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Good Scars, Evil Scars

"Deception. Disgrace.
Evil as plain as the scar on his face."

You can easily tell heroes from villains by their scars.

Good guys tend to scar in an attractive, fashionable manner — usually a single neat pale line, flush with the skin and placed in one of the following strategic locations: straight across one cheek, straight down from beneath the eye (popular with tough and/or grizzled characters), or straight up from the eyebrow. A scar extending up or down from the lip can happen, but it's rare as it can give a harelipped look more associated with shifty characters (and a similar scar on the other side of the lip is right out). A scar straight over the bridge of the nose has the interesting effect of looking cute and warlike at the same time. They can also have a big, raised scar or a burn, but only if it's in a place where the character has to be shirtless for you to see it. Perhaps the ultimately cliche "good guy" scar is two scars forming an X across the cheek or forehead.

Bad guys can also have fashionable scars to go show off their being evil, which blurs the playing field a bit; more often than not they have big raised slashes (often running up the face, stopping just below the eye, then continuing from the eyebrow up) and mottled, discolored burns. They are not limited to one but may have two or three scars, or be Covered with Scars; they may have a Red Right Hand in the form of a missing eye or ear, missing teeth, or a large chunk out of the nose or chin. Anything they're missing might have an Artificial Limb as a substitute, and in fact they might be so horribly scarred that they generally wear a mask over everything.

The Anti-Hero can go either way. Anti heroes sometimes tend to have a scar starting from below the eye and ending above it while the eye itself is usually intact.

This trope can be easily averted or subverted however, given that a disfiguring scar can be used to show that they've had a hard or even tragic life, or to mark an influential moment in their past.

Doesn't do well for the 'external beauty is meaningless' school of thought; it's more like Beauty Equals Goodness with respect to the relative sexiness/scariness of scars.

If the scarred person has a Love Interest (and the work is sufficiently idealistic) expect said Love Interest to talk at least once about how they don't care about their loved one's scars. Such moments may be heartwarming or laughably cliche, depending on the individual writer's skill.

Compare Good Hair, Evil Hair, Knuckle Tattoos. See also Scars Are Forever, Mark of Shame.

