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Web Video: Filthy Frank
"It's Filthy Frank, muthafucka, it's Filthy Frank, bitch"
— The outro to many of Frank's videos.

Our "hero".

Hey ese, describe Filthy Frank here!

Created by George Miller, Filthy Frank is a series of comedy vlogs describing the life and surreal adventures of a Japanese-American man by the name of Filthy Frank, as well as several other strange people that inhabit his place of residence at any given time. The show is surreal, rife with every form of vulgar comedy you could conceivably think of, and nothing is sacred in the Filthy Frank show. As a result, there is a very Love It or Hate It nature to it.

Nonetheless, it has a small cult following, and because of the nature of this show, it's a given to say it is INCREDIBLY NSFW. The Filthy Frank character sheet can be found here, with the creator of the show having several different hubs:

Pink Guy now has a new album that dropped in May, with another album named JOJI (around the character of the same name) planned to release sometime in fall 2014.

Oh, and he also started the Harlem Shake craze.

Filthy Frank's videos provide examples of...

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