Video Game: Broforce

Leave it to the brofessionals.

Steam review

Broforce is an indie platformer game (still in development) created by South African indie game developer Free Lives.

The destructible levels may be reminiscent of games such as Spelunky. However, unlike a typical Metroidvania encouraging caution and conservation of resources, this is a homage to classic shooters in the vein of Contra or Metal Slug. As such, the obvious solution to any and all problems and obstacles is More Dakka and Stuff Blowing Up.

The characters are all Lawyer Friendly Cameos of classic action movie and television heroes from the 80-90s era, with their names featuring various puns on "bro". The website can be found here.

On August 5th, a free version of the game based on The Expendables 3 was released on Steam, titled The Expendabros. It can be found here.

    List of Bros 
All Bros have a knife for melee attacks and to help with climbing.
  • Rambro. Main Weapon: Machine Gun. Secondary: Grenades.
  • Brommando. Main Weapon: Rocket Launcher. Secondary: 4 Rockets in a row.
  • B. A. Broracus. Main Weapon: Flame Thrower. Secondary: Flame Grenades.
  • Brodell Walker. Main Weapon: Quick Shotgun. Secondary: Air Strikes.
  • Bro Hard. Main Weapon: Twin Uzis. Secondary: Flashbangs.
  • MacBrover . Main Weapon: Sticky Dynamite. Secondary: Bomb-Stuffed Turkey.
  • Brade. Main Weapon: Silver Katana. Secondary: Rushing Strike.
  • Bro Dredd. Main Weapon: Target-seeking bullets. Secondary: Remote-controlled Rocket.
  • Bro in Black. Main Weapon: The Noisy Cricket. Secondary: Neuralyzer.
  • Snake Brosken. Main Weapon: Sniper Rifle. Secondary: Molotov Cocktail.
  • The Brominator. Main Weapon: Minigun. Secondary: Invincibility (and reduced recoil)
  • Brobocop. Main Weapon: Auto 9. Secondary: Tracking Auto-9 Fire.
  • Indiana Brones. Main Weapon: Whip. Secondary: Revolver.
  • Ash Brolliams. Main Weapon: 3-Way Shotgun. Secondary: Chainsaw.
  • Mr. Anderbro. Main Weapon: Fists. Secondary: Bullet Reflection.
  • The Boondock Bros. Main Weapon: Twin Pistols. Secondary: Calling forth Bro Duce or resurrecting a fallen Boondock Bro.
  • Brochete. Main Weapon: Thrown Machetes. Secondary: Machete Flurries.
  • Bronan. Main Weapon: His Father's Sword. Secondary: Shockwaves.
  • Ellen Ripbro. Main Weapon: Plasma Rifle. Secondary: Flame Wave.
  • Time Bro. Main Weapon: Lazer Machine Gun. Secondary: Slow Time.
  • Broniversal Soldier. Main Weapon: BFG. Secondary: Bringing back dead allies/foes.
  • James Broddock. Main Weapon: Grenade Launcher. Secondary: Cluster Bomb.
  • Cherry Broling. Main Weapon: Machinegun Leg. Secondary: Rockets.
  • Bro Max. Main Weapon: Dragonbreath Shotgun. Secondary: Bromerang.
  • The Brode. Main Weapon: Hanzo Katana. Secondary: Exploding Bro Technique.
  • Double Bro 7. Main Weapon: Silenced Pistol. Secondary Weapons: Shaken Martini, Flamethrower Jetpack, Lazer Watch and Mook Mask.

In addition, the following characters are exclusive to the Expendabros version:
  • Broney Ross. Main Weapon: Twin Pistols. Secondary: Triple Grenades.
  • Bro Christmas. Main Weapon: Thrown Knives. Secondary: Throws a large amount of knives in an arc.
  • Bro Caesar. Main Weapon: Minigun. Secondary: Uses his minigun to launch himself into the air, creating a shockwave upon landing.
