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Kaeloo (not to be confused with Caillou) is a French CGI cartoon written by Rémi Chapotot and Jean-François Henry and produced by Cube Creative. The show follows the adventure of a group of Funny Animals living in Smileyland, a Crapsaccharine World available exclusively to kids, as they play various games, like baseball, tea party or satanic rock band. While the premise may sound childish, the games usually end up being taken so seriously by the group of "friends" that injuries, huge explosions, and all sorts of weird, crazy, and not very kid friendly stuff end up happening quite often.

The main cast is made up of:

As of the second season, the show added a few secondary characters to the cast who are said to be the main four's neighbors:

The show began as a 3-minute short film in 2007, which caught the attention of producer Cube Creative, resulting in an entire season being broadcasted on Canal+ in 2010, and a second season following in 2012. A third season is slated for release in September 2017. Since then, it has been met with praise from both audiences and critics, and received several awards and nominations. It was notably complimented on its ability to entertain both children and adults.

Tropes present:

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  • Mad Doctor: Mr. Cat in "Let's Play Doctors and Nurses".
  • Mad Love: Pretty just doesn't get that fact that Mr. Cat despises her.
  • The Magazine Rule: There's a magazine called "Oh La La", featuring girls in skimpy outfits.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: This being a Sadist Show that practically runs on Family-Unfriendly Violence, this happens with everyone. For example, in one episode, Stumpy accidentally unleashes a bunch of arrows onto Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Pretty. Rather than scream or show any signs of pain, they just glare at him, annoyed.
  • Mandatory Line: In one or two episodes, Mr. Cat will show up at the very end and start yelling at someone despite not having anything to do with the rest of the plot.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Kaeloo at times, most notably in "Let’s Play Courtroom Drama".
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Stumpy has 36 sisters. This means that including him, there are 37 kids in his family.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The main four do this at the end of Episode 76 when they realize that their interference with the past has somehow undone the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: It is never quite clear whether the events in some of the games they play actually happen or take place only in their imagination. For instance, one episode where they play at being in an airliner makes it repeatedly clear that they are only sitting in chairs on the ground, even when they are supposed to be crashing, yet they flow around when the plane takes off and Mister Cat later jumps with a parachute and falls for some time before hitting the ground. However, in another episode, the airplane actually leaves the cast stranded on an island.
  • Meaningful Name: "Kaeloo" means frog in Japanese, Stumpy didn’t have hands in the original concept, Quack-Quack can only say quack, Mr. Cat is a cat, Pretty is beautiful, and Eugly is… not so beautiful.
  • Meat-O-Vision: In "Let's Play Trap-Trap", Quack Quack sees Kaeloo and Stumpy as yogurts after not eating any for nearly an hour.
  • Mecha-Mooks: Kaeloo, Stumpy and Mr. Cat come across a huge army of these in Episode 104.
  • Medium Awareness: The characters are aware that they are in a cartoon, and occasionally reference it, for instance saying they don't like the current episode. In one case, Kaeloo asks the director to replay a scene backward.
    • It enters Nightmare Fuel territory at the end of Episode 105, where Stumpy breaks into the animation studio and announces to the animators that he will be writing all the episodes from that point on.
  • Megaton Punch: Serguei and Bad Kaeloo have done this several times.
  • The Mentally Disturbed: Taken Up to Eleven. One episode revealed that every single person on the show is in need of intensive psychotherapy.
  • Milestone Celebration: Episodes 99 and 100 are a two-parter.
  • Mini-Golf Episode: The episode "Let's Play Golf".
  • Minimalist Cast: In the first season, the main four are the only characters. Afterwards, it's just them, Pretty, Eugly and Olaf. In the rare event that anyone else shows up, they're offscreen for their whole appearance.
  • Mischief for Punishment: Mr. Cat tries to make Kaeloo angry on purpose, because he likes it when she transforms.
  • Misplaced Sorrow: In Episode 81, Stumpy starts drowning in quicksand in the middle of the desert. Everybody panics and pulls him out... because their supplies are in his backpack.
  • Mobile Shrubbery: In one episode, Stumpy tries to disguise himself as a bush to listen in on a conversation he isn't supposed to hear. The others immediately identify him, but he keeps claiming to be a bush.
  • Morality Pet: Kaeloo is this to Mr. Cat.
