Pretty in Mink
Jean Grey needed a new winter coat, so she and Scott decided to splurge for a fur.

"There is something so sensual about fur next to the skin, don't you think?"

In fiction, as in real life, many people wear fur garments just because it's luxurious and glamorous, whether worn for warmth or for style. If you see characters wear a stylish fur, it usually means they either have enough wealth to buy it (either on a whim or saving up for one), or they have found other ways to get one, because in many cultures these are status symbols. Even when those not in the upper classes wear furs, it still indicates that the aggregate wealth of a society is higher than normal.

In Europe, certain furs were so prized that for a time there were Sumptuary Laws about who could wear what kind of fur. Ermine was among the most prized, used to trim and line royal robes and capes (hence the reason the trope Ermine Cape Effect is named so). While the poor also wore furs, it was for utility instead of decoration, so their clothes were made with common pelts like sheepskin and rabbit, and weren't stylized and tailored.

So this trope is also as old in fiction, but visual media like film is where it's clearly evident. It was used extensively in The Golden Age of Hollywood just for the visual splendor it brought. At one point furs were so common they didn't provide characterization the way they do today under the Hollywood Dress Code. The exceptions were very specific outfits, like the classic pimp coat. What fur was worn was generally chosen one of two ways. The first was reflecting whatever Conspicuous Consumption style trends were popular for a certain demographic. The second was whatever the designer felt like.

Any ads for furs would count as Up Marketing, as well as ads for other luxury products having the models wear fur.

Also, fur can be a dual purpose luxury. When worn in cold weather, it's a utility luxury (as in the picture), and when worn otherwise, it's a sybaritic luxury.

These days furs are less common in media and now has competition from Fur and Loathing, where a woman in a fur coat is either the Rich Bitch, The Vamp or downright evil, although some savvy costumers can do both if the character is wearing real fur (and expect some commentary on either trope). Other characters who wear fur tend to do it for a single episode or two.

Now since this is about use of fur to pretty up a scene, it's not just any instance of wearing fur. Even if a fur is worn for warmth, it also has to be an excuse to have a nice fur in the scene to count for this trope. Thus an Inuit parka usually doesn't count, unless the parka is designed to be stylish.

A Sub-Trope of Garnishing the Story.

A Super Trope to:

A Sister Trope to: Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry, Fluffy Fashion Feathers, Gold Makes Everything Shiny (all involve materials to show off wealth in a glamorous way), Pelts of the Barbarian (furs and hides that are rough instead of luxurious), Hell-Bent for Leather

Compare An Ice Suit, Sexy Coat Flashing, Happy Holidays Dress, Sexy Santa Dress (all of which have many examples with fur).

Contrast Fur and Loathing, Cruella to Animals.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics: Heiress Veronica Lodge wears lots of furs. Betty has even worn a few, some given to her by Veronica.
    • Alexandra of Josie and the Pussycats.
    • The girls of Katy Keene have owned and modeled several furs. Once a guy proposed to her by promising her all the furs she would want if she married him.
  • In Batman Marth Wayne is sometimes shown wearing a fur coat on the night she gets shot.
  • Black Widow of the Iron Man comics occasionally wears fur. Her first appearance was wearing a brown mink wrap. In a mid 90s comic, she met Tony on a trip to Russia and she wore a white mink coat and hat over a slinky purple dress.
  • The Snow Queen of Fables wears a fur boa.
  • In Danger Girl, Abigail wears a mink coat to infiltrate a party.
  • The skating dress worn by The Flash enemy Golden Glider has white fur cuffs.
  • Lois Lane has worn some furs, such as a fur jacket she wore in winter during the early issues or a full length mink she occasionally wore in the fifties.
  • The girls in Millie the Model have owned and modeled several furs. At least twice there was a joke where she was trying on a fur at a store, and the manager asked if she wanted a saleslady to model the garment. Another time she had to wear a full length white ermine coat in the middle of summer.
  • Patsy Walker has worn some furs, and one issue stated on the cover how excited she would be getting her first fur coat.
  • Carmen Hosanna of Sinister Dexter wears a long, white fur coat.
  • The Squadron Supreme villain The Mink, whose costume is a fur coat and furry boots.
  • In Silver Age Superman comics, Lois Lane was constantly competing with Lana Lang for Superman's affections. In this cover from an old comic, Lois goes back in time to prevent Lana and Superman from forming a romantic attachment, and just because of this trope, she's wearing a fur coat.
  • X-Men: Jean Grey wears a white fur coat in an issue of the first series of X-Factor, since her Little Black Dress isn't keeping her warm outside in the winter. She also recalls that the salesman gave her a particular look when she told him she wanted to wear it right out of the store. She later gets in a Snowball Fight with Scott while she wears the coat, calling herself "The Queen of the Icy North!".
    • Her mother also wore a brown mink coat when her parents first appeared.
    • Psylocke wore a fur-trimmed coat when on a date with Warren (aka Archangel).
    • In the first issue of the 1980s miniseries Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, Killy goes ice skating in a pink and black dress topped with a white fur pillbox hat.
    • In a joke issue, Kitty gets a number of wacky fashions, where a fur-trimmed skating dress is one of the more normal ones.
  • Wonder Woman has worn some furs, including a Christmas issue where her outfit was trimmed with white fur, making it effectively a Sexy Santa Dress.

    Comic Strips 
  • Muffy Ainsworth in the newspaper Spider-Man wears a white fur jacket in her flashback to when Spider-Man saved her from an (apparent) vampire who kidnaped and hypnotized her.

