Wearing a Flag on Your Head

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"You're not American! You're not even wearing a flag on your head!"
Bandit Keith of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series gives this trope the most American name ever. note 

An image of a flag, national or otherwise, is displayed in an atypical way, usually dyed or painted on clothing. Not as in wearing a button or pin that looks like a flag. This would be a Fun T-Shirt where there is a picture of a flag on it, the whole shirt is painted to look like the flag.

It also counts if the flag is painted over objects, anything from a car to a video game system. A tattoo can also work. Sports fans often paint their cheeks or faces with the flag of their nation when they attend international events.

Cutting up an existing flag to turn into something else also counts, but it is frowned upon in some countries, if not outright illegal in others. Some other things should be considered, such as flying the United States flag upside-down is a distress signal, and most uses of this trope aren't calls for help (at least not that way).

Often overlaps with Captain Geographic, and occasionally overlaps with Goofy Print Underwear.

A Super Trope to Flag Bikini. Compare Sigil Spam, Symbol Motif Clothing. Not to be confused with Star-Spangled Spandex.


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     Albanian Double-Headed Eagle 

Real Life
  • In every Miss Universe National Costume competition, the Albanian contestant has always worn the flag wrapped somehow. Observe here, and here for example.
  • This is very popular with artists too.
  • Eliza Dushku has the Double Eagle tattooed on the back of her neck.

     Australian Blue Ensign  

Comic Books
  • In the Marvel Universe, Australian Captain Ethnic Boomerang (brash, dimwitted criminal, uses boomerangs, you know how it is) started masquerading as the heroic Outback as part of Norman Osborn's corruption of the 50 States Initiative. Outback's entire costume is the Australian flag, except with a bizarre emphasis on the British flag parts and the Southern Cross only being on his head.

Professional Wrestling
  • Australian Suicide got the flag put on his mask when he debuted for AAA

Tabletop Games
  • Captain Australia from Champions Universe. Unlike the Outback example above, her costume emphasises the Southern Cross, with the Union Jack being worn as a shoulder pauldron.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Unfortunately, thanks to a few idiot politicians like Pauline Hanson, racist yobbos have taken to wearing the Australian flag as a cape while beating up minorities and generally being a menace to society and disgrace to the flag.

     Brazilian Auriverde  

  • Max Cavalera from Sepultura and Soulfly displayed the Auriverde on his guitars for a while (Sepultura was the very first Brazilian band to achieve worldwide recognition, and he was quite proud of it). ESP Guitars even issued a signature guitar that sported the Auriverde. Later, he used one with the American flag... also sold as a signature guitar.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Brazil banned bikinis with the national flag print a few years back (because these bikinis are considered flag profanity).

     Canadian Maple Leaf/l'Unifolié 

Anime and Manga
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, Canada puts a sticker of his flag on his forehead to distinguish himself from America, since no one ever noticed him. (If they did, they mistaken him for America.) However, America sticks the American flag on his head saying it makes him more awesome.
  • Canadianman in Kinnikuman's entire costume is patterned after the Canadian flag. His special moves include the Canadian Backbreaker and swinging an axe like a lumberjack.
    • It should be noted that the Canadian Backbreaker is an actual wrestling hold, not something made up simply for the character.

Comic Books
  • The old (late 80s/early 90s) Alpha Flight uniforms had a maple-leaf motif on them, making them look like the flag of Canada:
    • Weapon Alpha/Vindicator/Guardian (and he went by the latter two names twice!) and his red-white-maple-leaved costume. The trope was actually discussed somewhat in his origin story, noting that Canada didn't have the type of flag code restrictions that the United States have. His Ultimate version follows suit even though each of the Ultimate Alpha Flight members have their own peculiar costumes.
    • When Heather (who first took the name Vindicator after Mac's apparent death) took the name Guardian, the recently-returned Mac (who went back to Vindicator) wore a version with the red and white switched (since Heather had the original design). After he returned a second time, Heather (like the rest of the team) was wearing the standardized (and distinctively different enough) team costume, allowing Mac to return to his original look. Heather's geothermal suit from the second series was green and white.
  • There are also various Canadian superheroes such as Captain Canuck and the like and wear the Maple Leaf with pride to show that they're the toughest Canadian not called Wolverine there is in North America.

Live-Action TV

Professional Wrestling
  • Trish Stratus fought at least one match while wearing a pair of butt-hugging Canadian flag-themed shorts. It was truly a glorious sight to see.
  • Dark Angel while in the Mexican LLF. Later wore the flag on her tights along with Taylor Wilde in TNA after being unmasked and revealed as Sarita.
  • TNA Power Stable Team Canada all wore outfits adorned with Canadian-flag imagery. What else did you expect, eh?
  • Variation, Allison Danger added some Blue to the Red and White when she teamed up with Sara Del Rey.

Stand-Up Comedy
  • One Canadian comedian, after mocking Canada's not-so-impressive military strength, proposes the alternative of firing everyone in the military and spending the entire budget on making one bionic Super Soldier who wears a Canadian flag as a cape.

Video Games
  • In Age of Mythology, entering the code "O CANADA" will give you a bear that shoots lasers and wears a Canadian flag cape.

Web Original
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Bandit Keith wears one after the credits of the episode where he admits he's actually Canadian... in (North) America!
  • In the Whateley Universe, "Captain Canada!"note  has an outfit and round shield that's a blatant ripoff of the 'Captain America' costume, except for the Canadian flag. It's lampshaded repeatedly. The other Canadian mutants at Whateley Academy think he's an embarrassment.

Western Animation
  • In The Super Hero Squad Show, Wolverine, a Canadian, had to wear a modified version of his costume that is in Canadian colours during an episode that has him join the various national Captains like Captain America.

