Heartwarming / Housepets!

They already have dates, but these two will learn better this way.

  • Quite a few, but this strip certainly stands out. The last panel also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • King realising what a jerk he's being to Sasha, and then how he goes about making it up to her.
  • When Grape and Peanut first meet, he's trying to be friendly and the entire time she yells at him. But when he finally leaves...
  • King's proposal to Bailey, and him baring his soul to her (short of admitting his past life as a human) before she says yes.
    King: I don't expect you to say yes. I have flaws and make stupid mistakes. I want to do this right—to make things better and not worse. Put aside what other people think. Would you want what I'm offering?
  • The first comic showing kangaroos Bruce and Roosevelt as a couple, snuggling in their enclosure at the zoo. When listing how the zoo "isn't so bad", Bruce says "We've got each other" as the first reason. He has his priorities right, at least.
  • Almost everything in the Epilogue of King and Bailey's wedding. Every female pet except Grape is trying to catch the bouquet. Tarot catches the bouquet with the help of Karishad. At the same time, Max and Grape ponder why the pets go crazy over doing something so human and, to their words, stupid. While both Max and Grape sit and relax away from the wedding, Grape suddenly questions whether they, too, should get married someday. Max's reaction speaks volume afterwards.
  • Grape and Max have another tender moment at the end of The Gallifrax Protocol".
    Grape: Maxie, screwing up doesn't mean you're a screwup. We all make mistakes; why hold them against one another?
  • Fido publically confessing his love for Sabrina on television. And the fans rejoiced.
  • Despite Fox being enraged to tears upon discovering King's true identity (i.e. Joel) and paying him back for kidnapping him several years ago, he's still willing to help him out.
  • Pretty much any time King and Bailey have a heart-to-heart talk. From the moment Bailey came to Babylon Gardens for good, even despite arguments and rough patches, it's clear they have a mature, deep relationship together.
  • After spending a long, cold, and painful night together, one of the most popular ships sets sail with amazing fanfare.
    A fan at the fan forum: That ship didn't just sail, it took off with dual rocket engines!
    One of the mods at the fan forum: *posts a picture of a Space Shuttle launch*
  • Bruce and Roosevelt, who were left behind in Australia and missed Christmas because they had to catch another plane, think they're too late to enjoy the holidays with anyone and have to endure a long winter without it. They arrive home to this, from Keene of all people!
    A note left by Keene: Hope you don't mind a belated apology. Lets just say, I know what it's like to be left behind.
  • Maxwell isn't bothered by Grape's crushes as we are lead to believe. For a guy that went to the gym because he was worried he would lose Grape over a hunky leopard, this comes as both a surprise and a heartwarming exchange.
    • Gets better when Ptah, the King of Cats, tries to woo Grape into his favor by using his powers to transform into a form that Grape admires deeply. However, Grape shuts him down hard when she points out she would take a sweet and considerate person over a jerkish hunk anyday. D'awww.
      • That moment is kinda tempered when Max mentions he kinda wished she would've rolled with it a little longer so they could've gotten his magical hat, which they needed.
  • The arrival of King and Bailey's pups. Then at Christmas, King doesn't bother opening his presents because he considers his children all the presents he needs.
  • The Christmas finale of the latest arc with Mungo and Sabrina inviting an apologetic Fox to Sasha's Christmas party.
    • The final frame shows Fox putting on his trademark jacket after a long time leaving it off.
  • King and Bailey are looking for a babysitter for the pups while they go on a date, but fear that the wolves aren't exactly the safest babysitters. Fox makes a phone call to a couple of pets he trusts with King being the one in charge of recruiting the one he trusts the most. One by one, the pets that show up to be hired prove to be too dangerous in King's eye and is ready to call it quits... until Fox notes he only called two pets. Cue Peanut and Grape knocking on the door. What makes this so heartwarming also is that Fox gave Peanut and Grape the call first.
  • Bino being legit moved to tears over Peanut's present in the first Christmas arc.