The Ace

"No matter what scars you bear
Whatever uniform you wear
You can fight like a krogan
Run like a leopard
But you'll never be better than Commander Shepard!"

The Ace is someone who is ridiculously good at what they do, whatever that happens to be, and everyone knows it. People look up to them, envy them, and are in awe of them. He or she has a reputation for doing the impossible, and may be Shrouded in Myth, as people are unable to separate their real accomplishments from unfounded rumors.

In a work revolving around a specific activity, any kind of Serious Business, the Ace will be the best at it. Other characters may refer to the Ace as "the best of the best" at this activity. In works lacking that sort of focus, they'll probably be extremely talented at everything.

The Ace is rarely The Protagonist, typically acting as the living embodiment of Always Someone Better. They'll drive the protagonist to greater efforts either out of envy or by inspiring them. As such, if they're a main character, expect them to be either The Rival or The Mentor. If they're a minor but reoccurring character, then they'll almost certainly be Hero of Another Story.

However, The Hero typically evolves into an Ace by the end of their story by virtue of having the most potential to unlock. By the time this happens the original Ace will likely be hit by The Worf Effect a few times or both will be standing on equal ground. However, The Hero starting the story as an Ace is not unheard of it, and can serve as a reconstruction.

The Ace is common in the Romance genre, but what they are good at usually has little effect on the romantic plot. Some Dystopian settings feature an Ace, though they tend to be the victim of Tall Poppy Syndrome to show they're also good at dying. Protagonists in role-playing video-games are almost always Aces.

If the Ace's talent is operating combat vehicles, then they're an Ace Pilot, but note that not all ace pilots are an example of this. If the Ace's private life isn't nearly as great as it seems from the outside, then they're a Broken Ace. Take this too far and you risk accusations of a Mary Sue (especially if the Ace is female). Though this trope is often played for comedy, Ace's impossible talents being the joke. If (s)he isn't really that amazing, then see Feet of Clay or Fake Ultimate Hero. If their talent is due to intelligence instead of simple awesomeness, see Impossible Genius. In a High School setting, they're typically the Big Man on Campus.

See Ultimate Life Form for a character that is literally perfect, and see World's Best Warrior where this is solely about combat success. Compare Broken Ace. Contrast Loser Archetype and Classical Anti-Hero.


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  • The Air-Mazing Kid from this 2013 SKECHERS Commercial.
  • Tennessee's Farm Bureau Insurance has Charlie, a farmer who can do open heart surgery, answer any question, an even helped the Titans win a game after getting a call from the coach.
  • The Man Your Man Could Smell Like from the 2010 Old Spice commercials. He's on a horse.
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis beer commercials. For more of his exploits, see the other commercials here.
  • The bearded guy from the 2011 Heineken commercial, The Date.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Arisa, the titular character is seen as this by the protagonist, her twin sister Tsubasa and her attempted suicide is what kickstarts the plot. She turns out to be a Broken Ace.
  • Assassination Classroom has Karma in regards to class E and Koro-Sensei for the entire series.
  • Attack on Titan has Levi and, to a lesser degree, Mikasa Ackerman.
  • Baccano!'s Claire Stanfield is a deconstruction. On the surface, he's brilliant, handsome, ridiculously athletic, talented and generally so awesome at what he does that one must wonder if the universe revolves around him... Which is exactly the conclusion he's jumped to. This is not the sort of world-view you want someone whose many talents include murder to have.
  • Several characters in Ben-To, but especially "The Wizard", legendary master of violent discount microwaveable dinner acquisition.
  • In Berserk, Griffith seems to awe everyone upon first meeting with his otherworldly beauty and charisma, and has a reputation to match. He is a skilled swordsman, master strategist, and shrewd politician who is seemingly able to accomplish anything he sets his mind to, leaving those in Midland who oppose his rise frustrated—or dead. He is favored by the King of Midland and loved by the common people and his own followers. At the same time his most loyal lieutenants Guts and Casca feel as if he is unreachable to them and suffer from feelings of inferiority. Guts eventually decides that he has to leave and pursue his own dream so that he can one day stand beside Griffith as an equal, which ironically drives Griffith to the breakdown and fatal mistake that turn him into a Broken Ace.
  • Big Windup has two: Mihashi, the "official" ace pitcher, and Tajima, the real ace of Nishiura High, with the highest BA, OPS and RBI of the team.
  • Gin Ichimaru from Bleach. According to his stats, he is a Jack-of-All-Trades, and managed to graduate from the Academy in just one year.
    • Yoruichi Shihoin. Very intelligent, and one of, if not the, best hand-to-hand combatants and Flash Step masters in the Soul Society. Her students Byakuya Kuchiki and Soi-Fon were never able to surpass her skills even after a hundred years of trying.
    • Byakuya Kuchiki. An expert in every form of Soul Reaper combat, with a very versatile zanpakuto and a better strategist than most of the other characters. He's even said to be the most famous of the current captains.
    • There seems to be one genius who stands head and shoulders above the rest in every generation. The original one is, of course, Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto, who claims he's remained in charge because no one in over 1,000 years has ever been stronger than him. Next is Sosuke Aizen, second in power only to Yamamoto, and who's strength gave him one of the worst god complexes ever seen in anime. Then comes Gin Ichimaru, who graduated the six year course in the Soul Reaper Academy in only one year, then became a vice-captain as a child. Finally, there's Toushiro Hitsugaya, who is still very young and has yet to realize his potential. Kyoraku, shortly before he takes down a Vasto Lorde class Arrancar without using his bankai, says that within the next 100 years Hitsugaya will surpass him.
    • The Zero Division, also known as the Royal Guard, are a squad comprised of these. In fact, their combined combat prowess is said to surpass that of the Gotei 13 itself, and even Sosuke Aizen avoids confronting them head-on without preparation. Too bad they are crushed by Yhwach and his Schutzstaffel, who are monsters far above their level.
    • Hell, even Ichigo can be considered this. Given that most Shinigami take ten years to learn how to manifest Bankai, and another ten to master it, the fact that he learns within two days how to use his effectively enough to match one of the strongest Captains, even with an advantageous matchup, is nothing short of terrifyng. And that's before he starts getting crazy power boosts from mastering his Inner Hollow abilities.
  • Break Shot is full of these, and the main character Shinsuke Oda can be considered one himself.
  • Tsubasa Ohzora from Captain Tsubasa constantly walks the thin line between The Ace and Boring Invincible Hero (and The Minnesota Fats, within the story). His Ace qualities are slightly downplayed in World Youth Cup and Road to 2002, but not that much.
    • Also, Genzou Wakabayashi. He's such a good goalkeeper that in one Road to 2002 match he wasn't in his game due wounded hands... And the opposing team still couldn't score. Hence why he was Put on a Bus
  • Stella of Chivalry of a Failed Knight is one of the rare A-ranked Blazers. She possesses fifty times the amount of mana of an average student, is a skilled swordswoman, and has ridiculous brute strength.
  • Teresa from Claymore is the woman every ace in this trope aspires to be. She's a demon hunter, ranked at the top of her class, the most beautiful woman in her organization by far, and virtually unbeatable even in a group of her best subordinates. For example, after breaking the rules of the Organization by killing a group of bandits that were threatening to kill a child traveling with her, she is sentenced to death by beheading. In a flash of light, her comrades appear to have sliced right through her, only to find all five of them wounded and bleeding from her lightning quick counterattack. It doesn't even appear as though she'd even drawn her sword at all.

