited Edition of Stern Pinball's X-Men shows him throwing bright red electrical bolts all over the place.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Undertaker has the ability to call down lightning from the heavens, though he mostly uses it for dramatic effect and not as an attack.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Mortasheen has Abcoulix, an enormous brain toad created as an organic electrical generator, which can attack by frying people from a distance with an electrical bolt or trying to grapple with them to fry them like an electric chair.
  • Various Warhammer 40,000 examples:
    • Psychic powers: Eldritch Storm, the Ethermancy school of Cryptek skills.
    • Ranged weapons: Zzzap gunz, all gauss-flayer weapons ever, the aptly named "Tesla" Necron weapons.
    • Hand weapons: Power weapons (especially lightning claws) and (Necron) disruption fields.
    • Storm of the Emperor's Wrath, the basic Librarian power.
    • One variety of Tech-Priest known as Electro-priests have this as their entire shtick.
  • The spell "Incantation of Lightning" in the Tabletop RPG Ars Magica.
  • Dungeons & Dragons has always had its share of (usually, but not always magical) electricity-based attacks, to the point where "lightning" is simply another not altogether uncommon damage type in its 4th edition: spellcasters of various persuasions hurling lightning bolts around or calling them down from the sky, blue dragons breathing them instead of fire, and other sources of flashy high voltage have essentially been part of the game from day one.
  • Promethean: The Created has a whole category of Transmutations called Electrification, which allows the character to manipulate electrical equipment and shoot lightning from their hands. Appropriately, the category falls into the Refinement of Tin, which focuses on spite and revenge — just the category where you'd put the Wrath of God.
    • Worth noting: electricity usually heals the Created. Electrification Transmutations, however, aren't just raw electricity - they're backed by Torment, the force of a Promethean's rage and disgust at being rejected by the world around it. As a result, this is electricity that can hurt creatures that feed on lightning.
  • Mage: The Awakening has a few Forces Rotes that allow the mage to redirect electricity and throw lightning.
  • One of the more powerful Gifts in Werewolf: The Forsaken causes a lightning bolt to strike the werewolf's enemies.
  • In Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu Tabletop RPG, members of the Great Race sometimes have Lightning Guns.
  • In Nomine has the Generator Attunement given out by Jean, the Archangel of Lightning. It allows the user to, well...generate lots of electricity and fry things with it.
  • Rifts features a Psychic Character Class called the Zapper, who can shoot mega-damage blasts of electricity and use other electric powers.
  • Lightning Bolt is the oldest non-variable direct damage card in Magic The Gathering and probably the best for tournament play in formats where it's allowed.
  • Summoner Wars: Quen of the Mountain Vargath, the militant Ram-men of Itharia, shoot lightning bolts that sometimes DO strike the same spot twice.

  • Zoids has Liger Zero X and Dark Spiner. Liger Zero X has electrified blades that shoot lightning while Dark Spiner fires a burst of electricity that causes other mecha to go into Unstoppable Rages.
  • Lightning is one of the secondary elements featured in BIONICLE. Users of the element include several Toa of Lightning, Tahnok-Kal, and a few Rahkshi species.
    • Earlier in the series, Toa of Water and Air would work together to create storms, the most obvious effect being the lightning.
    • The Toa Inika were created via special lightning, and as a side effect, their elements became intertwined with electricity. Whenever they shot fire, air, water, stone, ice or rock, they not only burnt, blew away, smashed or froze their target, but also electrocuted them. Their toys had light-up weapons to simulate this.
  • The elemental theme of the Electroids from Mixels. They're yellow in color and all have appendages topped with a light purplish-blue that lets them shock. They live in the mountains to be closer to lightning storms, and are all named after their elements: Teslo, Zaptor, and Volectro.

    Video Games 
  • Killzone 2 gives us the VC5 Arc Rifle, a modified welding tool that shoots giant arcs of lightning at things. It can only be found in the single player campaign, during a single level. It requires no ammunition and, instead, draws charge from the surrounding air via a special ore.
  • Ōkami has Gekigami, a Celestial God is a celestial tiger who fires arrows with a back-mounted bow and his tail.
  • Borderlands has a wide variety of elemental weapons with electric shock mods. Also, certain class mods can add bonus shock damage to shock elemental weapons. Also, exploding blue barrels, blue creatures, and shock grenade mods.
  • Raidy in Lightning Warrior Raidy has this as her signature attack.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 has Colonel Volgin, who can generate static electricity through his body and channels it through held rounds of ammunition. He can also launch said ammunition like a rail gun.
  • The Jupiter class of adepts in Golden Sun use meteorological phenomenon such as lightning to attack, and indeed, lightning is some of their most powerful attacks. Jupiter lighthouse also features lightning puzzles.