  • Motor Mouth: In one episode, Kaeloo talks so fast that her face turns blue from lack of oxygen.
  • Muscle Angst: After being shot with Truth Serum, Mr. Cat confesses that he wishes he had bigger muscles.
  • Musical Episode: Episode 89.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Kaeloo's general reaction to hurting her friends.
    • Mr. Cat's reaction to finding out that his actions have caused Kaeloo to decide to leave Smileyland in "Let's Play Courtroom Drama".
    • Kaeloo, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat's reaction when they realize what bad friends they've been to Stumpy over the years in Episode 105.
  • The Napoleon: Olaf.
  • Natural Spotlight: A Running Gag in "Let's Play the Quest for the Wholly Gruel" is that a person, or the Gruel itself, gets illuminated by light from the sky whenever someone says "Wholly Gruel".
  • Negate Your Own Sacrifice: The indestructible Quack Quack has "sacrificed" himself several times for his friends' safety.
  • Negative Continuity: Several charactersnote  have been decapitated, blown up, launched into orbit, driven to madness, turned into zombies, trapped in alternate dimensions or different time periods... Heck, the world even blew up once! Yet everything is always back to normal in the next episode.
  • New Neighbours as the Plot Demands: How Pretty and Eugly were introduced. Stumpy asks who they are, and Kaeloo is surprised that he doesn't know that they're their neighbors.
  • The Nicknamer: Mr. Cat rarely ever calls the others by their real names, opting to use nicknames based on their species or its traits.
  • Nigh Invulnerable: Quack Quack, as a result of being the test subject of various science experiments.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Stumpy, as a result of a constant diet of violent horror movies, comic books and video games.
  • No Fourth Wall: The characters speak directly to the audience and are fully aware of the fact that they're in a cartoon.
  • Noir Episode: "Let's Play Detectives".
  • Nonverbal Miscommunication: Sometimes happens with Quack Quack.
  • The Noseless: Kaeloo has no visible nose, but she can smell just fine.
    • Olaf apparently doesn't even have a nose. In Episode 55, Stumpy and Quack Quack try to attack him with smelly gas, but it doesn't work since he has no nose.
  • Not Hyperbole: In one episode, Mr. Cat threatened to kill Kaeloo and Stumpy if they touched him... while holding a knife to Kaeloo's throat.
  • Not So Above It All: Mr. Cat always pretends he can't be bothered to play games with the others, but when they don't invite him to join them, he gets really, really mad.
    • In one episode, Mr. Cat opens a restaurant that is clearly designed to be a Take That! at McDonald's. When the food gives Pretty multiple organ failure, everybody starts protesting the restaurant, so he offers them free toys with their food. Everybody except Kaeloo rushes off to get toys while she looks on in disapproval, but when a toy lands near her feet she plays with it after making sure nobody is looking.
  • Not-So-Innocent Whistle: Stumpy does this whenever he's done something stupid or screwed something up and someone demands to know who did it.
  • Not So Stoic: On rare occasions, Quack Quack will show actual emotions. This is very rare, however, as in one instance he was perfectly stoic when Kaeloo was about to die.
  • Number Two for Brains: This trope comes into play whenever Stumpy is working under Mr. Cat.
  • Oblivious to Love: Kaeloo and Mr. Cat are both unaware of the fact that the other is attracted to them.
  • Ocular Gushers: Everyone cries this way, most of the time.
  • Official Couple: Quack Quack and Eugly.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Mr. Cat is insanely capable of doing this, even without one of his cat flaps.
  • "Oh, Crap!" Smile: Mr. Cat usually does this when Bad Kaeloo is about to beat him up.
  • Once an Episode: Kaeloo Hulking Out.
    • Mr. Cat torturing Quack Quack with some weapon.
    • Kaeloo yelling "MISTER CAAAAAAAT!" (or "STUMPYYYYYYY!").
  • Only One Name: Everyone except Mr. Cat. Even in his case, his first name is not revealed.
  • Only Sane Woman: Believe it or not, Eugly fills in this role. Kaeloo is a Cloud Cuckoolander, Quack Quack is addicted to yogurt, Mr. Cat is Ax-Crazy, Pretty is a Stalker with a Crush, Olaf wants to Take Over the World, and Stumpy is... Well, Stumpy.
  • Only the Pure of Heart: In "Let's Play the Quest for the Wholly Gruel", Kaeloo says that only the pure of heart can get the Gruel.
  • Opposites Attract: Kind, friendly, cheerful Kaeloo and sarcastic, grouchy, rude Mr. Cat.
  • Orphaned Etymology: The cast mention people like Britney Spears, shows like House and places like Hawaii... all while living on Planet Smileyland.
    • In one episode, Stumpy actually says that the cast went on vacation to Australia!
  • Out-of-Character Moment: For whatever reason, Pretty is nice to the others in Episode 57, where she treats Kaeloo like her best friend and treats Stumpy like an actual person.