NOT Truth in Television, as how an individual scars is the result of age, genetics, and how the wound is cared for, while artificial limbs are much more likely to be the result of a transportation accident than evil deed.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Juumonji, one of a trio of delinquents turned American football linemen from Eyeshield 21, has a cross-shaped scar on his face. His father has a similar scar. Mamoru Banba also got several facial scars after his mysterious summer training.
  • Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach has a scar straight down the left side of his face, going from his hairline down to his jaw. Hisagi Shuuhei has three vertical parallel scars on one side of his face (from a Hollow attack fifty years before), apart from a tattooed horizontal line across nose and cheeks and a number 69.
    • One character who has scars purely for the cool factor is Tsubaki, one of Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka. He springs into existence with a cool-looking facial scar down the side of his face, despite never having fought before.
    • Badass Grandpa Yamamoto is also covered in scars, which is expected considering that he has been alive and in battle for thousands of years. While he isn't evil, he isn't exactly what you would call good either.
    • Mad Scientist Mayuri Kurotsuchi is shown to have what appear to be surgical scars criss-crossing his entire body in the brief scene he is shown without his creepy make-up on.
    • Nel has a scar on her forehead from when Nnoitra broke her mask and kicked her out of Las Noches.
    • Kenpachi also has two more scars on his chest, courtesy of Nnoitra.
    • Grimmjow has one on his chest after he got hit with Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou in their first fight.
  • The main character of Mahou Sensei Negima!, Negi Springfield, received a small horizontal scar on his cheek during his fight with Setsuna during the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament.
    • He also received a scar fighting a recreation of his father in the final match of the tournament. He could have had it magically healed, but he decided to keep the scar for sentimental reasons.
    • Jack Rakan has a scar on each arm. We find out in a flashback that he got these when the Lifemaker attacked Ala Rubra and cut his arms off. Obviously, they have since been reattached. Negi may also have a similar scar after his fight with Kagetarou.
    • Ako has a large scar on her back of the more "evil" variety of scars, even though she's anything but. It's a large part of her character background that she is ashamed by it, has a phobia of blood from the accident when she received it, and freaks out when Negi sees it.
  • Giroro in Keroro Gunsou has a long straight scar diagonally over his left eye. His eye is perfectly fine though.
  • Vash (good guy) in Trigun is horribly, unbelievably scarred, and has a missing arm, but his shirt (and an Artificial Limb) covers it up.
    • His body is so heavily damaged that some parts of it are riveted together with pieces of metal. Figure that out.
      • Not so disturbing once it's revealed that he's closer to a plant than a human.
      • Yeah. Because that means that he's keeping them voluntarily. That's a lot less disturbing.
  • Balgus (good guy) in The Vision of Escaflowne has numerous scars, including one dominating the left side of his face.
    • In the same series, getting a scar on his face from Van causes Dilandau (bad guy) to go crazy(er). And it was very neat, good-guy looking scar, by the way.
  • Great Mazinger: Kenzo Kabuto has a scar runs along of the left side of his head, stopping right above his eyebrow. It is not elegant or unnoticeable, even though he is one of the good guys.
  • Himura Kenshin, the hero of Rurouni Kenshin, has a single X-shaped scar on one cheek (hence the alternate title for some North American versions of the show, Samurai X). By contrast, one of the series' chief antagonists, Makoto Shishio, is so heavily scarred that his body is kept wrapped and bandaged at all times, save for his eyes and mouth.
    • Specifically, Shishio is burned, not mechanically scarred.
  • Naraku (bad guy) from InuYasha has a large spider-shaped scar on his back. This dates back to his days as a human (despite Naraku technically being a Hive Mind...) and extends to all his "incarnations", parts of his body given will and intelligence. (This includes Kagura, one of the incarnations. Though Kagura herself evolves more into an Anti-Hero than a proper villain, she is still forced to reluctantly serve Naraku out of self-preservation).
  • Luffy (good guy) from One Piece has a small scar under his eye; the manga originally began with him cutting his face to prove himself to be a man, but this was cut out of the anime. His grandfather (good guy but reluctant villain) has a similar scar over his eye. Also, Coby, another good guy, received an X-shaped scar. X-shaped scars tend to pop out in the series, possibly as a tribute to Rurouni Kenshin, on which Eiichiro Oda (the author) worked as an assistant.
    • Roronoa Zoro possesses a huge scar across his chest from his first bout with Mihawk (which he tried to poorly patch up by himself at first). Later on, he gains scars on his ankles from his attempt to cut his feet off to escape a villain's trap.
    • Curiously, one of the major villains in the Enies Lobby arc, Rob Lucci, has a scar on his back in the shape of the World Government's flag. It's usually hidden by his shirt, though. Lucci is an interesting case-he has a Good Guy-type scar, and is a legally licensed agent of the One Piece world's governing body, but he is portrayed as a murderous sort who greatly enjoys the killing and spying that he does in his role as a government agent.
    • After the timeskip, Luffy has an X burn scar on his chest from Akainu's attack and Zoro has lost an eye and has a thin scar from his forehead to his cheek.
    • Crocodile also has the huge stitches spreading across his face mid-way down his nose.
    • Shanks has three vertical scars over his left eye from a fight with a Wolverine Claws-toting Blackbeard.
    • Brook's old head wound is, pre-skeleton, a bit more messy-looking and disfiguring than the usual Good Guy scar. This may well fall into "hard life" or "Every Scar Has A Story" territory, though at the moment all we know is he was formerly part of a kingdom's military.
  • Yukito in AIR has a sword slash across his back from his past life, which is always hidden. Good guy.
  • Ralph in Soukou No Strain has a classic Evil Scar, right across his eye. Said blind eye turns pink when he's in a murderous rage, accentuating the point.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, the zealous, Ishvalan serial killer Scar has, you guessed it, a scar on his face, in the shape of an "X". He is a morally ambiguous character, however, since he actually helps Ed and Al on a few occasions when he could just as easily have killed them.
    • On the other hand, Ed has artificial limbs, which are listed above as evil, and Al not only has, but is a giant suit of armor.
      • Ed has another scar on his forehead, gained from a small injury early on in the story. It's usually covered by his hair and it's only purpose is to leak blood comically whenever he gets whacked. It eventually heals over time. Word of God is that it took so long to heal because Ed kept getting hit there.
    • Dr Marcoh has his face basically blown up. It scars as gruesomely as that implies, but despite an iffy past he is pretty much the most unambiguously good character of all. Very much a subversion.
    • Riza Hawkeye has a burn scar of traumatic character development on her back.
    • Not to mention the scar on Roy's hand from when he had to cut a transmutation circle into it to kill Lust. This scar also heals during the course of the series.
  • Manji from Blade of the Immortal has three separate scars traveling the length of his face. One goes horizontal through his forehead, one horizontal through the bridge of his nose, and the last vertical through his right eye, which actually blinded him in that eye.
  • In Busou Renkin, love interest and Action Girl Tokiko Tsumura has a horizontal scar on her face, across her nose and stretching onto both cheekbones. Interestingly, the author has stated this comes from her design originally being intended for a female professional wrestler.
  • Kaoru in Ai Yori Aoshi has some rather unsightly scars coming from his grandfather's physical abuse. As with most Good Scars though, you can't see them unless he takes off his shirt.
  • Matsumoto Reiji's Captain Harlock has a large horizontal scar across his left cheek ending at a missing right eye. His female counterpart Emeraldas has an identical scar but retains both eyes.
  • Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star is another example of a good guy with evil scars. Including two rather jagged ones running across his cheek and countless others on the rest of his body. Unlike most heroic body scars, his shirt doesn't cover all of them. It might if he has sleeves, but...
  • Yamcha (good guy) in Dragon Ball Z has 2 scars on his face. One over his eye and an "X" on his cheek.
    • Future Gohan has similar scarring on his face and looks a lot like Yamcha.
    • We actually see Tenshinhan (former bad guy) get his scar (a large cut mark from his upper right torso to his lower left) at the hands of his former idol, Murderer/Mercenary Tao.
    • Although rarely seen. Vegeta's body is covered with scars. We get a good look at them during the Frieza saga while he is changing into his uniform, with his most recent scar up to that point being Yajirobe's sword slash to his back.
  • In Naruto, Hatake Kakashi has a scar over his left eye, but it is usually covered by his forehead protector. It is the result of an injury to his eye that led to an eye transplant. Umino Iruka has the horizontal scar through the nose, and a large chunk of the adult population of Leaf Village has some scar or other, generally quite unobtrusive. Morino Ibiki, on the other hand, was very badly scarred in the past during an interrogation, but he is still one of the good guys (well, mostly), though he does cover the worst ones up with his bandana.
  • Cho Hakkai in Saiyuki has a scar on his belly. He got it during his Heroic BSOD in his Backstory.
    • In a later Backstory arc we see that Sanzo's body's been covered in scars since his teenage years. Thankfully they're all below his neckline and covered up by his abundant robes, so his handsome face can resume charming fangirls like before.
    • Gojyo has two small scars under one of his eyes, from when his stepmother tried to kill him. His hair is usually long enough to hide them if he tilts his head a certain way, but he doesn't always.
  • Tsume in Wolfs Rain has a large cross-shaped scar on his chest, which is seen in both his true wolf form and his human disguise. The younger wolf Toboe says it looks cool, but it is not until near the end of the series (in episode 29, one of the OVA bonus episodes) that we learn the reason he carries it. After Toboe dies, Tsume spends some time alone with his friend's body, and confesses to it (and the audience) that the other wolves of his pack scarred him for cowardice when he tried to run away instead of saving his companions from hunters.
  • In YuYu Hakusho Sensui's scars are multiple, as you'd expect of a villain; however, they are entirely covered by his shirt, as you'd expect of a good guy (because he used to be one). Itsuki becomes scarred over his eye from taking Kuwabara's Rei-ken: a simple heroic scar. Mukuro's scars are also "bad guy" scars that cover half of her body; however, seeing as how she got them (by pouring acid over herself to prevent her "father" from raping her as a child), as well as her usual hiding of them, makes them "good guy" markings. Kurama temporarily gets a heroic X on his cheek as well (giving him a strong resemblance to Kenshin).
  • In Black Jack Dr. Kuroo Hazama aka Black Jack is a good guy who sometimes poses as a bad guy to keep his reputation... and is massively scarred all over his body and face, to the point his skin has some different colored spots. He actually got these scars as a child, when a bomb exploded and almost killed him and his mother; he decided to become a doctor after finishing his rehab.
  • Kakihara in Ichi the Killer. He has a horizontal scar running across his cheeks and nose, a horizontal scar across his forehead, and a vertical scar that connects both over his left eye. In addition to a glasgow smile held together by piercings at the edge of his lips. He is arguably the villain even though the good guy isn't any better than him and Kakihara gets more screen time (about 75% of the manga and film).
  • Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star has seven scars that form the shape of the Big Dipper, which were given to him by his rival Shin. The villain Jagi was so badly scarred by Ken that he wears a helmet to conceal it (and to help keep his head from exploding); he also gave himself matching scars on his chest to masquerade as Kenshiro.
  • Balalaika, Black Lagoon's resident Magnificent Bastard, has a huge scar down the right side of her face (and body) from having survived a point-blank frag grenade in the Afghanistan war. The scar has given her the derisive nickname "Fry-face" amongst the Roanapur gangster community, which is only spoken in her presence by people with a death wish. Although a villain by anyone's standard, she never actively antagonizes the villain protagonists and indeed hires them on several occasions.
    • Her Dragon, Boris, has what looks like a knife scar across his nose.
  • MachGaogamon (good guy) from Digimon (specifically, Digimon Savers) has one across his snout, but his previous forms (Gaomon, Gaogamon) don't. How that works is fodder for Wild Mass Guessing.
    • Gatomon's paw gloves conceal "X"-shaped scars from when Myotismon disciplined her. Similar to the MachGaogamon example, these scars are not visible in her other forms. Gatomon was introduced as one of Myotismon's flunkies, only to perform a Heel-Face Turn when she is revealed to be the eighth DigiDestined's partner.
      • Theoretically, she could still have these scars in her other forms; we've just never seen them. Angewomon has gloves that automatically cover almost all of her arms, Nefertimon has gauntlet-like armor on her arms, and we never canonically see her Mega forms. There is also Silphymon, but that's actually a combination of her and another Digimon so that could be the reason.
    • Also Leomon as well as his evolved form Panjyamon, are covered in scars, although they look less like scars and more like slightly darker patches of skin/fur.
  • Good guy Mugen receives a scar (well, three parallel ones) on his cheek from an enemy with knuckle claws in the three-part finale of Samurai Champloo.
    • Bad guy Umanosuke, leader of the three brothers antagonizing Mugen, however, has a lidless left eye, apparently the inadvertent result of his encounter with Mugen. When his eyepatch comes off, revealing it, he becomes even more unbalanced than before.
  • Kakoyin from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure gets vertical scars from an attack by Geb, the water based Stand used by N'Dour, the blind assassin. Kakoyin, in a realistic moment not often seen in manga has to wear sunglasses to cope with the non-permanent damage to his eyes.
    • Okuyasu has a X-scar on his face, but while he is strong and can erase things with a swing of his right hand, he also is rather... lacking in the thinking department.
    • And in Steel Ball Run (Part 7), President Valentine has an American Flag scar on his back. Probably the main reason for him being a Villain with Good Publicity despite being an evil lunatic who (among many other things) forced himself onto a 14 year-old girl.
  • Allen Walker, protagonist of D.Gray-Man has a scar through his left eye. He also has a pentagram-shaped scar above that, both gotten from his father when young Allen accidentally had his deceased father turned into a demon. Justified in that the scar is a curse that lets him see the souls of Akuma.
    • And as of recently, he has some huge scars going across his chest from accidentally impaling himself with his own akuma-purifying sword, which wasn't supposed to hurt him, but... ended up causing him massive injuries and horrible agony. Because, yes, he's actually a Noah. Not that the fangirls minded - it provided some wonderful Shirtless Scenes and Fetish Fuel.
    • Tyki has similar scars for very similar reasons; Allen tried to remove the Noah from him, but only succeeded in waking it up.
  • Sousuke Sagara of Full Metal Panic! has an X-shaped scar on his cheek. Good guy.
    • Also, the Big Bad of the first season, Gauron, has a deep gash of a scar down one side of his face.
  • Fakir in Princess Tutu has a birth mark that is supposed to be the scar of the Knight in a fairytale that was torn in two by a monster Raven—whom he is the reincarnation of. Of course, it's always hidden underneath his shirt. Good guy, although the main heroine doesn't know that in the beginning.
