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Series: Teen Wolf

Main cast of Season 4. From left to right: Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Derek Hale, Liam Dunbar.

Be a man. Be a wolf. Not a Teen Wolf. Be a werewolf.

Teen Wolf was revamped in 2011 by MTV, and focuses more on the drama and angst of being a werewolf. A few of the elements of the story have been changed and this series tries to take a different route from the original. Starring Tyler Posey as Scott, this Teen Wolf takes a Darker and Edgier feel to it. The series revolves around social outcast Scott McCall, a young lacrosse-playing student at Beacon Hills High. Scott's life drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf, which in turn transforms him into one of these mythical creatures. He must henceforth learn to balance his problematic new identity with his day to day teenage life. The following characters are instrumental to his struggle: Stiles, his best friend; Allison, his girlfriend, who comes from a family that partakes in werewolf hunting; and Derek, a mysterious werewolf. Throughout the show, he strives both to keep his loved ones safe and maintain the relationships and secrets he shares with each person around him. The theme of "finding your place" is a prevalent undertone that is mirrored by the pack mentality of the werewolves.

Has an out of date Character Sheet. It's locked again, unfortunately. However, it now has a Recap page!

Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all available on The series was renewed for a 5th season in July 2014 that is set to air in 2015.

The TV series contains examples of:

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  • Abandoned Warehouse: The second season headquarters of Derek and his pack, with a couple of subway cars thrown in for good measure. The third season sees Derek move out of the subway and into a high rise loft. Beacon Hills seemingly possesses an extraordinary number of very large, abandoned buildings. These are frequently the scene of supernatural conflicts.
  • Absurdly Ineffective Barricade: Stiles tried to warn everyone that blocking the door with desks and chairs wouldn't do anything to secure the twenty-foot wall of windows, but gets not now, kiddo'd.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Werewolf claws, despite looking almost like 'normal' sharpened human nails, can substitute a knife to cut cable and rake through metal effortlessly.
  • Abusive Parents: Gerard Argent molded his daughter into a genocidal lunatic and was willing to kill his own son and granddaughter to cure his cancer by becoming a werewolf.
    • Isaac's father is shown throwing plates and glasses at him for failing a class. In addition to being physically violent, he was also emotionally abusive, berating Isaac for minor mistakes and punishing him by locking him in a freezer for hours despite (or possibly because of) his crippling claustrophobia. Scratch marks on the ground outside the freezer indicate that at least once, his father literally dragged him there.
  • Academy of Adventure: Beacon Hills High School has officially become this, but most of the student body is unaware of the supernatural nature of the strange events and murders in town. They also have no idea about the growing number of werewolves among their classmates. Werewolves and other supernatural creatures battle inside the school, human sacrifices are committed on the premises (by an evil druid who doubles as the English teacher) and the entire school orchestra was possessed during a concert (again by the English teacher).
    • And now in Season 4, we have Professional Killer Orphans attending classes, mouthless men sneaking around, and a visiting instructor who has some interesting applications for Canine Distemper...
  • The Ace: Scott became this after he was turned into a werewolf in season one. He gained athleticism, popularity, confidence and a hot love interest (Allison).
  • Action Girl: Kate and Allison Argent are both hunters, so it comes with the job.
    • And now Kira and Malia are the latest to join the ranks of badass females. Even Lydia is showing signs of coming into her own.
  • Action Girlfriend: Allison. She may be the love interest of The Hero, Scott, but she's more than just the love interest or girlfriend. She is also an action girl and a capable fighter at heart who can stand up for herself.
  • Action Survivor: Stiles, who's an untrained human among werewolves and hunters.
    • Allison was this in the first season before she embraced the Argent legacy of being a werewolf hunter and becoming an Action Girl. Before Allison became a hunter, she was forced to defend herself as much as possible with all of the supernatural events and supernatural beings surrounding her without having any superhuman abilities or any skills in combat or hunting.
    • Lydia, as well, is this, only getting into a few physical fights in four seasons.
  • Action Duo: Stiles works this with pretty much everyone, but special mention goes to Derek, where they share this dynamic practically every time they're on screen together. When they're not too busy snarking at each other, of course.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Stiles makes reference to this on occasion, which is fairly comical considering he's a confirmed aversion of A Man Is Not a Virgin.
    Stiles: I'm playing? On the field? With the team?
    Finstock: Yes, unless you'd with yourself.
    Stiles: I already did that today, twice.
  • Adorkable: Scott, Stiles and Isaac could all qualify for this trope.
    • Starting in season 3B we have transfer student Kira, between her crush on Scott and her father's unerring ability to embarrass her at school.
  • Adults Are Useless: Played straight and averted, depending on the episode and season. Most of the teens have to check in with their parents on a regular or semi-regular basis. And once Scott's mother finally learns about her son's werewolf issues, she becomes much more involved and informed in the kids' activities.
    • The Argents are very effective as werewolf hunters. Pity they tend to get carried away with it.
    • Stiles' father is constantly popping up as the sheriff and is good at his job despite not knowing about the supernatural situation in town. He is also an expert marksman capable of severing a rope with a single gunshot.
    • Melissa McCall is a top-notch nurse. Scott is in awe of his mother's skills when she saves Danny's life as his lung was collapsing.
      • And then she zaps Ethan and Aiden's superwolf form with a defibrillator in 3x10! Talking about Action Mom!
    • Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morrell could count as aversions as well, except that they often seem to be deliberately less useful than they could be.
    • Ironically, the only supernatural (alive) parent on the show, Mama Yukimura is proven to be rather useless as she shoves her responsibility to her daughter of stoping (killing) a possessed Stiles. The thing is, she is one controlling the Onis, so she is being antagonistic to Scott's resolve of saving Stiles. Also, it turns out that she is the one who originally summoned the Nogitsune back during World War II, making the whole problem her fault to begin with.
  • Adult Fear: Sheriff Stilinski's reaction and horror at Stiles' kidnapping is a very accurate portrayal of every parent's worst nightmare of losing their children.
    • In "Fury", when Matt shoots Scott, Stiles' father is locked in another room when he hears the gunshot. He panics and begins shouting for his son and Scott, not knowing what is happening or who was hurt. Made worse because Scott's mom saw her own son shot and Matt refused to let her go to Scott, despite her pleas.
    • In 3b, Melissa started noticing that Stiles showed some concerning symptoms (night terrors, insomnia, hallucinations, etc). When she told his dad, it turns out the sheriff had a list of the same symptoms written down. Anyhow, after a quick MRI scan it turns out that Stiles has frontal lobe dementia, the same kind as his mother! So imagine this; for the past few weeks you were watching your only son develop an incurable illness that you know will kill him in a very painful way, just like it did his mother and there's nothing you can do about it.
      • "Echo House" takes this Up to Eleven when the sheriff must commit Stiles to a mental institution, because he's a very real danger to himself and others.
  • A Father to His Men: Scott. He's an Alpha who has shown kindness, empathy, concern and compassion for the people he cares about (his friends and family) as well as innocents. Comes with being a True Alpha and The Leader.
  • Affably Evil: Peter Hale is interpersonally charming, amicable, and helped Allison pick out a dress for a school dance. He also murdered his niece, mauled Lydia at that school dance, and may have helped Allison pick that dress to freak out Scott. And when it comes down it, he will save the day when they wanna admit to it or not.
  • Alpha Bitch/Lovable Alpha Bitch: Lydia is the most popular and ruthless girl in school, with parties so grand that she doesn't even bother with invitations. Allison, however, is privileged enough to be graced with her softer side (and fashion sense) from Day 1.
  • Alliterative Name: The show seems to be a fan of this, even for characters whose full names we don't know: Allison Argent, "Stiles" Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, Dr. Deaton, Ms. Morrell
  • All-Loving Hero: Scott. He is always willing to see the best in everyone, even his worst enemies. He also believes that those who are corrupted by darkness and evil are capable of being saved somehow.
  • A Man Is Not a Virgin: Averted with Stiles. And the virgin sacrifices. Possibly played straight with many of the other teenage male characters so far.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Kira's father, Mr. Yukimura, the new teacher at school. He seems to have no public/private filter when it comes to his daughter's feelings or social life. And he normally makes these observations in front of rooms full of her new classmates.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Noted by Scott's father when he says that Scott and his friends are not half as traumatized as they should be over the recent events at school. invoked
  • Animal Motifs: Wolves for most of the leads, including those who aren't actually werewolves. Fox elements are added in season 3B with the introduction of Kitsunes. Flies are also associated with magic in general - fireflies appear alongside more positive Druid magic (though there are exceptions), and the Nogitsune is associated with houseflies.
  • Anti-Hero: Derek is a member of the Nineties Anti-Hero mould, complete with leather, bitter misanthropy, and resorting to violence as a primary solution. He also dips a bit into the Classical Anti-Hero pool in an Asuka Langley Sohryu way, as his bitterness and violent behavior have bitten him in the ass more than once and he's fundamentally lonely and self-loathing under the scowl.
  • Anything That Moves: Lydia - in a ten-minute span in one episode, she flirts with Jackson (her boyfriend), Scott (her friend Allison's boyfriend) and Mr. Argent (her friend Allison's father).
    • In "The Tell", Lydia flirts with Stiles as well, though she was drugged at the time.
    • Although it appears to be mostly an act as she only goes as far as flirting and kissing. In the episode "Formality" she states she won't be the type of girl who lifts her skirt to get what she wants. Then again, since she did make out with Scott in "Lunatic", maybe she meant she wouldn't lift her skirt now that Jackson has dumped her.
    • In "Tattoo", she starts the first day of the school year having spent the night with a hot jock. When she gets to school she then proceeds to assess all the new freshmen for likely candidates. Fortunately thanks to Dawson Casting it looks a lot less creepy than it would in real life.
    • Erica, in her role as The Vamp and the Dark Chick.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Mountain Ash, which can serve as a general purpose Deflector Shield against supernatural creatures like werewolves and can also be used to prevent someone from turning into a werewolf if consumed before being bitten. However, it is prone to Phlebotinum Breakdown under assault from very powerful supernatural beings.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Subverted or averted. Scott has difficulty at first believing that the murderer in season 3 is a druid, but quickly changes his tune once Stiles reminds him he is a werewolf. And when Lydia starts hearing voices in "Motel California", Allison automatically believes her because of everything else the group has been through.
  • Archer Archetype: Allison is eternally practical, best demonstrated in Season 3 when she breaks into an abandoned bank while the boys are talking about breaking into the bank and corrals Cora and Boyd more efficiently than even her father, and independent (mostly due to an internalized fear of being weak). She also shoots things with arrows.
  • Arc Symbol:
    • The spiral in season one, which represents a werewolf vendetta.
    • The triangular triskelion in season 3, which is the calling card for the Alpha Pack, and the tree that appears in the opening credits and Lydia's drawings.
    • The "backwards 5" in 3B.
  • Arc Words: "The Sun, the Moon, the truth" in season 4.
  • Artistic License - Pharmacology: Wolfsbane is super poisonous. Super even to the touch absorbed through the skin poisonous. To everyone. Stiles should have died back in Season 1 just from touching that wolfsbane rope Derek wrapped around Laura's grave. Then there's Lydia's party, which should have ended with everyone dead from the laced punch instead of the unhappiest Mushroom Samba ever. And you'd better believe Coach Finstock isn't going to have so much as numb lips after blowing into a whistle filling with enough wolfsbane that merely blowing the whistle spread it into the air and made all the werewolves... still just hallucinate rather than EVERYONE DYING and also that's not how whistles even work.
    • In traditional Chinese medicine wolfsbane is often used as a remedy for various ailment. They do this by neutralizing the aconite content to almost nothing via quite a few processes. The wolfsbane used by hunters in the show might have been purchased in a Chinese herb shop so it will only be harmful to werewolves. And there are many varieties of wolfsbane with various degrees of toxicity.
  • Ascended Extra: Deputy Parrish is introduced in season 3b as a Mauve Shirt, but becomes more important in season 4.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: When Scott and Stiles try to tell Jackson that Lydia might be turning into a werewolf, his response warrants this reaction from Stiles.
    Jackson: Turning?
    Scott: Yeah, turning.
    Jackson: Into?
    Stiles: A unicorn. What do you think, dumbass?
  • Asshole Victim: The Kanima's victims.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Averted. Stiles has ADHD according to Word of God, but it mainly manifests in impulsive decisions and body language.
  • Audible Sharpness: Werewolf claws. Just a flick of the wrist and ''SHEEENG~".
  • Ax-Crazy: Gerard and Kate Argent. And they'll gladly use an ax to chop some werewolves in half, too.
    • Kali of the Alpha Pack has some serious shades of this, mixed with Blood Knight.
  • Badass: All of the werewolves, by definition, are stronger, faster, and have better reflexes than they did as humans, allowing them to serve as exceptional combatants and pull off some impressive (and excessive) martial feats.
  • Badass Adorkable: Scott is more painfully earnest and kind than expected from any teenage boy outside of a Disney film, literally bounces with excitement when told he made first line in lacrosse, and has rushed into battle and held his ground against Derek, Peter, all three of Derek's betas, and the Kanima. Stiles emphasizes awkwardness as endearing, being entertaining and overly enthusiastic about things no other character cares about (like circumcision and being attractive to gay men), but see Badass Bookworm below. Isaac gets to be this after a brief stint as a Jerkass Woobie.
  • Badass Bookworm: Stiles has an exceptional mind for research, having gleaned the essentials of werewolf existence from the Internet and observing Scott, and was able to train Scott to control himself more efficiently than Derek (though Derek being a born werewolf doesn't exclude him from being a singularly terrible teacher). As for Badass, he stands up to Derek on more than one occasion, Chris Argent at least once, and ran into battle against a fully-wolf Peter and threw a Molotov cocktail at him despite sarcasm "being [his] only defense".
  • Badass Family:
    • The Argents. Even (or especially) Mrs. Argent, whom we never actually see in combat, but who is consistently described by fans as the most terrifying character, in spite of being on a show about werewolves.
    • What's left of The Hales, Derek and Peter. Peter is season one's Big Bad, Derek becomes the Alpha after killing him. In season two, Peter orchestrates his resurrection by possessing Lydia. Cora, Derek's younger sister and Talia, Derek and Cora's mother, are also pretty badass as well.
  • Badass Grandpa: Gerard Argent. A seasoned hunter who can easily bisect a werewolf with his sword, and blinded Deucalion by stabbing a pair of flashbang arrows into his eyes.
  • Badass In Charge: All Alphas could count as this. Derek used to be this when he was an Alpha but that is now changed, as Derek is now either a Beta or Omega.
    • Scott, as he is now an Alpha (a True Alpha to be exact) as of season three.
  • Badass Normal: Deaton, the veterinarian and Scott's boss. Completely unflinching in the face of the Big Bad Wolf, even after getting a chair thrown at him. "We. Are. Closed." The Argents and werewolf hunters in general also make a freaking point of being this, using wolfsbane-laden arrows and bullets to take down wolves.
    • Stiles could count as well. He doesn't fear throwing himself into danger when he has to for Scott's sake and risking his life within the world of the supernatural. This is the same kid who threw a molotov cocktail at Peter Hale while he was in his full beastly Alpha form.
    • Out of all people, Melissa McCall takes this Up to Eleven in 3.10 when she tasers Aiden and Ethan's superwolf form with a defibrillator, who were attacking her son Scott. Combat Medic, Action Mom, Big Damn Heroes, Deadly Doctor, Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?? AND Mama Bear all into one scene!
    • Sheriff Stilinski and Agent McCall also have their moments, usually combined with Big Damn Heroes. In Season 4, McCall saves Stiles from being shot by an assassin and the Sheriff becomes the first person in the series to actually kill a Berserker - by tricking them into catching a bomb.
  • Badass Teacher: Ms. Morrell is one. Being Dr. Deaton's sister certainly helps.
  • Bad Black Barf: When Derek is poisoned and dying in season one after being shot with a wolfsbane bullet, he vomits black fluid.
    • Jackson vomits similar-looking black fluid briefly, which Derek explains as his body rejecting whatever it is that turns someone into a werewolf after being bitten.
    • Derek breaks Erica's arm when she was poisoned, draining black venom from her bloodstream and kickstarting her Healing Factor.
    • Gerard by the bucketload after being dosed with mountain ash due to Scott tricking him and putting it in his medication and being bitten by Derek.
  • Back from the Dead:
    • Through her hallucinations, Peter instructs Lydia on how to resurrect him with the promise of ridding Lydia of her visions.
    • At the end of season 3B, Kate Argent.
  • Bash Brothers: Scott/Stiles, Scott/Isaac and Scott/Derek could all be considered. Scott considers Stiles, Isaac and Derek as his brothers and believes that they will always have his back during a fight or battle. Ethan and Aiden are a literal example.
  • Battle Couple: Scott and Allison in season 1 and 2. One is a werewolf with superhuman abilities (Scott) and one is a badass werewolf hunter (Allison) born into a Badass Family with a Secret Legacy. They would often fight side by side during battles and missions. As of season 3, Scott and Kira are shaping to be this, as Scott is an Alpha and Kira is a badass kitsune. And in Season 4 we get Derek and Braeden, complete with Back-to-Back Badasses.
  • Battle in the Rain: Between Scott and Kira and the Oni in "Letharia Vulpina". There's one in the snow as well in "The Divine Move".
    • Kira gets another one in "Monstrous," defending two werewolves against rogue hunters.
  • Betty and Veronica: Season two arguably has two triangles: Scott is the Archie to Allison's Betty and Erica's Veronica, whereas in a gender swapped example, Lydia looks to be the Archie to Stiles' Betty and Jackson's Veronica.
    • And now we have a couple new ones in season three: Allison is the Archie to Scott's Betty and Isaac's Veronica, while Lydia's the Archie to Stiles' Betty and Aiden's Veronica.
    • In a bromance triangle, between Scott, Stiles and Isaac with Scott being the Archie to Stiles' Betty and Isaac's Veronica.
    • A minor one between Scott, Allison and Kira, with Scott being the Archie to Allison's Betty and Kira's Veronica.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Used as a plot point. Deputy Parrish's hair and nails are fine after his assassin burned him alive, when even beings with a Healing Factor would have lost them.
  • The Berserker: All out-of-control shapeshifters behave this way until they learn to temper their bestial nature. Season 4 introduces actual Berserkers, which ironically, don't really fit this trope. They are shown to be incredibly strong and can take more punishment than most characters can give, but they tend to stay really calm, stop fighting when a threat has been neutralized, and never disobey Kate.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Scott. He's a nice guy, but don't piss him off by either threatening or hurting the people he loves or hurting innocent people. The result won't be pretty and Scott's tougher side will come out.
  • Bi the Way: Caitlin (the girlfriend of Emily, one of the Darach's victims).
  • Big Bad/Big Bad Ensemble: Similar to other shows in this genre, each season has at least one.
    • In Season One, Scott and the others deal with a mysterious Alpha werewolf who turns out to be Derek's Evil Uncle Peter. There's also Allison's aunt Kate, who has a part in the Alpha's Start of Darkness
    • In Season Two, it looks to be the Kanima, but the role goes to Gerard Argent, Chris's father and Allison's grandfather. The Kanima is however The Heavy.
    • In Season Three, the Alpha Pack holds the role collectively. Although their leader Deucalion is implied to be more than just an Alpha werewolf. Also the Homicidal Dark Druid aka Jennifer Blake.
    • Big Bad Friend: As of 3B, Stiles is the Big Bad, as he is possessed by the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune is a fox spirit and is an enemy of both the kitsune and the werewolf. They feed off of pain, chaos and strife.
    • Bigger Bad: The Benefactor/Meredith Walker in season 4, who is funding a bunch of assassins to kill all supernaturals in Beacon Hills using money stolen from the Hale vault.
      • The Man Behind the Man: In a way. The deadpool was Peter's idea, back when he was going insane from the coma. A mentally vulnerable Meredith listened to his ravings for months on end.
  • The Big Bad Wolf: The Alpha in season one, Peter Hale. In true fairy-tale like style, he's the season's Big Bad, nigh-indestructible and psychopathic.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Derek has this towards Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd and his pack. Especially Scott. Derek is almost a mentor for Scott and he always helps him and looks out for Scott whenever he is in trouble or needs help.
    • Scott has this towards Liam, after biting him and making him his Beta. Most of his interaction with him is about comforting him when he's frightened or unsure about himself.
    • Parrish is generally nice and helpful, but gets especially protective when it comes to Lydia and Meredith, as well as de-aged Derek.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Derek is making a habit of it, to the point where it is an expected part of his Heel-Face Revolving Door.
    • Papa Stilinski on 3 season episode Currents to Deaton from being a sacrifice, since he was inside of a barrier of Mountain Ash.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Stiles and Lydia kiss.
  • Big Good: Scott. Not only is he the "True Alpha" (which is a once-in-100-years-werewolf who becomes an Alpha or rises to Alpha status through the goodness and nobility of their character, their strength of will and without taking the power from other werewolves) along with being The Hero, The Leader, The Heart, a Magnetic Hero, an All-Loving Hero, a Hope Bringer, The Paragon, The Cape, and an Ideal Hero, but Scott has the highest and strongest morals, values and ideals of any character on the show. Scott stands for heroism, justice, compassion, kindness and he is a natural-born leader who inspires others to come together for a common purpose. He is also strongly opposed to killing, believes that every one can be saved somehow (including villains, such as Jackson as the Kanima and Deucalion, for example) and he always tries to see the best in everyone, even his own enemies. Not to mention that Scott is also a Morality Pet or Morality Chain for Derek, Allison, Isaac and Stiles (now that he is possessed by the Nogitsune) and had a strong influence on both Derek and Isaac becoming much nicer, gentler and kinder in personality. In other words, Scott could be considered Teen Wolf's equivalent of Superman and Captain America.
  • Big "OMG!": Stiles, in regards to not being able to help Scott out at sneaking over a fence, Batman style. Actually, he pretty much goes "OH MY GOD" all the time. In every episode.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Jennifer Blake is the Darach.
    Ms Blake:: You're just like me, Lydia. Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: In the Pilot, Scott's mother worries about him having a new girlfriend, and says she won't be on "some show with a pregnant teenager." Teen Mom also airs on MTV.
  • Blessed with Suck: Lydia has the ability to find the dead due to her banshee abilities.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: In Season 2, Erica's the blonde, Allison's the brunette, and Lydia's the redhead.
    Stiles: "[Lydia's] hair's actually strawberry blonde."
  • Blondes Are Evil: Kate Argent and her father Gerard are both psychopathic, manipulative killers.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Derek, after getting claw-stabbed in the back by the Alpha.
    • Scott, after being shot by Kate in season one.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Braeden develops one on Derek, which he reciprocates.
  • Bolivian Army Ending: Season Two ends with the already-weakened werewolves, Erica and Boyd surrounded by the Alpha pack, who appear to be itching for a fight.
  • Book Dumb: Scott. He's failing several subjects in school, but he can cook up an Indy Ploy in a tight spot.
    • To be fair, he's ONLY failing due to werewolf drama and it's implied that normally his grades are good. When he gets a paper with a failing grade, there's a comment that says, "Not like you," Stiles says he just needs to study, and Coach Finstock seems confident that Scott can get his grades back up so he can be on the lacrosse team next season.
  • Bottle Episode: "Night School", takes place...well, in the high school at night. It has Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison and Jackson form a temporary alliance while trying to evade the Alpha.
    • The third season's "Motel California" similarly traps the students at a motel while the deadly events happen.
  • Bound and Gagged: The hunters like using this method. For example Chris had himself and Allison bound up and gagged as a training exercise and Gerard did this to Erica and Boyd once they'd been captured.
  • Brains and Brawn: Scott and Stiles with Scott being the Brawn to Stiles' Brains. Scott is more of a fighter, a warrior who is an Action Hero who is involved in all the action and fights in the series, while Stiles is more of the Badass Bookworm who offers serious input during battles and missions.
  • Brains: Evil; Brawn: Good: Scott versus his enemies. It is not that Scott is dumb, in fact, Scott is actually quite smart and clever when he wants to be. However, Scott's strength when he is going up against his enemies and opponents is being a fighter and warrior, protecting and defending his loved ones and innocent people from danger and from harm. Another one of Scott's strengths are his good social skills and his gift of persuasion.
  • Brainless Beauty: Lydia comes off as this at first, but it's later shown that she's Obfuscating Stupidity for Jackson's sake and is actually a Teen Genius who's extremely gifted in chemistry and can read archaic Latin.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Scott by the Alpha in "Night School". He snaps out of it pretty quickly, but still...
    • Jackson as the Kanima. Can be snapped out of it when people he cares about are in danger to be hurt by him.
  • Brainy Brunette: Just about every dark-haired character on the show applies: Stiles, Allison, Scott, and Danny are pretty smart, logical and knowledgeable in many subjects. Mr. Harris, Ms. Morrell, Jennifer Blake, Mr. Yukimura as well, justified since they are teachers. Averted with Lydia, since she's a redhead with an IQ of 170, making her the smartest one in the bunch.
    • Peter and Deucalion are somewhere between evil geniuses and manipulative bastards, so it's a given.
    • Special mention goes to Derek. While his knowledge of the werewolves and the supernatural is expected, he is shown to be a very well-read and educated person.
    Jennifer: In twenty minutes I have to start two dozen teenagers on "The Crucible" and I honestly have no idea what I'm going to say.
    Derek: Well, why don't you start by telling them that it's an allegory for McCarthyism?
  • Break the Cutie: Multiple characters, notably Scott in season 1, Allison in season 2 when her mom dies, and Derek when he kills his first love. Now it seems to be Stiles as of 3B that is the target for tragedy, pain and doom.
  • Brick Joke: A dramatic use of one. Throughout the series, all the werewolf incidents are dismissed as mountain lion attacks. In "The Tell", the school parent teacher conference seems to be under attack by the alpha. Turns out after Mr. Argent shoots it, it was a mountain lion.
    • Scott attempts to literally sniff out the other werewolf on his lacrosse team. He crashes into his teammates, causing them to fall so that they are in one place long enough to smell them. When he falls on top of Danny, Danny says, "It's Armani," referring to his aftershave. Scott flirtatiously says, "It's nice." Viewers are left to simply see this scene as Ho Yay/Fanservice until four episodes later, when Scott is chasing down the Kanima using his sense of smell, and realizes he smells... Armani. It leads him to realize that the Kanima is seeking out Danny.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Happens to werewolves during lunar eclipses.
  • Brutal Honesty: When Scott asks Braeden if she'd be willing to kill Kate for the right price, she replies that she'd kill him for the right price.
  • Buffy Speak: Many of the characters use this on occasion, but Stiles is by far the worst offender during his Motor Mouth tangents.
  • Bullet Seed: A variation where Stiles can spit a highlighter cap to ceiling of a classroom (and then catch it).
  • Bullets Do Not Work That Way / Pretty Little Headshots: When a man is threatening Stiles with a gun, Scott's dad shoots the man in the back of the head. We see an improbably small exit wound form and we see Stiles get sprayed with blood. What we do not see is where the bullet went after it exited the guy's head. Considering their positions, it would have almost certainly hit Stiles in the face and killed him too.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Jackson has a bad habit of being an utter dick to Derek, Peter, and Chris even after he found out about how dangerous they were.
    • He also tries to extort Scott after finding out he's a werewolf. Subverted when Scott wolfs out and slams him into a door, giving a hint that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't try antagonizing someone who can rip you apart.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Coach Finstock; ambiguously crazy, competent coach and economics teacher. May or may not be talking to a team member that doesn't even exist.
  • Butt Monkey: Derek. Shot, poisoned, apparently murdered, tortured and beaten by way of setting the stakes and showing off the worst the baddies can offer. Nothing good happens to him. Even becoming an Alpha by Season One's end only makes his situation worse.
    • And Greenberg from the lacrosse team. He seems to be the bane of Coach Finstock's existence. If he exists, anyway, since the producers have put forth the possibility that there IS no Greenberg.

