This Index Is Not an Example

Usually, the Trope Namer for a trope provides the one codifying example to define them all. Sometimes, however, a trope is named after something that isn't itself a good example of the trope — or isn't an instance of the trope at all. Sometimes the quote sounds nice but it in the wrong context. Oftentimes the trope is a variation on another trope and receives a name based on it.

Be particularly careful when linking to such trope pages, because they might not be what they sound like at first glance. (Obviously, any YMMV entry with a specific Trope Namer could be an example in the eyes of some viewers but not others; and some have actually been renamed because of it.)

Not to be confused with Just for Pun or Snowclone titles. Also not to be confused with works that seem like the Trope Namer, but aren't really (Fur and Loathing was not named after the CSI episode, nor was Determinator named from one of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters's Endings).

Then there are the tropes named after lines of dialogue that the Trope Namer never actually said.

Contrast Self Demonstrating Articles and This Trope Name References Itself. Compare Defied Trope and Non-Indicative Name. Also see This Image Is Not An Example.

Oh, and don't bother listing this page itself, as that will create a paradox (specifically, Russell's paradox).


Tropes that were renamed off this list:

Partial Credit (including cases where the trope happens but not the way the name implies):

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