    Fan Works 
  • In a bonus video for Wedding Peach Abridged (that's drawn instead of using footage from the series), the girls are singing Christmas carols while wearing fur trimmed coats. Yuri also has her hands demurely held in a matching fur muff.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Muriel in The Accidental Tourist wears a few furs, including a purple rabbit jacket.
  • In Adventures in Babysitting a full length fur is used to hide from a gangster, the mother wears a black mink coat, and teenage runaway wears a white rabbit jacket.
  • The ladies in An Affair to Remember wear furs. Terry has a fur coat and a brown chinchilla wrap. Lois attends a ballet wearing a white mink wrap and a dress with a white mink neckline.
  • All I Want for Christmas had a number of scenes of opulent people in New York at Christmastime, so there were a number of furs, including Hallie wearing a white rabbit fur muff when she goes to correct her wish to Santa.
  • Some furs appear in All About Eve.
    • At a party, the ladies are envious of a sable coat worn by a movie star.
    • Margo wears a dress where the pockets are trimmed with mink.
    • Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance as a starlet wearing a white ermine coat.
  • In American Dreamer, Kathy, thinking she's Rebbecca Ryan, a private eye fashionista, goes on a shopping spree, which includes several furs, most of which she wears in later scenes.
  • In American Hustle both Sydney and Rosalyn wear full length fur coats.
  • Milo Roberts, the Idle Rich lady in An American in Paris wears a black fox muff, a white mink cape, and a stole of both black fox and white fox.
  • In the film of American Psycho Evelyn wears a lynx coat in one scene.
  • In Anchors Aweigh, Susan's first scene is her in a white ermine shoulder cape, which is part of a Description Cut after it was assumed she'd be a lot older.
  • Appointment For Love: Jane wears a few fur-trimmed coats, including one with a matching fur muff. Edith wears a black evening dress with an ermine-trimmed neckline and white ermine trimming the skirt in the shape of a large bow.
  • In the 1961 version of Babes in Toyland, Mary's wedding dress at the end is accessorized for travel with a white fox muff and a red cape trimmed with white fox.
  • The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer: Margaret wears a mink cape in the scene where she and Richard confess their feelings for each other.
  • In Back to the Future one of the couples attending the dance includes a lady wearing a white rabbit fur shoulder wrap. She gets a line where she's surprised that George finally stood up for himself against Biff.
  • The Bad and the Beautiful has at least one fur in each flashback. Respectively there was an ermine jacket, a dress trimmed with white fox, and a white mink wrap.
  • Both main characters in Beaches wear furs. Hillary wears a full length mink when she sees one of CC's plays she did for the money. CC wears a lynx coat when she and Hillary have an argument.
  • In the rich man wish in the first Bedazzled (1967), Stanley buys Margaret a mink coat to make her like him. She enjoys how it feels, but then takes it off to run around with other guys.
  • Broadway Melody Of 1940 had an agent who used an ermine cape as a way to get dates. It was apparently based on a Real Life Hollywood agent (the real version used a silver fox wrap instead).
  • In Bugsy Virginia wears a huge white fox wrap for a date.
  • Ginger in Casino wore furs for nearly half her screen time. Also, Sam and Ginger's daughter, Amy, wore a white rabbit jacket for about half her screen time.
  • Cate Blanchett's title character in Carol, a glamorous upper middle class socialite prominently wears a fur coat.
  • In Catch Me If You Can Frank hooks up with a model he first sees wearing a mink jacket.
  • Elizabeth gets a fancy mink coat early in Christmas in Connecticut. This serves to contrast her true nature, an urban sophisticate, with the persona of a humble Martha Stewart-style Housewife that she assumes when writing magazine articles.
  • In Coming to America the royal family of Zamunda wears extravagant furs. The king and Akeem wear lion skins and tiger skins respectively, and the queen wears a full length chinchilla coat when she reminds the kind he has the authority to change things so his son could be happy.
  • In Country Strong, Kelly wears a fur-trimmed coat.
  • The Curse of Frankenstein: Elizabeth wears two ermine muffs, and ends the film wearing a blue dress lined with brown fur.
  • The thriller Dangerous Crossing has a number of furs, including the heroine wearing a mink coat for the first hour of the film.
  • The Deadly Bees starts with Vicky doing a performance in a sable fur coat before she collapses on the set.
  • Matilda the Hun of Death Race 2000 wore a white mink jacket, and even a biker helmet covered in white mink.
  • In the opening of the exploitation film Death Weekend, Diana, a fashion model, wears a lynx fur jacket.
  • In Deception, a drama starring Bette Davis, her characters wears a white ermine cape in the climax, including when she kills her lover to keep him from ruining her fiance's life.
  • In Dial M for Murder, Margot wears a mink wrap to a party.
  • In Diamond Horseshoe Claire is upset that her boyfriend Joe is spending too much time worrying about his son than to spend time with her. She gives her mink coat to her friend Bonnie to go out with Joe's son and ease Joe's mind.
    • The film also features a lot of extravagant outfits given the film is named for a real life theater. One of the outfits is trimmed with lynx fur, including the irregularly-shaped Showgirl Skirt.
  • In the ice palace scenes in Die Another Day, many of the guests wear furs, including Miranda Frost wearing a white fur wrap. The costume designer even said she liked adding fur to the evening dresses for the touches of glamor.
  • In Down with Love, we first see Catcher romancing three lovely triplets each wearing a white fox wrap. In later scene Vicki wears a mink-lined wrap to a date.
  • In Dracula's Daughter, one of her victims is an actress wearing a white fox cape.
  • The Duchess: One of Georgiana's outfits has a red fox muff and a Nice Hat with fox tails.
  • Susie's highly-symbolic fur coat in Sweet Smell of Success. She is never seen without it until the final scene of the film where she wears a more modest wool coat to signify that her Knight Templar Big Brother's influence on her is gone.
  • Easter Parade has several fur wraps, including a long white ermine stole that Don shops for, and Nadine wears later on.
  • In the 2008 version of Easy Virtue, Larita wears a few furs, like an ermine jacket.
  • In 8 Women some of the ladies wear fur wraps. Pierette even strokes Gay's mink wrap as she says she now prefers women.
  • The comedy Easy Living begins with a banker getting tired of his wife's fur purchases and throws a sable coat out the window, accidentally falling on the main character. Things just get silly from there.
  • Elizabeth Taylor wore a number of furs in her films and real life, and some film box sets have a cover of a 1850s glamor portrait of her in a red dress and white fox wrap (even if she isn't the focus of the collection).
  • In A Fine Mess Claudia wears a white fox coat and later a black fox coat. The first it turns out she was wearing nothing but pink panties underneath, which she revealed in a Toplessness from the Back shot.
  • First Love is a retelling of Cinderella'', and when Connie goes to the ball, her outfit is completed with a white ermine coat and muff.
  • In the film of The First Wives Club a number of furs are worn, most prominently Annie's chinchilla coat.
  • 42nd Street, especially the "Young and Healty" number, where every woman in that scene wore outfits trimmed with white fox.
  • In the film of The Fountainhead, Dominique attends a party wearing a simple Little Black Dress and black cape, that each have an edging of white ermine respectively on the neckline and hood.
  • Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus started with a fur fashion show, with many shots made to mimic Arbus's style. Her father gushes about the sensuality of the pelts to the clients, and Diane's daughter even wears a little mink coat.
  • Gangster Squad: Grace is dating Mickey Coen, then Los Angeles's most notorious gangster. She wears a number of furs that make her look like a movie star, such as a fur-trimmed coat, a blue stole trimmed with mink to match her slinky blue dress, and a long white fox wrap.