  • California Doubling: Inverted; the show takes place in Northern California, but is shot in Atlanta. Effective Season 3, though, principal shooting will actually move back to California; the show won a lottery that will reward it tax credit for shooting.
  • Call Back:
    • The school principal demands that whatever happened in the library be fixed, and also demands, "And what... the bloody hell... is this?"... holding up Gerard's sword.
    • In "117", Malia highlights the same way Stiles does (as in, everything). The same episode also has Stiles refer to Derek as "cousin Miguel from Mexico" just as he did in season 1 with Danny.
    • When Liam is turned into a werewolf, Scott spends "The Benefactor" failing to communicate with him exactly the same way Derek did with Scott in season 1, up to regurgitating random useless and faintly alarming quotations. The issue is resolved in a shot where Chris Argent shoots at the new werewolf when he and Scott crouch against a tree, a scene-perfect recreation of a shot from the first season with Scott and Derek—though the ammo is nonlethal this time, and Chris is a friend. It's a "the more things change" kind of episode.
    • In "Smoke and Mirrors", Kira imagines her mother (or hallucinates her), who helps her calm down and focus to activate her healing. In "Motel California", Allison used a memory of her mother to help her focus.
  • Can Not Spit It Out: Much of the mystery in Season One stems directly from the fact that while Derek actually talks quite a bit, he never just gets to the point when he can be cryptic instead. "No, I didn't bite you, Scott." and "The Argents hunt werewolves." would have literally taken seconds to get out the very first time he met Scott.
  • Cast from Lifespan: A kitsune's ability to summon Oni by breaking their tails is implied to be this. Noshiko Yukimura is confirmed in season 4 to have lost her strength, her healing abilities and, it is implied, her borderline-immortality.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: Most of the guys in the show range from drop-dead gorgeous to just very, very pretty. Examples include Scott, Stiles, Derek, Jackson, Danny, Boyd, Isaac, Aiden, Ethan, Parrish, etc.
    • Depending on your type, you could add in Chris Argent, Peter Hale, Sheriff Stilinski, Agent McCall, Deaton, random extras on set... It's actually kind of ridiculous and unfair. Not that any of us fangirls are complaining.
  • Casting Gag: Shelley Hennig as Malia, Stiles's new love interest, who played the sister of Dylan O'Brien's girlfriend Britt Robertson on The Secret Circle
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Stiles points out that the events occurring in "Motel California" are similar to when Lydia unintentionally poisoned everyone with wolfsbane during her birthday. While he's saying it to explain his fears that someone might be manipulating her again, it actually foreshadows that the wolves present were doused with wolfsbane hidden inside the coach's whistle, which is why they're hallucinating.
    • Kate asks Chris if it's possible for a werewolf to turn someone from a scratch (after noticing the deep claw marks in the back of Jackson's neck). Chris comments that it is possible, if the claws go deep enough. That was in season one. During the Cliff Hanger of season 3, it turns out that this method was able to turn somebody after all: Kate Argent herself.
    • The Kanima's venom shows up a few times in season 3B to harmlessly subdue people, like Void/Stiles.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The first two episodes of season 3B are spent trying to find Malia Tate, a werecoyote who accidentally killed her mother and sister. Six episodes later she reappeared in the same asylum where Stiles was staying, and then was revealed to be Peter Hale's daughter.
    • In "The Wolf And The Fox", we're introduced to Satomi, a Japanese werewolf imprisoned in an internment camp in World War II. In season 4, we find out that after losing control there, she devised the Arc Words "The sun, the moon, the truth" as a mantra to help werewolves maintain control.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: Stiles' smile from Frayed.
  • The Chessmaster: Gerard Argent spends all of Season Two playing everybody like a fiddle. The season finale reveals that for the latter half of the season, Scott was one step ahead of him.
    Scott: Everybody said Gerard always had a plan. I had a plan too.
  • Chick Magnet: Scott became this after being turned into a werewolf. So far, Scott has had the romantic interest of pretty much all of the female characters on the show, including Allison, Erica, Lydia, and Kira. Not to mention that he has also stolen many of the male character's (i.e. Stiles, Derek, Isaac, Boyd, Ethan and Aiden) hearts as well by the simple fact that they either adore or have respect for Scott. See Magnetic Hero.
  • The Chosen One: Scott is a True Alpha, a once-in-a-century werewolf who can rise to Alpha status based only on their own character and strength of will, without having to steal the power of other werewolves.
  • Clear My Name: Stiles and Scott falsely accuse people/werewolves of murder a lot. The accusation of Boyd and Cora is particularly stupid because it was stated to be physically impossible for them to have done it and because there are a ton of others who could have done it. Did they forget that five other alphas, a werewolf serial killer, and people with access to cutting implements were in town?
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Stiles.
    Coach Finstock: For his final question for his mid-term exam, he detailed the entire history of the male circumcision.
    Sheriff Stilinski: Well...I does have...historical significance, right? I mean...
    Coach Finstock: I teach economics.
    Sheriff Stilinski: Ahh...crap.
  • Comic-Book Time: If we are to go by the date on a newspaper at the end of season 1 that says it's 2011, season 4 should be in early 2012 judging from how the school years have been. However, in season 2, it seems to be 2012 judging by how much time is said to have passed since a certain class graduated. In other words, each season seems to be in Present Day; the show is on a sliding timescale.
  • The Comically Serious: Derek's glaring or hostile reactions to other people's actions, especially Stiles', are often much funnier than the initial joke.
  • Conspicuous CG: In the pilot episode, we're treated to a sequence of stampeding deer as well as quick shots of a werewolf.
  • Consummate Liar: Gerard Argent and the nogitsune are completely capable of lying in the presence of werewolves. The latter is an evil trickster spirit who can probably control his heartbeat though.
  • Cool Bike: Scott's motorcycle. It's definitely an upgrade for Scott considering that he was either getting around in Stiles' Jeep or on a regular bike.
  • Cool Car: Derek's 2010 Chevrolet Camaro and Stiles' Jeep CJ-7.
  • Cool Old Guy: Dr. Deaton. He doesn't even flinch when Peter Hale comes after him.
  • Cowardly Lion: Stiles is one of the few characters with no superhuman abilities or weapons, but he doesn't shy away from attempting to save his friends and family, scared he may be.
  • Creepy Crows: Dramatically disrupting the first day of the year at the Beacon Hills High School.
  • Crossover Cosmology: The first season was basic werewolf lore. The second season drew inspiration from Greek and Aztec mythology (both referring to the kanima). Season 3A had some more Greek (the supposed origins of werewolves) and many Celtic (druids, the darach, and the nematon) elements, and 3B introduced heavy amounts of Japanese folklore (kitsunes and nogitsunes). Season four sees a return to more Aztec folklore, such as the god Tezcatlipoca and werejaguars, and also briefly features Wendigos (Native American). Then there are the berserkers (mentioned in season 3, appearing in season 4), which are a literal crossover of Norse and Aztec folklore since they originated in Norse mythology but are utilizing jaguars, which are associated with Aztec myths. There may even be Judeo-Christian mythology involved, since the Argent bestiary mentions Beelzebub.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: It is a hunter policy to cut defeated werewolves in half so that they can't heal their injuries.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Scott, who doesn't see it when Derek says the bite is a gift. This leads the audience to believe that Derek had bitten Scott, but he didn't.
  • Curse That Cures: Scott loses his asthma once bitten. A minor upside to being low man on the Food Chain of Evil, getting an Enemy Within and a target of Van Helsing Hate Crimes.
    • In season two, Gerard Argent wants to use this trope to survive cancer.
    • Also, Erica had severe epilepsy which required anti-seizure medications with pretty bad side effects themselves, which didn't always work for her anyway. The bite took care of all of that, leaving her healthy, beautiful and confident.
  • Damsels Out Of Distress: Both Allison and Lydia. They are capable of defending themselves and kicking one major ass when they have to.
    • Kira as well.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Averted and subverted throughout the show, as there are werewolves who are more good/neutral, werewolves who are bad, creatures that are involuntarily evil, people that are purely evil, and so on. Taken Up to Eleven by the Oni from Season 3. They get played up as unstoppable villains in their first few appearances, but it is revealed that they are actually a force of nature tracking down something much, much worse.
  • Darker and Edgier: Than the '85 movie.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Derek, via Dead Family, and eventually, ripped-in-half older sister. Also, Isaac, Liam, and a whole bunch of the villains (naturally).
  • Dating Catwoman: Scott and Allison. A variation in which he knows she's on the opposing side, or, that her father is anyway.
    • In season 3, it's the Alpha twins dating Lydia and Danny. Subverted with Danny, though, since he doesn't realize that his boyfriend is evil or anything about the supernatural.
      • Except it's found out that he's known all along in The Divine Move
  • Deadpan Snarker: The whole cast in spades, but special props go to Mrs. McCall.
    • Umm, Stiles? It's one of his defining characteristics.
  • Deal with the Devil: An Alpha werewolf and "the bite". Selling your humanity for power, health, and popularity doesn't seem like much at first until:
    • The full moon turns you into a homicidal jerk.
    • The Alpha forces you to kill with him or die.
    • The Hunters turn up to (at best) bully you or (at worst) turn you into a pin cushion before cutting you in half.
  • Demonic Possession: Stiles is a victim in season 3B, being possessed by a Japanese demon-spirit. Possibly related to the ritual that re-empowered the Nemeton. It's heavily implied that his mother went through a similar ordeal, as his symptoms now mirror the ones she suffered before she died.
  • The Determinator: Many of the characters have their moments including Scott, but one of the best definitely comes from Stiles.
    • When the Kanima paralyzes Derek and then traps them in a lap pool, Stiles keeps the much heavier Derek and himself above water for over two hours without any assistance.
      • This wouldn't be amazing at all for the werewolves, but Stiles is human, and a pretty unathletic and scrawny one at that. Even veteran water polo players would've had extreme difficulty in that type of situation.
    • Let's not also forget the time Stiles more-or-less made his way across the police station - which was, at the time, a battleground between the Argents, the Kanima, and the werewolves - in order to reach and/or rescue his father. Crawling on the ground; on his belly; with the majority of his body still paralyzed from the Kanima's venom.
    • How does Derek even get up in the morning?
    • Isaac. Jeff Davis loves torturing him.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Stiles has a habit of pissing off insanely powerful creatures and people who already don't like him.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Allison Argent in 3x23.
  • Disappeared Dad: Scott's absent father. he finally shows up in S3.
  • Disapproving Look: Derek gives one to Isaac as he tries to talk to him about Derek's sister.
  • Discriminate and Switch: Sorta. In one episode, Scott is banned from a school dance, shows up anyways, and when his coach starts chasing him, he comes across an openly gay classmate and convinces him to dance with him. When the coach catches up to him and starts yelling, the whole gym thinks he's yelling about the two boys dancing together rather than the fact Scott isn't supposed to be at the dance. Also a scene showing Scott's intelligence, especially since he came up with that ON THE FLY.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Danny never stood a chance with a shirtless Derek in the room. Invoked because Stiles is actually making him change shirts.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Derek. Because he's been shot. Repeatedly.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Stiles, who crushes on Lydia, who really doesn't care.
    • Lydia flirts with Stiles in the fifth episode when he came by to see if she was okay - much to his delight, at least until he finds out that she's only doing so because she was really drugged up and thought he was Jackson.
      • By the end of the second season, Lydia is at the very least aware of Stiles' feelings for her, and does actually seem to care about him, but it's unknown whether the attraction is even remotely reciprocated, considering her and Jackson's relationship.
      • Ditto by the end of season three. After a period of playing the field, she seems to have settled with Aiden as her boyfriend for now. Although she did kiss Stiles to stop his panic attack.
  • Don't Sneak Up On Me Like That: Derek does this to people all the time. Poor Stiles is the most common recipient, since he's human and all.
  • Dope Slap: Stiles gives one to Scott when Scott says he might go to Derek for help about being a werewolf.
  • The Dreaded: Gerard Argent's own family views him as this due to his experience at and thrill in hunting werewolves; they regard him as dangerous due to his disregard for the Code in favour of murdering any werewolf he can find, but even Victoria is too afraid of him to do anything but defer to his authority.
  • Dream Within a Dream: Stiles starts getting these after sacrificing himself in the season 3A finale. What's worse is that he's hallucinating usual ways you can tell that you're dreaming (unable to read, people having too many fingers) in real life, so even when he's not dreaming he thinks he could be.
  • Driven to Suicide:
    • Victoria Argent would rather kill herself (with her husband's help) than become a werewolf.
    • Scott, Boyd, and Ethan almost get there in "Motel California", by a combination of their guilt and fears. Stiles, Lydia, and Allison manage to derail all of the attempts.
  • Druid: Introduced in Season 3, they are revealed to be advisers, or "Emissaries", to werewolf packs, like Dr. Deaton and his sister Ms. Morrell. One of the villains in season 3 is a dark druid, aka a "Darach", who performs human sacrifices to gain new powers.

