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Film: The Vikings
Genre(s):Period Piece

Epic Movie directed by Richard Fleischer in 1958 Technicolor, produced by and starring Kirk Douglas, and based on the novel The Viking by Edison Marshall, loosely inspired in its turn by legendary material from the sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok and His Sons.

In the 9th Century a Viking raid on Northern England sees the King of Northumbria slain and his wife Enid brutally raped by the Viking King Ragnar (Ernest Borgnine). As Aella (Frank Thring) takes the throne, the queen discovers that she is pregnant with the true heir and arranges for him to be smuggled away for his own protection. Years later, Lord Egbert (James Donald), an English Lord who has betrayed Aella to the Vikings, is locked up by the Northumbrian King, but escapes and is brought up to Scandinavia. There he meets Ragnar's ruthless son Einar (Kirk Douglas), and a slave with a mysterious past named Eric (Tony Curtis). The Englishman conspires with Ragnar to kidnap the Welsh Princess Morgana (Janet Leigh), who is pledged to Aella, and she is brought back to Scandinavia by Einar who quickly desires her for himself, but has some competition in the form of Eric...

Not to be confused with the Vikings TV series, which is a more recent and more realistic view of the Viking times.

This movie provides examples of:

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