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Wrestling: Sara Del Rey

Sara Amato (b. 1980 in Martinez, California) is an American Professional Wrestler, manager and trainer who is better known as Sara Del Rey. She started as Nikki with All Pro Wrestling in Hayward in 2001, before going to work for the Japanese ARSION promotion. She worked for various promotions in the U.S., Mexico and in Japan, including appearing on the first ever SHIMMER show. Along with SHIMMER, she is best known for her work in Ring of Honor and CHIKARA. She has also competed for Wrestling Society X, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and did two house show (non-televised event) matches for TNA, one in 2009 and one in 2010. Among her in-ring achievements, she was an Impact Zone Wrestling Women's Champion, the first ever SHIMMER Champion and a 1x SHIMMER Tag Team Champion with Courtney Rush as the Queens of Winning, the only Canadian Wrestling Revolution Women's Champion, a Pure Wrestling Association Tag Team Champion with Juan Ortiz, a 1x Pro Wrestling SUN Champion and Remix Pro Wrestling's first Women's Champion. She is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world today regardless of gender. She is currently working as a trainer for WWE.

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"Here's your chance to trope wrestling royalty!"

  • Action Girl -> Dark Action Girl -> Action Girl: By way of the turns wrestlers tend to go through. She was especially on the dark side during Chikara, making lots of firsts for females in the organization despite being(or perhaps because of being) a ruda.
  • All American Face: As the American Angel, Mexico not withstanding
  • Amazonian Beauty: Played up after she was unmasked by Tsunami in LLF, well before then too but just more so afterwards. Larry Sweeney was also of this opinion in ROH. Del Rey herself discourages this view.
  • Arch-Enemy
    • Originally Daizee Haze in JAPW and Ring of Honor but then they teamed up and it became everyone in CHIKARA during their BDK run. Her last feud in CHIKARA was with the Batiri.
    • The Canadian Ninjas in SHIMMER, Portia Perez in particular, who faced Sara regularly in 2CW. American Angel has also had run ins with X-Tasis. She got along a little better with them in the NWA, ROH and AAW. A little.
    • However, her most hated enemy is Cheerleader Melissa, who doesn't overshadow all others only because the feeling is not mutual to Melissa, she just insults and assaults people out of habit. Still, Melissa has acknowledged Sara Del Rey is more that "just" another opponent. Even when Del Rey wasn't around, Nikki was fighting Melissa. When Melissa wasn't around, Del Rey was fighting Raisha Saeed and Alissa Flash. It had looked like American Angel had learned to tolerate her in 2006 after hostilities lead to two "draws" under the APW banner but the "truce" wouldn't last. Haily Hatred would later almost force another in Jersey All Pro Wrestling by attacking them both during Melissa's second JAPW title shot.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Sara Del Rey is better than you and if you think otherwise, come to the gym or better yet try stepping in the ring with her. She's so much better than you she can beat you after giving you a free move. Bottom position nothing! She'll beat you on her back.
  • Ass Kicks You: Hip attacks and the running butt-to-the-head spot done by Umaga in WWE has in the past been a regular feature of her offense.
  • Badass: Trained by Bryan Danielson, defeated Claudio Castagnoli and and beat the crap out of Jakob Hammermeier. She pinned Tim Donst to win the 2011 Torneo Cibernetico, making her the first and so far only woman to do so. Earlier in the same match, she pinned the BDK's monster Tursas. Past opponents such as Chuck Taylor, who she also defeated, have put her over on commentary for being this.
    • Badass Boast: Claims to know one million different submission holds.
  • Bash Brothers and Sisters: Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Daizee Haze, Madison Eagles, Saturyne, Courtney Rush
  • Bare Your Midriff: Has a blue and white outfit that bears half of her midriff. One of her American Angel outfits bared the sides of her midriff. Another bared all but a small portion of the front of it.
  • Braids of Action: Nic Grimes had them popping out the top of her mask
  • Break the Haughty: Defeated Claudio Castagnoli, leading to her getting kicked out of the BDK.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Her match with Sojournor Bolt to determine who would be the first Remix Pro Wrestling Women's champion spilled to the outside, where Sara Del Rey inquired among the fans who wanted to see Bolt next as she kicked and chopped Bolt around. One fan even held up a replica title belt for Del Rey to throw Bolt into but Bolt reversed the whip, so Sara hit it instead.