  • Easily Forgiven/Karma Houdini: The Twins, by the end of season 3A, have done some pretty appalling things - even aside from the general mayhem caused by their pack, they've directly helped to kill Boyd and come close to killing Scott, Cora and Isaac at various times. While Ethan underwent something of a Heel-Face Turn and was actively trying to save Derek and Cora by the mid-season finale, Aiden does absolutely nothing to apologize or make up for his actions, yet they're both treated as being part of the 'good guys' in the cheerful musical montage that closes the half-season out.
    • By the start of season 3B The twins have to prove themselves after leaving the school for a couple of weeks and spend the entire season attempting to do so so it doesn't really count for them anymore.
    • Similarly, Deucalion not only gets a free pass for a decade of trying to slaughter his way to ultimate power, he also gets his eyesight restored in the final battle against Jennifer.
    • This is normal for the show. Note that Peter is still lurking around, at least somewhat trusted, despite having been a classic Monster Lord in season one and possessing Lydia in season two. Allison has never shown even the slightest guilt or contrition over what she did to Boyd and Erica, and her actions helped contribute to worse things that happened to them later on. Chris Argent participated in the abduction and torture of the school principal, helped his wife shove a knife through her chest and shot up the Beacon Hills Police Station. He has never suffered any punishment for these actions, which are legally felonies. This list goes on and on.
  • Emotion Eater: The nogitsune literally feeds on pain and strife.
  • Emergency Transformation: A twist on the usual formula. Scott is forced to bite Liam not due to the latter being grievously wounded, but because he's dangling off a ledge. Scott tries to save him but his arms are being held back, so the only thing he can grip Liam's arm with is his teeth. The transformation itself was unintentional, but an unavoidable side effect.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Lydia has no super powers to speak of, save for being a banshee, which gifts her with the ability to find death, as well as being able to take the Screaming Woman trope Up to Eleven since her banshee screams can be heard by werewolves for miles around.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Scott, Allison, Chris, and Kate versus the Alpha in the season one finale.
    • Then not-so-Alpha Peter with Derek versus Gerard and Kanima!Jackson in season two.
    • After the Darach kidnaps Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa Mc Call, Scott joins the Alpha Pack.
    • The Calaveras temporarily align with Scott's pack because it means getting the resurrected Kate out of Mexico. Araya is quite clear that if Scott ever turns an innocent, then the truce is over and she'll come for him.
  • Enter Stage Window: Stiles does this to the McCall residence in "Second Chance at First Line", giving Scott's mother quite the scare.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Kate might be one of the worst villains in the show, but she won't hurt her brother if she has another option. It also applies to her niece Allison, who she had several Pet the Dog moments with, and attempts to avenge after her death.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Chris Argent, who follows the Hunter's Code and believe that werewolves should only be eliminated if they pose a clear and viable threat to humans.
    • Kali slaughtered her entire pack for power, but let Jennifer live as she felt she was harmless. It came back to bite her.
  • Evil Feels Good: Stiles tells Malia in "The Benefactor" that the worst thing about being possessed by the nogitsune was that he enjoyed every moment of it even while he was hurting everyone he loved.
  • Evil Redhead: Lydia, particularly in "Lunatic." Way to blatantly manipulate Allison and Scott.
    Stiles: "[Lydia's] hair's actually strawberry blonde."
  • Evil Twin: Stiles' "shadow", the Nogitsune.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The end of each season (or half season, in season 3's case) usually results in some form of this.
    • In season 1, it's the Alpha vs. Kate Argent
    • In season 2, it's the Kanima and its master vs. Gerard Argent.
    • In season 3A, it's the Alpha Pack versus the Darach.
    • Season 3B is so far the only exception, as the Nogitsune/Void Stiles solely occupied the position of Big Bad.
  • Exceptionally Tolerant: See Discriminate and Switch above. Beacon Hills High School is clearly at the forefront when it comes to opposing homophobia.
  • Extra-Strength Masquerade: Beacon Hills, full stop. Werewolves and other supernatural creatures battle each other, frequently inside the high school or the hospital. Human sacrifices happen left and right. People get shredded by werewolves and kanimas. Flocks of birds smash through windows and kill themselves. The entire high school orchestra gets possessed in the middle of a performance! Yet most people think that Beacon Hills is just a pleasant town with an oddly high number of accidental deaths, murders and/or wildlife attacks. Ironically, the heroes are the only ones making any effort to cover up what is going on, and usually from specific people rather than the whole town. Near the end of season 3, though, it begins to become evident that it's closer to a Buffy-level masquerade: most people know that Beacon Hills actually features quite a lot of strange occurrences, though they haven't figured out exactly what's behind them. Except Danny, who figured out everything.
  • Eye Colour Change: Alpha's have red eyes. Betas have orange/topaz eyes, but they can have blue eyes when they take an innocent life.
    • It's not limited to werewolves, though. Kitsunes have flame-colored eyes, werejaguars have green eyes, wendigos have blank white eyes, and Parrish has reddish-orange eyes. In all cases, their eyes change to show they're powering up.
  • Eye Scream: A snake crawls out of Jackson's eye in a season 2 episode.
    • How Deucalion became blind: Gerard jams flashbang arrows in his eyes in "Visionary".
  • The Face: Scott. Aside from being The Leader and The Heart of his "pack", he's often the one who resorts to a more diplomatic approach when confronting a mission or battle. While Stiles and Lydia may have strength in research and Derek, Allison and Isaac may have strength in fighting skills, Scott's particular strength, aside from being a werewolf and having superhuman abilities which are essential in fighting or battling the enemy, is that he has rather solid or good social skills. Scott can be very charming and persuasive in getting others to see his point of view. He is also rather good at reading people and he almost always tries to talk his pack or his "team" out of plans and missions that might be considered to be too costly, risky and dangerous. Scott could also be considered as the general moral compass of the core group.
  • Face-Heel Turn: In "Visionary", Deucalion appeared to be a level-headed, decent guy before Gerard Argent jammed a couple of flashbang arrows into his eyes, blinding him. Now that his sight has been restored by Jennifer/the Darach—and his life was spared by Scott and Derek—it's unclear whether he'll have a Heel-Face Turn.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: If a werewolf kills the Alpha that bit him he can either be cured or take a Klingon Promotion. Knowing this Derek kills Alpha Peter Hale while Scott begs him to stop.
  • Faceofan Angel Mindofa Demon
    • The Darach, a psychotic serial killing druid who poses as a sweet, beautiful English teacher, though she hides Nightmare Face under a Glamour
    • Meredith Walker. Bet you didn't expect soft-spoken, sweet looking Meredith to be the Benefactor, did you?
  • Faking the Dead: Meredith Walker.
  • The Family That Slays Together:
    • The Argent family is comprised of nothing but werewolf hunters, as the profession has passed down the bloodline from one generation to to the next through practice and training. Gerard taught Kate and Chris how to hunt, and in turn, Kate and Chris trained Allison.
    • The Calaveras are another hunter family, this time from Mexico.
  • Fantastic Racism: Though it may be justified as werewolves are dangerous creatures, the Hunters' treatment of Derek in "Pack Mentality" comes off looking almost like a hate crime.
    • As does Aunt Kate's invading Derek's home and taunting him with the description of her 'murdering Derek's sister and cutting her into pieces for bait' in "The Tell."
    • Victoria Argent commits suicide after being bitten by Derek, preferring death to becoming a werewolf, even though she knows that it is possible to retain self-control as one. Her husband actually helps her kill herself, and her father-in-law endorses the act.
  • The Fettered: Scott. He is the embodiment of ideal and strong morals and values. He is strongly opposed to killing, even killing his own worst enemies and his biggest threats. He also chooses to see the best in everyone and in every situation as much as possible and always retains a high amount of optimism and hope, not just for himself but for everyone he loves. Scott also feels guilt more strongly than most.
  • Fingore: Happens to Peter Hale in 3x14.
  • Five-Bad Band: The Alpha Pack, although it's harder to define each of their roles since a lot of them overlap. Deucalion is both the Big Bad and the Evil Genius. Kali could be seen as having combined traits of The Dark Chick and The Dragon. Ennis, Aiden and Ethan share the role of The Brute (the latter two literally). However, Ethan could also be the The Dark Chick.
  • Five-Man Band: The core five high school students a.k.a. Scott's Pack: Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia and Isaac.
  • Flat "What.": Jackson's reaction to being demoted to co-captain... alongside Scott.
  • Follow the Leader: To Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Might even have some influence of Smallville and The Walking Dead.
    • Though the creator, Jeff Davis, has promised there will never be vampires.
  • Foreshadowing: Each season's opening sequence (aside from season 1, which didn't have one) is basically nothing but this.
  • Fountain of Youth: Enforced in the season 4 pilot when Derek is cocooned by Kate in an old church, only to be discovered as a teenager when Scott and Braeden show up to rescue him.
  • Four Philosophy Ensemble: The core four: Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia.
    • Scott = The Optimist
    • Stiles = The Realist
    • Allison = The Cynic
    • Lydia = The Apathetic (especially in season 2 when she was unaware of the supernatural)
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The core four: Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Lydia.
    • Scott = Phlegmatic
    • Stiles = Sanguine
    • Allison = Melancholic
    • Lydia = Choleric
  • Freudian Trio: Scott, Stiles and Isaac, with Scott being the The Kirk to Stiles The Spock and Isaac's The McCoy.
  • A Friend in Need: Stiles doesn't waver when his best friend goes through his...wolfish tendencies. He offers support and stands by his side even when he tried to kill him in one of his transformations. So far, he's Scott's confidant and Secret Keeper.
    • Hidden Depths: Stiles is also seen somewhat frustrated with Scott at times, particularly in "The Tell" when he's got things to tell him, but Scott doesn't have his phone on.
  • Friendly Enemy: Happening quite a bit.
    • Scott and Stiles with Derek a lot of the time, especially in season one.
    • Chris Argent is starting to become this with at least some of the werewolves. Especially since they are fighting the same foes on multiple occasions. Notably, he was seemingly okay to find Allison working with Isaac to track the Darach, and even starts working with them both himself.
    • Peter Hale, as of late season two. Does not mean anyone really trusts him.
    • Ethan, who seems to regret what he is involved in, possibly because he is not really a bad person or possibly because he has fallen in love with Danny.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Werewolves: Derek's pack counts. Scott, too.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: When we first meet Erica, she's a troubled, skittish epileptic ostracized by the entire school. Then Derek gives her the bite. Who's Laughing Now?
    • Matt Daehler as well.
    • Jennifer Blake, Kali's former emissary who survived Kali's betrayal and became the Darach.
    Kali: I didn't understand why she had to die. She was harmless.
    Deucalion: And as for harmless, how harmless does she look now?
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Deputy Parrish in the opening to "Perishable", as his clothes have burned off.
    • Derek takes on a Berserker in "Smoke and Mirrors" completely naked, since turning into a full wolf excludes clothing.
  • Functional Magic: Basically absent from seasons one and two, where the only supernatural phenomena explicitly depicted were always related to werewolves. With the introduction of the druids in season three, actual spellcasting, possibly Rule Magic and/or Theurgy (with a healthy dose of Blood Magic for flavoring), has been introduced.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Liam has intermittent explosive disorder. Stiles is quick to note that he's an IED.