  • Takaya "D-Boy" Aiba of Tekkaman Blade was stabbed in the eye by the first villain. The eye got better, since he was made of Powered Armor at the time, but he still got a scar. When the real Dragon showed up, he made a comment on how D-Boy's scar made it look like he was crying.
  • Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor Soushi, good guy, has a scar on his left eye. Which is actually plot relevant when they were both children his best friend Kazuki had to claw at said eye to keep Soushi from being assimilated by the Festum. As a result there is a lot of bad blood between the two since Soushi cannot pilot Fafner due to the injury and Kazuki is in a state of self-denial mixed with guilt over the whole issue.
  • In Dragon Drive the good-but-disreputable character Rockaku has an eye blinded by a scar (and his dragon has a matching scar). This scar represents the character's grief, anger, and thirst for vengeance for his best friend's death, and it is these emotions that make the character disreputable (getting drunk, lying to friends, diving into battle without strategy).
  • Misato of Neon Genesis Evangelion has a huge scar from between her breasts to her abdomen from the Second Impact that is rarely seen and Gendo has horrible burn scars on his hands, which is possibly why he wears those creepy little white gloves all the time.
    • It isn't. At the very beginning, it probably was, but after "Asuka Strikes!", there's something far more gruesome under his right glove...
    • The doujinshi RE-TAKE has Future!Asuka discarding her plugsuit in the first issue. We're not shown what is underneath but her reflection in Shinji's eye shows numerous scars crisscrossing her torso.
  • Nice Holystone of Baccano! has burn scars all over her arms and part of her face following an explosives accident when she was little. The reason why her childhood friend Jacuzzi Splot prominently tattooed his face was to draw attention away from her scars. Before you think this is a subversion, remember that no one in Baccano! is 100% good.
  • Anderson of Hellsing across his cheek. Odd, considering his Healing Factor (probably gained before his genetic upgrade to ultimate monster-killer).
    • Above example confirmed by another Regenerator, Heinkel. Calling it a scar is debatable, considering that his/her left cheek and face was sliced open Jonah Hex-style and has stayed like that for 30 years, but it's still a permanent wound, so I suppose that it counts.
  • Guts from Berserk has a small scar across the bridge of his nose, given to him by adoptive father Gambino when he tried to kill him.
    • He's gained progressively more all over his face and entire body over the course of the story from numerous fights against demons. And he's missing an arm which he hacked off himself, and eye (which is depicted as permanently closed).
      • The eye is probably always closed because it's still in the socket, but being punctured by a demon's claw makes it completely useless.
    • Casca also gains a number of small scars from her battles in the series. During her sex scene with Guts, he spots them, and she feels ashamed of them at first, given the situation, but he's unfazed and finds her all the more admirable for it.
  • C.C. from Code Geass has a scar of the Geass sigil placed beneath and partially on her left breast and completely covered if she wears even a midriff-baring top. Particularly relevant as she's got a Healing Factor that lets her come back from the dead, yet this one scar never fades, probably because it was inflicted just before she was tricked into becoming an immortal, and appropriately enough seems to heal when she loses her powers most of the way through the series.
    • Asahina of the Four Holy Swords has a nice, neat scar going vertically down his face, above and below his eye.
  • Glass Mask plays with the trope. Maya's mentor Chigusa Tsukikage has half her face horribly scarred after the accident that ended her brilliant acting career (bad scar), but aside of looking creepy with her hair covering the burned half of her face and being the acting version of a Drill Sergeant Nasty, isn't actually a bad person per se.
  • Shiro Takamachi of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has numerous scars all over his body from his bodyguard days which we only catch a glimpse of when he takes a bath. He's also the kind and open minded father of Nanoha, a very Happily Married man, and definitely a good guy.
  • Subverted somewhat in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 by Sergei Smirnov, a Russian lieutenant colonel with a facial scar fit for a Bond villain...who turns out to be one of the most sensible, intelligent, and humane characters in the show.
  • Gundam UC's famous Char has a scar on his forehead received in a duel with Amuro. Though, Char's intentions are pretty ambiguous it's not really an indication for his alignment.
    • The hulking Dozle Zabi, one of Zeon's top naval commanders, has a heavily scarred face. This came from the same car bomb assassination that killed his younger brother Sasro before the start of the series. Despite the scars adding to his already ogre-like appearance, Dozle is (along with his naive youngest brother Garma) the nicest of the Zabi clan, being a devoted husband and father, A Father to His Men, and completely uninvolved in the shady dealings that brought his family to power.
  • In xxxHoLiC, Himawari receives a nasty set of scars on her back and neck in place of Watanuki, who fell from the second story of the school building and onto a shattered pane of glass.
  • In his first appearance, Duke Togo, aka Golgo 13, had no scars. Over the course of the series, he's collected a great deal of them on his body. They're covered by clothing much of the time. As for morality, he's best described as True Neutral (you pay him, he does the job, no moral issues involved unless you double-cross him).
  • Not entirely sure if this is a proper example or not, but here goes. Hinako Aikawa, female lead of Bitter Virgin has a scar on her stomach which is the result of a C-section. Hinako was a victim of sexual abuse to the extent that she got pregnant twice before the age of 16. We see it only twice in the course of the series.
  • Mello (bad guy... well, sort of) from Death Note gets a particularly nasty burn scar over half of his face from blowing up his own hideout to escape capture by the police.
  • Wei in Darker than Black is something of a Psycho for Hire and has a nasty burn over half of his face (and likely the rest of his body) following an encounter with electric-powered Anti-Hero Hei. Also, Wei's power is a form of Bloody Murder and so his arms are covered with scars from his constant cutting of himself, although those scars are usually hidden under clothing.
    • Amagiri, a morally ambiguous Anti-Villain generally kept one eye shut, suggesting some kind of injury there (although he did open it occasionally), and at the end of the first season, was seemingly killed in a fire. When he reappears in the interquels, he wears a large patch over that eye/general area and has lost all of the hair on his head, and has visible scars on his head and face.
    • And if you were paying attention during Hei's Shirtless Scene in the second season (And don't even try to pretend you weren't), he has quite a few scars on his back. Definitely falls into the category of Anti-Hero scars.
    • Mr. Smith, a villainous CIA agent in the second season generally wears sunglasses which cover the fact that while one his eyes is normal, and is blue, the other is milky white and probably nonfunctional, and has a nasty-looking scar running across it.
  • Domon Kasshu from Mobile Fighter G Gundam has a cross-shaped scar on his face. Jerk in several shades that go from Jerk Ass to Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but mostly good.
    • Domon's boss Urube Ishikawa has a scar on his face thanks to the Devil Gundam. Wears a metallic mask over it. Looks like a good guy, but turns out to be a Magnificent Bastard and very dang EVIL.
  • Tokine from Kekkaishi has a scar on her hand and arm that is almost covered by her clothing, but not quite. This is still a good scar, as it's shown that she received it while saving Yoshimori's life.
    • And let's not forget Yoshimori himself, whose body is COVERED in little scars all over from his constant physical training and getting tossed around by demons all the time until Tokine can bail him out. All good scars that are generally covered up by his clothes, unless he's wearing shorts or a short-sleeved shirt anyway.
    • Kekkaishi is actually something of a subversion: Tokine and Yoshimori's scars look more realistic, not cool.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, there's a strip known "Liet's scars". Three guesses as to what it's about. And since Lithuania is a good guy, he's able to hide them under his clothes. It's believed that at least some of these scars (which look like whipping marks) come from Russia's abuse, which has been somewhat hinted yet never confirmed in canon. But fanon loves to assume it's true in an attempt to demonize Russia and woobiefy Lithuania).
    • China has a single but very large scar on his back, apparently given to him by Japan.
    • Netherlands has a currently unexplained scar over his right eye.
  • Tsukune of Rosario + Vampire has scars all over his body from several very close brushes with death. His clothes cover all of them, making him a good guy.
  • In Franken Fran, Fran Madaraki has a number of scars across her body, the most notable being a Glasgow smile; they're actually still stitched, because she's a Frankenstein's Monster. Despite certain Literal Genie tendencies, she is committed to saving lives like a good doctor should. It's best not to ask what kind of life - what matters to her is that you're alive.
  • In Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Xanxus has scars all over his body that appear when his anger reaches its apex. He's the Big Bad for the second arc, and somewhat of a Wild Card / Aloof Ally in the new arc.
  • Hayato Jin from Getter Robo receives a number of scars on his face — three on his chin, one across his nose and a couple around his eyes — which are normally invisible unless he's especially stressed, as well as countless, always-present ones on the rest of his body (which are almost always covered). He's a Sociopathic Hero, so these are Antihero Scars.
  • Gouda Kazundo, the villain of the second season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has a horribly scarred face. He deliberately kept the scar for its intimidation value, in spite of being a Cyborg.
  • Reiji Takayama from Witchblade has a Badass scar. While he's working for a company not very moralistic at best, it serves as a hint that he's not just an armchair arms-trader, but was in some action personally; later he turns out to be a good guy as much as practical — when the responsibility (and the fact he fell head over heels for the heroine) comes to the fore, he kicks a fair share of bottom for a Badass Normal.
  • In Pumpkin Scissors, the male lead Randel Oland has his entire body covered by horrific scars, some of which (if this was reality, or if he weren't Made of Iron) would have resulted in his immediate death. They serve as a physical mark of the horrors he's endured as a member of the Invisible 9, the nonexistent (on paper, anyway) terror troops of the Empire. They're Good Scars though, as Randel himself is a Broken Hero.
    • The scars across his nose make him resemble a giant woobie teddy bear when he's not in the influence of the lamp. But when the lamp is working...
  • In Romeo X Juliet, the axe fighter Curio got a nice one across his left eye by protecting a pre-teen Odin (or better said, Juliet) from abusive guards. Also a subversion: unlike many other cases, his eye was permanently damaged. And finally, Curio's Eye Scream incident is what prompts Juliet to become the Red Whirlwind.
  • Ruby from Pokémon Special has a pair of scars above an eye conveniently covered by his Nice Hat. He has these because he took a claw from a frenzied Salamence in Sapphire's place. Surprisingly, the scars have less of an impact on his Character Development than they did on hers.
  • Gunsmith Cats has Bean Bandit, mercenary driver, who helps criminals, bank robbers and so with his badass car, The Buff, which could put KITT into self-pity tears. He starts as a respectful antagonist who occasionally can be an ally. A bit of a hero, a bit of antihero, but the crossed scar between his eyes tells us he truly has a Hidden Heart of Gold. And as it was stated on his own OVA, he watches hero movies twice a week.
  • Gilbert in Pandora Hearts has a scar across his chest from when Oz accidentally slashed him with a sword at the beginning of the series. This is, in fact, what tips Oz off to his identity.
  • Divergence Eve gives us Luxandra Frail, a woman who is literally covered in scars as part of her backstory. And unlike most characters with a scar across the eye, who seem to have perfectly functioning, intact eyeballs, hers is revealed to have a matching scar on it when she looks off to the side, in what has to be one of the more disturbing scenes in anime. Granted, she is about as good a character as it gets, so maybe it's a subversion?
  • There are characters with scars in Soul Eater, but these are 'good guys'. However, their scars are not all attractive. Soul has a massive scar right down his chest after being struck by Ragnarok (the black blood infection this gives him is plot-relevant), though it has not been referred to or seen recently. Stein is covered in scars due to experimenting on himself. Black Star obtains a clean scar bisecting the star tattoo on his shoulder that symbolizes his Character Development in the manga. In contrast, most of the main antagonists are not only unscarred but rather good-looking (Medusa, Arachne, Noah isn't exactly ugly in spite of his dress sense and Asura's face is 'pretty-boy' material even if the rest of him is skeletal, skin-stretching squick).
  • Eureka, from Eureka Seven, suffers "vein" scars which cover half of her left body (including her face) after an incident in episode 19 and remains that way until the final episode whereby her scars are no longer visible on her.
  • The main hero Tetsunosuke in Peacemaker Kurogane received a scar under his right eye following his battle with Yoshida.
  • In Until Death Do Us Part, the Anti-Hero protagonist has a scar (technically multiple small scars) covering half his face from the explosion that blinded him.
  • Yasuri Shichika, protagonist of Katanagatari, had his body scarred horribly in the last episode; though he covers most of them up, the one on his face is very prominent. He's virtually the only character in the series to receive such wounds.
  • Claymores are all hideously disfigured with scars beneath their armor, presumably as a result of becoming half-yokai. Regardless of their character, they all have potential evil under their skins, and evil was certainly done to them.
  • Gorobei in Samurai 7 has a large upside down Y-shaped scar on his left cheek, but it's never explained how he got it.
  • Claw from Kimba the White Lion has a scar over his left eye and unlike other characters with an eye scar, he always keeps his left eye closed.
  • In Sakura Gari, Masataka isn't scarred at the start, but gains many scars across his back thanks to Katsuragi whipping him in "punishment" for being his strongest rival for Souma's love. (Among several other things)
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo both subverts this and plays it straight. We have Yuya, the heroine, who has a hideous scar on her stomach (it gets de-hideoused later on, but still counts as a subversion). Then there's Akira (good guy), who is covered in scars, but they are mostly on his back and almost always covered by clothes. And finally, we get Hishigi (a rather dark Anti-Villain), who is covered in nasty scars after the Devil Eyes that have been keeping him alive are destroyed.
  • A Detective Conan case is named "The Scar that Evolves Into Love". It's about a pretty and blind rich woman named Kurumi Shoudou who hires Kogoro to find her first love, a man who is supposed to have a scar on his chest coming from the time he saved her life years ago: there are three men who hit this profile... but one of them may be a Serial Killer who's on the loose. It turns out that the Shoudou's butler Taisuke Houya was said man... and that Kurumi already knew it, but staged a Batman Gambit so he would stop putting her needs over his own and aknoeledge their mutual love. So of course, it's a Good Scar from his part. (The Serial Killer? Neither of the three guys was him. But don't worry, he's caught in the next case.)
  • Played straight with UraBoku's Giou Takashiro who has a scar on his left cheek, which he got from his former friend Reiga.
    • Subverted with Usui Shuusei who is most definitely a very good guy (though a slightly broken one). He has some very nasty, discolored and badly-healed burn marks on his upper body from when he interrupted Hotsuma's suicide attempt.
  • Bigger Bad Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill has seven star shaped scars that cover all of her back.

