Academic Alpha Bitch

Weiss: I was thinking we could be on the team together.
Pyrrha: Well, that sounds grand!
Weiss: Great! [turns around with smirk and clasping hands, monologuing to self] This will be perfect! The smartest girl in class combined with the strongest girl in class! Together we will be unstoppable! I can see it now! We'll be popular! We'll be celebrities! We'll get perfect grades! Nothing could come between us now!

Similar to the Class Representative in her concern for anything school related and like the Alpha Bitch in how ambitious she is. This character is aggressive in her academic superiority. She will act like she's in charge and decide who gets to do what. She's no shy Bookworm. This can be a male character but for some reason, probably because both Men Are Uncultured and Higher Education Is for Women, you can expect a female in the role.

They'll be found in a show that has a private school or a large cast as the one who will fight to be the best but is somehow still popular. The natural Student Council President but not necessarily the only one. Unlike a regular Alpha Bitch she is rarely glamorous and much more likely to be a friend sooner or later like the Lovable Alpha Bitch. She can often be the Beta Bitch.

The academic subtrope of The Perfectionist and Alpha Bitch. Compare to Insufferable Genius. Compare also with Go-Getter Girl.

The polar opposite is the Kindhearted Simpleton. Also contrast Gentleman and a Scholar.


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     Anime & Manga 
  • In Kare Kano, Yukino Miyazawa starts as this. She aspires to be the #1 in her class and is not pleased with Arima steals her top spot, along with the admiration she feels should be hers. Later, however, Yukino becomes a Broken Ace: when she relaxes and then she and Arima start dating, it turns out she was so focused on being this that she can barely interact with other people.
  • Sailor Moon: Ami Mizuno, of all people, once showed tendencies of this in the Exam Battles specials: upon discovering that a mysterious boy named Mercurius had her same scores in all tests, she started going mad and trying to understand how it was possible, and when she accidentally mistook an hostile Genius Loci for him she gleefully attacked the enemy, content of having an excuse. Minako promptly declared she'll stop studying for fear of being murdered by her.
  • Character-of-the-day Giselle from episode 9 of Pokémon.
  • Student Council President Kiryuin Satsuki in Kill la Kill takes this trope to the logical extreme; she runs the school like a Social Darwinist totalitarian autocracy.
  • High School Of The Dead: Prior to the outbreak, Saya was the smartest girl at Fujimi Highschool - and it shows. Her nigh encyclopaedic intellect and analytical ability has enabled her to quickly and accurately assess a situation on repeat occasions, which has saved Takashi and the others several times. But (in the anime) it's also made her almost unbearable at times, between lauding her intellectual superiority and being a major Tsundere.
  • In Little Witch Academia, Diana Cavendish. She's well-known for being the best student in the Wizarding School and sees magic as a noble art, in contrast to Akko, who wants it to be fun. She has some Hidden Depths, though, and saves Akko at the end of the original short.
  • B-ko (Biko) Daitokuji from Project A-ko, although a bit downplayed because her rivalry with Sitcom Archnemesis A-ko tends to be more physical than intellectual. She has all the hallmarks of a standard Alpha Bitch (beautiful, rich, bratty, self-centered, head of the local Girl Posse she uses as flunkies) but doubles down by also being a top student with a genius-level intellect (she builds giant robots and advanced powersuits in her spare time, usually to take down A-ko).

     Comic Strips 
  • Gina from Big Nate is this. The smartest girl in the school, she is one of Nate's arch-nemesises.

  • When Elle gets to Harvard Law in Legally Blonde she faces this horrible preppy girl, Vivian Kensington, who tries to make her look bad in front of the professor. Vivian is a threat to Elle because she's a smart, serious, law student. Later, however, Vivian and Elle start interacting more, and become sort-of Fire-Forged Friends.
  • Taylor McKessie of High School Musical is the president of the science club at East High and a member of the school's national decathlon team. She wants Gabriella to join the team to beat their rivals in West High and does get involve to sabotage Gabriella's growing relationship with Troy to better get her in and keep the status. She does grow out of this when she realizes what a Jerkass move she pulled and becomes nicer.
  • Overachieving high school student Tracy Flick is running unopposed for Student Council President in Election.
  • Harriet Bentley in Wild Child is a very good example, being the "head girl" of the school and making Poppy's life miserable. She ends up being expelled when accidentally confessed that she was the responsible of a fire which Poppy was blamed.

  • Ethel Hallow of The Worst Witch. The narration describes her as "one of those lucky people for whom everything always goes right". She excels at all her classes but continuously rubs it in everyone's face. The TV series emphasises this by giving her only one friend in Drucilla.
  • Hermione Granger is this at first in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. She spends most of her first scenes bragging about all the spells she's read up on in advance, and showing off in class. She undergoes Character Development and becomes friends with Harry and Ron pretty soon however. According to Word of God there was a character planned to fill this role in the fourth book: a Weasley cousin called Mafalda who would get sorted into Slytherin and become Hermione's academic rival. She was dropped due to her age limiting story potential (as there would be a three year difference between the girls).