  • Gaslighting: Used to psychologically weaken the victim twice: Lydia in season two to convince her to bring Peter back from the dead, and Stiles in season 3b to weaken him enough so the nogitsune can take over.
  • Gay Bar Reveal: When Scott and Stiles pursue the Kanima into the Jungle.
    Scott: "Dude! Everyone in here's a dude! I think we're in a gay club!"
    Stiles (surrounded by drag queens): "Man, nothing gets past those keen werewolf senses, huh Scott?"
  • Genki Girl: Kira. She is very optimistic, high energy and once she gets excited about something…or someone (ahem, Scott), she can't stop.
  • Genre Blind: There's at least one Horror Movie Stupidity Cliche in any given episode. The first episode takes the cake, though. Two teenagers— one of them asthmatic— search for the other half of a corpse. At night. In the woods.
  • Genre Savvy: Stiles is much more aware than Scott of the 'rules' governing werewolves and chides him for not recognizing wolfsbane. He also is more focused on the werewolf plot than Scott much of the time - however, to be fair, Scott is busy thinking up ways to help/and/or/save any and everyone who could be in danger from the supernatural events.
    • He also, noticing that Scott is showing signs of being a werewolf, proceeds to read what seems to be every book in the library and EVERY POSSIBLE WEB PAGE on werewolves.
    • Derek parodies this when he talks to Scott in the second episode.
    Derek: Do you think your little buddy, Stiles, can just look up werewolves and now you've got all the answers?
    • In the sixth episode, Stiles tries to do experiments with Scott's heart-rate by throwing Lacrosse balls at him.
    • in the season finale:
    Scott: Don't say it was too easy. Whenever someone says it was too easy bad things happen."
    • When Erica and Boyd are in the woods, Boyd stops because he thinks he heard something. Erica points out that that means they should run, not stop.
    • In "I.E.D.", a pair of hunters are discussing which werewolf to kill, a beta or Scott. When one mentions that Scott would fetch more on the hitlist, the other points out Scott has taken on a pack of alphas and been the last one standing.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Out bowling, Lydia bowls a perfect frame, after a game of lackluster throws. Allison tells her she should stop sucking for Jackson's benefit.
    Lydia: Believe me, I do 'plenty' of sucking for his benefit.
    • Another instance in the second episode, again with Lydia when she was talking to Scott about him not playing.
    Lydia: I prefer my boyfriend to be at peak performance.
    • In the season 2 opener, Stiles and Scott try to persuade Jackson to help them search for a missing Lydia who they believe is becoming a werewolf. Jackson tells them to worry about the search party instead.
    Jackson: You've got this all backwards McCall. When I was with Lydia, you should've seen the scratch marks she left on me.
    • In the eleventh episode of season 2, when Coach Finstock is finally going to let Stiles into a lacrosse game.
    Stiles: I'm playing? On the field? With the team?
    Finstock: Yes! Unless you'd rather play with yourself!
    Stiles: I already did that today. Twice.
    • In the seventh episode of season 3, Allison and Scott end up hiding in a closet, standing face-to-face closely together, resulting in him getting a bit excited. Apparently he has less control over that than he does over his werewolf transformations. Allison chastises him and turns around, which causes him to remark that that only makes it worse...
    • Season 3 episode 2, fists anyone?
    • There will probably be a lot more of these as the censors don't seem to mind showing teenagers with active sex lives.
  • The Ghost: Greenberg, a member of the lacrosse team who it is possible may only exist in the mind of Coach Finstock.
  • Go: A rather important element of season 3B.
    • Satomi, the old Japanese woman who was in the internment camp with Noshiko, is constantly playing Go so as to keep herself calm and concealing her werewolf nature.
    • The Nogitsune holds Stiles captive in their own mind by forcing them to play an endless game of Go.
    • Noshiko explains to Kira and the rest of the group the strategy of the Nogitsune, Scott's pack, and herself using the game.
    • Finally, the season finale is titled "The Divine Move" and features a version of such a move.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Derek may be on the side of good (for the most part), but he's definitely not going to be winning the Nice Guy contest any time soon.
  • Good Parents: Surprisingly for a show of this kind, almost all of the parents who appear or are mentioned onscreen fall into this category. Despite having a Disappeared Dad, Scott's mother clearly loves him and works long hours at the hospital to provide for him; Stiles' father accepts his Genius Ditz son for who he is and often shows pride or affection towards him; and Allison's parents both care for her a great deal. Even Lydia's divorced mother and Jackson's adoptive parents appear to genuinely want the best for their children. The Argents do however lose points on a number of fronts, most notably in the case of Victoria, as Allison would have probably preferred a live werewolf mother to a dead one and of course Gerard, who ordered his daughter-in-law's death, and later revealed his willingness to kill his son and granddaughter as well.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: Arguably played by Scott under the effects of Wolfsbane.
    Stiles: Scott, you okay?
    Scott: No. I'm so far from okay, right now!
    • Again, arguably used by Stiles in "Magic Bullet":
    Holy God, what the hell is that?
    • Surprisingly averted in quite a few instances, particularly in the first and sixth episodes.
    Scott: Son of a bitch!
    Stiles: You're the one always bitching that nothing happens in this town.
  • Half The Person They Used To Be: Hunters will cut captured werewolves in half to guarantee that they won't be able to heal themselves.
  • Hands-Off Parenting
    Ms. McCall: And, by the way, do either of you care that there's a police-enforced curfew''?
    Scott and Stiles: ...No.
    Ms. McCall: *Walks Away*. "No? Alright, then! Well, you know what? That's about enough parenting for me for one night. So, goodnight!
    • In episode 2, Scott's mom notices that he looks tired. The conversation very quickly goes to:
    Ms. McCall: It's not like you're on drugs, right?
    Scott: Right now?
    Ms. McCall: Right now? Have you ever been on drugs?
    Scott: Have you?
    Ms. McCall: *Walks Away*. Get some sleep.
  • Has a Type: Derek seems to have a thing for psychotic, mass murdering bitches. Scott seems to favor the mysterious new girl with Hidden Depths and Big Screwed-Up Family.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Most of the Argent family. Their role seem to be keeping supernatural creatures in line, but can be just as cruel as the werewolves. Chris Argent is more of a Knight Templar, but has no qualms about threatening sixteen-year-olds. Victoria is fine with torturing ordinary humans that do not even know werewolves exist just to create job vacancies for Hunters. Kate and Gerard were outright psychopathic Manipulative Bastards.
  • Healing Factor: All the wolves have it. Sometimes they even come back from apparent death.
    • Several supernatural creatures possess this ability, the Kanima, the Darach (after sacrificing 3 doctors), and all kitsunes & the Nogitsune. Possibly werecoyotes and werejaguars, and given that he survived getting burned alive, whatever the hell Parrish is.
  • Healing Hands: Not necessarily "healing" but Isaac was able to take some of the pain away from a dying dog. Presumably all werewolves have this ability as well.
    • Scott portrays this ability as well, taking some of the pain from a woman who had been in a ten car pileup.
    • Jennifer acquires the power to heal even seemingly permanent injuries after sacrificing three doctors.
  • The Heart: Scott. He is the glue that holds everyone together and brings people together for a common purpose.
  • Heel-Face Revolving Door: Viewers can look forward to seeing whether Derek is going to be a good guy or a bad guy in any given episode. He is never genuinely evil though.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Redemption is a recurring theme.
    • Chris Argent has come a long way from when he was hostile towards werewolves by default to now seeing some of them as valuable allies.
    • Isaac starts off his werewolf career as what seems like a potential bad guy, but he gets better.
    • Ethan, who may never have been truly evil in the first place based on Scott's judgment, decides to stop Kali from killing Derek. To get his brother to back him, he recruits Lydia, guessing that Aiden will not be willing to allow Kali to hurt her either. It works.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Derek and his black leather jacket. This includes his pack.
  • Hell Hotel: In "Motel California;" Coach Finstock decides to put the kids up for the night in the motel with the highest suicide rate in the state. Needless to say, trouble ensues.
  • The Hero/Hero Protagonist: Scott. He is the central character and the protagonist of the series.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Derek is known as a criminal, but he's actually a decent, if somewhat dark, guy.
  • His Story Repeats Itself: Derek has first-hand experience and reasoning as to why he thinks Scott shouldn't date an Argent.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Scott and Stiles have been best friends since they were kids.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Allison is apparent skilled in gymnastics and archery and is willing to be a bad girl at some points despite her normally good girl complex. Though, being the daughter of a werewolf hunter, such should be anything but a surprise.
    • Lydia's a lot smarter than she seems, having a good head for science and often dumbs herself down because she's the Alpha Bitch and for Jackson's benefit.
    • Jackson is very much the Only Sane Man at the start, and the only person the least bit curious about all the weird things happening to Scott.
  • Hollywood Nerd: Scott and Stiles. Both are nerds, but are considered to be attractive to the opposite sex. Especially Scott, after he was turned into a werewolf.
  • Homoerotic Subtext: Quite a bit between Scott and Stiles, in the traditional best-friend type. He seems utterly unfazed by Stiles coming in his window, hanging off his roof, etc.
    Stiles (to Scott): Do you enjoy hurting me?
    • Stiles also has his own copy of the key to the house.
    • Scott has no problem with Stiles walking in on him showering.
    • Stiles wonders if Danny doesn't like him and asks Scott about it, saying, "Am I unattractive to gay guys?" Although Scott completely ignores this. He later asks Danny himself if he finds him attractive.
    • Derek does not care for anyone's personal boundaries. If you slow down any scene which involves Derek getting a little too close... Well...
    • Any scene between Derek and Scott is going to come off this way. In fact, as written, Derek is the Angel to Scott's Buffy.
    • Any scene between Derek and Jackson. Namely when Derek forces Jackson against walls and intimidates him. All of which while Jackson is COMPLETELY naked, except for one flimsy towel around his waist. Did I mention that all of the above takes place in a locker room?
    • Stiles using a shirtless Derek to get Danny to help him.
    Stiles: You may bat for the other team, but you still play ball, don't you, Danny?
    Danny: You're a horrible person.
    • Actually, this happens a lot. Scott pins Danny down and smells him during lacrosse practice, Derek really enjoys pinning Stiles to walls, and the males in this series are just really really touchy-feely.
  • Honey Trap: Used repeatedly, by both female and male characters.
    • Kate Argent insinuated herself into Derek's life by seducing him for the sole purpose of gathering enough information to murder his entire family.
    • Erica took on this role a couple of times, notably with Stiles and Jackson.
    • Ethan and Aiden in Season 3 are also serving as this, seducing Lydia and Danny because one of them is 'important' for an unspecified reason. Ethan ends up falling in love with Danny, and Aiden eventually does likewise with Lydia.
    • Lydia turns the tables, luring Aiden away from Ethan so that Scott and Stiles can ask him some questions. Aiden is surprised that Lydia is willing to have anything to do with him after he helped murder Boyd, but it doesn't prevent him from accepting her advances.
    • Jennifer does this with Derek, both to get his help and because she is infatuated with him.
  • Hotter and Sexier: In comparison to the movie. Sex scenes, gorgeous actors and shameless fanservice out the wazoo.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Werewolves do not instinctively know how to use all of their potential powers. Knowledge and training appear to be major factors in what exactly they are capable of doing. As an Alpha in season one, Peter exhibited a broader range of powers than any other Alpha shown except for deceased Hale matriarch Talia. Even as a Beta, Peter possesses powers that Derek had no idea of how to use even though he had become an Alpha.
    • Kira is also an example of this trope. She's a kitsune that has no idea how to implement her powers or even hide her aura. This is even given a mention by Derek.
    • As are Lydia and Malia Tate. Lydia actually gets help from PETER HALE to help her understand her banshee abilities. Malia slowly learns how to use her werecoyote abilities at the latter half of season 3B, with help from both Scott and Stiles.
    • Most of the plot of "Orphaned" could have been avoided if Liam had known that if he howled, Scott would hear him and be able to locate him. One wonders why Derek or someone else didn't fill them in on that fact.
  • How Many Fingers?: Used by the coach during a particularly brutal lacrosse game.
    • Used again in season 3B to see if someone is dreaming or not.
  • Human To Werewolf Footprints: Except as photographs of a beast-like figure in one, and then a human-like figure in another.
  • The Hunter: Pretty much the deal with the Argent family. They are part of a larger community of such people as well.
  • Hyde Plays Jekyll: The nogitsune can imitate its host Stiles perfectly, which it mainly uses for kicks.
  • Hyper Competent Sidekick: Stiles. With his ADHD and general geekiness, it would seem like he'd only be a comic relief character. But his intelligence and bravery makes him very helpful to Scott.
  • Hypocritical Humor: "Can someone in this town stay dead?" Said by Peter, who managed to come Back from the Dead in Season 2, about Kate Argent, who was Not Quite Dead all along.

  • I Am a Monster: Discussed in "Monstrous" when Satomi says that werewolves are inherently violent creatures. Chris Argent agrees, and she retorts "Aren't we all?". Meredith also believes this about all supernaturals, including herself.
  • Ideal Hero: Scott, being the True Alpha and all. He's basically Teen Wolf's Superman or Captain America.
  • Idiot Ball:
    • Peter: what's this they're throwing at me? A molotov cocktail? Let's hold on to it while Scott yells at Allison to grab her bow, ready an arrow and fire it at me. Then let's raise the bottle high so she can get a good aim. Sigh.
    • Scott: when both Deaton and Derek and his pack are in danger, sends his human friends to fight an Alpha pack when even Derek can't take them down, while he goes to save Deaton - which he fails to do fyi, it's a human after all who saves Deaton. Good call there.
    • Allison: her ex-boyfriend is a gifted werewolf on the way of becoming a True Alpha, but no, let's not call him when going after a psychotic supernatural killer, let's bring a beta who's not even confident in his abilities and go after the killer armed with nothing but a knife.
    • Lydia: after telling Scott she'll stop fighting whatever her ability is in order to help him prevent another killing, receives a text, leaves without telling him and goes wandering around school in the dark with a deranged supernatural killer on the loose.
    • Deucalion for some unknown reason plans his confrontation with Jennifer to occur right around the time of a lunar eclipse that will render him and all the other werewolves powerless, raising serious questions about his tactical skills.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Stiles fiddles with Allison's crossbow and narrowly averts shooting Scott's thanks to his Super Reflexes as a werewolf.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Scott isn't chuffed about getting bitten since it involves near-death experiences, Derek trying to recruit him, getting hunted by the Argents, getting hunted by the Alpha, painful full moons and complications with Allison. In the first season he bargains with Derek for a cure.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Whereas Jackson wants nothing more than to become a werewolf seeing all the fringe benefits, and not really caring about being target to Van Helsing Hate Crimes.
    • The new Beta werewolves in Season 2, as well.
  • If I Can't Have You: Double subverted. Matt says he isn't the type of guy to say this to Allison, then later says it seriously.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: The Alpha in season 1 literally slams his entire arm straight through Derek's chest and then flings him into a building. Kali does the same to him with a pipe in season 3A.
    • The Oni do this to quite a few people in 3B: Scott, non-fatally. Allison and Aiden aren't so lucky.
  • Improbable Weapon User: The Orphans, Violet and Garret, use a thermo-cut wire disguised as a necklace and a hidden-bladed lacrosse stick to commit their murders.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Scott. He is the "True Alpha" after all and he never lets darkness or his enemies taint his morals and his goodness.
  • Ineffectual Death Threats: Derek is constantly making these...towards certain people. He's always threatening to rip out Stiles' throat or cut off his head, but he never comes close to following through on any of his threats and protects Stiles on numerous occasions. His enemies, however, are a completely different story...
    • Lampshaded by Peter in the only way he knows how, re: snarkily.
    Scott: If you... hurt her, if you even touch her—
    Peter: Scott, if I may interrupt your listing of the top five most impotent-sounding threats for a moment...
  • In Name Only: Aside from the title and a few character names (protagonist Scott, best friend "Stiles" Stilinski, coach Bobby Finstock), the series goes well out of its way to be completely different from the original film, specifically tone wise and going for a style similar to The Vampire Diaries.
  • In-Series Nickname: Stiles calls Derek a sourwolf. The fandom took it and ran.
  • Insistent Terminology: According to Stiles, Lydia's hair is not merely red, it is strawberry blonde.
    • Scott and Jackson are co-captains of the lacrosse team.
    • Lydia is a banshee, not a psychic.
  • Inconvenient Itch: Scott's mom and Sheriff Stilinski while tied up by Jennifer.
  • Intimate Healing: A couple of instances.
    • Jennifer has sex with a badly-injured Derek and his wounds begin to miraculously start healing, because by this point she has acquired the power to heal.
    • Lydia kisses Stiles to stop his panic attack.
  • Interspecies Romance: Scott is a werewolf and Allison is human.
    • As of season two's finale, Jackson is a werewolf and Lydia is a banshee.
    • And from season 3b onwards we have Scott and Kira, who are respectively a werewolf and a kitsune. And let's not forget Stiles (human) and Malia (werecoyote) in season 4.
  • Invisible Parents: Only parents that are directly relevant to the major characters appear to exist. Minor characters seemingly have no parents (hence Boyd and Erica becoming werewolves and deciding to run away apparently having little ripple effect). Even Isaac, whose parents are dead, has no clearly-defined legal guardian and alternates between living with Derek or Scott.
  • I Owe You My Life: Brett helps Liam during the lacrosse game because Scott saved his life and Liam is Scott's beta.
  • I Hear Dead People: Lydia. It's part of her powers as a banshee.
  • I Wished You Were Dead: The last thing Malia said to her mother and sister. Since she caused the car crash that killed them, and has no memory of the exact circumstances, it causes her to wonder whether she might have killed them deliberately.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: The Argents are very fond of this method of interrogation and they use it on several werewolves, including Derek, Boyd, and Erica.
    • And Gerard was totally willing to use this on a very human Stiles as well.
  • Jerk Jock: Jackson is the lacrosse team's star player and full on douchebag, being self-absorbed and extremely petty.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Derek. He may seem like a rival and is a bit of jerk to Scott and particularly Stiles, but he seems to genuinely care for his new brother, Scott and even his sometime-sidekick Stiles. For example, he places himself at serious risk to rather unsuccessfully provide cover for Stiles to escape the Kanima, as well as rescuing Scott from being killed by Victoria Argent.
    • Jackson flipflops between this and Jerk Ass. He genuinely seems to like Allison, and has a few tender moments with Lydia, but mostly he's a jerk.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Lydia references this trope, warning Allison over the phone that Scott might fall off of it, starting with being 26 minutes late for dates and eventually ending up at domestic violence.
    Allison: "No, please don't. I'm - I'm sure he's on his way, he's only" *checks time on phone and sighs* "26 minutes late."
    Lydia: "You hear that? First it's, 'he's only 26 minutes late.' A month later, it's, 'he only hits me when he's drunk.' Slippery slope, Allison, slippery slope.