  • Bronar Jenson. Main Weapon: Sticky Grenade Launcher. Secondary: Exploding Remote Control Car.
  • Broll Road. Main Weapon: Dragon's Breath Shotgun. Secondary: Molotov Cocktail.
  • Broctor Death. Main Weapon: Knife. Secondary: Rushing grab.
  • Trent Broser. Main Weapon: Assault Rifle. Secondary: Air Strike.

Brovides examples of the following bropes:

  • Action Bromb: There are mooks that are wearing dynamite instead of having guns.
    • MacBrover will, if ordered to throw dynamite (his standard attack) when within knifing range of an enemy, stick it on the enemy instead, and the mook will proceed to run around until he blows up.
  • Action Brorl: Ellen Ripbro, Cherry Broling, and The Brode.
  • Advancing Bross of Doom: The Helicockter, which must be evaded for the first half of its stage and then hit with propane tanks in the second half.
  • Affectionate PaBrody: Oh, so much.
    • The game's director, Evan Greenwood, is an admitted fan of action films from the 1980s and 1990s. He called Broforce a "loving portrayal of action heroes."
  • The Ahbrold: Most of the Bros are affectionate parodies of 80s action heroes. Brommando, The Brominator, and Bronan are all modeled directly after characters Schwarzenegger himself played.
  • Anti Brostration Features: All apply below to the beta.
    • Save for a few special attacks, any of your weapons—specifically ones that explode—will not harm you or your allies, so feel free to fire that rocket launcher willy-nilly. Just be careful when doing it around support struts, falling blocks or exploding barrels.
    • You cannot pick up ammo crates when your specials are already full. Thus, preventing accidental unnecessary pickups and leaving them for you to come back to later when you do run out.
    • If you end up stuck in an alcove under an overhang that prevents you from climbing up the wall, the devs got you covered. A special jump automatically occurs when you jump towards a corner from underneath, where your character grabs onto the offending corner and performs a high somersault diagonally outward, letting you bypass the overhang easily.
    • Even if you Game Over, your number of rescues carry over. Therefore it's possible to unlock all the characters as early as the first stage if you take your time saving hostages and dying over and over again.
  • A-Bro-val Of God: Lionsgate approved of the Exendabros game's creation according to Word of God.
  • Artificial Brolliance: The binocular-wearing mooks can spot your bro from a distance and can order a large number of enemies to your exact position to fill you full of lead.
    • This turns into Artificial Stupidity when combined with the kamikaze mooks, as detailed below.
    • The hovercraft's second missile attack isn't just a preset pattern- it leads your character quite accurately and is a pain to dodge.
  • Artificial Bropidity: The player characters can survive falling from any height. The terrorists cannot. That doesn't stop dogs and red terrorists from charging headlong off cliffs to their deaths.
    • When alerted to the player's position via the binocular-mooks mentioned above, the kamikaze mooks will immediately light their fuses, regardless of how far they are from the player or how close they are to their allies.
    • If Macbrover or Bronnar stick an enemy with an explosive, said enemy will run away, often into groups of their own allies. Taken Up to Eleven with the kamikaze mooks, who will still run away, despite being covered in lit dynamite to begin with.
    • The CPU controlled partner suffers from this as well. It seems to have three settings: Leeroy Jenkins, throwing all it's grenades (often killing you in the process), and standing still after you die, forcing you to restart the level.
  • Attack Broflector: Brade's katana, Ash's chainsaw (while charging forward) and Max's boomerang are able to reflect bullets. In fact, nearly all of the melee-oriented Bros can reflect projectiles (including rockets) with a well-timed standard attack. The exception to this is Mr. Anderbro, who can reflect projectiles en masse with his special.
  • AutoBros, Rock Out!: AREA LIBERATED *cue guitars*
  • Awesome But Imbroctical: Indiana Brones, Cherry Broling, Macbrover and James Broddock are often seen as this due to their unwieldy attacks. Subverted in that they all also qualify as Difficult, But Awesome.