    Comic Books 
  • the eponymous The Goon has extensive scarring to the left side of his face, although his overhanging cap and the generally shadowy art style tend to mask it
  • Jonah Hex, a morally ambiguous but generally heroic bounty hunter in The DCU's Old West titles, is massively scarred on the right side of his face, to the point where he has stringy strands of flesh over that side of his mouth.
  • Usagi Yojimbo:
    • Usagi has a curved scar over his left eye. He received it during the battle where he lost his feudal lord and as a result of which he became a ronin.
    • Usagi's rival Gennosuke, a rhinoceros, is missing most of his horn after an encounter with the blind pig swordsman Zato-Ino.
    • Zato-Ino himself had his snout cut off in his first appearance, and has used a carved wood substitute since.
  • John Gaunt, titular character of the series Grim Jack, who had a classic villain scar to highlight his role as an Anti-Hero.
  • John Hartigan from Sin City has a distinctive good-guy scar in his forehead... yep, also in the shape of an "X", whereas the villainous Manute has a horrible glass eye to replace the one that Marv ripped out of him in "A Dame to Kill For".
    • Marv has plenty of his own scars, but he is a bad good guy.
  • Perhaps the most famous comic book "evil" example is Victor Von Doom. Accounts tend to vary, but the generally accepted story is that the experiment that blew up in his handsome face in his youth only caused a small scar. However, he was so vain that he chose to cover it up forever in a steel mask. The ironic thing is that he put the mask on while it was still hot from the forge, which really messed his face up, and made wearing the mask necessary.
  • In issue 200 of Hellblazer, protagonist John Constantine received a single 'good scar' vertically upward on his left cheek.
  • Classic comic-book example: DC's Harvey Dent (aka "Two-Face"), who went psychotic after having acid thrown in his face, resulting in massive and freakishly asymmetrical scarring. Half his face is ruined—and, since he's only evil about half the time, this verges on a Lampshade Hanging.
    • His face has been repaired numerous times, almost always resulting in the dominance of the "good" personality. Sometimes he's coincidentally scarred again, resulting in the return of Two-Face; other times, he's unable to keep his dark half at bay and symbolically scars himself when he gives in to his evil impulses. Only once has an unscarred face resulted in the disappearance of the good side.
      • In The Dark Knight Returns his face is fully restored, but the process destroys the good half of his personality.
  • Cassandra Cain, the former Batgirl, has her entire body covered in scars from her assassin father's pain-resistance training. This would be a subversion, except that the scars are never actually drawn unless Cassandra is partially or fully undressed. (This happens more often than you would think, but it's okay, she's immune to Comic Book Time and is therefore an adult.)
    • The same can be said for Batman himself as he is covered in scars from his many battles, but they are usually only shown when he talks about them or shows them to someone.
  • Avoided in Legion of Super-Heroes: Good guy Ferro Lad's face is so scarred that he wears a mask at all times.
    • The animated version has another case of good guy with more of a bad-guy sort of scar: Lightning Lad has the scar stopping at his eye and continuing from his eyebrow, ending as a lightning bolt. It glows when he uses his powers. How he got it is unknown, as of the end of Season 1. He's also since lost an arm, having it replaced with an awesome robotic one that can even amplify his powers.
  • In The Trigan Empire, Trigo's simple warrior brother has a very macho bashed-in nose. He is a good guy, but in one story is seduced into evil by the horrible Darak, who has a long scar straight across his eye.
  • The DCU's Captain Nazi has a long dueling scar across his face that he's very sensitive about.
    • As does fellow DC megalomaniac Baron Bedlam.
    • Also from The DCU is Lord Havok, an Alternate Company Equivalent version of Dr. Doom.
      • An alternate version of Lord Havok is kind of borderline. Not only are his actions ultimately for the good of mankind, but his deformities (underdeveloped limbs and a disfigured face) are much more pathetic than anything else. However, he hides these disabilities behind a suit of "smart metal" and an impressive array of weaponry. He also utterly destroyed his homeland of Russia... to get back at his father, the Czar, for killing his mother.
  • Inversion: Snake-Eyes, of G.I. Joe, is horrifically scarred with burns from a window that exploded from too much heat and pressure inside the vehicle it was on. He wears a mask—not from shame, but practicality (when he doesn't wear it, bystanders tend to stare and not do helpful things like duck out of the way of the crossfire)—and is unable to speak. He's firmly on the good guys' side. Though he's the type of person who can run his girlfriend through with a sword to help her cover, he strives for both honor and morality in his activities.
    • In the Reloaded continuity, he's got scars all over his body—bullet wounds, burns, massive cuts. He's also reputedly insane.
  • Oubliette, the daughter of villain Doctor Midas in Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy, wears a mask to hide her facial scarring; the Evil Scar trope is subverted after she rebels against Midas, then it's revealed that her face is normal, except for a rather clean fencing scar her father gave her.
  • Jigsaw from The Punisher. Guess how he earned his nickname. Making it worse is that he was previously renowned as incredibly handsome.
  • Y: The Last Man: Other Beth has a scar running across the bridge of her nose, presumably an impact injury from her plane crash. And Hero's mastectomy scar is a permanent reminder to her of the atrocities she committed as a Daughter of the Amazon.
  • Deadpool: After an infusion of Wolverine's Healing Factor, the cancer that was killing Deadpool was cured... until it came back full force and left his entire body scarred. As a result of his body fighting the cancer off and the cancer coming back, Deadpool's scarred from head to toe—and because his cancer effectively is his healing factor, his exact scars and disfigurements shift and warp. The extent depends on the artist, ranging from light scratches to discolored patches to full-on tumors (onlookers who don't know what to expect often vomit at the sight of him unmasked). Plus, they work as both since he's somewhere between anti-hero and bad good guy.
    • Speaking of Deadpool, there's DC's Deathstroke (Slade Wilson, inspiration for the aforementioned DP), missing his right eye which puts him in Red Right Hand territory. On the other hand, he does keep the socket covered 100% of the time, which could be why no one can seem to agree if he's a villain or a good guy (though no one would stretch to call him a hero).
  • Preacher':
    • Herr Starr is, by the end of the series, lacking one eye, one ear, one leg, his genitals, and has a scar on his bald head that makes him a walking penis joke. The eye scar is particularly ominous.
    • The title character loses an eye partway through the comics.
  • Early in the early-2000s Image run of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, Raphael has half his face shot off by the Foot Clan and spends the rest of the run resembling Two-Face.
  • Victor Zsasz has dozens, if not hundreds of scars on his body. They're all self-inflicted; Zsasz is a serial killer who carves a tally mark into his skin for every victim he has.
  • Perfect Storm from X-Men Forever has a huge scar that came right across her face and between her eyes as a result of Kitty slashing her across the face in retaliation for Storm killing Logan.
  • Havok from the X-Men has a large scar running down the right side of his face, leaving his eye intact that fangirls have said makes him look sexier. This scar has since mysteriously disappeared.
  • Darca Nyl, patron saint of Good Feels Good, is absolutely covered in scars of the good and evil varieties, including some on his back, souvenirs of his old mercenary life. In some scenes they're de-emphasized.
  • XIII, from the comic of the same name, has a bullet ricochet off his head that makes him lose his memory. The only result, however, is an elegant streak of grey over his temple.
  • B.P.R.D.'s Ben Daimio basically averts this—he has a massive, jagged scar running up the entire left side of his head, and is missing most of his left cheek and ear, so he can't close his mouth completely. He got it from being killed by a jaguar demon, only to wake up in a body bag a few days later.
  • Fel Andar, the fake Hawkman, has a generic evil slash scar over one of his eyes.
  • Flynn "Flyin'" Ryan from Steelgrip Starkey And The All-Purpose Power Tool is a Vietnam War veteran with a scarred "R" in his forehead. It was done out of defiance when he and his fellow prisoners were ordered to make an anti-American propaganda video.
  • In 300, Leonidas ends up with a scar from his brow to his cheek, but the eye remains intact. Delios isn't quite so lucky.
  • The New 52 incarnation of Black Manta has three equidistant diagonal scars on his face — implicitly from his archenemy Aquaman's trident.
  • In The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mina's throat is terribly scarred from Dracula's feedings, which plainly were a lot nastier than Kiss of the Vampire would suggest. Ironically, when she reveals this to Alan Quatermain, he's more intrigued than repelled, as he was once married to a woman who'd also suffered neck scars.
  • Jigsaw, one of The Punisher's few recurring foes, is so named because the Punisher threw him face-first through a plate glass window, leaving him with a massive amount of patchwork scars across his face.
  • H'el on Earth:
    • H'el, the main antagonist, has a scar over his left eye and another across the bridge of his nose. How he got them is unknown.
    • Lex Luthor has scars all over the left side of his face; which were caused by Superman in a previous confrontation.

    Fan Fiction 
  • In the Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic Kyon Big Damn Hero, Kasai has a long scar above both eyes that crosses the bridge of his nose. It's usually concealed beneath his glasses, so it's only shown when he's on duty Tsuruya's bodyguard.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic British Import, the Death Eater, Cocytus, has a standard evil slash scar on his eye... Mostly to signify that he's evil. The other dead giveaway is that he's FRENCH.
    • Remus Lupin is often depicted as having scars in Fanfiction. This is probably because the movie version had two diagonal scars across his face, although whether Lupin also has other scars depends on the fanfic writer.
  • In the Total Drama Island fanfic Keepers of the Elements, Radcliffe has a pretty evil-looking scar under his left eye which he got, courtesy of Aideen. Never mess with the Fire Keeper indeed.
  • Queen Of All Oni: Jade gets one of the fashionable evil kind when Ikazuki slashes her across the forehead as punishment; the scar is described as dividing her forehead in half, but also as being a "pencil line" in width.
  • Played With in Sanctuary, where Rayan pushes Sarana away from an acid flare but gets hit by it in the process. He nearly dies and gets horrific scars that cover most of his body, ruin his face and render him permanently sterile. So in this case, the scars make him look evil, but they're actually a sign of his compassion. (He justifiably angsts about it, though.)
    “I don’t have any friends.” The words came out as a rush.
    “No one at all?”
    “They try to avoid me.” Rayan bit his lip. “It’s because of how I look.”
    Lymo was silent.
    “Whenever I go out with father on patrol, you can see how they stare at me, like I’m some kind of—of thing. They talk about me behind my back, I know they do, I’ve heard it, all the time. I feel like everyone’s just waiting to watch me fall and say, ‘Hey, look at the freak.’”

  • Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride is pretty much a textbook example of Good Scars: two straight, clean lines, one on each cheek. They were given to him as a lesson by the man who killed his father in front of him when he was a child.
    • It should be mentioned, however, that Inigo starts off as an antagonistic mook, having been hired by Vizzini to help kidnap Buttercup.
  • In Spider-Man 3, when Harry gets knocked around by Spidey early on and temporarily turns good from Easy Amnesia, he doesn't even have a bruise — as Mary Jane points out. Later, after going back to the dark side, Harry fights Peter again, and gets a horrible facial scar. At the end of the movie, he undergoes a Heel-Face Turn, but he's still scarred, and sure enough, Redemption Equals Death.
  • Subverted in Scarface (1983), where Tony Montana has a huge scar on one side of his face; at the very beginning of the film, he says he got it in an accident when he was a child.
  • Casablanca's Victor Laszlo has a classic Good Scar: a thin, dark line crossing right eyebrow.
  • Many pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean sport scars, but then again, with the lifestyle of a pirate, it's to be expected. Notable scarred characters are Barbossa who has a scar over his left eye and Captain Sao Feng who has a sideways "A" shapes scar on his bald head. Sparrow has the "P" burn on his forearm that Beckett gave to him, although it's covered most of the time. Originally it was going to be on his forehead as such brands were done, but the writers thought that, even if it was hidden under his bandanna, the audience would never forget it after The Reveal, and it would just distract the hell out of everybody. Let's not even mention that he'd then have p on his head.
    • Jack also sports two black bullet wound scars on his chest and a large branched scar on the inside of his left forearm.
  • The Noble Savage villain Scar from the John Ford and John Huston Western The Searchers is known by his scarred face.
  • Star Wars:
    • Darth Vader is (supposedly) so scarred and mutilated he can't survive long without being entirely encased in a pressurized suit of life support systems and has four artificial limbs. He chooses to armor this suit and uses it to make himself more intimidating.
      • Before Anakin became Darth Vader and was pretty much made of scar tissue and mechanical replacement parts, he had a scar on the left side of his face near his eye and had already lost one arm.
    • Han Solo and Luke Skywalker both have minor facial disfigurations (due to the real-life actors' accidents) and Luke also has an artificial hand that is almost completely indistinguishable from a real one.
  • The Dark Knight Saga
    • In The Dark Knight, The Joker sports a nasty Glasgow Grin, which he accentuates with red lipstick. He even offers to explain to his victims how he got his scars, though his story is different every time. And then there's Two-Face...eurgh.
    • Good guy Bruce Wayne also sports multiple scars throughout his body from his expeditions as Batman. Naturally, though, these scars are conveniently in places that would be easily hidden by a shirt. It's also hinted that the reason he has scars is because he tried to fix some of said wounds himself, not even waiting for Alfred to stitch them up for him.
  • When Dr. Weir comes back for the final showdown in the gravity chamber in Event Horizon, he's completely bald, completely naked, and has nasty scars all over him.
  • The Big Bad in Doctor Zhivago sports a scar down half his face, received during the Cossack assault on the protest early in the film, and the book.
  • Dr. Tolian Soran, the main baddie of Star Trek: Generations has a long windy scar down the middle of his face.
    • Nero, the villain from the Star Trek reboot, has some pretty evil scars on his head, including two rows of tooth marks and a missing chuck of ear. Many more Romulans were going to feature scars, but J. J. Abrams vetoed their character designs out of fear of invoking this trope.
  • Rare female example: Latika, the love interest in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, is attacked with knives by vengeful gangsters who, presumably, intend to disfigure her as punishment for running away from her crime-lord boyfriend - and receives a perfect slim, elegant slash down the side of her face that actually manages to accentuate her high cheekbones.
  • In High Noon, Big Bad Frank Miller spends most of the film offstage. Some townsfolk even defend him and insist that he's not so bad. When he finally arrives at the film's climax, he sports ugly scars to prove that he is in fact a bad guy.
  • In Platoon, Sgt. Barnes has a nasty scar that zig-zags all up and down the right side of his face.
  • In Quantum of Solace, Bond Girl Camille Montes has a burn scar given to her by the film's Big Bad. It's a reminder of her desire for revenge, but is usually not in sight to diminish her ravishing good looks.
  • In Alien vs. Predator, the last remaining scientist Alexa accepts a pair of calligraphy-clean "good scars" on her cheek as an acknowledgment of her level up during the course of the movie. Of course, this probably saves her life in the end, because the other Predators recognize the mark and understand she's one of the good guys.
  • It is implied that V from V for Vendetta is covered in burns he received from his escape of the concentration camp. He normally wears a full-body outfit as well as gloves and a mask to cover himself, but his scarred hands are briefly seen when he cooks breakfast.
  • Grenouille, the Villain Protagonist of Perfume bears a number of scars from his life as a tanner's apprentice. His brutish master is covered in them, giving him a monstrous appearance.
  • Avatar has Colonel Badass Miles Quaritch, who has three scars across the side of his head from his first day at Pandora. He claims that while the doctors could fix it, he decided to keep them to remind him of Everything Trying to Kill You and to not get soft.
  • In The Crow, Eric Draven's return from the grave gifts him with a healing factor that prevents him from gaining any new scars - but the scars from the bullet wounds that killed him remain clearly visible on his chest when shirtless.
  • Indiana Jones bears a horizontal scar below his bottom lip, which he acquired as a boy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when attempting to crack a bullwhip. (In reality, actor Harrison Ford got the scar in a car accident at age 20.)
  • Oharra in Enter the Dragon who received a big scar down the right side of his face from Lee's grandfather when he tried to rape Su Lin, Lee's sister.
  • Azazel from X-Men: First Class has a vertical scar across his left eye. And, of course, works for the Big Bad.
  • Lila Lash, the evil landlady from The Sinful Dwarf, has a big nasty scar on her cheek to signify her villainy.
  • There is an intermission in the 1961 film El Cid which corresponds to Rodrigo's years of exile from the Spanish court. When we first see him after the story resumes, the formerly clean-shaven hero has acquired a gray-streaked beard and a scar that runs diagonally from beneath his right eye to his jawline.
  • The Big Bad in the James Bond film GoldenEye has burn scars on one side of his face, which he got as a result of being too close to an explosion set off by Bond several years earlier. In a later Bond film, Die Another Day, one of the bad guys is holding a case of diamonds rigged with an explosive, which detonates. He survives, but the blast has permanently embedded several of the diamonds in his face.
  • Bad guys Gunn and Miss Poinsettia start to compete for the nastiest scar in The Return of Swamp Thing.
  • Inglourious Basterds: The Basterds carved scars shaped like swastikas into the foreheads of Nazis they captured and kept alive.
  • Last Man Standing: Hickey's nasty scar across his eye.
  • In The Debt, Rachel has a rather jagged scar across her face from her fight with a Nazi. It's a mark of shame for her, since she let the Nazi get away and then lied about it.
  • In Dredd, Big Bad Ma-Ma has a nasty facial scar that was inflicted by her pimp, whom she killed in retaliation for the wound before taking over his business.
  • In The Hobbit the orc warlord Azog has numerous scars running along his chest and face. Given that many of them are symmetrical they may be self-inflicted as a sort of very painful tattoo.
  • John Rambo's torso is crisscrossed with good scars that he received from being cut by an interrogator while he was a prisoner of war.
  • After having been The Faceless in previous James Bond films, the head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, is finally introduced in You Only Live Twice being bald and having a long vertical scar which passes through his right eye.
  • In Iron Man 2 Ivan has the traditional scar down his eye.
  • In Pacific Rim, Raleigh has numerous, neat burn scars over his chest and arms from his battle from Knifehead. Hanniball Chau has an ugly scar directly across one eye from an incident at an Anti-Kaiju shelter.
  • In The Vikings, Einar loses an eye to a hawk and begins his descent into evil from there (or embraces it more openly, at least). Erik loses a hand as reward for a noble deed and ends up the hero of the story.
  • The Shredder from the first Ninja Turtles has several scars across his lips from being clawed by Splinter when he was still a normal rat. Oroku Saki returned the favor by cutting off part of Splinter's right ear.