  • Cameo: A blink and you miss it one on Total Divas, of all things.
  • Combat Commentator: For German Stampede Wrestling and SHINE
  • Crowd Song: During her match against Kellie Skater at PWA Queensland's December 20, 2008 show, at one point some people in the crowd started singing (a la Taz in ECW or Samoa Joe in TNA), "Sara's gonna kill you, Sara's gonna kill you!" She's gotten that song in SHIMMER and CHIKARA too. The ROH bots sung the very Tazish "fuck her up Sara fuck her up!" at her when 21st Century Fox had visited for a night.
  • Curbstomp Battle: In the winter of 2010, Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze were demanding more competition from Ring Of Honor, who had been pitting them and the rest of the roster against OVW wrestlers. After being given another match with Taeler Hendrix, Del Rey scoffed and picked her apart, only relenting to let Hendrix get an open shot, which Del Rey no sold. She then stretched and choked Hendrix until Hendrix couldn't even attempt to get a shoulder up.
  • David Versus Goliath: One of several Goliaths Absolute Intense Wrestling threw at its women's champion Angel Dust. This has less to do with Del Rey being exceptionally large, though her 155-160 lb range makes Del Rey bigger than the average wrestler, and more to do with the fact Angel Dust weighed in at 90 lbs, small even by non athlete standards.note 
  • Defeat by Modesty: She and Eddie Edwards faced Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis at ROH Boiling Point on August 11, 2012. Edwards scored the win for his team by forcing Bennett to submit. Meanwhile, Sara had chased Maria under the mat and emerged with Maria's clothes.
  • Defeat Means Friendship
    • Sara's "earned" the friendship of Christina Von Eerie after beating her at SHIMMER Volume 38, though she seems to oblivious to the idea Von Eerie enjoys her company. Christina isn't oblivious to the fact Sara is not an enthusiastic friend but is mistakenly convinced she gained Del Rey's respect after successfully defending the Alternative Wrestling Show Women's title and then beating Del Rey by count out at SHIMMER Volume 37. (what Von Eerie gained was a small bit of sympathy)
    Sara Del Rey: "She's delirious. I think I kicked her too hard."
    • Saturyne became her fangirl after losing to Del Rey at CHIKARA Caught in the Spider's Den and CHIKARA Aniversario: A Horse of Another Color
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Prior to the tournament to crown the first SHIMMER Champion, she had only suffered one loss during her run there, to Mercedes Martinez on Volume 8, October 22, 2006. She won the title on June 2, 2007 and would hold it for 10 months, losing it to MsChif on April 26, 2008.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To her trainer, Bryan Danielson. During her and Saturyne's match against the Batiri at Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur, June 2, 2012, her kicks sparked the same "YES!" chants that Daniel Bryan's do in WWE.
  • Enemy Mine
    • Put aside her differences with rival Amazing Kong to destroy MsChif, whom she had multiple unsuccessful run ins with and lost the SHIMMER title to. They eventually became tag team "Death Kongs". When Cheerleader Melissa decided to stand with MsChif against them, this lead to her rival, Wesna, joining up with the Death Kongs. Fortunately for the rest of the roster, that trio was short lived.
    • Attempted when she tried to recruit her SHIMMER rivals as a new partner after being disowned by Allison Danger, though all but Cheerleader Melissa, who apologetically mentioned a prior engagement, basically said "piss off".
    • She previously derided Serena Deeb as not being worth her time, but recruited her for help against Daizee Haze for Ring Of Honor's 2010 Final Battle after Del Rey and Haze wrestled to a time limit draw on ROH's HD Net show.
  • Evil Foreigner: Of course American Angel did have a Mexican supporter in Chacala but not many beyond her. She lost Chacala's support after becoming a technica though.
  • Excessive Evil Eye Shadow: During her "Death Ray" runs
  • Facial Markings: As "Death Rey" she sometimes seemed to have painted on another set of eyebrows. Part of it seemed to be a riff on Cheerleader Melissa's eyeshadow, especially since Del Rey and Kong's patterns vaguely matched Melissa and MsChif's.