    • Let's explain: Cherry has the advantage of being able to shoot downwards and potentially fly over squads of enemies by using her bullets as a propeller. But that's the thing: it is the only direction in wich she can shoot. Therefore it can spell doom if she ever gets in a situation where she MUST shoot straight forward like everybody else.
  • Back To Back Bros: The two player characters. Actually invoked, as the game can provide an AI partner if no one else will play.
  • Bros Wear Bandanas: Rambro, naturally. Villagers, if interacted with, will don an assault rifle and bandana before going on a rampage.
  • Badass Crew: Every member of Broforce is a one-man army.
  • Band of Bros: Word of God says that a Bro will never turn his (or her) back on a Bro in need. In fact, a major gameplay element is rescuing Bros who have been captured by the enemy.
    • Can be Subverted at the end of a level, as the rescue chopper immediately leaves as soon as a single Bro touches the ladder. Any players or hostages not on board are left behind on the exploding land mass.
  • Bash Bros: The Boondock Bros.
  • Battle Bromerang: Bro Max's special is a single boomerang, which can decapitate enemies and be picked up and reused.
  • Beating A Dead Bro: Inverted. You can attack an enemy's corpse until they explode or you get bored.
    • One of the few "uses" of crouching, which will make any corpse (enemy or ally) flop up and down like a dying fish. Doing this to a Grenadier's corpse will cause it to drop a grenade.
  • Bro Dakka: Pretty much all the bros can do this, but the Brominator and Brobocop's charged attack are the most notable examples.
  • Black and White Morality: There is no moral ambiguity in this game. The Bros are unquestionably the good guys, while the terrorists and the aliens are unambiguously bad.
  • Bro Good: Nelson Brodela, according to the game's page.
  • Big BROOOOOOOOO! One of the game over screens is a Big "NO!", though later updates removed some of the announcer's particularly angry voice lines.
  • (BR)OH HELL YEAH! A big one is delivered at the beginning of the Expendabros launch trailer. A less intense, but still energetic "Oh yeah!" can be delivered if the player completes a level after getting multiple Game Overs.
  • Bro Guided Missile: Bro Dredd allows you to do this.
  • (Bro)xpy: Pretty much every major character is an expy of a character from some famous action flick. These include Rambro, Brommando, B.A. Broracus, Brodell Walker, Bro Hard, Macbrover, Brade, Bro Dredd, Bro in Black, Snake Broskin, Brominator, Brobocop, Indianna Brones, Ash Brolliams, Mr. Anderbro, The Boondock Bros, Brochete, Bronan the Barbarian, and Ellen Ripbro
  • (Br)Oh Crap: The mooks will flee and scream in terror when Ash Broilliams charges them with his chainsaw or if they see Bro Dredd's guided missile coming at them. Since the October update, the devil found at the end of the level with also run away if a Bro hurts him without killing him, such as throwing him on the ground.
  • Brock Scream: The Wilhelm scream can be heard at some points. Most mooks used to scream like Homer Simpson, but this was eventually removed to avoid copyright issues.
  • (Br)One Up: You gain extra lives (and switch-out your characters) by rescuing your fellow bros from the terrorists.
  • Bronded By The Light: The special attacks of Bro Hard and Bro in Black done with a flashbang and a with Neuralyzer respectively.
  • Broom Headshot: Yes, even with the game's small pixelated sprites, this is possible. If a bullet (or Mr. Anderbro's fist) manages to hit square on a mook's head, it'll pop off gloriously while the body flails about shortly before perishing. However, this will only work on normal mooks.
  • Broring But Practical: Rambro is basically this. Rather than a flaming shotgun or exploding punches, he simply has a standard machine gun and hand grenades. As a result, he has a practical, if simple, solution to almost every problem.