  • Ratchet & Clank has the Tesla Claw in the first and second games, the Tesla Barrier and Plasma Coil in the second and third, the Spitting Hydra in the third, and shock mods from the second game on.
    • Both PS3 entries feature the Lightning Ravager/Shockwave Ravager, a lightning whip!
  • The Final Fantasy games tend to have a lightning attack as a spell.
    • Golbez from Final Fantasy IV has the ability to shoot lightning out of his hands
    • Final Fantasy Tactics had the Blast Gun, a member of a trio of strangely named elemental-magic guns (the others were the Blaze Gun and Glacier Gun, which did exactly the opposite of what you would expect).
    • In the Final Fantasy games, lightning also tends to be the most powerful element. An example would be the Blast Gun, the most powerful one of the three, and the Thunder Spell in Final Fantasy XI. Byakko's Haidate (the most powerful leg piece in the game) is lightning-aligned and gives a healthy chunk of resistance against electric attacks.
    • Also, there's the summon Ramuh.
      • As well as Ixion. Apparently, one Thunder summon wasn't quite enough.
      • And Quezacotl, and Adramellech, and one incarnation of Odin. Ramuh's the one member of the Power Trio of summons most likely to be replaced.
    • Final Fantasy II's guest party member Leila starts out with a Thunder spell, which is more than most of your other guest party members, barring Minwu. The first time you fight the Big Bad, The Emperor, he will use Thunder spells almost to the point of exclusivity.
    • As you might expect from her nickname, Lightning uses the Thunder series of spells a little bit more than the others - she starts with Thunder, learns Thundaga, and has Odin (who is Lightning-based in that game) as her Eidolon.
    • Raijin, a Recurring Boss in Final Fantasy VIII, named after the Japanese God of Thunder. Appropriately, he's partnered with Fujin (God of Wind).
  • Treasure of the Rudra had this, which had a side effect of confusion if a certain Lightning Mantra was used.
  • In Sonic Heroes, all fling characters had the Thunder Shoot ability.
  • The various Lighting Wave Cannons in R-Type count, and oddly, the series includes a Tesla weapon, Hyper Tesla Pile Bunker, which doesn't produce lightning.
  • Quake had the Thunderbolt. It could not could not be used underwater without killing yourself and everyone around you.
  • In the Destroy All Humans!! games, Crypto's basic sidearm is a Lightning Gun that doesn't need ammunition.
  • Samus's Wave Beam combo in Metroid Prime.
  • Lightning is the element produced from the Yellow Moon in Skies of Arcadia, and its spells can also sap power from opponents. Enrique, the prince of Valua (where the Yellow Moon orbits over - also, the Yellow Moon causes fierce thunderstorms to strike Valua most of the time), learns lighting spells faster than the other party members. The Valuan admirals that you fight also know most of the lightning spells. Vyse learns red spells the fastest, but his higher level killer moves have a strong lightning theme.
  • Soviet Tesla Coils in Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
    • Add-on pack Red Alert: Aftermath adds Tesla Tanks and Shock Troopers, who respond to you in Arnie-style zingers, including "Shocking! Hahaha!"
    • Tesla technology proved so popular with fans that the sequel Red Alert 2 used it a lot, including newer versions of the above and Tesla Bombs for the Kirov Airship. In one mission, the Soviets even turn the Eiffel Tower into a supersized Tesla Coil and lay waste to Paris in order to terrorize the European allies.
    • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 has taken this to its logical conclusion by having Tesla everything. That's Tesla Troopers, Tesla Tanks, Stingrays...even the Japanese have a Tesla Mecha...a really huge one at that. The terror drone now has a Tesla secondary fire for disabling vehicles while the Tesla Troopers got an upgrade, switching their Tesla cannons into EMP mode and disabling nearby vehicles.
  • The Tesla guns from Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 have a more powerful version of the sniper rifle—the Lightning Gun. Despite the name, it's a fictional version of the Electrolaser. In exchange for being more powerful, it gives away your position.
  • Painkiller has a gun that fires shurikens and lightning. Yahtzee was impressed.
  • Blanka and Necro can both generate electricity in Street Fighter.
    • And in later games in the series, Ryu has the Denjin Hadoken, which is an electric version of the Hadoken.
  • In Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, there were Mjolnir and Gungnir. Mjolnir, named after Thor's hammer, looked more like a giant light bulb, but is apparently made out of lightning or something. It's the most powerful mace in the game and does damage over time.
    • Aria of Sorrow has two lightning weapons, Gungnir and Vajra, that are rather potent and deals multiple hits (like all lightning-based player attacks do in this game). There's also the Lightning Doll soul, which is very popular and almost gamebreaking because it has considerable range, deals high damage with multiple hits for a relatively low MP cost, and lets you feel like Emperor Palpatine (which might be helped by the fact that Soma is the reincarnation of the Dark Lord).