Real Life
  • Canadian travellers abroad used to sew the Maple Leaf on their backpacks so as not to be confused with Americans. Nowadays this seems to be more common among American travellers pretending to be Canadian while not in America.
  • Fans of Tim Horton will wear Canadian flags in Buffalo, New York, due to the proximity of the Canadian border.
  • On Canadian money, the buildings have the Red Ensign flag flying over them, but this looks so much like the American flag from a distance that everyone thinks they printed the American flag on Canadian money! New bills were issued in 2005.
  • Shawn Ashmore once posed for a magazine wearing nothing but the Canadian flag.
  • The NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs proudly wear the Maple Leaf on their chests, albeit coloured blue rather than red. The team, and its insignia, predate the Maple Leaf flag by many decades.

     Confederate Flag  

By which we mean the Confederate Battle Flag (the one with the blue X-shape bearing white stars on it against a red background), not the [1] stars-and-bars national flag of the Confederate States of America.

Anime and Manga
  • Gorgeousman from Ultimate Muscle wears the Confederate flag as his costume.

Live-Action TV

  • There's also a Captain Confederacy comic book. Knowing the independent comic landscape in the 80s, which is when it seemed to have been published, it's not unlikely that it came out only in America.

Professional Wrestling
  • "The Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers often has some Confederate pattern somewhere on whatever he is wearing.
  • Bubba Ray Dudley (now know as Bully Ray) wore one early in his career, with the explanation that he was the son of Big Daddy Dudley and a southern woman.
  • The Briscoes(who teamed with Bully Ray in ROH) often have a combination of the Confederate and Union flags, most memorably on Jay's "World" title belt.
  • Jessie Bell Smothers, usually, and sometimes Anabella Smothers too, them having a deep south gimmick.
  • TNA put Jacqueline in one, against someone's better judgement. Though it didn't last.

  • G.I. Joe H.A.V.O.C. driver Cross-Country toys, mainly sold in America, wear a confederate flag belt buckle. A later toy featured him in a Civil War Confederate jacket with the flag printed on the back, and the aforementioned belt buckle. In the first case, "Heritage, Not Hatred" is stitched under the flag to let you know he's not a complete lunatic. Both figures also sport grey Confederate kepi caps.

Video Games
  • The Confederacy in Starcraft had the Confederate flag applied to armor. Expanded universe content from the series shows they were big fans of putting it on everything, really.

Real Life
  • This trope is quite common in Real Life....in the American South.
  • The Confederate flag is known only as the Rebel Flag by many, thus associating with a general attitude of rebellion rather than the true history of its origin, leading to it being seen in places that were Northern states during the Civil War, places that weren't even part of the US during the Civil War, and even places that have never even been part of the US, such as Canada.
    • Rebel flag bikinis exist for Southern girls to wear down to the lake.


Real Life
  • The Danish flag (dannebrog) is for some reason considered more to be a general symbol of joy than a national symbol, leading to it being traditionally displayed in miniature on Christmas trees, birthday cakes and party accessories, and being waved obnoxiously in the face of friends returning from overseas in the airport.
  • Football brings out dannebrog facepaint, shirts, flags worn as capes and the ever-present red-and-white clapping cat.
  • It's also flown in pretty much every garden, with actual laws regulating when and how to fly it.

Web Comics

     Estonian Sinimustvalge  

Real Life

     European Union Star Halo 

Comic Books
  • In Nextwave, Elissa Bloodstone famously wore an EU t-shirt on one of the team's excursions, eventually causing her to say "Victim? Do you think this letter on my chest stands for America?!"

Western Animation
  • It is not a country, but this does not mean that no embarrassing nationalism exists, such as in the form of Captain Euro, who is in no way related to the infinitely manlier Captain America.

     German Bundesflagge  

Anime and Manga
  • Schwarz Bruder from Mobile Fighter G Gundam wears a mask with the color arrangement of the flag of Germany. Perhaps if he wore an American flag pattern instead, he wouldn't have died.

Web Comics

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Germans usually are not very fond of displaying flags and when they do it's usually regional or local flags, since the last time the country went through a craze of flags and national symbols, it ended up very badly for everyone. Except when the national football team is playing in an international competition. Then you see the three colors everywhere and on everything! It probably has been copied from football fans of other nations, like England or Brazil, who have been appearing in stadiums in their national colors for much longer. Germans see it as a way to support their team, having nothing to do with national pride.

     Israeli Star Of David 

Comic Books
  • Sabra, the national superhero of Israel in Marvel Comics, wears a Star of David-themed costume.

Real Life
  • The Israeli flag itself is an inversion - its design is based on the tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl. Rather than using a flag for clothing, they used clothing for a flag.

     Japanese Rising Sun 

Anime and Manga
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia Korea give suggestions for uses of the Japanese flag such as wearing it as a t-shirt.
  • Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs: The leader of the group has a headband with a red dot, like the Japanese flag. In the American version, it became a fireball, and a westerner (albeit an Englishman) became the supposed leader, because that's what we want to see in our American cartoons.
  • Hatabō from Osomatsu-kun has a miniature Japanese flag pinned to the top of his head.

Comic Books
  • Quick Kick, G.I. Joe's Japanese-Korean-American martial arts expert, often wore a Japanese flag headband in the comics.
  • Sunfire from Marvel Comics has had costumes inspired by the Japanese naval ensign (the version of the Japanese flag with the red rays extruding from the sun). The armor of his cousin, the Silver Samurai, also features a similar motif.
  • Hondo-City Judges in the Dreddverse wear white one-piece uniforms with a red circle on the chest, meant to evoke the Japanese flag.
  • Fuji of Stormwatch has a Japanese flag pattern painted on his face. Icons: The DC & Wildstorm art of Jim Lee shows that in the original concept for Stormwatch, the entire Multinational Team wore their flags on their faces.
  • Valiant Comics characters Bloodshot and Rai have nanites that turn their skin bright white with a red dot on their chest.
    • Rai takes it one step further with a red dot on his forehead and even further in the rebooted series with his chest emblazoned with a WWII-era Japanese flag.


  • Visual Kei arm bands with with a Rising Sun or Japanese Flag design are around, but I think they're actually sold more on sites that ship to America, or cater mainly to Americans, like Lolita Kisama. I made one with the rising sun and "Japan Land of The Rising Sun" written on it in Japanese.