  • "Fighting Jack" Aubrey, from the Aubrey-Maturin books, has a generous assortment of scars which he acquires in large part, during the events of the series. His subordinate Tom Pullings has severe facial scarring, and a number of minor characters have assorted deformities including an amputated nose (which the Doctor is repeatedly called upon to testify was amputated due to frostbite, rather than syphilis). The Doctor acquires serious damage to his hands from Fench torture (it is implied his fingernails were torn out) but It Got Better later on, although only in a relative sense. This is largely omitted in the film adaptation, although Pullings has minor scarring and Midshipman Blakeney has an amputation of one arm, in his role as a composite of several minor characters.
  • In Chung Kuo, Gangster boss Whiskers Lu has had half his face scarred by acid.
  • Harry Potter's famous 'lightning bolt' shaped achey scar. It's easily covered up by his fringe. A magical quill in the fifth book gives Harry another scar, this one on the back of his hand, the words "I must not tell lies" in his own handwriting, from writing those words, over and over again, in his own blood during detention.
    • In Deathly Hallows, he acquires two new scars in the same scene: a round one in his chest where Hermione had to cut out the locket-Horcrux that had stuck to his skin, and two snake-bite marks on his arm.
    • Averted with Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody, a professional fighter of Death Eaters and other Dark wizards, who is heavily scarred and disfigured, including missing a chunk of his nose.
    • Also averted with Bill Weasley after he is brutally mauled by werewolf Fenrir Greyback. His face is scarred to the point of resembling Mad-Eye Moody.
    • Similarly averted with George Weasley when he loses an ear thanks to a Death Eater in the beginning of Deathly Hallows.
    • And in a positively whimsical aversion, Dumbledore claims to have a scar above his left knee in the precise shape of a map of the London Underground.
  • In the extreme moral ambiguity of A Song of Ice and Fire, hero and villain scars are sometimes played straight and sometimes subverted:
    • The ferocious and morally ambiguous Sandor "the Hound" Clegane sports a hideously burned face, which has haunted all his life and turned him into the rage-filled drunkard he is. People generally see him as an inhuman monster, but he subverts his villain scars by revealing his underlying humanity over the course of the series.
    • Tyrion Lannister, a deformed dwarf, gets most of his nose cut off by a sword stroke. He was already unfairly hated for his deformities, however, so he thinks of the scar as a bit of a pointless overkill. Everyone assumes that his deformity and scars are proof of his evil nature, and serve to help push him from a basically decent and generous soul into what might be a villain.
    • Beric Dondarrion is patchwork of grisly scars - and all of them were fatal wounds (stabbed in the eye, speared through the gut, hanged with a noose), but he has been resurrected from the dead multiple times. Since most people don't know about the resurrections, the scars add onto Beric's Shrouded in Myth Folk Hero Just Like Robin Hood reputation for fighting for the people and being the man the cruel authorities just can't kill.
    • Jon Snow gets cool scars. First he gets his hand burned in a wight attack, forcing him to wear a black glove most of the time. Then he gets his face clawed by a possessed eagle, giving him some cool facial scars that women comment on.
    • Although it's yet to be seen, Littlefinger is said to have a scar on his chest gained during a rather one-sided duel with Brandon Stark for Catelyn's affections, marking the beginning of his transition from The Woobie to a bitter and somewhat unhinged Magnificent Bastard.
    • Osney Kettleblack has the typical cool anti-hero scars under his eye, but the origin of them is hardly heroic- he and his brothers were beating up a Hooker with a Heart of Gold and she scratched him. Basically, the scars represent how despite his pretensions to being a cool rogue, he's just a thug.
  • Jason from The Heroes of Olympus has a little one on his lip from trying to eat a stapler when he was two. Lit, Midas' son and bodyguard is covered in them.
  • Kvothe from The Name of the Wind acquires a variety of scars on his back as a result of not one but two severe whippings over the course of a rather short period of time. It's remarked in the book that they are attractive, pale good-guy-looking scars. All of them but one.
  • Averted in the Earthsea Trilogy book Tehanu, Therru (good guy) was horribly burned when her natural parents threw her into a fire. This didn't really carry over to the Studio Ghibli film Tales from Earthsea where it became a light pink patch on her face; and she became white.
    • Also from Ursula K. Le Guin, in A Wizard of Earthsea, Ged, in a calamitous attempt to summon a long-dead ghost, summons some never-exactly specified evil creature whose first business is to attack Ged and maul one entire side of his face. These scars never leave his face, and so he is reminded every day of his arrogance and the balance that he disrupted.
      • However, Ged's scars are pretty clearly of the attractive-and-fashionable variety; a young man who sees them thinks them "the track of a dragon's claws and the very mark and sign of a hero."
      • Not necessarily, they're described several times as being fairly severe. Murre (the young man above) is impressed by Ged and is pretty naive at the time that quote comes from. Just because he imagines them to be from some heroic feat doesn't mean they aren't disfiguring; it's pretty clear that they are.
  • Sort of inverted in The Dresden Files - Harry gets his hand fried to a crisp by one smarter-than-usual baddy. However, because the shade of the fallen angel Lasciel was in his mind, a bit of skin on his palm stayed unburnt, in the shape of her angelic sigil. Definitely evil, but also sort of an antiscar.
    • As of Turn Coat, he has also acquired the standard anti-hero eye scar thanks to an angry guy with a knife. This is only one of the more visible ones in his (very large) collection, which also features claw marks, bullet wounds, the aforementioned crispy-fried hand, and marks from having been beaten half to death with a chain. Hell, he's probably gotten a couple of new ones in each book, since they more often than not end up with him in the hospital or at the very least lying on the couch in his apartment, hooked up to an IV. No wonder he's The Woobie.
    • Though Stacy finds them attractive in Small Favor.
    • His hand heals noticeably throughout the books, going from practically crippled to stiff to more or less functional by Changes. Waldo Butters attributes this to a sort of Healing Factor which is also responsible for the general long lives of wizards (Harry expects to live to be around 200, unless someone or something kills him off first).
  • In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Amaranta Buendía horribly burns her own hand in the stove to prove to her mother that she didn't mean to drive her first boyfriend Pietro Crespi to kill himself. She covers the scars with a black bandage until the day of her death.
  • Semi-averted in Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion: good guy Cazaril has both hands permanently damaged by his time as a galley slave, as well as scarring all over his back (hidden by his shirt) from a near-fatal flogging at the tail end of same. However, other characters perceive these as evil scars, since similar floggings are meted out to rapists and paedophiles. This causes him a bit of bother when he has to use a public bathhouse.
    • Also averted in the Vorkosigan Saga. Aral Vorkosigan's L-shaped dueling scar on his cheek adds to his rather thuggish appearance, while his son Miles not only bears an assortment of surgical scars from the piecemeal (emphasis on piecees) replacement of his brittle bones with synthetics but retains one from a needle grenade to the chest that nearly cut him in half.
  • The Discworld novels avert it to a breaking point with Igors. While they sport horrible scars and work as henchmen for vampires and werewolves, they are extremely skilled doctors with high professional ethics. In fact, the scars come from their surprisingly ethical principle of testing every medical novelty upon themselves first. Female Igors—Igorinas—are universally and conventionally beautiful, on the other hand, though they may sport the occasional very fine stitching here and there. It's implied that the reason why they are so beautiful is because Igor surgical skill extends to the field of cosmetic surgery.
    • Death's granddaughter Susan also has some Good Scars, in the form of three thin, white marks on her cheek that only show up when she's flushed or angry. She inherited them from the slap that her father received from Death.
    • As of Night Watch Samuel Vimes has a particularly vicious scar running up his face and across his eye. The scar and accompanying eye patch were actually a plot point in that book.
      • He's pretty scarred up all over from years of chasing guys with names like "Knuckles" across rooftops, something that Rosie Palm brings up while deducing his profession.
    • In Jingo, 71-Hour Ahmed has a face covered in scars to the point where his beard doesn't grow properly, and Vimes says that there was no way a face like that could be innocent of anything. He is not actually evil, though; he's the Klatchian police chief and a counterpart to Vimes.
  • In the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, James Bond is often described as having a scar down his right cheek. However, in the movies based on the books, this scar had mysteriously vanished.
    • Bond villains, on the other hand - along with their henchmen - are the most scarred-up bunch of mofos ever filmed, and Largo's eyepatch is the only one that could pass for remotely heroic. Le Chiffre from 2006's Casino Royale might top them all: a dead, milky blue eye that weeps blood, covered by a jagged, livid scar. Right hands don't get much redder than that.
  • Father Callahan of The Dark Tower has a cross-shaped scar on his forehead; it was supposed to be a swastika, but the Neo-Nazis carving it were stopped before they could finish.
  • Subversion and played straight at the same time. In BattleTech, the duplicate Thomas Marik is horribly burned across the right side of his body, possibly missing an eye (Artwork seems to vary on this point). However, as a leader he strives for honor and decency, and he is also one of the strongest opponents of the genocidal Word of Blake. Thomas' scars are cosmetic surgery to make him resemble the horribly disfigured real Thomas Marik, who is the leader of the Word.
    • Star Captain Trent also subverts this, as despite being horribly scarred by an Inferno Missile on Tukayyid he is one of the few remaining high ranking Smoke Jaguar warriors who clings to the old ways and tries to remain divorced from the petty politics with the clan, going on to deliver to the Inner Sphere forces the location of the clan homeworlds. Much of the skin on one half of his body (including a large part of his face) has been replaced and is obviously artificial as it is a bit more translucent than normal skin should be.
  • Firesong from the Heralds of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey gets seriously burned across his face by a magical explosion. He gets somewhat depressed about it, since he was the most attractive guy in his whole clan before, and wears a mask, but definitely remains a good guy.
  • Lijah Cuu from the Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts novels has a nasty scar nearly bisecting his face. It "nicely" foreshadows the extent of his treachery.
    • Ibram Gaunt also bears a multitude of scars from various injuries sustained in the line of duty. A particularly impressive scar runs across his stomach, which he received from his uncle Dercius in a chainsword duel to avenge his father's death.
  • Possible subversion in Redwall; Folgrim in Legend of Luke has a badly scarred face and a missing eye, yet turns out to be a good guy (once he's broken of his rather horrible habit of devouring his enemies - said enemies were Always Chaotic Evil so the good guys have no problem with killing them, but they still don't think eating them is okay).
  • Scarred heroes in urban fantasy/romance is extremely common. Usually the scars aren't disfiguring and may be a wild turn-on for the scaree's love interest. In J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, almost every male main character is covered in scars. Zsadist in particular has a nasty S-shaped scar cutting across his face.
  • Watership Down. In the warren-dictatorship of Efrafa scars are used to identify which 'mark' (section of the warren) you belong to (as the protagonists are rabbits who obviously don't carry identity cards). After his climactic fight with the Big Bad Bigwig has so many scars it's joked the Efrafans wouldn't know which mark to put him into, as he's got them all.
  • Any number of characters in The Wheel of Time books are scarred, to differing degrees. The main character (Rand), in fact, recently lost a hand, and Mat has had one of his eyes ripped out Towers of Midnight. The author is also fond of showing a character's battle experience with scars- one even has a missing eye, which he has replaced with a patch painted to show a horrifically scowling eye (and if you make him mad enough, his real eye will match it). Another has a nasty scar around his neck, which he covers as best he can with scarves and so on.
  • In the Nightrunner series, good guys Seregil and Micum have scars aplenty, but in places that can be hidden under clothing. By contrast, the evil Duke Mardus has a big scar across his otherwise handsome face.
    • The scar Seregil gets in the first novel is usually covered by his shirt (and before with a glamour) and becomes a plot point in book two (Chekhov's Scar?). Even before the MacGuffin that is to blame for the wound gave him...naasty experiences and also scarred Alec's hand when he removed the thing. Alec had no after effects since the magic pattern of the disk was on the side touching Seregil's skin.
    • Seregil and Alec acquire many more scars in Shadows Return. This trope is also averted there when they get their slave marks painfully removed.
    • Beka also acquires several scars "all in the front". Well, since she's a soldier, Action Girl, Micum's daughter and more or less Seregil's "niece"...
    • Princess Klia looses two fingers after a poisoning attack.
    • Tobin from the Tamír Triad has a half moon shaped scar on his chin, acquired when he was a little child and Mommy wanted to kill him in a fit of madness. The scar stayed after his transformation.
  • Doom in the Deltora Quest series has a grizzled face, complete with a scar across his eye. He's a good guy.
    • And later on, Lief ends up with scars over a substantial part of his face and neck - such things happen when you have a run-in with a Circus of Fear and almost get brainwashed - and he remains the good guy he's always been.
  • The Phantom of the Opera, anyone?
    • He was born deformed and that's what he's covering up, not scarring...
    • In some of the movies it's actually an acid burn, so it counts.
  • The Anti-Hero Dustfinger from Inkheart had his face "decorated" by the villain's sadistic henchman. He has three light, curved lines across his face. The narrator describes this as giving the impression of something glass that had been cracked and then stuck back together. While these do count as "Good Scars", they do cause most people to automatically distrust him (not that their instincts would be wrong).
  • In P.C. Hodgell's Chronicles of the Kencyrath, heroine Jame picks up a classic Good Scar in book 3 (vertical below the left eye).
  • Subverted with Carnival of Alan Campbell's Deepgate Codex series. Her entire body is covered in knife scars most of which are self-inflicted, and she also has a thick rope burn around her neck which is the sole physical remnant of her father's abuse. Characters who are close to her often remark that she is beautiful in spite of (and even because of) these scars, and that they show that she really is a kindhearted person despite her horrible reputation.
  • Averted in Karen Miller's Godspeaker Trilogy as the scars that Hekat and Rhian have are self-inflicted.
  • Averted in Mortal Engines - Hester's face was sliced in half as a small child, and the resulting scars tend to horrify people, but... she's mostly one of the good guys. However, there's an in-universe example - in Pennyroyal's heavily altered version of events, 'Hester Shaw' has an eye-patch and a 'discreet' scar on her cheek.
  • Taizu in C. J. Cherryh's The Paladin has a classic Good Scar, vertically down from one eye, although it's more severe than many such and goes all the way down her neck.
  • Mackenzie Calhoun in Star Trek: New Frontier has a scar down his left cheek made by a Danteri in the final battle on Xenex. Kat Mueller has a thinner scar down her right cheek from a fencing incident at Heidelberg. Despite the technology to remove them, neither does.
  • Both played straight and averted in Warrior Cats. Clawface, as his name implies, has many scars running along his face. He's a villain. However, Stonefur, who has battle-scarred ears, and Brightheart who has one eye and ear missing and is horrifically scarred in that area, are both heroes. Tigerstar, another villain, has a scar across the bridge of his nose and a split in his ear. Longtail, a hero, has a V-shaped cut in his ear as well. Of course, one has to take into account that almost every character in existence is scarred somehow, but...
  • Dodge from The Looking-Glass Wars has a few of these running parallel to each other across one side of his face from getting bitch-slapped by The Cat as a child.
  • Face Loran, a Wraith from the X-Wing Series, has an interesting take on this trope. He was a child actor, and in Wraith Squadron is said to be quite attractive if not for the raised, puckered scar that went from his left forehead, across the bridge of his nose, and onto his left cheek. In the numerous disguises he took, he always had to either hide it or incorporate it into the disguise, like when he was masquerading as General Kargin, a pirate with "horrible burn victim makeup". He could have had it removed with a simple, if pricey, bacta treatment, but he thought of it as a reminder of what he'd done - he'd acted for Imperial propaganda, unwittingly helping the cause. After Ton Phanan's death and insistence that Face stop punishing the child he'd been, he did have it removed, but for some time wore a fake scar in the same place.
  • In the original version of Dangerous Liaisons, after the Marquise de Merteuil's machinations are exposed, she is reported to have contracted smallpox, leaving her with disfiguring facial scarring—a physical manifestation of her evilness and public shame.
  • Subverted in Aisling: the witch Niahrin, an unequivocally good character, has massive, grotesque, sickly-pale scars distorting the left side of her face.
  • Played with in Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series. Deucalion, the original Frankenstein's monster, has horrific scarring across half of his face, as well as the expected patchwork scars. He's a good guy, but he's also Frankenstein's monster, and he is still subject to murderous rages.
  • Surprisingly averted in Twilight - Emily, Sam's girlfriend, is described as being beautiful on one side, but her left arm and the entire left side of her face are covered in scars from when an out-of-control werewolf-Sam attacks her.
  • Played with in the Knight and Rogue Series. Michael takes the blame for a rather petty incident in the first book to spare a near stranger the punishment and gets flogged as a result, leaving rather graphic scars all over his back. This is no big deal until he's rather unfairly tattooed as an unredeemable criminal at which point everyone sees his scars and assumes they must have been legal punishment for some unspeakably horrid crime.
  • Subverted in The First Law in which more or less every major character has at least one ugly scar, whether they're good or bad. Logen in particular is more or less one big walking scar and is described as horrendously ugly by many other characters though his status as a good guy is very questionable.
  • A young Vlad the Impaler in Count and Countess sustains heavy wounds on his throat and loses part of his ear. It's not long after these events that he makes the jump to Anti-Villain.
  • Cira of A Brother's Price has a scar from the corner of her left eye down the line of her chin to the corner of her mouth, and her body is Covered with Scars. However, they healed so that her skin lies smooth, and Jerin finds the scars attractive, giving her plain face boldness and character.
  • Xanatos, the Big Bad for half the Jedi Apprentice books, has a small, neat broken circle scar on his face. When Qui-Gon attacked Xanatos's father he cut the man's hand and put a notch into a ring he wore. Xanatos pressed that ring into his face, deliberately creating this scar.
  • Pity has scars running down her cheeks, but this was done intentionally by The Gentleman to make her look more helpless and vulnerable.
  • Some of the scalp hunters of Blood Meridian bear grisly and noticeable scars, including missing ears and letters branded on the face. A number of these were received as punishment for crimes, emphasizing that while they're the protagonists, they're definitely not heroic.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Kate Beckett on Castle has a neat, circular scar in the middle of her chest from when she was shot in the Season 3 finale which is almost always covered.
  • Avoided in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, when the real (i.e. good) General Martok had a missing eye and many scars across his face. (He received the scar as a result of his capture, though—and of course, he's a Klingon, member of the archetypal Proud Warrior Race, so the rules are a bit different.)
    • However, in Star Trek: The Original Series, the (evil) Lieutenant Sulu of the Mirror Universe has a scar running down the side of his face.
    • Mirror Tucker had scars/burns from delta radiation due to that universe's less-that-safe warp technology. The scars were an homage to "The Menagerie", where Captain Pike was crippled and badly disfigured by the same type of radiation.
  • Alternate-future Peter of Heroes has a pretty evil-looking scar that runs the length of his face between his eyes (despite being able to completely heal any wound instantly). But he's an Anti-Hero in that timeline, so he can get away with it.
    • It's also possible that Alternate!Peter never met Claire and therefore can't heal, or that he got the scar before meeting her.
    • Or he may have deliberately not healed it, since (at least at the beginning of the episode) he is deeply embittered and apathetic about the possibility of changing anything by using powers.
  • General Burkhalter (one of the more competent officers) in Hogan's Heroes has a long scar running down from just above his ear to his jawline.note  Klink also has a dueling scar somewhere, but given that this is Klink it's probably on his back.
  • Exception: in Highlander: The Series, Kronos, probably the most megalomaniacal Card-Carrying Villain immortal out there (and leader of the Four Horsemen), has a classic good guy scar: a single line, clean, starting above his eye and ending below it without damaging the eye itself.
  • John Locke of LOST has a scar over his right eye that he received during the plane crash. This is part of the tease in the very first few episodes implies Locke to be some sort of serial killer. Ultimately he's revealed to be a very kind and heroic guy.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In the alternate universe seen in "The Wish", Doppel Buffy has a classic evil scar, extending from above her mouth, through both her lips, and down to her chin. This serves to remind us that without The Power of Friendship, the Slayer is no fun at all.
    • The mainstream Buffy also has a vampire bite scar on the left side of her neck from when the Master bit her, though both Angel and Dracula have bitten her in the exact same spot as well, and we only actually see the scar after Angel bites her.
    • Spike has a very hard-to-see scar on his left eyebrow. This is because James Marsters has it in real life and they decided to keep it in because it made the character look cooler. They had to work his vampire makeup around it and ended up accentuating it whenever he puts on his gameface. Explained in a comic book limited series as being tagged with a magical weapon so even being a vampire wouldn't heal it up right.
    • The Leader of the Three has a scar over his eye ("Angel"), as does Kakistos ("Faith, Hope, and Trick"). The latter's scar is a memento from Faith, whose Watcher was slain by Kakistos.
    • Wes also has a scar, this one of the Anti-Hero variety, a thin red line on his neck, from when Justine cut his throat after he gave Conner to her in order to save him. It's not always noticeable, though
  • In Dollhouse, Dr. Saunders has numerous thin scars across her face as a result of an attack by Alpha. They seem to be getting less noticeable each episode, and really don't do much to detract from her beauty.
    • In the original unaired pilot, her scars were a lot worse, so one would assume that Executive Meddling played a role in dialing it down a bit.
    • In reason episodes, this was revealed to be the MO of the person Alpha was before he became an Active; he inflicted this on a kidnapping victim he didn't manage to kill. Later on, he did it to Victor, too.
  • Stargate SG-1: Similar to the Buffy example above, Jack O'Neill has a scar on one of his eyebrows. How noticeable it is varies from episode to episode.
  • Alex Krycek, recurring bad guy of The X-Files, is missing an arm.
  • DI Frost from A Touch of Frost has a fairly prominent bullet scar on the left side of the head from the depressed and drunken act of stupidity that earned him the George Cross.
  • While the boys on Supernatural are surprisingly scar-free, Dean has a permanent handprint on his shoulder, from when Castiel "gripped him tight and raised him from perdition."
    • We haven't seen it in a while, though, and it wasn't there in that dream sequence with Lisa towards the beginning of S6. Possibly we're meant to think it faded eventually, or they just plumb forgot...or it's there and just didn't count in a dream, and we've just somehow not seen it for two and a half season. Some of us would like it to come back.
    • If it's still there which it might not be, maybe we aren't shown it because the makeup crew can't be bothered to apply it properly on a regular basis. If there were a scene centering around the hand print or Dean showing his bare arm it would be worth it, but for a pointless cameo every now and then, probably not.
  • The title character of House missing a massive chunk of his right thigh. To compliment his Anti-Hero character, the injury is disfiguring and unpleasant to see (bad), but it's hidden by his clothes (good). He had the choice to lose the leg and get a prosthetic, a "bad" scar, but refused. Ultimately, the disfiguring surgery was chosen against his will, causing him lifelong pain and suffering, a heroic trait, but he uses it as an excuse to be an amoral misfit, like a villain.
    • He also has a noticeable scar on his neck after getting shot in the finale of season 2.
  • Babylon 5 has two examples. In the first season episode Eyes we have Col. Ari Ben-zayn, an Evil Brit with a wicked scar starting below his eye, and continuing down the cheek past his mouth. It's such a long and deep scar that it obviously affects his facial movements on that side. In Ceremonies of Light and Dark, a third season episode, there's Boggs, a bad guy with a similar scar to Ben-zayn's. However, this one wasn't put on the character on purpose, it's a real scar (the actor got knifed in the face in real life when he dove into a crowd to prevent a rape).
  • Several characters on Boardwalk Empire: Pearl's face is slashed by a gangster in an act of revenge, in direct violation of Beauty Is Never Tarnished, and she is Driven to Suicide over it. Richard Harrow, shown in a dream sequence to be quite handsome, lost nearly the entire left side of his face in World War I, causing him to wear a rather unsettling painted mask, held in place with glasses. Al Capone is also scarred (accurate to real life) as a result of a bar fight, although he claims they're from the war. He's the most 'evil' of the three, but the most mildly scarred, and he doesn't seem to mind it anyway, sarcastically saying that he's "still beautiful."
  • Sharaz Jek in the Doctor Who serial The Caves of Androzani wears a mask and rubber suit to hide massive scarring all over his body.
  • All of the werewolves in Being Human have a scar of some kind from the initial werewolf attack. George's scars are large (several long scratches), but they're conveniently on his shoulder so they're easily hidden by a shirt. Nina's scars are on her forearm (also several long scratches), so they can be covered by clothes, though not as conveniently. However, her case is still a subversion because she is a burn victim, having burns all across her stomach.
  • An UnSub in Criminal Minds, Goehring, has a scar under his eye that stretches horizontally along the natural wrinkles in his face. In an attempt to take Goehring's place after his suicide, Frost intentionally duplicates the scar.
  • The character Elsa from Power Rangers Dino Thunder has a 'bad' black, stitched scar from her lip down her chin. Ironically, it looks quite a bit like a 'good' scar and doesn't make her ugly in any way.
  • Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time has one on his chin when he first meets his future wife Snow in an encounter. Jefferson has a long gruesome scar around his neck where he was decapitated during his time in Wonderland. He hides it with a scarf in Storybrooke.
    • Evil Queen Regina has a scar on her upper lip. While not disfiguring, its placement does make it pretty noticeable. This is a scar actress Lana Parrilla has in real life, as of yet its origin in-universe has not been given.
  • Anti-Hero Omar Little has a thin scar running from over his left eyebrow to his right cheek, with a similar diagonal scar across his chest. Also, Marlo Stanfield has a scar running down his left cheek.

