Film: Doctor Zhivago

In a World Gone Mad,
One Man chose to make a difference...
By becoming a Doctor!

Legendary generation-spanning epic about The Russian Revolution starring Omar Sharif as a doctor meeting the challenges of a World Gone Mad. Directed by David Lean as a follow-up to Lawrence of Arabia with similarly dramatic vistas, this time of the Russian steppe.

Though there have been many adaptations of the epic novel by Russian poet and writer Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, this one is probably the most famous.

Featuring Julie Christie as The Ingenue Lara, the object of Yuri's affections, and Rod Steiger as the manipulative Komarovsky. Other cast members include Alec Guinness, Geraldine Chaplin, Tom Courtenay, and Ralph Richardson.

For its epic scope, Sharif's performance, and David Lean's visual style, the film is generally praised as a classic. It is also notable for Maurice Jarre's music score, which includes the world famous "Lara's Theme".

It was also heralded as the last of MGM's great epic movies, as they announced even during production. They simply didn't have the money to finance these vast vista works with thousands of extras and a cast full of stars: the next movie they made was one twentieth of this cost. The effort seemed to be worth it; when adjusted for inflation, Zhivago is currently the 8th-highest-grossing domestic film of all time, according to, with its $111 million take in 1965 coming out to nearly a billion dollars in 2014.

This film contains examples of:

Remember: In Soviet Russia, Omar Sharif Ogles YOU!