Video Games
  • Samurai Goroh from F-Zero wears a Japanese flag on his head, as does his son Daigoro. Good to see he's taking fashion tips from me, in America.
  • In Super Mario RPG, boss character Boomer has a Japanese flag imprinted on his head for no conceivable reason besides his resemblance to a samurai, even in the American release.
  • Fatal Fury's Joe Higashi and The King of Fighters' Goro Daimon also wear Japanese flag headbands. In some artworks, Joe's bandanna has the kanji for flame instead of the Hinomaru.
  • Genji's Summer Games skin from Overwatch colors his body to resemble the Japanese flag, making him all white apart from a few red circles.

Web Animation
  • Homestar Runner: Pom Pom, when showing of his mastery of martial arts, suddenly acquires a Japanese flag headband.

Real Life
  • Soldiers often wore their nation's flag as headbands.
  • A headband with the rising sun seems to be a standard motif.
  • The launch version of the Honda Fit's trunk badge had the "I" dotted with a rising sun. When Honda launched the Fit in America it was changed to a blue dot to appease American buyers who wouldn't want to fly a foreign country's colors.
  • Japanese Bento lunches sometimes have an Umiboshi (A salty sour pickled plum) in the center of rice. It's there for two reasons, 1) Flavor, 2) It resembles the Japanese Flag. American lunchboxes have to make do with the occasional flag-frosted cupcake, usually available only around the Fourth of July.

     Korean Taegukgi  

Anime and Manga
  • Chijimiman from Kinnikuman wears the yin-yang center on his breastplate.

Professional Wrestling
  • Mia Yim has wrestled with the flag fastened to her shorts.

Video Games
  • Kim Kaphwan from King of Fighters has the yin and yang part on his uniform, while his student May Lee has it on her belt

     Mexican Tricolour  

Comic Books
  • DC Comics once introduced a bunch of international heroes in their Annuals one year, including three new Mexican heroes. Most of the heroes had their national flag as the background of their book's cover. Since it's illegal for anyone to use the Mexican flag in anything but an official capacity, DC had to change the cover of the book when it was released in Mexico.

Professional Wrestling

Western Animation
  • A car only appearing in the Mexican dub of Cars 2.

Real Life
  • There was a case in which Paulina Rubio, a pop singer, caused controversy because of a picture taken from her only covered with the flag.
  • Spanish Burger King restaurants promoted a "Texican burger" with a cowboy and some other guy dressed in a sarape with the Mexican flag on it.
  • Juan Escutia, one of the Niños Héroes, is often shown throwing himself from the Chapultepec Castle, wrapped in a Mexican flag to prevent the American troops from taking it.

     Norwegian Nordic Cross  

Live-Action TV
  • In Pushing Daisies, the Norwegian detectives have a SUV-based lab painted with the Norwegian flag, and always dress in jackets that make them look like they're members of the Norwegian Olympic Team. Disappointingly, the American detectives do not follow suit.

Real Life
  • In some American colleges run by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (largely populated by Norwegians), the Norwegian flag is flown on campus next to the American flag, and the bookstore features many items (including clothing) emblazoned with the Norwegian flag.
  • In Norway, strings of small paper Norwegian flags are a traditional Christmas-tree decoration.

     Flag of Puerto Rico  

Video Games
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, some civilians can be seen wearing shirts with the Puerto Rican flag design on them. This started a weird rumor from fans who didn't check their facts that Captain America was an unlockable character in the game.

Professional Wrestling
  • Wrestlers Eddie "Primo" Colon and Savio Vega both use ring gear designed from the flag. TNA's Homicide wears a bandana designed from the flag. Some wrestlers in Puerto Rican promotions have done this too, such as El Illegal Chicano in WWC and IWA. Though sometimes he opts to wear the flag itself instead.
  • Juan Fiero has both a singlet and mask patterned after the Puerto Rican flag.
  • Shane The Glamour Boy is Canadian but more likely to be seen wearing the Puerto Rican flag and sometimes even tells people he's from Puerto Rico.
  • Shawn Hernandez wears the Puerto Rican flag on his tights, which makes sense, seeing as he is Puerto Rican. What doesn't make sense is that Hernandez has a Mexican gimmick.(TNA is the culprit in that case)
  • Mercedes Martinez, sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly.
  • The Puerto Rican flag makes up half of Eddie Kingston's pants legs.
  • Black Rose mainly outside of Puerto Rico, as in WWC and IWA she sided with Dominican groups against the island.
  • Sensational Carlitos has a set of ring gear that is the basically the Puerto Rican flag from the neck down. His adversary, Mr. 450, has a very similar outfit.
  • Ivelisse Vélez's SHINE merchandise includes a shirt with the flag on it.

Real Life
  • A lot of Puerto Ricans from the island tend to wear clothes designed from the flag (bandanas, shirts, etc.).
  • Around June, and throughout Summer actually, in NYC expect a lot of flag wearing.

     Quebec Fleur-de-lis 

Video Games
  • In SSX Blur, Felix Levesque wears a hat with a strong Quebecois flag motif.

Real Life
  • Everywhere. The Québécois are extremely nationalistic, and Quebec flags are seen on articles of clothing (and everything else) pretty much all the time, but especially around the holiday of St-Jean-Baptiste (particularly as a Take That! to Canada).

     Soviet Red Banner 

Professional Wrestling
  • Nikolai Volkoff, who would also ask that you stand for his singing of the Soviet national anthem...not. He hated having to do that and is glad the union fell.
  • Colonel Ninotonchka in GLOW, until she left the USSR and moved to France.