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes had plenty. The opening musical number had the girls just holding white ermine coats, and then just tossing them off the stage.
  • Gia had a few models wearing fur coats, and a Fashion Show had Gia wearing a wedding dress where the bouquet was a huge white fox muff with flowers bunched at the front. She even tossed it when she got to the end of the runway.
  • The eponymous Gilda has at least three worn in the movie, well two worn (a mink jacket and chinchilla jacket) and one carried for a song (a white ermine coat).
  • In Girls Just Want to Have Fun the girls first meet The Rival Natalie Sands at the dance contest. Natalie shows up wearing a white rabbit fur jacket (although the context is more marking her as a Rich Bitch than Fur and Loathing).
  • In Gold Diggers of 1933 one of the girls wears a white ermine jacket.
  • After Scarlett marries Rhett in Gone with the Wind, she gets a handful of furs, such as a coat trimmed with black fox, an ermine-lined jacket, and an ermine muff.
    • And for the premiere, the costume designer Walter Plunket made a dress for Vivien Leigh to wear at the theater for extra publicity. It was a black velvet dress in the 1860s silhouette that had white ermine trimming on the neckline and puff sleeves of ermine tails.
  • Some of the wives in GoodFellas wore mink coats.
    • A haul from a heist includes a rack of mink coats, which Jimmy complains about how he's supposed to store them in his club.
    • When the guys can't resist spending big amounts after a heist, despite Jimmy's warning of keeping their heads down for a while, one of the purchases is a guy getting his wife a full length white mink coat.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The Sovereign visit a winter planet, and they keep warm looking their best (despite the scene being a Failed Attempt at Drama) in gold capes with white fur.
  • Barbara Chapman in the film version of Hangover Square plays a debutante with a few furs, including an ermine jacket and muff, and a white fox cape.
  • The Hebrew Hammer: A dame in a fur coat shows up at the office of the Hammer, but she's told she should be looking for Mike Hammer.
  • Hell On Heels The Battle Of Mary Kay, Mary Kay wears a few furs, and even gives a black mink coat to the best saleswoman each year, with two such presentations bookending the film.
  • Nika in the film version of Hitman wears a silver mink coat.
  • In Holiday In Mexico, Christine wears a white ermine shoulder cape when she attends her friend Stanley's birthday party. Later she convinces Stanley to let her borrow his mother's fur coat as they sneak into a club to see the woman Christine's father is dating.
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux: Michelle seduces Topper when she attends a gala in a white mini dress and white mink coat. She even seductively drapes the coat over her shoulder when she convinces him to have Auto Erotica.
  • Howling V: The Rebirth: Anna, a Scandinavian movie star, first appears with a silver and white mink coat draped over her shoulders.
  • The three Gold Diggers in How to Marry a Millionaire wear a number of furs, and specifically note that a good place to find a Meal Ticket is "in the mink department at Bergdorf's".
  • A number of guests at the climactic premiere of Inglourious Basterds wear fur wraps, including Lilly, who wears a blue fox wrap over her slinky Pimped-Out Dress. That outfit was featured prominently in the marketing.
  • In the Mouth of Madness begins with the main character nailing a guy for Insurance Fraud. He burned down his warehouse of fur coats, but removed the coats. He got caught when not only his wife was seen in one of the coats listed as lost, but also when his mistress wore another fur coat.
  • The movie In Time, we see Sylvia wearing a white fox wrap.
  • Its A Date Pamela wears a couple furs: a white ermine jacket, and when in a play her costume is a black Pimped-Out Dress decorated with ermine tails and at the end of the scene she grabs her ermine cape and muff.
  • Some of the ladies in It's a Wonderful Life wear fur, and Violet wears a fur trimmed coat and hat as she joins everyone at the end in helping George.
  • In It's Love I'm After egotistical actor meets a fan, heiress Marcia West, after he and his fiance have yet another squabble. Marcia meets him wearing a white ermine cape while she acts completely starstruck. At the end of the film, she wears a mink coat when it turns out she'd been manipulating things for her own benefit.
  • The films Jayne Mansfield starred in gave her plenty of furs, from several fox wraps (one worn with a fox-trimmed dress) in The Girl Can't Help It, to a white mink coat and a swimsuit in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter.
  • At the end of Johnny Dangerously, his girlfriend wore a white fox wrap at the end as part of the joke Broken Aesop. Crime doesn't pay... okay, so it payed a little.
  • In Kind Hearts and Coronets Sibella and Edith wear some furs, including a huge fox wrap Edith wears at Louis's trial.
  • In the first two King Kong movies (the [[King Kong§933 original]] and the 1976 remake) the heroines each wear a chinchilla fur in one scene. Ann wears a chinchilla cape, and Dwan wears a chinchilla jacket.
  • In the film of L.A. Confidential, Ed and Jack confront Johnny Stompanato at a diner, and Johnny's girlfriend Lana Turner is with him, wearing a white fox fur wrap. Ed mistakes her part of the ring of Celebrity Impersonator call girls, which gets a drink thrown in his face.
  • Sylvia in La Dolce Vita first appears wearing a fur-lined cape. She spends most of her screen time in a long black dress and a white ermine wrap fringed with tails.
  • Both Lady for a Day and the remake A Pocketful of Miracles had loads of furs. In both, Annie's daughter has a white ermine shoulder cape.
  • In the Ginger Rogers film Lady in the Dark, she wears a red Gem-Encrusted dress with a mink skirt and jacket. Even adjusted for inflation, it's one of the most expensive outfits ever made for a movie.
  • In The Last Emperor Pu-Yi's consorts wear different ermine coats.
  • In the film of Laura the eponymous lady is given quite a few furs after she starts dating Waldo, such as a mink cape and fur skirt. Yet these scenes were cut from the theatrical release due to the Conspicuous Consumption being seen as tacky during wartime austerity (re-releases restored the scenes).
  • Love in the Afternoon: Borrowing an ermine coat was one of the ways Ariane gains Frank Flannigan's interest. It seems to work when in a Sexy Discretion Shot, the camera focuses on Ariane letting her coat fall to the floor.
  • Laura has a few, including a mid length fur skirt Laura wears, and a full length mink cape.
  • In A Letter to Three Wives Lora wears a white mink wrap to a party, and Deborah wears a sable stole to a dinner at the end.
  • One of the survivors in Lifeboat got on the eponymous craft before the main boat sank, which meant her mink coat was nice and dry.
  • Madame Bovary(1991 adaptation): The eponymous madame wears a white mink stole to the opera. This was Hollywood Costuming, as white mink wasn't around until the late 1940s (a white fur wrap back then would likely have been fox, rabbit, or ermine).
  • In The Mad Miss Manton, the gals wear a whole assortment of furs.
  • Some of the noble ladies in Maleficent wore fur-trimmed dresses, such as the queen. The main character even wears a fur-lined winter cloak.
  • A scene in Mannequin has Kim Catrall wearing a pale brown fur coat when she does some Sexy Coat Flashing to show the black lingerie underneath.
  • Both Marie Antoinette films have outfits with fur, since the real Marie of course did wear some fur-trimmed dresses.
  • When Mrs. Banks first appears in Mary Poppins, she's wearing a white ermine muff, which she proudly waves around after coming home from a suffrage rally.
  • In the film of Memoirs of a Geisha, some of the experienced geisha wear fur-trimmed robes.
  • In Men of Honor a Socialite in a mink stole brings Carl into an all-white bar just for fun. Although Carl does use that as an opportunity to show off that he can be a good diver.
  • In Miami Connection Jane wears a gray rabbit fur jacket in the scene where the heroes are challenged by another gang.
  • At the end of the film of Mildred Pierce, Mildred wears a sable fur coat and hat.
  • The eponymous character in the Sophia Loren film The Millionaress wears a few of furs, from a chinchilla wrap to a white mink wrap.
  • In the original Miracle on 34th Street Doris has a fur coat, which she wears after Kris buys Susan the house she wanted for her family.
