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Smileyland is a small purgatory for individuals with a rough childhood.
There are themes in the show about Hell and eternity, and Kaeloo seems awful hell-bent on keeping everyone there with her. The episode Goodbye, Mr. Cat's themes of growing up may actually just be symbolism manifested into "reality", with the "acne" merely being that Mr. Cat has made up for his lost childhood and was ready to move onto a higher plane of existence.

As for how the characters got there...
  • Mr. Cat never ran away from home - he was beaten to death by his brothers. His transformations into random objects when beaten signify his perceived loss of personhood when bullied by his brothers.

  • Stumpy jumped from a tall building to commit suicide after his 36 sisters were murdered. His fear of heights and penchant for necromancy probably stem from the way he died and his desire to bring his sisters back from the dead. His denial of even having sisters may be his way of coping with the loss.

  • Quack-Quack died on the operating table as the scientists of the lab in which he was raised were trying to "upgrade" him. His current incarnation is what he imagines he would have been if the upgrades were successful.

  • Pretty died of an allergic reaction to some cosmetic product. Having died with a swollen and ugly face, she wants to look beautiful forever.

  • Eugly committed suicide after her sister, due to being bullied and having to cope with the loss of her sister. This explains her emotional vulnerability and acceptance of her sister's cruel treatment of her.

  • Olaf died of starvation or cold after being kicked out by the other penguins.

  • Kaeloo is a succubus taking on the form of a frog. Her transformations into Bad Kaeloo, and her penchant for role playing are hints at her trickster nature, which she uses to try and lure the boys away from crossing over so that they may keep her company.
  • Jossed in Episode 92, which shows that they are very much alive. Also, in Episode 123, an episode about the afterlife, Smileyland isn't mentioned to be a place where dead people go.

It's the norm in Smileyland for plants to be sentient and animate, whilst animals are largely immobile and act as forces of nature.
Kaeloo and her friends are exceptions as they did not originally come from Smileyland.

Teenagers have no place in Smileyland, but can return once they are adults.
This may explain why Kaeloo isn't a tadpole and Mr. Cat sounds like puberty hit him like a truck.

Teens and adults are perfectly acceptable in Smileyland, it's just that Kaeloo is a huge troll.

Smileyland is a simulated habitat in a laboratory.
Possibly the one Quack-Quack was created in.
  • This would explain why the bushes are made of cardboard, the trees are made of metal and the Sun is powered by a lightbulb.

The clones created in Let's Play Hide N' Hunt and Let's Play Detectives are still running around Smileyland.

Smileyland is a pound for superpowered animals awaiting adoption.

Smileyland is Earth, only in the future.
It's centuries into the future. All humans are dead and most inanimate objects have been mutated to become sentient. There are four animals that live in each country/vicinity/town, as all surviving animals (and there weren't many who did) act a little like humans and speak English/French.

As for television, it's either reruns from when humans were still alive, or some animals from some countries/vicinities/towns make TV shows to broadcast to their fellow animals.

The buddies were put on Smileyland to repopulate the local area with their mutant spawn.

Smileyland is a program in a Lotus-Eater Machine designed to torture troubled youths.
The buddies are in fact a group of difficult human youngsters chosen as the first test subjects to enter "Smileyland" and deal with each other. They are a complete idiot, a spoiled brat, an ugly but nice girl, a cruel and domineering young boy, a bullied boy-genius, a delinquent vagrant and a girl with a Jekyll & Hyde complex.

The buddies are all human pre-teens, and Smileyland is their dollhouse.
They have little animal version dolls of themselves and act out game scenes that they can't play in real life due to either prop unavailability or it's physically impossible to do so (such as fight zombies and the like). Kaeloo has two dolls of herself and alternates between dolls when she is unhappy with the way the game is going, or if Mr Cat is upsetting her. Objects used in certain situations are props from the room where the Smileyland Dollhouse is kept, such as the Gruel being a yellow or gold crayon they found, and the reoccurring car being a toy car Mr Cat brings over from his place. When it's a situation where Mr Cat shows up while the others are already playing, it's him walking on them with their dolls and Kaeloo pressuring him to get his doll out and join them.