    As if they didn't learn the last time, they attempt to bring her to justice again by recruiting members of the top ten ranked warriors in the Organization to seek her out and kill her. After having exhausted their capacity of demonic power, only Priscilla, the second ranked warrior puts up even a decent fight. Even after she pushes herself beyond her limit, Teresa evens the score by using only 10% of her power (a rare occurrence, considering she generally fights without using any power at all) and aptly defeating her. Her death at the hands of one of the most powerful beings in the series is clearly shown to be only possible through a very cheap sucker punch after she had let her guard down.
  • Cowboy Andy in the "Cowboy Funk" episode on Cowboy Bebop. Scenery-chewing, completely-off-his-rocker, the only person in the whole series to have a personal leitmotif that plays whenever he appears (and breaks the fourth wall, considering all the other characters hear it too), and is able to stand up to Spike in a fistfight.
  • One of the few cases where The Ace is fully played for drama is Crying Freeman, where Yoh Hinomura is a handsome, skilled, very aesthetically-sensitive man known as the most talented and famous potter in the world... but he has been forcefully recruited and mind-controlled by the Chinese mafia to become their top assassin, and cries outta regret after each kill.
  • Nago (the cleaned up one) in Daily Lives of High School Boys is Yanagin's rival, who outdid Yanagin in academics, karate, and ramen eating.
  • The Megaplayboy from DNA˛ is an extremely handsome man who can swoon every woman in the world with a single smile and also has a ridiculous level of fighting skills that lets him defeat the worst enemies. There's a catch, tho: this comes from his DNA... and he will make 100 women pregnant with sons who will become megaplayboys in the future, causing a HUGE superpopulation problem. Therefore, Karin Aoi comes from the future itself to actually kill the DNA of this super special Ace...
  • Mana Aida in DokiDoki! Precure is very athletic and dependable. She gets good grades, helps out several of the sports clubs, settles conflicts between students peacefully, and is the Student Council President. When she becomes a Precure, she figures out her powers very quickly.
  • Dragon Ball
    • Goku most definitely. He learns techniques just by watching them once or twice, and becomes immune to them since he knows how to counter them. Within a few years, his martial art skills surpasses all his masters, including God/The Guardian of the Earth, and wins the World Martial Arts Tournament when he's still a teenager, becoming the strongest man in the world. He then finds out why he's able to do all these things when it's revealed that he's a Saiyan, who are a race that is born for battle. Even that doesn't fully explain how he's able to defeat members of his race consider to be elites and even royalty, defeats and/or kills seemingly invincible aliens and monsters, and achieves all the available Super Saiyan transformations and even goes beyond godhood. He's so good that everyone defers to him to solve the problem of the current arc, even if he isn't the strongest at the moment. His ace status, however, does get deconstructed after the Frieza Saga. Because he is so powerful and so good at what he do, his friends and family depend on him too much to fix the current problem, which leads to a Bad Future in one alternative timeline. His one true rival, Vegeta, also becomes so sick of being overshadowed by Goku that he sells his soul for power and unleashes Majin Buu upon the world.
    • In a franchise full of genius and prodigy fighters, Frieza may just stand head and shoulders above the rest. Unlike every other villain in the series who were either the embodiment of evil, demonic, or created to be ultimate weapons, Frieza is just a mutant who was born the strongest being in the universe without training a day in his life. He also has an insane amount of durability thanks to his species extreme survivability and was able to remained sentient after Trunks cut him to bits. In Resurrection F, through training for only four months Frieza manages to close the power gap with Goku, who had powers beyond godhood. With that said, his own arrogance in his greatness proves to be his Fatal Flaw. He never bothers to learn to control his full power, which leaves him with very poor endurance. Both times he fights Goku, he loses because he burnt himself out. The mental trauma he suffers after Goku beats him turns him into a Broken Ace.
    • The Nameless Namek, aka Piccolo and Kami. The Elder Namek called him a prodigy among the Namekians and Dragon Clan, which was why they sent him to Earth when the weather changed on Namek. When Krillin tells the Elder Namek that Piccolo was killed by a Saiyan, he asks if it was a Super Saiyan who did it. After reading Krillin's mind and learning that the Nameless Namek split into Piccolo and Kami, he says that if they were whole no ordinary would have been able to kill him. Nail echoes these thoughts, telling Piccolo that if he had came whole he would have been stronger than Frieza. It is not until the Cell Saga that we finally see the power of Nameless Namek, and he doesn't disappoint. He's stronger than a Super Saiyan and Imperfect Cell, and is an even match for Androids 17 and 18. He also combines the battle experience and wit of Piccolo, and the godly knowledge and wisdom of Kami.
    • Pikkon, a Filler character from the Otherworld Tournament, definitely fits this. He's able to beat Frieza, King Cold, the Ginyu Force, and Cell all single-handed with no effort, and go toe-to-toe with Goku without any real problems. He's presented as the West Quadrant's answer to Goku and faces him in the climax of the Otherworld Tournament arc.
    • This is a requirement to be appointed a God of Destruction. Both Beerus and Champa are called the strongest in their universes, although those titles really belongs to Whis and Vados. Them just fighting can destroy the 6th and 7th Universes.
    • From Dragon Ball Super, there is Hit, the strongest fighter from Universe 6. He is a legendary assassin who never fails to kill his target, given him the nickname, The Flawless Hit. He definitely lives up to his reputation since he easily decimates Vegeta who was fighting as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, without Vegeta even touching him once. He is also a Time Master with the ability to pause time for 0.1 seconds, making his movements invisible even to people like Jaco. He also shows that he can improves his time-skip in the middle of a battle.
    • Beerus claims that Monaka is this, citing him as the strongest mortal in Universe 7 who gave him a much better fight than Goku. He tells members of his team to do rock-paper-scissors to chose who will fight in what order, but says that Monaka will go last since is the 'ace'. Beerus also seems to be afraid of him, going out of his way to keep Monaka happy. It's revealed by Whis that Monaka isn't that strong and is actually an amateur fighter who Beerus build up to motivate Goku and Vegeta into becoming stronger.
    • Zamasu went from a lower Kai to being trained to become a Supreme Kai because of his prodigious talent. While the strongest Supreme Kai in Universe 7 was only as strong as Kid Buu, he can take hits from post-God Super Saiyan 2 Goku whose base form surpasses Super Buu. After sparring with him, Goku supposes that he might eventually become as powerful as Beerus. As his future self, Goku Black, and eventually Merged Zamasu show, Goku was right, although that only happened after he went off the deep end.
    • Zen-O tops all of them by being the most powerful being in the entire multiverse, being able to destroy the multiverse easily if he wanted and has destroyed six universes in the past (to the point where the aforementioned God of Destruction is scared of him). Luckily for everyone, he's too chill to want to.
  • Kasuka Heiwajima from Durarara!! is ridiculously pretty, brilliant, talented in everything (his list of hobbies is The Long List), filthy rich, extremely popular, and everything that can possibly make his brother Shizuo look horribly inadequate in comparison (Shizuo himself adores him, but it is killing his self-esteem — he doesn't even like having their names mentioned in the same sentence because he thinks it's insulting to his brother).
  • Nabeshin when he appears in Excel Saga by merit of being a parody of a Marty Stu. He is essentially a living Deus ex Machina.
  • Every American football team in Eyeshield 21 has an ace, with Sena being the ace running back for Deimon. More prominent to this trope, however, is Riku of the Seibu Wild Gunmen, who taught Sena how to run properly. Two more examples who fit this trope are Shin and the villainous version, Agon. Agon especially, since he has God-Speed Impulse, which allows him to react faster than anyone, can catch up with Sena (at his average pace) after being passed by, and also stole the Devilbat Ghost after only seeing it. It is cemented by the fact that he's allowed to do whatever he wants by his school.
  • Gildarts Clive in Fairy Tail is a wise Lightning Bruiser who's also considered pretty fun to be around by his peers. As Gildarts is 45, whereas most of the main cast is late teens to early 20s, Gildarts has had over twice as long to learn how to be awesome.
    • Erza Scarlet, the leader of Team Natsu, earned the nickname "Titania, the Queen of the Fairies" by being the most active and revered S-Class member and by being the guild's strongest female fighter. And yes, she has a tendency to do the impossible as well (Pandemonium, anyone?). Not to mention, several of the guild's females have a crush on her.
  • Fate/Zero's Emiya Kiritsugu is built up as one of these. Supremely talented, rich, has a beautiful wife and daughter who love him, wields a vaunted magical bloodline, is an adopted member of one of the most powerful Magus families, owns a massive and customized arsenal of weapons, has a devoted follower and capable assistant in Maya, and is feared and respected as the "Magus Killer". He even gets to summon the most powerful Servant from the most desired class for the Grail War. Horribly deconstructed, sadly. The man has more issues than he does bullets, and he has to sacrifice his family if he wants to achieve his dream, which causes him constant emotional pain. He constantly clashes with Saber because they represent everything the other loathes while being a twisted reflection of each other, which destroys their teamwork and causes them both a lot of suffering. He gets broken down and has to sacrifice everything for his ideals in the end, leaving him a broken shell with almost nothing left other than regrets and an impossible legacy for his adopted son.
    • Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald is purported to be one of these, with a prestigious bloodline, amazing magical talent, a coveted position at the Clock Tower as both a researcher and instructor, a powerful and devoted Servant, and a beautiful fiancé. Unfortunately, between said fiancé's magically induced Yandere crush on his Servant, his overwhelming arrogance, and his hard-on for trying to outdo Kiritsugu in head-to-head confrontations (which Kiritsugu can just use against him), this doesn't hold up nearly as well in practice.
    • Among the Servants, Archer and Rider. Archer is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Nasuverse, owns at least one iteration of nearly everything in existence, and oozes power, intellect, money, and charisma. Rider is so amazing that he routinely performs impossible feats, and is a wise and charismatic leader. He manages to turn his Master into a devotee, and turns him from a cowardly boy into a fine man in the process. Lancer, Saber, and Berserker would all qualify as well, but they are Broken Aces for various reasons.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Alex Louis Armstrong, a Hot-Blooded and muscular guy who gives off Bishie Sparkle and is a master of alchemy and martial arts.
    • His sister Olivia Milla Armstrong is one, too.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula has Shinjyo, Randoll, and Osamu. Shinjyo is a 2-time European F-3 champion, Randoll is incredibly rich and excels at every sport and endeavor he could get his hands on and Osamu had an excellent record in F-3.
  • Genshiken has Makoto Kousaka. Unlike the other socially awkward and mundane otaku in the show, he is an attractive, well dressed, charismatic, all around nice guy who also towers over the rest of the cast in intellect (he landed a job as a programmer after studying for one month). He's also the first member of Genshiken to get a girlfriend.
  • Tatsugoro in Gintama. A cop in Kabukichou, respected by everyone (including his vigilante rival), a good fighter, an upright, honest guy, got the girl and was thereby deemed Too Cool to Live. Two characters (his vigilante rival-turned-yakuza and The Hero) lampshade how awesome he was years later by saying that no matter how much they try to imitate Tatsugoro, they'll never be as good as him.
  • Kintaro from Golden Boy.
  • It's hard to decide if Great Teacher Onizuka is an example of The Ace or a Marty Stu but damn, he's cool. Heis also a rare example of an Ace that's also a bona fide Butt-Monkey. Though it's balanced out by his moments of sheer idiocy:
    Onizuka: All right, I'll sell my organs then. No other choice, right?
    Student: Sell the brain first! You never use it!
  • In Haikyuu!!, "Ace" is what a team's best offensive player is called. Their main characteristic is their ability to fight blocks head-on, which usually results in them being the ones spiking if the receive goes awry and the setter can't toss properly.
    • Karasuno High has Azumane Asahi. Although his technique is nothing special and his mentality can be shaky, he's tall and extremely strong. There's also Tana Ryuunosuke, who is a year younger and touted to become the team's next ace after Asahi retires. He isn't as tall as strong, but he has an iron mentality.
    • In the events that took place 4 years before the main story, Karasuno's ace was a player nicknamed "Little Giant". Despite being disadvantaged due to his short stature, his good technique made him very capable at beating blocks, mostly by hitting the ball in a way that it will make it ricochet off the court after hitting the blocker's hand.
    • Nekoma High doesn't really have an ace, but Haiba Lev claims to be it under the reasoning that "the ace is the one who scores the most points". The closest they have to one is Yamamoto Taketora.
    • Shiratorizawa Academy has Ushijima Wakatoshi, considered the 3rd best high school ace in Japan. While his strong point is his physicality (he has immense height, strength, and stamina), he's strong all-around as well, with his technique and mentality being good too.
    • Fukurodani Academy has Bokuto Koutarou, considered the 4th best high school ace in Japan. Although he is lacking in mental strength and often gets dejected, his technique is top-tier and his physicality is very good as well.
    • Aobajohsai High has Iwaizumi Hajime as their ace.
  • Hajime no Ippo: David "Golden" Eagle. The second world champ Takamura faces and the complete opposite of Brian Hawk in both character and boxing style: Friendly, honorable, intelligent, hard-working and dignified and an orthodox "text-book" boxer who's best at the very basics of boxing and a good strategist inside the ring. Ippo mentioned how he looks like a super-hero, contrasted with Takamuras' Jerkass image of a super-villain. And if that isn't enough, he also has the "same eyes as Ippo". Yeah, the ones with the ominous glow that never give up.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • The title character is ridiculously good at everything she does. She is beautiful, gets top grades in class, was invited to join every club in school (and she abandoned them all one by one when she got bored), and during the sports festival won every single event personally. Subverted in that she's generally known as "that weird chick" instead of The Ace, but she does prove her talents every once in a while. Kyon complains during the Endless Eight arc that the gods weren't being very fair when they divvied out the stats. All of this is perfectly justified, of course, since she's a subconscious Reality Warper.
    • The tenth novel gives us Yasumi Watahashi, a freshman girl looking to enter the SOS Brigade. She's cute, energetic, intelligent, eager to learn, earns everyone's trust instantly, can brew tea as well as Mikuru, and can even keep up with Haruhi in a marathon, a feat which should literally be impossible. In fact, she's too perfect, and a lot of the audience started calling Mary Sue. She is. Specifically, she's Haruhi's Sue, a younger copy of herself Haruhi subconsciously made to be able to use her Reality Warper powers to fend off an attack she sensed coming. Once the crisis is over, Yasumi conveniently disappears.
  • The title character of Himouto! Umaru-chan presents this type of persona to the outside world. To everyone at school Umaru is smart, beautiful, and excels at nearly all she does. At home she's an insufferable Lazy Bum who would rather spend all day watching anime and playing games.
  • Played with in Ilegenes Kokuyou No Kiseki: Fon is ridiculously smart (skipping two grades in high school to graduate early), places first on every exam he takes, excels at virtually everything he's ever tried, and is handsome to boot. Turns out, Fon is an Artificial Human who was created to have all the qualities of a hero so that he could one day rid Ilegenes of corruption, thus making this an Invoked Trope. Everything he's accomplished in his life is the result of the genes he was created with and was planned by the scientists who made him. This revelation sends him into a Heroic B.S.O.D., ending in him becoming a Broken Ace.
  • Both Kaguya and Shirogane from Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai are incredibly skilled at a wide range of subjects. That said, there are things that they're really bad at (like Kaguya being Hopeless with Tech and Shirogane being a Dreadful Musician).
  • Similar to Kei is Takumi Usui of Maid-Sama! who excels at anything he does, whether it be athletics, cooking, academics, music, or anything else you can think of. Misaki thinks he's a space alien. It's probably true.
  • Kaze to Ki no Uta: Serge is smart, athletic, good looking and, among other things, a musical prodigy and an excellent equestrian.
  • Akisame Koetsuji of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is generally known as one of the greatest jujutsu masters in the world, but is also a talented sculptor, calligrapher, philosopher, medical practicioner, Go player... and everything else he puts his mind to. Quoth Kenichi: "Is there a single thing this guy can't do!?"
  • Shuri Komori from Komori-san Can't Decline! can do anything (except beat tough video games), provided that someone is asking her to help them.
  • All of the Generation of Miraclesnote  from Kuroko no Basuke are this for their respective high school teams, but special mention goes to Aomine, who was considered The Ace of the Generation of Miracles.
    • Kagami also counts, since he is capable of going toe-to-toe with and defeating the GoM. And then you have Akashi, who can do pretty much everything outside of basketball as well as being an excellent player...
    • There are also the Uncrowned Kings, 5 players who are on the same level as the GoM but one year older who never got as much famenote . Himuro is also noted as being one of Yousen's "W Aces" (the other half being Murasakibara).
  • Siegfried Kircheis in Legend of Galactic Heroes is the greatest tactician of the galaxy, a good fighter, a better marksman than his best friend Reinhard, and is the only one who was able to make Yang Wenli sweating bullets as the latter has no counter against him. He's also a Nice Guy and he would always call out Reinhard whenever the latter would do something morally questionable. No wonder he's dead at the end of the first season, otherwise the story would have been over. His death is also one of the biggest meme sources in anime: "If only Kircheis were here..."
  • Diana Cavendish from Little Witch Academia. She comes from a very important family of mages who descends from one of the Nine Old Witches (basically the supreme authorities on magic), is extremely intelligent and talented, has always the right answer for everything, knows more than her teachers do, looks always elegant and composed... And after all of this we discover that having her magic drained out of her as a child, so she had to re-learn everything, and having her evil aunt plot to sell her family's artefacts to muggles didn't even affect her that much, making her even more of an Ace.
  • Seta Noriyasu from Love Hina fits this trope, being a comedically impossible benchmark for the You Suck protagonist to reach after. He is better at everything than any of the other main characters are (except anything involving safe operation of a motor vehicle), and about the only thing that fazes him is a Megaton Punch from Haruka or Naru and the fact that he is a high-level Cloudcuckoo Lander. He may start out looking like the ace but in the Manga later we see that he is way more like Keitaro then should be humanly possible, he failed to get into Tokyo U. 3 times, also was in a Love Triangle that ended badly (Sarah's Mom, Haruka and Seta)note . He is good at martial arts, acts cool around anyone but his Love Interest. Keitaro takes these traits too.
  • Chrono Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is a less over-the-top variant of this, since he does prove consistently more effective than both Nanoha and Fate through being Weak, but Skilled. Instead of Hot Blood, we have The Stoic one. Nanoha herself is known as the "Ace of Aces", while her partner Fate, being one of the top Enforcers of the TSAB, is known as the "Ace of the Navy". Subaru is also known by her coworkers at the Gulf Special Rescue Unit as the "Silver Ace".
  • Kazuki, the protagonist of Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou, completely averts the normal portrayal of male harem leads. Good with swords, magic, and the ladies, he's also a genuinely Nice Guy who will tear himself to shreds for those he loves. In other circumstances, this would lead to accusations of Mary Suedom, but the story manages to dodge that bullet by never getting in the reader's face about it, and focusing more on developing the actual plot of the series than touting Kazuki's awesomeness.
    • This is actually brought up by Leme, Kazuki's Summon. She chose him precisely because he was both incredibly strong and fundamentally selfless person. His power was necessary to defend their country, and his attitude keeps him from abusing that power.
  • Chao Lingshen in Mahou Sensei Negima!. Mentally, she's a genius inventor, engineer, and studies robotics, medicine, bio-engineering and quantum physics at university level. In talents, she's an expert at Chinese cooking. Financially, she's a wealthy entrepreneur thanks to these cooking abilities and her business management skills. Athletically, she's a specialist in Shaolin Kung Fu. Supernaturally, she's a fire-using, device-based Time Master. She also happens to be fifteen years of age and the most intelligent student in the school (this school happens to hold over 30'000 residents).
    • She may act like an ace but she is also a time-traveling descendent of Negi, whose true objective is to avert the collapse of the Magical World, a scheme which ultimately joins a Gambit Pileup with the Magical World arc. She's almost Fixer Sue, or at least trying to be one.
    • Jack Rakan could probably also count. He's obscenely powerful, capable of beating down the Quirky Miniboss Squad in their most powerful forms without taking a scratch. He can do anything (like reading minds, for some reason), and spends most of his fights goofing off because only about a dozen beings can seriously threaten him.
    • Nagi is almost as hammy as Rakan, and is somehow still incredibly badass even without his magical powers.
    • By the end of the manga, Negi certainly qualifies, having taken all the training he's received from Evangeline and Jack to essentially become the most powerful being in the universe.
  • Kanna is considered to be this by her classmates in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, both academically and physically. It helps that she's a centuries old dragon from another world.
  • Char Aznable and the vast majority of his Expies in the Mobile Suit Gundam multiverse. Usually, they're The Hero's Rival or Evil Counterpart, making them less sympathetic (but no less badass).
    • The most blatant example is Mu La Flaga from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, otherwise known as the "man who makes the impossible possible", who seduces the insanely hot Murrue TWICE! He's also arguably a better pilot than the actual main character Kira, without being a Super Soldier. Apparently he's actually a Newtype, even though SEED already has Newtype equivalents.
    • George Glenn, in the backstory, was The Ace Up to Eleven. He was a Nobel Prize winner, a star athlete, an Ace Pilot, a literal rocket scientist, and the creator of the space colonies. Shortly after becoming a celebrity he revealed to the world that he was a Designer Baby and released the means by which others could be like him; 40 years later he was assassinated.
    • Speaking of Char Clones (although not strictly in the Gundam multiverse), Lelouch and Suzaku come across to each other as this. Lelouch constantly felt cheated each time the mysterious white Knightmare showed up to ruin his plans with over-the-top acrobatics, whilst Suzaku felt that Zero was dirty terrorist who stole the "Good Guys'" thunder. It only got worse when they discovered each others' identities.
  • Quite a few characters in Naruto are called "genius" or "natural prodigy", they often do live up to expectations but also often they not as perfect as they seem at first sight.
    • The first four Hokage were each hailed as the strongest warriors of their time and managed to surpass every other shinobi in the art of asskicking, to the point where their strength and skill were considered absurdly unnatural. But here deserves a special mention Hashirama Senju also known as "the God of Shinobi". Even the other three Hokage pale in comparison to his power, which is described as being so vast that no other ninja has come close to matching him. Even Madara, who wiped the floor with five Kage, used the Sharingan to bring Kurama under his control and Hashirama still beat him. And this is not to mention what it exactly is he created the entire system of hidden ninja villages and drastically reduced the Crapsackiness of the world.
    • This is a total trait of the clan Uchiha whose members as a rule are talented since birth and are also unsurpassed geniuses in everything. But there are several examples of prominent even in this clan:
      • Sasuke Uchiha was introduced as this in contrast to Naruto, being extremely skilled, popular, wanted by all the girls. He's extremely gifted, able to use some of the strongest attacks seen yet at the ripe age of about seventeen, and elite shinobi of the entire world admit he's a genius with potential beyond theirs. At the end of the series, he is one of the strongest people walking on the ground.
      • His older brother Itachi Uchiha is one of the best ninjas the Leaf has ever produced. He was the third strongest shinobi in the Akatsuki Organization (right under Nagato and Tobi). He also understands the essence of what it means to be a true shinobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third God of Shinobi, even claimed he had the mindset of a Hokage when he was just seven years old and the man who set up the current shinobi system even stated that Itachi was a far better shinobi than he ever was.
      • We also have the legendary Uchiha clan head, Madara Uchiha. He was born with exceptional chakra even by the standards of the battle-oriented and highly gifted Uchiha Clan. Having been raised in war and combat, he made a name for himself as one of the world's strongest, always fighting to protect the Uchiha. Also Madara was the first to unlock the Mangekyo Sharingan and the only one (until Sasuke obtained it) to have the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. He was also the first person since the Sage of Six Paths to awaken the Rinnegan.
    • Kakashi Hatake was a child prodigy who became a jounin before he even entered his teens, is one of the only non-Uchiha to have mastered the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan, is a skilled elemental user and has over 1000 jutsu at his disposal. It is not surprising that he became a Hokage in the end.
    • The Legendary Sannin are a trinity very powerful ninjas on par with the Kages (in fact, they were all offered the role of Hokage, which Tsunade eventually accepted). They all get various moments to show just how badass they are throughout the series.
      • Jiraiya was one of the strongest ninjas in the world (a giant leap from his Genin days) and a world-renown author. His students are among the strongest people on earth (and two of them became Hokage). Many shinobi respect and fear him and even members of Akatsuki like Kisame and Itachi both considered him a too great of a threat for both of them (this is huge since despite Itachi's allegiance, he would kill Konoha shinobi to keep his cover), with Kisame even saying he was on an entirely other level.
      • Orochimaru is talented shinobi since he was a child, with his skills growing ever since. Developed into an amazing scientist who knows a humongous amount of techniques, killed the Third Hokage and is functionally immortal. When Orochimaru fought (a drugged) Jiraiya and (a freaked out) Tsunade without his arms, this ended in a stalemate that speaks volumes.
      • Tsunade is widely considered the most well-regarded and the greatest medical ninja in the world, and can hit vital points with precision or completely heal herself in midfight. She also сame up with a bunch of the rules for Medic Ninja which are used to this day and has been dubbed, "The World's Most Beautiful and Strongest Woman".
    • Naruto himself grows into one. By the time the Fourth Shinobi World War starts up, he is the only living person capable of fighting the undead, constantly regenerating, and nigh-unbeatable Madara Uchiha on equal terms. Not only that, a number of people have claimed him to have surpassed the Fourth Hokage several times over and Tobirama directly compares Naruto to Hashirama upon witnessing his mastery of Sage Mode, and later admits that Naruto may eventually become a greater Hokage than his brother was. After obtaining Six Paths Sage Mode, Kakashi states he surpassed all Hokage and is matching and overwhelming Kaguya Otsutsuki blow for blow. In the finale, he becomes the Seventh Hokage, making him both the strongest Hokage in the Leaf's history, and the single strongest person in the world.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has Kaworu as a nice subversion. He synchronizes at a higher level than any other pilot and is probably the only sane person. He's also a Humanoid Abomination sent here to destroy humanity. He chooses not to, though.
  • Okusama Ga Seito Kaichou: Wakana Ui is top of the school in both sports and studies, is beautiful and incredibly charismatic. This of coruse allows her to easily win the election by a landslide.
  • One Piece:
    • The admirals from the Marine/Navy are the most powerful marine soldiers the World Government has and apparently, there can only be three of them. Above them is the Fleet Admiral.
    • Among all pirates, the Four Emperors are the most powerful and most feared ones. A single Emperor is much stronger than one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. When the Marines challenged an Emperor to a war, they gathered nearly all of their forces (including their three admirals) and even called in all Seven Warlords just to fight a single Emperor and his crew.
  • Paranoia Agent 's Yuichi "Ichi" Taira, who is extremely popular, good at sports, and intelligent. It later turns into a rather dark deconstruction, however. And it's debatable whether he was ever as great as he thought he was, since we only have his word on that and he's very narcissistic (and later, insane).
  • Currently more or less of an Informed Attribute, Ojou of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan is said to be at the top of the class and aces many extra-curricular activities.
  • Pokémon
    • Gary at the start of the series. He'd show up in a convertible (complete with cheerleaders) every so often and completely degrade Ash with just how better than him he was.
    • A lot of the rivals after him follow suit, especially the ones that beat him at the regional conference. Harrison had Mons from a region he didn't even hear about before meeting him (as a bonus he beat Ash just after Ash beat Gary), Tyson had a nearly fully evolved team of his and Morrison's team, and Vergil has a job on top off being a trainer. Doesn't even have to be his rival either, Soledad anyone? Alain would count as well beating Malva of the Elite Four which is a feat that had never been accomplished by anyone outside of other Elite Four Members and Champions beforehand, even more impressive considering that anime portrays Elite Four Members as being invincible. On top of that, Alain has beaten Ash in almost everyone of their encounters which is even more impressive considering how Ash is depicted in the XY Series
    • If an Elite Four member or champion appears they usually are this or subvert it. Lance is a Dragon Rider who takes on Legendaries, Cynthia is a Lady of War who deals out Curb-Stomp Battle after battle and Flint completely shows up Ash. On the flip side Bruno looks like a bum, Drake appears to be a Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy and Alder is a Casanova Wannabe but all show a level of understanding with Pokemon that Ash and co. can only look up to. Diantha being the Kalos Champion qualifies for the simple reason that she's a well as dishing out Curb Stomp battles like it's her day job and would casually one shot her opponents.
    • The Shaymin from Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior likes to think of itself as one.
    • In Diamond & Pearl Ash did show shades of this where he proved FAR more competent than he was before then. However it wasn't until the XY series of Pokémon were Ash would fall squarely into this trope where he was borderline uncharacteristically smart and competent, was undefeated in battle for over 70 episodes (half of the XY series), narrowly coming in 2nd place of the Lumiose Conference which is a personal best for him, and the fact that all of his rivals and companions looking up to him and were using him as a measuring stick to live up to.
  • Keigo "Ore-sama" Atobe from The Prince of Tennis is the incarnation of this trope. He's the Student Council President, captain of the tennis club as well as their best player, insanely rich, multilingual, and an extremely Large Ham. He even has a horde of fangirls. Did we mention that Atobe loves the attention?
  • Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?: All three of the so-called problem children. All of them are attractive, intelligent and justifiably confident in themselves. Izayoi has incredible Super Strength and Super Speed, and can negate magic. Yo can communicate with animals and use the abilities of any animal she befriends, giving her superhuman physical ability (if not nearly on Izayoi's level) and Super Senses. Asuka can control people with her words, and enhance the properties of objects.
  • Mami Tomoe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a veteran Magical Girl, as skilled, powerful and overall badass as she is nice and kind, and it seems like she's all set to play the role of The Mentor to the main characters. Madoka Magica being the Deconstructor Fleet it is, it is quickly shown that Mami is actually a lonely Broken Ace, and episode 3 shows that, yes, she is quite good at dying, too.
    • She is played straight in the Rebellion Story movie as part of the "perfect world" that is Homura's Barrier.
  • Ranma Saotome of Ranma ˝ is always the best at whatever fighting style, non-violent or semi-violent, feminine or masculine competition his opponents challenge him to. From coordinated team ice skating to the Tea Ceremony. All women want him, all men envy him (and sometimes want her).
  • Rental Magica has a deconstruction. The Association's investigator Kagezaki, who is apparently powerful and knows a lot, just stands nearby with a confident smile and interferes only when he absolutely must, however dire the case is. He's also royal pain in Astral's butt as their curator and seems to enjoy employing Jerk Ass Facade and constantly keeping the cast on their guard.
  • Max Sterling in Robotech. He's made a nice guy and a hopeless romantic (who almost gets in a Starcrossed Lovers romance at some point, but manages to make his rival pull a Heel–Face Turn) to make him more of a sympathetic character, though, and the heroes want to have him for a friend both on and off duty. For instance, Rick Hunter, one of the lead characters who was a cocky pilot himself, is more than ready to acknowledge that Max is far better than himself, which makes him a great wingmate to have with you in battle.
    • Max is considered undefeatable in the Robotech novelizations in either mecha-to-mecha or hand-to-hand combat, to the point that in the final battle of the first-generation novels engaging his blue-trimmed fighter is described as an instant death sentence.
    • He's even better in his original Super Dimension Fortress Macross appearance as Max Jenius, and in Macross 7, where he becomes the Cool Old Guy. Just look at his name!
      • In the later stages of Macross 7 Max is ordered to sacrifice the entire million+ population of the Macross 7 fleet to bide time against the Protodevilin. Dismayed but not swayed, the Genius takes the battle to the enemy, even stealing the spotlight from main character Gamlin's 'death'. In the final battle, despite being a secondary character, Max outflys everyone, having the distinction of fighting closest to the Big Bad without having his VF explode.
      • In Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, Macross 7 is included, and Max is mostly used as the pilot of the Battle 7. And he still dodges attacks and shoots down enemies with the best of them.
  • Rosario + Vampire has Inner Moka. Not only is she one of the most badass characters in the series (which is saying something), but she's also very intelligent and analytical, her only flaws being her complete inability to cook and her aggressive, withdrawn personality.
  • Hiko Seijuro in Rurouni Kenshin. He is so ridiculously powerful that the story never pits him against anyone important, as there would be no dramatic tension involved. In the OAV prequel to the show ("Trust and Beatrayal"), Seijuro is introduced by essentially causing a man to evaporate into nothing by hitting him so quickly with his sword. In the show's proper run, main character Kenshin (himself already famous as a savant of swordsmanship) struggles for months trying to learn how to fight as well as his master, and only gains the right to inherit his master's mantle after a very, very hard struggle—at which point his master reveals that the cape he wears is lined with a large amount of metal weights, meaning that he was still probably twice as strong as his student.
  • In The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Misaki and Mashiro are absurdly talented artists with No Social Skills (caused by Cloud Cuckoo Lander Syndrome and an Ambiguous Disorder, respectively). Difficulties caused by their Min-Maxing, and the other characters' attempts to overcome Overshadowed by Awesome, is one of the main themes of the story.
  • Yutaka in Servant × Service is excellent at academics, sports, housecleaning, cooking and everything else he tries without effort. On the other hand, nothing really interests him.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, is the strongest among them.
  • Kei Takishima from Special A is consistently ranked #1 in the school, filthy rich, handsome, and athletic to the point that it borders on Charles Atlas Superpower. About the only thing he can't do is get Hikari to realize that he likes her.
  • Hibari from Stop Hibari Kun is the School Idol, an amazing athlete, a top student, and is the lead to her own band.
  • Kirito, the protagonist of Sword Art Online, definitely fits this trope. He's probably the best of the 10,000 SAO players, and only loses duels when he isn't really trying... or his foe is a Game Master. And even then, he sometimes wins. Even after dying, he still wins. The leader of the Blood Knights is also an Ace; his health has never dropped below about 70%, and he beats Kirito in a duel. Subverted, since he's the Game Master mentioned above and has God Mode on.
    • Asuna counts too, at least in the first arc. In the subsequent arcs, she gets hit with a bit of Badass Decay as a result of being Demoted to Satellite Love Interest.
    • There's also Yuuki from the Mother's Rosario arc. Kirito even admits that she's a better swordsman than him, pointing that she can't have been one of the SAO victims because, if she was, she would have gotten the Dual Wielding special skill instead of him.
  • Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann invokes this trope and intentionally cultivates this sort of image when in public to inspire Simon and the rest of his allies, even though he's far more restrained in private and admits he's as dependent on Simon as Simon is on him. The Worf Effect aside it works out fairly well for him, all things considered, until his untimely death.
  • Kenshi Masaki of of Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar. He was raised as a Badass Normal by a family full of Physical Gods and avatars of cosmic powers. Whether it be combat, cooking, house keeping, wilderness skills, or stimulating massage, Kenshi is unmatched in the world he has been sent to. It becomes something of a running gag the way he steamrolls over the best and brightest of Geminar and yet still thinks of himself as nothing special.
  • Keith Goodman, aka "Sky High", from Tiger & Bunny. A ridiculously handsome, humble, adorkable, camp and well-meaning Cape with the title of "King of Heroes": he is the number one hero on Sternbild's HeroTV and is just as nice on-camera as off it. When an escaping criminal ends up being rescued by Kotetsu in episode 1, the criminal starts resisting and complaining because he would rather be rescued by Sky High.
  • Jin of ''World Trigger'. He's not quite the best at anything, rather, he combines personal fighting skill, diplomacy and Chess Master tendencies into a general talent for getting things done. Be it resolving a rough patch of internal politics, de-escalating a fight or stopping a massive invasion.
  • Yuuji Yugami from Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai is a diligent student with good grades, can do just about anything on his own, and is The Ace of the baseball club. In a twist, he's actually a deliberate loner who doesn't want friends and is ignored by all but one of his classmates — the friendless New Transfer Student Chihiro who ends up sitting next to him in class — and his teammates can't stand him, only tolerating him out of a necessity to win. Mind you, Yugami isn't grumpy or dour; he's just very particular about things and is brutally honest, which drives everyone away from him — not that he cares, because he seems rather happy despite being alone.
  • Judai of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: played with, lampshaded, and deconstructed every which way in Season 3 when he begins to feel that he's not a real hero without anything to burden him and success always coming too easily for him. As the Big Bad convinces him, his greatest weakness is that he has no weakness.
    • Ryou "Kaiser" Marufuji is another deconstruction. He was initially the top student at Duel Academy in Season One and had never lost a match (the only time he lost on-screen is when he forfeited to save his brother). When he goes to the Pro Leagues in Season Two, he suffers his first loss and has his confidence completely shattered, going into a losing streak that drives a Freak-Out and eventually a Face–Heel Turn.
  • Yami Yugi of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Not exactly the protagonist, which is technically Yugi, but is the King of Games, to the point of being near unbeatable at them. He inspires both Yugi and Kaiba to try and better themselves in different ways. In terms of the anime, he is also good at fighting whilst on horseback in the fifth season and has several feats of general badass-ery.
  • Yusei Fudo of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's takes this to the extreme. Out of all five Yu-Gi-Oh protagonists, you think he'd be least intelligent of all them due to having no type of formal education whatsoever unlike the others but despite having no formal education he's more than capable of building functional D-Wheels and D-Boards from nothing (The latter of which he'd never seen before), create functioning D-Wheel programs that could enhance the capabilities of multiple D-Wheels, a mechanic in his free time, and create a computer program that would ensure a future global genocide would never happen showing he's far from being Book Dumb like Yugi, Judai, and Yuma (Yuya comes off as more as having average level intelligence). In dueling he's the only one of the protagonist who's technically never lost a duel. Like Yugi and Yami Yugi, Yusei also obtained the title King of Games defeating his rival/then champion JACK ATLAS early in the series. Later for an upcoming Duel Team Tournament, people from all over the world were coming to Japan specifically to duel him or ask him to be apart of their team and went as far as kidnapping and trying to brainwash him to do so. In the final arc the final Big Bad Z-ONE said in his timeline (200 years after Yusei's time) Yusei was a legendary hero and renown duelist with many duelist who proceeded his generation being inspired by him and trying to emulate him.
  • Yuya from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V could qualify being the best duelist from his entertaining duel school (Despite only having at the most 6 students). As the series progressed he wins the Friendship Cup and becomes another King of Games defeating JACK ATLAS and later defeating his rival Reiji Akaba in the series finale