  • In the film of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Delysia wears some furs such as a fox wrap and a sable coat which she's Naked in Mink.
  • Eva in Morning Glory (the 1933 film) wears a white fox cape at the end, and says she would like to buy a white ermine coat.
  • Several of the ladies in Mrs. Miniver wear fur coats and fur muffs.
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Alex tries to hook up with a dame who is wearing a white fox wrap over her slinky dress. Later Rick and Evy show up for a museum gala, and Evy is wearing a blue fox wrap.
  • A Muppet Family Christmas sends this one up. Kermit tells Miss Piggy he got her a mink for Christmas, and she's thrilled until she meets the mink — a live anthropomorphic mink named Maureen. Piggy is about to karate chop Kermit into next week, but then Maureen exclaims that she is Piggy's biggest fan, and Piggy quickly warms up to her.
  • In adaptations of Murder on the Orient Express, some fur wraps are worn. The ladies in the 1974 version wore huge fox wraps.
  • In the first scene of Nancy Goes To Rio Nancy shows up at her mother's closing night at Broadway, and Nancy is wearing a white ermine wrap. Later her mother wears a white mink wrap to a dinner date.
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Mrs. Shirley wears a fox coat over her nightgown when the police take her to where her husband was kidnapped.
  • Alicia in Notorious wears a white ermine wrap when she first dates Sebastian (a Nazi hiding out in Brazil), and a mink coat at the end of the movie.
  • Now, Voyager: after Charlotte drops her frumpy look, her wardrobe includes a mink coat.
  • Nurse Betty: When Betty finally meets David, she's wearing a black evening dress with a black fur wrap.
  • The wife in the movie Of Unknown Origin wears a blue fox coat when she goes on vacation with her son. Consequently, it's one of the few luxuries they have that isn't wrecked by the end of the film.
  • In On The Riviera, Gene Tierney plays the wife of a world famous aviator. She goes to dinner with his Identical Stranger (who is also a lot nicer than his philandering counterpart), and she's wearing an opulent white dress with a white fox wrap.
  • In the film of Oscar, Sofia wears a couple furs, including a fox wrap dyed scarlet. The maid wears a fur coat after she leaves to get married.
  • Amidala's red dress in The Phantom Menace is trimmed with dark brown fur. Also, her capes on later costumes are decorated with fur.
  • Pillow Talk: Jan wears a white mink jacket to a party.
  • Radio Days: One of Joe's most vivid memories is when his father gave his mother a mink coat for their anniversary.
  • Songlian of Raise the Red Lantern has a few fur trimmed outfits, and a short, white rabbit cape she wears in a scene.
  • Victoria in Red wears a white mink coat, and a lynx coat.
  • In Rich Young And Pretty Elizabeth wears a white mink shoulder wrap when she goes on a date with Andre.
  • Roberta and the remake Lovely To Look At. The first has Stephanie wear a spectacular fox-trimmed jacket at the climactic Fashion Show.
  • In Ronin a figure skater wears a mink coat when she arrives for a show. She later gets killed, but because her friend is involved in espionage and lets her die when some hold her hostage.
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World: A lady wears a mink coat, along with a jewel tiara, because "It's everything I never wore before".
  • Shame: One of Sissy's outfits is a leopard print faux fur coat and a red hat.
  • Shirley Temple wore a white rabbit coat in a movie, and that's been the most popular real fur for girl's clothing since.
  • Constance Bennett wears an assortment of furs in Sin Takes a Holiday.
  • Shoot 'em Up: Donna wears a purple chinchilla jacket.
  • Both films of Show Boat have furs, such as Magnolia wearing a white ermine cape at the end of the 1936 version.
  • The opening scene of Singin' in the Rain is a film premiere, and several actresses show up in fur capes, one an ermine cape paired with a dress decorated with ermine tails, and Lina in a white fox-trimmed cape. Lina also wore other fox furs later in the movie.
  • In a flashback in Sleepy Hollow, there are a couple little girls gathering wood in the winter (when they see the death of the many who became the headless horseman) and wearing pink pimped out dresses trimmed with gray fur.
  • In Snow White and the Three Stooges, the eponymous princess wears skating dresses trimmed with white fur, one as a kid and another as an adult, that includes an ermine muff.
  • Quite a few fur coats and wraps are worn in Soapdish, most are dyed bright colors, to fit the over the top theme of the film.
  • Many of Sonja Henie's films has her wearing fur, either as a garment or as part of her dress, including an ermine-trimmed skating dress in One In A Million, which was a replica of her dress she wore at one of her gold medal winning events.
  • Speed Racer: Horuko shows up to help the Speed family, coming straight from the opera, and wearing a white dress with a white fox fur wrap.
  • Stage Door: Terry has several furs, and lets Jean borrow her white ermine cape and red fox cape.
    "You may as well go to perdition in ermine. You're sure to come back in rags."
  • Steel Magnolias: The winner of the "Miss Merry Christmas" pageant wears a long, red Happy Holidays Dress with a white faux fur neckline and muff.
  • The heroine in The Stud, and its sequel The Bitch, wears several furs.
  • In Stage Door, Socialite Terry Randall wants to break into show business, and stays at a boarding house for actresses. She does bring a lot of her clothes, including a lot of her furs. She even lets her roommate, Jean, borrow her short ermine cape with the line "You may as well go to perdition in ermine. You're sure to come back in rags."
  • The Fashion Show-like scene in The Stuff has models wearing several different furs and swimsuits while holding the eponymous product.
  • Suzie Q: In the opening, Suzie wears a white fur wrap on the way to a dance.
  • Theodora Goes Wild has a lot of fur to show Theodora's change into "wildness".
  • That Lady in Ermine is certainly just using fur for glamor. Despite the name, the title character seems to be wearing an ermine coat, just because. It could have been a lot of things for what the plot was about. The final scene of the movie has her descendant wear a different kind of white ermine coat, that more fit that era, version at least sort of, that also had a white ermine hat and muff. This outfit doubled as a Fairytale Wedding Dress when she reunites with the man she fell in love with.
  • That Touch Of Mink also uses this trope just for glamor. There is a mink coat, and it has almost nothing to do with the plot, but it's pretty.
  • Trading Places: Ophelia, a Hooker with a Heart of Gold, wears a fur jacket when she helps Louis.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Simmons and Sam check out a bar where a former cosmonaut is hanging out. One of the cosmonaut's girls is wearing a fox fur jacket.
  • Phyllis of Troop Beverly Hills wears a white mink coat on a camping trip, even though it turned out not to be a good idea in a place where it would rain.
  • Unfaithfully Yours: Several, with Daphne even asking her sister what fur she would be wearing so Daphne wouldn't wear an identical one.
  • White Christmas has quite a few furs worn. Betty and Judy each bring a fur-trimmed coat to the Vermont gig, not expecting the Weather Dissonance. When Judy is singing at the New York club, there are a number of background women wearing fur wraps as well as the General's party at the climax. And a lot of the film's publicity focused on the white fox-trimmed happy holidays dresses that Betty and Judy wear at the end.
  • Why Did I Get Married by Tyler Perry has plenty of furs (at least in the film version), as part of the story is about the main characters are vacationing in Aspen, so all the ladies show up wearing fur coat.
  • The original film of The Women, and its first remake The Opposite Sex, features many furs, given the cast was almost all Socialites.
  • In the film of You Can't Take It with You Mrs. Kirby wears a long white ermine cape.
  • Young Frankenstein: Elizabeth has a few furs, but even Inga gets to wear a silver fox cape during the ill-fated presentation of The Monster to the public.
  • In The Big Heat, a disfigured Debby, meeting Mrs. Duncan and observing that they are both wearing mink coats, says that they are "sisters under the same mink" who have benefited from association with gangsters. She then kills Mrs. Duncan in order to expose Lagana to the authorities.