Smileyland is in the Continuum.
Everyone there is a Q, which explains the Reality Warping that goes on there.

Kaeloo is fond of Quack-Quack because they were both lab animals.

Kaeloo is a White-Lipped Green Tree Frog.
Compare these photographs to her character design. All we need to see is her climbing a smooth surface. Which she seems to be capable of, so she's very likely some kind of tree frog.
  • Episode 121 confirms that Kaeloo is a tree frog.

For a week every month Kaeloo either gets mode locked into her Bad Kaeloo form, or the transformations just become significantly more frequent than they usually are.
Just because.

Kaeloo grew up in badly polluted water and this happened.
The now-female frog was traumatised by this experience and plunges herself into childish games of pretend to escape the harsh reality that puberty pulled a bait-and-switch and left her with an ambiguous voice, anger management issues and a set of female genitalia she wasn't born with.
  • Alternatively, endocrine disruptors were taken to deliberately induce a sex change, making her the equivalent of a post-operative M-t-F Transsexual who, due to Bizarre Amphibian Biology, in fact does have a working female reproductive system. She may have received confirmation that the change was complete somewhere between the events of Prince Charming and Peace Man, likely by becoming gravid for the first time, which could explain why she suddenly wanted to kiss Mr. Cat when she'd been rejecting him previously - she no longer had a Bridget to drop.

Alternatively, Kaeloo is a Hermaphrodite.
Word of God has confirmed this.

Kaeloo may just be one of those frogs that changes sex depending on mate availability.
She's female because it's a sausage fest there and she's not going to be getting any from the plants.
  • It's possible that during the events of Let's Play Hide N' Hunt, one of her clones had turned male due to the presence of the original and the other clone.
  • Can we say Let's Play Canon-Ball? It's been confirmed!
  • It's also hinted at in several other episodes.

Kaeloo can control her gender.
  • This would explain a lot of things, such as for example her refusing to kiss Mr. Cat while dressed as a male character in "Let's Play Prince Charming" despite having shown attraction to him at other times - she was male at the time.

Kaeloo just plain doesn't know what sex she is, but her friends do.
They've given up trying to convince her.

Kaeloo is a young adult who cannot let go of her childhood.
It was implied in Let's Play Doctors And Nurses that she is post-pubescent, and in Let's Play Baby-Sitting that both she and Mr. Cat are able to reproduce. There's also the blindingly obvious fact she isn't a tadpole, and also seems to have a rather womanly figure.
  • There's the possibility she simply doesn't know how old she is and assumes she's a child. She has been proven to be disgustingly unobservant.
  • Her age keeps changing from episode to episode due to Negative Continuity.

One day, Kaeloo will become Mrs. Cat.
And she'll confuse the heck out of everyone who doesn't know her.

And their kid? Will look like THIS
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Oh, yes. And if it transforms like its mother... Oh, Crap!.
  • What's worse is that Kaeloo is a frog. Consider the amounts of eggs that are typically contained in frogspawn.

Her name is pronounced "KAY-loo", but she pronounces it "KAI-loo" because she thinks it sounds sexier.
She also thinks she's a hot piece of ass, when clearly, she isn't.

She leaves her diary open on her bedside table.
And it's so saucy it's a wonder it doesn't slip right off the table.

Her transformations are excruciatingly painful, they just happen very quickly.
Whenever cute little Kaeloo transforms into her big, bad alter-ego, her flesh tears and her bones break to allow for the rapid growth. When this happens in reverse, the process is too horrifying for words.

Kaeloo is not a frog, but a toad.
She finds it hideously embarrassing and goes so far as to even deny belonging to groups which aren't even mutually exclusive to being a frog just to place emphasis on being a frog.

The true guardian of Smileyland is a Puppeteer Parasite or some other Body Snatcher who takes on a new host every few years.
Kaeloo is its current host body. When the entity takes on a new host, the other inhabitants of Smileyland are quickly taken out of the picture somehow, and a new set of "buddies" lured over. Of these companions, a new host is eventually selected and so the cycle repeats itself.