    • As part of the Fire, Ice, Lightning trio of elemental swords in Symphony of the Night, there's the Thunderbrand, which, according to its description, is the lightning sword of the Hindu God Indra.
    • Shanoa from Order of Ecclesia wields 2 magic glyphs the player finds in the game. Fulgur is a ball of lightning that travels a certain distance while blasting any enemy it comes across with multiple hits and Vol Fulgur fires a large thunderbolt that shoots straight to its target(s) and does multiple hits for a brief moment.
  • Raiden of Mortal Kombat. God of Lightning and all. Also, although his powers over water have been emphasized in some installments, Rain has always had the ability to call down lightning from above.
  • The Electro Bolt ability in BioShock, which is the first ability you learn in the game. Doesn't tend to kill but stuns the enemy (and can do bonus damage if shot in water while an enemy's in it).
    • The chemical launcher can shoot electric gel, and the shotgun can shoot electric shells. In BioShock 2, the final upgrade for the shotgun gives its normal shots a chance to shock the enemy.
  • In Dead Rising 2 and related games, the player can make a variety of weapons that utilize electricity, like a makeshift taser (that doubles as an ATM hacking device), a Blanka mask attached to a car battery, and a Lightning Gun.
  • Luigi gets to generate electricity in his hands as his specific power in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The power returns in Mario Strikers Charged Football, where he can pull lightning from storm clouds.
    • Also Wario, who uses it pretty often in the spin-off games. Mario Power Tennis implies that he uses a special machine to do it.
    • From Wario Land Shake It, the Shake King has the ability to do this, shooting lightning bolts in an attempt to fry Wario (as well as just shooting giant laser beams and energy balls in general).
  • The Zap spell in a number of Dragon Quest games.
  • The Warslug monsters (which look like chubby, bipedal salamanders with horns) in the Disgaea series specialize in electrical attacks.
  • Victor von Gerdenheim of the Darkstalkers series is a Frankenstein's Monster whose body produces massive amounts of electricity, more than even a bolt of lightning. If you hold down any of his attack buttons, the attack will be charged with electricity.
  • Several examples in The Legend of Zelda:
    • If you're so foolish as to return to the shop in Mabe Village from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening after stealing from the place, the shopkeeper will sic his Force Lightning powers on you until you are dead, after which your save title will be renamed to "THIEF".
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a large part of the bestiary in Lanayru Province can trigger this with their attacks. This is also why it's advised to never bring the iron shield there.
    • Also in Skyward Sword, the second half of the battle with the final boss is fought amidst a thunderstorm, which the Big Bad uses to electrify his sword and fry Link. Link can do the same, by charging a Skyward Strike when the sky flashes.
  • The indie game Shadowgrounds has a Lightning Gun as your final weapon. You can upgrade it to have more bolts and give it a slowly recharging ammo supply. The alt-fire shoots a REALLY powerful blast of electricity.
  • Arc Charger in Resistance: Fall of Man.
  • The Xenophobe arcade game had a Lightning Rifle.
  • Galford D. Weiler in Samurai Shodown is a lightning user.
    • Kafuin Nocotin was both a lightning and a fire user.
  • In Tales of Destiny, although more specializing in multiple elements, Philia Felice's Swordian Clemente is designed as the 'Lightning Swordian'.
    • Shing Meteoryte of Tales of Hearts is technically Light-tilted, but a lot of his techs that deal light damage have "lightning" in the name somewhere and/or create waves and bolts of lightning. The exceptions have "star" in the name instead. Spark Web is also one of the Light spells, and the favored move of a late-game Light monster. Lightning is apparently a subset of Light here.
    • Lightning bl-Super lightning blade!
      • In addition to those abilities of the party members that use it, two of the game's boss fights - Yuan and Kvar - use the lightning element exclusively. Although Colette prominently uses Angel-aligned powers, she also uses plenty of lightning-based powers as well, such as Para Ball, Torrential Para Ball, and Grand Chariot.
    • In Tales of the Abyss, Jade has Indignation!!!
  • Saki Tsuzura of Arcana Heart has Bhanri, Arcana of Lightning, as the default Arcana.
  • Benimaru Nikaido of The King of Fighters.
  • Ky Kiske of Guilty Gear rides the lightning.
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • Akihiko Sanada in Persona 3 has an Emperor Arcana Persona that specializes in Lightning.
    • Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4 is more of a physical person, but most of his magic is Lightning based. Like Akihiko, his Persona is also of the Emperor Arcana.
      • The Player Character, likewise, starts off with Izanagi, a Persona with electric attacks.
