Badass Fingersnap

"I raised my left hand in the air as I turned away, focused once more on my destination, and, in a move I stole straight from Gilgamesh, I snapped my fingers once. Above me the gears of my soul hung in the sky churned once with a noise like the heartbeat of god. And from the sky a rain of silver flung itself down upon my foes."

When a character needs to do something impressive, they'll often do it with a snap of their fingers. Sometimes it's just a signal for Mooks to carry out a Villain's orders, but sometimes the snaps themselves have magical powers.

Fridge Logic makes one wonder about the "orders" one. How much time is spent training the mooks whether the finger snap means "bring the suitcase of money", "kill them", or "get me something to drink"? Context is one of the only possibilities...

Compare Finger Gun, especially when a Friendly Sniper is around.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • "Snapper" Carr, sidekick of the Justice League of America, eventually developed the power to teleport, but only when he snapped his fingers. (Thus being temporarily depowered when his hands were cut off.)
  • Hunter Zolomon, the second Zoom, used his "speed" powers to create deadly sonic booms, which he activated by a simple snap.
  • Thanos, at the peak of his godlike powers in The Infinity Gauntlet, killed off half the population of the Universe at the behest of Death. (Naturally, that state of affairs didn't last.) He did so with a finger snap.
  • PS238: How Ultimate Powers changes his clothes, and also sometimes how he uses his powers.
  • The gods of The Wicked + The Divine usually activate their powers this way.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm has Lily Potter, White Phoenix of the Crown, reveal this as one of her signature moves. How badass is it? Well, the first time she uses it, it's almost entirely off-hand and it cows a fragment of Chthon that had been powerful enough to go toe to toe with Odin. Twice. The second time, noting impishly that she doesn't often get the chance to show off, she uses it to transport everyone from London to the royal hall in Asgard. As a deeply impressed Carol puts it...
    Carol: Dude. Your mom has got moves.
  • The Hill of Swords gives us a beautiful moment in the last fight where Shirou stops playing around and unveils Unlimited Blade Works, with all that entails, as quoted above.
  • A very notable case in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, where Harry snapping his fingers very quickly suffers from Memetic Mutation to the point where most of the children believe he can do anything by snapping his fingers. He even uses a hand ready to snap its fingers as his coat of arms for his army.
  • Burning Black: Timmy does this at the end of Act IV in order to activate the spell that launches a Dark Spire into the air and destroys it.
  • In the Facing the Future Series, whenever Sam uses her fire powers, she usually unleashes her aura with a snap of her fingers.
  • Megami No Hanabira, Shusui Naito springs his ambush on the girls in this manner: he snaps his fingers and a battalion of Yakuza come streaming into the room, completely surrounding the heroes.
  • Paul in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has trained his Grotle to use Stealth Rock when he snaps his fingers, to catch the opponent off guard.

    Films — Animation 
  • Pixar's A Bug's Life. Hopper does this with all four of his hands when he's commanding Thumper.
  • In Oliver & Company, when Sykes snaps his fingers, his Doberman Pinchers attack Fagin (and Dodger, when he steps in to save his master) in the warehouse until Sykes snaps his fingers again.
  • Used by Lumina in Barbie: The Pearl Princess.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Disney's Mary Poppins. During the "Spoonful of Sugar" segment the title character starts magically cleaning up the room by snapping her fingers, and then the children start doing it. Watch it here.
  • Ben Stiller's character in DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story snaps his fingers to command his henchmen throughout the movie. Very much Played for Laughs.
  • In Doctor Zhivago, the title character steals some firewood. When the house captain and the neighbors find out, it looks like Yuri is in trouble. However, a secret policeman followed Zhivago back and with a snap of his fingers dismisses the collected mob. It turns out the policeman was Yuri's half-brother Yevgraf.
  • Played for laughs in The Court Jester, where a fingersnap is the signal that turns on or off the hypnotic conditioning that turns timid Hawkins (Danny Kaye) into a badass, superconfident fencer. Inevitably he always comes into situations where both partners in a conversation keep saying things accompanied by fingersnaps, e. g. telling the other that they would not give as much as "that! *snap*" for this, that or the other etc.
    Hawkins: And now, Mylord Ravenhurst, you old rat-catcher, we shall see whose life isn't worth that!" *snap* [panics]
  • In Spy Kids, Floop uses this to good effect with his robot minions (who resemble a giant humanoid combination of thumbs) with the threat "I snap my fingers and my fingers snap you."
  • Discussed in Avengers: Infinity War, with it being noted repeatedly that Thanos, with all six Infinity Stones, could erase half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers. Despite the heroes' best efforts, he acquires all of the stones and executes the lethal finger snap in question.