  • Fingore
    • On SHIMMER Volume 35, Del Rey set out to disable Rachel Summerlynn's digits
    • At RPW Throwdown for the Pound 5: Royal Battle, Sojournor Bolt made the mistake of accepting a test of strength challenge from Del Rey, which not only resulted in her fingers being squeezed, but stamped on.
  • Finishing Move: Royal Butterfly, Piledriver, Omoplata (AKA, Lebell Lock, AKA Key Locked Arm Submission)
    • Combination Attack: In the Death Kongs, Sara would "splash" opponents by being implant busted by Amazing Kong, usually finishing the opponent while leaving Sara no worse for wear. (Well, Del Rey has frustrated Kong with her ability to kick out of that move...)
  • Foreshadowing: At Cibernetico Increible, October 18, 2009, she and Daizee Haze cut a promo in which Daizee talked about how she didn't want "to be treated like a little lady" and how she and Sara were better than the guys, naming Eddie Kingston, Ophidian, Brodie Lee and Green Ant. Sara said, "There's something going on that I think we might be perfect for." That "something" turned out to be the BDK, which formed at the end of the 2009 Season Finale Three-Fisted Tales on November 22nd, and they took part in the big riot that marked its formation, attacking whoever they could find.
  • Hard Head: Before she really became established as a technician or a striker, her head was a central part of Del Rey's offense. She has tried to out hard head Manami Toyota. Sara Del Rey never stopped being hard headed either, she just greatly expanded her repertoire to the point she does not rely on the being so as frequently.
  • The Hostess: Of the weekly "Throwdown Lowdown" segment on CHIKARA's YouTube channel, which were clips showcasing great moves from different CHIKARA shows. As a heel in the BDK, she also hosted their weekly segment, the "VDK".
  • I Can't Dance: Before her match with Courtney Rush on SHIMMER Volume 44, Courtney tried to get Sara to do a dance-off, complete with CHIKARA's own Bryce Remsburg as the referee and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" playing.note  Sara says, "I don't know how." Courtney proceeds to do some bad dancing, which must have sparked some kind of Berserk Button for Sara, since she SCREAMS and just gives Courtney a big boot that sends her down to the mat.
  • Improvised Weapon: In ROH, the Kings Of Wrestling came up with a metal elbow pad to give Sara an edge over Amazing Kong.
  • It's All About Me
    • And this is why she, Kong (and Wesna) were doomed to split. She had no real interest in supporting either of them as champion and lacked the drive for a prolonged chase after tag team champions Ashley Lane and Nevaeh.
    • Reached absurd levels at SHIMMER Volume 47, where she revealed she did not even know Lane and Nevaeh had lost belts or that her frequent opponents Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez operated as team while trying to convince Matthews to be her partner.
    • At nCw Femme Fatales IX, she refused to help Courtney against the Mid West Militia. Fine, she didn't want to turn down a shot at the International Championship but then the Canadian Ninjas demanded a they get their shot at Death Rush's SHIMMER titles that very night and Del Rey walked out on Rush, forcing her to fight both at once. Sara was just going to forfeit the belts but referee Bryce Remsburg refused to let them change hands without a match first. Sara would get her's though, as Courtney Rush ended up being the one between them to win the nCw Femme Fatales International Championship down the road.(though WWE scooping up Del Rey is probably the real reason that happened)
  • Kick Chick: Uses a wide assortment of kicks. The Koppu kick is one of her trademarks, she also uses roundhouse kicks, a running push kick and occasionally an axe kick to the crown of the head.
  • Kick the Dog: Let's just say Del Rey didn't approve of Allison Danger's other tag team partner in SHIMMER and made Leva Bates feel it.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Or rather suplex them while they are limp. Del Rey is strong enough that the mere setup for the royal butterfly is a potential submission hold to a lot of her opponents, and she's content to keep it wrenched in until they pass up and then toss them, even when just doing it quickly would have won the match anyway. She isn't above the traditional meaning of the phrase either.