    • An unusually high amount of the main character's high level Personas, such as Yoshitsune and Kohryu, learn more lightning spells than any other element and his initial persona, Izanagi, has Zio right from the start, and although the main character can equip Personas that use all elements, half of most players' final Persona lineups will have Ziodyne.
    • Thunder Reign, Thor's Spell and the trongest electric attack...It stuns always.
    • And since it's brought up, the Shin Megami Tensei franchise in general has the Zio spells, counting some thunder-based physical spells, weapons, and the maximum spell Thunder Reign, as seen in Persona 3. Curiously enough, The Heroine and Hiroko and Beth all have Zio spells.
    • Cielo and Roland in Digital Devil Saga.
  • Warcraft:
    • Far Seers have Chain Lightning. Need we say more?
    • Naga sea witches (neutral heroes from The Frozen Throne), Lady Vashj in the Blood Elves campaign.
    • And the shaman class in World of Warcraft. Especially when specialized in elemental combat.
    • Some raid bosses have lightning abilities, Lady Vashj from Serpentshrine Cavern and Akil'Zon from Zul'Aman, to name a few.
      • Druids get the Hurricane spell, but that's the only one for them that has lightning.
    • Hunters have two pets with lightning-based racial attacks: Wind Serpents and Chimaeras (paired with Frost in the Chimaera's case).
  • Iku Nagae in the Touhou spinoff fighting game Scarlet Weather Rhapsody uses lots and lots of lightning attacks.
    • Soga no Tojiko from Ten Desires shoots "thunder arrows" in her Mid Boss fight. Mononobe no Futo from the same game uses the same arrows as part of one of her spellcards.
  • City of Heroes had a variety of electric power sets, including ranged attacks, melee attacks, armor, crowd control (which included a pet made of electricity), and support (as part of a weather control set) among its many Stock Superpowers. At higher levels, all characters from any class could optionally learn electric attacks via various tertiary power sets. In addition, the Mu enemy group used red lightning exclusively.
    • The developers' later work, Champions Online, downgrades this to a single Electricity power set, mostly ranged attacks plus a couple of electric fields.
  • Pokémon:
    • The Electric type always pack a few electric attacks. Including the franchise mascot itself, Pikachu.
    • Electric Pokemon on the whole tend to favor high Special Attack and Speed stats, making them great for Special Sweeping in competitive play. Pure Electric-types only have Ground attacks as a weakness, but Ground attacks are so ubiquitous that it keeps it from being a total gamebreaking typing.
      • The notable exception of electricity-wielding Electric Pokemon is Voltorb/Electrode. Despite being Electric-type, it did not learn any Electric-type attacks naturally until Gen III - at which point it was presented with 2, one of which was a mere stat-boosting move.
    • The Gym Leaders Lt. Surge of Kanto, Wattson of Hoenn, Volkner of Sinnoh, and Elesa of Unova all specialize in the Electric-type.
  • The electric-oriented Robot Master from Mega Man series,
    • The first game features Elec Man, who is the first electric-oriented Robot Master.
    • Spark Man from Mega Man 3
    • Cloud Man from Mega Man 7
    • Even though he doesn't look the part, the Robot Master Clown Man from Mega Man 8 can launch an "elastic" beam of electricity.
    • Dynamo Man from Mega Man & Bass
    • Plug Man Mega Man 9 and Sheep Man from Mega Man 10
    • Mega Man Battle Network applies the lightning descriptor to Magnet Man, Bright Man, Flash Man, and new Navi Thunder Man as well as Elec Man and Spark Man themselves. Toadman's song is also electric elemental. Rock himself can use an electric Style, Thunder Soul, Magnet Soul, or Elec Cross, depending on game, and electricity-based paralysis control folders popped up every metagame during the series run.
    • The electric-oriented Mavericks like Spark Mandrill, Volt Catfish, Web Spider, Squid Adler, and a host of others in the Mega Man X series.
    • Rockman 4 Minus Infinity Game Mod gave Bright Man the ability to use electricity.
    • The Zerker form in Mega Man Star Force 2 rewards you for taking lots of electrical attacks with a twenty-point power increase to each shot. Including, with a particularly swish counterattack, the Thunder Bolt (TB) Blade, which is a very unpleasant experience for everything on the screen except you.
  • Escape Velocity: Nova:
  • Syphon Filter has the much beloved Air Taser, which sends electrical shocks down a long-ranged probe and into a poor Mook's body until they combust.
  • Crono, the main character of Chrono Trigger, though his powers being "Lightning" are a change caused by Nintendo's "no religious references" policy—in Japanese, it was "Holy", but in the DS remake, this was partly reverted back to "Light".
  • Michael Roa Valdamjong from Tsukihime. The original Roa, not the pathetic reincarnated one, and is one of the most powerful mages in the Nasuverse and primarily uses electric magic.
  • Both Sonia/Chris Ryan and Might in the Psychic Force series.
