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The Ahnold
Every other action hero you've ever seen.

An Affectionate Parody of 1980s action stars. It could be an actor, or a character based on one of them, or a futuristic killer robot. The most common star used for this trope is Arnold Schwarzenegger, particularly exaggerating his accent, hence the trope name. But other stars, like Sylvester Stallone, happen as well.

This is a subtrope of No Celebrities Were Harmed.


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    Anime & Manga 

  • Australian comedy duo The Umbilical Brothers frequently use impressions of Schwarzenegger as staples of their live-action and puppet routines.

    Comic Books 
  • Randy Violent in The DCU.
  • Ninja High School as whole series runs on shout-outs:
    • "Arnie" from doesn't even try to be subtle about it.
    • Also Kenterminator, a mix of Kenshiro and the Terminator.
  • Hulk 2099 features a brief appearance by an action movie star called Albert Studebaker.
  • There was once a Spider-Man subplot with Mary Jane getting excited over being in an "Arnold Schwarztenheimer" movie but choosing to pass up the role when it was revealed she would have to do a nude scene. The Arnold never showed up but it was obvious who the celebrity was supposed to be.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 

  • The song "I'll be back" by Arnie and the Terminators is sung in this manner, naturally.
  • Three words: Austrian, Death, Machine! All of their songs not only have Ahnold style vocals, but they all pay tribute to various films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Get to the Choppa!" They even have their lead singer in a giant rubber Schwarzenegger mask and call him "Ahnold", just to score the extra point.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Les Guignols De L Info:
    • In this French Spitting Image-style satirical show, Monsieur Sylvestre, a highly cynical and brutal man with a dark sense of humour who occupies many different functions (White House adviser, Cardinal, CEO, etc.), is one of the few characters who does not correspond directly to any real-life person... but he does look an awful lot like Sylvester Stallone, though.
    • His voice has grown different from the one of the puppet standing in for Sylvester Stallone himself, however. The latter is closer to the French dubbing voice in Stallone's movies (mainly Rambo or Rocky).
    • Also, the puppet for Arnold Schwarzenegger always speaks with the Terminator's voice.

    Video Games 
  • Jack Howitzer in the radio stations of the Grand Theft Auto games. He started out making the Destroyer films, a parody of the Rambo series, around the time of Vice City, and by San Andreas he had branched out into family comedies with Special Needs Cop, a parody of Kindergarten Cop. Unfortunately, his career was derailed when he accidentally shot the host of a radio show while promoting Special Needs Cop; the page quote comes from that incident. By Grand Theft Auto V he's become a washed-up self-parody trying to use a Reality Show to become famous again, a show that instead only illustrates how insane he is.
  • Sven T. Uncommon in Popful Mail.
  • Duke Nukem is a combination of this and Clint Eastwood.
  • This review illustrates that even if the original game (Ark 22) doesn't include Arnold, the fans can always pretend it does.
  • Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge has the second mission of the Allied campaign take place in Hollywood. As you explore the map you can find parodies of Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone (in that order, depending on where you send your forces) that are quite helpful in taking back the city and stopping Yuri from feeding the civilian population of Los Angeles into his Grinders. Unfortunately, a patch made it so that the names and voices of these units were changed to the standard-issue "Civilian" and "G.I.", respectively.
    • But if you make some modding, it's possible to make the voices back for them and the names. Fact: Voices weren't deleted from the game's files. But you still need to edit one file to edit the names as what they were.
  • Sting Sniperscope from Eat Lead The Return Of Matt Hazard.
  • Space Quest:
    • Space Quest 3 has Arnoid the Annihilator, a Terminator-like android sent to kill Roger for mail fraud.
    • Space Quest 6 has an Arnold-like T-1000.
  • Jim the body building pit bull from Toonstruck.
  • Ubel from the Battalion Wars series. To underline the reference, he's promised the role of "Governator" in his boss' empire.
  • The Thor pilot in Starcraft II. In fact, most of his "pissed" lines are Arnold quotes (except for the one Ghostbusters reference) like this gem:
    "What is best? To crush the Zerg, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the Protoss."
  • The Cryo Legionnaires in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, are basically Mr. Freeze.
  • Lisa's father in Persona 2: Innocent Sin is a carbon copy of Steven Seagal.
  • League of Legends: Sion certainly qualifies. He's a zombie juggernaut who has Arnold's accent and some of his quotes are based on some of Arnie's lines. He also has his axe named 'Chopper', just so he can have the "GET ON MY CHOPPA!" quote. After a rework later, Sion lost his Arnie accent and can speak in a normal accent. He didn't forget his origins, though, as he has two quotes that he said once in normal tone, and the other time, with Arnie's accent. One of them being "I'll be back."
  • Several mercenaries in Jagged Alliance series count. The most stereotypical example is Bobby "Steroid" Gontarski who shares his appearance and accent with Schwarzenegger.
  • The Hublanders in the Broken/Mended Drum in the Discworld PC adventure game both speak with the Arnie accent, and even go so far as to say in conversation "This ffery boring town" and the followup "Ja... ve von't be back."
  • Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?: You don't get anymore Ahnold than Asagi Schwarzinature.
  • Johnny Cage of the Mortal Kombat series is very much an expy of Jean-Claude Van Damme, because originally the game was to star the real Van Damme, with a bunch of other characters he could beat up. When Van Damme backed out because he considered it "selling out", thus was born Mortal Kombat as we know it.
  • Biff Atlas, the bodybuilding ghost from Luigis Mansion.
  • One boss in the original Metal Gear was a pair of Terminator ersatzes named Arnold, later renamed Bloody Brad for legal reasons.
  • Abore in Double Dragon II, although the arcade game's version also has elements of André the Giant.
  • The Sledger in Battle Realms (a game set in a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of feudal Japan) is an Arnold reference, constantly talking with the accent and making references to his giant muscles.
  • Bill Rizer is a pretty obvious stand in for Schwarzengger in the Contra series, while his buddy Lance Bean is the same for Sylvester Stallone.
  • The Barbarians of Krolm in Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim are obvious examples, being Expies of Conan the Barbarian and having exaggerated Austrian accents.
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! has the Kremling cyborg KAOS. The game (being on the Super Nintendo) has no voice acting and his dialogue doesn't reflect Arnold's mannerisms, but he strongly resembles the T-800, down to the shades.
  • Chaac, the Mayan God of Rain in Smite is a very muscular God that wields a mean axe he called 'Chaacca'. Unsurprisingly, he comes with Arnold's accent despite his origin coming from South America, and one of his joke/taunt is yet another Predator Shout-Out, which is why that's how they named his axe: "GET TO THE CHAACCA!"

    Web Animation 
  • Parodied with Bouncer Beagle in Ducktalez. His head is from a stock image of Arnold.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

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