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: Off set, loves cats. On set, has little time for the animal or wrestlers themed after it such as Puma, Fighting Cheetah Rie Tamada, Cat Power Hailey Rogers or Super Shisa. She was a partner of Lince Dorado and seemed to get along okay with La Malcriada at least.
  • Lonely at the Top: Subverted, according to remix pro, the gym, where she spends all her time, is where she ran into Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli.
  • Masked Luchador: What her American Angel gimmick started off as, a silver blue and pink mask shaped like a star while wrestling in Mexico. Also in Wrestling Society X, to mask the fact she was not really Vic Grimes's sister. Also known for teaming with one, Saturyne.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Sara Del Rey's on set interviews tend to be about snapping joints and knocking people unconscious, even as the "good guy", to say nothing of her Death Rey runs. She has a reputation for being a good sport with the fans though, enduring the abuse and sarcasm thrown by the ROH bots with a smile.
  • Meganekko: She's quite beautiful without glasses on, but whenever she puts them on...
  • Mini Dress Of Power: Sort of, because that was not likely the intended image. American Angel had skirt tassels hanging off the back of her trunks (like a flag, get it?)
  • Nicknaming the Enemy: The Minnesota Homely Wrecking Crew
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Usually, there are exceptions such as was when she admitted to being a fan of April Hunter, though they were both managed by Gorgeous Gary Garvin in United States Championship Wrestling and so it took awhile for them to become nemeses (they had fought in ARSION and Pro Wrestling Unscripted too but in tag matches where Ai Fujita and PWU Women's Champion Annie Social were Del Rey's main concerns)
  • Perpetual Frowner: For much of her JAPW Women's championship run. Commentators speculated that it had to do with a couple of canker sores. That wasn't the first time she went through such a phase though, an image of a frowning face has been incorporated into her ring gear. Also, her face paint often made her look this way, and which made it all the more off putting when she really scowled while wearing it.
  • Power Stable
    • Larry Sweeney's Sweet 'n' Sour Inc.
    • Die Brüderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK) (with Ares, Tursas, Claudio Castagnoli, Daizee Haze, Pinkie Sanchez, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, Delirious, Derek Sabato, Jakob Hammermeier, and Dieter Von Steigerwalt [Hydra]).
  • Power Trio: The Kings Of Wrestling with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli.
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses
    • On the July 28, 2012 episode of ROH TV, there was a clip of Sara attacking Maria during a brawl between Eddie Edwards and Mike Bennett. This cut to an Edwards promo where he said that he could do anything he wanted to Mike Bennett but he couldn't put his hands on Maria, so he got someone who could. Sara walked into the scene and called Maria "disgusting. You worry about your hair and your nails when a real woman would break you in half." (See Defeat By Modesty above.)
    • In Ring Of Honor, she rejected Larry Sweeney's offer to groom her for a WWE contract because she was not a "diva". (Off camera, Sara had applied to WWE but was not accepted, for whatever reason).
    • Death Rey subjected XFC cage doll dancer (and former queen of FCW) Angela Fong to an extended squash to prove models can't be wrestlers, at least not good ones. Sara had no problems tagging with Santana Garret, the model, before that incident but later became dismissive of her too, demanding Jazz after pinning Garret at Evolve.
  • Red Baroness: "The Queen of Wrestling", "Death Rey"
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: She tosses you in butterfly formation. She earned that title "Queen" by proving herself to the Kings Of Wrestling, so its to be expected. (if you want to get cute, you could suggest her name roughly translates to "descended from a king" but she'd rather you didn't, she earned that title.)
  • Shout-Out: Besides Bryan Danielson's, The Kings Of Wrestling and BDK themes, she's also came out to "Boss Of The World" (Bull Nakano's Theme)
  • Signature Move: Used to be a power bomb, which was considered an outdated move when she started. She later became known for mixing various holds and chokes with a gory special as well as a bridging fall away slam.
  • Straight Man: Striving to be calm collected and always serious Del Rey was very much so to the hyperactive and gleefully optimistic Courtney Rush, whom Sara did not even like very much, except for the fact Rush was always stroking her ego.