    • In a game where a standard ability is using a gatling gun to fly, the combat knife is obviously this. It's really short range, but it does good damage (strong enough to one-shot standard mooks, a feat comparable to the rocket launcher, shotgun, and sword), can hitstun the giant mooks and is quite useful against tanks and the first boss, considering you'll be too close for the tank to shoot you easily.
    • The entire Brototype, including the final boss, can be beaten using just the combat knife and the secondary fire, without ever firing a normal shot.
  • Brottomless Magazines: Both the bros and enemies never run out of ammo for primary weapons and never need to reload. Subverted with the bro's grenades, which are quite scarce and can only be refilled by ammo crates.
  • Brodass: Every single playable character.
    • Brodass In Distress: Many Bros start as hostages, but once you rescue them you get to kick ass as them.
  • Government Agency of Fiction: When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce: an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization that deals in excessive force.
  • Brodicrous Gibs: Exploding an enemy or simply shooting their corpse repeatably can produce these, as well as destroying an enemy spawn door.
  • Brotanas Are Just Better: Brade's sword can cut down many enemies with one swing, and is one of the few weapons that can go through shields. The Brode also has one of these as well, which is one of the few attacks in the game that can be aimed in multiple directions.
  • Chainbro Good: Ash's special attack causes him to charge in with a chainsaw and cut down everything in his path. He's even bulletproof (from the front) while doing this, as projectiles are reflected back by the chainsaw.
  • Check Broint: The flagpoles act as this, and when you touch one, you raise an American flag. FUCK YEAH!
  • Cherry Bropping:
    • If something can be killed, it can be killed with the combat knife (with the exception of the second boss, the hovercraft.)
    • Basic mooks can be killed by hitting them with a door while opening it or tossing them off a smaller ledge.
    • Double Bro Seven's first special has him sip from a martini glass before throwing it. Though slow and short-ranged, the thrown glass does deal a small amount of damage, enough to kill a basic Mook.
    • Most grenades, as well, in addition to their regular effects, deal a small amount of damage if they hit an enemy in the head. This means that the player can theoretically kill enemies even with Bro Hard's "nonlethal" flash grenade.
  • Death From Abrove: Airstrikes randomly appear in several levels, first visible as a series of red crosses and lines to let you know to get out of the way fast.
    • Brodell Walker's special is a similar airstrike, calling down five missles in a cluster. Notably, it is one of the few specials that does damage to the user, so it's really easy to be accidentally blow yourself up.
    • Cherry's default weapon, her machine gun leg, functions almost identically to Rambro's weapon...Except it can only be fired straight down. The same goes for her special, which fires an explosive below her.
  • Destructive Broviour: Every terrorist hideout is blown off the face of the earth when you leave via helicopter.
    Area Liberated!
  • The Devil is a Broser: Along with commanding a mostly-incompetent group of terrorists, the devil found at the end of each level poses no actual threat to the players, simply cackling instead of attacking. He is as easy to kill as a regular Mook, and any attack that he survives will cause him to emit a girly scream and run away.
  • The Dev Bros Think of Everything: The bros can blow up the rescue helicopter at the end of each level (And it can crush them when it falls). A new one will appear several seconds later.
    • In a similar manner, attempting to board the chopper from above will result in being diced to pieces.
  • Disaster Brominoes: Easily possible, via the liberal use of explosives.
  • Difficult But Brosome: Indiana Brones may not have the same awesome guns as most other characters, but his whip can stunlock enemies, and he can skip many obstacles completely using his grapple ability. Unlike most other weapons in the game, his whip deals more damage at long range, instead of less. This, combined with the fact that the whip cannot damage terrain (he's got a pickaxe for that), often leads to the misconception that his whip deals little to no damage, which is only true at close range.
    • Both Macbrover and James Broddock have movesets entirely consisting of explosives. Though their attacks are powerful, they are difficult to aim precisely. Thus, firing away with reckless abandon will result in a lot more collateral damage compared to many of the other characters. Used wisely, however, they can clear entire rooms with only one or two attacks.