  • The Ax-Crazy Blonde Larxene from Kingdom Hearts.
    • Borrowing from Final Fantasy's magic system, there's also a Thunder spell available to Sora, Donald, and some enemies. It's one of the more useful ones, too, with good area damage.
  • Knights of the Old Republic, as expected given the source material, allows you to shoot Force Lightning at people. Combining this with a stun power is great for wiping out rooms full of mooks...
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: the Sith Inquisitor class can use several different versions of this. The Sith Warrior class has at least one attack like this.
  • The Lightning Bolt and Lightning Arrester psychs from The World Ends with You.
  • Tien Wu, Goddess of Lightning, in Bikini Karate Babes.
  • Cole McGrath, protagonist of In FAMOUS, commands all manners of electricity based attacks, from grenades and shields to localized lightning strikes. You'll need all the powers you can get as the enemies are NOT pushovers. There's also unique electric powers for the good and bad skill trees, and rail grinding and levitating to boot. There is even a Trophy labeled "Shock and Awe" in the sequel, where you Thunder Drop onto a group of five or more enemies.
  • The Titans of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, the traditional ultimate unit of the Wizard/Academy/Tower faction since the second game, are giants that fling lightning bolts at their unlucky foes. The Titans of the fifth game take it even further; the default Titans can call lightning from the sky to strike their enemies (useful in situations where a ranged attack wouldn't be as effective) and the alternate upgrade, the Storm Titan, can summon stormclouds on the battlefield. And the more magic oriented Heroes can make good use of the lightning bolt and chain lightning spells available in most of the games.
  • The Arc Welder weapon in Red Faction: Guerilla, a flamethrower that shoots lightning instead of flame and can kill a vehicle's pilot without damaging the vehicle.
  • Emitter-class weapons in Sword of the Stars. Pros: 100% accurate and can chain to other nearby targets. Cons: short range and really poor at attacking planets: they're like a slightly more intense than average thunderstorm.
  • Speaking of chaining, Tesla towers in Defense Grid The Awakening can chain to nearby aliens. They also charge up when not firing to unleash a stronger attack, making them good rear guard towers.
  • Breath of Fire III:
    • Aside from Squishy Wizard Nina, Rei uses lightning magic. You won't use it a lot, though...
    • It's also the trademark move of Balio, a recurring antagonist in the early portion of the game.
  • Any .hack spell with the word "Rai" in it. (Rai Rom and its upgraded forms are one of the more impressive variations, creating a lightning tornado.)
  • KamuiPacificators fighters use homing lightning extensively as attacks.
  • R-Type has the R13 line of fighters, which all have a lightning-based Wave Motion Gun.
  • Suikoden's Flik The Blue Lightning comes with the Lightning Rune by default, and he's got a pretty damn good magic stat for a Knight-type character, which means his magic will hit hard. It's been a while, but IIRC, you can't remove the Lightning Rune from him (why would you?).
    • So you can replace it with the much more powerful Thunder Rune? And yes, you can remove his Lightning Rune, in both games.
  • Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue.
  • Comes loaded onto the Die Spinne 'Piranha' fighter in Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.
  • Alphonse in Visions & Voices is the only playable character who can use Shock spells.
  • The titular character in Otto Matic has a weapon called Supernova which electrocutes everything in sight. Also used to activate doors and teleporters in one level, and it activates automatically if you step in water, but that won't do you much good because water makes you die.
  • Mass Effect 2:
    • It gives us the Arc Projector, a chain-lightning gun used to overpower non-armor defenses.
    • Some soldier classes also have the ability to shoot lightning bullets by using Disruptor Ammo, and some tech classes have the ability to use Overload, which delivers a powerful electromagnetic pulse that makes short work of rob...pardon me, SYNTHETIC enemies.
    • The sequel expands this to several additional electrical weapons (including the Arc Pistol, Reegar Carbine, and Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle, all quarian-designed) and giving certain classes (such as Infiltrator Shepard) electrified omniblades — in case a disposable monomolecular glowing orange blade wasn't enough for you, and you needed to add lightning to it.
  • Super Robot Wars:
  • Plasma/Spark Kirby from the Kirby series can generate electricity by moving around to use for attacking.
    • The Beam ability allows Kirby to attack with a shocking whip.
    • In the anime, Kirby can shoot electricity out of his umbrella if he has the Parasol ability.
    • There's also Kracko, a recurring boss who is a lightning cloud.
  • Lightning is one of the elemental magics a mage can use in Dragon Age: Origins. The spell combination of Spell Might + Blizzard + Tempest (in that order) = Storm of the Century, which summons a massive lightning cyclone that will probably kill anything without full boss-level hp that's stuck in it for the entire spell duration.
  • Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity in Pikmin 2.