Kaeloo's transformations into Bad Kaeloo are merely the conflict of the parasite-host interaction manifesting itself as a change in physical form to try to keep the entity in control without destroying the body completely and this mechanism works regardless of who the parasite/entity is possessing at the time. During these outbursts, traces of the host's own personality come through to the surface.

It is possible that prior to possession, Kaeloo may have been a brutal predator of questionable sentience that just happened to look cute.

Kaeloo had children in the past and lost them somehow.
The way she treats her friends makes it seem as if she's got a serious maternity complex.
  • It's possible she ate her tadpoles, given the kind of animal she happens to be and how impulsive she is at times. That might have been the reason she was so adamant in Let's Play House not to let Mr. Cat leave her alone with the "children".

Kaeloo suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder.
Her provocative behaviour, constant need to be the centre of attention and fleeting, overdramatic displays of emotion certainly point to this.

Rather than the above theory, she's a Narcissist.

Kaeloo tries to project an image of being the ultimate Purity Sue, when behind closed doors, she uses a multitude of Dirty Social Tricks to worm her way into the hearts of those she sees as a good source of narcissistic supply.

She is particularly fond of Quack-Quack, who she sees as her "Golden Child" - an angelic being who can do no wrong, and also an extension of herself. Conversely, she treats Stumpy with relative indifference unless there's some narcissistic supply in stock for her and she sees Mr. Cat as little more than a threat to her hold on the others.

She's power-hungry, and will grasp at any opportunity to be in charge no matter who gets hurt in the process. In fact, it's better for her that someone does get hurt - she could nurture them back to health and look like the wonderful little bundle of sweetness she pretends to be.

When her self-esteem, position of power, whim or her Golden Child is threatened, she goes into a narcissistic rage so extreme it transforms her physically. She hates this because this form reveals her true nature - a monster.

Her constant playfulness is genuine, however, but if anyone dares to question her rules or call her out on breaking them, she'll hit them with the brunt of her narcissistic rage, whether it be a Bad Kaeloo transformation or being just plain passive-aggressive as she does sometimes.

Kaeloo is actually an enchanted princess.
Smileyland was once a blossoming kingdom until the Sugar Apocalypse happened, after which Kaeloo's subjects became flowers, trees, rocks and forest monsters and the ruler turned into a little green frog. The only way to break the spell is to be kissed by another princess.

Kaeloo actually reads the Terms and Conditions when she signs up for things.
And she reads them out loud with a magnifying glass.

Due to the events of Let's Play Grown-Ups, Kaeloo will get help and prevent the eventual Split-Personality Takeover Bad Kaeloo has planned for her.
...And it'll end up being for the worst, as she'll grow up to be a Depraved Kids' Show Host.
  • Supported in Season 2, with her seeing a psychologist to control her anger.

Kaeloo's behaviour is all her Father's fault.
Her mother died before she could remember and she was an only child. Her father had desperately wanted a boy and resented Kaeloo because she was female. He brought her up reprimanding her for being the sex she is, which led her to be ashamed of who she is, but at the same time, building up a grenade of rage towards him inside of her. Kaeloo's father would make her act like a boy as long as there wasn't anything to define what sex she was. So she put on a voice that would be suitable for either gender. But when she first started to develop (either period or other, you decide), her father was horrified and kicked her out. But she literally exploded with fury, that being her first "Bad Kaeloo" transformation. Then she ran away, convincing herself it was "alright" as long as she kept smiling. She met her friends at a later time, when she still wasn't completely developed. But as she went along, Mr Cat's hormones got the better of him, causing her to realise, "Holy crap, I really am a girl." This terrified her, knowing that her father really hated her because of this. And Mr Cat wasn't helping her situation.

Kaeloo's forms are of opposite sexes.
Mr. Cat doesn't seem to know this.

Coupled with the above theory, Bad Kaeloo is actually the true form.
Little Kaeloo is his equivalent of a Sexy Jutsu, and this form is held for long periods of time because she's more visually appealing and likeable. This is supported in Let's Play Spies.