Video Games
  • "Cold War" is one of the unlockable camouflage suits in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It's a combat suit with the entire front end painted in a Soviet flag while the back is covered with an American flag. The joke is that since the enemy soldiers are Russian, they will hesitate to shoot you when you're facing them with their flag showing, but will be more than happy to shoot as soon as you turn around and reveal the American flag. It may seem like a Joke Item at first, but it's actually useful in the rail-shooting portion of the game, especially if you're going for a Pacifist Run. There are also unlockable face paints of the flags of various countries, including the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union... In Soviet Russia! Though these face paints are actual Joke Items, as there are no in-game advantages to using them whatsoever.
  • In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, the Soviet Premier wears hammer and sickle boxers.
  • For some reason, Soviet heroes are EXTREMELY popular in City of Heroes; naturally, many wear the flag as a costume.

     Stars And Stripes  

Anime and Manga
  • Leonard Apollo in Eyeshield 21 wore an American flag tie during the NASA Aliens' game with the Deimon Devil Bats in Japan. He's such a dick that he probably only did it to rub it into the Japanese peoples' faces, especially considering how racist he was. It's sort of hard to believe that such a huge racist could have gotten so far in America.
  • Jackie Gudelhian in Future GPX Cyber Formula wears the American flag-patterned trunks in EP 5 of Double-One, when he is recuperating from a crash in the race he was in.
  • As noted above, this is a common occurrence in Kinnikuman, but this happens most often with American characters like The Rigany or Mr. American (whose mask has the flag pattern, making this another literal example).
  • In the Midori Days manga, foreign exchange student Lucy wears American flag underwear.
  • A member of the American team in Yakitate!! Japan was wearing an American flag themed bikini while on the deserted island.
  • Pictured above is Bandit Keith from Yu-Gi-Oh!. The abridged series takes this and provides both the page quote and the trope name.

Comic Books
  • Captain America's outfit is unsurprisingly based on the American flag. In Earth X, Cap wears an actual flag in place of his uniform shirt (he still seems to have the old pants). He's probably not in violation of the Flag Code anyway. President Osborn introduced a new, kinda ugly, flag.
  • There are dozens of other heroes with a flag motif to their costume, from Marvel's own Superpatriot, Defender, Jack Flagg, Free Spirit, Patriots I and II, the Spirit of '76, USAgent, etc, to DC's Commander and Citizen Steel (not to mention the original Steel), Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy, Agent Liberty, Major Victory, and Uncle Sam himself.
  • Supersoldier of the Amalgam Universe wears a Stars-and-Stripes suit somewhat similar to Captain America's, but exchanges the original shield with one bearing Superman's "S" emblem.
  • Nuke, a drug-fueled super-tough and utterly insane Super Soldier hired by the Kingpin to take out Daredevil, had the American flag tattooed on his face. He also took pills, red ones to rile him up, blue ones to bring him down, and white ones to sedate him completely. At one point, while flying in an airplane, he violently insisted on knowing whether the beer he was about to drink was brewed... in America.
  • Wonder Woman pretty much walks around in a star spangled bathing suit, even though she's technically not an American (if you could tie her by birth to any real-life nation, it would be Greece). In the original comic book, Diana's mom made her outfit based on the fact that she'd be returning Steve to the U.S. and remaining there to assist Allied military leaders fighting the Axis. In today's Retcon, Steve Trevor's mother crashlanded on Paradise Island in the 1940s, died helping the inhabitants and thus was a honored hero whose American Flag patch was considered in her personal crest. Furthermore, the God Ares had Steve Trevor manipulated to try to bomb the Amazons in part because he couldn't resist the irony of their great hero's son killing them. When Diana stopped the military pilot's attempt (which he tried to break off, but was attacked by his evil copilot) and saw his US Flag patch, she decided she had to go to the USA.
  • In Astro City, the Old Soldier is a benevolent spirit that has taken part in virtually every armed conflict the world has ever known, but he started appearing draped partially in the American flag in 1775 and has never been seen without it since. Even when his conscience has occasionally forced him to fight against American troops. There's also the All-American, an American football themed hero whose athletic uniform has a distinctive flag motif to it.
    • Recent issues introduced American Chibi, a Super-Deformed anime character come to life, who wears a stars and stripes design on her costume.
  • When Ronald Reagan appeared in Strontium Dog, it turned out his underwear was patterned with the American flag.
  • In The Dark Knight Returns, Ronald Reagan wears something akin to a priestly robe with a flag pattern.
  • In Judge Dredd, all American Judges have a Stars and Stripes pattern on their belt buckles. Judges in other areas have their own nationalistic variants.
  • Both the Superpatriot and Commander Capitalism, among others, in the larger Image Comics universe. Commander Capitalism probably deserves special mention: his entire costume is patterned exactly after the US flag. A field of 50 stars in the upper left and 13 stripes - anything else would just be un-American.
  • The cover to the first issue of Supreme Power shows the baby Hyperion wrapped in the American flag. It's much more sinister than it sounds.
  • Pug Davis has an American Flag on his spacesuit.
  • Garth Ennis' The Boys has an interesting anecdote on this trope;
    "Wee" Hughie: Brits just get a wee bit suspicious when folks start wavin' flags, you know?
    Mother's Milk: Don't blame 'em. Mattera fact, you might say the more you wave it, the less it means. Less you think about what it means. Start wrappin' shit up in it, wear it like some kinda goddamn suit...? Hell. Pretty soon, it don't mean nothin' at all.
  • In The DCU, Miss Liberty was a Revoloutionary War heroine who wore a costume modelled after the Star and Stripes, making her (in-universe) the earliest flag based costume adventurer.
  • When Norman Osborn founded The Dark Avengers he arranged to have plausible evil replacements for all major members of the original team to look legitimate to the public. Bullseye as the new Hawkeye, Venom as the new Spider-Man, Daken as the new Wolverine, and so forth. Unfortunately, Norman couldn't find suitable replacements for Captain America or Iron Man. Solution? Wear the Iron Man armor yourself, give it a new Red, White, and Blue paint job, and call yourself "Iron Patriot" as a Composite Character.
  • U.S.Avengers, in addition to a new Iron Patriot (Toni Ho) and a future version of Captain America (Dani Cage), introduced American Kaiju, a giant reptilian monster with a U.S. Flag on his chest.