    Comic Books 
  • Batman is the Ace to such a degree that it's practically a super-power. He's the world's greatest detective, non-super-powered melee fighter, physicist, chemist, engineer, tactician, strategist, pilot, you name it. But it's balanced out by him having serious issues. He also tends to lose badly when faced with a brand new adversary he's had no opportunity to study and prepare for.
  • Cassandra Cain is seen as such by her peers Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake, and her fighting ability in particular is considered unparalleled.
  • In Boxers & Saints, Red Lantern Chu is considered to be this by all of the people in the village of Shan-Tung.
  • The reason for Solaris The Tyrant Sun's second Face–Heel Turn in DC One Million was that every single descendant of Superman proved far nobler than him, causing great jealousy on his part.
  • Herbie Popnecker (aka The Fat Fury), as a sort of comical early deconstruction of superheroes, would qualify as a preeminent example, though he doesn't look or act the part, and his parents are oblivious. Invincible, endlessly talented, loved and trusted by his allies, respected and feared by his enemies, irresistible to women (on one occasion, much to his chagrin), famous throughout the universe, there's simply nothing he can't do with ease.
  • Best Tiger of Guarding the Globe. The world's greatest marksman by a ridiculous margin, he wears a blindfold so his work won't be boring. He infiltrated a bunker that only Magnattack should have been able to access. He once incapacitated ten men with one bullet (and no, they weren't standing in a line). His Guardians of the Globe teammate Knockout thinks he really is blind, and that his kung fu is so good he can somehow pass for a seeing man, and he deduced that Outrun wasn't herself because he could hear the difference in how she shaves her armpits. As he puts it, they don't call him "Good Tiger" — he's the best. He is, however, antisocial in the extreme, and has no life outside of being Best Tiger. The Best Tiger is always hunting.
  • Hawkeye was this during the early run of West Coast Avengers. In a scene in which he's fighting to keep the Quinjet he's piloting from crashing, the narrator comments that many Avengers get praise for doing one thing well, but not Hawkeye—because he does MANY things well.
  • Kick-Ass is not one, but Justice Forever gladly accept his offer to join the team based on his reputation as one. Although he is one of the more competent and likely the most experienced heroes.
  • Samuel Steele from Don Rosa's The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is a perfect example of The Ace. Not only does he give Scrooge a run for his money, but he stands unscathed as a warehouse full of kerosene explodes in his face point-blank (while everyone around him ends up with Amusing Injuries), simply because it is not proper for a superintendent of the North-West Mounted Police to be 'blown up'.
  • Lucky Luke might be the most notable example from Franco-Belgian comics. A "poor lonesome cowboy" and gunslinger with impossible aim and reflexes (he can draw faster than his own shadow, after all!), he's always in control and usually two steps ahead of everyone else. This is purely Played for Laughs.
  • Similar to his mentor, Nightwing, who is acknowledged as the world's greatest acrobat, the best leader in the DCU, to the point where villains will team up with him because he asked nicely. This is in addition to being an extremely skilled, non-super-powered melee fighter and detective. He's also considered one of the nicest people around, and is shown to be on good terms with almost every superhero in the DCU. Within the Batfamily, he's also this, being the only person Bruce treats like an equal, the guy all othern Robins have to live up to and the guy who made a better Batman (for Gotham, at least) than Bruce himself.
  • Rex the Wonder Dog from DC Comics is quite possibly the first and only instance of this being applied to a non-talking, non-anthropomorphic dog. Rex can and has done everything and anything. He can drive boats and cars. (?) He's a great fisherman. He can ski. He can rope cattle. And he once killed a Tyrannosaurus rex using an atomic bomb. (?!) All without opposable thumbs. Did we mention that he's a lauded investigative reporter and camera man? Or that he's a decorated World War II veteran and Super Soldier? And that nobody seems to find any of this the slightest bit strange? One only hopes that this was just meant as a huge satire. He can talk now, after having drank from the Fountain of Youth some time in the late '80s, but by that point his glory days were behind him.
  • Superman himself has to count sometimes too, especially in certain stories like Our Worlds at War which were seemingly written just to show how much better than every other superhero he is.
  • Tintin. He can knock out guys that are twice as big as him, drive motorcycles, planes, and tanks, survive gunshot wounds, and do a lot of other crazy stuff and still live on. And he is also really smart and very much a Nice Guy.
  • Wolverine would like to remind you that he's the best at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice. His daughter and Opposite-Sex Clone, X-23, may be even better. However she's tempered by a lot of emotional issues because of her Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern series could be categorized as this, what with most other characters recognizing him as one of the greatest of his contemporaries.
  • Transformers: More than Meets the Eye set up the obscure character Thunderclash as this, in particular contrast to the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits that were the crew of the Lost Light, having met up with them after his ship was damaged "rescuing some orphans from an exploding sun". He even founded the Thunderclash School of Heroic Arts, the only confirmed graduate of which went on to be one of the most famous Autobot generals of his generation.
    • You see, Thunderclash wasn't just a teacher, a trainer, a leader, a mentor, a role model, a counselor, a thinker, a sage, an idol and an inspiration — he was a friend.
  • Astérix is, despite his small size, the best warrior of the village. And he also happens to be one of the smartest characters in the whole series.

    Fan Works 
  • Mobius in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, though it's justified, since he's a ponified version of the Player Character from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. The griffins have Black Star and Gilda, though the latter is more of a Broken Ace.
  • Yukihana from A Growing Affection has the skills of an S-Rank Jonin buy chooses to remain is a Genin. During the Demon Fox attack she hurt the demon enough to save the lives of the original Ino-Shika-Cho, and then proceeded to help Minato with his plan to seal the fox. All only day after giving birth. She was lethally wounded in the process.
  • Ariel from Bugged Run, as the stand-in for the canon player character, breezes through every challenge she encounters, starting with beating Gary Oak in a Funny Background Event while having a conversation with someone else.
  • Zorro (not that Zorro) from Latias' Journey. Berry Stoo and Mariah Susanson might also count, but are more a case of Parody Sues.
  • Sara Nelson-Shimazu from the Lyrical Nanoha Fan Fic series called the Deva Series. Although now a Posthumous Character and thus subjected to pre-emptive Deus Exit Machina, in the backstory she was said to have sealed two Lost Logia on par with the canonical Book of Darkness by herself — remember how much trouble the Book of Darkness gave the canon characters — as well as being a highly accomplished mage who invented the eponymous system of magic, which has spells of both destruction and utility far beyond anything existing systems had to offer.
  • The works of Naryfiel Lilith deconstruct this trope. A Thief's Legacy, chronologically the earliest entry in the Elibe saga, sees the Legendary Heroes of the Scouring seeing themselves coming to be viewed as divine beings and recognizing the dangers of this (while also using this to their advantage to make sure that their corrupt leader gets his comeuppance), and by A Tactician's Legacy, the FE6 novelization, the heroes of FE7 have been placed on a similar pedestal, again with warnings about the dangers of this.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Commander Samantha Shepard actually ends up averting the trope once the story moves into and past the Mass Effect 2 canon. She suffers from a (justifiable) Heroic B.S.O.D. into Broken Ace territory and subsequent Face–Heel Turn, leading to other characters openly wondering if she's fit for duty anymore or even if she should be killed. In spite of this, the people in charge assume she will simply return to being The Ace once she snaps out of her depression, and treat her accordingly. This only makes it worse and Shepard's psychologist indirectly calls them out on this during Sam's therapy. Ultimately a downplayed Double Subversion as she returns to duty as combat-proficient, diplomatic, and creative as ever, though she spreads The Chains of Commanding around by deferring to Garrus on occasion.
  • Alexend from the French Pokémon Fanfic/Parody "Pokémon D/P: Plus qu'un jeu" (Pokémon Diamond/Pearl: More Than A game). Seemingly invincible, uses a sword rather than fight with his Pokémon, although he sometimes does so; always appears to help the main character, Zeronos (not related to Zeronos from Kamen Rider Den-O except his name which was taken from there, it's his ACTUAL NAME), when he's facing an opponent too strong for him, such as Drakness, or simply to destroy something too stupid for him to deal with normally (such as facing the Teletubbies in a Pokémon fight, Alexend just jumped in and killed them all in one slash of his sword before the fight even started, stating that it wouldn't have been funny to fight them anyway.). He have a tendency to show up (and go away when he's done) in an unnecessary cool looking fashion (includes Dramatic Wind, sparkles, lens flares and whatnot when he's in a good mood, but he his more likely to just pop up in a breeze of wind behind Zeronos and disappear the same way). Can be considered as a mix between Sidekick Ex Machina, Hypercompetent Sidekick and a bit of Parody Sue.
  • From Turnabout Storm, there's the murder victim Ace Swift, an Equestrian pegasus athlete known for winning every event he's ever compited in. It's subverted in the end, as he blackmailed everyone that had a chance to beat him.
  • Wings To Fly: Do you want to invent an entirely new style of beamsaber combat that's better than the existing one? Lock Duo Maxwell in a room for three months and slip pizzas under the door. The room won't hold him though, you really do need the pizzas for that. Need an expert in salvage equipment? Duo's got your back. Diagnose Zero System exposure psychosis? He's got a checklist in his back pocket. Ironically he'll elaborate at length on his terrible childhood and why he ought to be a Broken Ace. But isn't.
  • The Hunter in With Strings Attached. At least, Jeft is desperately trying to show the four that he's the Ace and they're feeble jerks. Unfortunately for him, the four force Character Development upon him, and he turns into quite a decent guy.
  • The Italian remake of Battle Fantasia Project has a few, but they tend to be Broken Aces. On the other hand Sunset Shimmer plays it straight (to the point her character sheet describes her special talent as "completing and exceeding all her goals"), and Twilight Sparkle and Trixie are implied as such by the fact they were Sunset's rivals (especially Twilight, as she's the one Unicorn more powerful than Sunset herself).
  • Pyrrha in The Commission is this compared to the Broken Ace she was in canon, thanks to her interactions with Weiss and Cinder, with the former even encouraging the girl to refer to her on a First-Name Basis. Aside from her more balanced humility, her combat prowess grows to the point where she easily scores win after win in the Vytal Festival, even single-handedly defeating Team CFVY after the rest of her team gets downed.

    Film - Animation 
  • Aladdin disguises himself as the completely over-the-top Prince Ali to woo Princess Jasmine, and he's introduced with a preposteously epic song that's one long hymn to his awesomeness.
  • In Barbie in a Mermaid Tale and its sequel, Merliah is a champion surfer.
  • The Book of Life:
    • Manolo Sanchez. When it comes to bullfighting, Carlos states that Manolo is destined to become the "greatest Sanchez bullfighter ever", and he probably would be the greatest if it weren't for his unwillingness to deliver the finishing blow on a bull. He also has a talent for thinking up song lyrics on the spot.
    • Maria Posada is easily the best fighter of the series, and is able to give an epic encouraging speech to all of San Angel to fight Chakal and his bandits.
    • Joaquin Mondragon, or so it seems, but he is actually using The Medal of Everlasting life, making it impossible to kill or even hurt him. Though by the end he decides to earn his reputation honestly.
  • In The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ash's cousin, Kristofferson, is a fox kit who seemingly can do no wrong, although he tries not to make a big deal of it. Regardless, young Ash feels belittled by him, but eventually both achieve a mutual understanding and become friends.
  • A Cut Song from Frozen named "More Than Just A Spare" has Anna refer to her older sister Elsa as an "athlete, scholar, poet". The song was written from an earlier script when both sisters weren't forcibly introverted. Elsa having athletic skills in the final product is unlikely due to her upbringing, however she most likely was well-educated as a part of her education towards being the future queen of her country.
  • Subverted with Captain Sternn of Heavy Metal. Outwardly he looks to be the typical Ace, with the heroic clothes, the swagger, the lantern jaw, etc., but we soon discover he's really a despicable character despite his outward charms.
  • Dr. Glickenstein from Igor.
  • The Lion King: Mufasa, who is a strong lion, capable king, and good father.
  • Subverted by Metro Man in Megamind. While otherwise fitting the trope to a tee, he really doesn't want to be a hero and fakes his own death in order to retire.
  • The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!: Black Bellamy, much to the Pirate Captain's frustration.
  • In Rio, the bird that replaced Nigel in a project.
  • Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear is this to Woody for most of the first movie, and retains a bit of it after he comes to terms with the reality that he's a toy. In the spinoff series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Buzz is The Ace played straight as The Protagonist.