    Live-Action TV 
  • Boy Meets World: Topanga counted up her As for the year, and insisted that her final assignment get an A, even though it wasn't for the grade, just to ensure valedictorian over Minkus. In Girl Meets World, despite being happily married, a mother of two kids, and a successful attorney, when she's reunited with her former English teacher, she insists he changes an A- he once gave her.
  • Community: Annie Kim, an intensely competitive student who develops a rivalry with Annie Edison.
  • Degrassi:
  • Drake & Josh: Mindy, an intelligent and boastful girl in the boys' class at school who is always trying to top her rival Josh. She eventually gets better from this, after she gets with Josh.
  • Freaks and Geeks: Shelley Weaver, Lindsay's mathlete rival, complete with prim and proper attitude and patronizing comments.
  • Gilmore Girls: The first time that Rory meets Paris Geller at Chilton Academy, Paris tells her how she's going to be editor of the school paper and valedictorian, ending with, "You'll never catch up. You'll never beat me. This school is my domain and the Franklin is my domain. And don't you ever forget that."
  • Head of the Class: Alan Pinkard is none too pleased that others in the high IQ class do as well as he does, even better sometimes. And he was really pissed that 11 year old Janice was in his high school - and more pissed that she left early to go to Harvard, which is where he wants to go. He and Darlene were neck-and-neck when it came time to declare a class valedictorian, but the school's powers that be decided to make another girl, TJ, valedictorian instead because of the challenges she'd had to overcome.
  • Kenan & Kel has Janet, a smug brainy girl. is frequently at odds with the titular protagonists. One episode has her giving a brown-nosing book report that lasts for the entire class.
  • Modern Family: Alex Dunphy is a stereotypical Alpha Academic, often fretting before examinations and sacrificing social activities to study.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide:
    • Evelyn takes being the top student at Polk disturbingly seriously, to the extent that she'll physically injure you to get ahead.
    • Male example in Lance Widget, a nerdy bully who never hesitates to insult the people he tutors.
  • The O.C.: Taylor Townsend is introduced as a competitive, power-grabbing overachiever who quickly assumed the Student Social Chair position after Marissa is expelled. With her early behavior especially towards Summer, she was a combination of Manipulative Bitch and Go-Getter Girl (she gets better later on, when the Manipulative Bitch part is toned down).
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Libby is usually just the typical Alpha Bitch cheerleader. However there's an episode where Sabrina uses her magic to turn Libby into a nerd because she believed that it would teach her a lesson in humility and kindness. This ends up backfiring when Libby takes over the Science Club and starts bullying her old friends in the cheerleading squad. Libby also averts the ditziness usually associated with being the Alpha Bitch, and does occasionally mock Sabrina when she gets better grades than her.
  • Strange Days At Blake Holsey High: Corrine Baxter has a very strong competitive streak.
  • The Worst Witch: The TV series mentioned above adds an original character Deirdre Swoop - from the rival Pentangles Academy. She's the prize student and helps the school win numerous competitions, which she doesn't fail to rub everyone else's noses in. Fortunately she mellows out by the time she appears in the spin-off Weirdsister College - and becomes a teacher at Cackle's later in her life.

     Video Game  
  • The head of the popular clique in Our Darker Purpose, Regan, a master of both social manipulation and dark magics. (Although only the latter is actually seen.)
  • Kameo from True Love Junai Monogatari is a Rare Male Example, always bragging about his academic accoplishments. He's also a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander at times, though.
  • Subverted by Makoto Nijima from Persona 5, who isn't one but is mistakenly believed to be (which includes the Protagonist and his companion Ann Takamaki). For example, the Protagonist can hear some girls gossiping about how she knew what Kamoshida was doing but hid it because she's only pretending to care about the student body. (The truth is that she was furious and blamed herself for him being unpunished for so long, but felt she didn't have the power to do anything.)

     Web Animation  

     Western Animation 
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Cindy Vortex is a popular, athletic and intelligent girl, but she has a mean streak quite big and does not like Jimmy for having usurped her position as smartest kid.
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil: Kendall Perkins.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Played with. While Sunset Shimmer is a genius, having been a former student of Princess Celestia who underwent a Face–Heel Turn and sought to use her powers for evil, she behaved more like a traditional Alpha Bitch in the first movie. Her love of and thirst for knowledge isn't prominent until the third movie in the spin-off series, by which point she had already undergone a Heel–Face Turn.
  • The Simpsons: Lisa prides herself on her intelligence and always coming top of the class with straight 'A's. One episode has her world collapsing when she gets her very first B; another deals with an even brighter girl joining her class and Lisa's utter jealousy of her, and another when she skipped a grade and was no longer the big fish in a small pond.
  • Static Shock: Madelyne Spaulding, a stuck-up "Little Miss Perfect" type who tried running for class president but failed to gain enough supporters to get on the ballot. Her latent abilities as a Bang Baby then manifested, which allowed her to control people like puppets, or "brain puppets", and be able to read minds. She couldn't control Static's mind because of his electrical abilities, but she was able to enter his mind and learn his secret identity. Madelyne then used her powers to try and take over Dakota so she would definitely become student council president.
  • Total Drama Island: Courtney moreso as the franchise went on.