  • Since she's Austin Powers' Distaff Counterpart in America, Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers in Goldmember drives the American version of the Shaguar: a Corvette with the Star-Spangled Banner painted all over it.
  • In Iron Man 3, War Machine has been repainted with the American flag, as well as rebranded Iron Patriot. Rhodes gets teased for this mercilessly.
    Tony: What, the red white and blue paint job was too subtle?
    Rhodes: It tested well with focus groups!
  • Napoleon Dynamite: You think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while Rex is wearing his stars-and-stripes pants? Forget about it!
  • Captain America: The First Avenger: In addition to Cap's uniform, the Chorus Girls in the USO show wear skimpy flag-based dresses.

  • Miss Militia in Worm wears an American-flag scarf as part of her costume.

Live-Action TV
  • Subverted on Top Gear, where the British presenters are offered an American flag themed motorcycle to drive should their own bikes break down. In Vietnam. Naturally, none of them wants it. Of course, being dumpy white men who only speak English, most of the natives probably assumed they were Americans anyway.
  • Parodied on The Daily Show:
    • Lampshaded by Aasif Mandvi. In this segment, involving a Muslim extremist group that sent death threats to Trey Parker and Matt Stone over depictions of Mohammed in an episode of South Park, Aasif, himself a Muslim, was upset over people using his faith as an excuse for violence.
    Aasif Mandvi: Well, A, it's just so 12th Century, and B, I don't like having to walk around wearing this suit.
    (Aasif turns around and shows a huge American flag appliqued to the back of his sports jacket.)
    Jon Stewart: Wow. You had to have a special suit made?
    Aasif Mandvi: No, it's a Tommy Hilfiger, but I had to buy it!
    • One of the commercials for the show had Jon mocking other news pundits for wearing little pins of the American flag in their lapels, saying they weren't taking their patriotism far enough. He then pulled off his shirt to show he'd stabbed one such pin deep into his chest.
    "Don't make me take off my pants."
  • Alex Wolff of The Naked Brothers Band.
  • In Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson wears a Stars and Stripes bandana.

  • Lady Gaga's video for 'Telephone.'
  • Keith Flint in The Prodigy's video for Firestarter.
  • Mika Todd wore stars and stripes often in her Mini Moni days, as she was the only one in the group who was born in America.
  • Tim Garbutt of Utah Saints wore a shirt with an American flag on it in the videos for "Believe In Me" and "I Want You."
  • A recurring symbol for Music/Flobots is a Stars and Stripes bandana worn around the neck.
  • Marina & the Diamonds wears a variety of Stars and Stripes clothing in the music clip for "Hollywood".


Professional Wrestling
  • Outside of competition, The Iron Sheik, who is otherwise a poster boy for Foreign Wrestling Heel, wears an American flag as a keffiyeh. Sabu has worn an American flag in place of his usual keffiyeh, despite the fact that he is usually billed from Bombay, India
  • Contrary to popular belief, Hulk Hogan did not normally wear the American flag. This picture and others like it are probably sources of the confusion. Also the fact that he used the guise of "Mr. America" for a Charlie Brown from Outta Town gimmick.
    • He did wear as an alternative to the red and yellow an all white outfit (rip away shirt, trunks, knee pads, and boots) with the shirt having Made in America and the flag printed on it.
  • Lex Luger and Kurt Angle have worn outfits based on the American flag. Justified with Angle. His pro wrestling look was based on his singlet from the 1996 Olympics, where he won a gold medal in wrestling for the United States.
  • WWE had a stable called the Un-Americans (Lance Storm, Christian, Test and William Regal), who wore an upside-down American flag as their logo to show how very not American they were.
  • Bryan Danielson, when it was decided he'd become a literal American Dragon in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
  • Consequences Creed, given that he is an expy of Apollo Creed.
  • "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna was seen wearing the Stars And Stripes during 2010 while she was in the USA. However, she's usually a Foreign Wrestling Heel.
  • Claudio Castagnoli would wear the Swiss flag, if any, in his ring gear designs but started taking up the stars and stripes after becoming WWE's United States Champion.
  • After turning face, Nikolai Volkoff took to wearing both the USSR and American flags on his jacket and tights.

Video Games
  • Ulysses, a mysterious character from Fallout: New Vegas, wears a duster with the Fallout setting's version of the Pre-War American flag on the back. By the end of Lonesome Road, the Courier is given a copy of Ulysses's duster as well as a duster of their own with the symbol of the faction that they choose to support for the official endgame. A Courier aligned with Mr. House will get a Courier's Duster with the same Old World flag, though it grants different bonuses from Ulysses's Duster despite looking identical.
  • In City of Heroes, Statesman apparently used to wear a US flag as his cape, but removed it to replace the American flag atop Paragon City Hall, and in respect to Hero 1. This is used as the in-game justification for why characters cannot wear a cape until they reach level 20 and do a specific mission to earn one.
  • Guile from the Street Fighter franchise has a tattoo of the American flag on both of his arms.note 
  • Candi Suxx from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City wears nothing more than a American flag themed bikini.
  • Tiffany from Rival Schools wears very revealing cheerleading outfits patterned after the American flag. Now that's the kind of girl we'd like cheer for... in America!
  • Metal Wolf Chaos has the stars and stripes as a color scheme. As if you're surprised.
  • The appropriately-named Patriot from Quake III: Arena wears a flag on his head literally. The fluff says he has an overly patriotic appearance basically to make fun of the time of humans still fighting each other.
  • Izzy Sparks from Guitar Hero has some outfits with the American flag on them.
  • One character in Day of the Tentacle wears a (slightly revamped) American Flag as a disguise.
  • In the Hitman games, Agent Smith wears American flag boxer shorts.
  • Elvis from Perfect Dark wears a vest with a Stars and Stripes pattern, which has his name printed on the back. The fact that he's a Grey alien doesn't seem to bother him at all.
  • Payday The Heist: Dallas the professional heister's mask. In Payday 2, you can make stars and stripes of different colors by using the mask crafting system and a Stars and Stripes mask pattern.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum has Bandit Keith, who identifies himself as the (former) American champion.
  • Clownpiece in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom has her costume based on the American flag as a giant middle finger to the lunarians, who have the Apollo missions as a bit of a sore spot. Which is why her danmaku is also made of stars and stripes. And the danmaku of the stage proceeding her. It's awesome.
  • In the Dead or Alive series, we have Tina and her father Bass Armstrong (himself a Hulk Hogan Expy), who frequently wear Old Glory printed somewhere on themselves. Tina in particular has no less than 5 different bikinis with the Stars 'n Stripes on them. Then there is Mila, a massive fan girl of Tina and Bass, who as such emulates them both in dress. This despite the fact that she is from Spain.
  • Overwatch: McCree's aptly named "American" skin from the Olympic Summer Games event changes his poncho (red by default) to one patterned like an American flag. It also changes his the text on his belt buckle from "BAMF" to "USA" and colors the rest of his outfit red, white and blue.