Bad Kaeloo has already performed a Split-Personality Takeover, but can still take the physical form of little frog Kaeloo.
Kaeloo's manly voice may be due to the show's use of the Voices Are Mental trope, and Bad Kaeloo is attempting to affect little Kaeloo's original voice, which may or may not have actually sounded like a girl. Her bordering-on-provocative behavior and tendency to be a huge drama queen may be overcompensation on Bad Kaeloo's part to throw everyone off the scent that Hyde Plays Jekyll, if the theory that the two forms are of the opposite sex is to be believed.

In Let's Play Spies, Bad Kaeloo, after having been shot with the truth serum, admits that s/he transforms into little Kaeloo because "Everybody likes little Kaeloo". This, along with the "Bad Kaeloo ugly, not handsome" line hints at both the theory that the forms are of opposite sexes and that there is really nothing left of the jolly little she-frog but her pretty little physical form.

Kaeloo may have been molested or even raped as a child.
Now that it's written down, let's pretend nobody ever thought this for even a moment.

Kaeloo's species is protogynous.
Hence why the image drawn on the growing chamber in Let's Play Grown-Ups depicted a man rather than a woman. It also takes into account the mentioning of divorce - Kaeloo might be intending to divorce her partner before the upcoming sex change.
  • Alternatively, the species might be protandrous, and s/he hasn't realised this nor the fact that s/he's already hit the change.

Kaeloo is the only inhabitant of Smileyland who doesn't have some form of invulnerability.
Notice that she isn't on the receiving end of nearly as much violence as her friends, although she is the one dishing out a lot of it. When she does get smacked around, her injuries are never as severe as the ones suffered by the others, who have Involuntary Shapeshifting, detached limbs, stabs, bullets, incineration and even decapitation on their record. Either she's just plain luckier than the others or she's actually unable to survive the same things they could.

Kaeloo isn't fat, she's gravid.
Or at least that's her excuse.
  • Jossed in Episode 80, which proves that she really is fat.

Kaeloo grew up in extreme poverty and was likely homeless for a lot of her life.
It's kind of apparent in her disdain for wasting food, and how bad she is at handling money. She may have been rendered homeless by habitat destruction, which might be why she gets her knickers in a twist over pollution and destruction of nature.

Kaeloo's middle name is Priscilla.
She hates it.

The lisp is a species-wide thing.
It's because of her Overly Long Tongue, which all frogs have.

Kaeloo's bossiness stems from an inferiority complex.
It's already been established that she sucks at almost everything she does, likely isn't able to survive having limbs hacked off as her friends do, is prone to emotional breakdowns and is an amphibian in a group of mammals and birds. It's really no wonder she gets defensive and attempts to exert her dominance every chance she gets.

Kaeloo is secretly a chain smoker.
And it's not just tobacco.

Kaeloo was in a coma throughout most of her development.
As a limbless tadpole, she had an accident involving several carp and a swan's foot. As in real life, her growth and development did not stop and so she metamorphosed from tadpole to froglet, then to a frog whilst still in a vegetative state. When she finally awakened, she believed she was still a young child and nobody had the heart to tell her otherwise.

This may give her line about "waking up one morning with legs" in Doctors and Nurses a darker meaning than intended.

Kaeloo is asexual.
Come on, you were all thinking it. She's probably got the same deal as Jacquimo in that she's a hopeless romantic, yet would rather not be getting any herself.
  • Jossed in Episode 54.

Kaeloo has more than two split personalities.
Between her usual hamminess and rare periods of Dissonant Serenity, as well as the fact that her voice seems to raise or drop an octave depending on the episode, it's not difficult to imagine that Kaeloo and Bad Kaeloo aren't the only ones sharing head space.

Bad Kaeloo does have her own name.
Much like how Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde have their own names, Kaeloo and Bad Kaeloo do as well. Bad Kaeloo probably just uses her other form's name for convenience. Bonus points if her name is something "pretty", like Rana or Lily. It might even be Priscilla.