  • Tag Team:
  • The Comically Serious: Sara Del Rey is so serious she at times loops back right around into comical. Even in atmospheres known for their stoicism such as Japanese ARSION and Zero 1 and especially in SHIMMER against the likes of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, Regeneration X and The Canadian Ninjas.
  • The Rival
    • While Del Rey was the SHIMMER Champion, Amazing Kong was the NWA Women's World Champion and both tried unsuccessfully to take each other's belts. Belts they both lost to a certain screaming banshee...
    • Sara finally got that elusive one on one victory over MsChif she had been trying to get for at least six years at Ring Of Honor's ninth anniversary but even then, her issues with MsChif were not quite finished.
    • She and Josie indirectly in Remix Pro Wrestling, as they were the two most seen women in the company but rarely encountered each other up until it was time to crown a women's champion. Incidentally, the crowds didn't like either of them at first but warmed up to Sara Del Rey over time while Josie was corrupted by the "Anti Heroes". They also traded wins in OVW and Ring of Honor, Josie winning in the former and Del Rey in the latter.
  • Token Evil Teammate: CHIKARA King of Trios 2010, Night I, April 23, 2010 was supposed to have featured a match between Team Mexico (Skayde/Turbo/El Valiente) and the BDK team of Claudio Castagnoli, Ares and Tursas. Team Mexico didn't appear due to El Valiente getting double booked and wrestling on the CMLL show instead. Skayde apparently tried to hold up CHIKARA for more money, leading to the company cutting all ties with him. Names were drawn out of a hat for a replacement team. The first names were Well Dunn, but, sadly, Steve Dunn had passed away a year earlier. Then they drew Strike Force, who were not there. Then they drew CHIKARA regulars the Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian), who, of course, were there and came out to the cheers of the crowd. Then Sara's name was drawn, meaning the Portal was teamed with a BDK member against three BDK members. During the match, Sara broke up the Ophidian Death Grip on Claudio by kicking Ophidian low. She couldn't be DQ'd because it was her own partner. The BDK won, of course, with Ophidian taking the Ragnarok for the pin.
  • Tomboy: Has said that she was this when she was young.
  • Tournament Arc
    • She had already been in several but Liberty State Pro Wrestling's Iron Girls 2 was one of the first she managed to win by defeating Alexxis in the finals
    • Won the tournament to crown the first Canadian Wrestling Revolution Women's Champion when she beat Danyah in the finals.
    • The Ohio Championship Wrestling's Ladies Night tournament final was a three way where Sara Del Rey outlasted ODB and Allison Danger.
    • Then there was SHIMMER, where she managed to overcome the antics of The Lovely Lacey after four rounds to become the first singles champion
    • La Copa LLF 2006 ended on a low note when American Angel defeated Lady Apache.
  • Underestimating Badassery: While the Canadian Wrestling Revolution women's champion, she announced she would be defending against a "hardcore legend", someone named LuFisto, and boasted about how easy it would be. While Del Rey did not drop the belt, she's never had a title defense against the hardcore legend that anyone would call "easy". LuFisto would go on to spoil Del Rey's chances at being the first nCw Femme Fatales International Champion.
  • Unnecessary Roughness: At A World of Comforting Illusions, Incoherence (Hallowicked and Frightmare) defeated Sara and Daizee by DQ for this reason after Sara piledrove Frightmare four times without bothering to go for a cover. This is also why the Death Kongs were unable to win the SHIMMER tag team championships, they were too interested with hurting people to let disqualifications stop them.
  • Unrelated Sister: To Vic Grimes in Wrestling Society X, as "Nic Grimes."
  • Ur Example: Besides the SHIMMER and Remix Championships, Del Rey was also the first woman to hold a Pure Wrestling Association tag team title and was the first and only JAPW women's champion, successfully defending the belt for at least three years until training WWE superstars seemed to get in the way of title defenses.
  • Wearing A Flag As Wrestling Attire: In her All American Face role in SHIMMER in 2007.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Tsunami and American Angel started out as a ruda tag team before Tsunami took up the ways of a technica. Unmasked American Angel would eventually become a technica herself but Tsunami went back to being a ruda by then so they were still at odds.
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