    • Both of Cherry's attacks only fire straight down, and her running speed is slower than the other Bros. However, her attacks also propel her into the air. This allows her to shoot enemies without fear of counterattack (as most enemies cannot shoot up), and can even let her make jumps that would be impossible for most Bros.
  • Dungeon Bropass: Players can skip large portions of a level by digging through terrain or by using Indiana Brones and his whip. Mr. Anderbro, Bronan, and the Brode all have leaping techniques that can be used to bypass several obstacles. This is especially true for many of the underground Alien levels, which can be entirely bypassed by climbing up one of the tunnels and walking across the top of the level.
    • Or, you could just fly using the Brominator's minigun.
    • Propane tanks, which fly in the direction they're facing when shot, can be stood on. If said tank happens to be horizontal, the player can leap across the map, as the momentum from the tank is maintained until the character stops moving. Just be sure to jump off before it explodes.
    • The flying pig bug, allowing the player to fly by repeatedly knifing a pig they're standing on, also allows this.
    • Cherry Broling, thanks to her machinegun leg and rockets, can bypass many levels in less than a minute if used right.
  • Eabroland: Whether it's type 1 or type 2 is pretty subjective, but the atmosphere of the game pretty much breathes this trope.
  • Everything Broks: Yep.
  • Expy: All of the Bros are based on heroes from various action films.
  • Gatbro Good: The Brominator can blast off with a powerful chaingun, but much like regular chainguns, it has a bit of spin-up time and the recoil drives you back. His special weapon is a transformation to his Endoskeleton form, which cancels out the recoil effect (and also makes him invincible). One trick is to use the recoil to move around faster than you walk.
    • The large terrorists carry these as well, minus the knockback. The first boss-a giant tank-has two huge ones that tear through anything in their path.
  • Glass Bronan: The bros are capable of leveling entire terrorist bases and slaughtering hundreds of mooks, but still die from one pistol shot.
  • Grenade Hot Brotato: Enemy grenades can be thrown back. This even works with the player's own grenades, which is helpful, as they tend to be exceptions to the (mostly) Friendly Fireproof world.
  • Grievous Harm with a Brody: The October update added the ability to throw small enemies. The most obvious use of this is to throw enemies off cliffs to their demise, but hitting one enemy in the head with another will generally kill them both.
  • Guns Akimbro: Bro Hard and The Boondock Bros.
  • Handicapped Bro: Snake has an eyepatch. On a more extreme level, one of Ash's arms has been replaced with a chainsaw, which he uses in his special and melee animation. Cherry, on the other hand, has replaced her missing leg with a machine gun, which slows her down on land but allows her to propel through the air with bullets and rockets.
  • Handshake Subbrotute: The hi-five.
  • Hollywood Action He-bro: Inspired by action flicks from the 80s and 90s
  • Implausible Fencing Browers: All sword-wielding Bros can reflect projectiles with a well-timed slash. Bronan can cause Razor Wind by charging his attack, and Blade is invincible during his special due to his Super Speed.
  • Broke Weapon: Double Bro Seven's first special, which consists of him drinking and throwing a martini glass. Though short-ranged, slow, and weak, it is technically capable of killing most enemies.
  • Kaizbro Trap: One of the xenomorph-themed stages has the player running away from a giant sandworm-like xenomorph. Once the player reaches the end of the stage, the sandworm emerges one last time, likely taking out the rescue chopper...Which will kill any player it lands on. Of course, if the player boards the chopper before the sandworm demolishes it, the victory theme plays as the chopper falls off-screen and explodes. Or you could simply wait for another chopper to show up.
  • Lantern Jaw Of Brostice: Most of the male Bros have one.
  • Luck Based Brossion: Since each Bro has different strengths and weaknesses, some segments can be near impossible if you happen to spawn or rescue the wrong Bro.