  • The titular character from The General by Dispatch "grew a beard as soon as he could to cover the scars on his face." There is no further description of the General, but he is definitely a good man.
  • Steely Dan: "Pepe has a scar from ear to ear / he will make your mug shots disappear" ("Sign in Stranger")
    • Also, from the song "My Rival": "He's got a scar across his face / and he wears a hearing aid / Sure he's a jolly roger / until he answers for his crime"

    Professional Wrestling 
  • When a wrestler bleeds from the forehead, it is typically the result of "blading", the practice of hiding a razor blade in your wristbands or taped wrists, and secretly pulling it out to cut yourself during a match to "sell" a particular attack as especially vicious. Many wrestlers who frequently blade, such as Dusty Rhodes, Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D, and "Hardcore" Wrestlers, sport very noticeable puffy scar tissue on their foreheads, indicating they are frequent bladers. This typically garners them huge respect among "hardcore" fans.
  • Barago in the Japanese series Garo has an x shaped scar across his face...and he is evil.

    Video Games 
  • Inverted in Battlefield 3. Vladimir has a hideous scar across the left side of his face and a blind eye. He is the good guy however.
  • Final Fantasy VIII plays the trope a little more subtly: Squall has a standard hero scar running diagonally across his forehead and between his eyes. His rival Seifer has an identical scar, which would also be a hero scar... if it weren't a mirror image inverse of Squall's, the two of them having mutually scarred one another in the opening FMV.
    • In Final Fantasy VI, Setzer has many scars, but since he's a good guy, they're all clean, non-disfiguring hero scars.
    • Final Fantasy VII Fanon holds that Tifa Lockhart has a large but clean scar across her chest from the time that Sephiroth slashed her during the Neibelheim Incident. On the canon side of things, Zack Fair has a small, clean x-shape scar on his jaw.
      • From the same game, Red XIII / Nanaki mentions his many battle scars at one point when Cloud and company are discussing the mysterious men in the Black Cloaks and what Professor Hojo might have done to them.
    • Basch, a good guy from Final Fantasy XII, has a non-disfiguring scar on his forehead which he received during his wrongful imprisonment.
      • His back and shoulders are a bit of a mess, however, as seen during the Barheim Passage segment—still hero scars, though.
    • Auron, a major good guy from Final Fantasy X, has a vertical scar running down one side of his face over his eye. It's a bit more disfiguring than the other Final Fantasy examples listed, and includes some damage to the eye itself (mostly hidden behind dark glasses), but is still recognizably a hero scar.
  • Argilla in Digital Devil Saga has a small scar across one eye, probably to offset the cuteness of her pink hair.
  • In Gungrave the somewhat titular protagonist lost his left eye when he was brutally murdered in the backstory. In place of his eye, he now has a really large, patchy scar, which is partially covered by the blacked out lens of his glasses.
  • Gary, the main antagonist from Bully, had a scar extending up from his eye and through his eyebrow. Strangely enough, the reason for having the scar is never explained.
  • Sigma from the Mega Man X games has purple facial scars despite being a robot (and having more than one body throughout the course of the series). Originally they were given to him via a crazed Zero, but this was retconned so that that they were given to him from X during a fight. In the manga, its self-inflicted.
    • In Mega Man X7 Red (bad guy) has a lightning bolt-shaped gash starting from his forehead and ending below his missing right eye, while Axl (good guy) has two clean, straight scars forming an X across the bridge of his nose. Both are robots.
  • Saix, The Dragon in Kingdom Hearts II has a similar X scar. Xigbar also has a heavily scarred face as well as an Eyepatch of Power.
    • In the prequel, Birth by Sleep, Eraqus, the heroes' mentor, has scars on his eyebrow and cheek. He's about as scarred as Xigbar, but, being a hero, his scars are light. And speaking of Xigbar, we see how he got his scars in the game.
  • During the course of events in Resident Evil 4, Leon gets a small cut across his otherwise perfect face during a knife fight. Contrast his rival antagonist Krauser, who already has several scars along his face and lips.
    • And then Krauser gets another one straight across his chest after a lengthy knife fight with Leon.
    • Jake Muller of Resident Evil 6 has a long, but otherwise clean scar going down his left cheek towards his neck.
    • In her epilogue in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Ada Wong, the series' resident morally ambiguous Femme Fatale, is shown to have a long, straight, and apparently deep scar stretching along the right side of her ribcage. However, no mention of the scar has been made since.
    • Due to a device being forcibly ripped off of her, Jill Valentine gets an unusual burn-like scar with pin pricks on her chest, courtesy of a boss fight in Resident Evil 5. It presumably remains there. In this case, she was Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • In the Street Fighter universe, Sagat (a morally ambiguous fighter, but usually either the final or penultimate fight) has both a missing eye and a giant scar on his chest, the latter of which Ryu, his rival, gave him with his signature Shoryuken. Although he's presented as a Proud Warrior Race Guy (and Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, oddly enough), his boss status means that he's a Designated Villain.
    • He did, however, kill Dan's father. And he works for Bison...
      • Note that in the case of Dan's dad... according to a Retcon, Sagat killed Go Hibiki because he ripped his eye off during a fight, which sent Sagat into an Unstoppable Rage. Sagat was not happy when he calmed down and found out. And about Bison, it's also retconned into him being more confused, misguided, and extremely pissed off, rather than evil and fully converted to Bison's cause.
      • In addition, he made a Heel-Face Turn, choosing to be a Worthy Opponent rather than a Rival Turned Evil, way back in Street Fighter Alpha, which retconned his appearance in SFII as not actually working for Bison after all. Going back to Dan's dad, Dan coming after Sagat for revenge was what caused him to realize his hatred was destroying him and led him to his Heel-Face Turn in the first place.
    • On the good scar side, Cammy's manages to make an overly muscular woman downright adorable.
    • Ah, comrade!! Zangief will be the first to tell you that no scars are as good as those earned when wrestling bears for Mother Russia! Hahaha!
  • Knights of the Old Republic.
    • The most over-the-top example this editor can think of is Darth Sion (appropriately called the Lord of Pain). Early in the game, a medical officer reports several THOUSAND fractures in his skeleton. Combined with that creepy music and the general dark nature of the game, it'll send chills down your spine. Doubly creepy later on when it becomes obvious that these injuries and scars are all self-inflicted; it's implied that Sion has mastered using pain as a source of power the way most Sith Lords use anger and passion; it would seem to work, he's effectively immortal unless someone convinces him that letting go and allowing his body to die is preferable to his existence.
    • Darth Malak wears a metal mask for most of the game, concealing the lower half of his face. When he's finally shown without it, it's more horrifying than any simple scar could be. It's not that he hides something underneath it, it's what isn't there - he's missing the entire jaw...
  • Averted in Mass Effect: the player can create a character with scars that range anywhere from tiny and stylish to monstrous gashes, and their character's alignment is up to the player.
    • Interestingly, no matter what background you select for Shepard, the manner in which you got that scar is never addressed.
    • The sequel has a great deal of fun with this. First Mordin has a classic X-shaped scar and is missing the tip of one of his cranial horns, then Garrus gets some facial injuries that become evil-looking scars during your initial encounter with him, although he's a good guy. Even Commander Shepard himself falls to this: you get small facial scars at the start of the game, and you actions determine what happens. Doing Paragon actions will make the scars look a lot softer to the point where they'll disappear completely. Doing Renegade actions will cause some gnarly looking evil scars, eventually becoming massive burns and your eyes will turn red!
    • Jack also has some scars mixed in along with the tattoos. From the precision and locations, they appear to be surgical scars from her time at the Teltin facility.
    • Wrex has a series of scars on the right side of his face that make him look evil, fitting his Token Evil Teammate status of the first game as a bloodthirsty mercenary. If he survives the first game, he becomes a full on good guy leading his race to a brighter future.
    • Mostly averted by Kaidan. Despite having undergone a series of painful and slightly traumatic operations in order to receive his (dangerously outdated) L2 implants, and being an active long-term member of the Alliance military, he of all people would be expected to sport numerous scars of various types, but the few he has are only noticeable under certain lighting conditions if your graphics are set to maximum. Though Thane claims that he was able to recognize Kaidan as a biotic immediately due to his implant scars, so they seem to be invisible only to the player. The lack of combat scars makes sense considering he's both a biotic and a field medic. In the rare case when something did get through his barriers, he'd know how to treat his injuries to keep scarring from becoming an issue.
    • Mass Effect 2 Downloadable Content character Zaeed Messani is scarred on the entire right side of his face, with a deep evil scar gouge crossing his whitened eye as a souvenir from being shot in the head at point blank range. He's definitely not what you'd call heroic.
    • This is a bit of a weird example because he's not an organic being, but your geth teammate Legion was left with a horribly disfiguring gaping hole in their chest after being shot by a panicky human who assumed they were one of the "heretic" geth. They patched it up (slightly) with a piece of Shepard's old armor, because..."No data available."
  • Colonel Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has deep scars all over his face (and presumably his entire body), and The Pain's face is one big bee sting.
  • Adell from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories has a pair of straight lines, one on each cheek, in a textbook example of good scars. They're also the reason why he does not like girls.
  • Baiken, of the Guilty Gear series, lost her right arm and an eye when she was a little girl, leaving her a good character with Evil Scars.
  • Gato, a morally conflicted but typically antagonistic character of The King of Fighters series, has three large, parallel scars on his back, apparently the result of a bear attack. The scars are typically covered up by his shirt.
    • Geese Howard, following the events of the original Fatal Fury, has a nasty scar on his back, received when he was thrown off the top of Geese Tower. He shows it off in his intro pose.
  • Averted in Planescape: Torment, in which the protagonist, known only as The Nameless One, is scarred horribly all over his body — his skin is almost literally made of scar tissue from all the wounds he's taken over his millennia-long existence. You can play him as a villainous monster, but the possibility exists for him to be the capiest cape that ever put on a (metaphorical) cape.
  • Vaida, the Broken Bird from Fire Emblem, has a huge scar over the left side of her face. She starts out as a villain, but your Lord can make her join their side, and her supports reveal that she's no softie but does have feelings, as well as a fierce loyalty to those she cares for.
    • Also, there's Hector's brother, Uther, with a scar across his forehead and another one across his nose. Black Fang's Legault has a double scar across his left eye, and Brendan Reed has dozens of them on his face alone. In contrast, the Big Bad, Nergal, has a bunch of really nasty burns all around his eye, which he hides with a turban
      • Let's not even get started on Oguma's X-shaped scar on his cheek...
    • Interestingly, Zihark from Path of Radiance has one on his right cheek; literally the only good guy that has one (even though they all fight every other day!).
  • In Alone In The Dark 2008, Edward Carnby has a rather large, puckered scar over his left eye. It's more prominent than most "good guy" scars, but still reasonable enough to fall into the category. At the end of the game, when he becomes Lucifer, his scar turns into a super-evil all-out rake-burn on the left side of his face. Significant, evil, "I cut my face with glass" scars are also a sign that someone has been possessed by Lucifer in the game.
  • While the original game's portraits were pretty smooth-skinned, many of the NPCs in Baldur's Gate II sport scars, including returning ones. In particular, Keldorn and Imoen sport the "over the eye" scar that should be all but impossible without putting the eye out. These can be said to be symbolic—Keldorn, the grizzled veteran; and Imoen, innocent youth having learned the world isn't as nice as she'd like.
  • Rikimaru, playing character from Tenchu, sports a scar over the right eye.
  • Boktai's Sabata sports what appears to be a scar across his left cheek, starting at the jaw and ending just below the eye—a classic Evil Scar. Subverted in that he pulls a Heel-Face Turn toward the end of the first game; double-subverted in that he winds up villainous again in the third.
    • That's not a scar. It's not really made clear what it is, but from the characters you see in the games, it's easy to infer that anyone with Solar Child blood probably has marks on his or her cheeks: Django has a rectangular one in the same place as Sabata's sharp one, Aaron/Django from Lunar Knights has one on each side of his face, and Vampire Ringo had similar marks as well. Concept art from Lunar Knights that is believed to be Sartana prior to his death also shows such marks. Sabata DOES, however, have a real scar above his left eye, revealed in both Shinbok and early concept art of the first game.
  • Gaia Online has at least three examples, two straight, one subverted (maybe).
    • Edmund shows the classic Good Scar: an X on his forehead.
    • Zhivago the Psycho for Hire vampire assassin has an obvious Evil Scar on the left side of his face.
    • Marie Von Helson returned after a skyscraper fell on her face with an Evil Scar over one eye. Possibly subverted, as she hasn't been particularly evil since then.
    • A minor example of Good Scar is Sam, from the Body & Parts shop. While she still doesn't hold a great importance to the plot, she is seemingly good.
  • Marcus in Gears of War has a number of scars but his most notable one would be a strong line running down his cheek which a number of vertical lines running down it, possible due to poorly done stitches or they're just deep wrinkles.
  • Sue from Cave Story sports a scar across her nose of the 'cute and warlike at the same time' variety.
  • The younger Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat got a scar running from above his eye downwards between Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat 3. As the series progressed, he became a substitute for his older brother and became much more heroic.
  • Sergei Dragunov from Tekken has several scars, his most notable being the one that runs through his lips and down his chin. He also sports one across his nose, and, if one opts to make him shirtless via customization in Tekken 6, it can be seen that he sports numerous ones over his torso and arms, including a bullet wound on his left shoulder. He isn't exactly a bad guy, but he is at least morally ambiguous.
    • Kazuya Mishima, occasional Big Bad of the series, sports a large diagonal scar running across his chest in the first two games. However, upon being thrown into a volcano and subsequently coming Back from the Dead, he now has additional (and numerous) scars all over his body. His father, Heihachi, also sports a large cross-shaped scar on his chest.
    • Also, Raven has a large X-shaped scar across the middle of his face.
    • Steve Fox has a very large, raised scar that runs pretty much the entire length of his arm.
    • Marshall Law, in the later games, has three claw-marks that run across his chest, although this is clearly a nod to Bruce Lee's famous scars in Enter the Dragon.
    • Lars Alexandersson has two facial scars: one through his left eyebrow, and one on his cheek.
  • All three generations of Desmond's family from the Assassin's Creed series have managed to get a single vertical scar through the right side of their lips, with the exception of the Kenway family: Edward, Haytham and Connor haven't been seen with facial scars. Altair can be excused — it's apparently Desmond's face overwriting his — but Ezio managed to get his scar during the first part of the game, so it seems to be real.
    • Altair's scar is proven to be canon in Assassin's Creed: Revelations: Desmond's face no longer overwrites his, and the scar is clear and he tilts his face up enough so that the camera clearly shows it off for him.
  • The Witcher both plays this straight and subverts it. On the one hand, the hero Geralt has the stylish rugged variety of scars on his face, notably a large scar which crosses over (but does not damage) his left eye. His body, however, is covered with a horrific collection of claw-marks, stab wound scars and what looks like what's left of a torn off nipple. Fellow Witchers also have scars, and while most are also of the rugged variety, Eskel has a truly horrific scar completely covering half of his face, though he is a good guy (well, as close to good as it gets in this world, anyway). In the sequel, Letho and Iorveth have extensive scars. Letho has scars crisscrossing his whole head, it almost looks as though someone tried to scalp him but didn't get the job done. Iorveth, has a very large scar covering half of his face, which apparently destroyed one eye. He covers the scar with a special hat that covers part of his face.
  • Vyse, the main character of Skies of Arcadia has a neat little scar under his left eye. In Legends, it is explained he received it via a knife thrown by Piastol, AKA the Angel of Death, when they were younger.
  • City of Heroes/Villains has a few different scarred faces for males and females, and of course it's your choice as to good or evil or in-between. All of these scars either suggest or outright display eye damage, patch optional. Creative players use some of the various markings for face and chest as scars too, or add metal plates, and many are the player-written character bios that mention scarring hidden by clothing.
  • Age of Conan allowed some scars, ranging from discrete cheek scarring to "a bear took a hunk out of my chest". Mostly good alignment in that game, relatively speaking.
  • Brad Skywind has a cross shaped scar on his forehead, and though people label him a "bad boy", he's a good one.
  • In God of War, Kratos sports a crudely stitched up scar over his right eye. When he gets stabbed through the stomach in the sequel, he gets another on his torso.
  • Cole McGrath is sporting a somewhat noticeable scar in the sequel.
  • Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain has a clean scar across his cheek. Its origin was going to be explained in DLC content that was indefinitely postponed.
  • In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf has a large, glowing scar on his chest. A flashback reveals that he got it by surviving an execution attempt from a sage wielding a sword made out of Hard Light. The scar is also Ganondorf's weak point, and must be struck several times in order to kill him.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic, from what we've seen so far, tends to use massive scarring to indicate a Bad Ass. Both Jace Malcolm, the Republic trooper who founded Havoc Squad, and Darth Malgus have major facial scarring... mostly from the times they've encountered each other.
  • In Soul Calibur V, the character editor allows you to place facial scars on your character, with most of them heroic-looking, like a neat scar across the cheek or a vertical cut through the eye. The closest thing to evil-looking you can get is a nasty scar with stitches running horizontally across the face, across the nose.
    • From the series, Warrior Monk Kilik has a neat checkmark scar below his left eye.
  • In Halo 3, on the final level, a close-up of Sgt. Major Avery J. Johnson is shown. His face appears to be somewhat scarred. However, it is possible that this was not scarring, but him being distraught about the death of Miranda Keyes.
    • Master Chief has some armor damage on the right side of his chest in Halo 3 as well from jumping out of the Keyship with a heavy metal plate as his only parachute. As Master Chief has to date not been shown in any of the games without his armor (he has been described without the armor in the books), this would count as scarring.
    • Although, bizarrely, whatever Cortana used to upgrade him while he was in cryo completely neglected said massive scar. (Maybe she got sentimental, and decided to keep it?)
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, character creation allows for scars on your character's face, ranging from somewhat clean blade cuts to horrible wildcat maulings.
  • Beyond Good & Evil's Pey'j has a noticeable scar going over his left eye. Although its origins are never fully explained, he's implied to be a Retired Badass who used to get into numerous scrapes with the authorities, so we can make some assumptions.
  • Deadly Premonition's protagonist, Agent York, has a small scar on his cheek that he got when (in his own words) he "arrested a Catwoman wannabe." It's the talk of the small town he's investigating, and some people are even taking bets on where he got it. He actually has an extremely prominent heroic scar that covers most of his face, but due to his status as an Unreliable Narrator, it only appears to the player as a notch in his hairline for most of the game.
    • Sheriff George also has a small, horizontal scar on his left cheek. It grows bigger every time a murder occurs.
  • Played with in Star Wars: The Old Republic. During character creation, all manners of scars are available, from simple, stylish cuts to burn-victim scars an ones that channel Pinhead. What manner you play your character is still up to you. At the same time, there is a huge discrepancy in the amount of NPCs you encounter with Bad Scars on the Sith Empire's side and the Republic's.
  • In Dragon Fable, Konnan has burn scars that nearly cover his face in Chapter 2. However, he's mostly on the here's side during that chapter, whereas he was evil previously, so they could fall in the "mark of shame" category for what he'd done.
  • In the Borderlands series, Helena Pierce, T.K. Baha, and Sir Hammerlock all have Artificial Limbs (well, in the second case, a peg leg) that speak less against their moral character and more of the Death World nature of Pandora. Helena Pierce also has scarring over the entire left half of her face, something mercilessly mocked by Handsome Jack and notably no one else.
    • On the Player Character side, Axton has two nicks across his chin and eyebrow that go right in hand with his "grizzled soldier" look while contrasting his actual personality, Salvador has a distinct gash on the side of his forehead, and Gaige has a robot arm of her own design. Finally, Handsome Jack is disfigured with a massive Vault symbol that seems to have been branded onto his face.
  • The unreleased Star Fox 2 was meant to introduce players to Wolf O'Donnell, cast as Fox's Evil Counterpart. Here, Wolf had a very large, pronounced scar vertically over his right eye. All of his later incarnations instead have some kind of Eyepatch of Power over his left eye instead.
    • Star Fox Assault brought us Panther Caroso, a suave ladies' man, who has a large white cheek scar on the right side of his face. It greatly resembles a Dueling Scar, but there has so far been no indication how he got it. However, the worst that could be said of him is that he is mercenary in his pursuits and not above being a shameless yet noble flirt besides.
  • Team Fortress 2 has the Sniper, who was previously unscarred but received a cut on his nose and cheek after being slashed in the face by The Spy in the course of "Meet The Spy." Whether this is a heroic or villainous scar depends on one's personal opinion of Snipers in the game; in-universe he can be either a Cold Sniper or a Friendly Sniper depending on circumstances.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All, when Matt Engarde reveals his true nature, the revelation is punctuated by him pulling back the hair covering the right side of his face to reveal nasty-looking scars across his eye, when he is sweating at the end of his case and unable to keep the hair back fully, the same scars make him look pathetic.
    • Also in Apollo Justice: Kristoph is revealed to have a Skull shaped scar on the back of his hand.
      • Actually, only the 'mouth' of the 'skull' is a scar. The rest is him stretching his hand.
    • And we can't forget the most impressive one: Shelly De Killer, which has one that goes across his face, forehead to chin.
  • Hanako Ikezawa of Katawa Shoujo is a prime example of the "horrendous scar as mark of tragedy" subversion. The right side of her body bears the burn scars of a fire that took her parents from her at a young age, leaving the poor girl a nervous wreck and an extreme Shrinking Violet.
  • Shiki of Tsukihime has a large scar on his chest from being stabbed and killed by the eventual Big Bad, normally hidden from sight by his shirt.