  • Borderlands: scoring a Critical Hit on a humanoid target with a Shock weapon overloads their entire body with electricity until it has nowhere else to go but to melt the victim's face and blow out a piece of their skull!
  • Jaster Rogue in Rogue Galaxy has the ability to make electricity generate from his sword and deal lightning damage during the duration of the spell. Useful for taking out mechanical Mooks.
  • Ginchiyo Tachibana in Samurai Warriors 2 has a sword with a serrated blade which generates powerful pulses of lightning that electrocutes her foes as she slashes them, and can also call down waves of lightning from the sky as a special ability. Her musou attack allows her to create a powerful electromagnetic shield which damages all enemies in her immediate vicinity.
  • Semi-obscure PC fighting game One Must Fall features the Electra, a several-stories tall robot whose fighting style largely centers around the fact that, in place of hands, it possesses spikes which are conductors for its electrical attacks. These include small sparks fired by arcing electricity between them, forming ball lightning, just touching the opponent with both hands (and thus completing the circuit), and, finally, firing an electrical blast into the sky that summons lightning to destroy its opponent. Blatantly unrealistic, but definitely one of the most awesome kills to watch.
  • Electricity is a powerup in Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush.
  • Electricity is the main attack of the Vortigaunts in Half-Life (and the Voltigores in Opposing Force). You can play as a Vortigaunt and use this attack yourself in the bonus level of the PlayStation 2 expansion pack, Half Life: Decay.
  • In Castle Crashers, the Red Knight's magic is based around lightning.
  • Haschel and the purple dragon in The Legend of Dragoon.
  • Bug gets the power to zap his enemies when he picks up a limited-use Zap Cap Power-Up. And then there were the lightning bugs in Splot, who fired electricity from their plug-like butt to electrocute Bug.
  • Baldur's Gate, as a Dungeons & Dragons adaptation, has lightning spells, of which the most accessible is the level 3 Lightning Bolt. note 
  • Viewtiful Joe's girlfriend and sidekick, Sexy Silvia, can use lightning based attacks such as Cool Blue Kick.
  • We have RuneScape's Saradomin Strike attack. It summons a nice, harmless thunderbolt...
  • Modnation Racers has the Bolt Power-up that can level up from a linear attack, to a bolt that does splash damage, and then to a lightning storm attack that shocks every racer in front of the user.
  • Devil May Cry has Trish, whose powers are greatly shown In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and in DMC 2, Lucia and Dante have access to the lightining elemental heart.
  • All three games in the MOTHER trilogy feature the PSI attack PK Thunder. Unlike most examples, this attack cannot be controlled and targets a random enemy. And as of Mother 3 it is one of the two PSI attacks not affected by PSI Shields or PSI Counter Devices.
    • Super Smash Bros. reverses this by making PK Thunder the most controllable move Ness and Lucas can use, and it's just as easy to block as any other projectile.
  • Asura's Wrath has Lord Deus.
  • In Dark Souls, lightning is associated with Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight. It's effective against many enemies and is particularly effective against dragons. Awesomely depicted in the opening cutscene when Gwyn and his entire army fling lightning bolts to bring down a swarm of dragons. The miracles offered by the Warriors of Sunlight covenant allow a player to do the same thing. A player can also forge weapons with a lightning enchantment, enchant a normal weapon with lightning via the Sunlight Blade miracle, or use a gold pine resin to temporarily charge it up.
  • Thunder magic is pretty important in Fire Emblem. It tends to have relatively low hit rate, but much higher critical rating. (It should be noticed that the Lightning spell is associated with light magic and is nothing like the lightning element.)
    • Fire Emblem Jugdral: Thunder magic is the trademark magic of the Tordo bloodline - with Tordo himself, Tailto, Teeny and Linda as heroic examples, Ishtore and Ishtar as anti villainous ones, and Reptor and Bloom as full-on villains. Non-Tordo examples include Elia, Olwen and Reinhardt.
    • Fire Emblem Elibe and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: Thunder can be now used by any Anima magic user, and integrates the Anima Magic Triad alongside Wind and Fire. Particularly remarkable is how the bosses specialized in Magic (like Ursula, Sonia and/or Selena) possess almost inevitably a tome named Bolting, which can deal massive damage from a long distance.
    • Fire Emblem Tellius: The infamous Big Eater Ilyana only uses Thunder magic, and at her highest level (Archsage) she's the only one able to use the most powerful thunder magic in the Tellius series: Rexbolt
    • Fire Emblem Awakening: Though what Robin (the player avatar) wields is technically up to the player, they start out as a Magic Knight with access to a single Bronze Sword and a Thunder tome. Furthermore, cutscenes imply that Thunder magic are their favoured attack of choice. When they debuted in Super Smash Bros., while they had at least one tome for each element that appeared in their debut game (including darkness), they use all the common Thunder tomes (Thunder up to Thoron) and also come with the Levin Sword, a magic weapon capable of slinging Thunder magic.