  • Machete Brohem: Brochete
  • Mabross Missile Massacre: The Brommando does this for his special attack.
    • The missile tanks and both bosses have similar attacks.
  • Made of Expbrodium: When the player boards the rescue chopper, the entire level begins exploding for no discernible reason. The Brode's special attack turns any enemy into this, causing them to explode after a brief delay.
  • Melee Bros: The aliens added in the February '15 update don't differentiate between the terrorists and the Bros, snacking on both if they get the chance.
  • Mighty Brocier: The Brominator's special reduces his movement and jumping capabilities, but also makes him invincible, among other things, whereas his minigun, while it has a slow windup period, is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. He can also become a Lightning Bruiser, as the recoil on his minigun can send him flying back faster than most other forms of movement.
  • Not Brotally Useless: Initially, the ability to crouch may seem completely pointless, as it doesn't actually bring the player low enough to dodge any projectiles. However, later levels include tall grass, which will render the player unnoticeable by enemies if they are crouching. Crouching also causes any corpse to flop up and down. While this is normally just for fun, it's also the easiest way to make a Grenadier's body drop a grenade, which can then be thrown at other enemies.
  • One Hitbroint Wonder: All the bros (with the exception of The Boondock Bros) die with just one shot from the terrorists, and can also die if they get caught in an explosion.
  • One Hit Brolykill: Snake Broskin can do this with his piercing rifle. Indy's rework gave him a revolver, which similarly pierces through enemies.
  • Rated BRO For Manly: Need we say more?
  • Paper-Thin Brosguise: One of Double Bro Seven's specials has him temporarily don a ski mask. Doing so renders him completely unnoticeable by all enemies, even Kamikaze Mooks and dogs charging straight at him. Even conspicuously murdering a Mook's fellow terrorists right in front of him will leave him none the wiser. Taken Up To Eleven when the disguise works against the aliens, who normally attack terrorists on sight.
  • Browerful Pick: Indy's rework gave him a pickaxe in place of a knife, which can be used to similar effect. It also has the ability to destroy terrain, as Indy's whip is the only primary weapon that can't.
  • Punched Abross the Room: Mr. Anderbro's primary ability is simply his fists, which send enemies flying. The Brode's Five Point Palm Exploding Mook Technique takes this to a new level, sending enemies flying and then causing them to explode.
  • Recruitment By Broscue: You unlock each bro by rescuing your comrades.
  • Broaring Rampage of Revenge: If either of the Boondock Bros (or Bro Duce) is killed, the other(s) will start glowing red and have temporarily increased movement and firing speed.
  • Brocket Jump: Cherry's special launches a rocket straight down. Using it from the ground allows her to boost herself slightly in the air.
  • Screaming Brorrior: Upon using his special, Bronan leaps into the air with a battle cry befitting of the man he was modeled after.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: The terrorists do this when something happens to frighten them.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: As is the norm in video games, shotguns in this game have a very short range but they deal high damage.
  • Sibling Bros: The Boondock Bros
  • Sticky Bromb/Bronade Tag: Bronnar Jensen and Macbrover can both stick their explosives to terrain and enemies, resulting in appropriate reactions from the latter.
  • Stuff Browing Up: HELL YEAH.
  • Suicide Brottack: What would a terrorist group be without suicide bombers?
  • Terrorists Without a Cause: It's unknown what ideology drives the terrorists, other than the fact that they seem to hate America.
  • Testosterbrone Poisoning: Speaks for itself, really.
  • Unexplained Brocovery: Both villagers and trapped Bros can die from falling or being shot. As long as their body is intact, however, they'll pop up, ready to kick ass, if the player interacts with them.
  • The Bro on Terror: The main enemy of the game are terrorists, though it is not specified where they are from. They do have most of their bases in Vietnam and Kazakstan, though.
  • Whip It Brood: Indiana Brones has this as his primary attack.
  • World of Bron: Noticed all the times that the game and this article rams the word "Bro" into everything?