    Web Comics 
  • Peggy the sniper from Grrl Power has the "cross over the eye and nose" sort AND a prosthetic lower leg. Watch out for continuity errors regarding the leg!
  • Nimmel in Dominic Deegan, who lost his right eye and a good part of his face during an infernomancer attack. It's subverted here, because the scar is very nasty to look at.
  • Vaelia, a female gladiator from Drowtales has a three-clawed, down-from-the-eye scar.
  • Girl Genius makes a point of both trope and subversion. Constructs (created or repaired humans) have permanent 'Frankenstein' stitchery all over their bodies. Agatha's foster parents Adam 'Punch' Clay and Lilith 'Judy' Clay, and Baron Wulfenbach all have these prominent scars (good guys), but so does R-79, one of the dangerous-looking prisoners sent to Castle Heterodyne (bad guy). Another Castle prisoner, nicknamed 'Cucaracha', has the 'evil' false-harelip sort of scar, but he gets beat up by the girl in the pink dress.
  • In Goblins, Thaco is missing an ear. This is explained to be from an encounter with the psychotic Dellyn Goblinslayer, who cut it off and took it as a trophy before Thaco escaped.
  • Subverted in Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name with Zombie, who's entire body riddled with ugly, asymmetrical black stitches but still proves to be nothing less than a stand-up guy.
  • In Homestuck, black and white royals had scars over their eyes as a result of a sylladex accident with a harlequin. The only remaining after serial regicide and impromptu abdications is usurper unmistakably evil Jack Noir, whose counterpart Spade Slick has a coincidental matching scar over his eye. And then there's a Monster Clown who carved his own face with his attacker's weapon.
  • Grey from Inhuman almost has more scars than regular skin on his body. The main reason it's just ALMOST is because his face is almost unscarred... aside from a huge scar over the bridge of his nose, which admittedly does make for the "cute but deadly" look.
  • Last Res0rt has two:
  • In Minion Comics the primary evil villain, Von Gernsbach, has a face covered in sinister-looking scar tissue.
  • In Misfile, Xaphrael has a large scar up the side of his face and crossing his eye. This type of scar can be good or bad, so let's check the tropes: Hammy entrance, Cryptic and vaguely threatening conversation, concealment of a crime that he has the main characters bang to rights on, evasion of direct questions, threatening to choke to death the resident Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain using his left hand. Yep, those would be evil scars.
  • O'Chul in The Order of the Stick has a scar running down across eye. The x-ray effect of a Disintegrate spell reveals the cut left a mark on the bone of his skull as well.
    • He might be somewhat of a subversion, as he has lots of ugly, raised scars, which makes sense, as he was held prisoner and tortured for months.
    • Also, in Start Of Darkness, Right-Eye has a large, jagged scar across his face which he got when his eye was stabbed out by a paladin.
  • Milny from Planescape Survival Guide recently gained several. The most noticeable is a crosscut sword slash starting from her left cheek, across the nose, and through the right eyebrow. The next biggest is a gunshot wound just above her left breast. Both are generally of the non-disfiguring variety.
  • In Questionable Content, Faye has a scar on her right shoulder that was the result of a car accident that may or may not have been intentional.
  • Subverted (probably) by Hakelda in Reliquary, who has rather nasty-looking scars disfiguring her left side (including the face), but who seems to be the sweetest of the cast so far.
  • In Second League, She-Man (a good guy) and Ana (a villain) have near-identical scars on their faces.
  • In Shadowgirls, a Slaad got the drop on Becka, slashing her back. This has left three parallel scars on her lower back, which is even retained in her shadowform, and the fused Shadowchild. They even appear on the Shadowchild figure! Also, Lindsey's battle with a non-sparkling vampire left her with a scar on her left cheek.
  • Kharisma Valetti of Something Positive has burn scars that left her face with large darkened patches. Not so much good or evil as Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Averted and subverted with Cry Havoc; this may be justified in that its main characters are Villain Protagonists.
    • Skoll is the most obvious example of it being played straight, she is ruthless and for all intents and purposes evil, she has a large scar across her cheek, nose, and eyebrow that cuts out a chunk of the bridge of her nose, she has scars on her neck, abdomen, and legs, and a burn that takes up most of her back. Faustus, one of the antagonists is missing his left eye, he is badly burned and has gaping wounds on his chest, and is missing his left arm. (he got better)
    • Hait and Karcharoth avert this. Karcharoth is almost as evil as Skoll, yet only has a few scratches on his neck, and a single scar over his left eye. Hati who is considered good has large scars across her forearms and back.
  • Subverted in The Water Phoenix King, as there was never any question as to his Alignment, but Gilgam's triple scar (it looks like he was clawed by a wildcat — we eventually learn what really did it) quite disfiguring, really disturbing and wince-inducing at first, although one eventually gets used to it and almost stops noticing it until something happens to point out again just how close he came to losing that eye. (It's shocking how young he looks in the flashbacks before he got it.) He's still quite handsome, but it's despite, not because of. It doesn't seem to bother him at all now, either.
  • In Pacificators, Commander Bismun has a few on his face, and he gains a fourth later on. Also, Muneca is covered with burn scars.

    Web Original 
  • Survival of the Fittest character Viktor Kurchatov is horribly scarred more or less all over his body from being burned. He's both depraved and bonkers. Bobby Jacks may be a subversion in that he possessed a scar of the 'straight across the cheek' variety before the game.
    • Blood Boy could also count as an extreme example, as well. He covers a heavily mutilated face with a mask. And he's also fairly Ax-Crazy.
  • Oran of Broken Saints fame has the common vertical eye (or "tear") scar, made in his youth during an attack from American bombers in the first Gulf War. Early on in the series, he gives his childhood friend Hassan one to match whilst suffering from cabin fever and copious amounts of guilt.
  • Averted in Red vs. Blue by York's scarring. In a sparring match gone bad, a grenade goes off very close to his face, blinding him in one eye and giving him some serious scars on that side of his face. Despite the extent of his injuries, he's still a good guy.
  • RWBY uses the good version, with Weiss having a small, crooked scar over her left eye. This type of scar, however, is more associated with anti-heroes, and Weiss is associated with a company that's known for shady business practices. She also has an attitude.

    Western Animation 
  • Zuko's scar in Avatar: The Last Airbender which functions as both a bad scar (making him appear menacing) and good (showing he has suffered). It is also an interesting study in this trope—earlier in the series, when Zuko is worse, it is thrown into relief more often, making it look worse. It helps here that he starts out wearing a Bald of Evil, but by far the ugliest part of the scar "just happens" to be under his hair when he grows it out during his quest for redemption.
    • Zuko's scar is such a big part of his character that he's both completely unrecognizable and pretty unremarkable without it, as seen in his dream sequence in "The Earth King".
    • Later Aang gets both a scar on his back and foot from being hit by Azula's lightning bolt.
    • Even later Zuko gets another scar on his chest from a partially screwed-up lightning re-direction when Taking the Bullet.
    • Jeong-Jeong (who deserted from the Fire Nation army when he realized just how much harm it was causing) also has scars across his eye.
  • The Legend of Korra: Chief Bei Fong, Toph's daughter and head of the Republic City metalbending police force, has two thin scars resembling claw marks on her right cheek. Interestingly enough, despite her parentage and the "good" nature of her scar - which only makes her look badass and in no way takes away from her attractiveness - she seems to be shaping up as a sort-of antagonist, sometimes helping Korra, sometimes not.
    • Later she firmly becomes an ally.
    • The reason Amon wears a White Mask of Doom is ostensibly because his face was horribly scarred after a Firebender attacked him and his family in his youth. When eventually seen it looks pretty evil, drawing his face into a permanent scowling grimace. It's also a fake, caused by a heavy makeup job, in the event that he ever needed to weather accusations of falsehood.
  • General Reginald Peter Skarr from Evil Con Carne has the standard lightning-bolt 'evil' kind coming down from his right eye. Oddly enough, unlike most versions of this trope, he is actually blind in that eye. According to the 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' text in the opening credits, he got the scar from running with scissors.
  • Lightning Lad from Legion Of Superheroes had a lightning bolt scar under one eye that occasionally flashed when he used his powers (lightning, naturally)
  • Naturally, The Lion King villain Scar has a large vertical scar across his left eye.
    • Later inverted in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, where Kovu gains a scar identical to Scar's during his Heel-Face Turn, which functions as a symbol of everything he's pledged not to become. And invoked when the animals treat it as a Mark Of Evil anyway.
  • In The Land Before Time the original villain Sharptooth (and his TV show parallel Red Claw) have a jagged red scar across one eye. Doc, a good guy in the 6th movie, has a similar scar, but it's thin and contrasts less with the skin.
  • Gargoyles good guy Hudson has a long scar down his face. His is particularly striking in that gargoyles wouldn't normally scar, as they heal each night when they enter stone sleep. Hudson's scar was given to him by the Archmage, making it magical damage, thus likely why it did not heal—though it could also be that if such maiming damage "settles" it might not heal properly.
    • On the other hand, the original (and villainous) Hunter, Gillecomgain, had three scars across his face, and while most Hunters of future generations are not so badly scarred, the masks they wear pay homage to their progenitor.
  • Enzo/Matrix from ReBoot gets a scar across his left eye in his final Game cube as a kid. When the next season starts up, he and his companions have aged up via localized timeskip-the eye has been replaced with a bitchin' gold-colored cybernetic replacement, but the across-the-eye scar still remains. Matrix is very much an Anti-Hero.
  • Dr. Blight from Captain Planet looks perfectly normal (and in fact hot)... until she moves the fringe covering the side of her face, revealing a severely scarred face.
  • Given that Transformers can be repaired perfectly even if they're missing large parts of their body, scars are pretty unnecessary. However, Transformers Armada Wheeljack retains the long scar across his Autobot symbol from the accident that led to his Face-Heel Turn. However, it's also possible he made the scar himself after the accident, so it might not count.
    • Ratchet in Transformers Animated also left the chevron on his forehead broken after his battle with Lockdown, most likely for personal symbolic reasons.
    • Ironhide from the Transformers film series has a scar over his right eye.
      • Also in the movie continuity, there's Strongarm (from the IDW comics) who has three HUGE slashes across his face (which is sometimes covered up by a face mask). Apparently he was involved in a Decepticon attack that left his entire unit dead and whilst the scars could be repaired, he chose to keep them as a reminder to the Autobots who died under his command.
  • In the Big Damn Heroes moment of the Season 3 premiere of Metalocalypse, we see that Charles Ofdensen now has one, from when the Metal Masked Assassin deliberately cut his face in Season 2.
    • After that episode, the scar seems to have disappeared. Brendon Small claimed that there is a reason for this.
  • Played straight and subverted by several characters in G.I. Joe: Renegades. Scrap-Iron has some truly Nightmare Fuel looking facial scarring after a missile-massage, and Major Bludd is now sporting a big nasty one across his face after an explosion. Possibly subverted by Snake Eyes, who is extremely heroic, but whose unmasked face managed to unnerve an entire biker gang.
  • Gill from Finding Nemo has a classic evil scar on his right eye. It's actually very large and jagged, extending across his mouth and includes some damage to his right fin. Despite the fact that he actually is a good guy, Pixar uses all the basic tools they can, scars included, to paint him as a villain.
  • AUTO from WALL•E, arguably. His "face" appears to be made up of two white pieces, split through the "eye".
  • Kim Possible villain Dr. Drakken has a prominent scar under his left eye.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Over half of the Shredder's face is covered in gruesome burn scars, and his right eye is whited out.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): Hun, the Shredder's dragon, has three diagonal scars down his left cheek, which he gained from Splinter himself prior to his mutation.
  • Lampshaded in Adventure Time; when Me-Mow the assassin slashes Finn several times with a tiny dagger, including his cheek, Finn mocks her, stating that "You're just making my face look cooler!"
  • Played with in TRON: Uprising - Tron appears much as he did before the coup, but is very messed up under his outward appearance (we see a brief glance at the massive scarring). This, like a lot of other things in-series, works as Foreshadowing.
  • Archer:
    Lieutenant Krauss: "Oh, I get it. Ze German guy mit ze scar must be ze bad guy. Well you know how I got zis scar? Savink a Jewish girl from a gang of skinheads."

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