  • Alisia Dragoon has the protagonist fighting with auto-targeting Thunder Magic, and one of her familiars has a total-screen-kill lightning attack.
  • Klarann from Ninety-Nine Nights, although it's referred to as "Spirit" rather than "Lightning".
  • In Lunar: The Silver Star, one of the main characters is Nash, who specializes in Thunder magic.
  • In the first Jet Set Radio, some of the enemies at Grind Square continuously spread electricity through some of the rails.
    • In Jet Set Radio Future, every time you get into an encounter with the cops, they will put up electrified fences to make sure you can't escape.
  • Um Jammer Lammy has Teriyaki Yoko, an insect-like idol who will make lightning come down from the ceiling and shock Lammy or PaRappa if they are playing badly. The skull faces on each side of the stage also have electricity shoot out of their eyes and zap the entire audience.
  • Gilius Thunderhead uses lightning magic in Golden Axe 1. In part 2 he has switched to Dishing Out Dirt though.
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2 has the Lightning Reed, which attacks nearby zombies with lightning bolts.
  • WildStar has Stormtalon, a massive dragon-creature that uses electricity and wind to produce lightning, deadly static discharges, and summon massive tornadoes.
  • The short range "lightning" weapon in NeonXSZ is a burst-fire variation on this trope.
  • In A Witchs Tale, Dorothy's doll ability is to cast a powerful Thun spell.
  • In Azure Striker Gunvolt, the main character;s method of attacking it to launch lightning rods at his enemies and then create a "Flash field" of electricity that extends towards the tagged enemies. This power can also activate machines.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • "Can you stop electrocuting people with your horrible electricity shocking powers?"
  • EMP is used twice in Broken Saints. The first time is when the fake Big Bad finds Raimi and Oran and attempts to fry them. The second time occurs when Kamimura severs Oran's chip-implanted hand, freeing him from the pain of the signal, but also triggering the EMP to be fired on the chip's current position the minute the broadcast is over. However, the EMP's limited range allows Kamimura to take the severed hand far from his friends.
  • Imperious, in the Whateley Universe. But he may be an avatar or reincarnation (or something) of Zeus. Plus Antenna, who can't stop generating incredible amounts of lightning from his body.
    • Imperious, as befits an avatar (or whatever) of Zeus, can hurl lightning bolts where he wants them to go. Antenna has the 'real physics' problem. His lightning arcs all over the place and he has no control over it. When he's outside his room, he has to be in a walker full of gadgets that keep him from electrocuting everyone nearby.
  • Ramthundar of the Avatar Adventures uses lightning as one of his signature abilities.
  • In Kickassia, both the Nostalgia Critic and Dr. Insano can shoot lightning from their hands. The Critic uses superconductor electromagnetism, while Dr. Insano uses science!
    • Angry Joe has the ability to use Force Lightning. It is exactly as hammy as you think.
  • In Trinton Chronicles, Sabella has the ability to generate electrical blasts and ball lighting. This, merged with her water control, tends to be rather lethal.
  • The Mysterious Somebody's weapon of choice was blasts of Force Lightning; aside from telekinetically snapping Serna Tjan's neck, it's the only attack he was shown using. Appropriately enough, he ended up Hoist by His Own Petard when Lady Zhevago made him electrocute himself with it.
  • Celestina and Genessa from Fate Nuovo Guerra have some expertise with this kind of magecraft, particularly the spell Perunic, which creates a large tornado that shoots lightning bolts at the enemy. They also use it to accelerate metal objects magnetically, ala railgun.
  • Electricity is a favorite power in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe. Canadian superhero Acolyte, the villainous Chain Lightning, electrical-powered speedster Lightning Dancer and her identical (and evil) twin Blitz, Chinese hero Voltage, Disney-sponsored hero Big Thunder, Juice, the super-strong Relampago, the Italian super-criminal Dinimo, Russian super-assassin Molnya, Thunderfist, Lightning Rod of the Hyperion Academy, and Cracklin' Rose all possess electrical powers.
  • The main hero in Elemental is Michael, an Elemental of lightning. Not only can he launch the bolts from his body, he can also summon them from the clouds above, as well as channel the energy into his sword to create a lightsaber like effect.
  • The chief weapon of The Mercury Men.
  • Donald of The Platoon Of Power Squadron has this power. He can do lots of stunts, like low-voltage bolts, an electric whip, and a Surge Protector (a.k.a. the Electro Barrier, the Bolt Barrier, and the Shock Shield), a form of impenetrable armour.
  • Several mages, in The Saints, have used lightning attacks.