  • In Harry Potter, Dobby uses his magic abilities by snapping his fingers, which also creates a little spark effect.
  • Played with in Eric where Rincewind thinks he has gained the ability (to his and the reader's great surprise) to grant wishes. However it is really Hell's Evil Chancellor who is doing the magic and just making it coincide with Rincewind snapping his fingers.
  • In The Baroque Cycle King Louis XIV, who is far, far, too elegant to ever snap his fingers, snaps his snuff box closed as an alternative signal.
  • Lampshaded in City of Ashes, when Magnus Bane gives a warning finger-snap, and somebody feels the need to explain:
    Magnus: There's no need to clarify my finger snap. The implication was clear in the snap itself.
  • Subverted in The Saga of Darren Shan. Mr Crepsley seemingly has the ability to summon objects to him by snapping his fingers. He later reveals he's actually grabbing them at Super Speed, and the finger-snapping is a form of misdirection (which he'd know about, as a stage performer).

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who:
    • Series 4, in the episode "Voyage of the Damned", the Doctor snaps his fingers to have two of the angel-robot dudes lift him into the bowels of the ship amid explosions and fire.
    • He later discovers he can open the TARDIS doors with a snap of his fingers, which he's used once as 10, several times as 11, and several times again as 12. In addition, his companion Clara Oswald became the first (and, to date, only) companion to also gain this ability, with she and the Doctor actually having a minor "finger snap duel" regarding the TARDIS doors in "The Caretaker". In a particularly memorable scene, Clara rides her motorcycle into the TARDIS, while the Doctor is busy reading an advanced quantum mechanics textbook. Without looking at her, he simply calls out "Draft!" She smiles and snaps her fingers to close the door.
    • In "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", the Ghost introduces himself this way. First, he taps on the 100th floor window several times to get everyone's attention. Then, when everyone's looking in shock at a strange flying man in a cape and a mask, he nonchalantly snaps his fingers, and the window shatters, as he just as calmly lands inside. Even the episode's Big Bad has to admit it was impressive, especially since the window was designed to withstand the equivalent of four nuclear blasts. Later, during his interview/date with the Lucy, he snaps his fingers to light a candle.
  • Sherlock: At the beginning of "A Scandal in Begravia", Moriarty calls off the snipers aiming at Sherlock and John this way.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Q's snapping can do all sorts of things, like fling the Enterprise all the way to the Delta Quadrant. To be fair, he's omnipotent, so can do anything he wants with any gesture he wants; he just snaps his fingers to look nonchalant while he does it.
    • Q's been around them for long enough that, by "Devil's Due", Picard is using this to signal his crew during trial.
    • Q's son also picks up this trick. It gets Subverted, though, when he gets temporarily Brought Down to Normal, as he learns when he snaps his fingers and nothing happens.
  • In one episode of Burn Notice, Michael Westen convinces a gang of hardened Latino criminals to help him. He does this by snapping his fingers, at which point his careful planning will result in the other members of his crew (Sam Axe and Fiona) causing something dramatic and incredible to happen, like a door exploding; he essentially intimidates them into helping him. At one point, he has to improvise, and he bluffs by holding up his fingers, ready to snap them. By now, the gang is so afraid of what his finger-snaps cause to happen, even if they are reasonably sure that he's still an ordinary mortal man, that they quickly acquiesce to his demand without him having anything in place. At the end of the episode, as we cut away from the gangers from the last time (Michael's plotting having resulted in them taking control of a large turf from an arguably much-worse cartel,) the gang's leader snaps his fingers as he walks away from the scene of the confrontation, full of new confidence and most likely new ideas. This later gets a Call-Back when a client sarcastically asks Michael if he can just make the drug dealers disappear by snapping his fingers.
    Westen: Well, it's worked before.
  • Happy Days: The Fonz.
  • Supernatural: the Trickster/Gabriel, as well as Crowley's ability to make people explode with a finger snap. Lucifer did this to Castiel, who later used it on Raphael. Castiel also used it to free Death from a binding spell.
  • In Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Torin has a regular finger snap as his Character Tic; it becomes this after he upgrades from mentor to Tenth Ranger Kyoryu Silver.
  • Adam Ruins Everything: Adams sometimes warps reality with a finger snap. Notably in "Why a Wall Won't Stop Immigration", he sends everyone on the USA-Mexico border in a flash of light, Q-style.