  • Karmic Death: It was implied that Gerard might die after his defeat in season two. His master plan you ask ? To cure his cancer by becoming a werewolf. Only after Scott tampers with his medicine, does Gerard's body rejects the werewolf bite, and he starts violently oozing black goo. Of course this is just an implication, so we are still gonna have to wait for season three.
  • Kill It with Fire: The assassins in "Perishable" attempt this with their targets. Deputy Parrish survives it, while Scott, Malia, and Liam are rescued.
  • Kitsune: Kira. Scott discovered what she was using his Alpha vision. Her mother is one as well, and Stiles spent a majority of season 3B possessed by an evil kitsune, or a nogitsune.
  • Klingon Promotion: This is how Betas and Omegas most often manage to ascend to the status of Alpha, by killing an existing Alpha.
  • Knight Templar: Kate, Gerard and Victoria Argent without question. While the family tradition may have begun as defending humans from werewolves, things have progressed to the point where intimidation, torture and murder of humans and werewolves alike is considered morally-justifiable by them. Chris seems to not want to become this, but is increasingly complicit in his family's more brutal acts.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: As soon as Malia realizes she's no match for Peter, she hands him what he wanted.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Courtesy of Kate Argent, who does not approve of her stooge's lame jokes.
    "A dog joke? Really? You're gonna go there and that's the best you got?"
    • Of all the cars in the school's parking lot, Derek stumbles in front of Stiles' in Magic Bullet. "You've gotta be kidding me, this guy is everywhere."
  • Large Ham: Coach Finstock has No Indoor Voice.
  • Last Name Basis: 'Stiles' Stilinski is only Stiles. Even his father calls him Stiles.
  • The Leader: Scott. He has the natural ability of leading people and he inspires people to listen to him and follow him. Scott is a combination of Type II and Type IV.
  • Leave No Witnesses: The Darach (Jennifer) attempts to kill both Danny and Lydia, not as sacrifices, but because they had uncovered too much crucial information. It is also implied that Mr. Harris was chosen as a sacrifice not only because of his military background, but because he was complicit in what was going on and might reveal something.
  • Left the Background Music On: A rare serious and even creepy example, revealed in 3.04. That weird, rhythmic chanting that played during all the promos for the season? Yeah, turns out that people hear that right before they're garroted and have their throats slashed and heads bashed in. To clarify, Lydia discovers an audio recording of the high school's band teacher being attacked by the killer, and after his body hits the piano keys, the chanting swells seemingly as part of the soundtrack... and then Lydia lowers her head to the speaker, indicating that it's part of the recording she's been listening to.
  • Le Parkour: Just about all the wolves use this, but Derek most commonly.
  • Ley Line: Beacon Hills has unusually strong telluric energy currents running through it, making certain locations appropriate for magical rituals. Unlike traditional ley lines, these currents are not straight lines. Their presence may explain why the city is a Weirdness Magnet.
  • Lightswitch Surprise: A frequent occurrence in Scott's bedroom. Initially, it's Derek waiting in Scott's chair for Scott to turn on the lights, but eventually Gerard, Isaac, and even Scott manage to surprise someone coming into Scott's bedroom by waiting patiently in the dark.
  • Little Dead Riding Hood
    • Scott is wearing a red hoodie the night he's bitten.
    • Scott's also wearing a red hooded shirt the night he's almost killed by Mrs. Argent. Also an inversion since the wolf is the one in danger.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Scott for Stiles, Derek, Isaac, Allison and Melissa (Mama McCall). Peter told Derek that Derek needed Scott more than anyone. Stiles has been seen to be rather dependent on Scott, especially when he is faced with emotionally tough times. Allison, although very capable of taking care of herself, seems to be the most happy when she is with Scott. Allison could be seen as using her relationship with Scott to escape the darkness and secrecy of her family and her family legacy as hunters.
    • Might also be shaping up to be this for Lydia as of season three. Scott is seen comforting Lydia during times of need.
  • Living Lie Detector: Derek, Scott, and most any werewolf courtesy of their Super Senses. They can tell lies through smell and quickened heartbeats. Also, sexual attraction.
  • Lock and Load Montage: Chris Argent and his associates preparing to hunt down Derek, Scott, and the Season 1 Alpha.
    • Allison's preparations to hunt down Derek for the death of her mother.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Lydia. Which is a mistake, given that she's been hallucinating Peter Hale all season. Also Danny. Most of the main teen cast would claim him as a friend and he's currently dating a werewolf, but they still haven't told him about the town's supernatural goings on. Until some point during season 3, where he managed to put everything together offscreen and revealed it to Ethan at the end of the season. Sheriff Stilinski is out of the loop as well, at Stiles' request, until the middle of the third season.
    • Scott's dad and Mason are aware they're locked out of the loop, and both ask to be let in a few times.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Malia Tate. It was discovered in 3.19 that Malia is the long lost daughter of Peter Hale.
  • Love Dodecahedron: Scott likes Allison. Jackson is dating Lydia. Stiles is single. However, Allison broke up with Scott, and Jackson seems to like flirting with Allison. Stiles has liked Lydia since the third grade, but Lydia doesn't care about Stiles. Lydia likes Scott and likes having her trophy boyfriend Jackson. Scott doesn't have any real feelings for Lydia, but the full moon and misinformation causes Scott to fulfill Lydia's affair and slap Stiles in the face.
  • Love Makes You Evil/Love Redeems: It can go either way.
    • Jennifer falls in love with Derek, and tries to recruit him to help her. Unfortunately for her, he just is not evil.
    • Ethan undergoes a Heel-Face Turn because he falls in love with Danny. His brother Aiden initially disapproves, but ultimately does the same because of Lydia.

  • Made of Iron: Justified for werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Their bodies naturally have a much more powerful Healing Factor than humans.
  • Magic Pants: Zigzagged. Aiden and Ethan need to take their shirts off before merging, but their pants aren't a problem. On the other hand, werewolves who can turn into a full animal form have to take off their clothes before transformation and change back completely naked.
  • Magnetic Hero/The Paragon/The Cape: Scott. He inspires loyalty and has much admiration from other people. All part of being a True Alpha.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Subverted with Coach Finstock when they get shot in the abdomen by an arrow. Their first response is a deadpan "aw crap". After the break, though, they begin freaking out about dying.
  • Mama Bear: Ms. McCall does not react kindly to Mr. Argent's implication that her son is dragging down his daughter.
    • A darker example would be Mrs. Argent, who seriously threatens Scott with violence and on one attempt tries to murder him after finding out he's a werewolf.
    • Araya Calavera also counts, in a more subtle way. The whole reason she wants to catch Kate is because they killed several members of her family.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Peter Hale started out the series by manipulating his niece into coming to Beacon Hills through a carefully murdered deer so he could kill her and become Alpha. He stays this... personable for his entire life. And afterwards.
    • Gerard Argent, meanwhile, all but forces his daughter-in-law to commit suicide and then uses that tragedy to drive his granddaughter into a rage-filled vendetta against the local Alpha to get him into a position where Gerard could force Derek to give the bite and cure his cancer. Not even mentioning blackmailing Scott into acting as his spy by threatening his mother.
    • Deucalion proves this as well. He initially comes looking to recruit Derek, killing Erica in the process, forcing Derek to kill Boyd (albeit accidentally) and otherwise manipulating events, even killing his own Alpha and allowing the rest of the Alpha Pack to believe it was Derek's fault, all to acquire the ultimate goal of getting Scott to going the Alpha Pack in the end, not Derek.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: The entirety of "Motel California" thrives in this. Throughout the episode, a couple of people including Scott, undergo visions of their haunted past and present and hearing voices as well, making some of the others to believe that the hotel is haunted since it was site a few grisly murders. As it turns out, it was just a secretive wolfsbane powder in the air caused from Coach Finnstock's whistle.
  • Meaningful Echo: Scott said it to Allison at the formal, then after the fight, the exchange is reversed.
    Allison: Why did you do that?
    Scott: Because I love you.
    • It only becomes meaningful in hindsight, but Allison echoing Kate by shouting "COME ON!" to goad an unseen adversary foreshadows how very like Kate she becomes over the course of the season.
  • Meaningful Name: The family of werewolf hunters have the last name Argent, which means silver.
    • Which is brought up in "Wolf's Bane" and "Alpha Pact". The latter episode reveals that the legend of silver killing werewolves actually comes from the Argents.
    Jennifer: Argent. The French word for silver... Interesting how truth becomes altered by legend when it's not actually the metal silver that kills werewolves, but the family.
    • A "stile" is literally a means of passage over obstacles. Stiles himself manages to help pretty much everyone during the course of the series.
    • Danny's last name, Mahealani, means full moon in Hawaiian.
    • Scott is a Celtic name which means "painted warrior".
    • The town's name Beacon Hills is revealed to be entirely descriptive. When active, the Nemeton acts as a "beacon" drawing energy from telluric currents, which attracts supernatural creatures.
  • The Medic: Primarily Dr. Deaton and Melissa Mc Call. The former is a veterinarian, but when he isn't treating animals at his clinic, he treats werewolves for their injuries when their healing abilities aren't enough: specifically Scott and Derek on multiple occasions. Also Ennis, before Deucalion kills him and the twins, after Jennifer breaks their necks. The latter is a registered nurse and has notably saved the lives of Danny after being poisoned by the Darach and Agent Mc Call after being stabbed by the Oni. Allison and Derek as well. They have both shown some skill in field surgery stitching up Scott's alpha wound and sewing on Peter's finger, respectively. Derek also has been shown using wolf's bane to help werewolves heal on certain occasions.
  • Medicate The Medium: In 3B, Meredith is introduced as a patient at the Eichen House asylum, institutionalized because she hears voices and won't stop screaming. Turns out she's a banshee, like Lydia.
  • Messianic Archetype: Scott, considering he's the "True Alpha" and all. He gains admiration and loyalty from others with much ease and little effort.
  • Messy Hair: There is not a strand of Coach Finstock's hair that sticks in the same directions as any other; he's like an anime character, in keeping with his character as eccentric hard-ass who probably doesn't own a comb.
  • Metaphorically True: A lot of the lies and half-truths that Scott and Stiles have been using to hide the werewolves would fall into this category. Stiles even gets caught in an Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! moment by his father when the alibis start blending together.
    Sheriff Stilinski: So you lied to me?
    Stiles: That depends on how you define lying.
    Sheriff Stilinski: Well, I define it as not telling the truth, how do you define it?
    Stiles: Pff...reclining your body in a horizontal position.
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: Meredith had to spend several months psychically connected to Peter Hale as he was going insane. Given how her mindset changed after that, it borders on Mind Rape.
  • Missing Mom: Mrs. Stilinski, who died several years before the show. Isaac's mother as well.
  • Mistaken for Prank Call: The Alpha in Season 1 makes sure this will happen. The call—someone is breaking into the high school—would not normally have been ignored as such, except there was an anonymous tip-off telling the Sheriff's office that there would be prank calls on that very topic.
  • Monster Lord: Alphas all the way. While Betas are limited to Wolf Man, Alphas can fully shape-shift into huge, half-wolf forms. They're also stronger, heal better, and are the only type which can create more werewolves.
  • Monster Sob Story:
    • Peter. He may be a manipulative bastard but it's hard not to feel some sympathy towards the guy when you consider that nearly his entire family was burned alive and as a result of the same fire, he was stuck in a catatonic state for six years, slowly healing "cell by cell" and driven mad.
    • Matt. He drowned and died when he was only nine years old at a friends house thanks to the actions of a drunken swim team. Then when the coach revived him he was told not to tell anyone, and the entire team promptly forgot about the incident.
    • Jennifer was the emissary to Kali's pack before Kali turned on them to join the alpha pack severely disfiguring Jennifer and leaving her for dead.
  • Moral Myopia: The Series. 'Literally every time someone has called someone else out for keeping secrets, they've had a bigger one. Scott calls out Derek for withholding information while hiding that Gerard's blackmailing him. Chris calls out Allison while hiding that he knows where Gerard is and has been in regular communication with him. Actually, this has been kind of recurring for Chris: he gives a speech to Scott about how tragic it is that his entire family's dead and blames it on werewolves, ignoring the fact that his family died as a result of their own homicidal actions including killing entire families. Even more ironic was the fact that Chris himself helped his wife commit suicide by shoving a knife through her chest!
  • Morality Chain/Morality Pet: Scott for Derek, Isaac, Allison (in Season 2) and Stiles as of 3B. Scott often prevents both Derek and Isaac from acting deviantly and out of control. Since Derek, who can be classified as a Noble Demon, is seen as someone who does many morally questionable things, Scott often brings out the more moral side of Derek and brings out his "better side". Scott becomes an important character for Derek in terms of redemption and Derek's humanity. Derek seems to have a soft spot for Scott and will often question things due to Scott's influence. Derek often draws a sense of stability from Scott's influence and presence and Derek most likely sees Scott as a younger brother figure in his life. It has been noticed that without Scott's influence, Derek will continue to make detrimental and costly mistakes that put others in danger, including himself. It could be possible that because of Scott's refusal to join Derek's pack and be Derek's Beta throughout season's one and two, Derek has proven to be a rather incompetent and cynical leader who screws up quite a bit. And let's not forget Isaac, who Took a Level in Kindness due to Scott's influence.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Wendigos.
  • Mr. Fanservice: All the younger male characters - with the exception of Stiles - seem to spend an oddly significant amount of their time shirtless, but Derek is heading into Taylor Lautner territory.
    • The scene in Season 2 when Derek hallucinates himself naked in the big empty white space for no apparent reason? It was literally added because Tyler Hoechlin had bulked up for the second season and he was surprised he didn't have any shirtless scenes.
    • The characters are actually aware of it in-universe. Stiles manages to get Danny to trace a text by making Derek go shirtless in front of him.
  • Mugging the Monster: Narrowly averted, thanks to Allison. Coach Finstock should probably thank her for his continued health.
  • Muggle Best Friend: Stiles.
    Matt: Werewolves, hunters, kanimas. It’s like a frickin’ Halloween party every full moon. Except for you, Stiles. What do you turn into?
    Stiles: Abominable snowman, but it’s more of a wintertime thing. You know, seasonal.
  • Muggle Born of Mages: Born werewolves sometimes have human children.
  • Muggles Do It Better: Werewolf hunters can be extremely effective and deadly in their usage of modern weapons and technology. Stiles himself has even proven this from time to time, like when he pelted the Alpha with a self-igniting molotov cocktail.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Meredith, when she snaps out of enough to realize what she did by creating the deadpool.
  • My Sensors Indicate You Want to Tap That: Werewolves can smell a person's arousal or sexual attraction.
  • Necessary Evil: According to Mr. Argent in "The Tell".
  • Never Bring Claws to a Gun Fight: Said by Chris Argent. The fight ends with Boyd getting shot.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Werewolves, thanks to their Healing Factor. Malia, who's attempting to drown her sorrows, isn't happy about it.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Araya Calavera, who's the leader of the Calavera hunter family for a reason.
    • Never mess with Satomi. She might look like an old Japanese woman, but she's an alpha and one of the oldest living werewolves, and she'll kick your ass with Matrix-style kung fu moves.
  • Never My Fault: Pop quiz, a child nearly drowns because you were too busy feeding your underage swim team booze to keep him away from the pool. Is it a) your fault for being irresponsible on twenty different levels or b) the child's fault for not knowing how to swim? Nice job, Mr. Lahey; no one will mourn you, especially not Matt.
  • New Transfer Student:
    • Allison is introduced this way at the beginning of season one. Though Scott eyes (or should it be, hears? Both?) her before she's even introduced to the class.
    • The Alpha twins Aiden and Ethan, who play the trope especially straight in that it is unclear as to who exactly is passing for their "parents", as none of the other Alpha pack members look old enough to pass themselves off as such. They just sort of show up on the first day of school and proceed to strut around.
    • In season 3B, we meet Kira Yukimura. Her father is a newly hired teacher at the school and right away we get hints that she's got her own secrets.
    • In season 4 there's Liam, who was kicked out of his old school his freshman year and is now at school with the rest of the main cast. Stiles immediately suspects him to be supernatural because of his uncanny lacrosse skills, but it turns out he's human until the end of the episode when he gets bitten by Scott.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Scott is well-meaning in his desire to help Jackson, who is turning into a Kanima and murdering people, and does not want to kill him or let Derek do so. However, by protecting Jackson, he technically bears some responsibility for the murders that Jackson subsequently commits, including those of a fair-sized chunk of the Beacon Hills Police Department.
    • Kira is directly, although inadvertently, responsible for jumpstarting the nogitsune who had been laying dormant inside Stiles's psyche with the unwitting use of her own powers. She's completely devastated when she figures it out.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: A villain on villain variation. Deucalion used to be an alpha who had a good nature. That changed when Gerard stabbed his eyes and mad him blind, setting the events of Deucalion discovering how to become what he is now into motion and assemble the alpha pack that is unleashing hell on everyone this season.
    • "Lunar Eclipse" ends season 3A with most of the villains having disposed of each other in one way or another. Ennis is killed by Deucalion; Kali is killed by Jennifer; Deucalion is healed by Jennifer (albeit out of spite), reversing the damage that helped cause his Face-Heel Turn; Aiden is driven to a Heel-Face Turn by Kali threatening Lydia (and, along with Ethan, by having fallen for the targets Deucalion sent them to seduce); and Jennifer herself is mortally wounded by Deucalion and finished off by Peter.
  • Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here: In the pilot, this is what motivates Stiles and Scott to go into the woods looking for half a body in the middle of the night. This, of course, leads to Scott getting bitten.
    Stiles: You're the one bitching that nothing happens in this town.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Derek had no qualms about pinning Scott to whatever wall was around every time they were in a scene together for the first few episodes. Once their blatant antagonism was over, he moved onto better pastures and started getting into the spaces of everyone else.
    • Derek also has a tendency to have this with Stiles, breaking into his house, pushing him up against a wall, and basically car jacking him on two occasions. This works both ways, as a majority of the episode "Magic Bullet" has Stiles babysitting a weakened and shirtless Derek dying under the influence of poison.
  • No Ontological Inertia: Derek said there's a rumor that a turned Beta may be able to be cured by killing the Alpha who turned them. However, it doesn't say what happens to any other Beta's the Alpha may have turned, so it would at most be situational, or, it could just be a Motivational Lie Derek told in order to get Scott to cooperate with his plans.
    • Likewise, the Darach's magical storm and earthquake immediately cease when Jennifer is killed.
    • The magical wounds inflicted by the Oni begin to heal, even on the ordinary humans, as soon as the Nogitsune is defeated.
  • No Periods, Period: Averted with female werewolves.
    Peter: Don't feel bad. If she lives, she'll become a werewolf. She'll be incredibly powerful.
    Stiles: Yeah, and once a month she'll go out of her freakin' mind and try to tear me apart.
    Peter: Well, actually, considering that she's a woman...twice a month.
    • A dialogue in Season 2 gives us this lovely exchange:
    Derek: There's a price you pay for this kind of power. You get the ability to heal; but tonight you're going to want to kill anything you can find.
    Erica: Good thing I had my period last week, then.
  • Nobody Poops: Averted. Erica admits that she's wet herself during a seizure at least once. And this one is not Played for Laughs, though her classmates didn't seem to agree.
  • Not Himself: Jackson becoming creepily pleasant, albeit increasingly unstable. Allison takes notice.
    • A full moon seems to make Scott meaner.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: Stiles gets this a lot. In "Night School", he while the rest of the group are barricading the door from the Alpha, he is trying to point out the 20-foot windows.
  • Not Quite Dead: Derek, in Lunatic. In the previous episode, he gets clawed in the back by the Alpha, while Scott and Stiles make a run for it. We see him hit the ground, but he turns out to be fine.
    • The backstory of the Darach, as revealed in "The Overlooked" - "Julia", as she was then, was mutilated by Kali and left for dead. It's implied that Kali may have realized this, thanks to her werewolf senses, but left her to bleed out 'peacefully' out of a twisted sense of compassion.
    • The Alpha twins in "Lunar Eclipse"; Jennifer snaps their neck (in their merged Voltron form) and leaves them for dead. It's a handful of scenes and a few hours of story time before they unmerge and Cora realizes they're still (barely) alive.
  • Now Let Me Carry You: Season 3b is shaping into this dynamic between Scott and Stiles. When Scott was first turned, Stiles helped him adjust to being a werewolf and kept an eye on him on the full moon. Now that Stiles is possessed by the Nogitsune, it seems like it might be Scott's turn to help his friend and stop him from doing something terrible.