    Film - Live Action 
  • Buckaroo Banzai: cowboy, rock star, adventurer, brain surgeon.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore from Apocalypse Now. He has that aura around him that seems like he will come out of the war without a scratch. And he surfs! The Redux, however, subverts his aura of invincibility after the main characters steal his surfboard and he's reduced to sending out pre-taped messages begging for it back.
  • Megan from Barely Lethal is the best teenage assassin in her Spy School, much to the chagrin of some of her peers.
  • Sam "Ace" Rothstein in Casino — one of the very first things you find out about him is he is a master gambler, who never loses a bet.
  • Subverted beautifully (and tragically) with Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. Aaron Eckhart actually seems to play nothing but deconstructed and subverted Aces, like in Thank You for Smoking and The Black Dahlia.
  • Ash from the Evil Dead movies starts out as something of a nebbish, but by the last scene of the third film, has grown to become an Ace.
  • Ferris Bueller, frustratingly so (to many of the other characters as well as to some viewers). His defining character trait is that he gets away with everything.
  • Scarlett from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is so used to being one of the best that she takes any failure much harder than anyone else.
  • The Great Leslie from The Great Race is this, causing his less-than-perfect archrival to cry out, "Your hair is always perfect, your clothes are always white!" at him. Leslie is one-half parody of this trope. Since The Ace is already something of a parody, you're really getting 50% more bang for your buck here.
  • In The Guardian we have Jake Fischer, a champion swimmer who can outperform anyone else in the class, including the instructor, Senior Chief Randall, who held all the records before Fischer arrived.
  • Sarah Ashburn from The Heat, to the point where the other officers hate her for being so proud.
  • Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz could be a Deconstruction of this. With how good and dedicated he is to his job, he has no room for any other part of his life. His improbably good abilities also get him shunted off to the country because he's making everyone else look bad. This backfires on the Met, because when they want him back he won't go.
  • Minnesota Fats from The Hustler, unquestioningly recognized by everyone as the best pool player ever.
  • Elmont from Jack the Giant Slayer is the most brave and capable of the Guardians, and holds Jack in low esteem at first.
  • John Tucker from John Tucker Must Die. He's awfully handsome, good at sports, rich, and loved by everyone, especially the girls. Even though he's a famous womanizer every single girl still want to be with him. He's so perfect that no attempt to destroy his popularity works and in the end he's still simply awesome.
  • The diminutive, middle-aged Mr. Miyagi in the original Karate Kid series is an absolutely invincible karate master who never comes close to losing a single fight, in any of the four movies in which he appears, even when he's up against several strong young men who are themselves black belts. Any time someone threatens him, it's a given the character will get his butt whipped before you can say "Banzai!"
  • Eggsy from Kingsman: The Secret Service was more or less this (badass driver, pretty adept traceur, Royal Marine trainee and high IQ) to begin with and over the course of the movie becomes even more so in several ways. He even successfully impersonated a member of high society, which just three days before would have been, by his own admission, his biggest obstacle as a Kingsman.
  • In the Leap trilogy, Shane Turner is a master of parkour, the leader of the crew, and in Rise Of The Beast he is the most knowledgeable about scripture.
  • Jim Goose dominates the first half of the movie Mad Max. He has a great time even Just Before the Fall.
  • The Matrix: Neo. Morpheus might be the captain of the ship, but Neo is the star player.
  • Kevin, Pam's rich ex, in Meet the Parents.
  • Captain Amazing from Mystery Men is a subversion. He seems like The Ace for his first two scenes in the movie, then turns out to be a panicky, self-serving dolt.
  • In Our Man Flint, Derek Flint is a ludicrously competent Captain Ersatz of James Bond, with all of the latter's traits turned Up to Eleven. The Government tries to give him a code book? No need, he's designed a better one. They try to get him a plane? He'll fly his own, thanks anyway. Training? He's a master fencer, martial artist, and dancer. He can meditate so deeply that it passes for death, and wake up with no ill effects. He can speak Italian so fluently that it fools natives. He does complicated surgery with a letter opener. He can tell you what city a Bouillabaisse was made in just from tasting it once. The whole movie is like this. And somehow James Coburn makes it awesome instead of annoying.
  • And speaking of James Bond, the version played by Pierce Brosnan qualifies as well. He has a habit of upstaging people (but usually the villain) at whatever their skillset is. No matter what they can do or how long they've been doing it, Bond will do it better than them with no prep time or practice. At least when it comes to sword fighting, this trope even applies to Brosnan in Real Life, as Toby Stephensnote  reveals in one of the bonus features on the Die Another Day Blu-Ray.
    Stephens: I'm slightly cheesed off with Pierce, who hardly came in, has just picked [the sword fighting] up as we've gone along. I mean, he's brilliant, he's just gone on with it, while I've been practicing it for months!
  • Kurt Russel's character in Sky High (2005) comes across as this. Gwen seems to be this, too, before the reveal that she's the Big Bad.
  • Subverted in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. An overly heroic super messiah comes at the last minute, gives a rousing speech on how everyone should work together to win the game and singlehandedly bursts through the giant gates. He is instantly shot in the chest and loses all of his 99 lives. Made even funnier by the fact that he's played by Elijah Wood, and instead of having an actual name, he's simply known as "The Guy."
  • The eponymous character Stroker Ace. Three-year stockcar race champion by day, The Casanova by night. C'mon, it's in the guy's name!
  • Clark Devlin in the movie The Tuxedo.
  • George Stone from The Untouchables could count as this, (as well as The Big Guy) with his Improbable Aiming Skills.
  • There's a reason You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Everyone is in awe of his skills, he wins a tug of war with six men casually, blocks bullets with his bare hands, and brings a cornerstore barbershop into a business that rivals a corporation with shear zeal and energy. He loses a bit of his mojo with the cultural dissonance when coming to America but quickly regains it.
  • Tom Cruise, who played the paradigm Ace Pilot in Top Gun made his early career playing a string of Aces : Ace Football Player in All The Right Moves, Ace Bartender in Cocktail, Ace pool player in The Color of Money, and Ace race car driver in Days of Thunder.
  • The title character in Undercover Brother. Master of Disguise and expert at martial arts and infiltration.
  • In the middle section of Sin City, the character of Miho is introduced. She's mysterious and silent, but soon proven to be extremely deadly and efficient in the art of combat. She's a prostitute on top of that, though her skills in that category are never revealed.
  • Legolas in The Lord of the Rings. Over the course of the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies he has been injured exactly once, has insta-killed all but two orcs (which where either going to die anyways or still important for the rest of the story), killed an Oliphaunt as well as its ten+ riders and has never missed a shot.
  • Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet has Nick Carter, a Private Detective. He rocks in everything — in investigating, in science, in sport, in fights, and all the ladies dig him. Plus he boats with the title of the Greatest American Detective.
  • American Ultra: According to Lasseter, Mike is actually the best result the ULTRA program ever achieved. While every other subject inevitably failed (in some fashion), he succeeded.

  • If Finn and Blake are to be believed, Cal from Abominable could be described this way. Finn's doubles as a Badass Boast for himself.
    "Seriously?" Finn was saying, his voice deeper than I had expected. "Cal is literally the only person in this town more dangerous than me."
  • In-universe, Jake from Animorphs is seen as this. Whether or not he actually qualifies is a little more ambiguous.
  • The Aristoi are selected (as their name implies) on the basis of being a group of Aces. They're all Omnidisciplinary Scientists, artistic geniuses, and charismatic leaders.
  • John Galt of Atlas Shrugged, complete with one of the longest monologues ever written.
  • Amanda 'The School Swot' Tweedle from the novel Blonde Genius and related short stories by J.T. Edson. She is better at most of her subjects than her teachers.
  • BGQG has Reiji who placed at the top of his class.
  • Buck in The Call of the Wild. He's strong, bold, intelligent, clever, patient, and just about whatever else he needs to be to thrive in his harsh conditions. Over the course of the story he kills the alpha sled dog, leads the sled pack, pulls a 1,000 lb sled, kills a bull moose by himself, slaughters an entire band of Native Americans and outfights in entire wolf pack to become their alpha. By the end of the story, he's a legendary figure.
  • Appleby in Catch-22 is good at everything he puts his hand to. He's handsome and charismatic and everybody likes him. Yossarian hates that son of a bitch.
  • Franco Rocafirme, from Conciencia y Voluntad is basically good at anything that he puts effort in. Specially combat, but also philosophy, leadership, conspiration, and more.
  • Discworld's Carrot Ironfoundersson. So much so that it was played for full shock effect when in The Fifth Elephant he challenged the Big Bad to a fair fight (a very foolish move in itself) and promptly got his ass handed to him.
  • Doc Savage was raised from birth to be the pinnacle of human physical and mental achievement.
  • In the Dreamblood Duology, Ehiru is repeatedly called Hananja's favourite and considered the best currently active Gatherer. He is the strongest, most graceful, most compassionate, incorruptible and absolutely devoted to Hananja and her law. He can also easily perform two Gatherings per night, which most Gatherers struggle with. Both the other Gatherers and his apprentice Nijiri look up to him.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Cedric Diggory is more of a textbook Ace in Goblet of Fire. Good-looking, popular, kind, and he is one of the best contestants in the Triwizard Tournament. Then he is killed in seconds upon confronting the villains.
    • Bill Weasly. He's a top Hogwarts student with 12 O.W.L.S, was a prefect, and later Head Boy. Appearance-wise, he was considered cool and handsome, and is much more pleasant and easygoing than his pompous younger brother, Percy, despite being as academically achieved.
    • Hermione is great at pretty much every branch of magic, save for Divination.
    • Dumbledore, who is considered the greatest sorcerer in the world and is the only person Voldemort is afraid of.
    • Lord Voldemort reciprocates every bit of fear in Dumbledore that he himself feels feels. Dumbledore goes as far to say that Voldemort probably is more powerful than himself.
      • A more straight example would be as his younger self in Tom Riddle, one of the most decorated students in the history of Hogwarts.
  • Lee Child's Jack Reacher.
  • Three words: Bond. James Bond. (The film version anyway; the literary version is somewhat more realistic.)
  • While on the subject of Star Wars, Kyp Durron averts The Ace, at least in I, Jedi. Yes, he grew up in a penal colony, where he was a slave. Yes, he is extremely powerful as a Jedi, rivaling Luke in raw talent alone. Then things go downhill: he gets possessed by the spirit of Exar Kun and goes on an anti-Empire rampage, killing his brother and twenty-five million innocents with the help of a superweapon. At the end of it, Luke lets him rejoin the Jedi after he breaks free, which causes Mara Jade and Keiran Halcyonnote  to resign as Jedi students.
  • Jeeves and Wooster: Jeeves spends ninety percent of his time pressing Bertie Wooster's shirts and solving his problems for him, yet somehow manages to be highly popular and sought-after, know everything about what's going on, and have a more active social life even than his master.
  • Carter (and, to a lesser extent, every other male protagonist) from John Carter of Mars.
  • Dirk Pitt from Clive Cussler's novels. Officially a marine engineer by trade, he also is an cunning action hero who has defeated the world-threatening schemes of a veritable menagerie of villains, made a number of discoveries that changed history and has little difficulty getting a Girl Of The Novel. I have not mentioned the nice collection of antique cars he owns, have I? ... I guess I just did.
  • Slim in Of Mice and Men.
  • Reno Bangs is this to Mina Davis in both Hungover and Handcuffed and Asshole Yakuza Boyfriend. She's nice about it, though, and that just makes Mina hate her all the more.
  • In The Princess Bride, Westley tracks down men on a secret mission and climbs a mountain with his bare hands before easily defeating a master swordsman at fencing, a giant at hand-to-hand combat, and a clever thief at a mind game. Later, through his skills and cunning he and Buttercup become the first people ever to survive the Fire Swamp, and in a physically weakened state after having been revived from the dead, he helps two other men storm a castle surrounded by sixty armed guards, all before bluffing his way out of a sword fight with a man dead-set on killing him, which the man had done once before.
  • Ankoku, Aiden's Mahoka instructor in Rogue Sorcerer, is immensely powerful, to the point where she can easily overpower other masters.
  • The Reynard Cycle: Many, many examples. The crew of the Quicksilver in Reynard the Fox alone features folk who are all renowned for their excellence. Amongst the crew? The world's greatest archer, thief, strongman, swordsman, and psychopath.
  • Shadows of the Empire has Han Solo's Suspiciously Similar Substitute, Dash Rendar. He's a very good pilot and a very good shot, and he's ridiculously arrogant, though this does annoy some of the characters. Failing to destroy something he was shooting at actually causes a Heroic B.S.O.D. on his part, and then he shapes up a bit. He also appears in Galaxy of Fear.
    If Zak were in a normal mood, Dash Rendar would have been just the kind of person he'd want to meet. Zak had always been more of a thrill-seeker than his sister, and he could tell that adventures followed Dash Rendar like the tail on a comet. But Zak had done enough adventuring lately, and now Dash just looked like trouble.
  • Sir Derek And The Faeries: The titular Sir Derek is one, which is why no one in the king's court likes him.
  • Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels: Henry "Hank" Jellicoe is introduced in Game Over as this. He is in charge of Global Securities, an organization that is like the Vigilantes, but it spans the entire world. It has network even greater than Charles Martin's, and indeed Charles looks up to the man like no one else does. However, the books Cross Roads and Deja Vu reveal that Henry is actually a Broken Ace.
  • Asher in Someone Else's War is a walking, talking encyclopedia when it comes to exactly two topics: survival, and useless trivia.
  • Song at Dawn: Dragonetz is a famous warrior, a popular lady's man, and as a troubador he's second to none. This makes an expert at everything the court thinks is important.
  • Professor John Kenner of the Michael Crichton novel State of Fear: graduated from an MIT engineering course and a Harvard Law course both at higher than average speed, became a professor at MIT at 25 and still manages to be a hot-shot federal agent. Oh, and he is apparently able to quote geological surveys from memory. The only thing keeping him from being absolutely perfect is him at one point confessing he isn't good at languages and a major What an Idiot moment.
  • Jeff Raven of Anne McCaffrey's Tower and the Hive series: A "Wild Talent"note  from a boondocks colony no one had ever heard of until aliens attacked it. He first shows up — as a mental presence in the middle of The Rowan. By the end of the book, not only are he and the title character a couple (with a child), he's on the fast track to take over as head of Federated Teleport & Telepath — a position The Rowan had been considered for.
  • The Red Knight from The Traitor Son Cycle is a charismatic leader, brilliant tactician, educated scholar and one of the most powerful sorcerers of his generation. He's also very aware of all this, though the events of the series impact his self-confidence somewhat.
  • Lionblaze from Warrior Cats. He's an awesome at fighting, hunting, and everything else the Clans care about. Of course, it all comes from his secret invincibility powers. Whether or not he is ashamed about this varies depending on what point is his character development the series is at.
  • Tycho Celchu, an Ace Pilot of the X-Wing Series. He's a fairly major character, but never the main one, which is just as well since he could very easily become a Canon Sue, at least in the novels — in the comics he's one pilot out of twelve and mostly distinguishable because of his origin, his original hair-trigger temper, and his romance with Winter. He's an insanely good pilot, as a Force-Sensitive protagonist finds — so good that flying against him is apparently the hardest thing Corran has ever done, and he'd fought a Sith Lord not that long before — and gets a lot of praise from the people on his side, to the point where everyone on his side who doesn't think he's a double agent loves him. He's also a bit of a woobie in-universe and very, very popular out of it. This exchange, taken entirely out of context:
    Celchu: "I've been reviewing engineering records and damage statistics."
    Janson: "While we've been maneuvering?"
    Celchu: "Restraining myself so you could keep up with me left me plenty of time for intellectual pursuits. I also composed a symphony and drafted a plan to bring peace to the galaxy."
  • Any Heinlein hero you care to name
    • Lazarus Long a.k.a Woodrow Wilson Smith a.k.a The Senior from the Future History series is the Ace other Aces aspire to be, and a deconstruction of the trope.
    • Zeb and Jacob from The Number of the Beast
    • Oscar Gordon in Glory Road is another super-competent warrior-engineer. Rufo as well.
    • Colin Campbell in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. His all-around competence is unsurprising considering that Lazarus Long is his father
    • Nearly any Heinlein character who isn't an outright villain is an Ace, unless they're either "Fivers" or Comic Relief, and even some of those are hypercompetent in certain limited fields.
  • Doppelle of What Mad Universe by Fredric Brown. He also might be The Mary Sue, as a result of the universe resulting from a science fiction editor's musing of how a young fan of his, Joe Doppelberg, might conceive of the world working.
  • George Beard is established as this in the Captain Underpants book "The Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers." Within the span of five minutes, he outwits an auto mechanic who mocks a bullying victim, then intimidates the bullies into submission using only a tie — on his first day of kindergarten. He later masterminds the plan to humiliate and scare said bullies into reforming, and is only slightly fazed when he has to adapt his plans due to some lucky guesswork from Kipper.
  • Nancy Drew. She's only eighteen, but capable of pretty much anything—over the course of the books, she's a certified diver, master code breaker, Olympic-level equestrian and figure skater, actress who can memorize an entire part and go on stage with a day's notice, ski jumper, pilot, skilled florist... and that's just a few of her many titles. Nancy also has a virtually perfect memory, and is extremely beautiful, kindhearted, good with animals, friendly to everyone she meets (including her enemies, unless they're trying to actively kill her), an ally to the police (often doing their job better than they do), able to get herself out of every death trap, kidnapping, and lethal situation that villains place her in, and has solved mysteries dating back to the 1800s. And she does it all with a smile, and never brags once. The girl is perfect.
  • Sasha from REAL is a straight example: he is first introduced as one of the best video gamers in The Metaverse, one of the two only people Neru admires, and even though he is a minor character, he certainly lives up to his reputation.
  • Rostam is the first name that comes to mind in the 'The Shahnameh'. Esfandiar and many other heroes qualify as well, but especially Siavash who is at the same time strong, brave, athletic, virtuous, humble, considerate, intelligent, patriotic, charming, and on top of all that incredibly handsome.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
  • In the Star Darlings franchise, Vega is the top student at Starling Academy.
  • The Stormlight Archive: Kaladin is shockingly good at nearly everything he puts his hand to. He was training to be a surgeon as a child, and his incredible memory and swift learning impressed his much more experienced surgeon father. When due to a complicated series of events he ended up in the army instead, he quickly mastered spears, and became the youngest squadleader in the army in record time. Of course, everything since then has been one horrible thing after another, but even at his absolute worst, his abilities were still impressive. His spear skills, in particular, are repeatedly mentioned as being practically supernatural.
    Of all the recruits in his cohort, he had learned the quickest. How to hold the spear, how to stand to spar. He'd done it almost without instruction. That had shocked Tukks. But why should it have? You were not shocked when a child knew how to breathe. You were not shocked when a skyeel took flight for the first time. You should not be shocked when you hand Kaladin Stormblessed a spear and he knows how to use it.