  • The Age of Innocence: Archer's mother is described attending his wedding as, "sat weeping softly under her Chantilly veil, her hands in her grandmother's ermine muff".
    • In the movie, a fair number of furs are worn, like a fur-trimmed coat Ellen wears, and an ermine scarf May wears.
  • Anna Karenina mentions a few furs in its text, and most adaptations will include several stylish furs.
  • The Bobbsey Twins: In the early editions of the very first book (published 1904), Nan Bobbsey — at age eight — says that all she want for Christmas is "a set of furs ... a beautiful brown set, just like Mamma's." And she gets them.
  • In Bride of the Rat God by Barbara Hambly, the would-be bride is a movie star, Christine, who has a sable coat, and chinchilla coat, and a monkey-trimmed jacket. She gives her sister-in-law, Norah, the monkey fur coat, and Norah also gets to wear Christin's chinchilla few times (the clothing equivalent of loaning a Mercedes), which she actually is glad for when the nights get cold.
    • Christine also wears a fur wrap on two covers of the book. One has her wearing a chinchilla wrap, and the other has her wearing a white fur wrap.
  • One of the covers of But A Short Time To Live by James Hadley Chase shows a woman in a fox fur jacket worn over white stockings and garters.
  • In A Certain Magical Index Oriana wears a fut-trimmed coat over one of her outfits.
  • In a Charlie and Lola book, Lola's friend Lotta has a "very white fluffy coat", and she let's Lola borrow it after Lola keeps admiring it. Lola nearly loses the coat, so Lotta doesn't let Lola borrow her white fluffy pencil case.
  • In Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, bratty rich girl Veruca Salt wears a mink coat to the factory. This detail appears in the 1971 film adaptation Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, in which she notes that "I have three others at home"; the actress's coat was specially made for her, since mink coats weren't commonly made in girls' sizes.note 
  • In Louisa May Alcott's short story A Christmas Dream, a rich girl named Effie has a dream where an angel makes a grand Christmas for poor children, including turning the show falling on her into a white fur cape and hood. When she tells her dream to her family, her mother decides to make that dream happen, right down to buying Effie a little white fur coat to wear, to look like the outfit the angel was wearing.
  • In C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia:
    • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the wardrobe contains fur coats, so the children conveniently take them for warmth. When spring comes, they shed them. At the end of the book, they feel obliged to explain to Professor Kirk what had happened to his coats.
    • The Silver Chair: At one point, Jill is given a red cape trimmed with white fur.
  • There is some debate over whether Cinderella originally had fur slippers instead of glass (due to linguistic changes as the story was passed down over the centuries and languagesnote . For more deliberate uses of this trope, some books and pictures show the Fairy Godmother makes Cinderella a dress trimmed with fur. In one book by Gordon Laite the godmother makes two dresses, the second after the slipper proves who Cinderella is. This second outfit is fit for the new princess, as it's a royal blue dress and cape each trimmed with ermine.
  • The Discworld books don't hide where fur comes from, but it accepts it as a part of life in this pseudo-medieval world. One of the most popular glamour furs is the white fur of the Vermine. There are a few digs about it for the sake of humor, such as the line, "the fur is highly prized, especially by the vermine itself", in Sourcery.
    • When one of the auditors disguises herself as a human in Thief of Time, she shows up "wearing an enormous and expensive white fur coat".
  • In The Firm by John Grisham, Mitch buys his wife a fox coat in their first Christmas after joining the law firm.
  • Example from Icerigger by Alan Dean Foster is unusual because the girl manages to be covered by skin-tight mink fur coat and still be naked. The natives of the planet Tran-ky-ky are described as "bats wearing mink coats". Most are tall and wide, except the petite (i.e. of human proportions) Rebellious Princess/Royal Brat Elfa. In the scene when she tries to seduce the protagonist Ethannote :
    Her outfit was done up like holiday packaging by a clumsy six-year-old. The fact that the skin beneath was covered with light gray fur made it appear no less naked. Excepting the feline head and broad feet, and those piercing vertical pupils, she might have passed for a tridee starlet clad in skin-tight mink.
  • In the Jack Ryan books, his wife Cathy wears her mink coat to some important parties.
  • In the third book of the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy, Kristy wears a fur coat as part of their getup to return back in time to World War II and save Wobbler. It's noted that she would mock old ladies for wearing fur, but the context was more her trolling them, as she wouldn't dare mock a biker for wearing leather.
  • The Joy Luck Club: Waverly's fiance giving her a mink coat.
  • Sara in A Little Princess wears a number of fut-trimmed coats, and even her doll has an ermine-lined cape.
    • In the 1939 movie, she first appears in a blue coat with an ermine collar and an ermine muff.
  • The Lord of the Rings books and film has nobility and royalty wearing fur occasionally.
  • In Neuromancer, furs are grown from tissue on a bed of collagen, because most animals have died out, making them relatively widespread for a dystopia.
  • The Snow Queen of the Hans Christian Andersen story dressed in furs, which is often the case with characters inspired by her. Gerda also gets a fur muff and fur-timmed coat on her journey.
  • In Noble House Venus Poon is a TV personality who is also the mistress of a married man. She keeps pestering him for a mink coat, accusing him of giving one to his wife instead. He does finally give her one, and she doesn't even lose it in the mudslide, as it was at the dry cleaners.
    • It's also mentioned that many of the women attending the horse race are wearing mink, though it's the middle of summer (since again this trope is about the glamor).
  • Red Harvest: The only time the narrator describes Dinah as pretty is when she's wearing a fur coat.
  • The Roald Dahl short story "Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat" is about an adulterous woman trying to keep the mink coat she got from her lover without raising her husband's suspicions. It was adapted into an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
  • The Snow Queen: The eponymous Winter Royal Lady wears a fur coat. Gerda gets a fur coat and muff on her journey, and most adaptations with show either Gerda or the Snow Queen wearing fur of some kind.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, the nobles and royals wear furs for glamor even before the coldest winter arrives.
    • A Clash of Kings downplays this with Ser Axell Florent who Maester Cressen noted "remained homely even in russet and fox fur".
  • A Golden Book of the carol The Twelve Days of Christmas showed a lady being given the mentioned gifts by her True Love. And each day they are wearing different outfits, some decorated with fur, usually ermine.
  • Sacher-Masoch's Venus in Furs combines this trope with a heavy dose of domme and the title character's only duty as the narrator's Mistress being to swathe herself in sumptuous furs, regardless of the temperature. Played as a kink, but referencing the historical luxury and power overtones of wearing furs.
  • Whateley Universe example: Rich Bitch Solange in her custom-made furs in "Ayla and the Great Shoulder Angel Conspiracy". Kodiak even thinks about getting her to wear her fur and nothing else that evening...
  • The Widow of Desire is a Cold War spy thriller written in The '80s, about how a Russian furrier living in the US is murdered, and his American wife learns it was because he was involved in trying to bust apart a Soviet coup attempt. A white Russian Lynx coat even ends up being a MacGuffin.
  • In the pun-overdosed world of Xanth, there are fur trees instead of fir trees, and the pelts are periodically harvested.
    • In the thrid novel Centaur Isle, Princess Irene is given a silver-lined fur by the centaurs. She absolutely adores it, and Dor secretly likes how she looks wearing it.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 2 Broke Girls: In one episode the girls break into Caroline's old town house, and decide to swipe some clothes. Max immediately goes for the fur coats. It sets off an alarm, so the girls have to grab as many as they can.
  • Adam Adamant Lives!: Jones wears a white fox stole when she infiltrates an evil escort service in "Death By Appointment Only".
  • Sydney in Alias has worn some furs when going undercover as a Socialite, including a white fox jacket where she tells the concierge at a hotel not to touch her fur... all right he could touch it once.
  • In Ashes to Ashes Alex wears a fox coat as part of her call girl outfit.
  • The All in the Family episode "Edith Gets a Mink".
  • Are You Being Served?: A few times a fur was a minor plot point. One was when a lady comes in to buy a fur, and Hilarity Ensues when Mrs. Slocombe and Mr. Humphries compete for the commission.
  • In the first episode of the short-lived US version of As If, Nikki asks Jamie to get her white fur jacket for her as she leaves the club. As she puts it on she brags of the type of fur, but Jamie thinks she's giving a term of affection, so calls her "Honey Bunny".
  • Emma Peel of The Avengers wore a few furs, as well as some other ladies.
  • Banacek: The girl Banacek brings back to his house at the start of "Horse Of A Slightly Different Color" is wearing a fur coat, which she takes off as she she drapes herself seductively in front of the fireplace.
  • In season 10 of Bridezillas, Roxy Morris (a former contestant on Survivor) wore a white rabbit fur jacket with her Fairytale Wedding Dress.
  • The opening of Cagney & Lacey ends with both ladies walking in the station, and Cagney is wearing a coyote fur jacket.
  • In an episode of Call the Midwife Princess Margaret makes an appearance at the hospital, to help raise awareness for it, and she's wearing a mink wrap.
  • 1954's Casino Royale adaptation in "Climax!" has Valerie Mathis wear a particularly big mink coat.
  • A few characters in Castle wear fur.
    • When Richard imagines the back story of a mobster's moll and the guy she ran off with, Richard casts himself and Kate in those parts. When "Kate" first appears, she's wearing a huge white fox wrap.
    • Martha goes on a shopping spree, including a fur coat, but she assures him its fake.
    • When Richard's ex, Meredith, shows up a second time, she's wearing a lynx fur jacket.
  • The girls in Charlie's Angels would sometimes go undercover as models or Socialites, which would often involve wearing very fancy furs.
  • One of Phoebe's outfits in Charmed was a white sweater with the sleeves covered in white fur.
  • In the final season of China Beach, when we meet K.C. twenty years later as a successful businesswoman, she is wearing an enormous fur coat— matching her hair color.
