Reviews: Housepets

A webcomic gem here,folks.

When looking for a comic, you generally want one that will last until you are old. To me, Housepets is a definite must for those that like to take their comic reading overtime seriously. It updates 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and gives a wonderful, playful mood in terms of drawing and originality in it's storyline. It follows story-arcs (lasting as long as one week to a month, depending on the story) and some one-offs in-between the story which act as breathers in-between, similar to your classic comics with one page joke panels.

The story mainly focuses on a world about pets and animals who are sentient and can behave as human as any other human being (they even have thumbs, so that's a plus). While the comic originally focused on the Sandwich family and their pet dog (Peanut) and cat (Grape), the story expands as it gets older to the other pets in the neighbourhood and their backstories and families. Eventually, the pets start entering romance which have some interesting choices in terms of who chooses who: You'll come across the usual cats dating cats and dogs dating dogs, but as you read the story it's not exactly a one-species dating area and then things get much more interesting. With alot of good choices to show off personality and characteristics of such a setting, you'll be interested in learning where these relations develop with the lovely characters in this comic and finding out where these choices they go through lead up for them.

In terms of unusual settings introduced in a romance and comedy comic, you'll come across magic and heaven as the story goes on. The magical part starts off as psychic magic tricks and peering into time from a pomerian (which is adorable, i might add), but grows into full grown magical gryphons and dragons which can be off-putting to the new-comers with the sudden shift of magical gods. The introduction of heaven shortly afterwards can be considered something of an odd choice, but considering the circumstances behind heaven in the comic and the pets, it's not a bad choice for the characters once you get into it. While it's certainly a little off at first with these two chances, the comic doesn't hurt itself much with these in the long run. The magic gets the characters into less than casual scenarios and heaven is used as more of a utensil to show the characters some depth inside a literal genie scenario at times with their own morals and ideas looked into.

That being said, the comic has been around for at least 8 years at this point and it's been doing spectacular in it's long-running course with it's load of fun characters and great combination of art and comedy and romance. If you are interested in reading a comic that updates three times a week and see all sorts of adorable pets and animals trying out all sorts of cute and funny ways to make your life enjoyable (and possibly theirs alot more hectic), give Housepets a try! You won't be disappointed one bit.


A recently found comic, it is an extremely interesting one. The plot is for the most part compelling, involving at its most basic level sapient pets dealing with day to day life, and at a deeper level the game between Kitsune, Tarot (Dragon) and Pete, which seems to affect every characters life in an as of yet unseen way. The only issue I have found has been what appear to be holes in the story. Not missing information or bad plot points, but spots where it seems at least to me there should be more story, as if a strip was lost. A prime example of this is when King first meets Fox and Bino, where it feels something was left out. The characters are endearing, Peanut and Grape especially so due to their complext relationship and though the other chacters seemed flat at first, my intrest in them has grown as their backstory has filled in, Sasha's, King's and Fido's being the most apparent so far. The jokes are for the most part funny, though if your humor is more towards being cynical or dark, the comic will seem simple. The author also has a self imposed PG rating, at least as far as TV Tropes has let me know, and though some of the more relationship oriented stories suffer slightly from this, it keeps the comic on a more lighthearted tone, something I at least approve of. It is a furry comic, though I am still confused the importance many readers still attach to the appearance of a character, not knowing why that of all things matters, and it will turn away many who find this type of art style abhorrent for the above peculiar reason. Other than that it is a fun and interesting read, and I heartily recommend it.