Trap Music

Trap music (also known as Neo-crunk) is a rather polarizing style of Hip Hop and electronic music that has gained large popularity over 2012 and 2013. Trap music is a started as an emergent style in southern rap that is characterized by spare beats, sharp snare hits, deep bass notes and simple rhymes about gangster cliches. This isn't a diss at the genre's expense mind you, since the main appeal is the beat and vibe the song generates, lyrics are often simple as a result). All of this creates a dark, slightly abrasive, and hedonistic vibe.

While the Ur Examples are from different parts of the southern United States, the major players of trap music such as Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, T.I. And Young Jeezy are all from Atlanta, and many newcomers to the genre are also from Atlanta. Many Hip-hopheads were against the genre, calling it dumb club music with bonehead lyrics. Defenders state that the simplicity is the appeal. However the genre did catch on with many, namely EDM Musicians who have created a much dancier instrumental songs. Another group that caught on were the up-and-coming rappers from Chicago, who created drill music, a style that emphasizes the violence on the streets of Chiraq and put a face to the issues that previous conscious Chicago rappers talked about.

Examples of trap rappers include

Some major rappers like Kanye West and Rick Ross also have experimented with trap style music while they are not considered actual members of the genre.

Trap producers have also gotten some notice, some names you'll come across are

  • Lex Luger: most famous for producing Waka Flocka Flame
  • Young Chop: most famous for producing Chief Keef
  • Mike Will Made It
  • Araab Muzik
  • Baauer: most famous for Harlem Shake
  • DJ Snake: Most famous for "Turn Down For What".