    Live Action TV 
  • From The Adventures of Pete & Pete Artie, The Strongest Man... IN THE WORLD! Was a subversion of this trope. He was ridiculous looking, but from the protagonists' standpoint there was no denying he was quite possibly the Strongest Man... IN THE WORLD! Saves the day countless times, then vanishes.
  • Austin From Austin & Ally is very good at singing, dancing, and a ton of instruments. Ally even states that "Good things always happen to you, and you don't even try! Your life is like a gold star".
  • Angel:
  • Warren Keffer on Babylon 5 showed up in season 2 because Executive Meddling required J. Michael Straczynski to include this sort of character. Naturally, he didn't appreciate this and had him unpleasantly killed off as soon as he could get away with it.
  • Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica. But see also Starbuck in the 2000s Battlestar Galactica started out this way, but in a subversion, she began slipping over the course of the series due to childhood trauma, her tumultuous relationship with Apollo, and the machinations of the Cylon Leoben Conoy. By the end of season three, the character is a nervous wreck incapable of flying a simple patrol mission without endangering the fleet.
  • The Big Bang Theory has David Underhill to Leonard. He's a physicist like Leonard except he's smarter, incredibly attractive, suave, and has loads of cool hobbies. He's introduced to Penny and starts dating her almost immediately, when it took Leonard ages to even get one date with her. At the end it turns out he's actually married.
  • Blackadder:
    • Season 2 has Lord Flashheart (WOOF!), who is so much of an Ace that on his first appearance, he gets his own version of the Theme Song.
      Lord Flashheart, Lord Flashheart, I wish you were the star.
      Lord Flashheart, Lord Flashheart, you're sexier by far.
    • Also, from season 3: "Hurrah! It's the Scarlet Pimpernel!"
  • Hilariously averted in Black Books. One of Bernard's friends tries to extoll his virtues to a girl. "You! What did you say to Kate? She thinks I'm the Renaissance! She'll think I've lied. I have to go along with all this 'reclusive genius' stuff. She's going to be very upset when she finds out I'm a reclusive wanker!"
  • In Bones, Angela's ex-husband Grayson is an ace. He build a house for her with his bare hands while smuggling medical supplies into Cuba and supporting an orphanage. On top of that, he is simply beautiful.
  • Played with in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the episode "Superstar". Jonathan appears to be this, and turns out to be using a spell that made him so perfect. Played somewhat straight with Riley on his return episode in season 6.
  • Castle: Beckett's old flame and mentor is presented as this at first. He later ruins his friendship with her, but the features of the trope are still there.
  • On Cheers Sam Malone had an unseen older brother who was The Ace. Most of the regulars (with the notable exception of Frasier) treat Sam himself this way at least some of the time, since he's good-looking and was a professional athlete while they're ... well ... the sort of people who hang out with Cliff and Norm.
  • An episode of China Beach features a hot-shot colonel who comes in with a mustache and sunglasses, talks The Rambo out of his self-pity, goes swiming and kills a shark for dinner, becomes the grand-prize in a sex-lottery among all of the women, and then flies out on a helicopter heroically (and stupidly) standing on the skid, while a poem is spoken about how great he is.
  • Chuck:
    • Captain Awesome
    • Bryce Larkin is also quite the Ace.
    • As is Cole Barker, who appears to be at least partly based on James Bond.
  • In the Community episode Beginner Pottery, Rich is introduced as an Ace in the pottery class that Jeff, Abed and Annie take. Rich's inherent brilliance at pottery and life in general (he is also a doctor and just does the class to relax) ends up getting Jeff so mad that he performs "the hilarious guy on guy" variant of ghosting on Rich and then leaves the class.
  • Captain Jack Harkness, in his early Doctor Who appearances. The Doctor became the ace to poor Craig in "The Lodger". He was better than Craig at football, and his job, and convinced his girlfriend to leave town, and talked to a cat, and had a sexy shower scene, and...
    • Dorothy "Ace" McShane herself, of course! She is so proficient in making improvised explosives that the Doctor comes to heavily rely on her skill, despite repeatedly voicing his disapproval of Ace's methods.
  • Frasier episode "The Perfect Guy" features Dr. Clint Weber (played by Billy Campbell), an outrageously good-looking (even Frasier's father is stunned) Oxford-certified M.D. (who put himself through med school working as a sous chef, leaving him an expert cook), polyglot (speaking at least English, French and Korean), pilot, squash champion, and generally charming individual. After an episode of slowly giving in to envy after a series of increasingly unlikely upstagings, Frasier gleefully discovers the man can't sing.
  • Friends: Monica's season 1 boyfriend Allan who was good at sports, is a delight in conversation and apparently well-endowed. The gang didn't take it well when Monica decided to break up with him.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Jon to his fellow recruits and his best friend Sam, and after the Battle of Castle Black, where he was one of the main defenders alongside Ser Alliser, Pyp, Grenn and Dolorous Edd he becomes this to most of the Night's Watch, despite his youth. By Season 6, his exploits are so well known that he's this through all of Westeros. Even someone as overconfident and as dangerous as Ramsay Bolton considers him the greatest swordsman in the North by reputation alone.
    • Robb is described in these terms by both his brother Jon and their father's ward/hostage Theon — though both Jon and Theon love Robb as a brother and shared very close relationships with him.
    Theon: He didn't have to [lord it over me], all he had to do was... be, be who he was born to be. His life fit him better than his clothes.
    Jon: I was jealous of Robb my whole life. The way my father looked at him? I wanted that. He was better than me at everything: fighting, hunting, and riding... and girls. Gods, the girls loved him. I wanted to hate him, but I never could.
    • Tywin is a villainous example, setting the standard for House Lannister. He's ruthless and a better schemer than Cersei, a better commander than Jaime, and a better negotiator than Tyrion (compare their handling of Olenna Tyrell) and because he is willing to cross lines that Tyrion won't (such as say, violating guest right) he is a more effective war-time politician. He's The Dreaded for very good reason.
    • Jaime is easily one of the top swordsmen in Westeros, if not the top — and he knows it. This is subtly combined with Brilliant, but Lazy: when he tries he's almost as cunning, charismatic, and socially dominating as his father and little brother, but he's personally unambitious and is only ever recognized in-universe for his sublime swordsmanship and pretty face.
    Littlefinger: I bet on Ser Jaime in the jousting, as any sane man would...
    • Bronn is a great swordsman, archer, police chief, and even singer in addition to being a Loveable Rogue.
  • A character named Ace appeared in Gap. Prior to his appearance, it was mentioned that he must be awesome to have earned the name, but was revealed to be just a normal person.
  • Takaoka Eiji of GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Before becoming BoukenSilver, he, alone, in his human form, is an even match for the Ashu demons, whom the other five Boukengers can barely defeat when morphed. He uses the pronoun "ore-sama" and consistently acts like The Ace.
    • There's a reason for this... Eiji is half-human. His mother was an Ashu.
    • Plus, that was his debut. Once he's more set into the series, he starts getting less badass.
    • Also in a previous Sentai, Hikari Sentai Maskman, there's Takeru/Red Mask, who'll claim that he's an expert Karateka who became so because one day as a kid, he suddenly declared he wanted to do Karate, as well as being a well-behaving, good, top-scorer and good looking boy back in the days. Would be true in the present too... except when the team went back to the past, they found out that he's anything but The Ace, and it takes the future self's warning that he finally started manning up and starts his way to become an ace. At the end of said episode, the team called out his lies for laughs.
  • Fonzie on Happy Days turned into this once he became a Breakout Character.
  • In Happy Endings Max dates a great guy, Grant, who everybody says is too good for him, and he soon wins over the entire gang (except for Dave, who is being deliberately difficult because he wants to be the gang's cool guy). Subverted when its shown that Grant is needy, and that's why he was trying to impress everybody anyway.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Robin's first post-Ted boyfriend, the Argentine masseur Gael (played by Enrique Iglesias). Even the Guys Want Him.
  • Jack Campbell, Tripp's dad from I'm in the Band. As Derek said, "Indiana Jones or Sherlock Holmes? Pick one; (he) can't be both!" Oh, and he captured Bigfoot!
  • But none of them have anything on Ken Hayakawa, The Hero on Kaiketsu Zubat. He's The Ace to such an extent that he was codifying this trope back when it was an Unbuilt Trope. To put it in perspective, Once an Episode, he'd say to the enemy of the week, who was always a specialist in a certain area of combat that he was the second-best user of that fighting style in Japan. Then, after being asked who was the best, he'd whistle and tip his hat. And to prove that it wasn't just empty words, he would then proceed to prove it.
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto/Souji Tendou is a particularly grating version of this, cranked to 11. And he's the protagonist. You end up rooting for the bad guys very, very quickly.
    • Or you root for Kagami, who has to struggle through a long period fighting monsters with nothing but normal weapons until he finally gets a Transformation Trinket to call his own.
    • Before Tendou, there was Jou Shigeru/Kamen Rider Stronger, who was a self-absorbed Ace at the beginning of the series but grew to be a likeable hero like most Riders.
    • After Tendou, Kamen Rider Decade a.k.a. Tsukasa Kadoya would've been one, if it wasn't subverted by the fact that his photos always come out wrong and he's always the target of the Hikari-style Laughing Pressure Point.
    • Tsukasa proves how you do such a character right. With a couple chinks in his armor you make him fun instead of a Mary Sue. Tendou really was as perfect in every way as he thought he was, which makes him fun sometimes, but it's also a weakness. It was also justified to some degree, as Tsukasa took on a different role in whatever world he went to. For example, the World of Kamen Rider Kuuga had him as a police officer. So naturally he has to be good at a large variety of things to be able to pull that off.
  • Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire has Ralph Longshaft (spelled Ralph, pronounced Rafe) introduced this way. He's everything Krod aspires to be up until he is revealed as The Mole and betrays them to the Big Bad.
  • On Leverage, the entire main cast is largely this. Eliot even falls into the category of Invincible Hero. A Genius Bruiser, Omniglot, and master of Awesomeness by Analysis, a talented country singer, Supreme Chef, and pro baseball player, and The Casanova, to boot. If not for his lack of tech savvy (and his Dark and Troubled Past), he'd be almost nauseatingly perfect.
  • Occasionally seen as a visiting doctor in M*A*S*H. And just as often subverted. One doctor, coerced into visiting by Hawkeye and BJ, has a Heroic B.S.O.D. midway through the episode, just before having to perform a delicate and life-threatening surgery on a patient. He's found in the Swamp, drunk, much to Hawkeye's disgust. A second Ace doctor, filling in for a sick Potter also breaks down just before a suspiciously similar operation. A surgeon, temporarily appointed to the 4077th wasn't even a surgeon, but someone pretending to be one. There was one episode involving an Ace colonel that was played by... wait for it... Leslie Nielson.
    • The drunk doctor (played by Alan Alda's father) was a veteran of WWI and WWII, and he simply explained that war and age had taken their toll such that experience and expertise were of no avail against the ravages of time and the horrors of war.
    • Dr. Winchester was an Ace surgeon, dated celebrities and was often able to outsmart Hawkeye Pierce.
  • Lancelot serves as this during his early appearances on Merlin (2008), mostly showing up the rest of the knights of Camelot in chivalry and in fighting prowess.
  • The Middleman's main character of the same name. A Gosh Dang It to Heck! type who very rarely curses, drinks only milk, walks in and out of wretched hives of scum and villainy with barely a scratch, and can be an annoyingly perfect Badass Normal. Luckily, he's an excellent Middleman and mentor to his partner, Wendy Watson, and his Ace-ness just provides amusing fodder when he isn't quite so perfect.
  • Only Fools and Horses: Freddie "The Frog" Robdal. A debonair, gentleman thief who was a charming, generous and very clever man, who had a fondness and talent for art, was a hit with the ladies, and whose last job was the successful theft of half a million pounds worth of gold bullion, which he hid by burying it at sea under one of his pseudonyms (which he planned to retrieve using his skills as a diver). The image is slightly ruined by the fact that he died by sitting on a detonator during a later job.
  • Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation is blindingly handsome, so positive that his own girlfriend doesn't notice when he breaks up with her, runs at least ten miles a day, and is immediately well-liked by nearly everyone he meets. (The positivity is justified by his admission that he was born with an extremely rare blood disorder and was only expected to live for a few weeks, thus making every day a gift.) It's all subverted by the fact that he actually isn't very good at his job: as a state auditor, he's in the business of making budget cuts, but because he finds it hard to say no to anyone, he never got anything done until he was paired with the comparatively dour Obstructive Bureaucrat Ben.
  • Power Rangers Turbo had Justin. It's difficult to find a Scrappy in that season, for obvious reasons, but Justin is a preteen genius who, by the end of the season, is the most experienced Ranger on the team, due to his four companions leaving. Oddly, he has a character, including a father who abandoned him because he couldn't deal with Justin's mother's death and he uses Tommy as a substitute father, but Jason David Frank leaving the show cut that plot short.
  • Ynon from the Israeli series Prisoners of War, who is hand-picked to take part in Operation Judah due to his physical and mental excellence as a soldier, and who is shown to master new skills — such as the use of a code finger-tapping language — in seconds.
  • "Ace" Rimmer (what a guy!) in Red Dwarf, the Trope Namer. Interestingly, when the regular Rimmer decides to become the new Ace Rimmer, it appears that he will intentionally avoid acting in the same way the Ace he met did because he found Ace to be an annoying prat.
    • In Series XI we meet an even more absurd example in Butler the android who's a master painter, sculptor, author, chef, engineer, has conquered all disease in his travels through the universe and befriended usually hostile and genocidal societies, and has the sentient mind of the universe itself on his speed dial.
  • A few episodes of the ancient detective show The Rockford Files contrasted James Garner's hard-luck PI Jim Rockford with Lance White, a handsome Ace Detective with a snazzy suit and car who needed only to walk into a room or step into a field of weeds to discover the needed clue...Lance was played by Tom Selleck with an XL serving of ham. The annoyed Rockford is left to complain that "It doesn't work that way!"
  • Scrubs:
    • Dr. Kevin Casey is an example where the Ace has a "hidden" Fatal Flaw.
    • A first season episode had an intern named Murdoch also appear to be the Ace, handling all of the problems that came his way without flinching, but breaking down at the end of the episode.
    • Dr. Molly Clock, a brilliant shrink who could not only heal The Todd, make any character realize their problems, but her everlasting good mood couldn't be crushed by Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox combined either.
  • "Rod" McKay from "McKay & Mrs. Miller" is an imitation Ace Rimmer; he's Rodney McKay from an Alternate Universe and charms everyone on Atlantis (save Rodney himself) while saving the day. It's subverted at the end when everyone says they prefer Rodney because Rod was overbearing and too nice.
  • Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager; designed a warp engine that went to infinite speed, picks locks, leads commando teams, is an ace pilot, and he's the field medic.
    • In The Doctor's fantasies in "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy," he is this.
    Phlox: But the Doctor does much more than just practice medicine. He has access to the entire ship, and he seems to be an expert on... everything. In fact, the Captain just gave him authorization to command the Bridge! It was a very exciting moment.

  • In "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "CNR", Charles Nelson Reilly is The Ace.
    Charles Nelson Reilly won the Tour de France with two flat tires and a missing chain
    He trained a rattlesnake to do his laundry, I'm telling you the man was insane

  • Achilles and Odysseus of The Iliad and The Odyssey are this trope to different degrees. Achilles borders on Boring Invincible Hero while Odysseus is one of the earliest known examples of a Guile Hero.
    • Hector as well; since antiquity, it's been common to note that Hector is in many ways the better of the two between him and Achilles, being more loyal and conventionally virtuous than Achilles, who can be selfish and vindictive. He's immensely respected by friend and foe alike, and without Achilles fighting with them, Hector pushes the Greeks back to their ships after a series of running battles. He's also fighting to defend his country, compared to the Greeks who are invading; when he's killed, the whole city erupts into mourning for their coming doom.
    • A better example would be Diomedes, a Greek commander who, while also badass, is much more mature and wise. Also, he manages to defeat (and even wound) Ares and Aphrodite in a fight.
  • Heracles was a great athlete, warrior, general, sailor, explorer and trickster among other things.
  • Cu Chulainn, hero of the Táin Bó Cúailnge and other stories of Celtic Mythology, had a reputation of being awesome at everything, be it fighting, sports, chess, crafting and solving riddles, chariot-riding, being ridiculously good-looking, or turning into a horrific, bloodthirsty monster and going on a killing-spree.
  • Gilgamesh of The Epic of Gilgamesh was such an Ace, his bored fits caused his people to beg the gods to send him a friend.
  • In other tales, Lugh joined the Tuatha Dé Danann because while the gods had a master smith, warrior, bard, sorcerer, and harper, they did not have among their number someone who excelled in them all simultaneously.
  • Norse myth makes every god but one into the butt of many jokes, including Thor for being such a dumb meathead. Odin, however, gets away with being an unstoppable warrior, leader, maker of the world with the bones of Ymir, who knows all the charms and has the wisdom of Mimir as well as literally irresistible (as in, they are magically compelled) charm for the ladies.
  • The tall tales of Pecos Bill catalogue his many outlandishly improbable accomplishments, such as eating dynamite and lassoing a tornado.
  • Sun Wukong from Journey to the West borders on Canon Sue. He is so capable and has so many powers and so much prowess, he is able to tell both Heaven and Hell off, defying first the various Hells to avoid punishment, and then Heaven when he was given a low-ranking posting for a god. The Monkey King has strength, speed, superior fighting prowess, magic transformations, and knows many magics. After defeating 10,000 warriors of Heaven by himself, he is finally bound by the Buddha. He eventually brokers a deal to get out by accompanying a monk, and on the pilgrimage earns nothing less than full Buddhahood.
  • Zhuge Liang of Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a gifted prophet, thinker, inventor, strategist, poet, musician, and statesman. He is so cunning, he kills a man with a sternly worded letter. Guan Yu also qualifies, as he is a brilliant general, sage, and scholar whose sheer badassery lets him keep playing calmly playing go as surgery is done on his arm. Cao Cao is an example of the Ace as an Informed Ability, because after a few episodes of sheer mind-blowing brilliance, he quickly turns into General Failure