  • Lightning Dust is effectively a human electric bolt

    Western Animation 
  • The most skilled and powerful Firebenders of Avatar: The Last Airbender can create lightning as a secondary ability. This includes Ozai, Azula, and Iroh. A few can even redirect it.
    • When Iroh is explaining to Zuko the basics behind lightningbending, he discusses positive and negative energy as well. The process of lightningbending involves separating positive and negative energy, and providing release and guidance for that positive and negative energy when they restore balance, generating lightning. In particular, the show subverts the usual association between Lightning powers and insanity: generating lightning requires absence of emotions and peace of mind, and lightning is often called "cold-blooded fire". Azula is crazy enough, all right, but maybe she simply mastered the technique so perfectly that she can enter the required state of mind automatically.
    • It becomes more common in Sequel Series The Legend of Korra, to the point where lightning-benders are standard staff in Republic City power plants. Mako, the firebender of New Team Avatar, is reasonably capable with the technique, though Zuko's grandson Iroh seems to be the most adept at it.
    • Also from Korra; the Equalists and their electrified Stun Gun gloves are almost too badass. One little tap and even master benders drop like flies. The Lieutenant gets extra credit here with his electrified kali sticks, which he uses to beat Mako and Bolin so badly that he can still seem kind of awesome in later episodes when he's used as the resident punching bag. Asami, New Team Avatar's Badass Normal, later adopts an Equalist electric Power Fist as her primary weapon.
  • A common power of XANA-possessed people and Polymorphic Specters in Code Lyoko.
  • Sparky (Experiment 221) from Lilo & Stitch: The Series. He can produce large amounts of electricity from his body, cause black outs, and release a powerful electric blast from his antenna.
  • Lightning from the Teen Titans cartoon was apparently an actual god of the stuff.
  • In the pilot of TaleSpin, Don Karnage had a Lightning Gun. Apparently, forties-level technology is able to create artificial gems that continually generate electricity and nobody noticed.
  • Static of Static Shock.
  • Bumblebee in Transformers Animated can shoot electricity through prongs that come out of his hands called "stingers". Even when he's combining his powers with Ratchet's, they're not incredibly useful. More usefully, Ultra Magnus can summon lightning with his hammer, Thor-style.
  • As an electric eel, Unagi from Sushi Pack both eats and discharges electricity as part of his attacks.
  • Megavolt from Darkwing Duck.
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: "In my pants... (That's Super Volt!)"
  • Whats Opera Doc, especially at Elmer Fudd's Villainous Breakdown.
  • Will Vandom and Nerissa of W.I.T.C.H. use quintessence. While magical energy, the series shows it being fired off as electric blasts.
  • Shirley from Tiny Toon Adventures can fire electricity, as seen in "The Amazing Three" and "Journey to the Center of Acme Acres". This is also her special attack in Tiny Toons: Defenders of the Universe, one of the licensed games of the series.
  • Weather-controlling pegasi in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic can make clouds release a bolt of lightning.
    • In addition, Nightmare Moon used it for attacking the guards (even without a cloud to shoot it from), and Luna later used it dramatically.
  • "Red" does this to Mike in Motorcity.
  • The witch in ParaNorman uses a great deal of lightning when she tries to attack.
  • Tempest in the 2000 Action Man series. And yes; he is blonde and insane.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold's Animated Adaptation of Emperor Joker, after The Joker is given Reality Warper powers from Bat-Mite, he uses his superpowered Electric Joybuzzer to shock Batman unconscious mid-sentence in a Shout-Out to Emperor Palpatine of the aforementioned Star Wars (see "Film" above).

    Real Life 
  • In his book Shocking Electricity, Nick Arnold mentions an English woman named Jaqueline Priestman who could change TV channels without touching the device and make outlets explode due to the high voltage in her body.
    • Other records of the similar events happening to other people have been recorded. Persons of such nature call themselves Sliders.
    • There are also people who, while they don't generate electricity, are capable of redirecting it through their bodies without any harm and with some measure of control or otherwise withstand far more electrical current running through them than the normal human. Some theorize it's a genetic ability that allows them much higher resistance to electricity than the average person.
  • (Psycho) Electric Eels, Electric Catfish, Torpedo Rays, and the Stargazer fish are able to generate a strong electric current thanks to the help of specialized organs.
  • A common elemental theme for sports teams, most notably the San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Lightning, the latter of which later installed its own tesla coils in their stadium because they felt like it.
  • Two men + two Tesla coils + special suits = ELECTRICITY FIGHT!
  • Nikola Tesla gained a strong reputation thanks to his contributions to radio, X-ray experimentation and magnetic induction.
  • The taser device used by the police sends out massive amounts of electrical voltage to incapacitate and stun a subject, though using it on someone with a medical condition could injure them or even outright kill them.

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