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Webcomic: Housepets!

Bino is the official mascot of Housepets! Not Fido. Bino.

"Any problem can be solved with the correct application of pressure to a stupid person's face."
Grape Jelly Sandwich, Housepets

We all love our pets, don't we? Now imagine this: your pets are sapient, anthropomorphised, and have the height of a small child. What would they be doing all day? Housepets portrays such a scenario. This comic by Rick Griffin portrays pets virtually as children who are almost human besides height and differences in clothing style. They still play pretend, no matter how weird they make it out to be.

The story focuses around a cat and a dog living with the Sandwich family. The Dog is Peanut Butter or just Peanut and the Cat is Grape Jelly or just Grape. The classical setup, you think: stupid dog, smart cat, and crazy hijinks about how opposite they are ensue. But that's not what you get. Instead, you get two characters who are fairly similar in intellect with similar interests, whose subtle personality differences show off like a beacon. Peanut is the sensitive and slightly silly one. He's childlike and excitable and loves playing all kinds of games. Grape is the lazy and pragmatic one, though sometimes her logic is too logical for her own good.The Sandwich family lives in a neighborhood filled with pets and strays that have their own quirks and clubs to mingle in, ranging from a mild-mannered dog that works in the police force to a dog that Cosplays as a cat yet has a mouse for a girlfriend. Although there are humans around, the comic mainly focuses on the animals with their adventures, trips, and problems.

Although Peanut and Grape are the main characters, it was inspired by childhood drawings made by Griffin of a dog named "Bino". Bino appears as a character in the comic, as the substitute leader of a neighborhood dog social club. He is the middle brother in another family caught between his popular older brother, police dog Officer Fido, and his quirky younger brother, Joey.

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This comic provides examples of:

  • Expressive Ears: Cats, particularly.
  • Eyepatch of Power:
    • One of Miles' cubs dons one during the water balloon war when acting as the 'leader' of the dog soldiers. According to Rick this is somehow the same eyepatch worn by Delusional Steve, a one time character seen in a flashback to Grape and Peanut's first meeting. Unfortunately for Steve, any signs of Power seem to be averted in his case.
    • Eyepatch of Power vs Hungry Cat - Hungry Cat wins.
  • The Faceless: "Parents" are never seen above the nose. Some non-parent humans, like Joel, do have faces exposed.
  • False Start: Peanut goes to tell Grape how he feels about her, but before he can, he overhears her making a date with Maxwell.
  • Fan Dumb: An in-universe example. Lester is practically the poster boy for several varieties of Fan Dumb. He even mentions the trope by name in his rant.
  • Fan Fic:
    • Tons of it on the website's forum. Most prominent is the cavernous, epic Housepets The Series.
    • In-universe, Grape's Pridelands fanfic is a recurring theme. Complete with an author insert named "Gapre".
  • Fantastic Racism: African Prince Leopard Jata 'complements' Jeeves by saying "Thank you, pale're a credit to your species."
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: According to Sabrina, "everything is a thing." That would explain the presence of gryphons, dragons, Cerberus, and Norse frost giant Aurgelmir.
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt: Grape and Peanut, Fido and Sabrina.
  • Fictional Document: The Prideland Series. Its popularity, particularly among pets, is equivalent to that of Harry Potter or Twilight.
  • Foot Popping:
    • In this strip, it's King's foot that rises when going for the kiss with Bailey, instead of the usual gender roles for the trope.
    • In this strip, Sasha's foot rises as she kisses Fox's cheek, wishing him goodnight.
  • Formally Named Pet: at least ten cats called Mr Bigglesworth, due to their owner being a Crazy Cat Lady. They all look the same, though most are not related and some are female. They occasionally mess with other pets who don't know there's more than one.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: The entire bipedal non-human cast fits this.
  • Free Range Animals: The housepets are allowed to roam Babylon Gardens for the most part unattended. When they go somewhere such as the mall or the zoo they sometimes are required to wear leashes, however are allowed to wander about freely if they hold on to their own leash.
  • From Bad to Worse: King's choice of turning back into a human. At first if he turned back into a human he'd have to deal with being an escaped convict, but now if he turns back into a human he's more or less told that he is literally going to hell, and the only way he can have a pass is to stay a dog as they are judged less harshly by heaven than humans.
  • Full Body Disguise: Fox and Karishad in a halloween strip.
    Fox (as Karishad): This was his idea.
    Karishad (as Fox): Oh no you don't, this was MY idea!
  • Funny Background Event: Some readers would like a reverse comic telling what exactly is happening here.
  • Furry Comic: Gee, really?
  • Furry Confusion: Subverted, for now.
  • Furry Reminder: Every once in a while. According to Rick: “I do this partly because people want to see them act like animals for some reason."
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
  • Glasses Pull: Used here to punctuate an Incredibly Lame Pun. (YEEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!)
  • Giant Paw Of Stomping: Wanna see what Squeak sees in the 'Big Noses' ?
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Lampshaded here with Itsuke, a tanuki hired by the auto shop near Babylon Gardens.
  • Gross Up Closeup: A bone chewtoy of Peanut's is given a close-up shot of the gnarled, chewed-up end.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal:
    • The ferrets.
    • The police dogs, when on duty, wear a vest onto which their badges are pinned.
    • Fox has been known to sometimes wear a leather bomber jacket, such as when he first meets King.
    • Itsuki, possibly to retain the PG rating given certain tanuki anatomy characteristics.
    • When preparing food, Lucretia wears a "Sniff the Cook" apron.
    • Played with and lampshaded in this strip as well.
      Miles: [after modeling several outfits to help him blend into human society] Is there any reason none of these configurations contain pants?
    • Grape may need a security blanket after the trauma she suffers in this strip.
  • Happily Married: More than a few of the regular cast.
    • Miles and Lucretia, although not married (as they're wolves), are official mates and are known to behave like a happy husband/wife.
    • Mr. Earl Sandwich and Mrs. Sandwich are the only known human family in the series so far to be officially married, and by all available evidence it's a happy marriage.
    • Another pair of wolves, Rodney (Miles' cousin) and Snow, are mates as well, without any signs of it being an unpleasant pairing.
    • As of the finale for the fifth year of the strip, King and Bailey, although how happily the marriage will go on remains to be seen.
  • Heroic BSOD: Peanut is prone to these. So far it has happened when three cute barn cats ask him to have a slow-motion pillow fight with them, when Grape herself is invited for it, and once more when Grape tells him she knows about his crush on her.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Parodied by Max in the arc "The Great Water Balloon War", specifically in this strip where he throws himself onto a water balloon to shield others.
  • Locking MacGyver in the Store Cupboard: In the story arc "Show Business", King finds himself trapped in a tool shed when being chased by Duchess. This strip even mentions MacGyver by name. The ultimate solution to his dilemma is, however, somewhat more directly violent than most of MacGyver's solutions.
  • Loophole Abuse: Laws require that housepets be on a leash when out in public places, but it doesn't specify anything about who's holding the other end of the leash, which the pets exploit by going out holding their own leashes.

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