  • A poster for The Client List showed the main character lying on a bed with a leopard print coat covering her body.
  • Dallas has many, especially if it was thick and fluffy, like fox, lynx, or sable.
  • Designing Women had a number of furs (and even on that dealt with the anti-fur movement, although Suzanne still wore furs after that).
  • Desperate Housewives has a few, like the sable coat Bree wore to seduce her estranged husband.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show: Laura wears several mink wraps to parties and events.
  • A Different World: Whitley wears a number of furs, with her most common being her full length blank mink coat.
  • Juliet in Dirty Sexy Money wears furs to some events, including a mink jacket and a chinchilla coat.
  • Nyssa, one of the companions in Doctor Who, had a few outfits, and one of them included a fur-trimmed jacket with Giant Poofy Sleeves and a fur muff.
    • Tegan spends much of "The Five Doctors" in a fur coat; worn over a short, summer dress and high heels.
  • Dynasty: Dynasty could well be in the top ten shows of all time in terms of furs.
    • The Colbys: Added to its spin-off parent Dynasty it would top them all for total fur count.
  • In Elizabeth I (2005) the eponymous queen in one scene wears a gown trimmed with ermine and an ermine muff.
  • In the first episode (before Elizabeth becomes queen) of Elizabeth R, the princess's "finest gown" includes ermine sleeves.
  • In the E True Hollywood Story episode of Tonya Harding, one of her friends mentioned that Tonya wanted a fur coat, like all the other girls she skated with, and her dad eventually saved up and bought her a little rabbit fur coat. While her friend talked about it, there was then a reenactment clip showing a girl lacing her skates while wearing a white rabbit jacket.
  • A case in Father Dowling Mysteries involved a victim who had a lynx coat. Sister Stephanie can't resist trying it on, just for a moment.
  • In the Four Weddings episode "And a Shark Tank", Celeste wears a white rabbit wrap (with two puffballs) over her Fairytale Wedding Dress.
  • In Frasier, it's mentioned that Maris has an ermine lap robe, and her sister wore an ermine muff that she used to smuggle a chihuahua into an opera (neither is shown, because both characters were never on screen).
  • Phoebe on Friends even gave into this trope for a short while. When she gets a mink coat as a present, she's horrified at first... until she notices how she looks in it.
    "I mean, you really think this looks good? (Sees herself in the mirror.) 'Cause I do."
    • When Phoebe and Mike get married, Mike's mother wears a white fur coat to the wedding.
  • Fresno: Couldn't properly spoof shows like Dallas and Dynasty without 'em. In one scene, Kane's wife walks out on him, gabbing lynx coat as he complains that she'll catch cold.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Due to the very cold weather, a majority of the Northerners wear fur coats. This works well with both House Stark and House Mormont, whose respective Animal Motif are the wolf and the bear. In a behind the scenes special, some of the stars are taking a moment to make obvious Sarcasm Mode comments about how "unattractive" actors Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark) are. Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, includes this line:
    Lena: Yeah. And then putting fur around them just makes it worse.
    • Sansa Stark wears furs in her Wedding Day to Ramsay Bolton and during Battle of Bastards she wears a fur-lined cloak.
  • Margo in The Good Life had a white fox wrap.
  • In an episode of Gossip Girl, Serena attends a family picture wearing a black dress and a white faux fur wrap.
  • In the second episode of Happy Families, Cassie wore a white fur wrap for an autograph signing.
  • Jennifer in Hart to Hart had a number of furs, from fox wraps, to lynx coats, to mink coats.
  • Hotel! even starts an episode with a fur fashion show.
  • In I Love Lucy Lucy and Ethel constantly ask their husbands for mink stoles and coats of various fur types.
  • In a skit in the TV version of The Jack Benny Program Jack went on a failed date with a girl who wore a fox fur wrap.
  • The Jeffersons: A few furs showed up, including Tom buying Helen a red fox jacket after taking a stock tip from George.
  • The Jerry Springer Show: In a "Too Hot for TV" special involving porn stars, one showed up wearing a full length fur coat. When Jerry asked why, she said she "I heard it was cold in Chicago. Wore my fur". It also allowed her to do a bit of teasing to the audience before fully revealing herself.
  • Kids Incorporated: During their cover of "You're a Friend of Mine" in the episode "The Gift". One girl tried on a white fur coat, and another tried on a white fur stole.
  • Since most of the different Law & Order series take place in New York city, high society ladies often show up wearing furs.
    • In Law & Order: Criminal Intent a witness identifies a lady's connection to a con man by the Russian sable coat she often wore to meet him.
  • The characters in Leverage would often hold their jobs at events where fur wraps were worn by the rich ladies attending.
    • Sophie spent much of one season away due to the actress's pregnancy. The scenes she appeared in put her in clothes to hide the baby bump, such as a long white fur coat.
  • One skit in Love, American Style was "Love and the Fur Coat", where a guy tried to get his mistress a fur coat, but his wife ends up getting it instead.
  • Several of the ladies in Mad Men either buy furs themselves or are given them by their husbands.
  • Lady Morgana from Merlin wore a mink stole in several episodes, and Princess Mithian turns up in a long white fur coat.
  • Mike Hammer: Several ladies in the 1980s series.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Phryne Fisher has a fondness for fur wraps and fur-trimmed coats.
    "Fox. Nothing like it."
  • Mission: Impossible: Casey wears a mink coat over an extremely low-cut cocktail dress while playing The Vamp in order to get close to the main bad guy in "The Lions".
  • Maddie of Moonlighting wore quite a few furs, mostly foxes.
  • Some fur show up in Murder, She Wrote, including a long mink coat by an heiress who's lover mysteriously dies on a plane.
  • In a MythBusters episode exploring James Bond myths, Kari put on an evening gown with a fur wrap, just to get that classic Bond Girl look.
  • An episode of My Wife and Kids was Mike and Jay At the Opera Tonight, and in their booth they met a rich old man and his Gold Digger girlfriend wearing a black fur wrap.
  • The Naked Truth: Nora had a white fur coat for a Christmas episode.
  • The New Avengers: Purdey dons a fur coat when she poses as a gangster's moll in "Faces".
  • Newhart: Stephanie wears a couple mink coats.
  • In the flashbacks in Once Upon a Time, some of the noble and royal ladies wear furs in winter. Even Ingrid, the Snow Queen, wore a coat and cape each trimmed with white fur.
  • Katja, an ill-fated character in Orphan Black, wears a light brown fur jacket.
  • Popular takes place in a school for rich kids, so it has a fair number of furs, such as coats worn by by Mary Cherry (including a lynx coat) and her mother (including a chinchilla coat).
    • One of the students has younger sisters who are twins. The twins ask Nichole and Mary Cherry to teach them how to be Alpha Bitches. When Nick and Mary meet the twins at their home, the twins are wearing matching black mink jackets.
  • In the Quantum Leap episode "Goodbye Norma Jean", Sam leaps into Marily Monroe's chauffeur, and Marilyn of course wears some furs. Her first scene is her wearing a white fox wrap. In the finale, she shows up at the studio wearing a white mink jacket. Her assistant (who is trying to use Marilyn to boost her career) goes Naken In Mink in Marilyn's white fox coat while she's alone at the house.
  • In winter episodes of Road to Avonlea, some furs were likely to be worn, mostly collars, hats, and muffs. In one episode, two ladies recall how jealous one was when the other got a white fur muff as a girl (the first girl even though it was ermine when it was a less expensive fur).
  • Russell's mother in Rules of Engagement wears a chinchilla wrap when she takes him out to dinner.
  • In Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Halloween is treated just like Christmas, so in the first season episode, "A Halloween Story", the Spellman's attend a party held by Aunt Marigold, and everyone is dressed like it's a Christmas party, with Marigold wearing a cocktail dress with a fur neckline. Meanwhile on Earth, Harvey is throwing a regular Halloween party, and one of the guest is dressed as a 50s prom queen, topped with a white rabbit fur shoulder wrap.
  • Saturday Night Live has fur show up in appropriate skits, from spoofing classic movies to Socialites showing their wealth.
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl, in an episode where she wears a short white rabbit cape.
  • Selfie: Eliza wears quite a few fur vests and jackets as part of her Costume Porn.
  • Sex and the City: So many furs are worn by the main characters. And in keeping with the "Everything's Better With" spirit of this trope, the furs are some of the few outfits worn more than once.
  • Silver Spoons: Kate wore a few furs, like a mink cape and silver fox coat.
  • Six Feet Under: Celeste wears a full length lynx coat.
  • Suits: Jessica wore a silver fox fur wrap to a date.
  • Tales from the Darkside: The episode "The Old Soft Shoe" starts with a lady in a blue fox coat showing up at a motel, and a guy tries to hit on her (after he assured his wife on the phone was just getting his car towed). The lady in the fur brushes him off, and she lives through the episode unlike that guy.
    • Another episode starts with a gal in a bus stop wearing a white and brown rabbit fur jacket.
  • The characters in Taxi sometimes pick up rich ladies wearing furs.
  • The Twilight Zone: Some furs are worn in some episodes, such as "Twenty-Two", and especially in "A Nice Plact to Visit" to show the supposed grand nature of the place.
  • With all the high fashion in Ugly Betty, furs are of course worn, particularly Wilhemina who once went Nake In Mink with a sable jacket, and offered a lady any one of her furs for an important favor.
  • In the revival of Upstairs Downstairs Agnes wears a number of furs, including a fur-trimmed jacket when she sails to London in the first episode.
  • Among the Costume Porn in the Victorias Secret Fashion Show includes some fur trim. One outfit Tyra Banks wore was a white bikini with a white fox wrap and a Showgirl Skirt trimmed with white fox.
  • Lagertha in Vikings makes an occasional appearance wearing a snow-white wolf fur on her shoulders, which reminds of her ascension from a humble farmer to high social position.
  • Jennifer Marlowe of WKRP in Cincinnati has some furs that she gets from giving rich men company (but not really sleeping with them, just being a dear friend). She has at least a black mink coat, a stole, and a white mink coat.
  • Karen in Will & Grace loves to wear furs. Even her first scene has her wearing a mink coat.
  • Diana wore a fur or two in Wonder Woman, like a thick fur jacket in the episode "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret".