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Dilbert character Topper at least claims he's this and he's never been successfully called on it. It doesn't matter what you've done whether its recycling, building a time machine, or giving birth, he claims he's done it better.
  • FoxTrot gives us Grandma, Andy's mom, who has apparently traveled the world, is a world-class chef and well-informed in most all subjects. However, she deconstructs the trope when Andy finally reveals that living under her and her Monty Oum levels of awesome has made her almost unable to connect with her and feel seriously inferior to her.
  • In early strips of Zits, Jeremy's older brother Chad was this (at least in the eyes of his jealous brother) to the extent that he was The Faceless.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Lou Thesz, the second champion of the National Wrestling Alliance starting as it went into its second year in 1949. He was considered the first "World" Heavyweight NWA Champion because he traveled around defeating other claimant world champions and unifying their titles with his own, gaining the recognition of their companies. It's been expected of world champions in the NWA to tour the territories/member promotions and defeat the local champions in their division since and no one has come close to Thesz's status as "undisputed" world champion since he retired.
  • After Rikidozan defeated Lou Thesz for the NWA International Heavyweight Title he went on to hold the belt for five years until his death at the end of 1963. Even then, He handed his assassin his own ass after being stabbed, only dying due to an infection as the blade had been pissed on. Rikidozan is in fact the source of the word "ace" as it was used in wrestling from then on.
  • Bruno Sammartino was WWWF (the entity that would later morph into WWF and WWE) World Heavyweight Champion for over seven and a half years. 2803 days Sammartino held the title, the longest of any wrestling championship on record. In this day and age of frequent title changes for TV and wrestlers taking time off to heal from injuries rather than working through them? It's unlikely this will ever happen again. Only two other reigns log half of Sammartino's streak:
    • Bob Backlund held the title for 2135 days between 1978 and 1983 (the reign was technically interrupted by Antonio Inoki, however WWE officially considers the run uninterrupted).
    • Hulk Hogan held the title for 1474 days between 1984 and 1988.
    • For comparison, the longest reign since Hogan's was CM Punk's 434 day reign spanning 2011-2013, not even 1/5 as long as Sammartino's legendary run.
  • El Canek, starting in 1978 when he defeated Lou Thesz and won the Universal Wrestling Association's World Heavyweight title belt. He was so popular in Mexico that UWA could coast on Canek beating people for another ten years. Never could beat Mil Mascaras though.
  • Ric Flair is widely considered the best wrestler of all time in terms of drawing money, performance, and legacy. The only other guys who even make the debate are Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Mitsuharu Misawa and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Michaels and Austin both openly say Ric was the best. There are legions of pro wrestlers who followed who cite Flair as their favorite wrestler. Officially he has sixteen recognised World Title reigns, a mark that stood alone until John Cena tied it in 2017. Flair claims 23, citing times a title change was not televised.
  • Mitsuharu Misawa is widely considered to be one of if not the greatest in ring performers in Japanese pro wrestling history. The man was the undisputed ace within AJPW during the 1990s, and holds the Wrestling Observer record for five star matches.
  • Hulk Hogan, starting in 1984. Whenever he would perform his "Hulk Up" maneuver, did he ever fail to block an opponent's punch?
  • In 1989, Big Van Vader won the Catch Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title in Germany, The International Wrestling Grand Prix Heavyweight Championship in Japan and the Universal Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Championship belt in Mexico, traveling between three continents to defend the three belts. Vader was the closest thing Professional Wrestling ever had to a true world heavyweight champion. As far as "world titles" go, he has had thirteen separate reigns, so there is that too.
  • The Undertaker is the ultimate McMahon wet dream: he's big and strikes an imposing figure, but also has the in-ring chops and mic skills to back up the hype. So naturally the respectable intimidating but beatable redhead from Texas became a monster as scary as death from his first WWF match in November of 1990 onward. Hell, during his heyday back in the late '90s, the man was unbeatable, and he was capable of going toe-to-toe with just about every wrestler and style out there. As further proof, he was still putting on matches that are rightly regarded as instant classics well into his 40s. See both his matches against Shawn Michaels, his match against CM Punk in 2013 and the match against Brock Lesnar that ended his undefeated streak. In the WWE, only Chris Jericho and the aforementioned Shawn Michaels can boast of being able to carry out matches as good as some of the ones The Deadman has pulled off at similar ages.
  • In a fed known for short title reigns, La Tigresa began a five year reign as the CSP/WWC Women's champion in 1993. She is the first woman wrestler from Puerto Rico to became a star in Puerto Rico itself and among critics is a contender for best women's wrestler to ever come from island.
  • Though he was nicknamed "Fatso" by detractors, Kurt Angle was the first person Cauliflower Alley Club declared to be a "Future Legend", as he started to gain a reputation as being just that good in 1995 after he won a gold medal in at The Amateur World Championships in Atlanta. He truly cemented it next year in 1996 when he won an Olympic Gold Medal despite suffering a broken neck in the preliminaries. Oh and despite his "fragile" body he can easily suplex much larger professional wrestlers like The Big Show. Oh its true, its damn true!
  • In 1996 Ultimo Dragon became the most decorated professional wrestler of all time. Not in total number of titles ever won but total number of belts held in a single period. He was the active reigning and defending champion of ten titles! Like Vader, these included belts of promotions on three different continents, though Dragon was a cruiser weight (or junior weight, or welter weight, middleweight, light heavyweight-he held belts in all those divisions)
  • Kazushi Sakuraba, after making the jump from professional wrestling to mixed martial arts, became the first person to ever hand one of the Legendary Gracie brothers a defeat in a professional fight and went on to defeat four of them and become champion of UFC Japan. Even after injuries stunted his mixed martial arts career, he was pretty much set as a professional wrestler (and there is much less distinction between the two in Japan anyway, in part because of his and trainer Nobuhiko Takada's efforts in both fields)
  • In WCW, cases could be made for Sting or Ron Simmons but the wrestler best known to simply win all the time and be comically invincible was Bill Goldberg, who from his debut in June of 1997 up until December of the next year won 173 matches in one streak, even going through the seemingly unstoppable nWo(at first, anyway).
  • Mariko Yoshida's 1998 repackaging in ARSION did away with her fancy high flying but kept all the intricate Lucha Libre type submissions in addition to taking on a more catch based style and get billed as the best wrestler in Japan (or at the very least, best female wrestler). She spent the next 17 years playfully stretching people out the world over.
  • After Toryumon Mexico spun off from IWRG, it found an ace by 1998 in CIMA, who became the first holder of the Ultimo Dragon Gym title. While many Toryumon wrestlers ended shoved into the Japanese branch's background by new acquisitions when it became Dragon Gate, CIMA continued to rise, his gimmick becoming the ability to counter any finishing move, which means more than usual given how many new ones come from the Toryumon\Dragon Gate rosters.
  • Once reluctant wrestler Carly Colón actually got some proper training in 2000, he quickly caught on, defeating every member of La Familia del Milenio available to fight him and forcing Ray González to seek off island help after Carly proved to difficult to keep the WWC Universal title belt away from. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, himself an example, eventually got the job done only for Carly to win the Universal title back five days later.
  • Bryan Danielson (That's DANIEL BRYAN for all you WWE Fans) won All Pro Wrestling's second "King Of Indies" in 2001 and made the most of the title out of all the KOIs. From 2005 he won The Wrestling Observer Newsletter's "Most outstanding wrestler" award eight years in a row, the "Best technical wrestler" award four years in a row after 2006 and most outstanding of the whole decade by its end, largely voted best of his generation by his own peers. 2005 was also when he started to believe his own hype in Ring of Honor and proceeded to live up to it by winning both of its singles titles and that of sister promotion FIP. He's gotten over pratically everywhere he's gone, being a champion in ASW of the UK, wXw of Germany, WSW of Australia, IWA Puerto Rico, NOAH of Japan, and ECCW of Canada to name a few and when he proclaimed to no longer be the best in the world after his (presumed) final Dragon Gate USA in 2009 the fans disagreed with him.
  • Kyra's gimmick in EWF and UPW was that of a woman who had shot to the top of every activity she had ever partaken in, starting with tiger cub wrestling when she was three years old to the CIA in her late teens and now wrestling in her mid twenties(with beauty contests somewhere in between). However, this only extended to those two promotions and a handful of others in the Western USA. Elsewhere, such as WWA Tijuana, the likes of Caged Heat's Loca and Ayako Hamada used Kyra as a punching bag.
  • In 2002 The Briscoe Brothers were Tag Team Champions of JAPW, PWF and NWA Wildeside at the same time, which was just the start. Twelve years after Ring of Honor established their first title belt there had only been two men to hold their world title twice, one two time television champion and no champions who ever successfully regained the Pure Championship belt. In sharp contrast, The Tag Team Title belts had been won by The Briscoes seven times during this time period and Dem Boys would start an eighth reign at the end of the year. Some of their ROH reigns also overlapped with their winning the tag titles of sister promotion Full Impact Pro, Ruckus's RCW, Pro Wrestling Unplugged, 2CW and the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Titles of Pro Wrestling NOAH. They later became IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, after being the inaugural NEVER Openweight 6-man Tag Team Champions alongside Toru Yano. While The Briscoes don't dominate singles matches the same way they do as a tag team, Jay was the second of those two men to regain the ROH World Championship belt.
  • AJ Styles in the International Wrestling Cartel, despite never being a full time member thanks to his loyalty to TNA and TNA's tendency to mettle in things, was the first man to be part of the "match of the year" three years in a row and has never actually lost the IWC Super Indy Championship belt in a match. The only man tougher in IWC than AJ Styles is Abyss, who has never lost a match hosted by the Cartel. AJ Sytles is also the only wrestler to have ever won ALL SIX of the championship belts ever made eligible for Triple Crown and/or Grand Slam status in TNA history.
  • Mike Quackenbush defended six belts from three different countries, Mexico, USA and Germany all at once in 2004. In fact, one could argue he was the ace of Chikara for the first nine years of its existence, and can't argue at all that he was the ace among the tecnicos.
  • John Cena, 2005 onward, who somehow manages to "win" even when he loses. Which he rarely does. His 2015 renaissance showed he has it in him to be one for real as well, putting on quality matches with just about anyone he wrestled.
  • The Kings Of Wrestling in between 2005 and 2006 were the aces of tag team wrestling in the USA. They held the CZW, Ring Of Honor and Chikara tag team title belts all at once and only really dropped the belts because WWE was interested in Castagnoli, only to abruptly drop him, allowing the Kings to reform up until WWE finally found something for Castagnoli to do. This was not the case in Japan however, where the Kings entered Pro Wrestling NOAH's Global Tag League and lost all of their matches in 2008. In 2010 they cemented themselves as such with an ROH tag team title reign longer than even The Briscoes managed and even got a little winning streak started in Japan but when they tried NOAH's Global Tag League again in 2011, they merely placed 7th out of 8 in the round robin.
  • 2007 was the year of Dos Caras Jr, where he went on to win the CMLL Heavyweight title belt and held it until the last three days of 2008 when he got an offer with WWE. Since leaving WWE, El Patron Alberto, as he came to be known, became the World Heavyweight Champion of both AAA and The World Wrestling League in 2015, he did this after the two's working relationship ended.
  • Irish Airborne in the International Wrestling Cartel's tag team division from the start of 2009 till mid 2010 where they not only held the tag team championship belts for fifteen months but Dave and Jake Crist also put the former aces, Sexual Harassment, on the shelf. Just in the tag team division though, as they were lackeys otherwise.
  • Sara Del Rey in Jersey All Pro Wrestling after she won their Women's Championship belt 2009 and went on to hold it for the next three years with JAPW having to go out and find more challengers after she beat all they had and her reign only ended due to her WWE schedule interfering with defenses. She had defenses in the main event too.
  • Eddie Kingston, after he decided Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes needed to be defeated. He went on to become the first Chikara Grand Title holder and held onto it for three years, going into a sort of Heroic Blue Screen of Death when he lost it Icarus.
  • TNA's fans voted for Austin Aries as the wrestler they most wanted to see TNA sign and they got their wish in 2011, where he won the X Division title belt and proceeded to defeat every single wrestler in the division, to the point TNA decided to give up on getting him challengers and asked him to drop the belt and compete in a different division. This ended up being defied by Samoa Joe, who while X division champion after Aries dropped the belt again, challenged Aries, or rather, demanded Austin Aries challenge him, and then successfully retained the belt.
  • 2011 was the year that really established Hailey Hatred in Japan. With help from Queens Revolution partner Kaori Yoneyama she held onto the TLW world tag team titles, Daily Sports Tag Team Titles, Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Project Tag Team Titles, TLW World Women’s Singles Title, Japanese Women's Pro-Wrestling Project Open title and IMW Hybrid Fighting all at once. She'd further cement her legacy in 2012, as though she lost some belts, Hatred still ended up holding onto six at once by the end of the year, IMW Hybrid Fighting, the International Ribbon Tag Team titles, the Reina World Tag Team titles, the Remix Pro Women's Championship belt, the TLW World Women's title and a Triangle Ribbon Championship belt, this time holding belts based in the USA and Mexico in addition titles of Japanese promotions.
  • Okada Kazuchika was declared Shin Hein Jidai no Ace by New Japan Pro Wrestling following his return from TNA, acquisition of IWGP Heavyweight Championship and naming of MVP of the professional wrestling business by Tokyo Sports in 2013. In a bout of Critical Dissonance the fans voted Hiroshi Tanahashi to be the ace of New Japan, so New Japan listened and put Tanahashi higher on the card.
  • reDRagon. While Bobby Fish had some tag success back in his Jerk Jackson days, Kyle O'Reilly only found it in singles junior heavyweight matches and only on a regional basis. But after numerous failed tag teams O'Reilly partnered with Fish in 2013 and went on to boast an undefeated streak against the faces of what had become the deepest tag team division in the world, The Briscoes. reDRagon then did No Remorse Corps(who lent credibility to that claim in a takeover of New Japan's Junior ranks) and Forever Hooligans(the first to hold IWGP and ROH tag titles at the same time) better by taking the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Titles without contracts. This eventually bled into their singles careers, as both members of reDRagon ended up as singles champions of ROH in the same year, though their reigns were not simultaneous.
  • The Outlaw Wrestling Federation's champion in 2014, Captain All-American Chris Alexander, boasted a reign of twelve consecutive years (among other things).
  • After four years of mostly losing, Drew Galloway found success again in the WWN when he became Evolve Champion near the end of Summer 2014. Spring of next year he was still in the WWN, still champion, also won The Open The Freedom Gate. His momentum then took him to Australia, where he took the Outback Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title, then back to his native Scotland where he regained and proclaimed the Insane Championship Wrestling Heavyweight belt a world title. He further cemented himself in Scotland by winning the heavyweight belt recognized by both the Scottish Wrestling Alliance and NWA UK Hammerlock then got yet more gold in Denmark by taking the Danish Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title.
  • After TNA went into hibernation in November 2014, Santana Garrett strolled back into her old stomping grounds and ran through the reigning champions at an alarming rate, getting back Southern Championship Wrestling's Women's title, plus getting NWA World Women's, Ring Warriors Battling Bombshells, SHINE, Jersey Championship Women's and Coastal Championship Women's Title wins. She'd then go on to become the inaugural holder holder of the CWE Vixen, Orland Pro Women's and Nova Pro Women's championship belts. In between she teamed up with Chasyn Rance to take Belleview's Tag Team belts, establishing herself as the queen of Florida and possibly the entire US independent circuit. Then in 2015, she lost the two most prestigious belts in her collection but took the Wonder Of STARDOM in Japan. Midway into 2016 her streak hadn't slowed.
    • During Garrett's reign as SHINE Champion The Kimber Bombs were also carrying multiple belts, having SHIMMER's tag titles in addition to SHINE's, Cherry Bomb being WSU Champion and IWIW Champion, Kimber Lee also being a WSU tag team champion with Annie Social and a Legacy Wrestling Women's Champion.
  • The British Messiah Timothy Thatcher hit his stride during 2015. Already approaching two years as a Golden State tag team champion with his rival and worthy opponent Old School Oliver John in Wrestling Cares Association, he picked up another tag team title with Drew Gulak in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Then he defeated Drew Galloway for both the Evolve and Open The Freedom Gate Titles.
  • While Thatcher was overseas, the ace of the UK itself was Pete Dunne. By 2016 he had been The Pro Wrestling Kingdom Champion for three years and there was scarcely a time during the year he wasn't holding at least five title belts, the others being of Fight Club Pro, Progress Wrestling(both singles and tag team with Trent Seven), Kamikaze Pro, ATTACK!(their 24/7 title no less), and VII Pro. Though he wasn't strictly limited to the UK, as Dunne also had Ireland's OTT, and the wXw Shotgun belt during this time period.
  • Dramatic Dream Team: HARASHIMA is known as "King Of The Indies" as was the ace of DDT for a long while.
  • Asuka debuted as this in NXT in 2016. She steamrolled a few opponents early on and won an opportunity to take on NXT Women's Champion Bayley whom she then beat. She went on to hold the title for 510 days, racking up an undefeated streak of 185 wins (that still stands as of 09/15/17). She only relinquished the title because she got called up to the main roster.

  • In There is no GATE; we did not fight there, Kytheus Rhavenfell excells at almost anything he puts his minds to, and learns terrifyingly quickly. He is most well known for his incredible martial, magical, and musical prowess.
    • Subverted when it comes to swimming, which he struggles with. He's getting better, though.

  • Joey Percival of George Bernard Shaw's Misalliance is a daring, intelligent, handsome pilot who shows up in Act 2 to steal be pursued by another man's fiancee and generally outshine most of the rest of the cast, although arguably he himself is outshone by the even more daring Lena Shc Sch Szcz the Polish Lady.
  • Electra the Electric Engine in Starlight Express, who shows up in the railyard and promptly outdoes even the local Jerk Jock Greaseball. His component/assistant cars sum make it very obvious that he's the best around:
    "Electra is cool. Electra is hot. Cool. Hot. A megastar. A megawatt. Rich, hot, powerful. Rich, hot, cool."

    Tabletop Games 
  • BattleTech has Kai Allard-Liao. There are other great MechWarriors in the setting, of course, but after getting over his initial self-esteem issues Kai is just about universally acknowledged as essentially unbeatable in a 'Mech, period, with the main mitigating factor simply being that even he can only be in one place at a time. When he finally died in combat, his opponents openly acknowledge that the only reason they won was because he ran out of ammo. They put a homing beacon on his mech and left it otherwise undisturbed so that his allies would have no trouble finding it and recovering his body.
  • Anyone on the miraculous Aspect Arc known as "The Ace" in Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine is just plain better than you at doing skill-based things, especially after 3+, to the extent that eventually they gain the ability to surf sound waves and punch characters out of comic books. Of course, the other Miraculous Arcs offer options such as control over large areas, becoming a fairytale monster, control over elements, blasting things out of existence, reality warping, binding powers to various pacts and injuries, or the ever-popular turning into a giant snake, so it's not a guaranteed "I Win" button all that often. It's also balanced by being an incredible MP hog when used too often.
  • Allison Carter in the Costume Fairy Adventures demo playset, The Big Pie Caper. It's hinted that she may be the rightful queen or something similarly heroic. She also has a massive 15 Stress in a game where non-player characters only rarely get more than 10 (putting her on par with the toughest of player character types, the pixies), has higher stats than them, and wins ties. Successfully pranking her is considered to be a harder achievement than rebuilding the village if fae shenanigans burn it down.
  • In basically any field of human endeavour, the Solar Exalted are better than any ordinary human than they have any right to be, and they are the most powerful of the Exalted. Abyssals and Infernals share a similar power level (give or take) but are Broken Aces and just plain weird respectively.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • In Blood Bowl Griff Oberwald, Star Blitzer and captain of the Reikland Reavers, is said to be the most talented human to ever pick up a Blood Bowl ball with a plethora of awards, good looks and a massive fan following. Griff’s game rules represent this by giving him the best overall stats and skills of any human player but at the cost of him being the second most expensive individual Star Player in the game.
    • Warhammer 40,000: Most of the Primarchs are the best of the best there is, and are quick in learning what they are taught, as they are all genetic clones of the God Emperor. Most notably Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines who was a great statesman and powerful warrior. Then there's Fulgrim, he had the looks, the skills, and in his quest for perfection, he ended up corrupted by Slaanesh. The Ace of Aces however, was Sanguinius. Sure, he may not have had Guilliman's statesmanship skills, Fulgrim's passion, or the physical prowess of, say, Russ or Vulcan, but he was widely considered the best blend of all of the Emperor's attributes, and he was a Nice Guy and All-Loving Hero of the highest caliber. He was also probably the most skilled fighter of the Primarchs, though not necessarily the strongest — just look at how he single-handedly held the gates of the Imperial Palace against literally everything the Forces of Chaos had. To top it off he was the prettiest Primarch.
  • Popular players in The Splinter are this, especially if they’re player academy graduates. They have to be or else they would have died long before getting recognition.