Her mother looks a lot like Bad Kaeloo, whereas her father vaguely resembles a smaller version of her usual self.
Because that would be hilarious. Especially if her mother is considered highly attractive among frogs.

In-universe, Kaeloo really, really sucks at cross-dressing.
This is evident in some of the things her friends say/do when she's donning a moustache, such as Mr. Cat referring to her as "Little Lady" in Circuses and trying to kiss her in Prince Charming. The reasons she sucks so bad at it? She's tall, chubby and doesn't bother putting a dark patch under her chin to give the illusion of having a vocal sac.
  • This is more bothersome as she probably actually does turn male to cross-dress.

Bad Kaeloo's poison glands have been put to use on several occasions.
In Trap-Trap, when Quack-Quack dug a spoon into the back of her head, he was pretty much doing the equivalent of Toad Licking and proceeded to hallucinate a pile of yoghurts. The reason such a high dose didn't kill him was... well, he's Quack-Quack.

Residual venom on the spoon might have affected Kaeloo once she turned back into her frog self, hence why she became unintelligible. On other occasions, already-secreted venom may have affected her in a mild way, such as causing the Laser-Guided Amnesia she sometimes suffers from after a transformation.

In-universe, Kaeloo is considered very attractive to both sexes.
And she milks it for all it's worth. Just look at how she bats her non-eyelashes at everyone.
  • Inverted in Episode 54.

Kaeloo and Mr. Cat used to date.
They broke up over the discovery that she was a Hermaphrodite. She still isn't over him. Obviously, they never got to "that" stage of the relationship.
  • Jossed in Episode 54; he has no idea whether she's a boy or a girl.

Stumpy suffers from amnesia.
His official bio states that he has 36 sisters, though in-show, he claims not to have any.

Stumpy's sisters are dead.
He just doesn't like talking about them and denies their existence because they died in particularly gruesome ways.

Stumpy is a ground squirrel.
While it does remove some of the irony of his fear of heights, there's no missing his cheek pouches.

Stumpy will grow up to be an actor, and his big break will be in a Mister Coolskin film.
Assuming the Let's Play Grown Ups depictions of the characters will be rendered inaccurate due to later life choices.

Stumpy will become an artist.
"Let's Play Art Class" shows that he's an amazing artist.

Stumpy is capable of body snatching.
In Let's Play Art Class, he blew his own head off with a bazooka, and was brought back with a stone head crafted by Quack-Quack. This hints he might have the ability to possess and animate objects and possibly individuals.

Stumpy is a horrible gamer.
Indicated by his excitement at reaching the second level of a game, and prior to that his need for Quack-Quack to help him with a game.

  • This is basically canon.

It'd be a nice touch.
  • Jossed in Episode 60. He has a mom and a dad. His parents never married, though.

Stumpy's girlfriend, Ursula, is a bear.
He does seem to have a thing for taller girls.

Ursula doesn't exist.
Stumpy made her up to look better in front of his friends. Alternatively, she could just be someone posing as a bear-girl on Fakebook.
  • This is supported by his shock after Pretty says Ursula doesn't exist in Episode 83.
  • Jossed! Ursula is real. She appears in Episode 116, though offscreen.

Stumpy thinks it's hilarious to constantly talk about his "nuts".
Given how immature he is.

Mr. Cat's first name is Lucifer.
His brothers called him "Lucy" as a joke.
  • Supported in Let's Play Streetball.

Seriously, look at that bazooka he's always carrying around. If his strutting about like some kind of deranged rooster didn't set off a few red flags, that would.
  • Possibly jossed at the end of "Let's Play at Reading Books".

Mr. Cat is actually the same age as Stumpy.
He just hit puberty really early.
  • Jossed. Episode 122 shows that Mr. Cat and Kaeloo are definitely older than Stumpy and Quack Quack.

Expanding on the above theory, Mr. Cat has a sort of premature aging condition, much like Jack.
It's known that he was beaten by his brothers, but we don't know how long his "childhood" actually lasted. It may well have been a few weeks, and when he ran away from home in the expository comic, he appeared to be an adult cat complete with something resembling facial hair.

