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Manga: Lady

Lady!! (レディ!! Redi!!) is a Japanese shōjo manga by Youko Hanabusa. It was published by Akita Shoten in the magazine Hitomi Comics from 1987 to 1993 and collected in 12 tankoubon volumes. The manga series was adapted into two anime television series, entitled, Lady Lady!! and its sequel Hello! Lady Lynn, produced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

Its main character is a five-year-old girl named Lynn Russell, the daughter of an English Lord (Sir George Russell aka Viscount Marble) and his Japanese second wife (Misuzu Midorikawa). During The Roaring Twenties, Lynn has lived all of her life in Japan, but when she's five her mom decides to travel to England with her so she can meet up with her dad. Too bad that, as Lynn and Misuzu were on their way, their car gets in an accident and Misuzu dies while shielding Lynn...

Lynn wakes up at the hospital and George is next to her. He doesn't tell her off the bat that Misuzu has just kicked it, though, only saying that she had to urgently return to Japan and left her in his care. Then he takes Lynn to the family home, Marble Mansion, where she has to adapt herself to the British way of life. Though she has the support of her father and her half-sister Sarah Russell, Lynn is bullied by her paternal cousins Thomas and Mary Wavebury, and the Wavebury's mother Baroness Madeleine doesn't like her either. However, even after learning of her mom's Heroic Sacrifice, Lynn decides to not give up and promises to her mom's spirit and to herself to become a proper lady and reach for her happiness.

The early Lady manga/series has the following tropes!

  • Alternate Character Reading: Lynn's name is written in kana and can be read as "Rin". Sometimes she is also referred to by the name "Rin Midorikawa", coming from both this and her mom's maiden name
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: If their surname is Wavebury. Duke Warbawn is also quite mean due to his pride, pressuring George to go the Gold Digger way via marrying Madeleine and refusing to meet Lynn due to being the kid of George's second marriage and half-foreigner.
  • Big Fancy House: Several, but specially Marble Mansion. Which is sold-off later, and that becomes a plot point in Hello!Lady Lynn as Mary manipulates Lynn via promising to help her get it back but only if she relinquishes her bid to the Lady's Crest.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Lynn is part-English, part-Japanese.
  • Cats Are Mean: Subverted and played straight. Mary's cat Prince is quite the meanie, but Lynn's cat Queen is much sweeter. When Mary disowns Prince, he's adopted by Lynn and behaves a little better. Later Prince and Queen having children together
  • Childhood Friend Romance: The Russell sisters and the Brighton brothers seem to be going this way. Sarah and Arthur are already good friends, Lynn also gets along with Arthur (and Sarah even gets kinda jealous), and Edward becomes quite fond of her too...
  • Coming of Age Story
  • Cool Horse: Alessandra
  • Cool Old Lady: Countess Isabelle Montgomery.
  • Gold Digger: George is pressured into becoming this via marrying the rich minor noble Madeleine.
  • Jerk Ass: Thomas and Mary, and Thomas moreso.
  • Lost Wedding Ring: More exactly, stolen-as-a-cruel-prank "Lady's Key".
  • Locked Out of the Loop: George neglects to tell Lynn about Misuzu's death at first, as he believes it'll hurt her way too much. As said above, this doesn't last too long. And in a Kick the Dog moment, the one who tells Lynn that her dear mom is dead... is Madeleine.
  • Maligned Mixed Marriage: The Duke did NOT want George to marry Misuzu. Hence why he refuses to meet Lynn.
  • Mega Twintails: Lynn's 'tails are bigger than her head.
  • Missing Mom: Sarah's mother Frances died when she was a little girl. And then there's Misuzu, whose death is vital to the plot.
  • Names to Know in Anime: Sanae Miyuki (Lynn), Chieko Honda (Sarah), Hideyuki Tanaka (George), Keiko Yokozawa (Misuzu), Keiichi Nanba (Thomas), Mayumi Shou (Mary), Eiko Masuyama (Madeleine), Kōji Totani (Duke Warbawn), Ryo Horikawa (Arthur), Hidehiro Kikuchi (Edward).
  • Princely Young Man: Arthur Brighton. Edward is heading there but he's more cheerful and teasing.
  • Proper Lady: A vital part of the manga plot is to have Rin become one of these. Sarah also wants to be one, specially since her mom Frances was a perfect example of the trope.
  • Race for Your Love: Not romantic example back then: Edward and Arthur pull this to convince Lynn to not escape from home and return to Japan. In the anime movie, Sarah and George do it instead.
  • Shoujo: To the core.
  • Spoiled Brat: Thomas and Mary.
  • Time Skip: The first part takes place when Lynn is a little girl, the rest when she's a pre-teenager. And the end happens several years later.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Lyn's "Lady Key", a jewelry piece that originally belonged to Misuzu. It's actually the key that opens a vault keeping a valuable heirloom of the Russell clan, but it's not revealed until almost the end of Hello! Lady Lynn.
  • Wicked Stepmother: Madeleine is George's would be-girlfriend and prospect third wife. She not only spoils her kids rotten, but she treats Lynn like shit and isn't much kinder to Sarah.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Madeleine and Mary have bright magenta hair in the anime.

The following tropes are more specific to the second part of the manga and the Hello Lady Lynn TV series:

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