  • In ABBA, the girls wore some furs for some videos, including a fox coat in the video for "Money Money Money".
  • The girls in AKB48 wear fur-trimmed dresses in holiday videos, which include Sexy Santa Dresses. In the video for "Merry Christmas", the girls wear short Happy Holidays Dresses with red fur puffballs in the dancing scenes. In the street scenes, one of the girls wears a white fur jacket.
  • Anne Murray wears a silver fox coat for much of the video for her song "Now & Forever".
  • Ayumi Hamasaki has worn furs in some of her videos and concerts.
  • In the video for the Big Bang song "Forever With You", the girl wears a white fur jacket and hat, and the two guys wear fur-trimmed jackets.
  • Britney Spears wore some furs for her videos, and some for public appearances, such as a white fox wrap over a white dress when at the 2000 Grammys, and a sable-trimmed dress for a magazine shoot.
  • Christina Aguilera wore a white rabbit coat in the video for rapper Nelly's "Tilt Ya Head Back".
  • Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather wears a brown fur jacket.
  • The album cover and video Music/Enya's "On my way Home" have her wearing a fur-trimmed coat and an ermine hat.
  • Faith Hill has worn some fox wraps in her videos, such as a scarlet fur wrap as a movie star in "I Love The Way You Love Me" and a silver fox wrap in "There You'll Be".
  • Hello! Project: Iida Kaori wears a brown rabbit coat over her shoulders in the video for "I Wish". Some of the costumes in the PV for Renai Revolution 21 are also fur lined.
  • Idina Menzel: For a photo shoot in 2013 she wore a blue faux fur wrap, and for a 2014 holiday concert at Bloomingdale's, she wore a black fur jacket.
  • In the Jay-Z song "Jigga What, Jigga Who" Amil sings the chorus and she appears in the video wearing a white fox fur jacket.
  • Jennifer Lopez loves wearing furs in her red carpet appearances, and in the video for "Jenny From the Block" she wore a few furs, including bouncing around in a chinchilla coat.
  • The Jenny Lewis song "Rabbit Fur Coat" uses it as a metaphor when singing about her troubled past, but at the end does sing about the symbolic coat favorably.
  • In the Kesha for "Take It Off", she grabs a white fur coat from a car and wears it briefly.
  • Koda Kumi wears a hooded brown fur coat in the video for "Showgirl".
  • Lil Kim is very fond of wearing fur, which can be seen in several of her videos, album covers, and public appearances.
  • Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground did the musical version of ''Venus in Furs", where masochism goes hand-in-glove with the right sort of fetish clothing:
    Downy sins of streetlight fancies
    Chose the costumes she shall wear;
    Ermine furs adorn the imperious,
    Severin, Severin, awaits you there
  • Madonna wore several fur in her videos an appearances.
    • She wore a white faux fur wrap in the "Material Girl" video.
    • A white mink jacket in the video for "Music".
    • She wore a long white fox wrap at the 1991 Academy Awards.
  • Mary J. Blige wore a white fur wrap for the cover of a Christmas album.
  • Monique Van Vooren had an album "Mink in Hi-Fi", and the cover was her in a white mink wrap, surrounded by a pile of other mink clothes.
  • Miley Cyrus wears a full length white and gray fox coat in the music video for "We Can't Stop", and has also worn it in several live performances since, such as her Jingle Ball performances in the winter of 2013.
  • Nouvelle Vague's video for their cover of "Eisbär" ("Polar Bear") features the singer laying on a polar bear rug. This is a song that goes something like "I'd like to be a polar bear, at the cold pole." Hmm...yes, so she says as she strokes the fur.
  • Pentatonix: Kirstie wore a white fur jacket on the album cover of "That's Christmas To Me".
  • Reba McEntire wore a white fox wrap in the video for "Does He Love You" and a white mink coat for the cover of her album "Merry Christmas to You".
  • "The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E includes furs in both the lyrics and the video.
    She wears a long fur coat of mink
    Even in the summer time