    Video Games 
  • Pierce in Battalion Wars 2. He even pulls off three Big Damn Heroes moments in a single mission—the last one, no less.
  • Subverted by BlazBlue's Bang Shishigami — he's got the attitude of The Ace down pat, what with his over-the-top theatrics, constant attempts at taking the centre stage of every scene he's in, Cloudcuckoolander traits, leitmotif (he's also got a second one, complete with vocals by JAM Project, for his Super Mode), Hot-Blooded-ness and dedication towards being a true 'Hero of Justice'. He's also the resident Joke Character who, though not in any way lacking in competence, is still only a human in a cast consisting of Super Humans, various Monsters, Beastkins, Robot Girls, a Samurai Ghost Robot Time Traveler and people possessing Artifacts of Doom, making him horribly Wrong Genre Savvy and making everybody else treat him like a joke.
  • Citan Uzuki from Xenogears. He is "officially" just a rather skilled doctor, but as Fei once states, "the doc knows a lot about a lot of things". Apart from his medical skills, he is also a genius mechanic and engineer, one of the greatest swordsmen in the world, a talented martial artist, usually the most intelligent person around, a keen psychologist, a highly skilled spy and double agent, an expert in Lost Technology (although some people are better than him at that), a good and responsible husband and father, and maybe the only person in the world who understands something of the game's metaplot (whose implications would scare the shit out of any normal person) without being at least several hundreds of years old. With all of that, he still manages to be a really kind, caring and accessible person who helps everyone and will usually always say and do the right thing. The only things he sucks at is cooking. (But his wife is amazing at it.)
  • Drake Redcrest from Chibi-Robo!. Or at least he's a toy based on an ace from a show within the game.
  • Isaac Clarke of Dead Space. Extremely competent engineer, skilled pilot, occasional hacker, and seasoned Space Zombie Killer. Occasionally kills Eldritch Abominations with a Plasma Cutter.
  • Devil May Cry's flagship badass, Dante. Mostly in DMC3 and DMC4. In the first few minutes of DMC3, he takes scythe blades through the arm, leg and chest. He casually rips the blade from his chest without flinching, then proceeds to kick the crap out of a bunch of Mooks using only a bunch of billiard balls and a gun. While munching on pizza. Almost always has a one-liner ready for the situation at hand, while also succeeding in not being a heartless Sociopathic Hero too.
    • Though he is the villain, Vergil could be considered this way too. The Daniel Southworth-voiced, blue-clad, katana-wielding Aloof Evil Twin beats Dante at one point.
    • Both brothers can be cited as Broken Ace, due to having so much baggage, a lack of poor communication skills to anyone weaker than them, being complete blood knights looking for a quick fix in a fight, or just having no respect for each other as brothers that hate each other.
    • Dante is more of an Ace in DMC4. Every time he shows up he upstages Nero in some way and spends half the game killing the villains that Nero couldn't kill.
  • Duke Nukem is the quintessential Ace, mixed with a bit of Jerkass for good measure. He publishes a book titled Why I'm So Great, collects his own memorabilia, and, while saving the world from aliens, is more concerned with the aliens stealing Earth's nubile women than Earth itself, and has a virtually endless collection of one-liners.
  • In most of the Fallout series, you can take the special trait "Mysterious Stranger," which lets the player be occasionally and spontaneously aided by a man in a coat and fedora, armed with a six-shooter, who shows up, shoots everyone who has any intent of hurting the player, and then leaves. It's rare that it happens, but his overwhelming badassery makes up for it. His unique magnum can kill just about anything that moves (or doesn't) in one hit, but he still likes to unload all six rounds into them.
  • In the Final Fantasy VII-verse:
    • Before his Start of Darkness, Sephiroth was known as the absolute best of the elite group SOLDIER and admired as a hero. He was actually so good that, according to Cloud, the stories people told about him were understating how strong he was — rather than the other way around as usual.
    • Zack Fair, especially in Crisis Core. He's everything Cloud wants to be — upbeat, popular with everyone, cheerful and fun-loving, Jumped at the Call and never came down, actually a member of SOLDIER, etc. He did nearly everything Cloud's famous for and did it first, up to and including riding on the top of trains, fighting rogue SOLDIERs and arguably did a better job of all of it. He's the first to meet Aerith by falling into her flower bed, as Cloud does years later. Almost everyone Zack encounters likes him, or at least they don't hate him even though he works for Shinra — this includes Cissnei, Tseng, Sephiroth, Yuffie, Tifa, etc. The only time Zack really fails at a critical moment is in trying to stop Sephiroth during the Nibelheim Incident — unfortunately, Zack's efforts are Doomed by Canon. Though he eventually loses to Sephiroth, Zack manages to put up a darn good fight. Zack is the sort of guy who's just Too Good for This Sinful Earth. His death is a Foregone Conclusion, but he naturally dies in an epically heroic way, still every inch a Hero and every ounce an Ace.
    • Even death doesn't stop Zack, because he appears to Cloud just as Sephiroth is charging for the kill and manages to give Cloud a time-stopped heroic pep talk from beyond the grave, inspiring Cloud to find the strength not only to fight on, but to win decisively in a single attack.
    • Zack's position as The Ace is lampshaded in episode 8 of Before Crisis, when Zack first shows up and works with the player character Turk. The title of that episode is "A Light That Penetrates Through the Darkness" or "A Light Even Darkness Can't Penetrate". Guess who they're referring to.
    • It even gets a bit meta; Zack is one of, if not THE most popular characters of the FFVII compilation. Possibly the entire franchise.
    • Though Crisis Core also shows that Zack had some serious issues due to all of the misery the game puts him through. To Cloud and others Zack was an awesome heroic figure — but Zack himself had Heroic Self-Deprecation in spades and died still wondering if he had managed to become a true hero.
    • Zack is also an Ace because despite not being a member of the Jenova project directly, he defeats Genesis and Angeal, the two members of Project G, while they're powered up into giant monsters by their genetic absorption abilities. And even Sephiroth, fully insane and with no regard for anyone's life, was unable to kill him the only time they fought head-to-head, though he did defeat Zack, and probably would have killed him had Cloud not run him through and thrown him into the reactor core. If there's any regular SOLDIER more powerful than Zack, we don't get to see them.
  • Tidus the "Blitz Ace" in Final Fantasy X. Yuna also fits this role quite well in Final Fantasy X-2 as well, as demonstrated through her Chronic Hero Syndrome. Tidus is only really The Ace in Blitzball; he's an Idiot Hero for a lot of the game.
  • Deconstructed in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Ephraim starts off so damn amazing he's a borderline God-Mode Sue. However, when he gets back to Renais, Seth tells him that the citizens are not cheering for his return. They're only happy because Orson's reign of terror is over. Ephraim takes this as the sign that his Leeroy Jenkins tendencies haven't been great for his people and begins to mature from then on.
    • Not only that, but his fame as The Ace is one of the biggest reasons why his friends Innes and Lyon, despite both being very talented in their own areas, show quite the degree of inferiority complexes and covert/not-so-covert envy. In the first case Ephraim only sees it as normal Friendly Rivalry, but Innes takes it more seriously to the point of telling Eirika that he'll only propose to her after defeating Ephraim; in the latter, it's massively Played for Drama since Ephraim adores Lyon and never ever sees him as inferior, so he's struck hard (read: he's driven to tears) when he learns about Lyon's psychological troubles and how a part of them can be linked to seeing himself as inferior to Ephraim.
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has a few of them. Ike qualifies in his Radiant Dawn incarnation, the Black Knight is busy being the best general for both Daein and Begnion at the same time, and Bastian seems to be a man of many talents.
  • Captain Falcon in F-Zero.
  • Like his mythological counterpart, Lancelot in Guenevere is presented as a seemingly perfect knight embodies the chivalric virtues to the public.
  • League of Legends: Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow, is an extremely good-looking, highly intelligent Badass Normal who fights crime with his lightning-based cannon-hammer hybrid. He's one of his hometown Piltover's most brilliant Hextech inventors, while at the same time being extremely popular with the city-state's general populace, who look up to and respect him as an Ideal Hero in his endeavors of enforcing justice in Piltover. On the other hand, he's also exceedingly full of himself and highly arrogant about his talents, to the point that he's disliked by most of his colleagues because of it.
  • Every person (post-Tia) who joins your party in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals/Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals gets hyped up in the town that you meet them in. Selan and Dekar are the most prominent examples in both games.
  • Prince Peasley in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Whenever he smiles, the entire screen flashes white. Luigi swoons over him.
  • Commander Shepard from Mass Effect is a clear example. S/he is regularly stated to be the most skilled fighter in the galaxy and his/her leadership and charisma become practically legendary in 2 and 3. And that's not even getting into his/her nearly flawless success rate. Over the trilogy, not counting the Collectors' ambush on the first Normandy, Shepard is only shown to lose once, on Thessia. A defeat that sends him/her into a brief Heroic B.S.O.D. before s/he quickly bounces back to deliver a devastating strike on Cerberus, the ones who caused the defeat in the first place.
    • Miranda Lawson is a noteworthy example, what with being genetically engineered to the summit of human perfection. She doesn't seem to have a problem with mentioning it from time to time. It's also Deconstructed through conversations. She suffers from an inferiority complex caused by having all her physical and intellectual abilities hand-tailored from birth, which causes her to feel that she can't take credit for any of her accomplishments on her own merit. Even more so, because she can't help but compare herself to the aforementioned Commander Shepard, who she sees as having accomplished everything s/he's done without being genetically engineered.
    • Joker is also a clear Ace, being the "best... helmsman in the Alliance Fleet", top of his flight class, commendation after commendation, all in spite of a crippling disease. He even claimed to have been better than the instructors by the end of flight school.
  • Zero to X in the Mega Man X series.
  • The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, who not only managed to fight in World War II while pregnant and give birth on the battlefield, she gave herself a Caesarean section! She's the fictional Mother of American Special Forces, and the reason behind all of the events of the Metal Gear saga.
    • Snake from the same series is superficially The Ace, a legendary One-Man Army who's saved the world on multiple occasions and capable of wooing any woman (or man) he encounters, but the player, those close to him and Snake himself know that the truth is far less flattering. (It turns out that much of Naked Snake/Big Boss' accomplishments are fabrications created by Zero, while Solid Snake is an imperfect — and rapidly aging — clone of Big Boss. He may have saved the world, but it's revealed that in doing so, he's been an unwitting part of a not-so-Ancient Conspiracy's feud with Big Boss, then Revolver Ocelot.)
    • Grey Fox. "Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at...". He was considered a hero and The Ace even after his defeat in Metal Gear 2.
  • Marco from Metal Slug.
  • Aki in Namco High is running perfect marks in every subject at once (and she's taking all the subjects) and is president of every club and star player of every sports team. The only thing she isn't good at is having more than four seconds a day of personal time. Also, she's a superhero.
  • Dan Murray of The Next Big Thing is a sports writer of no little renown, and good friends with most of the important Hollywood types. Everyone loves him so much that he can belittle, insult, and demean them until he's blue in the face and they'll just laugh and say, "What a guy!"
  • Lucien Moreau from the Nexus Clash Laurentia arc was a larger-than-life globetrotting adventurer who effortlessly succeeded at everything he put his mind to and was remarkably rich, charismatic, well-traveled and famous from a remarkably young age. Unfortunately, he got the notion that his four children would automatically be just as successful by virtue of being his and would be certain to carry on his legacy just as well as him. To say that this didn't work well for any of them would be an understatement. This didn't keep him from becoming Shrouded in Myth and being remembered as the father of his country.
  • Tom Goodman from No One Lives Forever. Subverted because he's already dead, and the one you meet is an impostor.
  • Oxenfree implies Michael was one. Possible dialogue reveals that he was very popular in school and actually got some cops to buy him beer. He was also the valedictorian for his high school graduation.
    • It gets Deconstructed when Michael admits he feels burdened by everyone's high expectations.
  • Joe Chin from Parappa The Rapper. In the cutscene from the first level he defeats two bullies just by boasting about his accomplishments to them.
  • The protagonist of Radiant Historia is this; he was able to learn an invisibility spell after seeing an enemy use it once. From the perspective of the non-time travelers, its even more ridiculous. "We need a one-of-a-kind magic item protected by the most powerful army in the world!" "Oh, I have that right here in my pocket." He had to jump between two different timelines a few dozen times to get it, but they don't see that.
  • Deconstructed in the Hentai game Season of the Sakura; protagonist Shuji Yamagami is instantly good at any sportnote  without needing to practice or train, but refuses to participate in any club unless its members can beat him fair and square. Eventually he explains to his friends that he tried being the "school hero", but the people who actually had to work to get where they were resented him for just having skill handed to him on a silver platter, and he ended up being shunned and hated, which was why he transferred to this new school in the first place.
  • A protagonist example exists in Sonic himself from Sonic the Hedgehog. He always manages to foil whatever scheme the villains have, and his sheer charisma has most of the cast looking up to him. And Sonic is very much aware of his status too.
  • Mario himself. Going through all his accomplishments would take all day.
  • Sanger Zonvolt from Super Robot Wars. A Large Ham whose only real weakness is that his mecha's attacks all cost energy. He gains Ace status during the Earth Cradle where he takes on a cyborg zombie version of himself from another dimension in a duel, accidentally destroys a bunker that was supposed to withstand the apocalypse, and then one hit kills a boss. Like Kamina he can say the cheesiest crap and make it look badass.
    Sanger Zonvolt: I am Sanger Zonvolt! The sword that cleaves evil!
  • Tales of the Abyss: Van Grants is the Ace in a world that's just a few competent civilians short of being a World of Badass and, in a weird way, while he's very much a broken one, he's also a straight one... to the villains.
  • By reading his CV, it is clear Santino from Tales of Monkey Island was every bit the ace... Just too bad that by the time you meet him, he's been dead for decades. None of his crew-members seem to have realized this, however, as they still think he's awesome.
  • Saxton Hale from Team Fortress 2.
  • In Tokimeki Memorial 1, main heroine Shiori Fujisaki is gorgeous, booksmart, kind-hearted, athletic, feminine, popular... What does she not have, as the "golden girl" of Kirameki High? Ah, she's very picky in regards to boyfriends... Well, you can still try to woo her and become her Victorious Childhood Friend! Unless you choose to court other girls, that is.
  • Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series. She has excellent acrobatic and fighting skills, and iconic sex appeal. She is broadly intelligent with a witty sense of humor, and can speak multiple different languages. Not to mention she owns a fortune, living in a manor and has her own butler.
  • Maniac from Wing Commander straddles the line between actually being The Ace and merely pretending to be—he starts as a reckless nutcase with a superiority complex, but eventually becomes every bit as formidable as he thinks he is, with two thousand confirmed kills by the start of Wing Commander Prophecy.
  • A weapon example in The Monster Hunter Series. The newest weapon, the "battle tonfas", in unite is critized for being a weapon that exceled in way too many aspects and ruined the competetive balance, rendering some other weapons close to obsolete. It has the mobility and versality of sword and shield, the fire rate of dual blades, the charge-gauge-based special attacks like a charged axe, but with spontaneous damage output like wyvern fire from a gunlance. On top of it all, it has a jumping move and can keep attacking mid air. Oh, did I mention that it can do both IMPACT and CUTTING damage by utilizing the gauge and is therefore the quickest impact weapon you can use to knock out a monster? Japanese fans said that this weapon has at once put lance, hammer, dual blades and insect glaive all to tears.
  • The three player characters from the Dragon Age series (the Warden, Hawke, and the Inquisitor) are all recognized as this in universe.
  • Mike from Jagged Alliance.
  • The heroic Superman from the prime universe in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He's considered the very model of a hero and is looked up to by all the other heroes on his world, and generally regarded In-Universe as one of the noblest and most powerful heroes of them all, which is really saying something. And then when he's finally pulled into the !Injustice-verse, he thoroughly lives up to his reputation, proceeding to effortlessly defeat the most powerful of the Regime's enforcers in quick succession before beating his own evil counterpart into submission.
  • In Starcraft II, November "Nova" Terra is one of the Dominion's most elite Ghost assassins. She completed her training in record time (two and a half years, instead of four) and her psychic powers are on par with former Ghost and present-day zerg queen Sarah Kerrigan.
  • This is the defining trait of Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- Koharu Tsukikage. Fittingly, she's a perfect foil for Rinka Kagurazaka, the game's main character.

    Visual Novels 
  • Miles Edgeworth of Ace Attorney comes across as this. Handsome, rich, extremely intelligent, cultured and a living legend at his job. Subverted though, he's got a whole heap of personal problems and starts as something of an Amoral Attorney.
  • Shirou Emiya from Fate/stay night is considered the star of the archery club years after having left, is just as good a fencer and martial artist as he's with the bow, is technologically savvy, a Supreme Chef, incredibly handsome, filthy rich and lives in a giant mansion with 5 beautiful young women who are all madly in love with him. Oh, and he's also a powerful wizard and has the willpower of a god. Makes it all the more infuriating to hear him monologuing every five minutes about how much of a loser he is.
    • Not really. He's got some horrible self-worth issues, his beliefs and mindset are outdated and unrealistic, and at some point he's so destroyed on the inside that his VERY badass and cynical future self, Archer, comes to show exactly what kind of person he will grow into — and intends to murder him. Even with all of his talents, there is something deeply wrong with Shirou.
    • In addition, by the standards of Magus society, he is a loser, because he only has two types of magic, and they are considered some of the most basic and worthless. It's just that he has a unique trait that makes them useful for him. He also has a Magic Circuit count that is barely above the average (27 to the average 20, and they're all low quality), making his magical endurance pale in comparison to most of the other combatants (Rin, for example, has 70 between her natural 40 and the 30 from her family Crest). The only reason that doesn't limit him to being a weakling is because his inhuman pain tolerance from his brush with the Great Fuyuki Fire and his flawed "Makeshift Circuit" method from Kiritsugu's half-assed training allows him to keep fighting even though he's burning himself from inside out by overloading his Circuits. It's more like he's Cursed with Awesome than anything.
    • He also has a LONG way to go to get to his Ace status. He starts out nearly friendless, considered a weirdo and an Extreme Doormat for his tendency to bend over backwards to help people, has next to NO magical talent even with his specialized Magecraft, and gets consistently taken advantage of by his Jerkass "best friend". His talents are mostly overlooked in favor of his shortcomings.
    • He's also short for his age, which is a sore point for him, though it's made funny by the fact that he grows up to be the third-tallest person in the original VN, behind only Kotomine and Berserker.
    • Servants, in general, tend to be this, as legendary figures and heroes from ages past. Not all Aces are created equal, of course, but every one of them is amazing in their own right.
  • Each in their own way, both Shizune and Lilly from Katawa Shoujo deconstruct this trope. Shizune (representing the anime heroine archetype of the willful, energetic, "super charismatic" club/student council president most iconically depicted by Haruhi Suzumiya) is so naturally excellent at everything she does that (perhaps combined with her deafness making it hard for her to relate to other people) she doesn't seem to fully realize that some people may not be as good as she is, considering them lazy or lacking sufficient drive if they fail to match her (impossible) standards. Meanwhile, Lilly (who represents the perfect, princesslike, motherly, borderline saintly character) means well when she takes care of those she believes need her help, but is so unbelievably good at everything that she inadvertently only causes them to feel even less sure of themselves because they can never hope to be as good as she is.
  • Little Busters!:
    • Kurugaya is good-looking, athletic (to the point where she can Flash Step), intelligent enough to have one of the highest scores in maths despite constantly skipping and having no bad subjects, charming, and more than able to take care of herself in a fight. This actually leaves Riki feeling a bit insecure during their route, feeling that she's helping him out much more than vice versa.
    • Also, Kyousuke. A charismatic, intelligent Bishounen that pretty much all of the characters look up to. He even has his own 'advice service' that is really just random students fawningly asking him for details about all the impossibly incredible things he's done. Of course, it's hard to say what is and isn't a result of him manipulating the fake world, and by Refrain he's turned into one hell of a Broken Ace.
  • Shouichi "Capt" Kazama from Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! possesses ungodly good luck and is blessed with good looks, popularity, charisma and general skill in everything he tries. Howevever, he's not without his flaws.
  • Tei in Nameless quickly become the most popular guy in school, is considered the most attractive of his already very attractive friend group, succeeds at everything he tries, and constantly takes care of and solves problems for his less mature friends. Ultimately subverted.
  • In Grisaia no Rakuen we see Sachi from Grisaia no Kajitsu show up to Mihama. She's a straight A student, athletic enough to almost match a former basketball club member about six inches taller, pretty, diligent, friendly and a good cook, though not at Amane's level. She's referred to as an honor student, which the class doesn't really understand until they learn that she's actually obsessive about fulfilling responsibilities and orders so that she can be a 'good girl.'
  • In Dangan Ronpa, Hope's Peak Academy is a school made for those who are talented in a specific skill. The exceptions are the "Ultimate Lucky Students", ordinary high school students who are accepted from a random lottery. However, the students of Hope's Peak Academy didn't all get to where they are without their scars.
  • Jupiter of We Know the Devil is athletic, smart, and generally the golden girl, but it's noted by the narration that she has a tendency to screw things up when it really counts — like 'blanking on the last question' or 'missing the winning goal'. She has issues stemming from being put on a pedestal.