    Pro Wrestling 
  • Dalton Castle can make The Boys in Ring of Honor form into a human reclining chair for him with a snap of his fingers.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • In Kingdom Hearts II, Saïx snaps his fingers to summon more Nobodies to fight Sora and Company. In Chain of Memories Axel burns somebody up with a snap.
  • Evie characters that specialize in scythes in Vindictus can learn two major skills that can take enemies out with one snap of their fingers. The first skill, Bloody Thread, surrounds up to four mobs with thread and when Evie snaps her fingers, the thread contracts for massive damage. The second skill, Mark of Death, has her marking up to four mobs, getting the soul from one, and when she snaps her fingers, the souls from the mobs marked are released from the body. Scythe Evies especially love using these skills as a way to finish off bosses.
  • Shiva's Limit Break from Final Fantasy X. She encases her enemy in a solid block of ice, then shatters it by snapping her fingers. Arguably more impressive if you have the shortened summoning animations on as it cuts out everything before the finger snap, which makes it look like Shiva comes in, snaps her fingers and everyone explodes in ice.
  • Doctor Doom in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He can snap his fingers to summon his Cool Chair, or his HIDDEN MISSILES! Both of which can happen on any stage.
  • Touhou Soccer gives us Mima and her Twilight Spark, which she fires with a snap of her fingers.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Ghirahim in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword snaps his fingers whenever he uses powerful magic like creating fences around the Sealed Grounds, bringing a boss to life, or creating a sword to fight Link with.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Spirit Temple features a boss monster that appears as a knight covered in armor. It summons a huge axe from Hammerspace with an audible snap of its fingers.
    • The Gerudo Champion Urbosa in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can call down lightning strikes with a snap of her fingers as her signature ability. Link gets the same ability after freeing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, though the only time he snaps his fingers to do it is during the cutscene where he receives the power.
  • In Super Mario RPG, Bowser's magic is triggered by him snapping his fingers.
  • Dimentio in Super Paper Mario would cast his magic by snapping his fingers. Explosions usually followed.
  • Manfred von Karma from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney often snaps his fingers for dramatic emphasis. His finger snaps are so badass that they make a metallic noise.
  • Cheria Barnes of Tales of Graces snaps her fingers in her third level mystic arte to end the Time Stands Still preparation of a Flechette Storm.
  • In Devil Survivor 2, the Anguished One's debut scene has him shatter one of the resident Eldritch Abominations' spawned Mooks to pieces by snapping his fingers.
  • As long as he is not moving, Dante in Devil May Cry 4 will make a gesture upon changing styles. If he changes to Gunslinger, he will raise both hands and snap his fingers.
  • Some additional abilities (like creating clones) in Bayonetta are activated by finger snap.
  • Super Robot Wars Z series: Genion GAI creates explosions with this during Nibelung Annihilation, akin to Zeorymer causing explosions.
  • Master Hand in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS has one. It's a weak attack by itself, but if you don't guard it on the ground, you will be dazed.
  • Bioshock: Incinerate is cast in this manner: the fact one can do this is actually used as in-game advertisement for the plasmid. Considering Subject Delta in the sequel can use it with a simple wave of his hand, this hints that the trope is actually exploited for Rule of Cool In-Universe.
  • A few of Granblue Fantasy's characters will do this for their Charge Attacks or regular attacks. For instance, if the Player Character is equipped with their racing skin, they will call their ride with a finger snap as a Charge Attack; Cagliostro, one of the game's most popular characters, will often accompany her skill casting and regular attacking with an initial finger snap.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Naturally, the good folks at Assist Me had some fun with the Doctor Doom example on Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    Max: By the way, what's with all the finger-snapping?
    Doom: Doom doesn't know how it works, but if Doom wants something, Doom just snaps his fingers. *SNAP* Hundreds of missiles, *SNAP* a comfortable chair, *SNAP* a human-sized blender, *SNAP* a delicious mojito... [which then magically appears]
    Max: Hey, can I have one?
    Doom: NO! It only works for DOOM! [sip]

    Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic :
    • As part of the Actor Allusion to Q, Discord sometimes snaps his fingers whenever he warps reality. It's worth noting that this is one show where one could count the characters actually having fingers to snap... on the fingers of one handnote . Lauren Faust's notes on him claim that she "cheated" a more expressive arms/legs combination out of the original dragonlike design. Another interesting note is that he can also do this with the fluffy "brush" at the tip of his tail.
    • In the Season 4 finale, Lord Tirek — after subjecting the aforementioned Discord to a Mana Drain in order to gain his power — eventually does one to imprison Twilight's friends (and even Discord himself) in magical spheres, likely as a mockery.
    • Ahuizotl snaps his fingers to summon his army of cats.
  • Jinx from Teen Titans often uses this to activate her bad luck powers.
  • In one episode of CatDog, a gopher did this to order a pack of vicious worms to devour their stolen property.
  • This is how genies grant wishes in The Fairly OddParents!.
  • In an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, Nicole Watterson does this to stop the chaos in her house after it has been taken over. After a psionic wave passes from the snap, she has everyone's attention and proceeds to give them a scary ultimatum which they all follow without question.
  • Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls has been known to use this...with frightening results.
  • At one point in The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Puss strikes a thief with a headbutt, walks away and then snaps his fingers the moment the dazed thief passes out.
  • Beetlejuice sometimes does this before magic happens, but it's optional for him.