  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Lydia. She outsmarts Jackson by knowing a cougar and a mountain lion are the same thing, then plays dumb again asking "Isn't it?" She also has a 5.0 GPA.
  • Oh, Crap: Scott has one in the pilot when he learns that the werewolf hunter from the forest is the father of the girl he has the hots for.
    • Stiles has one as well when he realizes that he's surrounded by both an Alpha Peter Hale and his human accomplice.
  • Offing the Offspring: Gerard Argent was willing to kill his son and granddaughter to become a werewolf and cure his terminal cancer.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Derek seems to appear out of nowhere in the weirdest places, including the boys' locker room.
    • Derek spends more time time in the boys' locker room than most of the boys on the lacrosse team, but nobody ever seems to notice him at the school.
  • Off with His Head!: One of the assassins hunting supernatural creatures in season 4 ( Violet) uses a thermo-cut wire that can burn through necks while choking someone.
  • Only Friend: From what's seen, Scott seems to be Stiles' only friend. And possibly vice-versa. At least until the Love Interest pops up.
    • Despite being the obvious Alpha Bitch, this also appears to be true for Lydia whose only friend seems to be Allison. Jackson has some other friends floating around, such as Danny.
    • While Scott's made friends with more people (Allison, Isaac, Danny, even Boyd and Erica before they died), Stiles has Scott and... Scott. He's not really friends with Allison or Lydia or Isaac, it's more mutual tolerance of each other than actual friendship.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Stiles, whose first name is apparently very difficult to pronounce. It's also difficult to even spell, as a doctor looking at his chart isn't sure whether it's correct or not. Even his father calls him "Stiles."
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Jackson in that everybody but him cheers on Scott's rather miraculous change of athletic ability. He almost seems frustrated that no one else thinks that something is wrong with Scott - even his girlfriend starts hitting on Scott. However, as the story progresses, Jackson seems to fall very far and very quickly on the scale of actual sanity.
    • Shortly into season 2, the role was been doubly passed onto Stiles (for Jackson and Scott), and Lydia (for Allison). Although, like Jackson, one wouldn't really call Lydia sane as of the second season.
    • Of Derek's pack, Boyd is easily the most level-headed the group, including Derek.
  • Orifice Invasion: This is how the Nogitsune tends to possess or influence people. It took control of its first body by entering it's mouth the form of a fly. Later, while in Stiles's body, it released many more flies. They entered Isaac through his IV pump, Ethan through his nose, Aiden through his ear, and Derek through an open wound on his back, and acted as a Hate Plague for all four of them.
  • Oral Fixation: Stiles has a tendency to over-work his mouth in more ways than being witty. Chewed up lacrosse gloves, overabundance of curly fries, and an underused highlighter cap to name a few of the victims.
  • Our Banshees Are Louder: Lydia. Season 3B introduces Meredith.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different: While werewolves are the primary focus of the series, more shapeshifters have appeared as the series progresses, all of which have ties to werewolves and many of the same perks.
    • The Kanima that is created by a mutation of the werewolf bite, with quite a few differences:
    • Werecoyotes, specifically Peter Hale's daughter Malia Tate, seem to be more similar, if not identical to werewolves.
    • Werejaguars like Kate Argent, due to being scratched by an alpha are introduced in Season 4. They happen black spots and have blue skin, as well as glowing green eyes.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different:
    • They transform when angry, aroused, or otherwise feeling strong emotions or increased heart rate and can tap into advanced senses, reflexes, coordination, regenerative abilities and strength even when not transformed.
    • Those who lose control of there powers risk turning fully into wolves (and the same applies to other werecreatures, such as werecoyotes).
    • Wolfsbane also has some effect, though what it is at this point is unclear. Scott doesn't like it. At this point, we can tell that one form, Nordic Blue Monkshood, has the ability to kill a werewolf when encased in a bullet. Another form can cause pain and breathing problems to a werewolf when one is in close proximity and perhaps trigger a transformation by raising the heart rate. However, under certain conditions, wolfsbane can even be beneficial to werewolves.
    • Electricity of a certain voltage and current can keep betas from transforming and can even revert them back to human form.
    • If a beta or omega wolf is wounded by an alpha, the wound will take longer to heal. This is also true of other supernatural beings, such as Oni.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: When Stiles kidnapped Jackson and didn't want Jackson's parents to realize he was missing, Stiles sent a text from Jackson's phone impersonating him to explain why Jackson didn't come home, but since the text ended with "love you" to his parents, they know something was wrong because Jackson hasn't been able to say that to them since he found out he was adopted.
  • Overprotective Dad: Mr. Argent, of course. And this plays right into...
  • Papa Wolf: ... Except he wants to protect his daughter from an actual werewolf.
    • Hehe, Papa "Wolf".
    • And Sheriff Stilinski will not hesitate to pistol whip anyone who's stupid enough to hurt his son.
      • To be more specific, he threatened to pistol-whip TEENAGERS who he thought had hurt his son. When Stiles goes missing again in 3x18, he is distraught and, despite his ordinarily calm demeanor, outright yells at Lydia when her intuition turns out to be a dead end. Bottom line: don't mess with Stiles.
  • Parental Issues: Each and every one of the main characters has this. Scott's dad left him. Stiles' mom died. Lydia's parents went through a divorce and forced Lydia to choose which one of them she wants to live with. Derek, obviously, since his whole family was killed by rogue hunters. Jackson was adopted and has never met his birth parents, which causes him to strive to be the best at everything he does to prove himself to the biological parents he's never met.
    • Allison at first sight would seem to have the least parental issues. Her parents are Happily Married, although they do force her to move around a lot. Because they're werewolf hunters. But then her mother gets bitten by Derek and commits assisted (by her husband) suicide, in Allison's bedroom, rather than become a werewolf. Grandpa Gerard wholeheartedly endorses the act, mostly because he wants his granddaughter to become unhinged.
  • Parental Substitute: Ms. McCall often acts like a mother to Stiles and isn't at all surprised that he has a key to her house.
    Ms. McCall: Scott?
    Stiles: Stiles.
    Ms. McCall: (points at the key in Stiles' hand) Key.
    Stiles: (looking proud) Yeah. I had one made.
    Ms. McCall: That doesn't surprise me... actually, it kind of scares me.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in season 3B when a sedated Stiles in the hospital says to her, "Thanks, Mom."
    • And when Stiles has to go in for his MRI in "Riddled", his support is Scott, his father, and Melissa.
  • Perma Stubble: Derek.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite Kate's awful attitude towards werewolves, she is a loving aunt to Allison.
    • Great example in "Lunatic." She comforts a sobbing Allison over her boyfriend - right after encouraging Allison to tase a teddy bear.
  • Pitbull Dates Puppy: Ironically done with human Allison as the pitbull and werewolf Isaac as the puppy.
  • Place of Power: The Nemeton.
  • Platonic Life Partners: Scott and Lydia. As of season three, they have become closer with each other and Scott is even seen comforting and supporting Lydia during times of need. Scott has even become a minor Living Emotional Crutch for Lydia. Whenever trouble comes up, Lydia's first instinct is to find Scott.
  • Police Are Useless: The Beacon Hills cops aren't incompetent by any means. But they don't know what they're up against and aren't equipped to handle it if they did know. The fact that the sheriff's teenaged ADHD son is the one who most consistently puts the clues together doesn't help their image.
  • The Pollyanna: Scott. He is very positive, optimistic and he believes that there is always hope, no matter how bad a situation is or the how dire the circumstances are.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Scott claims that this is the main reason why all of the characters are having so many problems in season two. He points out that nobody trusts anyone else and this lack of communication between the werewolves and even the other humans was eventually going to get someone killed.
    • Also, most of the plot of the first five episodes in season one could have been skipped if Derek had just taken five minutes out of brooding and told Scott he hadn't been the one to bite him.
    • Victoria Argent wasn't able to talk to Allison one last time before Victoria kills herself before she is able to tell her daughter what led to her death. Of course, whether she would have admitted to trying to murder Scott is open to debate.
    • Melissa knows about werewolves generally, the existence of the Alpha Pack and the fact that many of the current mysterious deaths are sacrifices of some kind. She has apparently opted not to tell Sheriff Stilinski what she knows, leaving it up to the teenagers to decide if/when it is appropriate for him to be brought into the loop. She does not end up spilling what she knows until they are both tied up in a root cellar, in the middle of the woods, by an evil druid, waiting to become the next round in what has been multiple trios of human sacrifices.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Scott is often seen wearing the colors red and blue, indicating at his heroic status.
  • Principles Zealot: Hunter rules require that any Hunter that becomes infected with lycathropy must die, either by suicide or at the hands of their fellows. Chris Argent helps his wife Victoria kill herself when this happens to her. It is also implied that he would do it to Allison too if she were ever bitten.
  • Product Placement: Everyone in Beacon Hills shops at Macy's. Everyone. They also really like Canon cameras, Apple computers, Samsung phones, Adidas clothing, and Pandora. Cool Alpha werewolves favor Ice Breakers as a way to combat dog breath. Occasionally they are subtle, but often fairly obvious, making sure to show closeups of the products and their labels.
  • Professional Killer: Season 4 sees a bunch of assassins arriving in town.
  • Pro-Human Transhuman: Scott. He cares deeply for humans and innocents, even trying to protect the Argents when possible. In contrast Derek is fine offering the "gift" of Lycanthropy to those who crave it, outcasts, the emotionally damaged and with health problems. Scott is particularly upset at this because of the active hunting werewolves face, making that much more likely the new converts die... Assuming they don't kill someone first.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!:
    • "Give me...the bottle...of Jack."
    • "We. Are. Closed."
  • Promotion to Opening Titles: Arden Cho (Kira) and Shelley Hennig (Malia) in season 4.
  • Put on a Bus:
    • In the Season 3 premiere, Jackson is mentioned to have moved to London with his father after breaking up with Lydia. Lydia gets over this by taking Allison on a double date under the guise of helping her get over Scott.
    • Derek mentions in "Riddled" that Cora had been living in South America after the Hale fire and that he took her back there during the Season 3 break.