  • Painting the Frost on Windows: The cast have complete control over the weather, the time of day, and pretty much their whole enviroment.
  • Paranormal Episode: The episode "Let's Play Paranormal Stuff" has the main four hold a séance to contact spirits. Quack Quack winds up possessed.
  • Parental Substitute: Kaeloo is one to Quack Quack, who lost his parents before he was even hatchdd from his egg.
  • Parody Episode: Episode 69 is a parody of Dora the Explorer.
  • Patchwork Kids: Quack Quack's Imagine Spot of Kaeloo and Mr. Cat's children depicts orange, whiskered tadpoles.
  • People Jars: Olaf has these in his lair. He freezes Kaeloo and Mr. Cat alive and puts them inside in the second season finale.
  • Perpetual Poverty: The main four. Lampshaded by Mr. Cat when he finds out that Quack Quack has no money and asks how the heck he pays for all the yogurt he eats.
  • Personality Swap: In one episode, Stumpy and Quack Quack get their hands on some animation software and decide to take over the episode. The first thing they do is swap Kaeloo and Mr. Cat's personalities, making Mr. Cat kind, cheerful and friendly, and Kaeloo rude, sarcastic and lazy.
  • Perverted Drooling: Mr. Cat does this when having a daydream where he is being massaged by numerous clones of Kaeloo.
  • Ping-Pong Naïveté: Quack Quack and Stumpy can either be innocent children or perverts depending on the episode.
  • Playing House: In the episode "Let's Play House".
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Pretty and Eugly.
  • Police Brutality: Mr. Cat as a police officer in "Let's Play Cops and Robbers" is extremely harsh towards Quack Quack and repeatedly hits him.
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: Stumpy's knowledge of movies has actually proven useful to the cast.
  • Portal Door: There are literally doors to other dimensions.
  • Prehensile Tail: Mr. Cat has one of these.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: Pretty, Eugly and Olaf appear in the theme song from Season 2 onwards.
  • Protagonist Title: Named after Kaeloo, the protagonist.
  • Protectorate: Kaeloo will be absolutely furious if you hurt Quack Quack.
  • Pro Wrestling Episode: In Episode 62, Mr. Cat sets up a wrestling match and goes up against Quack Quack. He almost wins, but Eugly beats the tar out of him for hurting Quack Quack.
  • Puberty Superpower: In "Let's Play Goodbye, Mr. Cat", Mr. Cat and Stumpy get invisibility powers after hitting puberty. Subverted though as it turns out that they haven't actually hit puberty, they've just temporarily contracted a disease with symptoms similar to puberty.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: In Episode 58, Mr. Cat goes on a game show hosted by Kaeloo. The final question in "What is Smileyland's number one rule?" He answers with "have fun", which turns out to be correct. Unfortunately, the others' idea of "fun" is tying him to a board and tormenting him.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Mr. Cat (and occasionally Stumpy) will push Kaeloo past this point Once an Episode.
  • Raised by Wolves: Mr. Cat was apparently raised by a salmon (a normal one, not a Funny Animal) who saved him after his horribly abusive family tried to drown him.
  • Reality Warper: Stumpy and Quack Quack gain this ability after finding animation software and using it to control the episode.
  • Red Sky, Take Warning: When things are about to get dangerous.
  • Relationship Sabotage: In Episode 83, Mr. Cat tricks Quack Quack into breaking up with Eugly by showing him (obviously fake) pictures of her cheating on him with other characters, as part of an elaborate ruse to get Kaeloo to kiss him.
  • Removable Steering Wheel: In "Let's Play Driver's License", Quack Quack takes a driving test with Md. Cat as the driving instructor. After tickling Quack Quack and flashing light in his eyes, Mr. Cat finally rips off the steering wheel and somehow escapes the car as Quack Quack drives off a cliff.
  • Replacement Goldfish: In Episode 100, Kaeloo, after undergoing Sanity Slippage, grows three flowers and gives them similar names to her friends and treating them the same way as she would treat her friends.
  • Reset Button: See Negative Continuity above.
  • Riddle of the Sphinx: Parodied in "Let's Play Prince Charming" with Mr. Cat dressed as a sphinx:
    Mr. Cat: I have two arms in the morning, four ears in the afternoon and seven tentacles in the evening. What am I?
  • Riddling Sphinx: The cast come across one when they reach the pharaoh's tomb in Episode 81.
  • Robot Master: Olaf.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors: Episode 85 starts with Stumpy playing against Quack Quack, and later Mr. Cat, to see who got to use the bathroom first. Naturally, Stumpy loses both times.
  • Rogues Gallery: In the first season, Mr. Cat was the only villain, but from Season 2 onwards, the villain can be Mr. Cat, Pretty, Olaf or even Stumpy.
  • Running Gag: The “Stumpy’s sister” gag, which involves Stumpy’s sister being mentioned before somebody remembers he doesn’t have onenote .
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