    Print Media 

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Alicia Fox often wears outfits with fur trim.
  • John Morrison and Melina, aka MNM, were known for wearing what Jim Ross described as roadkill and were very very pretty, if you could overlook the fake tans.
  • Trish Stratus sometimes liked to wear fur jackets, and fur hats when she walks to the ring.

    Tabletop Games 

  • In Born Yesterday, Billie says all she ever wanted was a mink coat, and a radio that could fit in her purse. She thinks she's happy because she now has two. In The '90s remake, she says she's fine because her old coat was just rabbit fur.
  • In Cactus Flower, Julian presents Toni with a mink stole. She's stunned at the generosity of his gift, though she would have rather received black leather slacks. She decides to send the mink to "Mrs. Winston" along with the original card, whose only words are, "As ever, Julian." Stephanie is so taken with the stole that she buys an expensive evening gown to wear with it to the April in Paris Ball.
  • One act in Guys and Dolls starts with the number "Take Back Your Mink", which is the trope namer of Take Back Your Gift, as it's about a lady refusing to be a slut just for gifts like furs.
  • Gypsy: In most versions, there is a white rabbit coat and hat June wears for one of the acts, and a mink coat Gypsy wears that she lets her mother wear at the end. The first film version even had Gypsy wear a dress with a skirt covered entirely with white fox.
  • Rachel Felix was a successful French actress in the mid 19th century. There is a portrait of her in costume, an ermine-trimmed dress and cape.

    Theme Parks 
  • In Disney Theme Parks the women who play the Disney Princesses get warmer outfits in winter. The collars and cuffs are trimmed with white fur, and Belle wears a short white fur cape.

  • Samantha from the American Girls Collection has a skating dress trimmed with white fur, and in one of the books she has an outfit with a white fur hat and muff.
  • Many of Barbie's outfits have fur, from the white fur wrap on the "Enchanted Evening" outfit, to holiday dresses having fur trim.
  • Some of the Bratz outfits have fur trim.
  • As do many variants of the Disney Princesses' dresses, such as a set of winter merchandise in 2005 and 2006 which showed the princesses in dresses trimmed with white fur, and carrying white fur muffs.

    Video Games 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • This picture by Anand Duncan is a winter princess in an outfit where not only is her Pimped-Out Dress decorated with white fur, but also her Parasol of Prettiness.
  • In Idiotsitter, Billie and Gene don oversized fur coats during "Happy Birthday", while they are also whacked out on peyote. The image of them in their coats and sunglasses, in-doors, is also a promo image for the series.
  • The short-lived (so far) sreies Mis-Directed is about a brother and sister trying to film a Torture Porn, with the sister Julianna playing (sort of) the victim while wearing a purple rabbit fur jacket, which she seems to wear specifically to pretty herself up, given she acts like The Prima Donna.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 

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