Mr. Cat is a Beta Test Baddie to Quack-Quack.
It's been shown in some episodes that he's able to survive having his limbs removed, and it's been mentioned that he has many "inventions" lying about. He's also an amazing athlete and a genius. Add to that his minor shapeshifting capabilities and Quack-Quack's ability to do the same and it's easy to see that he has similar abilities to Quack-Quack, only to a far lesser extent than the latter.

Mr. Cat is jealous of Quack-Quack's superior abilities and so seeks to destroy him - only he cannot, as the duck is indestructible.

Mr Cat and Quack-Quack are working together to screw with Kaeloo.
For years this has been going on, ever since the four met. Mr Cat, a demolitions expert of sorts, and Quack-Quack, a young academic, see Kaeloo as the monster doing battle with herself that she is. They want to see how damaged she is, so they team up and make up a story for her to "play along" with. Quack-Quack pretends to be bullied, orphaned and unable to speak, and Mr Cat pretends to be a brute, hurting Quack-Quack for the sake of it. But in reality, they both know this immensely pisses her off, and every time she transforms, they make notes of her Bad Kaeloo behavior. Over time, Mr Cat saw Kaeloo's dislike for him being "forward" towards her, and he takes this and runs with it, explaining why he's always chasing after her. When Quack-Quack gave this a try, it had a different outcome.

Working together, Mr Cat and Quack-Quack are running mental tests, making some notes, etc, all to break her down mentally. Once their job is done, they may even try to cure her of her Split Personality Disorder.

Mr. Cat's family are a Family.
His mother is the matriarch of the Cat Mafia, and rules with an iron claw. He and his older brothers were often left unattended while mama was off on "business", and so they got into a lot of trouble at home.

Mr. Cat's cruelty being directed mostly towards Quack-Quack is due to Fantastic Racism.
Quack-Quack is a duck, which is a bird. While Mr. Cat is still a terrible jerk to Stumpy, he does treat him marginally better than he treats Quack-Quack and Kaeloo due to being a mammal. Kaeloo may have been spared from Mr. Cat's worse behaviours purely because Mr. Cat finds her slightly attractive despite being an amphibian.
  • He has blatantly stated that he hates ducks before...
  • The "mammal" part was jossed in Episode 61, which showed that he hates Pretty, who is a mammal, even more than Quack Quack. Though that might be because she obsessively stalks him, invades his privacy and bullies his friends.

Mr Cat's first name is Nyan.
That's right. Mr Cat IS Nyan Cat.

Years after he has given up being happy. He has given up crapping rainbows and he has forgotten how to breathe in space, but some of his hovering abilities have stayed, explaining a few things. He has more or less "grown up", hating what he used to be. The "ran away from home" story is partially true. His brothers were Tac Nayn and others, and beat him up for being happy and playful. So he ran away, took away his first name and became cold and serious. Giving up having fun is part if the reason why he doesn't really like playing with the others that often.
  • This would explain how he could easily imitate Nyan Cat in Episode 115.

Mr. Cat drugged the pond water with a serum combining endocrine disruptors and some sort of Applied Phlebotinum which transforms the taker into a hulking monster periodically.
When the friends first met, Mr. Cat fell for Kaeloo at first sight, and upon finding out what species of frog she is, decided to throw together a serum which would prevent her from ever turning male as long as she was under its effect, with the side effect of turning her into a monstrous toad whenever she's angry. He uses the transformations as a marker to ensure she's still being affected by the drugs, and hence is constantly trying to trigger them. The drug also had the unintended side effect of reducing her intelligence and messed with her immune system.

While Mr. Cat's initial motivation for doing this to her was loneliness, it's since evolved into a predatory, sick desire to psychologically break and have her as a possession. He plans to, by slowly chipping away at her psyche, turn her into his personal love toy, with the Bad Kaeloo form to serve as a bodyguard.

Mr. Cat likes lasagna.

Part of the reason Mr. Cat hates Pretty so much is the way she treats her sister.
Given the way he was treated at home, it's not too hard to imagine that he doesn't like seeing other people getting abused by their siblings.