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation
  • On ¡Mucha Lucha!, Rikochet and his dad might be this (although whether it's a straight example is a bit unclear). However, given the single star on their costumes and the name of Rikochet's dad, their costumes could be Texas flags (see that section for more details).
  • Family Guy: In "Padre de Familia", Peter is overcome with intense American patriotism and wears a suit with a stars-and-stripes design.
    Stewie: My God, you look like the Statue of Liberty's pimp.

Real Life
  • When you're as American as Stephen Colbert, an American flag is the only clothing you need.
  • Abbie Hoffman wore American flag print shirts, something that got him beat up by policeman because "people died for that flag." When summoned to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee in October 1968, he was arrested for wearing said shirt. He later said "I only regret that I have but one shirt to give for my country." When Abbie wore the shirt for an interview on The Merv Griffin Show in 1970, Moral Guardians visually blurred out his image for the broadcast.
  • Poet Allen Ginsberg (author of Howl — "I saw the best minds of my generation," etc.) wore an Uncle Sam-style top hat as an outrageous protest back when it was considered disrespectful to wear the flag, thanks to Values Dissonance.
  • Amanda Tapping caused a small controversy by posing for a magazine wearing nothing but an American flag. Which is funny, considering that she's an English-born Canadian...in America! However, Rule of Sexy applies: Amanda Tapping is HOT.
  • Lord TNK made a comic showing off his cool flag designs, and they're all American flags.
  • Ke$ha's performance on SNL involved her wearing a sparkly American flag-patterned cape (in addition to another flag hanging off her mic stand).
  • In 2010 Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill kicked several students off campus for wearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo causing a national controversy.
  • And of course, American soldiers wear a shoulder patch depecting an American Flag. When worn on the right shoulder, the flag has to be "reversed" so that it looks like the flag is waving in the correct way when the soldier walks forward.
  • Old Navy stores in the US sell US flag t-shirts for five dollars each from March to July 4 every year. Generally the shirts feature an image of the flag with an Old Navy logo and the current year.
  • In international racing events, you will often see cars painted with American flag designs covering a goodly portion of the body, such as on the American run Ferraris in the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans, though, in that event, the French went with French flag colored Porshe 911s covering the whole car body, instead of just the sides.
  • Saba Ahmed, president and founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition, wore a hijab fashioned from an American flag scarf while on Fox News in November 2015. The artist Shepard Fairey created this iconic poster of Munira Ahmed wearing a U.S. flag as a hijab scarf in 2017, based on a photo by Ridwan Adhami.
  • Sports trunks with a Stars and Stripes motif are common in combat sports, particularly older Mixed Martial Arts fighters such as Don Fry and Butterbean.
  • The USA Olympic fencing team have taken it one step further by wearing a flag pattern on their faces.
  • Tea Party protesters often wear flag shirts, hats or capes, or paint their faces with it.
  • Keith Olbermann had himself photographed sitting on the floor draped in a huge U.S. flag for his The Resistance series. It's also on the cover of his latest book, Trump Is Fucking Crazy.
  • Conservative spokesmodel Tomi Lahren had a sort of American Flag Angel themed Halloween costume in 2017. Both she and Olbermann have caught a bit of flak over these choices.

     Texas Flag  

  • Willie Nelson has been quite fond of this. If he's not wearing a Texas bandanna, expect to see a Texas flag in the background while he's performing.

Video Games
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2:
    • Whenever you see General Carville, you'll see his "Don't Mess With Texas" flag mug.
    • In the opening cinematic, you see a highway sign emblazoned with the Texas Flag reminding drivers to "Drive Friendly, The Texas Way!" shortly before a Soviet tank runs it over. The sign, of course, is a real highway sign displayed at state border crossings.

Western Animation
  • ¡Mucha Lucha!: Rikochet's (and his father's) costume might be this. His costume is red, white, and blue, and his mask has a star. Granted, it might be an American flag, but given the fact that there's only one star on the entirety of the costume and the fact that his dad is named Lone Star (as in Texas, the Lone Star State), it's more likely to be this.

Real Life
  • Texas State Guard members wear Texas flags on their uniforms, which are otherwise identical to active military and National Guard uniforms. In the civilian world, this is sometimes misconstrued into a belief that soldiers from Texas wear the Texan flag patches instead of American flags.
  • Big Tex, the iconic (and huge) statue from the Texas State Fair, wears a button-up shirt patterned like the Texas Flag.
  • Many products in Texas have a Texas flag somewhere on them, although generally as a part of the design and not as THE design.
  • Really, you can find the Texas Flag all over the place if you look hard enough, although most Texans likely filter most of it out because it's always been that way, and thus, by its very nature, is not worth noticing. The filter lifts upon crossing state lines, so the humor can once again be appreciated when one encounters a sequined Texas flag handbag in a department store in Colorado!