  • Jack Fortinbras, of Academia. A running joke about his character is the unanswered question of how he has time to captain the school's rugby team and get straight As in his Physics program.
    Jack: I couldn't possibly do my research without my team.
    Stephen: Nice to hear there are things you can't do.
    Jack: That's not fair. There's lots of things I can't do.
    Stephen: Name three.
    Jack: I can't fly an aeroplane. I can't carve stone especially well. I can't think of a third thing.
  • Bob from Bob and George is an interesting case, as he is actually the main antagonist. The things that he can do are hilariously ridiculous, like how he can kill a hologram, because "he's just that good". He also always gets himself up by doing a back-flip, because he's that cool, and not because the author couldn't find any good sprites of him standing up.
  • Fred from The Chapel Chronicles never loses a board or card game. Never. Since games are one of Chapel's obsessions, she finds this astonishingly unfair.
  • In City of Reality, newcomer Hawk thinks that SUEPR Team Five leader Todo is this: idealistic and generous to a fault, skilled enough to defeat any challenge, and recipient of general acclaim and affection. However, as the entire story is a Deconstruction of a Mary Sue Topia, Todo's idealism is sorely challenged by the world outside Reality.
  • Commander Kitty has an ace named Ace. His crew is almost a Mirror Universe version of CK's, but better looking and more capable.
  • Possibly Nanase from El Goonish Shive. She is a black belt in Anime-Style Martial Arts, can currently bench-press 160 pounds before her burnout she could press 200, has "insanely potent" magic, and is trilingual in Japanese, English, and French.
  • Will from Fanboys. Made sixty-thousand-plus a year in prize money from gaming tournaments, can hold his own in a fight against Berserk!Lemmy, has "hacked" a board game, and now he's apparently a Bond-style government agent.
  • Girl Genius has Othar Tryggvassen (Gentleman Adventurer!) who's always willing to swashbuckle and ham it up like nobody's business, and who's somehow able to survive all manner of ridiculous dangers (plummeting to his death and turning up unharmed a few pages later is his specialty). He's also dangerously insane, but since he firmly believes he's the dashing hero in a thrilling scientific romance, being insane doesn't get in the way of him playing the Ace role to the hilt. He also has a rather large amount of charisma, though for a Spark it's normal.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court has a female example — Jones. She's both medium instructor "among other things" and embodiment of some sort of perfection which includes beauty (she's the single character consistently drawn with more details than the protagonist, just to make a point) and godlike toughness with undercurrent of deadpan "Seen It All". There is also Robox, who is the Yin to eternal Butt-Monkey Boxbot's Yang. The comic has yet to say what exactly either of them do, beyond the fact that "Everybody likes Robox" and "Nobody likes Boxbot".
  • From Homestuck, Bro Strider, elder brother of Dave Strider, by far surpasses any of the Kids or the Guardians in combat ability, and trumps Dave for sheer irony.
    • Dirk acts like this, and he certainly has shades of it, but the angst and self-loathing he feels over his dysfunctional personality make him more of a Broken Ace.
  • Dora of Questionable Content has serious issues with her brother Sven due to his being an Ace. Sven himself has serious issues with him being an Ace. He becomes a Broken Ace when he starts to realize he doesn't really have much to his personality besides picking up hot chicks, using wacky situations to get out of uncomfortable ones and writing music he hates.
  • Carlyle from Sam & Fuzzy, a very humble form as he does not seem to want to be identified — he is The Faceless and shows up on several points to dispense Koans to the characters (who never realize it's him); most of his heroic deeds happen off-screen and are referred to by others. The first major arc of the comic kicks off when Sam tries to take on one of Carlyle's assignments and ends up in a spat of trouble with the Ninja Mafia.
  • In Sheldon, Flaco is a former cosmonaut, a gold medalist in the modern pentathlon, read several hundred books over the course of one summer, and — according to one strip — will eventually become an admiral in the Bulgarian navy. Did we mention that he's a foot-tall lizard who talks in squeaking sounds?
  • The main character of Too Much Information is named Ace. He doesn't even have a last name. And while he does make mistakes on occasion, he seems to fall into this quite often, especially where women are concerned — practically every female in a 5-mile radius seems to automatically fall for him (including lesbians and ghosts), and he had racked up 7 marriage-proposals before he turned 18. His foot-rubs are internationally renowned. At a charity Bachelor Auction, he brought in $5.000, which resulted from one woman bidding 2.500, and two others pitching in 1.250 each, while agreeing to 'share'. The two who are sharing? A grandmother and granddaughter. The granddaughter is a supermodel. The high bidder? A vampiress who thinks he's hot.
    • Oh! Now it turns out that Ace is also a whiz at hapkido.
    • However, his cooking is not 'inedible', it's just so ultra-spicey you have to be that manly to eat it, and only Ace is that manly. His favorite ice-cream flavor is 'Habanero'.
    • Recent evidence also suggests that he has 'spiritual power' on par with a Demigod or a Seraphim. And that his former 5-mile radius of seduction has been extended to the point where girls in Korea are committing suicide to be with him. If this man isn't stopped soon, his aura will extend to Babeatron IV, and then we'll be facing an invasion of Green Skinned Space Babes...
  • Ogrek the Undisciplined in Yamara. Irredeemable Munchkin? check. Has a big bonus to spot ladies whom he deems "cute" even if they are hiding? check. "Heroic" scar and "veteran parade" uniform? Right here. Evading compromising situation with grace? check. Comment on having 20,000 hobgoblings as neighbours? "Nice, quiet professionals". Crazy-Prepared while carrying almost nothing and remembers her birthday no matter what's going on? check. And let's not start on his other wife.
  • The "official" Ace is Ultima Thule. She's "eidolon of humanity" and as such has all stats at the Human racial maximum. Since it includes Intelligence and Wisdom, she's not an adventurer (high-risk waste of time!) but a banker.
    Fea: Now she's reading Socrates and Tao Te Ching.
    Joe: Perhaps she's trying to improve herself.
    Fea: —Simultaneously.
  • Magick Chicks: Faith and her boyfriend, Ash, are the respective alphas at Artemis and Apollo Academy.
    T Campbell: "Layla's not exactly a pushover, but she's had a relatively easy life, and has never before even faced a slayer who consistently wanted to kill her. Even if Layla were well-trained for combat, the odds would heavily favor Faith. As it is, anything resembling a fair fight was going to more or less end like this."
  • Payet Best of Guilded Age became a destined hero when The Call suffered a case of mistaken identity and chose him over the real hero, who was mere minutes late. He'd then go on to become a widely-renowned adventurer, slaying wicked monsters and bedding eager women as a talented musician, unbeatable combatant, and master of the Indy Ploy. This has led to some minor issues with hubris, however, which often makes him impossible to approach among his peers who do not, in fact, believe the world revolves around him.
  • The Korean webcomic Fluttering Feelings gives us Baek Seol-A, a girl who is as intelligent as she is pretty, and when asked if she knows how to surf she responds by telling the person she can ride any type of board.

    Web Original 
  • Super 55 from The Series is an example turned all the way up to Canon Sue levels for comedic purposes.
  • Chuck Norris, via Memetic Mutation. And every other Memetic Badass.
  • Captain Hammer ("the Hammer is my penis") from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog sends up the Ace along with everything in the Superhero genre, but with a twist.
  • The Armory Master of Einsteinian Roulette. Fiery and incredibly beautiful, she is capable of impressing feats of crafting and combat, going unscathed through several high-risk missions without having so much as a scar to show. Before being put under the service of the HMRC, she worked in a bakery. She was good at that too.
  • Downplayed with Luke of Hobo Bros. In some games (particularly Super Mario 64), he is very knowledgeable of most of the levels, and usually knows what he's doing. But there are other games where he does... not so well, particularly Super Mario Maker, where he gives up constantly, and Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, where he goes Lovable Coward.
  • Pom Pom from Homestar Runner, to an extent.
  • Ace from The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness was (fittingly) one of these at first, but as time went on his team began to lose respect for him when he started becoming less of an ace and more of a traditional Marty Stu. Lori could also be considered a female example. This has given Mortal enough basis to accuse them both of being a Mary Sue. Though the author is trying to fix that.
  • In the Noob franchise, Fantöm, Amaras and Spectre for their respective factions. Fantöm is that in the overall game because the creator has been getting his avatar illegally enhanced behind his back. Amaras becomes number one once the whole thing is discovered.
  • ProtonJon of The Runaway Guys by being the best at everything, except for luck. For example, in the Super Smash Bros video they did, it came to a point where all three of them were facing each other. Jon had to use a controller he wasn't used to, but still managed to beat both Chugga and NCS at the same time, while still having 2 stock out of 5 left. In the New Super Mario Bros Wii LP, while everyone else was having problems with their lives, Jon had reached 99 lives while still screwing everyone else (mostly Chugga) over.
  • The Law from Video Game High School is recognized as one of, if not the best player In a World... where video games have become Serious Business. He's popular, intelligent and a Chick Magnet to boot. He is also a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing that only cares about himself and torments people that get in his way or show him up (like the protagonist did in the first episode.)
  • The Whateley Universe has this with Chaka, whose instinctive ki mastery lets her pick up more than just wire-fu martial arts tricks within moments and who's certainly prone to hamming it up. Or going after half-demonic hybrid weres with a rolled-up newspaper.
    • Heck, Team Kimba has so many of these that the one who OWNS MARVEL COMICS, is a density manipulator who can instant-KO anyone without a force field, and is trying to become the new Batmannote ...considers himself the weakest link.
  • Pyrrha from RWBY. A famous athlete who graduated from Sanctum with highest honours and won several fighting tournaments before joining Beacon, she backs up her reputation by being the most skilled fighter on Team JNPR and, if Weiss is correct, the most skilled student in all of Beacon Academy. She fights in battles with an incredibly complicated shortsword/spear/rifle switch weapon, and possesses a very powerful Aura. Despite her reputation and prowess, she is a Humble Hero and all-round Nice Girl, a stark contrast to Weiss' Rich Bitch personality. Her only significant character flaw is her occasional Extreme Doormat tendencies. Sadly, not even she is a match for Cinder once she inherits the Autumn Maiden's powers. note 

    Western Animation 
  • Slickis, Ickis' famous father from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is this Academy's Most Esteemed Graduate and gets treated like a celebrity when he stops by for a visit. He's a champion athlete, a talented and innovative Scarer, great at public speaking, and he's such a Nice Guy everybody loves to be around him. His relationship with Ickis is strained at first, because Slickis spends more time being famous than being a Dad but they reconnect after Slickis reveals he wasn't always so skillful and reaffirms that he believes Ickis can do great things.
  • Parodied in an episode of The Addams Family cartoon from the 90's, where Gomez feels that he's run out of challenges by being so amazingly good at everything, and thus aspires to try failing at something for once. After numerous attempts at assuredly impossible tasks that he manages to succeed at in spite himself, Morticia finally convinces him that he failed at failing.
  • The titular character from The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. He's only in his teens, but he's already a highly-skilled adventurer who can think up plans and solutions on the fly, shoot down enemy planes with a slingshot, single-handedly take on monsters much bigger than him, and survive anything from falling hundreds of feet to swimming in a frozen lake. He's also an Instant Expert at piloting a submarine, hard hat diving, grungeball, equestrianism, the flute and whatever he needs to be able to do.
  • Sir Victor in Adventures of the Gummi Bears.
  • Howie from Almost Naked Animals.
  • Animaniacs: Hello Nurse is not only the Trope Naming Hello, Nurse!, but also a hypercompetent Parody Sue. According to the song about her, her list of accomplishments includes winning the Tony, Nobel Prize, and Pulitzer, obtaining several P.H.Ds, playing Chopin without rehearsing, singing opera at the Met, starring as the lead role in King Lear, becoming the ambassador to China, and not smoking.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Jet is portrayed like this; he's strong, he's a good leader, he sweeps Katara off her feet, and Aang doesn't even seem to notice because he thinks Jet is awesome too. Only Sokka is suspicious of him, and for good reason; they later find out that Jet is rather psychotic and was willing to kill innocent people in order to wipe out a few fire nation soldiers.
    • This trope is pretty much the point of any Avatar. The series is about Aang's journey to become The Ace.
  • In Bob's Burgers, Bob grows envious of Jimmy Pesto.
  • Buddy Thunderstruck features the title character, a local celebrity racer that without fail, wins every race he's in without really trying. His capability outside the race track however, leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Bugs Bunny in most of his appearances, especially when contrasted with Butt-Monkey Daffy Duck, and the Roadrunner, who is always able to avoid a supposed genius of a Coyote.
  • Aldrin Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie combines this with Jerk Jock and Big Brother Bully in his attitude towards younger siblings Maggie and Pupert. He actually cares for Bella, the baby of the family. He's the captain of all the high school sports teams, has at least one in-universe fangirl swooning over him at his Burger Fool job, and his teeth sparkle when he smiles. Deconstructed partly when Maggie wants to get a better part-time job than Aldrin (or at least let everyone think she has). Aldrin discovers the ruse and is FURIOUS that she would lie about her accomplishments when he worked very hard to get where he is (a later episode confirms how insanely hard his sports training routines are), but he still offers to recommend Maggie to the manager once she admits she was wrong. Usually, he's too much of an Aloof Big Brother to even bother giving advice, possibly because he's The Unfavorite in their extended family, as Uncle Jeb blatantly favors Maggie (and later Pupert) and only compliments Aldrin when he realizes that gaining muscle mass means Aldrin can do more work.
  • Captain Planet — seriously, is there any power this guy doesn't have? If pollution weren't more prevalent than kryptonite, he'd make Superman look like Aquaman.
  • Captain Star of the eponymous series is called the "greatest hero any world has ever known", and a legendary captain and explorer with hundreds of worlds named after him. Despite being effectively exiled to a remote corner of the universe still manages to save the day on numerous occasions. On his Show Within a Show, he's even more so.
  • A character simply known as "The Kid" from Codename: Kids Next Door. And, somewhat appropriately, he's also an Ace Pilot.
  • Danger Mouse. His ending Theme Song even tells you outright: "He's The Ace! He's amazing!! He's the strongest, he's the quickest, he's the BEST!!"
  • Used to its fullest in the Danny Phantom episode "Identity Crisis" where Danny splits in two, one of which embodies his heroic qualities. So much so that Large Ham speeches are an everyday occurrence for him, no tasks is too great or small for him to command—he can fight crime and vacuum his room with much pumped glee—his dramatic entrances are peppered with flashy backgrounds, imaginary wind dramatically blows his hair no matter where he is, and the music blasts triumphantly every time he appears on screen or does something over-the-top, including practicing appropriate superhero facial expressions.
  • Chalky Studebaker in both series of Doug, incredibly smart, amazing athlete. However in both series, he's hinted at being a Broken Ace. Outright deconstructed in one episode when he and Doug get identical results on a test. Doug knows he didn't cheat, so the only other possibility is that Chalky cheated. After spending a day chasing Chalky through three different sports and band practice he finally corners him at his house and finds out that Chalky's been so busy with all his extracurricular activities he never had time to study. Then Chalky's dad proudly shows off his son's Trophy Room, then adds that he's got a long way to go to catch up to his brother. Doug comments that it's a pretty big wall to fill and Chalky agrees and misses a game to re-take the test.
  • Cornfed Pig from Duckman fits this to a tee. He has dozens of degrees, has worked hundreds of jobs, and is a certified expert at everything. He materializes new skills whenever it is necessary or funny, from performing surgery on the fly, constructing a working helicopter from bamboo, or performing the works of Hendrix, he can do it.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Kevin is pretty much this, at least in-universe.
    • Subverted with Eddy's older brother. Throughout the series, Eddy has been building up his brother as heroic and compassionate for him, but the Grand Finale movie revealed that he's actually a sociopath who's been torturing Eddy for as long as they've been together and that Eddy made up everything he said about him. And from what we've heard, Eddy's not the only one.
  • Prince Daring of Ever After High is this. It's pretty much his ONLY purpose in life, much to the detriment of his little brother, Dexter.
  • Zapp Brannigan from Futurama is a subversion. Most people think he's an amazing hero, until they meet him.
  • Captain California in Hero High is an Ace-In-Training. Physically he fits, but he's not quite competent enough, yet. (It is a show about a school for heroes, after all).
  • I.M. Weasel from I Am Weasel. It got toned down in later seasons, but his first season incarnation is very much this and played the role of foil to the resident Butt-Monkey I.R. Baboon.
  • Professor Membrane in Invader Zim. Or at least he could be, if he had enough common sense to believe Dib about anything.
  • In Jelly Jamm, the Queen is this. She is athletic, knowledgeable and caring, and, with the help of a few Dodos, runs the Musical Factory that provides the music for the whole universe, while her husband, the King, rather plays golf and plays with the kids.
  • Quack Quack the duck from Kaeloo, as a result of scientists performing experiments on him when he was younger — to the extent that he can play tennis by himself, by running from one end of the court to the other before the ball reaches.
    • Mr. Cat also qualifies as an example, though not to the same extent as Quack Quack. He's athletic, intelligent, and as proven in Episode 58, right about everything.
  • Kim Possible is a rare example of this being the protagonist herself. She's a straight-A head cheerleader who is involved in nearly every extracurricular activity, and she is quite Genre Savvy and can learn how to pilot something in just a few seconds. She can do anything, indeed.
  • Mei Ling in Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five. She was the top student at the martial arts academy where Crane worked as the janitor and is a true blue friend who helped the underconfident bird achieve his dream to enroll in the school.
  • Experiment 262 from Lilo & Stitch: The Series is a superhero compared to the other experiments. He was originally designed as a war weapon, but Jumba screwed up the formula and created a being with no capacity for evil. Jumba considers him a failure and locked him away whenever company came around. Oh, and his name actually is Ace.
  • Rick Thunderbolt of Oban Star Racers is famous, gorgeous (complete with waist-length black hair and Cool Shades,) beloved, one of the world's best racers — and knows it. Over the course of the show's first arc, he is crippled so he can never race again, and ends up as a mentor figure to Molly, teaching her everything he knows so that she can succeed where he did not.
  • The titular duo of Phineas and Ferb. They're so exceptionally talented in all fields that they can accomplish literally just about anything imaginable — and will — if they feel it can keep them occupied for a day.
    • Isabella can be thought of as this too, considering she is easily able to overcome nearly impossible physical and mental challenges on a day-to-day basis just to earn Fireside Girl patches.
  • In one episode of The Proud Family, Trudy hires a housekeeper called "Renee" who is good at almost everything. Trudy gets jealous because she feels that she doesn't fit to everyone's standards and she feels that she has been replaced, so she decides to let her go because she's too "perfect."
  • Vince LaSalle from Recess. T.J. was one in the early season one episodes. Played with in "Here Comes Mr. Perfect" with Jarad Smith, a new student who ends up being the best at everything, though deconstructed when it's revealed that he doesn't have many friends because he's better than every other student at everything.
  • Regular Show has Skips. In general, he's good at everything.
    • Deconstructed in one episode, where Skips is shown to be horrendously computer-impaired.
    • Also, Rigby's little brother Don fits this trope perfectly. He is a successful accountant who is a large contrast to his groundskeeper brother.
  • Hunter from Road Rovers is kind of a mix of this, The Hero and Idiot Hero. Nothing bad ever happens to him and he's always cracking jokes during missions.
  • Doctor Lucy Carmichael of Rugrats. She is completely awesome at everything she turns her hand to: aviation, cooking, parenting, mechanical engineering, medicine. During the episode that introduces her and her husband, it's a running gag how Didi is constantly discovering new things to admire about her new friend and being totally blown away and a little intimidated. She's also quite friendly and kind — the kind of person who makes you wish you were cool enough to be her friend. Lucy is almost a parody of Positive Discrimination.
  • Brian Boitano is presented as The Ace on South Park, despite never appearing on the show. According the musical number about him in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, he has magical fire-breath and once punched out Khublai Khan. He does appear in the 1995 "Spirit of Christmas" short, though only to give An Aesop speech.
  • Spongebob Squarepants has 4 of them. Spongebob is this compared to Squidward, as are Mr. Krabs to Plankton, Squilliam to Squidward and Sandy to basically everyone.
    • Aren't you forgetting someone? Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen! He was Number 1!
  • Jack Royal from Squirrel Boy.
  • Stressed Eric lives next door to the Perfect family. Ray Perfect is Eric's coworker and excels everywhere that Eric fails dismally.
  • TaleSpin has at least two examples (one appearance each):
    • Whistlestop Jackson, hero to millions!
    • And the appropriately-named Ace London! ("You got that right!") He's good, knows it, makes a big point of it, and unsurprisingly, gets on Baloo's nerves as a result of his insufferable attitude.
    • A possible third example played with is Rick Sky. Ace Pilot and squadron commander during TaleSpin's equivalent to World War I, and a living legend. Except for the fact he disappeared with a load of silver vital to the war effort and was branded a traitor. He claims that he really didn't steal the silver after all, and instead crashed on a glacier with his squadron and was trapped there for a couple decades. Of course he doesn't help his case when he steals the Sea Duck. But he did it to try and get the silver back. Any disillusionment Baloo felt over these events is pretty thoroughly dashed when Rick and his recovered squadron willingly take on Don Karnage in what's implied to be a Suicide Mission to give Baloo time to escape with the silver, ultimately clearing their names. The Ace indeed.
  • Aqualad is portrayed this way in his debut episode of Teen Titans.
  • Underdog — completely invincible to all natural physical harm, Super Strength taken Up to Eleven, speed of lightning, treats bullets like they're raindrops, destroys bad guys' vehicles (from cars to train to tanks) just by standing there doing nothing and letting them crash when they hit him, takes out monsters in one or two punches like they're toys, and loves to make dramatic entrances where something gets destroyed and he declares "There's no need to fear!/Underdog is here!" The catch? His powers are the effect of a Super Serum pill, and he often spends half the episode dangerously weak if not nigh-helpless until he's able to take it and re-charge, which makes for an interesting balance of strength and vulnerability.
  • In The Venture Bros., Brock Samson is a Rated M for Manly God-Mode Sue, Played for Laughs. It helps that he picks up some character depth along the way.
    • Jonas Venture Jr. also qualifies... and only gets more infuriating as the series progresses.
    • Jonas Venture Sr. too, albeit posthumously. Everyone who ever knew him considered him a god among men. Even Rusty, who knows full well what a self-absorbed asshat he was, can't bring himself to break out of his father's shadow.
    • Dr. Henry Killinger takes this Up to Eleven while still playing it straight. Whenever he appears, expect his actions to result in a major change in the Venture universe. So far, he has completely rebuilt the Monarch's criminal organization while reuniting him with Dr. Girlfriend. He then rebuilds Venture Industries to its former glory almost overnight while giving Rusty Venture a much-needed Heel Realization. Then, after the Guild of Calamitous Intent is thrown into chaos by the Sovereign killing off most of the Council of Thirteen, he kills the Investors and re-establishes the Guild with the surviving members and the Revenge Society. He is terrifyingly good at what he does.
  • Played straight in The Weekenders with minor character and Lor's crush, Thompson Oberman. Nicely lampshaded by Tino and Carver:
    Carver: He's a jock and a nerd!
    Tino: Yeah, way to ruin the curve, Thompson.
  • In Ellie the Ace, there's, well, Ellie, of course.
  • Albert the Fifth Musketeer is the newest and the smallest of the musketeers, but he still is the most competent and smartest one out of the bunch.