Mr. Cat used to be nice to Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack.
  • There must be a reason they still see him as a friend despite all the horrible things he's done to them; they're probably waiting for him to become nice again and get over the "mean" phase.

Quack-Quack has been Gaslighting Mr. Cat.

Quack-Quack is a flesh golem.
The duckling never survived the tests done on him in the lab, so instead they stitched his corpse up and reanimated it into what we now know as Quack-Quack.

Quack-Quack is planning on "upgrading" his friends into Do Anything Cyborgs like himself.
It's not too much of a stretch to assume that on top of everything else, he's got complete immortality and knows his friends will eventually kick the bucket. In an act of good will, he'll turn each of them into a stitched-up cyborg like himself.

He has already started the process with Mr. Cat and Stumpy, but is having trouble figuring out how to make it work with Kaeloo due to her drastic transformations.
  • Jossed. In Episode 123, Kaeloo reveals that one day, Quack Quack will definitely die.

Quack-Quack's mechanical components run on yoghurt.
I think this has pretty much been established.

Quack-Quack is deaf.
He's just really good at lip reading. In Catch the Mailman, he didn't notice the letter behind him because to him, there was no proof that it had even been put there. When Stumpy screamed at him demanding if he was "deaf or what", that was when he checked, for fear that he had been found out. He really can talk, he only told Kaeloo that he couldn't so he wouldn't be made to, because he can't hear and doesn't know whether he sounds like he's a retard or not. He says "Quack" all the time because that's the only thing he's able to pronounce properly.
  • This would explain why he kept ignoring Olaf's instructions in Episode 53; Olaf's Russian accent might have caused him to pronounce words differently, so Quack Quack couldn't lip read.

Pretty is Ursula.
She created a fake online profile so she could do stuff without anyone knowing it was her, so she could maintain her social image. She pretends to have a crush on Mr. Cat instead of Stumpy, since he's an ugly loser and being seen with him would cause her reputation to take a hit.
  • Supported in Episode 83, where she tells Stumpy to his face that Ursula does not exist.
  • And again in Episode 105: Stumpy decides to create a world where there is Ursula, and given his hatred of Pretty, why would she be there in his version of the world?
  • Jossed. Ursula is another girl who the cast have never met before.

The "salmon" story from "Let's Play Baby-Sitting" was a lie Mr. Cat made up to get Kaeloo to stop talking.
He did put a lot of emphasis on her inability to talk being one of her "greatest qualities".

Kaeloo was still angry at Mr. Cat during "Let's Play Courtroom Drama" because the of the events of "Let's Play Goodbye, Mr. Cat!", the previous episode.
She was unusually mean to him in this episode. She was probably just letting off steam for what he did to her in the previous episode.

Mr. Cat's alcoholism is because he wants to drown his sorrows.

Stumpy's sister is his own split personality.
  • In Episode 71, he even states that he himself is his own sister, and he wears a wig and talks to himself.

Mr. Cat poisoned Pretty's food in Episode 64 on purpose.
Given the fact that he's a psychopath who won't think twice before killing someone and utterly despises the rabbit, it's possible the food poisoning was no accident.

The episodes take place in different universes.
  • This theory would explain how come everyone can die and be fine in the next episode, and also why Smileyland keeps turning from a planet to a country on Earth to a country on a different planet. Episodes like "Let's Play Golf" and Episode 57 take place in the same universe, so the characters in that universe can recall the events of those episodes.

Mr. Cat hurts Quack Quack because he thinks Kaeloo likes Quack Quack better than him.
  • He has mentioned quite a few times that he does it to get Kaeloo's attention, though he has given other reasons as well.

Mr. Cat picks on Quack Quack because Quack Quack is indestructible.
In some episodes, Mr. Cat comes across as a guy who, while sadistic, psychotic and jerkish, isn't actually ''that'' bad and he actually loves his friends, but he still wants someone who he can play out his sadistic fantasies on without actually hurting anyone. He usually doesn't try to physically harm Stumpy and Kaeloo because they can be killed. He even aknowledged in one episode that he can't actually kill Quack Quack.