     Union Flag 

Anime and Manga
  • Axis Powers Hetalia: In the artwork for the new version of Gauken Hetalia England is wearing a Union Jack T-shirt as part of his casual outift.
  • Once again in Kinnikuman we have The Jack, a minor, minor, minor choujin who failed to graduate from the Hercules Factory and literally wears the Union Flag over his entire head.
  • Yotsuba of Sister Princess, being British born, sometimes wears articles of clothing with the Union Flag design on them.
  • In Kiniro Mosaic, Karen wears a Union flag blazer as part of her Custom Uniform.

Comic Books
  • Captain Britain. Sure his outfit hasn't always been a perfect Union Jack design, but it's meant to invoke the image. In the Captain Britain and MI13 series, after dying, the good Captain is resurrected by Merlin - who pulls his body together out of British flags, in order that he be one symbol representing many, like the flag itself. His sister, Psylocke, also wears a similar outfit during her brief time as Captain Britain.
  • Union Jack, as the name suggests, even more so. Union Jack was in The Invaders, with Captain America.
  • Jenny Sparks of The Authority wears a Union Flag T-shirt. In America.
  • Brit-Cit Judges in Judge Dredd wear a uniform which is mostly the same as those of the Mega-Cities, except the Stars and Stripes belt buckle is replaced by one with a Union Jack. (And the shoulder eagle becomes a lion.)
  • The Elseworlds tale Superman: True Brit told the story of Superman had he landed in the UK rather than America. Colin Clark dons a costume featuring the Union Jack on the chest - and his signature S symbol in the center. At the end of the story he emigrates to America and adopts the suit we're all familiar with.
  • Superman villain Manchester Black (being a Gender Flipped Take That! at Jenny Sparks) always wore a Union Flag shirt under his trench coat. The New 52 incarnation has it tattooed on his chest.
  • The British comic Warlord featured a character known as 'Union Jack' Jackson, a Royal Marine attached to the USMC during the Pacific campaign of World War II. Although he usually wore the same uniform as the Americans, he had a Union flag painted on the front of his helmet (many of the Yanks had the Stars and Stripes emblazoned on theirs, for some reason).

Fan Fiction
  • In Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, Noami wears knickers with a British flag on them, which she shows to Dark to prove that she's British.
  • Paul briefly puts a Union Jack on his illusory T-shirt in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World and starts singing “God Save The Queen” while he and George are larking about to annoy Spectrem.

  • Austin Powers' Shaguar and his Union Flag knickers.
  • There is a Finnish James Bond parody where Bond (played by Heikki Kahila who is better known as a newscaster and unknown in America) is wearing Union Jack underpants.
  • The opening action sequence of The Spy Who Loved Me ended with James Bond deploying a Union Flag parachute. It's with that scene that Bond turned from a popular character who just happened to be British to a national British icon.
  • Nigel Gearsley from Cars 2.

Live-Action TV
  • Rose's Union Flag T-shirt in Doctor Who episodes "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances,". Rose ends up hanging from a barrage balloon in the middle of a German air raid and notes that it perhaps wasn't such a good idea.
  • Amanda Holden wore a gorgeous dress mimicking the Union Jack to the finale of the 2008 Britain's Got Talent, as well as Geri Halliwell.
  • Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild wears Union Jack undies.
  • Joey in Friends buys a Union Flag top hat from a souvenir stand in London. The seller tells him that all real Brits wear them. When Chandler asks why he doesn't see anybody else with one on, the man tells him that they're all tourists. Joey seems to accept this.
  • Mason from Dead Like Me has boxer shorts with the Union Jack on the backside.
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor of The Goodies often wore the flag not only as a waistcoat but flag boxers too.
  • CeCe Jones of Shake It Up! (an American from Chicago) is fond of wearing the Union Jack on everything from jackets to karate uniforms.
  • Apparently, Disney Channel likes this trope. Throughout the run of Lizzie McGuire, Miranda very frequently has the British flag on some piece of apparel she's wearing.

  • The Union Jack became somewhat of a symbol of the band Def Leppard thanks to some iconic clothing worn in their early music videos back when MTV actually showed videos. Funny how at that time the band wasn't very popular in their home country of Britain, but they topped the charts...in America.
  • During the Tribute to Freddy Mercury concert in 1991 Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses wore a Union Jacket. His Guilty Gear British counterpart Axl Low wears a Union Jack shirt.
  • Noel Gallagher has an Epiphone Supernova electric/acoustic with the Union Jack design.
  • Singer Lauren Bennett wore a silver and glittery Union Jack swimsuit during the Party Rock Anthem.
  • Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls was famous for wearing a Union Jack dress to the 1997 BRIT Awards. Naturally, during their reunion in 2007 it was the dress she wore for the concert.

Professional Wrestling
  • The British Bulldog (real name Davey Boy Smith) usually wore the Union Jack on his tights.
  • The former Pandora Miss Rachel often wrestles with a Union flag singlet, although its also often black.
  • In Progress Wrestling Zack Sabre Jr has The Union Jack on his trunks.
    • Flash Morgan Webster wears a shirt with with the Union Jack on it as part of his entrance.

  • In The Goon Show (China Story), Neddie Seagoon comments: "As I walked the streets, people seemed to know I was British. Was it my bearing? The cut of my denture? Or was it the six-foot floodlit Union Jack wrapped round my head?"

Video Games
  • Doug Swallow was said to wear a shirt with this design in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, a game that's available in America. Phoenix testified that he was wearing the shirt, but when Doug was killed he was wearing a jacket that covered the shirt. It became a bit of a problem for the case.
  • In City of Heroes, the legendary Hero One wore this flag as a cape.
  • Steve Fox from the Tekken games, as an Englishman, has one costume featuring Union Flag trunks.
  • In SSX 3, Brit Moby Jones' default costume has him wearing a shirt with a dicolored Union Jack on it... and one of his helmets displays the Jolly Roger. But no American flags. One of his later costume options has him shirtless, revealing a giant Union Flag pattern tattooed on his entire upper body. That's one patriotic guy. And a tough one, too; it takes a real man to brave the tundra of Alaska, which is in America, without a shirt on just to show your national pride.
  • Billy Kane wore overalls with a Union Jack on them in the original Fatal Fury (and KoF'95), and a sleeveless Union Jack shirt in Fatal Fury 2/Special.
  • Axl Low of Guilty Gear wears a Union Jack shirt.
  • The Hero in Fable wears Union Flag underpants.
  • In the first Guitar Hero game, Johnny Napalm wore a sleeveless shirt whose space was taken up by one half of the Union Jack.
  • Bandit Kieth's medieval incarnation appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists Of The Roses with his signature bandanna replaced by a Union Jack, 300 years before the union of the crowns.
  • In The Darkness 2, the Darkling wears a Union Jack jacket.

Web Comics

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Mad Mod, the recurring Evil Brit villain on Teen Titans.
  • On Phineas and Ferb, British-American Ferb has the Union Jack on one of his shirts (seen in "The Baljeatles"), as well as his skateboard ("Picture This"). He also gets one in the background of his Rousing Speech in "The Lizard Whisperer" when a truck with the image coincidentally stops behind him.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: The character Euro-Trish is a conglomeration of European stereotypes, and she has a Union Jack t-shirt.
  • In Superman vs. the Elite, Manchester Black has a large Union Jack tattoo that covers most of his torso.
  • In Mucha Lucha, when trying to pick a theme for a new Luchador via throwing a dart at a wheel with various themes on it, the dart misses the wheel completely and ends up hitting a globe, sticking into England. They decide to just go with that and naturally the new wrestler both has a Union Jack on his costume and even goes by the name Union Jack.

Real Life
  • This flag design originated from a poll to design a version of the flag with a dragon on it to represent Wales; clearly the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fan-base got hold of it.
  • Union Jacks are connected to the British Punk movement and Mod styles in America, so it's considered fashionable in some groups.
  • Most Fook Mi and Fook Yu cosplayers including Yaya Han worn a Union Flag belt buckle.
  • Old Mini Coopers with white roofs were and are still fit with aftermarket Union Flag decals on top, making the car practically wear a flag on its head. The new Mini can be ordered with a factory-fit Union Flag.
  • like most national flags, the Union Flag flown upside-down is a distress signal at sea. The problem is that this is a fairly subtle distinction, involving the width of the diagonal white stripes, and most people wouldn’t recognise it if they saw it
  • note that the Union Flag and the red-on-white Cross of St George denote the UK and England, respectively. The St George’s Cross was rarely seen until recently, but it is making a definite comeback.

    Spanish Rojigualda 

Video Games
  • In Punch-Out!!, boxer Don Flamenco wears shorts with the colors of the Spanish flag, though inverted.

Western Animation
  • Miguel Camino from Cars wears what seems to be a Miró design with the colors of the Spanish flag.


Comic Books
  • In New 52 Stormwatch, Jenny Quantum, Singaporean successor to the Union-Flag-wearing Jenny Sparks, wears a hoodie with the crescent-and-stars.
    • Hilariously enough, this is actually illegal in Singapore.
      • Actually, if you read closely, she could, conceivably, with no change to the laws, do superhero work in Singapore between the start of July and the end of September with no problem.

Live-Action TV
  • In A Bit of Fry and Laurie's "Treaty of Westphalia" sketch, the characters representing England, Sweden, and France all wear badges depicting their flags. Hugh Laurie's France wears the Tricolore in a bit of Anachronism Stew.

Professional Wrestling
  • Batista has the Philippine and Greek flags tattooed on his left biceps, as a tribute to his mixed heritage.

Web Comics
  • In Arthur, King of Time and Space, British characters in the space arc wear badges of their flag if they're a king, or their leige's flag otherwise (usually Arthur, but there are exceptions; Mark's retainers all wear the standard of the Duke of Cornwall, as do Guenevere and Lancelot when they're exiled from court and taken in by Tristram and Isolde.) The Pendragon flag is green and red quarters, a simplification of one of the traditonal arms of Arthur, which quarters the Virgin Mary on a green field with three crowns on a red field. In the baseline arc, Arthur is also shown wearing a tabard in these colours when he was a squire.
  • Everyone in Scandinavia and the World wears their flag as a shirt. Except North Korea, who appears draped entirely in his/her(?) flag, leaving only a pair of eyeballs visible.
  • Same applies to everyone in Flagland, seeing as they are all countries.
  • Also in Polandball, where everyone is a ball with their nation's colors.
  • In Baskets of Guts, this overlaps with Goofy Print Underwear: Rikleeno's underpants are dotted with bourbon lilies.

Video Games
  • In the WWE series, most recently WWE 2K14, the creations mode, including custom championship, allow the option of importing any flag of any country on it.
  • Many characters in Overwatch gained a skin to the color of their country of origin with the Summer Games event. Widowmaker got the French flag, Torbjorn the Swedish one, Mercy the Swiss, etc...

Western Animation
  • Francesco Bernoulli, Raoul Caroule, and Rip Clutchgoneski from Cars 2.
  • Captain Lichtenstein of the All-Captains Squad in The Super Hero Squad Show.
  • Unstable Fables: Crystal Tortoise doesn't wear a flag on her head, but her top and skirt are covered in flags from almost every nation in the world.

Real Life
  • National cycling champions usually wear their flag on their shirt during competitions, except for world championships and olympics. Their flag jerseys are customized to match the team's sponsors, and sometimes their colors too.
  • Legend has it that the Austrian red-white-red flag was invented after Duke Leopold V of Austria came home from a particularly bloody battle, his previously white shirt now all red except for where his belt had been. He immediately declared his outfit's new colour scheme to be the new flag.
  • South American presidents love their presidential sashes, which are generally decorated with color schemes similar to those of their national flag. Many of the pictures on That Other Wiki depict the presidents wearing these sashes along with dress uniforms or other formal attire.
  • During and after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, you could see women wearing hijab, niqab and khmar with Egyptian flag designs.
  • At the 1994 inauguration of South Africa President Nelson Mandela, he was introduced by two imbongi, tribal praise poets. The younger imbongi, Zolani Mkiva, (see him here), had two South African flags on his traditional headdress.