  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Every member of Derek's pack was a confirmed misfit before being turned into a werewolf. Scott and Stiles both consider themselves to be misfits as well. The group of heroes counts as well, with werewolves (Scott, Derek, Isaac, Cora), werewolf hunters (Allison, Chris), a cop (Sheriff Stilinski), a nurse (Melissa), a druid (Dr. Deaton), a normal human (Stiles), and a banshee (Lydia).
    • In season 3B, we add more werewolves (Aiden and Ethan), a kitsune (Kira), and a werecoyote, (Malia).
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Stiles always gets up to some serious shenanigans like stealing police property and kidnapping one of his fellow students... which then causes his dad, the town Sheriff, to lose his job. And Scott always misses out on school due to being a werewolf... which causes him to have terrible grades and risk being held back a year.
    • The Beacon Hills police, specifically Sheriff Stilinski, have a lot of trouble closing cases due to most homicides having to do with the supernatural - which the police obviously have no experience with. At the start of season 3B, Agent McCall is looking to impeach the sheriff due to his seeming inability to do his job.
    • Thanks to all the damage it took in Season 3, the hospital is starting to have money issues.
    • Likewise, Sheriff Stilinski is having trouble paying off the debt he owes to Eichen House in season 4 after Stiles was placed there and summarily escaped in the previous season.
    • An assassin is poised to shoot Stiles, and Agent McCall is forced to shoot him first. In the next episode, we see him going through the procedures to prove that lethal force was necessary in that situation, and he has to leave town for review.
  • Really 700 Years Old:
    • Kira's mother claims to be something on the order of 900 years old. At the very least, she's old enough to have been imprisoned at a WWII-era Japanese internment camp in California.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Coach Finstock gives one to Scott (see Mugging the Monster). Jackson is on the receiving end of one of these from Derek late in season 1.
  • Refusal of the Call: Scott doesn't want to be a werewolf, so he ignores the call as long as possible. Unfortunately for him, the call keeps calling, so the choice ends up being: Man up and deal with your new-found werewolfness, or kill your loved ones.
    • In season 3, Lydia is in serious denial about her psychic powers. Near the end of 3A she starts accepting them more.
  • The Red Baron: Season 4 introduces several professional assassins that mostly go by monikers The Mute, The Orphans, and The Chemist. They are apparently so well known that even the FBI has heard of a few of them. Peter told Meredith about them as well. The Desert Wolf deserves a special mention, given that she's Malia's mother.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: An Alpha werewolf's eyes turn red. In monstrous form they visibly glow.
    • However, it is a subversion as not all Alphas are evil.
  • Red Herring: Practically a plot necessity for this kind of show, several people were heavily hinted at as the Alpha in Season 1 and later the Kanima and its master in Season 2, only to turn out as Red Herrings. Most notably the veterinarian Deaton as the Alpha and the chemistry teacher as the master of the Kanima.
  • Retired Badass: Dr. Deaton. He repeatedly states he's retired, but the end of season two sees him back in action going after Gerard.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The motive of several villains so far Peter Hale is avenging the Hale fire in season 1, Matt is after Lahey and the swim team for nearly drowning him, Gerard claims to be on one against all werewolf kind for Kate's death, but is really just plotting to get the bite to cure his cancer. Alison goes on a brief one after her mother's suicide. In season 3A Jennifer Blake makes multiple human sacrifices in order to gain the power to avenge herself on Kali and the rest of the Alpha pack.
  • Rousing Speech: Finstock gives one of these to his lacrosse team before the championship game. Turns out it's the exact same speech used by the American president in Independence Day. This little fact doesn't escape the notice of Stiles and Ms. McCall.
  • Rule of Three: Appears at various points throughout the show.
    • Derek's Triskelion tattoo, which specifically represents the three types of werewolf: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.
    • Stiles and his dad's saying about incidents: "One is an accident, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern."
    • The above phrase is mentioned by Lydia in the season three premier, concerning how she's been attacked by animals twice (a deer and her dog). Immediately after, a flock of crows crash through the windows and terrorize the class.
  • Running Gag: The Baseball Bat and the almost hitting of Stiles with it by members of the McCall family. Stiles's reaction is always to question why they have baseball bats if no one in the house plays baseball.
    • It gets a callback in "Overlooked" where Stiles brings it to the hospital and it shatters when he hits "Voltron Wolf" (Aiden & Ethan) over the head with it. Gets another callback in "Lunar Ellipse", where Stiles uses a new (aluminum) bat to keep the root cellar from collapsing.
    • Also Stiles wanting to know if gay guys find him attractive.
    • Coach Finstock yelling at Greenberg, a member of the lacrosse team who may only exist in his head
    • As of season three, people try to explain Lydia's abilities by saying she's psychic; when corrected, they snap in irritation that she's "something!"
  • Running on All Fours: The fastest way of travel for Betas and Alphas.

  • Samus is a Girl
    • The Darach is Jennifer Blake.
    • Same with Meredith Walker, the Benefactor.
  • Save the Villain: Scott attempts to save the Kanima in Season 2 rather than accept the loss of the person who was unwillingly transformed into a monster, in contrast to both Derek and Stiles, who are willing to kill the Kanima outright.
  • Scary Black Man: Dr. Deaton, enough to make an alpha back off.
    Dr. Deaton: Let me make myself clear. We. Are. Closed.
    • Boyd, at first. The whole barely-ever-speaks thing he sometimes has going on doesn't help much, either. Of course, then he got completely skewered by Allison...
  • Scooby-Doo Hoax: Zig-zagged in "Motel California", the most suicide-heavy motel in California. Lydia hears the voices of the aforementioned suicide victims, implying that the place is haunted as all get out, a hypothesis supported when the werewolves (including Ethan) start acting... out of character and hallucinating. As the episode unfolds, it seems as though what is driving the four boys to attempt suicide (except Isaac, because he's a survivor, damn it) caused the previous 198. But, at the end, it's revealed that the boys' erratic behavior was caused by being dosed with wolfsbane by Coach Finstock's tampered whistle. Except the whistle tampering was done by the Darach, a Druid with legitimate power who tries to subvert Stiles's attempt to save Scott from a suicide attempt by psychically rolling the lit flare back onto the gasoline puddle. And we still have no idea if the motel was actually haunted or if Lydia can just hear the dead, given that Lydia actually stated that the number of suicides isn't actually that mathematically improbable. And they would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids.
  • Secret Relationship: Scott and Allison tried this, using Stiles as their liaison. It didn't work.
  • Self Deprecating Humour: In the third season episode "Galvanize", Barrow is talking about Village of the Damned and specifies that he means the original, not the remake, because nobody likes crappy remakes.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Lydia's grandmother Lorraine predicted the events of season four and is implied to have written down a list of people who would be targeted by the Benefactor's mercenaries. It seems that years down the road, the list fell into the Benefactor's hands, allowing her to put a bounty on each of the names.
  • Serial Killer: Every season thus far has had one whose primary motivation is revenge:
    • Season 1 had alpha werewolf, Peter Hale, first kill his niece to become an alpha and then all of the people responsible for his family's murder, notably Kate Argent.
    • Season 2 had the Kanima's master, Matt Daehler, who used the Kanima to murder the swim team who let him drown and forgot about it.
    • Season 3A had the Darach, Jennifer Blake, whose motivation for sacrificing innocent people is to gain power in order to kill the Alpha Pack, specifically Kali, for disfiguring her and leaving her for dead.
  • The Shadow Knows: In "Anchors", Scott starts seeing his shadow transform into a more bestial alpha form as a side effect of rejuvenating the Nemeton.
  • Ship Tease: Lydia and Stiles.
  • Shipper on Deck: A couple of them. The most notable so far have been Stiles as a Scott/Allison shipper; Allison setting up a Stiles/Lydia pairing for the winter formal; Matt seemed to be a fan of Derek/Stiles; and Jackson was a Danny/Matt shipper before things went scaly-crazy.
  • Shirtless Scene: The male cast members who aren't adults or Stiles are guaranteed to get this.
    • Scott. He seems to go on without one for about one-third of the whole pilot episode, if not more. This occurs significantly less in following episodes.
    • Derek. He really spends a disproportionate amount of his time shirtless in the first season. In the second season, he specifically requested a shirtless scene because he had worked out during the break in preparation for filming as many shirtless scenes as before.
    • Jackson gets in on the action as well, especially in season two what with constant transformations into the Kanima tearing up his shirts
    • Rumor had it that Stiles would be getting in on the shirtless action in season 2, as well. It was lockerblocked by Scott in Ice Pick. So close.
    • The second season opening manages several shirtless scenes within 30 seconds.
    • Obligatory whenever Aiden and Ethan do their Fusion Dance. Oddly, they do not also have to remove their pants or shoes.
    • Danny and Isaac start getting shirtless scenes in season 3.
  • Shouldn't We Be in School Right Now?: Averted, simply by moving a lot of the action into the school. Which, for reasons that are unclear, conveniently has lots of vacant hallways, classrooms, offices and the locker room during the middle of the school day. It is also seemingly unlocked 24 hours a day and individuals who are neither students nor faculty can come and go as they please, thus allowing for things like fights with blind Alpha werewolves in the music room in-between periods.
  • Shout-Out:
    Stiles: Why is it starting to feel like you're Batman and I'm Robin? I don't wanna be Robin all the time!
    Scott: Nobody's Batman and Robin ANY of the time.
    Stiles: Not even some of the time?"
    • Also in 2x07.
    Stiles: You wanna play Catwoman? I'll be your Batman.
    • And then, later,
    Erica: Stiles... you make a good Batman.
    • Stiles says he would make a better Yoda than Derek.
    • Scott compares himself to the Incredible Hulk.
    • So far, at least one to The Wolf Man 1941 in the second episode when referring to Wolfsbane.
    Stiles: Haven't you ever seen The Wolf Man?
    Scott: ...No
    Stiles: *Sighs* You're so unprepared for this.
    • There was also a shout-out to the original Teen Wolf in Lunatic, in Scott asking for "the bottle of Jack" back, instead of a kegger.
    • Another shout-out to the original is when the Alpha says that when he was in high school they played basketball. Derek was also on the basketball team.
    • And again in the second season when the lacrosse team they're playing against is the Beavers, the name of the team from the original film.
    • Another Michael J. Fox film gets a Shout-Out when Melissa says the next town over is Hill Valley.
    • Gerard Argent quotes Macbeth:
    Gerard: Careful gentlemen, something wicked this way comes...
  • Silver Bullet:
    • Stiles thought that Derek got shot by one, which caused Derek to call Stiles an idiot. It was actually laced with a specific variety of Wolfsbane. According to Jennifer, it turns out the myth that silver kills werewolves is not a reference to the metal, but to the Argent family. Argent being the French word for silver.
    • The Argents forge a silver bullet as a symbolic initiation ritual.
    • Silver weapons, like bullets and arrowheads, are the only known way a mortal can hurt an Oni. If the silver stays inside the Oni long enough, it will destroy it.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Allison has no problem being with apparent loser Scott.
    • Scott's mother seems to be seeking a good man, too. Too bad the one she found was Peter Hale.
  • Six Student Clique:
    • The Head: Scott
    • The Muscle: Derek, Boyd
    • The Quirk: Stiles, Isaac, Danny
    • The Pretty One: Allison, Kira
    • The Smart One: Lydia
    • The Wild One: Jackson, Erica
  • Skewed Priorities:
    • Scott, Scott, Scott... Animals are going berserk all over town. Heretofore unknown werewolves are attempting to abduct his friends from the hospital where his mother works. Said friend was severely injured by said werewolves. What is Scott most worried about? His tattoo!!!
    • Derek, too, in "Motel California". The rest of the pack think he died, but he survived to drag himself to Jennifer Blake, who he then proceeds to have sex with instead of, you know, CALLING THEM TO REASSURE THEM THAT HE IS ALIVE. Distracted by the Sexy and Out-of-Character Moment, much? With the reveal of Jennifer Blake being the Darach, and the implication that the virgin sacrifices gave her some sort of seduction powers, Derek's prioritizing getting lucky can be seen as a combo-platter of Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror.
  • Smart People Know Latin: Lydia can read not only classical Latin, but also Archaic Latin.
    Lydia: I know Archaic Latin.
    Allison: You know Archaic Latin?
    Lydia: I got bored with classical Latin.
  • Socially-Awkward Hero: Scott. He originally starts out ilk this in season one, but as the series progresses, he becomes significantly more confident and less awkward, becoming more of a Magnetic Hero and leader.
  • Social Services Does Not Exist: Seriously, Beacon Hills apparently has nobody keeping track of wayward teenagers, even if they are attending public school seemingly without any parents. The sheriff's department might notice if they go missing, or turn up dead, but that is about it.
  • Spoiled Brat: Both Lydia and Jackson come from very wealthy families who appear to give them whatever they want. In Jackson's case, this includes a brand new Porsche.
  • Spotting the Thread: How Stiles can tell if he's awake or in a dream during season 3B (which are also real ways to tell). In dreams you can't read anything (the letters scramble or become unrecognizable) and people have too many fingers. The first one becomes an issue when he begins hallucinating it while awake, but Scott manages to bring him down from a panic attack by making use of the second method. These come back in the 3B finale, when Derek can't remember if he's dreaming or not and grabs Stiles' hand to check the fingers. He's dreaming.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Matt, to Allison.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: Derek, to Scott. He's making sure Scott isn't being too destructively disobedient.
  • Standard Female Grab Area: In the season one finale, Peter does this to Kate, rendering her pretty much helpless in seconds.
  • Start of Darkness: Deucalion used to want peace and an end to senseless killing before Gerard murdered several members of his pack unprovoked and blinded him then one of his remaining pack mates tried to kill him.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Derek does this a lot in the first few episodes.
  • Stoic Spectacles: Mr. Harris, the strangely intense chemistry teacher. If this show wasn't live-action, you could expect Scary Shiny Glasses to be invoked for emphasis.
  • Straight Gay: Danny, the lacrosse goalie. Apparently he's a catcher. Ethan also counts, even if Lydia called it within seconds of seeing him. That he was openly checking out Danny probably helped call that one.
    • Mason, Liam's best friend. Until he started checking out the captain of the opposing lacrosse team, there was no indication that he's gay.
  • Super Cell Reception: Zig zagged. The cell phones that almost every teen carries have never fallen into any of the usual dead battery or no service cliches. It would be completely implausible, seeing as how they are in the middle of the suburbs. Oftentimes, the phones worked into the plot without breaking it, with missed and interrupted calls taking the places of complete silence.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Stiles has the devastatingly powerful Void fulfilling this role. The Oni who were explicitly hunting it were defeated by it with ease.
  • Super Senses: Being a werewolf grants one such powers.
    • Unfortunately for Derek, when he was feeling the incapacitating effects of the wolfsbane bullet, he received a painful sensory overload from the overwhelming noise and activity happening in the school. Especially from the school bell that happened to be placed right above him.
  • Survivor Guilt:
    • Derek obviously blames himself for his family's death, as Kate Argent seduced him to get to his family.
    • In his hallucination, Stiles reveals that he feels guilty for his mother's death and believes that his father blames him.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: When Peter explains the werewolf mind meld to Isaac
    Peter: One slip and you could paralyze someone. Or kill them.
    Isaac: You've had a lot of practice though, right?
    Peter: Well, I've never paralyzed anyone.
  • Tainted Veins: Whenever werewolves absorb pain from someone, their veins blacken. Also shows up when the nogistune absorbs pain from Scott, who has accumulated pain from other people.
  • Tap on the Head: Poor Stiles. The werewolves seem to consistently forget that whacking a human on the head can cause permanent brain damage.
    • Subverted, too. Werewolves seem to have problems healing brain injuries. At least, Cora does after getting hit in the head by a 50 kg weight.
  • Tattooed Crook: Even though he's not actually a criminal, Derek has a triskelion tattoo between his shoulder blades.
  • Teen Genius: Stiles, Lydia, Danny and possibly Matt all qualify.
  • Tempting Fate: Scott really shouldn't correct his loony coach. Especially when said coach is also the Economics teacher:
    Coach: Remember, there's no 'me' in team!
    Scott: Uh... Yes, there is.
    Coach: Fine, then there's no A in Econ unless you score a win tonight!
    • A lesson Stiles has learned well ("Call me Biles from now on!")
    • Lydia in the season three premier, when talking about how she's been attacked by animals twice in the past two days.
    Lydia: What's that thing you [Stiles] say about threes? One, two -
    Bird crashes into the window, followed by an entire flock
  • That Came Out Wrong: Numerous instances, but Stiles is always making them.
  • That Manis Dead: Invoked when Stiles is possessed by the nogitsune.
  • They Were Holding You Back: The Alpha's opinion of Scott's friends and family.
  • Those Two Guys: Scott and Stiles. They're best friends and would do anything for each other, including dying for each other.
  • ¡Three Amigos!: Scott, Stiles and Allison.
  • Title Drop: In the sixth episode.
    Stiles: Be a man. Be a werewolf. Not a teen wolf, a werewolf.
    • Also doubles as a Stealth Pun and Bilingual Bonus.
    • This actually happens quite a few times with episode names: "Abomination", "Fury", "Currents", "The Overlooked", "Galvanize", etc.
  • Token Evil Teammate : Peter.
  • Token Minority: Danny. Not a regular character, and is in fact two steps removed from the protagonist Scott by being a friend of Jackson. When he does make a rare appearance on screen, a reminder that he's gay is almost always provided. Boyd also arguably fell into this category as well. While there are African-American extras on the show, and he received more screen time than the gay token, he nevertheless got less character development than any of the white characters, and was killed off when Erica's actress left the show allegedly because, the writers weren't sure what to do with him.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Allison and Lydia. They are close friends, but are in many ways total opposites. Allison is an Action Girl whereas Lydia is usually The Chick. Allison is likely to fight with a bow or knives, Lydia is more intellectual and otherwise tends to scream for help, although this makes sense in context.
  • Too Dumb to Live: By default, anyone who doesn't watch their step in this show, there being at least one serial killer throughout each season. Special mention goes to Scott and Stiles:
    • Half of Derek's conversations with them start with something like "You idiot! You could have gotten yourself (and me) killed!".
    • Hell, Scott got the bite because he and Stiles were looking for the body of a woman that had been cut in half. They were deep in the woods before it occurred to them that the killer might still be prowling around. It is. It finds Scott...
    • And Stiles uses this very reasoning to explain why Scott should listen to him.
    Stiles: How about I’m always right, and you should never disagree with me ever, ever for the sake of your wolflihood.
    • Lydia went to the lacrosse field alone at night when there had been a multitude of 'animal attacks' in town, to the point where there even was a police enforced curfew. Yet she goes to look for Jackson in a place where no one was likely to hear her scream for help. Little surprise that she gets attacked by Peter. Not learning from that experience, she also goes off alone into the darkened halls of the school, alone, at night, with violent werewolves and an evil druid running amok, because her Alpha boyfriend supposedly sent her a text message saying they needed to meet right away. Even though he was in the same room with her when she got it, and there was no reason she couldn't have tried to leave with him, or at least tell Scott, whom she was standing next to, where she was going.
    • Lampshaded by Coach Finstock when he notes the idiocy of the lacrosse bonfire: a bunch of teenagers getting drunk around an open flame.
    • Despite the fact that Derek's loft is the second most frequently besieged location in Beacon Hills (number one being the high school), it remains occupied and people feel free to hang out and relax there even with the incredibly high odds of something supernatural-related bursting in and attacking.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Several characters in season two - Scott can now beat the crap out of two betas at once without breaking a sweat; Derek goes from being a pretty badass Beta werewolf to being the badass Alpha. Allison gets trained by her hunter family and transforms from helpless little girl to badass with a bow.
  • Total Eclipse of the Plot: A key event in the season three finale, appropriately-named "Lunar Eclipse".
  • Town with a Dark Secret: Beacon Hills is just full of them.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles both seem to share a particular love of curly fries.
  • Training from Hell: Allison is put through this by her father (Chris Argent) and to some degree, her aunt. Both threatened to kill her boyfriend in front of her, leading poor Allison to hysterics, and her father left her tied up and alone to struggle out and untie herself as part of her training, too. When her mother ends up dead (having killed herself because she'd been bitten and she'd rather be dead than turn into a werewolf), Allison is hysterical and asks if this is just another one of her father's sick training exercises. It's not, but the fact that she thought it might be speaks volumes about what kind of off-screen "training" she may have had to endure. And on this show, it's definitely played straight, and she's a master archer and hunter in every way now.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: When Ethan and Aiden combine, people mainly stand around with dread instead of trying to do anything to stop them. The one exception is when the darach took the opportunity to attack while they were indisposed. After that, they waited for her to be distracted so they could finish transforming without her notice.
  • Transhuman Treachery: The fullness of the moon triggers a shift in personality for werewolves, which can be overcome by experience (Derek) or a special focus (Scott). Then, there are cases like Isaac, Erica, and Boyd, who are generally more bully-like regardless of the lunar phases.
  • Troubled, but Cute: Derek, to some extent. Scott seems to be rapidly heading in this direction.
  • True Companions: Scott's pack, consisting of himself, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and Isaac, are all very close in their friendships; if one needs help, the others will do whatever it takes to help them. The two characters that go above and beyond even this, though, are Scott and Stiles, who love one another like brothers.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: Scott, Stiles and Allison. Also, Scott, Allison and Isaac.
  • Two-Teacher School: Averted. We've seen the economics teacher/lacrosse coach, chemistry teacher, English teacher, French teacher/guidance counsellor, math teacher, English teacher, music teacher, history teacher, and biology teacher. Several have appeared multiple times. And whenever one of them gets killed, they are quickly replaced.

  • Urban Fantasy: Werewolves, lizardmen, witchcraft, and magic all taking place in a modern-day California town.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Stiles wears this coat quite well, and it seems to fit him even more the weirder things happen to get.
  • The Unreveal: "Hey look! They're showing us the Alpha transforming into a human— ...Oh wait. You can't tell who it is with that shadowy silhouette."
  • Unreliable Narrator: Used by name in-universe. When Gerard Argent and Peter Hale each tell the events surrounding Deucalion’s origin story and the death of Derek’s girlfriend, they both distort facts or outright lie to make themselves look better and/or more sympathetic. The audience knows they’re lying through the use of Unreliable Voiceover and the other characters call them out on it.
  • Unwanted Rescue: Scott and his team spend the first two episodes of season 3B trying to help Malia Tate, who was trapped in her coyote form after killing her mother and sister. When she reappears six episodes later she reveals that she didn't want to be human again, because now she can remember and feel guilt about killing her family - something she couldn't as a coyote.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Chris, Victoria and Allison Argent, along with the rest of the hunters, have no idea that they are just enabling Gerard's plot to become a werewolf in order to survive terminal cancer. The ultimate however is Jackson, who does not even remember transforming into the Kanima, much less the murders that it commits at the direction of Matt.
  • The Vamp: Lydia TRIES to be this. With anyone. Including Scott. And Allison's dad. While Allison is in the room. Neither of them notice. She does eventually succeed with Scott.
    • After a childhood of feeling sickly and unattractive due to her epilepsy and the meds she had to take for it, Erica wants as much attention as she can possibly get when the bite makes her healthy and beautiful. It goes to the degree of overcompensation.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes: It becomes fairly clear over time that the Argents and their fellow hunters enjoy what they do and some of them are not all that interested in whether any given werewolf they kill is really a threat to anybody, or if they are a werewolf at all as opposed to simply being associated with one somehow.
    • Their willingness to tolerate Scott is due to a complicated mix of him being a minor, not having killed anyone and being important to Allison. Even so, this is a very tenuous tolerance as shown by Gerard stabbing Scott in the gut and Victoria trying to murder him because they were still dating despite their having been ordered to break up.
  • Villain over for Dinner: Scott's mom gets asked out on a date by Peter Hale, aka the Alpha and Big Bad, much to Scott's horror.
  • The Virus: Seems to be the case with lycanthropy, but mainly to those who have been turned and never wanted to be a werewolf to begin with. Some people, like Derek and other members of the Hale family, are naturally born with it.
  • Viral Transformation: Anybody bitten by an Alpha werewolf either dies or becomes a werewolf themselves. Except for Lydia, who is somehow immune.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: The Alphas and any other werewolf who can shift into a true wolf form.

  • Wait Here: Stiles tells Lydia to wait in the Jeep while he and Scott look for Kira in "Galvanize". When she asks why, he tells her that he's only got one bat.
  • Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World: For Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Isaac. Somewhat more murky on Lydia (who has no idea of the goings-on until the end of the second season) and Jackson (who's unknowingly the creature that's a threat).
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: All of the male werewolves have their shirtless moments, but Derek really seems to be competing for the grand prize of shirtlessness.
  • Was Once a Man: Scott, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd were all humans before receiving the bite. Derek, Laura, and Cora are confirmed to have been born as werewolves. But for any other wolf, either one is possible until otherwise stated.
  • Weirdness Censor:
    • Scott and Stiles often have werewolf-related conversations in the halls of the school or in the locker room while surrounded by lots of people.
    • No one notices Scott breaking a locker off its hinges in the middle of the hallway.
    • Coach flat-out states that he does not want to know why Stiles has chains (to bind Scott during the full moon) in his locker.
    • Also, no body seems to notice that Scott leaves frantically, right after the game in the second episode, both times. Right after he injures Jackson (which they also pay no mind to, except really Lydia), and right after he wins the game for them (except Stiles and Allison).
    • Scott bashing his head into the wall, repeatedly, during school, anyone?
    • New werewolf Isaac Lahey leaves visible claw marks across the locker doors without anyone commenting on it.
    • On two occasions Ethan has allowed himself to be beaten bloody in front of his classmates. Nobody seems to notice that he is perfectly healed almost immediately afterward. Especially notable was the second time, where he was bleeding from the mouth quite a bit. Just hours later he was making out with Danny, who never so much as questioned whether his jaw hurt.
    • Averted in Season 3, however, when Agent McCall acknowledges that bizarre things happen in Beacon Hills; he just doesn't know what, exactly, they are.
    • Also Averted by Danny as he reveals by the end of season 3. It was pretty easy for him to figure out he was dating a werewolf considering everything else that happens in Beacon Hills.
  • Weirdness Magnet:
    • Beacon Hills definitely draws some interesting people to it. Part of it is due to the configuration of telluric currents around the city, as well as the presence of the Nemeton (a magical, sacred tree stump). The Nemeton is restored to full potency halfway through season 3, and according to Deaton will cause the city to literally become a beacon drawing in the supernatural.
    • Stiles often laments his tendency to be a human form of this as well.
  • Wendigo: In "Muted", a family of Wendigos briefly appear before being murdered. From what was shown, they are usually nice people as long as they're able to regularly eat human flesh. Otherwise they gain Horror Hunger, a bad attitude, and some new teeth.
  • Wham Episode:
    • "Insatiable": Allison dies. This marked the first death of an official main character.
    • Followed immediately after by the season finale, "The Divine Move": Aiden dies, Danny reveals he was never really Locked Out of the Loop like everyone assumed, and Kate Argent is alive again. And no longer human.
    • In "Muted", Scott gives Liam the bite. It's the first time he's bitten another person as an Alpha, and now he not only has a beta to look after but also knows that the Calaveras will be coming after him.
  • Wham Line: In "Alpha Pact," Stiles continually talks to an FBI agent investigating the disappearance of Papa Stilinski. Stiles is very frosty towards him. At the end of the episode, Stiles says to Scott, "If I don't make it back... Your dad's in town."
    • Another one in "Echo House," when Deaton reveals that the only way to extract a nogitsune from a human is to change the host's body.
    Scott: So, turn him into a werewolf.
    • In "The Divine Move" Danny drops one, revealing he knew about the supernatural goings-on all along.
    Danny: I just don't think I can do this.
    Ethan: Date me?
    Danny: Date a werewolf.
  • Wham Shot:
    • Stiles reaching through one of the Oni's body that is haunting for the dark spirit, taking out its firefly and effectively killing the Oni in "Silverfinger", which changes the character from that point to the end of the season.
    • Lydia reveals another part of the supernatural deadpool in "I.E.D." One of the names is Jordan Parrish. As in, Deputy Parrish. And it's implied that he himself doesn't even know that he's supernatural.
  • "What Do They Fear?" Episode: "Party Guessed" highlights our motley crew of Dysfunction Junction teenagers, after Lydia's wolfsbane-laced punch at her birthday party causes hallucinations. Jackson fears losing his identity due to his severe parental issues; Allison, in a subtle Foreshadowing, fears becoming a cold-blooded killer; Stiles fears his father blaming him for his mother's death. And Scott worries that Allison will run off with Jackson.
    • Losing Allison is actually a justified fear for Scott, as Allison is his anchor and the thing that helps him control his wolf side. Losing her could mean losing control and hurting someone, and considering that Scott appears to generally be a pacifist and sweetheart, it makes sense that losing Allison and potentially losing control would be his biggest fear.
    • Also, Scott doesn't just hallucinate losing Allison to Jackson. His hallucination has Jackson in Kanima form. And given that the Kanima kills people, it's not just about her leaving him, but possibly her dying. His priorities are definitely not skewed when put in the proper context.
    • Motel California counts for this as well. Boyd, Isaac, Scott, and Ethan all have hallucinations about the things from their past (and present) they fear. For Boyd, it's his sister's death; for Isaac, it's his abusive father; Scott is afraid of his mom dying; Ethan has a particularly graphic moment where he hallucinates his brother Aiden's face moving under his skin.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Isaac lays this speech on Derek during "Alpha Pact" for sleeping with the killer rather than helping Scott and Stiles find the Darach, still doing nothing to help even though Jennifer has captured Melissa and the Sheriff and is waiting to kill them along with a some I Hate You, Werewolf Dad for turning him, Erica and Boyd, leading to their deaths out of loneliness and a desire for power.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Stile's answer to Peter Hale's proposition in the season one finale. Of course, the latter said he could tell he was lying, so there's definitely more to this.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Flame: Scott and Stiles wander into one in "Frenemy" while following the Kanima.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Beacon Hills is located somewhere in California, but pinpointing the exact location is complicated by mutually exclusive clues:
    • The local flora and geography would put it somewhere north of Sacramento and with its 95921 zip code, Beacon Hills would occupy the same location as Inskip, California.
    • But its 925 area code would place it in either Alameda or Contra Costa Counties near San Francisco, 200 miles away.
    • In the episode "I. E. D." the sheriff says the town has a population of 30,000 people and is located in the equally fictitious Beacon County, which itself has a population of over 500,000 people. These numbers don’t match any real world demographics in California.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: Zigzagged with Isaac and Erica. They don't seem to channel their anger at those who tormented them once they turn to werewolves. Then they reveal they do have grievance they want to rectify, but only act on them opportunistically.
  • Wipe That Smile Off Your Face: There's an unnamed killer in "Muted" who looks completely human except for lacking a mouth. Since he has to feed himself through a test tube, it's probably not natural.
  • Wolf Man: Of course, a wolf teenager. Betas develop claws on their hands and feet, grow sideburns, and have lupine and savage facial features. Alpha wolves have the ability to become full wolves, though it isn't used as much because it's harder for them to stay in control (and because of CGI restrictions).
  • Worst Aid:
    • The treatment of Erica's seizures is downright unrealistic. During her first one in "Ice Picked", Allison instructs Scott to put her on her side while she's seizing. In reality, she would flail violently enough to smack him away if he tried that. You're meant to wait out the seizure and put them on their side afterwards in case they vomit. In "Restraint", Scott goes ahead and picks her up even though, again, that would be nearly impossible with a real seizure victim. Of course, she was conscious and talking, so maybe Kanima poison-induced seizures are different.
    • Lydia is smart so she should know that you don't kiss someone who is having a panic attack.
  • The Worf Effect: The quickest way to show that a bad guy/antagonist means trouble is to have them beat up or harass Derek. Poor guy...
    • Derek spent the whole first season being outclassed by the alpha and harassed by hunters that he couldn't harm for fear they would declare all out war on him. Even after he became alpha, the kanima easily disabled him. He can barely control his own pack. He once got taken out by Lydia. He was never pitched as the best or most trained, it's just the newly bitten wolves and most humans that can't match him. Worf could totally take Derek.
      • In his defense he seems to be getting better in fighting, actually being on defense against the Kanima, going on against Ennis, going against Kali for half an episode, he does seems a little suicidal some moments, so maybe that's something to think about?
  • Would Not Hit a Girl: Stiles says he might need to revisit this policy.
  • Wound That Will Not Heal:
    • Derek's accidental clawing of the back of Jackson's neck.
    • Scott's wound from one of the alphas in "Frayed", to the point where Allison actually has to perform emergency surgery on him because his Healing Factor won't kick in.
      • This was largely considered psychosomatic, was it not?
    • Deucalion's eyes after Gerard stabs them out.
    • The head wound inflicted on Cora by Aiden using a 45lb weight. For some reason Healing Factor alone does not repair the injury, forcing Derek to sacrifice his Alpha power to heal her.
      • Thought it may had something to do with her being poisoned with mistletoe, and Jennifer using that as a bargaining chip to get Derek on her side.
    • Even after gaining powerful healing abilities by sacrificing three doctors, Jennifer cannot truly heal the grievous disfiguring wounds inflicted on her by Kali, and relies on Glamour to conceal her true form and appear beautiful.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: To a fairly egregious level. The timeline in the first two seasons was fairly easy and straightforward to follow, but the third and fourth seasons have contradicted ages, birthdates, past events, and school years on numerous occasions, leading to quite a bit of viewer confusion over canon continuity. A good example is the sudden change of Derek's age from 19 and 20 in the first two seasons to mid- or late-twenties in the later seasons, which has led to a whole lot of Continuity Snarl about Derek's background, Kate's sexually Squick-y crimes, and everything else surrounding Laura and the Hale family fire.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Quite a few instances, several of them very different. Stiles seems to think he's in a buddy superhero show, Scott thinks the universe is simplistic with a clear villain (Derek) to defeat. We quickly learn that it's a lot more complicated. Lydia seems to think she's the main character of a chick-flick - and doesn't realize she'd be the bad guy in that situation.
    • Stiles does, however, show shades of being Genre Savvy in regards to werewolves, recognizing wolfsbane and signs of lycanthropy.
  • Yandere: Jennifer Blake, aka the Darach, develops a huge torch on resident hottie Alpha werewolf Derek Hale. She advises him to pretend to be dead for a while and not call his pack. Meanwhile, she uses her psychic powers and some good old fashioned poison to get them to commit suicide and leave Derek all alone.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Lydia gives Stiles one of these in "More Bad Than Good", getting him past his Nemeton-induced Heroic BSOD. She reminds him that he's the one who "figures it out." The fact that she needs him to save her from a steel trap that's a hair away from going off on her ankle takes it Up to Eleven.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:
    • Kate offers to team up with Derek in exchange for giving her the identity of the Alpha. When she finds out that he doesn't know anything, she more or less declares this and tries to off him.
    • Ennis fails to kill Derek or any of his betas, leading Deucalion to perform this on him.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle: The Driving Question of season 2 was "Who is the Kanima?" midseason, it was revealed to be Jackson's Superpowered Evil Side, and the question became "Who is the Kanima's master?"

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