Western Animation / Kaeloo


Kaeloo is a French CGI cartoon written by Rémi Chapotot and Jean-François Henry and produced by Cube Creative. The show follows the adventure of a group of Funny Animals living in Smileyland as they play various games, like trap-trap, prison ball or courtroom drama. While the premise may sound childish, the games usually end up being taken so seriously by the characters that injuries, huge explosions, and all sorts of weird, crazy, and sometimes not very kid friendly stuff end up happening quite often.

The cast is made up of :

As of the second season, the show added a few characters to the cast :

The show began as a 3-minute short film in 2007, which caught the attention of producer Cube Creative, resulting in an entire season being broadcasted on Canal+ in 2010, and a second season following in 2012. Since then, it has been met with praise from both audiences and critics, and received several awards and nominations. It was notably complimented on it's ability to entertain both children and adults.

Tropes present: