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Badass Family
The family that kicks ass together, stays together.

"Holy crap that family is awesome."

You have your Badasses, your Little Miss Badasses, your Badass Grandpas, and your Badass whatevers, etc.

But then there is the Badass Family. Awesomeness seems to be either inherited, instilled at an early age, or both. There is at least one Wall of Weapons somewhere in the household. Nearly every member of the family could kick ungodly amounts of ass. They may be Super Heroes or Badass Normals in a Super Family Team. Even the cute little 5-year-old child could do things that would net most professional soldiers a Medal Of Honor or similar medal—and s/he does this kind of stuff daily. But the real magic of this family? Their indestructibility as a team. As strong as any member may be individually, when fighting together, their strengths balance their weaknesses and they support each other to the bitter end - and meanwhile will remind each other to pick up the groceries.

Needless to say, take on this family, or threaten one of its members, at your own peril—and don't be surprised when you lose badly to them.

On account of their (usually) unspoken reliance on The Power of Love, the Badass Family tends to be good guys, though maybe more Chaotic than Lawful. The matriarch is likely to be an Action Mom. Even if she's not, she'll surely be a Mama Bear. Any kids they might have will be in distinct age groups - only one baby, or one "kid", or one teenager, unless there's a twin, in which case watch out. Harming the children of a Badass Family is generally a VERY bad idea.

Compare: The Family That Slays Together.

A Badass Family minus the family equals the Badass Crew. A Badass Family minus the children is a Battle Couple. A Badass Family plus superpowers is a Super Family Team. A Badass Family that stays badass over many years through descendants is called a Heroic Lineage. Some Master Apprentice Chains can also be depicted like this.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Project Arms brings us the Takatsuki family. Apparently the Takatsukis are descendants of the Rappa ninjas and once every few century a boy is born to the family with supernatural powers. The Takatsukis we have seen on panel include Iwao "Silent Wolf" Takatsuki,a badass mercenary & shinobi whom the President of USA knows and trusts,his wife Misa Takatsuki,the neighborhood's sweetheart but who also happens to be a badass former mercenary and spends her spare time fighting off superhuman cyborgs with a M-60 without even soiling her dress and their adopted son Ryo who wields the terrible, planet destroying power of the Jabberwock.
    • And then there is Iwao's psycho brother James Huang,a mutant who can rip space & time and can kick the ass of a member of the Keith series with a smile on his face. Iwao still stomps on him,though!
  • The Middlefords in Black Butler. All of them. Including Elizabeth
  • Most of the members of the Takamachi family in Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever are martial artists or ninja, and some have even taken on terrorist organizations and won. Even the Token Mini-Moe of the family gets to become a badass in her own spinoff show, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
    • And it gets bigger. Kyouya eventually marries his childhood friend Shinobu, a Japanese Vampire. Meanwhile, Nanoha officially adopts Vivio, a Clone Jesus Of Mass Destruction.
    • There's also Hayate and the Wolkenritter. They aren't actually biologically related, but they have a very definite "family" dynamic nonetheless. They're also easily the most powerful group in the series. May God be with you if the Yagami family shows up to kick your ass.
      • And while we're on the subject, it seems the Nakajima family has absorbed any convertable Number Cyborg Girl that they can. Nove Nakajima is befriending Einhart Stratos; aka Belkan Ruler Ingvalt in cute little girl form; and should Dark King Ixpellia (again, in cute little girl form) wake up; she's going to make a beeline to being adopted by Subaru. And the family almost adopted Thoma Avenir, who wasn't ready to join the it, but everyone treat him like as if he's really adopted. And he's an Eclipse Driver now.
      • Admiral Lindy Harlaown has a biological son, Chrono, and ends up adopting Fate, who later adopts Caro and Erio. Fate also serves as Vivio's other mommy.
      • As all four of the above families are also True Companions with each other, its highly likely that taking any one of them on would soon incite the others to come after you in short order. In fact this is why Hayate is looked on with suspicion by high command. The sheer force of the Takamachi, Yagami, Harlaown and Nakajima families as a whole pretty much comprises a Badass Army made out of Badass Families.
    • The Hückebein family is a villainous (and dysfunctional) example.
    • Before the Hückebein, Jail Scaglietti and the Numbers, twelve female Combat Cyborgs who he refers as his Numbers, are this.
  • The Zaoldyeck family from Hunter × Hunter are a family of super-assassins who are so badass that they let the location of their spacious mountain estate be common knowledge, and the giant, snazzy front gates to their property are actually a tourist attraction. Their actual mansion is hidden in a dense forest, and you have to get past a 10-foot-tall attack dog automated killing machine and a small army of Battle Butlers before you stand a chance at actually finding it.
  • The Nanayas from Tsukihime are definitely a family of badasses, hunting down demon-hybrids with nothing more than minor psychic abilities and ordinary weapons. The head of the clan slaughtered dozens of people with nothing more than a pair of metal sticks. Although, the things they do to keep their psychic abilities in their bloodline are Squicky.
  • The Ds of Pet Shop of Horrors are all master illusionists who can converse with the animals they sell (which are what you'd expect), and at least one of them knows magic kung fu.
  • Dragon Ball: The Sons are an extended Badass Family. Goku's the hero of the world and his sons and granddaughter are usually quite competent, but his wife, father-in-law, adopted grandfather, daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law's father are all world-class martial artists in their own right. His father too and Vegeta's and Bulma's also to some extent.
  • The Monkeys (and Portgas D. Ace) in One Piece:
    • The eldest, Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp is called the Hero of the Marines. He's strong enough to hurl cannonballs as if they were baseballs, and when he does, they're faster than they would be if fired by actual cannons. Garp was powerful enough to corner freaking Gold Roger, the god damn Pirate King!
    • Not much has been revealed about Garp's son, Monkey D. Dragon. But what has been revealed is impressively badass. He's the most wanted criminal in the entire world. Why? Because he's started a revolution against the World Government.
      • By the time Captain Smoker first appeared, he was the most badass character seen thus far and easily defeated Luffy. As he was capturing him, then Dragon makes his appearance. All he does is talk calmly as he holds on to the jutte Smoker wears on his back, and the tough Marine Captain is practically pissing his pants.
    • Monkey D. Luffy himself, our hero, the man with the 400,000,000 bounty. Within a year, Luffy defeated the strongest pirates of the East Blue, kicked the asses of two of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, saved three separate nations and a city from destruction, punched out a Celestial Dragon, and successfully attacked all three of the World Government's most heavily defended bases. One of them, he attacked twice.
    • Portgas D. Ace, Luffy's older brother by adoption. Within the first year of his pirate career, he was offered the chance to become one of the Seven Warlords. And fought Jinbe for five days without rest. And then he joined Whitebeard's crew. And his actual father is Gold Roger, the Pirate King. Plus his mom, Portgas D. Rouge, despite not being action-geared that we know of, was such a Plucky Girl that she held him in her womb for 20 months out of sheer force of will.
    • No information has been given about either Luffy's mother or grandmother. But in order to attract Garp or his son, you have to be a total badass.
    • Due to implications that they're all related, you could also say the D's as a whole.
    • Considering that Whitebeard regards every member of his crew as his son, the Whitebeard Pirates can definitely be considered this. The entire crew and its allies fought evenly with all the force the Marines could bring to bear and five out of seven Warlords of the Sea. Note that, despite this, the government still holds Dragon the Revolutionary as the greater threat.
    • Hell, the Straw Hat Pirates themselves could count as well. They may be a Badass Crew, but there's no denying that they're practically a family.
  • Ranma ½
    • The Saotomes. The son is a teenaged master of Supernatural Martial Arts, meaning he has Super Strength, Super Speed, a Healing Factor, and is Made of Iron — to the extent that he shrugged off, in a matter of moments, an impact that his opponent was certain had shattered every bone in his body. The father trained the son to be as good as he is, could originally fight him on equal terms and win at least half the time before he started slacking off and was Overshadowed by Awesome, and created two schools of Dangerous Forbidden Techniques, with such tricks as the ability to rip out an opponent's heart and to cut opponents apart with Razor Wind. The mother is something of a Cloud Cuckoolander Dojikko, but even her husband is afraid when she reaches for her katana.
    • It also has Shampoo and Cologne, who might be indirect relatives (Shampoo is Cologne's great-granddaughter), but are still Bad Ass. The former is an Action Girl with Boobs of Steel who is the most formidable fighter amongst Ranma's fiancées, while the latter is a Miniature Senior Citizens Old Master and Trickster Mentor who can take out Pantyhose Taro with one wave of her staff.
    • While in another series they would be considered pretty Bad Ass, the Kuno and Tendo families aren't really qualified for this trope even if one takes into account the fact that they are Overshadowed by Awesome. Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno are both Joke Characters in anime/manga form, while their father has no fighting skill of his own and instead uses bombs and tricks to mess with people. In the Tendo family, only Akane and her father Soun have any fighting skills (and Soun seems to have much less then his daughter), while the other daughters consist of Nabiki "The Barnum" Tendo, who almost got herself killed the first time she tried to actually plan to swindle money from somebody instead of capitalizing on a chance event, and Kasumi Tendo, who contents herself with looking after the housework and leaving the chaos to Akane and Ranma.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • The Elrics and the Armstrongs. Even Alex Armstrong's meek and shy little sister Catherine can effortlessly lift a piano over her head with one hand USING THE METHOD THAT HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!
    • The Homunculi and Father are related to the Elrics by blood thanks to Hohenheim so anyone related to Hohenheim is a Badass by default.
    • And since those serving under Armstrong at Fort Briggs are thought of and treated as family, Buccaneer falls under the Armstrong qualification.
  • The Magari family of Nora.
  • The Steam Family from Steamboy. Mrs. Steam even manages to clock one of the bad guys with a pillow.
  • InuYasha: Sango, Kohaku, and their father came from a badass village. Then there's also Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and their father. And let's not forget Sesshoumaru's mother, a youkai queen.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has the Black Siblings, who were not only willing to take on Gunmen, but kicked ass doing so.
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Sakura Li, Syaoran Li, and the "twins", Syaoran Jr. (birth name Tsubasa) and "Watanuki", birth name also presumably Tsubasa. Enough said.
  • Baccano!: The Gandor brothers, including and especially the adopted and little-known fourth one you might recognize as Claire Stanfield.
  • Thorfinn's family in Vinland Saga, starting with Thorfinn we move up to Thors his father then on his mother's side her father Sigvaldi, Chief of the Jomsviking and her Uncle Thorkell the Tall. His mother herself for being able to cow Thors back when he was the Norse equivalent of an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, and his sister Ylfa who is more than capable of taking care of herself, quickly joining in on the whale hunts.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!
    • We have Badass Teacher Negi, Nagi (his invincible father), Chao (his descendant from 100 years in the future), and Arika (his Badass Princess mother). And considering how she is an Ostian Princess, Asuna could fit into Negi's family. By extension there is Lifemaker from whom Ostia's royal family is descended.
    • The Konoe family too. The patriarch is the Headmaster of Mahora and a Cool Old Guy, his son-in-law Eishun was a close friend and fighting companion of Negi's dad Nagi, Eishun's wife who hasn't been seen but is mentioned to be a Magic Knight and currently Walking the Earth, Eishun's daughter Konoka is a powerful White Magic user and healer in her way to become a Magistra Magi, and said daughter's girlfriend childhood friend and bodyguard Setsuna is a badass Action Girl and Konoka's Ministra..
  • Most of the Joestar line from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is well acquainted with ass-kicking. Joseph Joestar and his grandson Jotaro Kujo even make it an inter-generational thing in Part 3. Even those without superpowers manage something. Joseph's father was a pilot during World War I.
    • The Zeppelis are sort of a secondary ass-kicking family, though they all have a bad habit of dying tragically.
  • The Jurai royal family in Tenchi Muyo!. The 'normal' members are ludicrously powerful by most standards (e.g., the king usually doesn't bother with bodyguards because he doesn't need them), while several of them are actually gods/goddessesTenchi is the avatar of a cosmic entity more powerful than the three goddesses that created the universe and Sasami is actually Tsunami, one of the three goddesses that created the universe.
  • The Hargreaves Family of Count Cain may not have a knack for Shounen fighting, but Cain, Alexis and their closer relatives are/were devout poison collectors, Alexis upgraded a leetle occult club to something to be feared and Augusta was a Magnificent Bitch that was behind it all. Pretty badass. Oh, and little Merryweather is a fortune teller.
  • Nonhuman example from Pokemon Special. Red's Pika, Yellow's Chuchu, and their kid, Gold's Pich. Because nothing says badass family more than having all three of them launching themselves into the air on a surfboard to finish off a massive Kyogre-shaped blob of energy with a triple Volt Tackle. The surfboard is technically part of the family, due to it being part of Pika via the Substitute move.
  • Bleach
    • The Kuchiki family is defined by Byakuya, the strongest leader in the family's history and Sixth Division Captain. He succeeded his Badass Grandpa Ginrei and his own father was a lieutenant before his death. His adopted sister Rukia was capable of killing the Ninth Espada and later gained both the 13th Division lieutenant seat and bankai. In filler, the anime gave the family the extremely powerful Kouga Kuchiki, the Zanpakutou Tales Big Bad.
    • The Shiba family consists of the one-armed explosives expert Kuukaku and her younger brother Ganju. It also included their older brother Kaien who completed the six-year Shinigami Academy programme in two years and made lieutenant within five years of graduating, and his wife Miyako, the 13th Division's Third Seat. Their uncle was 10th division captain Isshin Shiba who sacrificed his powers and became known as Isshin Kurosaki.
    • The Ishida family consisted of the mystic archer Souken Ishida and his grandson Uryuu, who was capable of one-shotting a captain and his bankai despite not having achieved his full potential. Souken's son and Uryuu's father, Ryuuken, is far more powerful than his son but is estranged due to his refusal to use his powers and explain why. Kanae Katagiri was originally Ryuuken's Ninja Maid before becoming his wife and Uryuu's mother, while Ryuuken's cousin was Masaki Kurosaki, a Quincy with unusually powerful Blut Vene who gained even greater power when accidentally Hollowfied by Aizen's experiments.
    • The Kurosaki family consists of the main character Ichigo and his potentially talented sister Karin. Their father Isshin used to be a shinigami before giving it up to live a human life and their mother Masaki sacrificed her life to save Ichigo from a hollow. Masaki was de-powered while fighting a hollow she should have curbstomped. Thanks to Isshin and Masaki's family backgrounds, Ichigo's therefore related to both the badass Shiba and Ishida families, too!
  • Naruto
    • Most characters belong to one established ninja clan or another, many possessing natural or artificial mutations apart from the standard ninja-wizard training that virtually every character goes through. Also, it's often emphasised that the ninja villagers, the Leaf villagers in particular, treat each other as family, meaning this trope can extend to virtually the entire cast. Even many of the main villains are the badass black sheep of prestigious ninja families.
    • The most extensive example would be the Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki clans, all of whom descend from the Sage of the Six Paths, the strongest ninja ever.
      • The Uchiha includes Itachi, who's able to effortlessly defeat some of the strongest ninjas in the series while still a teenager, Sasuke, Itachi's younger brother and the series's deuteragonist, and Madara, a contender for the title of "second strongest ninja ever".
      • The Senju includes the First Hokage, another contender for "second strongest ninja ever", as well as his younger brother and granddaughter the Second and Fifth Hokages, both of whom are considered to be among the strongest ninja of their respective generations.
      • The Uzumaki Clan includes Mito, the first host of the Nine-Tailed Fox (and the 1st Hokage's wife), Kushina, the second host of the Fox, Pain/Nagato, who single-handedly demolishes the Hidden Leaf Village, Karin, an unparalleled chakra detector with healing abilities, and Naruto, the series's protagonist. And that's not even including, by virtue of being Kushina's husband and Naruto's father, the Fourth Hokage, who was so feared that Hidden Stone shinobi were ordered to run away upon seeing him.
    • Then there are the three sand siblings, Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara. All three start out in the series as very talented ninja, especially Gaara, who has one of the tailed beasts sealed inside of him. Adding to that is the fact that their father was the Kazzkage of the Sand Village. All three have become even more powerful post-Time Skip, and Gaara has become the new Kazekage. Also, three of them are in their teens, with Gaara being the youngest.
    • By right of adoption the Bijuu are also part of the Sage's badass family.
  • Rosario + Vampire
  • Makyou Densetsu Acrobunch gives us the Randou family. All of which are accomplished explorers and pilot the title mech.
  • The Legend of the Legendary Heroes has the Eris siblings.
  • The Hellsing family is full of noblemen and vampire hunters, with the later three generations being able to control the most powerful vampire ever after great-granddad Abraham flattened him personally.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Ikari family. Let's see: boy is the textbook example of Beware the Nice Ones, girl is the resident Apocalypse Maiden, father is THE Chessmaster while the mother is... well... you don't want to know.

    Expanding the parameters to "family friends and associates", boy's caretaker is an Action Girl and genius tactician, boy's other partner is a Fiery Redhead who can wipe armies when she's in the adequate mood and position, caretaker's best friend and father's lover is a Hot Scientist with genius-like intellect inherited from her mom alongside the "father's lover" deal, caretaker's ex-boyfriend kept his cool in any situation including his own death, and kid who has Ho Yay with the boy is a freaking Angel in human form.
  • The Furunji family in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Grandfather Hayato's nickname is the Invincible Superman, the granddaughter Miu is no slouch, The father is the head of Yomi and the mother was a Pregnant Badass.
  • The Kabuto family from Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, featuring badass super robot pilot Kouji Kabuto and his Mad Scientist grandfather Juuzo, as well as another badass super robot pilots Tetsuya Tsuurugi and Jun Hono, who are adopted children of Kouji's father, Kenzo, who is also someone you do not want messing up with (and who somehow manages being both an Abusive Parent and a Papa Wolf). Shin Mazinger has an addition to it in form of Tsubasa, ruthless leader of powerful criminal organization and master strategist, who is both Kouji's mother and Tetsuya's sister.
  • Speed Racer: The Racer family. Pops was a wrestling champ in his highschool days and has gotten bigger and stronger since. Rex and Speed are both talented fighters, and Spritle can make grown men regret messing with him.
  • Shura No Toki follows successive generations of the same badass family, the Mutsu. Throughout Japanese history Mutsu Enmei Ryu has proven to be the most formidable unarmed combat art in the land. In one of the arcs, the Badass Yagyu family also gets a turn in the spotlight.
  • Code Geass: The Britannias. Sons and daughters of Charles zi Britannia by multiple wives. They basically run the largest empire in the world, although this is because of royal privilege. What DIDN'T come from royal privilege was the massive and eventually successful rebellion engineered by the exiled prince, Lelouch. So, here's a list of things the family would have achieved if not for the intervention of the other members:
    • Euphemia: Reforming The Social Darwinist empire in the direction of a pluralist constitutional monarchy, if it weren't for Lelouch's Geass acting up. In at least one Alternate Universe, she actually does manage to do it.
    • Schneizel: Taking over the Chinese Federation if not for Lelouch. Then, taking over the world if not for Lelouch.
    • Cornelia: Pacifying Japan and successfully dismantling its dispersed resistance groups.
    • Lelouch: He would have taken over Japan in 10 episodes, would not have to rescue Nunnally from his uncle VV and thereby would've won the First Battle of the Tokyo Settlement, would not have to deal with the advanced Knightmares that were created by Prince Schneizel's personal science division and would not have lost control of the Black Knights.
    • Charles: Assimilation Plot.
    • Odysseus and Clovis: Uh... nothing. Though Odysseus still had the balls to actually try reasoning with Lelouch when he took over and became Emperor. It obviously didn't work, but the fact that he tried to be polite to Lelouch when he was taking over and everyone was freaking out counts for something.
  • The Ren ruling family of Magi - Labyrinth of Magic. Most of them have captured a dungeon, with the first prince Kouen holding three Djinn, the only person after Sinbad to do so. Three of the crowned princes and two of the crowned princesses are generals of the Imperial Army. And add to the fact they are very close knit and if you happen to mess with one of them or threaten their country, prepare for the worst.

    Comic Books 
  • The Marvels.
  • The Fantastic Four. Utterly dysfunctional when things are quiet, nightmare of cosmic beings when things get rough.
  • X-Men: The Summers' have an extensive and Tangled Family Tree. Every family member can kick ass: they are poster children for eugenics. Daddy was (is) a space pirate. His three (confirmed) sons are two superhero team leaders and a supervillain who conquered his own space empire.

    His grandchildren include (but, since this is the Summers family, may not be limited to) a world-conquering time-travelling messiah so powerful he was able to fight the Silver Surfer to a standstill while simultaneously repairing all the collateral damage from their confrontation, a time-travelling celestial avatar who fought Galactus to a standstill, a trans-dimensional alternate universe equivalent of the previous messiah of near Cosmic Entity levels of power, a world-class supervillain and the daughter of Emma Frost. Known spouses/girlfriends include another celestial avatar, the daughter of the Big Bad, a supremely Badass mercenary, an insane galactic warlord, a Cat Girl space pirate, Emma Frost and Deadpool (sort of).

    Oh, and his daughter-in-law occasionally becomes a living avatar of wanton galactic destruction, dies, and comes back to life. When she's not busy running the universe from beyond the bounds of space and time, anyway.
    • And connected to the above, the Grey family:
      Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, Cable, Nate Grey, Stryfe, Rachel Grey-Summers, Hyperstorm (an outright Cosmic Entity) and Scotty Summers (on a par with Franklin Richards).
  • The Diggers family from Gold Digger is made of this trope. You've got the Adventurer Archaeologist Gina, her adopted werecheetah and bodyguard sister Brittany who can run at mach speeds, the third sister Brianna who's known for making her own power armor and being a crack shot with a gun besides, the parents, an archmage (Theo) and the greatest warrior and martial artist of a parallel fantasy world (Julia), then finally Stripe, Brittany's husband, who's the apprentice of their world's superman after being bonded to some alien artifacts... from his world, he being an alien prince. Oh, and then there's young Tiffany, it's just a matter of time before she grows her badass wings ^^
  • The Furst Family of Astro City. Julius and Augustus, the family's patriarchs, are pushing 70 and still inventing new technologies (Augustus) and kicking crazy ass (Julius). Although, admittedly, Julius and Augustus are the only Fursts to actually be Fursts; Nick and Natalie are the kids of Gus' third wife and one of his greatest enemies, and thus Astra (daughter of Natalie and Rex Zaurus, son of one of his other greatest enemies) isn't related to them, either.
  • The Phantom is a long line of Badasses. Killing one just means their heir will come after you later.
  • Apollo, Midnighter and Jenny Quantum of The Authority. What's the only thing in the Wildstorm universe more badass than Apollo and Midnighter? Their adopted daughter Jenny, the embodiment of the 21st century who took over as their boss at the age of eight. As a family, they are so awesome they're terrifying.
  • The Bat-Family:
    • Start with patriarch Bruce Wayne aka Batman, the Badass Normal. He's adopted three sons and a daughter: Nightwing aka Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and the undisputed leader of a generation of superheroes; bitter middle son Red Hood aka Jason Todd (formerly the second Robin), with Batman's badassery and none of his mercy; Tim Drake (the third Robin), following in his adopted father's footsteps so closely that it's difficult to separate the treads; Cassandra Cain, Batman's sole adopted daughter, former Batgirl, now Blackbat and the world's single best martial artist, who can wipe the floor with all four of them. Probably at once.
    • Then we have his actual biological children: Damian Wayne who is badass by default; Terry McGinnis as the son who eventually goes on to not only become the Batman but the leader of the Justice League; and the Huntress, Helena Wayne, Batman's AU daughter with Catwoman who was too badass to be 'Bat-anybody' after her mother's death.
    • You've also got the Fire-Forged Friends: Barbara Gordon, the original Batgirl, and current hacker supreme and Handicapped Badass Oracle; and Stephanie Brown, third and current Batgirl, who won't stop being a superhero. Not even if you ask, tell, torture, or otherwise encourage her otherwise. Even the dog, Ace, is a Bad Ass. That's not counting Bad Ass parents, children, servants and baby mommas like Huntress, Catwoman, Batwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Talia al Ghul, and Alfred. Any one of whom could kick your ass so hard that it turns inside out. Oh, and Superman's always willing to babysit. Even though technically, only Batman, Robins, Cass, and Damian are related, crime fighting brings them all together as a family. Gotham wouldn't be the same without any of them.
  • And what about Superman himself? There's his cousin, Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl), half-clone and adopted brother, Kon-El (Superboy) and adopted son, Chris Kent (who'd better get to grow up to be Superboy), and his friggin' DOG, Krypto. And if you want to count best friends and family of same, well... look above. And then run.
    • In the Generations series (as the name implies), Superman, Batman, and several other heroes have children with some intermarrying between the lines. Batman actually acquires immortality and superpowers and marries Superman's great granddaughter (who is centuries old by this point but, like him, ages very slowly after adulthood.)
    • Chris actually becomes Nightwing.
  • Along the same line is the other Badass Normal family - Clan Arrow. Though, it might be better not to ask how many kids Ollie has actually sired.
  • Even though Jaime Reyes is the only one with powers, his entire family have done badass things. His mother talked down Guy Gardner, and his father beats Mooks with his cane. According to Fanon, his little sister is going to be a Green Lantern one day.
  • The Umbrella Academy.
  • The Parker family from Spider-Man. Obviously, there's Peter Parker himself but it doesn't stop there:
    • His parents are Richard and Mary Parker, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who worked for Nick Fury and once saved Wolverine's life.
    • Peter's uncle Ben fought in World War II and told his nephew stories of Captain America (it's not certain if he met Cap personally or just knew of him). There is also the pre-Spidey story in which Ben and Peter escaped from a giant monster.
    • His Aunt May once poisoned the Chameleon and was gutsy enough to swipe Wolverine's cigar and tell him to smoke outside.
    • His wife Mary Jane was no slouch in the badass department either since she once handled a hostage crisis, another time beat up the Chameleon with a baseball bat, and still another time cold-cocked sleazy Daily Bugle reporter Nick Katzenburg.
    • Then there's the Marvel Comics 2 reality in which Peter has Plucky Girl daughter May (aka Spider-Girl). Ben Reilly, ex-killer clone Kaine, and Ben's son Reilly Tyne. And Baby Ben will probably go into the family business, too.
      • In yet another alternate future, (Earth X timeline), Peter has another version of May who is no less badass and still takes up superheroing.
  • Also, the House of M, although just who counts (*coughmagicchildrencough* ) is still in flux, and they're just as likely to fight each other than you.
  • The Flash: The West/Allen family has Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, and a whole slew of adopted speedsters like Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and the original Flash Jay Garrick. Barry's been dead for twenty years, but he doesn't let that keep him down. at least until Final Crisis, wherein Barry returned to life.
    • This is without even taking into account the evil branch of the family tree, the Thawnes, who might be evil and psychotic, but are definitely badass. You've got Barry's Evil Twin Malcolm Thawne, better known as Cobalt Blue, twenty-fifth century descendent Eobard Thawne who became the Reverse-Flash, and Thaddeus Thawne, aka Inertia, Bart's Evil Knockoff.
  • Please, don't fuck with the family of Casanova Quinn! His father runs E.M.P.I.R.E., his twin sister is a top agent of W.A.S.T.E. and Casanova himself isn't afraid to kill, mess with reality, get high on super drugs or even turn himself into his twin sister to make things go his way.
  • The Banner family. We have Bruce, his cousin Jen, his (sadly deceased) wife Caiera, and his children, Skaar, Hiro, and Lyra. They were later joined by Red She-Hulk aka Betty Ross joining the team, with buddies Rick Jones (A-Bomb) and Korg rounding out this Badass Crew. If you weren't fucked when Hulk got back, you will be. There's also Bruce's father-in-law and archnemesis General Thunderbolt Ross (aka Red Hulk).
    • It's also been heavily implied, though never confirmed, that Carmilla Black, the current Scorpion and daughter of Monica Rappaccini (the head of AIM), is also Bruce's daughter.
  • The Ninja Turtles, depending on the universe. The Turtles themselves are never confirmed to be related, but they consider each other brothers and Splinter their father. The 2003 cartoon and 2007 movie especially make this clear. In the '80s cartoon, however, they tend to act more like a Badass Crew with an Old Master. Lampshaded in Turtles Forever, where the '87 turtles are startled to hear the '03 turtles refer to Splinter as "Father".
  • The Hall family. Includes two Hawkpersons, one Helm of Nabu-bearer, and the incumbent anthropomorphic personification of dreams.
  • One of the main families from Fables. Snow White and Bigby Wolf, the former Big Bad Wolf, are now married. They have seven children—six shapeshifters and one invisible zephyr. Bigby's father is the North Wind, and Snow's sister, Rose Red, is a battle-ready wild child. This family could (and does) wreak some serious damage when they have to.
  • Mack "Clownface" Delgado and his daughter Panda from Body Bags. His partner and honorary brother Pops Sekula acts as the Badass Grandpa to Mack's Badass and Panda's Little Miss Badass Daddy's Girl.
  • The Metabarons. Each male member of the family tree is so badass it's almost ridiculous: it begins with Othon, who kills an army of 1500 armored guys equipped with laser rifles with a knife, and it ends with Nameless, who's got implanted with bombs that make nukes look like petards, and can destroy entire universes almost at will...
    • Honorata is Badass herself too. She's a trained assassin and possesses mental power that can bend space and time.
  • The Endless from The Sandman definitely qualify. They are all siblings that are more powerful than gods and have been around almost since the beginning of everything. When a family consists of the anthropomorphic personifications of Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delight/Delirium, it's a good idea to stay as far away as is (in)humanly possible.
  • Nemesis the Warlock is undeniably badass, being a powerful Magic Knight, holder of one of the deadliest swords in the galaxy And fused with a member of the ABC Warriors, greatest robot warriors in history. His uncle Baal, while old and rather out of his mind, is said to be an even more powerful wizard than him. It's often said that female Warlocks are much more powerful and dangerous than males and Nemesis' wife Chira lives up to that title. Their son Toth is insanely powerful having inherited his mother's powers after her death and adopts Satanus, a gigantic tyrannosaur who once fought Judge Dredd himself, as his pet. Nemesis' second wife, Magna, also qualifies, being able to give Chira a run for her money and having magic powerful enough to make Nemesis stop caring about war with Termight. And her father was once a powerful wizard. Nemesis kills Magna the moment he finds out about her part in Chira's death, but it was after they got married.
    • Satanus' family is pretty badass itself, being made of tyrannosaurs and all - aside from him there is his mother, Old One Eye, who has fought time-traveling cowboys, and his son, Golgotha, fought the ABC Warriors, a team of deadly robots. And if thought of as a family, rather than a Badass Crew, the ABC Warriors themselves are this and have a connection to Nemesis' family.
  • The Carter lineage most definitely qualifies. While Peggy Carter fought with the French Resistance in World War II, her niece Sharon continues the kick-assery in the modern day, often teaming with Captain America to fight bad guys. In the Marvel Comics 2 continuity, there's also Sharon's niece, Shannon Carter, who becomes "American Dream", a proud and worthy successor to Cap's shield.
  • BOOM Comics's Darkwing Duck revival turned DW and co. into this. Darkwing was already a Badass Normal. Then, his daughter Gosalyn became the new user of the Gizmoduck suit, becoming "Gosmoduck" and Scrooge McDuck himself takes Quackwerks and its army of (now-former) police robots and gives control of them to Launchpad McQuack.
  • In the 100th Anniversary Guardians of the Galaxy special, Rocket Raccoon fights alongside his 3 half raccoon - half…. some alien, children. The triplets are all badass adorable personified.

  • A Small Crime: Siv is the leader of an assassin's guild (or at least in very high authority). Her little sister, Kit, is one of her best-trained members.
  • A Kingdom Divided has Cloudchaser, her sister Flitter, and their cousin Cloud Kicker.
  • Reality Checks Nyxverse presents the Sparkle Clan as this — in addition to Twilight, Shining Armor, and Cadence, Twilight and Shining's parents get their own moments of badassitude as well in different fics (in Nyx's Family, Night Light gives a combination of a Badass Boast and "The Reason You Suck" Speech to some tabloid reporters, while in Alicornundrum, Velvet goes full Mama Bear on some nobles badmouthing Twilight). Additionally, even Nyx gets Badass Adorable moments, while Spike (officially adopted in this series) eventually takes a few levels (especially when he learns to sizeshift).
  • By the end of Young Justice Darkness Falls, we have 2 official badass families. On one side, we have the arrow/speedster family, united through Wally West and Artemis crock's marriage, which has the flash family on one side with Super Speed, and the Badass Normal family of Sportsmaster, Cheshire and Tigress on the other. The other family through marriage is the Super Martian family, which has Superman, Supergirl and Superboy on one side, while Martian Manhunter, Mrs. Martian and Beast boy are on the other. And even better, both families now have a grandkid as well.

    Films — Animated 
  • The Incredibles (pictured). Action Mom, Papa Wolf, baby, kid, teen: check, check, check, and check.
  • Despicable Me: By the end of the sequel, the Gru Family which includes- Gru himself, the girls, Dr. Nefario, the minions, Marlena Gru, and Lucy Wilde after she marries Gru count. In fact they rank right there with the Incredibles; and the Grus don't even have superpowers!
  • The Croods are a family of cavemen who are, from baby Sandy to elderly Gran, capable of defending themselves from and outwitting or outfighting nearly everything they come across.
  • The Robinsons.
  • Generations upon generations of Sanchez bullfighters (and would-be musicians) right on down to Carlos, Carmen, Manolo and Maria in The Book Of Life.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Host: The Parks. True, for most of the movie they're shown as bumbling idiots...until they meet up with the giant mutant that killed their youngest member. Cue the slow-motion and the classical music as they take turns stabbing, burning, shooting, and impaling it...while standing unprotected in a cloud of toxic gasses.
  • The Godfather: The Corleones. Except for Fredo.
  • The Cortez family from Spy Kids.
  • The family in The Mummy Trilogy. Except for Jonathan, but he does try.
  • Likewise the Zorro sequels, although they suck.
  • The McClanes in Die Hard.
  • The Torreto Gang of carjackers of The Fast and the Furious franchise may be surrogate and multi-racial, but their love and loyalty towards each other is stronger than most Real Life blood-families. In fact, they ''explicitly' refer to each other as family rather than just "friends", particularly at gatherings and when saying grace at meals.
  • The title character of The Addams Family film
  • The Marshall family from Up, Up, and Away, though some of them were old enough to be past their badass prime.
  • Tremors: Gummer family in the first movie. Sequels have Burt being badass by himself.
  • Kick-Ass: Hit-Girl and Big Daddy.
  • Star Wars has The Skywalker family, and the Solo family complete with two badass Action Moms! Lampshaded in later years by Genre Savvy villains, who make it a priority to hamper the family's ability to compare notes and coordinate their efforts. Allana beat Aurra Sing, a dark Jedi/bounty hunter, at the age of four (with help from her father).
  • The Shafts. Given that in a mid 90's movie adaptation the titular Shaft is the nephew of the original and played by Samuel L. Jackson, being Bad Ass is a given.
  • The McManuses of The Boondock Saints.
  • The Indiana Jones film take "keeping up with the Joneses" to a whole new level. The family that the Fuhrer declared war on? Not including friends of the family which include (but may not be limited to) a determinator kid, John Rhys-Davies, and a few Oxford professors and federal agents, just to recap...
    • Dr. Henry Jones Sr. a Crazy Awesome Badass Bookworm who takes out Nazis with fake Ming vases, ballpoint pens, an umbrella and a knowledge of Charlemagne's writings.
    • Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. also known as Mr. "Hey let's take a poll on who here has survived an atomic bomb. Oh wait, that would be me, Superman and the Hulk". Let the record show that this man has bested a tank and three Nazi trucks in one sitting, a Dragon in every film, aliens, supernatural forces, light sensitive rocks, angry natives and once stood face to face with Hitler, and got his autograph. BAD. ASS.
    • Henry "Mutt" Jones the Third. a Badass Biker who fences against highly trained psychic Russian spymasters, swings around in trees with monkeys and carries a comb with him wherever he goes.
    • And then Marian Ravenwood who (while not technically a true Jones) is the best drinker this side of the Himalayas and was willing to put on a pretty dress just to have the opportunity to knife her friendly captor and escape. She also survives snakes, Nazis, and oh yeah, the wrath of God.
      • She also drove a car through the jungle to rescue herself, Indy, and Mutt from their Communist captors. And ultimately rescued them all by driving off of a cliff and into a river with nary a scratch on any of them. A maneuver which freaked out Indy. Oh, and since she and Indy get married by the end of the fourth movie, it's safe to say she's in the family.
  • Then there are the Mc Candles in Big Jake. Led by guess who?
  • The Racers in the film adaptation of Speed Racer and extended family all apparently know how to deal out some awesome whoopass. Except Sparky.
    • Who still tries and manages to help out in his own way.
  • Tackleberry has founded one in the later Police Academy films. They all sleep with a weapon under their pillow, and woe the burglar that picks their house as a target.
    Father: Should we call for backup?
    Son: No. We can handle it.
    • His wife's family was the same way. Her father was a retired cop, she and her brother were cops and Mom was just as tough. They used to punch each other as a sign of affection.
  • The Stronghold family from Sky High.
  • Hanna
  • Many Jaeger pilot teams in Pacific Rim are this. Raleigh and Yancy Becket are brothers. Cheung, Jin, and Hu Wei are identical triplets. Hercules and Chuck Hansen are father and son. Aleksis and Sasha Kaidonovsky are married. Some other (deceased or retired) Jaeger teams were identical twins (Romeo Blue), male-female cousins (Chrome Brutus), and married couples (Tacit Ronin, Brawler Yukon).
  • Byron Williams and his two sons did their own separate, but heroic acts in Mars Attacks!

  • Plenty of families in the Bigtime novels:
    • Father/daughter: Mr. Sage and Fiera.
    • "Johnny Angel" is a hereditary superhero, with three generations of Belluci men playing him, only one of whom has a power and is not a Badass Normal. The lone female, Bella, is not a superhero but has a superpower (luck/electricity).
    • The Quicke/Dash/Caleb family. All but one member of the family (and with regards to her, who knows?) is a superhero.
  • The Shaftoe family in Cryptonomicon are this. And, apparently the same holds true for their ancestors in The Baroque Cycle.
  • From Harry Potter, the Weasleys, including those who married in.
  • The Dresden Files
    • The Carpenters. Dad's the Fist of God, Mom's his sparring partner, blacksmith, and an incredible Mama Bear who assaulted the castle of the Winter Queen, and the oldest kid has a natural talent for magic. Also, they've got direct angelic protection because of the aforementioned "Fist of God" thing. As of the latest book, Ghost Story, the next oldest kid is a Badass Normal who holds his own in a knife-fight against an older, more experienced and super-powered opponent thanks to training from his parents. And surely there's more to come...
    • And that's not even going into what we know about Harry's family. We have a Badass Longcoat wizard who throws around Hellfire on occasion and has an intelligent, highly magical dogasaurus. His mom was an even more badass wizard who flouted the White Council's rules and got away with it. She got it from her father, Ebenezar McCoy, who is now regarded as one of the seven most powerful wizards in the world and is the only member of the White Council allowed to break the Laws of Magic. And then there's Thomas, Harry's long-lost half-brother, White Court vampire, and generally pretty awesome. Better hope he doesn't have any more family hanging around, or the Black Council is going to be crushed, fast.
      • Elaine Mallory (technically Harry's sister since they were both adopted by Justin DuMorne) is also a badass wizard. Magically, she's strong enough to be on the White Council and has a lot of the same intensive training that Harry has. What she lacks in power compared to Harry, she more than makes up for in control and finesse. Just don't think about the part where she's also Harry's former lover.
      • Harry's faerie godmother is the Leanansidhe (goes by "Lea" in a pinch). In the Winter Court, she's second in power only to Queen Mab herself.
      • Even Harry's pets are badass. Mouse is a huge doglike sapient magical being that even members of the White Council respect. Mister is an apparently ordinary (if huge) housecat that somehow manages to cow Mouse.
  • In John C. Wright's War of the Dreaming, there's the Waylock family: three generations (and a distant ancestor) of badass.
  • Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Family is a mixture of this and Massive Multiplayer Crossover. The family tree includes: Solomon Kane; Captain Blood; The Scarlet Pimpernel; Sherlock Holmes's nemesis Professor Moriarty; Phileas Fogg; The Time Traveller; Allan Quatermain; A.J. Raffles; Professor Challenger; Richard Hannay; Bulldog Drummond; the evil Fu Manchu and his adversary, Sir Denis Nayland Smith; G-8; The Shadow; Sam Spade; Doc Savage's cousin Patricia Savage, and one of his five assistants, Monk Mayfair; The Spider; Nero Wolfe; Mr. Moto; The Avenger; Philip Marlowe; James Bond; Lew Archer; Travis McGee; Monsieur Lecoq; and Arsène Lupin.
  • Raptor Red, her sister and her chicks, and eventually Red's male consort. Which just goes to show that raptors really DO make everything better.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the Solo-Skywalker clan. It got to be so obvious than when Jacen Solo became a Sith, his mentor advised him to divide them first, as when they work together they frequently prove to be unstoppable. It still didn't work: his sister, Jaina, working in tandem with Luke, is the one to finish him off.
    • Taken Up to Eleven if you include the Legacy era family ties. The Skywalker/Solo's family tree includes the Fel's (meaning the Antilles, by extension), the Yage family via Morrigan Corde, and the Vos Clan via Rawk. Although they probably won't be on good terms, the Khai family (Fateofthe Jedi) will likely come into the mix as well.
  • In Christopher Stasheff's Warlock of Gramarye series, Rod and Gwen Gallowglass and their four kids are, one and all, in possession of kickass Psychic Powers. Taking on the bad guys is nearly always a family affair.
  • The... Coulter, Asriel, and Belacqua clan (can't be plural because none of them have the same last name), with some help from the Parrys.
  • The Murrys of Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quartet.
  • The Abhorsen family in the Old Kingdom series.
  • Lazarus Long and his very, very extended family.
    • Oh, very much one of Heinlein's favorite tropes. Consider the family in Friday, where a guy who pilots intercontinental suborbital flights is the underachiever. It gets to the point where Manuel O'Kelly Davis is considered to be the closest thing to an Idiot Protagonist in Heinlein's works: poor dumb Manny was an engineer who discovered (or even helped create) the first artificial intelligence in human history, as well as one of the leaders of a successful war of independence against an enemy several thousand times the size of his nation, but it's not like he was one of Heinlein's more competent heroes...
      • Manny has no fewer than seven artificial arms, only one of which is intended for use at social functions. The man can build practically anything once you show him the diagrams, and was the only competent computer engineer in the moon. Oh, and he could also run a farm and raise a family. And he was a miner before he lost his arm. And he was a judge for a while. And went to college on Earth. And was the entire government of Luna and sole architect of its foreign policy in the last days of the revolution. And how does Manny get included in this? Because he was one of the four leaders of the revolution, but half of his co-husbands and wives were the next tier down.
  • John Ringo apparently thinks highly of this trope:
    • The O'Neals in the Legacy of the Aldenata, whether related by blood or marriage (but more so the former), are so badass that even their pre-teen daughters are able to successfully play "tag" with invading Posleen forces.
    • The Keldara, from his Paladin of Shadows series (second book onwards) collectively make up a badass clan. They're all descendents of the Varangian Guard, Norsemen imported by the Byzantine Empire as guards for the Emperor.
    • The MacClintocks from his and David Weber's Prince Roger series, who founded an interstellar empire from the ground up, the hard way. When one character tries to describe the badassedness of the titular prince but fails to find the words, the commanding officer of the Badass Crew that are to serve as his bodyguards suggests "just say a MacClintock".
    • From Black Tide Rising there's the protagonist family. Dad is a former special forces soldier, both daughters (particularly the younger one, Faith) mercilessly slaughter entire herds of zombies, and mom is an engineer that keeps things working in spite of resource limitations imposed by the setting even if she doesn't herself participate in zombie slaughtering.
  • In the Amelia Peabody mysteries, the Peabody-Emerson family consists of: Badass Archaeologist Radcliff Emerson; his Action Mom wife, Amelia Peabody Emerson, for whom a parasol is a deadly weapon; their son Ramses who reduces even them to quivering terror; foster-child and later daughter-in-law Nefret, who wields a mean knife; and Uncle Sethos, the former Master Criminal! Throw in ferocious Arab in-laws, a Battle Butler and household staff to match and you have a crew feared by enemies of knowledge and justice everywhere.
  • Twilight's Cullen coven. A family of extremely sexy vampires that includes a mind-reader, a psychic, and an emotional sonar. Those that aren't gifted with extra powers are ALL Badass Normals. And they're exceptionally rich. Yeah, they're badass, all right. Jasper could manipulate people's emotions, Edward could delve into the deepest secrets of anyone's mind (save Bella), and Alice can see the future (not to mention all the others). They press in on the enemy from all sides.
    • Carlisle compassion and Esme's love is the glue that keep the family together and Bella completed the family power's vault when she married Edward, with a powerful shield that can protect them all from mind based powers.
  • Discworld
    • The Oggs. Usually they're fighting each other, but piss any Ogg off and the rest of the Oggs will come after you too. And there are a hell of a lot of Oggs, including one witch and several Badass Normals.
    • Judging by Thud!, the Vimeses are on the way as well.
    • And if/when Carrot and Angua have cu- bab- whatevers, (of which there will be several) AM will have its own royal werewolf family, raised as dwarfs... Run now.
    • D'reg tribes take this Up to Eleven. Not only will men attack, so will women, children and pets.
  • The Edge Chronicles has The Verginix family. At least three of the family's members have been sky pirate captains, and one of them, Rook Barkwater, ends up as an equally badass warrior.
  • The family of sorcerers in The Belgariad. Belgarion gets to keep the MacGuffin on the pommel of his sword, Polgara combines extreme Mama Bear tendencies with some Sociopathic Hero traits, Belgarath is the most powerful man in the world and is described as being able to rip the tops off of mountains if he really wanted to, Durnik comes back from the dead and sends a Demon Lord back to the underworld by relentlessly pummeling him with a hammer...and that doesn't even start in on the rest of the disciples of Aldur.
  • The Zilwicki family from the Honor Harrington universe by David Weber. Mother Helen took out a Peep taskforce using only a couple of smallerships, dying in the process, to save the unarmed convoy her husband and daughter were on; for it, she was awarded Manticore's highest decoration for valor. Father Anton is a champion wrestler, expert hacker, and master spy. Daughter Helen is a martial arts expert who escaped from super-soldiers and killed three men with her bare hands when she was only 14 years old. Stepmom Cathy Montaigne is an incredibly wealthy noblewoman and House of Commons politician once she resigns the title over a matter of principle; she helps finance ex-slave terrorists in their war against the slavers and is THE galactic expert on slavery. Adopted daughter Berry managed to talk down a planet of revolting slaves and was made their Queen. Adopted son Lars is supposed to be following in Anton's footsteps. And that doesn't even begin to count family friends Master Tye (one of the greatest martial artists in the galaxy), Jeremy X (ruthless terrorist and firearms master), Thandi Palane (the soldier who super-soldiers are afraid of), and Victor Cachat ( Thandi's boyfriend and Haven's hatchet-man), all of whom are incredibly badass in their own special, terrifying ways.
    • The Harringtons themselves. Honor Harrington, renowned military commander and lethal in hand-to-hand combat. Her father, Alfred, a merciless killing machine of a Marine who was so good at it he terrified himself and switched to medicine. Her uncle, a former Beowulf special operations soldier who was also a merciless killing machine and who ordered assassinations of enemies just to make a point about messing with his family. And her husband, himself considered one of the greatest military commanders Manticore has ever produced.
  • Also by David Weber, we have the Caliraths from the Hell's Gate series. Let's see, Daddy's The Emperor, the son is a Warrior Prince, the oldest daughter is a Badass Princess, they get not one but two Badass Creeds and then there is the little matter of the entire family having Psychic Powers.
  • Again by David Weber, the DeVries family in In Fury Born. Between the retired marine Badass Grandpa and his Super Soldier granddaughter who's Badass even by Super Soldier standards, they constitute the only family in the Empire to have two holders of its highest military honor at the same time. The pirate's field commander would later state that if he'd known the DeVries family lived on Mathison's world, he'd have bombed their home from orbit. And it would have been a sensible decision given what had happened to the entire platoon he had sent to raid their home instead. Between those two and Alicia's diplomat father, they took out all of them, despite the fact that they started the fight with two knives, a pistol, and a hunting rifle.
  • Vorkosigan Saga's titular family; all four generations of the it. (Granted, Miles' and Ekaterin's kids just came out of the replicator, but one can safely assume they'll be badasses.)
  • At the end of The Saga of Darren Shan, it is revealed that Steve and Darren are brothers and Mr.Tiny's sons. Badass family that hates eachother.
  • You don't get to see them kicking ass together, but the Starks from George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire are undeniably an example of this trope. First of all, it's grim up north, and did we mention winter is coming? Family patriarch Ned Stark wields a monster sword and a righteous sense of justice; his oldest son Robb becomes a king at age 16, younger daughter Arya repeatedly takes a level in badass on her travels, younger son Bran becomes paralyzed but then learns to mind-meld with his direwolf, and bastard brother or nephew, depending how much fan speculation you believe Jon Snow goes from oath-sworn realm defender to turncloak spy and then becomes Lord Commander of the entire Night's Watch.. And if you wonder where matriarch Catelyn and older daughter Sansa fit in, the first is Back from the Dead (though, uh, wrong) and has become a ruthless Knight Templar who lives and breathes for revenge, and the latter is currently taking Manipulative Bitch lessons from the Big Bad himself.
    • Why stop at the Starks? Every family in the series is a Badass Family. Every single family. Lannisters, Targaryens, Greyjoys, Baratheons, Mormonts, Tullys, Martells, Tyrells, Boltons, even the Freys, in a more devious way; possibly the only family that is not badass is the Arryn family, because it consists of a crazy woman and her epileptic son.
  • The Butlers of Artemis Fowl have a long and storied history. There's a reason they named the word "butler" after them. Most notable are Juliet and the current Butler, Domovoi. He's usually just called Butler.
    • Also the Fowls themselves, although not so much physically. Two criminal genies (Artemis and his dad) and Angeline, though she gets less chance to show it, is hardly a slouch either.
  • No matter how big and tough you are, even if you're a terrifying demon from another plane of existence, it's a very bad idea to mess with anyone named Borenson.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien is full of these, including the house of Finwë (even if they do spend quite some time fighting ''each other''), the House of Elendil, the Children of Húrin and so on. Even the Tooks qualify, compared to other Hobbits that is. As do the Brandybucks.
    • Notably, based on the genealogical tables, every single Man and Elf Badass Family is related by marriage, and it all comes down to a point in Aragorn and Arwen, whose children have entirely too much to live up to, being the descendants of every hero the world has known except the hobbits and dwarves.
    • We could just say "Anyone descended from Beren and Lúthien" and leave it at that.
  • Tamora Pierce is the queen of this trope. Most Tortallan characters have, upon conclusion of their, moved on to found Badass Families if they weren't a part of one already. They include:
    • The Coopers, who at first appeared to just be a really cool guy and his really cool mom, but now has extremely badass ancestors and equally awesome offspring with a Trebond.
    • The Conte house, who aside from being the Royal Family are perhaps the coolest royal family ever. Quote from memory - "Next time you have to go out and chase down bandits, change out of your nice ballgown first, dear?" And, uh, yeah.
    • The Mindelan family, who are like the Weasley clan but with more daughters and cool in-laws and important political figures and Lady Knights.
    • Large parts of the cast also can be clumped together into several different overlapping sets of True Companions.
    • Briar, Sandry, Tris, and Daja of her Circle universe are four great mages soul-bound to each other, possibly the strongest mage team in the world, and see each other as siblings. And their foster mothers? Great mages. Their teacher/foster father? The most famous sight mage in the world. Their family friend? Great mage. Sandry's uncle? A badass pirate-fighting duke.
    • Most of their own students are well on their way to badassery themselves. Evumeimei (or Evvy), Briar's stone mage student, has already managed to communicate with fire spirits and save an island from destruction through volcanic eruption.
  • Inheritance Cycle - Eragon and his family are all extremely badass. To wit:
    • Eragon, who is a dragon rider who fights off a Shade in (mostly) single combat, kills thousands of men at a time, and can kill with one of 12 words. Also, his new sword is magically tuned to burst into flame whenever he damn well feels.
    • Roran, his cousin, who embodies the Determinator and Badass Normal tropes. He is a normal man, but he led a farming village on an epic quest to Surda, killed two immensely powerful magicians, killed 193 men in a house-sized pile... it goes on.
    • Selena, Eragon's mother. How awesome is she? Took on twelve expert soldiers with no weapons, and only a healing spell at her disposal. She healed them of what drove them to kill (anger, hate, fear) and then slit their throats with their own daggers.
    • Murtagh, Eragon's half-brother. Also a rider, and is actually a better sword-fighter than Eragon, as well as far more powerful. Personally hands Eragon's ass to him at the end of Eldest, and then goes on to hold his own against Eragon, Saphira, and thirteen elves at once in the next one.
    • Brom, Eragon's father. Killed 3 of the Forsworn personally, had another 4 or so poisoned, and defeated a Rider and Dragon without his own dragon, who had been killed. He is also notable for founding the Varden, the main rebellious organization in the series.
  • The Basheres in The Wheel of Time. Davram, one of the Five Great Captains, Faile, the politically savvy knife-wielding wench. Finally Faile's husband, Perrin Aybara, the hulking, axe/hammer-wielding, 'Wolf King' blacksmith. Her mother, Deira walks into her tent, finds two bad guys in it who attack her, to paraphrase: "...So of course I stabbed one and hit the other with a chair."
  • Nearly everyone in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Every single one of the demigods has Greek god parentage, which makes them related on technicality to everything and everyone in the Greek Parthenon, and then Percy and Annabeth are shown to have some pretty badass parents, what with Annabeth's dad flying a plane THROUGH THE MIST (both kinds) AND DISTRACTING ATLAS, and Percy's mom and second step-dad defeating several monsters blind.
    • How did Annabeth's father create such a distraction? He slaughtered dozens of monsters in the Titan army with only a plane and gun he made in his garage.
    • Not to mention Reyna and her sister Hylla. They survived being kidnapped by pirates together. Now one is the teenage praetor of a Roman legion. The other is the queen of the Amazons. Both are unquestionably badass.
  • The Henrys in The Winds of War/War and Remembrance.
  • In Dune, the House of Atreides is descended from Agamemnon. Bad Ass Grandpa died bullfighting. His son Leto leads an army so badass that The Emperor has to relocated them to a desert planet and send his own Bad Ass Army to deal with him. Leto's concubine Jessica is an Action Mom with a Compelling Voice and Flash Step skills. Their son Paul has all the skills of both parents and is a seer, The Emperor, the leader of a Bad Ass Army of Proud Warrior Race Guys (which his concubine Chani is a member of), and the Messianic Archetype. Their daughter, Alia, is born with all of her mother's skills thanks to Genetic Memory, is a badass warrior at the age of two, and is remembered as "Saint Alia of the Knife". Paul's son Leto II is a Nigh Invulnerable God Emperor who rules the known universe for 3,500 years before allowing his sister's distant descendants to assassinate him.
    • By the time of the later books, the Atreides have spread to much of humanity, including all of the Bene Gesserit (The Siona Gene, which makes someone invisible to seers), but those with stronger connections, such as Miles Teg, still stand out. Teg can accelerate his metabolism, and sense no-ships
  • The Varyl ilian in the One Rose Trilogy. A family group of eleven highly-trained warriors? They have magic that hasn't been seen in a thousand years? Yeah.=
  • The Sadiablo family of Black Jewels is a prime example. Family patriarch Saetan Daemon Sadiablo is the strongest male in the history of the Blood until his son Daemon comes along as well as the first Black Widow; he also ruled Hell while he was STILL ALIVE. His sons are a collection of the most terrifying, powerful, brutal, feared males the Blood have ever heard of. Oh, and his adopted daughter is Witch herself. That's not even considering the collection of nieces and nephews he picks up through his connection to Jaenelle.
  • The Wiggins of Enders Game. The parents are already geniuses, and all of their children are badasses before the even hit their teens. Ender, the military genius who nearly wipes out a starfaring RACE, and Peter and Valentine, who start off with just a blog and eventually manage to rule the world. And if you include Jane as Ender's adoptive "daughter", you get a whole new class of badass.
  • Arutha and his family from The Riftwar Cycle. He took down Murmandamus, his wife lived with thieves for weeks to escape capture, his twin sons saved Kesh from itself, and his youngest son conquered new land for the Kingdom of the Isles. And if you add in his siblings, it gets even better: his brother Lyam becomes a great king, his half-brother Martin was raised by elves and is freaky good with a bow, and his sister Carline fights as well as a man in Magician''.
  • The Kholins from The Stormlight Archive are mostly pretty awesome, Dalinar's a Shardbearer at least until he gave them up and all around awesome fighter, Adolin is ALSO a Shardbearer and awesome duelist, Elhokar is the king and ALSO a Shardbearer, Jasnah is a renowned scholar and has badass innate Soulcasting powers, Navani is a brilliant engineer, and Renarin charged a massive monster of death at one point, despite being one of very few Non Action Guys in the book, Also Renarin now has Shardplate courtesy of Dalinar, awesomness is expected to be upcoming.
    • All of them except Navani have been confirmed via Word of Brandon to have the potential to become Knights Radiant.
    • And as of the second book, Shallan Davar, who is both a Lightweaver Radiant and a Shardbearer, is betrothed to Adolin and looking likely to make it a marriage soon. Dalinar has become a Bondsmith, an order of Radiant so powerful that no more than three ever existed at any one time, while Renarin has manifested the powers of a Truthwatcher and Adolin's dueling skills continue to rise.
  • The Kinnison family from E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman series.
    • Father Kimball Kinnison is the only human Lensman who has learned to use his psionic abilities without his Lens, and without his psychic powers can still defeat a dozen thugs at once.
    • His wife, Clarissa McDougal Kinnison, is at least as powerful as her husband, though she generally doesn't fight (there are two spectacular exceptions in the final novel). She's a nurse and sometimes an infiltrator, and the only woman ever to be made a Lensman.
    • Their children are even mightier, fully capable of coordinating and channelling a massed telepathic assault by a many million mind strong army upon a world of almost unkillable protean aliens. After the kids broke the world's primary mental defences. Alone. All this is justified in-universe in that they are the end result of a breeding programme stretching throughout the entire history of the human race, and their parents are the penultimates.
  • The Royal Family of Amber from The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. The most murderin', schemin', backstabbin' bunch of Machiavellian bastards around! Hell on other people when they're not killing each other.
  • Tavi's extended family of Codex Alera. Tavi himself is crazy like a fox, his uncle is a potent earthcrafter and woodcrafter, his mother is usually just a healer, but when Tavi is threatened she does things like throw a shark onto the deck of a ship. Then there's Gaius Sextus, who needs no introduction. Then marriages start occurring. Amara is the fastest flyer in the realm, and a Fragile Speedster who's reasonably good with a sword. Araris Valerian is the best swordsman in Alera, and his little brother is up there. Kitai is a good deal stronger than she looks even before she gets furycrafting, and her dad is stronger than he looks as well, and he looks like he bench-presses refrigerators and is bonded to Walker.
  • Those Longknifes.
  • The descendants of Bink in Xanth are all magicians, all slated to be Kings, and all have to go on adventures because something. The series gets pretty silly eventually, but for the first dozen books or so, the family is pretty legitimately awesome.
  • The Cthulhu Mythos has children of Idh-yaa, quasi-woman creature from Xoth - Cthylla, who is source of all legends about giant squids, Ythogtha, who has been bind by the Old Ones with seven chains and when first one broke, it caused entire continent of Mu to sink, and two other gods, Ghatanoth and Zoth-Ommog, who remains msytery, but possibly are pretty badass as well, considering who is all four's dad. You might have heard of him, he is quite famous. His name? Cthulhu.
  • Time Scout: Meet Kit Carson, his granddaughter Margo Smith, and her fiancé Malcolm Moore.
  • The Whistlers of A Brother's Price. The current generation are the grandchildren of a prince and about ten women who were soldiers-turned-thieves-turned-spies and passed down a lot of their learning. Captain Tern notes that the injured Princess Odelia is safer in the Whistler home than she would be at the local garrison. The whole family, even the small children and boys, have some degree of training.
    "We Whistlers have an unbreakable rule - you mess with one of us, you mess with us all!"
  • The DeMarian royal family of Branion is this due to being touched by a fire god and natural confidence (if you're semidivine, it's easy to be arrogant). Descended from the God in Human Form Founder of the Kingdom, every single generation contains at least one Warrior Prince or Badass Princess. There's also the occasional Evil Uncle, some heresy, plenty of infighting and insanity, but at least the realm is safe and happy... most of the time.
  • The Redwall series has many badass families. First is Matthias's family, a mouse who beheaded a giant snake and killed a believed to be invincible Rat warlord Cluny. His wife singlehandedly brought down an entire siege attempt by Cluny albeit by accident. And their son Mattimeo barely doing any fighting himself, once being taken as a slave became a being of leadership and confidence towards the others.Then there is Luke and his son Martin both kickass fighters in their own rights, the latter who was revered so much as a hero, that he became practically a Saint which Mattimeo named his son after, who is a pretty awesome fighter as well. Luke even said he had a grandfather named Martin who implied was an epic warrior. And then there is the Reguba Clan, who are infamous in the land for producing generations of badass warriors. (Despite the Reguba Clan only appearing in one book) Also there is the Brocktree linage, an entire family of extremely powerful warriors.
  • The Pennykettles from The Last Dragon Chronicles.
  • The Yarikas in Rogue Sorcerer have a reputation for becoming masters of combat. Particularly impressive is Lyr Yarika, who has a penchant for handing other badasses their...ahem...asses.
  • In The Poster Children, the Underwoods, unsurprisingly. Corbin played the dark reflection to his friend's Captain Patriotic. His wife Amira was a chess prodigy and joined an intelligence agency before she reached double-digits. The first son Marshal was forced to run away and become a vigilante after killing the murderer of Matt, the second son. Ellie, the adopted daughter, spent her early years with them patching up Corbin and Marshal after nights of crimefighting. Mal, the youngest, scored perfectly at the end of his first block in a superhero school when his only actual power is a Healing Factor. Basically, they are not to be underestimated.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons, and Targaryens from Game of Thrones all aspire to embody this trope, in various flavors and with various levels of success. The Cleganes, Umbers, and Mormonts seem to produce nothing but badasses.
  • The Campbell-Winchesters
    • Which includes the Harvelles and Bobby Singer as well as at least two of:
    • The Angels: Castiel, Gabriel and Annael.
  • The Cartwrights of Bonanza.
  • The Bauers. Kim included after she she busted a cap in a wife-beater and helped capture the Big Bad in season 3.
  • The Bristows.
    • Also, run if you hear the name "Derevko".
  • The Bartowskis
  • The Reagans of Blue Bloods, a family where every adult male member is either a serving or retired NYPD officer, with Tom Selleck as The Patriarch and current police commissioner. Oh, and his adult daughter is an ADA. When one of Danny Reagan's elementary-school-age sons asks if a robber would target them:
    Great-Grandpa Henry: Are you kiddin'? He'll get one look at this table and run the other way.
  • The Connors: Sarah (the Action Mom), Kyle & Derek Reese (the resistance fighters), and John who becomes the leader of mankind. Then, depending on whether you consider them a part of the family, there are Ahnold and Cameron, the reprogrammed terminators.
  • The Adamas, both in Battlestar Galactica and its prequel Caprica:
    • William Adama, who's in his sixties at the least, won a brawl with a Cylon man who although sick was strong enough to tear a pipe out of its fittings. He beat him to death, as he'd done to a CENTURION when he was young. He also actively fought in combat to retake his ship from mutineers. Oh, and if you count the Old Man's True Companions, which he explicitly regards as surrogate family: Saul Tigh, Laura Roslin, Chief Tyrol, Karl "Helo" Agathon, Sharon "Athena" Agathon, and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, who he refers to as a daughter.
    • As for Lee...In or out of the cockpit, you do not mess with him.
    • Sam Adama, who by his job regularly kills people and appears badass and snazzy as he does so. And he is the only Adama family member in the two series so far who is happily married.
    • Even Bill's father Joseph, initially a Non-Action Guy, gets in on the action when he goes Papa Wolf on a Drag Bar filled with gangsters that is standing between him and finding Tamara. The flashback episode The Dirteaters shows little Joseph Adama, killing three soldiers with a handgun, then performing a Mercy Kill on his father. The same episode has Grandpapa Adama describing the Adama family motto to Joseph and Sam, which amounts to "When we start a war, we end it. We don't quit halfway through". Thats right folks. The Adama badasserry is hereditary.
    • Tamara Adama, who goes from meek and frightened girl to full-fledged Badass Adorable in the space of one episode (the first episode, in fact, to feature her prominently at all) and goes on to become something of a legend in cyberspace.
    • Then there's William Adama, who even at age ten, shows he's capable of kicking ass, when he beats the crap out of a (much) older boy who was making racist jeers in his direction.
    • Grandma Ruth, Joseph's mother-in-law (making her an Adama by association), who as an old woman proved capable of taking down an assassin. We then learn that she knew all the assassin's tricks because she had formerly been one herself.
    • The Greystones aren't too bad themselves either.
  • Unlike most seasons (which only get as far as a pair of siblings), Power Rangers Mystic Force had a mother-father-son-niece combo of White-Purple-Red-ally, an unrelated set of fraternal twin girls as Pink and Blue, and the Queen of Vampires and her daughter.
    • And the origin series, Mahou Sentai Magiranger, is a family: The main five Magirangers are siblings, Magimother is... du'h, Wolzard is the dad and Magishine is their sensei/student of their dad who ended married to Magiblue before the final arc.
    • Rescue Sentai GoGoFive also had the entire team be siblings. (American counterpart Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue limited it to two siblings with dad as the team's mentor, and the brother filled a Canon Foreigner role not in GoGoV.)
    • And let's not forget the very first all-sibling Sentai team, Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.
    • While none of the team in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger or Power Rangers Samurai are related as far as we know, aside from the Reds in Samurai, they represent the 18th generation of the group. Which means that there are five families that have been kicking obake ass for that long at the very least.
  • The Charmed Ones in Charmed. They are sisters who fight demons on a weekly basis. One can blow stuff up. One can move anything. And the third can do kung fu.
    • Then there's the half-sister, with various Whitelighter powers, including orbing (tranporting), healing, and other angelic/white mage-esque powers.
  • On Heroes, The Petrellis and The Bennets. In the Petrellis, there's Arthur, the father, who can take other people's powers through physical touch. He's in charge of Pinehearst, which recruits people with abilities for nefarious purposes. His wife, Angela (formerly Angela Shaw) who can see the future through dreams, tries to stop him. She also has mysterious connections and is a very strong woman, even without her powers. Angela's long-lost sister, Alice Shaw, can control the weather including lightning and summoning floods. She's a bit crazy, however. Angela and Arthur, have two sons, Peter and Nathan. Peter has "power mimicry" and can copy other people's powers, with various levels of effectiveness throughout the series. He eventually helps save New York from getting blown up by a man with nuclear powers. His future self comes back to the past and shoots his brother, Nathan. His future self has shapeshifting powers and a badass scar. Nathan Petrelli, his brother, is an ambitious anti-hero senator with the power of flight. He is an intense hypocrite, and goes on to try to capture many people with abilities because they're "dangerous". Nathan's biological daughter, Claire, has regenerative powers and helps her uncle, Peter, to save the world. She's a cheerleader and is incredibly tenacious. Claire's biological mother, Meredith Gordon, has pyrokinesis, and eventually sacrifices herself to save Claire, Nathan, and Angela from Sylar. Claire's adoptive father, Noah Bennet, is a Badass Normal man who works for several companies and the government and eventually helps Nathan hunt people with abilities. Flint is Meredith's brother, making him Claire's uncle. She has a really screwed up family once she starts digging into it. This family tree looked like it was going to get even crazier when Angela and Arthur told Sylar that he was their son. That turned out to be a lie.
    • The Nakamuras are a superpowered family but maybe not quite Badass as Hiro's parent's powers don't seem to be immediately useful in a fight (though healing is useful for afterwards.)
    • The Bishops. Elle has electrical powers and her father can do alchemy.
    • The Sanders-Hawkins family. Niki was a Mama Bear with a Superpowered Evil Side, D.L. can phase through things and was a firefighter, and little Micah can talk and use computers to his advantage. Plus, there's Niki's long-lost sister Tracy who can freeze things and turn into water, and Micah's cousin Monica, who can imitate any physical action.
  • The Argents on Teen Wolf. Even (or especially) Mrs. Argent, whom we never actually see in combat, but who is consistently described by fans as the most terrifying character, in spite of being on a show about WEREWOLVES.
    • What's left of The Hales, Derek and Peter. Peter is season one's Big Bad, Derek becomes the Alpha after killing him.
  • The Originals in The Vampire Diaries. Also doubles as a Big Screwed-Up Family
  • The Tracy family in Thunderbirds
  • The David/Haswari family of NCIS. Ari was a double agent (well, actually, he was more like a triple agent), a doctor, and an assassin. Ziva starts out as an assassin and becomes a talented investigator while working at NCIS, and as for Daddy Eli David? He's the freaking director of Mossad! Admittedly, Ari is a villain and Eli... is not a nice guy either, but they all still qualify.
  • Walter and Peter Bishop of Fringe. Walter's a genius, albeit not entirely sane, whose work is part of what caused the whole story arc of the show. Peter is equally smart, but also very street-smart, and he can fight. Walter even traveled to a parallel universe when his son died to get a new version which apparently had to happen because Peter is the Destroyer of Worlds The Bishop family badassery has been fully expanded in Season 5 with the addition of a third generation (granddaughter Henrietta) and the whole family turned into outright resistance fighters against the Observers.
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter. That also have pretentions to Real Men Love Jesus.
  • While in Burn Notice Michael Westen is the main Badass of the Westen family, both mom Madeline and brother Nate occasionally show some badassery. Especially Madeline, who's gone from a chain-smoking hypochodriac to taking at least three levels in badass.
  • The Teller/Morrow family of badass bikers in Sons of Anarchy, including Clay, Jax and mama Gemma, none of whom you'd want to cut off on a California highway.
  • Smallville has two examples. The first is Clark and his extended families the Kents and the Els. On the Kent side we have Badass Normal Johnathan Kent, who will do anything to come to his son's defence, from cutting deals with the Fortress AI, to threatening the Big Bad with a shotgun; and Martha, a developing Chessmaster later outed as Checkmate's adversary, the Red Queen. On the other side, there's his cousin Action Girl Kara Zor-El, his scientist father Jor-El and his clone who Minored in Asskicking, and his Mad Scientist Evil Uncle Zor-El, who among other things, helped blow up Krypton. Then there's Clark himself. The other example would be the villainous Luthors. Between Barbarian Longhair and Magnificent Bastard Lionel, his son Lex, a Badass Normal and Evil Genius who becomes Clark's Archenemy, and illegitimate daughter Tess Mercer there's a lot of Badass to go around.
  • Doctor Who has The Pond family. Amy fights pirates and tells an army to be afraid of what's coming for them and, in an alternate timeline, lead her own army. Rory is known as the Last Centurion, blew up a Cyberman fleet and generally kicked ass, also he punched out Hitler. And Melody grew up to become a woman who makes Daleks beg for mercy. And guess who is married into the family now...
  • The Tams. Simon broke into a high security Alliance facility to rescue his sister, who by the way can kill you with her brain.
  • Married... with Children: The Bundys are not afraid to kick ass individually or as a family. Even Peggy and Seven get their shots in.
  • Against The Wall: The Kowalski cops. The Papa Wolf Badass Grandpa patriarch, the SWAT team member eldest brother, the two other beat cops and the youngest sister, and Internal Affairs detective. Not to be trifled with.
  • Buffy and Dawn Summers. Buffy is a Slayer, kicking all kinds of vamp and demon butt. And Dawn steps up her game in learning to fight from Buffy. Technically Dawn isn't really a sister so much as a clone but the mystics that created her from Buffy's blood implanted Buffy (and everyone else) with a full set of kid sister memories. Mother Joyce may be a regular amidst the supernaturals, but when Spike threatens Buffy in season 2 she goes Mama Bear and floors him. They also have a badass extended family with Witch Willow, Vamps Angel and Spike, ex-demon Anya, Badass Normals Xander and Giles (who do save the day once or twice) and eventually a whole gang of fellow Slayers
  • Once Upon a Time gives us an interesting version: Snow White and Prince Charming are a Battle Couple in the fairy tale world but have been turned into strangers in the real world, but their long-lost daughter Emma is an Action Girl who goes after bail jumpers. Emma's long-lost son Henry is also proving to be quite the Guile Hero and isn't the least bit intimidated by his adopted mother (step great-grandmother's) bullying, either.
    • And the family is actually even more badass with the revelation that Henry's father is Baelfire, whose father is Rumpelstiltskin
    • Though there's only two members of the family left, Red's family contains at least four werewolves. They don't automatically count because of this, but since both Red and Granny prove very useful in helping Snow do things like raid a castle and are both on her and Charming's war council, they certainly should be included.
  • Though not overwhelmingly awesome like most examples, the Stackhouses from True Blood have shown a few signs of this.
  • Merlin has Arthur Pendragon's family. Uther and Morgana are both shown to be pretty handy with swords, and there's Morgana's sorcery.
  • The Borgias, upon whom The Godfather's Corleones are based. There's Pope Alexander VI; his Magnificent Bastard firstborn, Cesare Borgia; his Femme Fatale daughter, Lucrezia Borgia; and the mother of his children, Vannozza. Juan doesn't quite count, but he can sword fight. Sort of. Don't bother with Gioffre.
  • Peaky Blinders has the Shelby family. Three badass war-veteran brothers (Arthur, Tommy, and John), Little Miss Badass snarky younger sister Ada, and Evil Matriarch Aunt Polly. Even ten-year-old Finn gets in on the action.

     Mythology And Religion 
  • Greek Gods - all of them badass, almost all related in one way or another. All children of Zeus were badasses, including several demigod heroes like Heracles, Perseus or brothers Castor And Polidekus. There's also Typhon's family - dad is Eldritch Abomination that make gods flee from Olympus, mom, Echnida, is a giant multiple-headed snake and their children are several well-known monsters, including Cerberus, Hydra and Chimera. Incidentally, Typhon is related to the Greek Gods by way of their grandmother, Typhon's mother, Gaea.
  • The Tuatha de Danaan of Celtic Mythology are a tribe of related deities, mortals, and demigods.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • The Harts. Stu Hart had 12 kids, 8 boys and 4 girls. Seven of the boys became wrestlers (most famously Bret and Owen) and the only one who didn't wrestle became a referee. The four girls all married wrestlers (including Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith). Stu's grandchildren include Teddy Hart, David Hart Smith and Natalya Neidhart.
  • The Windhams. Blackjack Mulligan (Robert Windham) had two sons who wrestled: Barry and Kendall. His daughter married Barry's former tag team partner, Mike Rotunda, and their sons Bo and Windham are currently in WWE now. Windham is Bray Wyatt and Bo is Bo Dallas.
  • The Funks: Dory Sr. and his two boys, Dory Jr. and Terry. The sons are the only brothers to be NWA World Champion.
  • Almost all of the Samoan wrestlers are interrelated. Peter Maivia, Afa, Sika, Samu, Fatu/Rikishi, Jamal/Umaga, Rosie, The Rock, Yokozuna, Roman Reigns, The Usos and others.
  • The Vachons: brothers Maurice "Mad Dog" and Paul "The Butcher", their sister Vivian and Paul's daughter Luna.
  • The Guerreros: Gory Guerrero, his four sons (Chavo Sr., Hector, Mando and Eddie) and his grandson, Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • The Armstrongs: "Bullet" Bob Armstrong had four sons who wrestled: Brad, Scott, Steve and Brian (Road Dogg in WWE).
  • The McMahons: Vince McMahon (60something billionaire who takes chair shots and beatings for fun and profit), his wife Linda, son Shane McMahon (PWI's Rookie of the Year, known widely for surprising amounts of wrestling ability), daughter Stephanie McMahon (head of creative and wrestler), and Stephanie's husband, thirteen-time champion Triple H.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Most of the great Viking clans in Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok go out of their way to out-badass each other, notably in the "murder" department. The other have sired great heroes, such as Sigurd (Fafnir's slayer), Beowulf, etc.
  • The Oberlindes Family in Traveller. They are a dynasty of frontier Merchant Princes who rose from being a band of Free Traders to almost Mega Corp. status. In the process they had more then one Crowning Moment of Awesome. The most notable was when they bought a war surplus ship, fitted it out with weapons by convoluted and extralegal means and sent it to trade through Vargr space scareing off every corsair with their firepower.
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • The Emperor and his sons. A godlike saviour of humanity, and twenty sons survived being scattered by Chaos across the galaxy, all growing up to be the progenitors of armies of super-soldiers. Shame about the whole Horus Heresy deal.
    • The protagonist of the Enforcer trilogy, Shira Calpurnia, seems to be upholding the family business of Professional Badass. The Calpurnii are from Ultramar, homeworld of the Ultramarines, a famous chapter, even if not the biggest nor the most badass. Calpurnii are rogue traders, Imperial Guard officers, lord admirals, Arbites commanders - Shira had a great cousin who was a fucking Ultramarine Terminator during the first Tyranid invasion. Shira herself is a lethal combatant in hand-to-hand or with a maul and shotgun, and proves repeatedly that solid fucking steel runs in her veins rather than blood. This is even brought up as a point in the story. Another arbiter notes that, by the standards of the Imperium as a whole, Calpurnia has a better pedigree and lineage than virtually all the nobles on Hydraphur.
  • In the BattleTech games's Future History, a half-dozen families and their descendants were so epically badass in both giant mecha fighting and dominating people through sheer testicular fortitude that each family spawned an entire interstellar civilization.
  • The "Action Family" ensemble from the Feng Shui supplement Friends Of The Dragon is essentially this — a Player Character ensemble that kicks ass as a family.
  • The Ortegas of Malifaux are a family of monster-hunting gunslingers. They are tremendously successful in a job whose life expectancy is normally measured in days.

    Video Games 
  • The Kongs, especially in Donkey Kong 64. Even Cranky Kong manages to be a Badass Grandpa in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze .
  • The family of Yume Koujou mascots, whatever their surname is supposed to be, in Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic.
  • One of the favorite tropes of the Fire Emblem series.
    • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War could be defined by this trope. (Well, this, Brother-Sister Incest and Game Breaker. And occasionally Ship-to-Ship Combat (No Really, that happens. In Game.))
      • The Odo bloodline is the most famous one. It includes: Tsundere Ayra, Fallen Prince Holin, Future Badass Shanan, Cute Bruiser Larcei, and Seliph's Lancer Ulster. And in Thracia we see two more members, the insanely badass Galzus and his Action Girl daughter Mareeta.
      • The Hezul bloodline, though to be fair Raquesis's kids Delmud and Nanna vary between "just okay" and "awesome" depending on who you pair her with. Then again, we still have Raquesis herself, her half-brother/first love Eldigan and specially his Black Knight son Ares.
      • What about the Holsety bloodline? We got Lewyn, and if Thracia 776 is to be trusted, it also includes Ced. And if Sety is in, then so is his sister Phee...
      • If Sety and Phee are in, then their Badass Normal mother Ferry counts too.
      • Despite all of their HUGE flaws, the Tordo bloodline members aren't bad either. Patriarch Leptor can handle the Mjolnir rather dangerously and so can eldest son Bloom and granddaughter Ishtar; younger or better said middle daughter Tailto is a decent spellcaster as well, grandson Ishtore is a pretty good Magic Knight, daughter-in-law Hilda (originally a member of the Fala bloodline) was as powerful as she was evil, grandsons Arthur and Amid manages to master other types of magic alongside thunder (in their case, wind and it's implied in other material that Arthur was trained by Lewyn himself), and granddaughters Teeny and Linda do their best to catch up. The only one we don't see in action is youngest daughter Ethnia, and she's still mentioned to have joined the army to avenge Tailto (in the case Tailto died child-less) and have mothered the aforementioned Amid and Linda.
      • The Fala bloodline gives us Magnificent Bastard Arvis and his Magic Knight brother Azel. Alvis's kids can also be pretty badass, but due to their heritage they more exactly belong in the Lopto bloodline (Julius) and the Narga one (Julia), with the exception of Heroic Bastard eldest son Saias who was confirmed to be 100% Fala. And his mom, Aida, is hinted to be Alvis's most trusted advisor and a decent fighter in her own right.
      • The siblings Dain and Noba founded their own bloodlines, named after them. The Dains include Travant and Areone, and the Nobas have Wuan, Altenna and Leif.
      • The Baldo bloodline gives us Sigurd. And other members include patriarch Vylon, daughter Ethyin (married into the Nobas, thus also bringing her own family in), son Seliph, daughter-in-law Deirdre who belongs to the Narga and Lopto lines and then is brainwashed into joining the Fala one.
      • Blaggi bloodline is a little more shady, but still qualifies. The leader is the clairvoyant White Mage Claude, among the most powerful healers in the first generation; then we have Sylvia, who may be either his sister or his cousin, but is still a long-lost member and a Spoony Bard with high resistance and a very decent capability as a support unit. Whether Sylvia's kids Corpul and Leen are badass or not, eh, it seriously depends on who's their daddy, but they're still badass enough to join Seliph's adventures.
      • Ulir bloodline now. We don't really know if daddy Ring fitted in, but the eldest daughter Bridget and White Mage younger daughter Adean definitely do. Their kids (Faval, Patty, Lana and Lester) depend a lot on their dad's heritage, but if the Dads are the right ones they definitely count, and like Leen and Corpul they still are badass enough to help Seliph directly.
    • More than one of these shows up in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, too.
      • Renais: Daddy King Fado may have kicked the bucket early, but we have his children: Badass Princess Eirika and The Ace Ephraim. Their entourage and associates include Seth the Silver Knight and three Knights, Kyle and the brothers Franz and Forde, who can grow into phenomenal charas if used well (and the last two are the sons of a long-deceased Knight who was pretty badass, if the records are believed). Aside of this, we have Garcia the Retired Badass and his son Ross, the Poster Boy for Magikarp Power.
      • Frelia: Daddy King Hayden is a Reasonable Authority Figure and an expert at Bow and Sword, in Accord, son Innes is a former Child Prodigy turned into both Guile Hero and Archer Archetype, daughter Tana is a Plucky Girl who evolves into a badass Pegasus Knight and prospect Dragon Rider. Associates include the Pegasus Sisters Vanessa and Syrene, Stone Wall Genius Bruiser Gilliam and Staff Dude Moulder who can be promoted into Bishop or Sage depending on your choice.
      • Jehanna: Queen Ismaire may have met a rather sad end in-story, but she was the highest Guildmaster and leader of the Jehannian mercenary guilds, ruled Jehanna alone and very wisely when her husband died, and when unlocked she's a pretty competent Lady of War. Her son Joshua is strongly hinted to not be a slouch on swordfighting either. If you count True Companions as family we have Gerik's mercenary, with Team Dad Gerik as the biggest example AND his friends/followers Saleh, Tethys, Ewan and Marisa following eagerly.
      • Grado: In royalty fields we have Emperor Vigarde, a wise leader who was also a Genius Bruiser even when he Came Back Wrong as an Empty Shell. Son Lyon is a genius-level dark magic user and maybe one of the most powerful magicians alive in that whole universe, period. In other fields we have Sunstone Glen, already a top general in the Grado Army, and his younger brother Cormag who can be recruited into your army.
      • Rausten: While Pontifex Mansel was a Non-Action Guy, he was Genre Savvy enough to maintain a Church Militant army in his surroundings. The badass fighting part comes with his niece and heiress L'Arachel, the most badass White Magician Girl in that world, who can become a very powerful Lady of Black Magic when promoted. Let's not forget her guardian, either: he might have pathetic dodge, but Dozla is still a pretty strong axe user.
    • The Reeds, from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Patriarch Brendan Reed is a Worthy Opponent who founded his own guild of assassins, and a pretty nice guy, if something of an Unwitting Pawn, when he's not burying an axe in your head. His second wife (much younger than he), Sonia, is a Lady of Black Magic Matriarch who's up there with Lust in terms of sexy evil. Brendan's two sons from his first marriage are disciplined master Lloyd and Blood Knight Linus, loyal only to their father and his best killers. Finally, Brendan and Sonia have an adopted daughter, Nino, a card-carrying Woobie Magical Girl Warrior with Magikarp Power. And if we're counting her biological family, her uncle Canas is the resident Game Breaker, and her dead biological family were very badass spellcasters. Brendan's first wife's identity is unknown, but she was probably very awesome indeed.
      • And one ending has that Nino marries Jaffar, one of the most powerful members of the Black Fang, so he'd be in there too. And their sons, who are both extremely good with their chosen schools of magic.
      • Canas, his mom Niime, and his son Hugh. And if we trust Niime and Canas's words, then Canas's wife was a pretty good anima spellcaster (Hugh inherited his anima skills from her) and she was Nino's biological maternal aunt, since Nino's dead mom Iris was her (Canas's wife's) sister.)
      • Other families would include the Lords families (Lyn, Eliwood and Hector, as well as their entourages) given who they can marry, and their kids. It applies to all Pegasus rider sisters as well (Thany, Thite, Yuno, and (in name mostly) Yuno's husband Zealot in the sixth game; Fiora, Farina and Florina in the seventh), and Karel's family (Karel himself, younger sister Karla, Karla's rival-turned-husband Bartre, and daughter Fir).
    • Greil, Ike and Mist from the Fire Emblem Tellius Saga. To start, Greil was Retired Badass General Gawain who severed the tendons in his hand at some point as self-punishment for accidentally killing his Plucky Girl and White Mage wife Elena) and yet still held his own. Daughter Mist is a pretty decent White Magician Girl (and notice that the Greil Mercenaries kept her out of the battlefield but she Plucky Girl-ied her way in) and can go to awesome if well-raised, and she's still badass and emotionally stable enough to wield Lehran's Medallion aka the Fire Emblem without going crazy... like her Missing Mom Elena also did. And son Ike is, well, The Hero and a freaking awesome one.
      • If we count the Greil mercenaries as a part of the family, then we also can add Oscar, Boyd, Rolf, Rhys, Mia, Titania, Soren... their level of badassery varies, but they still stick with Ike no matter what.
      • Aside of them we the have Brother-Sister Team Geoffrey and Lucia, the long-separated sisters Sanaki and Micaiah (though Micaiah's case very much depends on you), as well as Soren's real family (with the physical exception of Almedha, but she was still no-nonsense enough). There's Magnificent Bastard Ashnard, Almedha's brothers Rajaion and Kurthnaga, possibly Rajaion's lover Ena... and definitely the father of Rajaion, Amedha and Kurthnaga, King Dheginsea. (Oh, and Eda's grandfather Nasir.)
    • Fire Emblem Awakening takes the trope Up to Eleven, since in this game parents can fight along their children and even grandchildren. Chrom's family takes the cake: if you marry the right characters and draw their whole potential, you can fill the entire party just with his family tree, and kick major ass!
  • The Mishima family of Tekken, especially after Tekken 5 and the appearance of Jinpachi Mishima. Even Heihachi's ADOPTED SON Lee is a badass! As well as being a Rival to the REAL son Kazuya, who has been deified by this wiki as the god of protagonists who first appear to be heroes and then are found to be absolute magnificent bastards. Hell, even Heihachi's bastard son Lars (from Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebeillion is a total badass hero.
    • The Kazama count as well, and might as well be merged with the Mishimas considering Jin is a product of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Jin's cousin, Asuka, does a pretty good job holding her own, even owning most of the students in her dojo. And if you want to include non-canon, Unknown counts as well.
  • In the The King of Fighters universe, we have the Sakazaki family (Takuma, Ryo and Yuri, and several other accomplished students like Marco Rodriguez and Robert Garcia), the Bogards (Jeff Bogard, who adopted then-street urchins Terry and Andy), the Howards (Geese and his son Rock, who'd become Terry's adoptive son) and the Kusanagis (Saisyu, Kyo, Shouji, Aoi, and to a degree Shizuka who may not be a frontline fighter but has the wits and the naginata to handle herself well). Also count family friend and Kyo's fanboy Shingo, as well as Kyo's partners Daimon and Benimaru).
    • If we go to Fatal Fury we can also include the Kims (patriarch Kim Kaphwan, sons Jae Hoon and Don Hwang, and by extension: family friend Jhun Hoon; disciples Chae Lim and Jinju May Lee, recruits Choi Bunge and Chang Koehan), the Shiranuis (never shown but always mentioned leader Hanzou, granddaughter and star pupil Mai, disciples Andy Bogard and Hokutomaru, family friend Jubei Yamada), and the Heinleins (leader Kain, his blood brother Grant, and his nephew Rock Howard)
  • The Simpsons do this a few times in their video game adaptions. The earliest being The Simpsons Arcade Game.
  • Devil May Cry gives us Dante, his twin brother in blue Vergil, and their father Sparda who sealed the evil demons out of the human world.
    • 4 introduces us to Nero, who is also said to hold Sparda's blood. He's either a distant relative or one of the twins' kids, with more than a few hints suggesting that he's Vergil's son. Within the first five minutes of the game, dude dropkicks Dante in the face and it gets crazier from there.
    • If Bayonetta is to be taken into account, Eva, Sparda's human bride and mother of Dante and Vergil, was an Umbra Witch. She apparently fought off the forces of the inferno once or twice herself. And speaking of Eva, if you want to get really hazy with genetics, Trish was made in Eva's image by Mundus. She's currently part of Dante's Badass Crew with him and Lady, sharing a brother-sister like relationship with the devil hunter.
  • The Azzameens of the X-Wing games. You kill the patriarch and oldest son? Well, their youngest son shoots down dozens of fighters, fucks up half your fleet of warships, and blows up your superweapon while your Emperor's on board, bitch. You don't want to know what the middle son, the daughter, and the family droid get up to.
  • King's Quest has the Royal Family of Daventry. Patriarch Graham defeats a giant, a witch, a dragon, and deceives an underground family of gnomes in his very first adventure, and he has two more. His children, Alexander and Rosella are badasses too, with Alexander fighting off minotaurs and evil wizards, being an accomplished sorcerer, and Rosella slaying evil fairies. Mother Valanice doesn't spend much time onscreen, but when she does... It isn't just by genetics, either. You're required to banish an evil wizard or cross a desert, barefoot with whatever random stuff you have in your pockets to marry in to this bunch. Cassima earns the title by helping out Graham in KQ5, and by stabbing the Big Bad to save Alex's life in the sixth game. Prospective son-in-law Edgar spent a lot of time under More Than Mind Control, but was more than capable of throwing the proverbial Spanner in the Works.
  • Desmond Miles of Assassin's Creed comes from a long line of Badasses Assassins, from Altair of the Crusades to Ezio of the Renaissance. The Kenways in particular consists of three generations of badasses.
  • Most of the characters in the Metal Gear series are related to each other through blood, marriage, or choice, and they're all badass.
  • In Final Fantasy IV, you have Cecil, strongest knight in the world, his girlfriend (wife in the ending) Rosa, the most powerful white mage in the world, his uncle Fusoya, alien master magus, his father Kluya, who put the seal on the Sealed Evil in a Can, his brother Golbez, who could shrug off the most powerful black magic spell out there, and the sequel puts his and Rosa's son in the main role. Also, while you only really get to see Edge in action, he does come from a long line of Ninjas.
  • In Dragon Quest V, your player character is not just the son of a king and a saint, your very own children even end up fighting the forces of evil on your side. A nice plot twist in this regard is that you are not the legendary hero destined to save the world, your son is.
  • The Worzen family of Legacy of the Wizard, also known as the "Drasle Family." The grandfather, since deceased, trapped a powerful dragon in a painting, and his descendants (and their pet creature) are the ones who make sure it gets destroyed once and for all. They all throw around magic; while dad can crush boulders, mom can fly, the daughter can leap the entire height of the screen, and their pet dog is more than just a dog. Meanwhile, the son is The Chosen One who can wield the sword that can actually kill the dragon.
  • The Yakumo famliy of Touhou is one of these, although the members are all effectively adopted. The Scarlet family is comprised of very old, very powerful vampires, making theirs In the Blood. The miko Sanae Kotiya lives with her ancestor and Goddess she worships (as well as her roommate and fellow Goddess Kanako) as a family, as well. All three families are at Physical God levels of power.
  • Some of the installments in the The Legend of Zelda series imply that this is the case with Link's family; for example, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past clearly states that he is the last surviving member of a family of prestigious knights.
  • Resident Evil
    • The Redfields
    • In an evil way, the Ashfords.
    • The Wesker Children, and Albert's son, Jake. On some level, the Birkins count too.
  • Super Robot Wars brings up the Branstein (Maier, Elzam, Rai, Leona [cousin]) clan, the Ardyguns, the Schoolchildren (adopted, but still family), and the Zoldarks (Bian and Lune). ALL of these families are QUITE capable at kicking ass.
  • Dynasty Warriors gives us the Sun family: patriarch Sun Jian and his children Sun Ce, Sun Shang Xiang and Sun Quan are all formidable fighters. You could also count Da Qiao and Liu Bei by marriage, although Da Qiao is discontinued as a playable character as of the sixth installment. As for Liu Bei, his relationship with the Sun family goes pretty spectacularly to hell after a certain incident at Fan Castle... Since Dynasty Warriors is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms which is in turn based on history, there is some Truth in Television to this one.
    • By the eighth installment, the Shu also has its own, if you count that Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are sworn brothers. First there's Guan Yu's children, all capable fighters on their own: Guan Ping, Guan Xing, Guan Suo and Guan Yinping. Suo is also a Battle Couple with Bao Sanniang. Then there's Zhang Fei's kids: Zhang Bao (also sworn brother to Guan Xing) and Xingcai. And even if he was a Suck Sessor in the original, Liu Bei's son Liu Shan has been more capable in fighting when he puts efforts into it.
  • Bioshock
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Two families in Brave Soul: Rudy and his father, who are the best Hunters of their respective generations; also Claire and their father (and by extension Alicia), who managed to re-seal Demon King Caraile before it escapes again in the game only to be finally killed by the combined effort of (depending on your party choice) Rudy, Alicia, and Claire. As a bonus, in Claire's ending, Rudy married her, in effect creating his own badass family.
  • The ENTIRE Raglen family line can be seen as this in the Record Of Agarest War. Five generations of the Raglen family can sure kick ass.
  • In the Nasuverse, any family is this. Shirou's True Companions, and the Tohno family both qualify. The latter also counts as a Big Screwed-Up Family, though.
  • In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Badass Normal Pirate captain Briggs would like to introduce Felix & Co. to his wife, his baby boy, and his Adept-blacksmith grandmother. They end up as allies.
  • Dragon Age
    • The Amell Family appears in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. The Human Magi orgin was our first introduction to this family, and considering how Game Breaker mages are in that game... Then we find out what Hawke's mother's maiden name is, which adds both him/herself and his/her younger siblings Bethany and Carver.
    • Given that their father was an apostate mage who apparently stayed one step ahead of the Templars his whole life, even with another mage (possibly two) as a child, the Hawkes count too. Making Hawke a melding of two badass families, which explains a lot.
    • The Couslands, at least before Howe's betrayal, have been a Big Good in Ferelden for centuries. A Female Cousland can eventually marry Alistair Theirin, unite the two lines and jointly rule Ferelden.
    • The Theirins, the ruling family of Ferelden and Royals Who Actually Do Something. Alistair is the last surviving heir of this family, his grandmother Moira started a rebellion during the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, and his father Maric eventually won that war and regained the throne.
    • A villainous example exists with Flemeth and her daughters, who are all powerful apostates and shapeshifters. Aside from Morrigan, another daughter called Yavana is depicted in a comic tie-in, attempting to use Theirin blood to resurrect High Dragons. If the Dark Ritual is performed, Morrigan herself will give birth to child with the soul of an Old God, adding to their badass quotient.
  • World of Warcraft gives us the Saurfangs and the Crowleys.
  • The Conaghers of Team Fortress 2 have been serving Mann Co. for at least three generations, and each of them is a Gadgeteer Genius in their own right; Radigan was responsible for keeping the respective Mann brothers alive past the 19th century, and among other things sawed off his own arm in order to become a cyborg, while Conagher Sr. was implied to have replaced Nikolai Tesla as the field engineer using weapons that weren't supposed to be invented for over 20 years, with his son, the current engineer in turn replacing him.
  • In Baldur's Gate Throne of Baal, you, a Bhaalspawn capable of turning into an embodiment of murder, can team up with your half-sister Imoen, a decent thief and more powerful wizardess who also gains Bhaalspawn powers, and your Back from the Dead half-brother Sarevok, the strongest fighter you can recruit. If you are a male and romance Aerie, she will be a Pregnant Badass cleric/mage, a very powerful character if used correctly. Your late foster father Gorion was also a Badass Harper who teamed up with the likes of Elminster and once fought and wounded a red dragon.
  • The Seyfarth clan in RosenkreuzStilette counts as quite a Badass Family: they've wielded the Demon Sword Grollschwert and the Devil Scythe Grassense and have been Blood Knights over the years, after all.
  • Suikoden V gives us the Royal Falenan Family: Father Ferid fought on the front lines in a war and was considered one of the four reasons Falena won the war. Mother Arshtat bears the The Sun Rune, and can vaporize people into particles with merely a thought. The eldest child is the protagonist, and becomes a military commander over the course of the game and comes to bear the Dawn Rune, a powerful magical artifact. Arshtat's younger sister Sialeeds is a sorceress and political genius who bears the Twilight Rune, the Dawn Rune's counterpart. Only Lymsleia isn't a badass with violence, although that could be because she's only ten. She is a political genius, though.
  • In Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse, the entire Al-Hazrad family are quite the badasses. The player character is a corsair and plows through pirates, genies, sorcerer's dungeons and evil plots all by his lonesome. While your family is not playable, your elder brother Tarik is a corsair and Merchant Rogue himself, your elder sister Aliya is a sorceress who can fly, your father and aunt are both accomplished sorcerers themselves. Only your mother is a quiet homemaker. Although she does command a genie, as does the rest of your family.
  • In Hyper Princess Pitch, the family of the protagonist, a pugnacious princess who decided to become the personal nemesis of MechaSanta, her mother, the Goddess of Explosions and her father, the Bear Miner.
  • The Simpsons family definitely become this while on their quest to save Maggie in The Simpsons arcade game.
  • Nekketsu Oyako, a Playstaion/Saturn Beat 'em Up game, has this consisting of a mighty father whose wife has been distressed and two kids who are respectively an average son and a fragilistic daughter.
  • The Belmont clan from Castlevania have whipped Dracula to hell every century without having to raise an army. Helps that one of them finally DESTROYED DRACULA.
  • The Starlings of Lollipop Chainsaw are a family of zombie hunters. Protagonist Juliet is a cheerleader by day, and chainsaw-wielding undead slayer by night. Her two sisters are a recklessly destructive driver and expert sniper, respectively, and dear ol' Dad can punch things really freakin' hard.
  • From Halo: Captain Jacob Keyes is a total badass, and proves himself to be one of the best strategists and captains the UNSC has. His daughter Miranda is also a total badass and master strategist, but has some trouble living up to her father's legacy. They are both considered among the war's greatest heroes. Catherine Halsey the former's wife and latter's mother, isn't a fighter, but probably qualifies due to her unparalleled brilliance.
    • The Spartan's aren't actually related, but they consider each other family, and they are the most badass characters in the franchise. Since the second generation of Spartans including Master Chief were created/raised by Catherine Halsey, they could technically be considered her children and thus related to the Keyes as well.
    • In Halo Wars John Forge comes from a family that has served in the military all the way back to WWII. That may have been what allowed him to waste the Arbiter's sorry alien ass.
  • The McClouds from Star Fox. Courageous, determined, and they could give Anakin Skywalker a run for his money in starfighter combat.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus, Mr. Zurkon can be upgraded so that his wife and kids can be summoned to fight alongside him.
  • League of Legends: As a few of the political powers (mainly Demacia and Noxus) practise some level of Asskicking Equals Authority, numerous Champions have long lineages of Badassery. Known relations include Ashe and Tryndamere (marriage) Garen and Lux, Darius and Draven, Katarina and Cassiopeia, Kayle and Morgana, and Nasus and Renekton (siblings) Ashe, Lissandra and Sejuani are distantly related as are Sivir and Azir. Shen and Zed are adopted siblings.

    Visual Novels 
  • The Ushiromiya Family of Umineko: When They Cry also qualifies as a Big Screwed-Up Family, oddly enough. Grandfather Kinzo has no talent for magic, but through several years of research and determination, managed to become a master summoner. He may not be able to use magic to even heat water to brew tea, but can summon a demon able to boil an ocean. Eva is very skilled at martial arts, and Eva-Beatrice may be a sadist who likes to kill people in gruesome ways, but is pretty badass herself. Rosa managed to put a fight with a army of goatmen with only a gun, a purse, a pen and a gold bar. Jessica and George are Normal Badasses able to channel Supernatural Martial Arts with sheer willpower. And there's Battler aka, the Endless Sorcerer.
  • Ace Attorney
    • Unconventional example in the dysfunctional Fey clan, a group of otherwise staid women who are frequently locked in bloody conflict. Badasses for good include Iron Woobie Maya, Badass Teacher Mia, Yamato Nadeshiko Iris, and Mama Bear Misty. Badasses for evil include Manipulative Bastard Morgan and Dahlia. It's really a disproportionate amount of badass to be spread over two generations of the same family, and may explain why they're always trying to murder one another. The final case of the third game is something of a master class in badass, culminating in Mia giving a Reason You Suck Speech to Dahlia so hardcore it sends her back to Hell. Child Prodigy Pearl is nine in her first appearance but is reputedly more powerful in terms of spiritual power than Maya — according to Maya herself, too!
    • And an evil(ish) example in the von Karmas. Manfred von Karma, his daughter Franziska von Karma, and his adopted son Miles Edgeworth are all prosecutors so perfect and amazing that the only person to ever defeat them in court is the protagonist Phoenix Wright. Manfred's flawless record stretches out for decades, Miles is so ruthless and effective that he's been called The Demon Prosecutor and Franziska passed the bar at thirteen.
    • In the Apollo Justice arc, the Gavin brothers. You have the older brother Kristoph Gavin, defense attorney extraordinaire. Always a calm, cool and collected person who is not afraid to own your ass in court while being very courteous. That is, unless you happen to reject him as a lawyer over a game of cards. And then you have rocker Klavier Gavin. Has his own band and has a very good reputation. Always willing to help Apollo secure a conviction for a detective and bandmate, even helping Apollo own Kristoph in court with the Jurist system.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • Kitty's family from Kokoart. Her father is a big guy with big muscles and lots of scars. Yet, he gets beaten by his wife with a single punch (here). Then, later in the comic, it's revealed that the whole family can bend iron bars in their hands and Kitty learns matrial arts as her mother advised her, because people don't lose body pieces while she defends herself and it's easier to clean after the fight.
  • Girl Genius
    • Heterodynes are a family of powerful Sparks, who were feared and hated even among others of their own kind, to say nothing about the rest of the continent. They created Castle Heterodyne – an omnipotent sentient Supervillain Lair with a dark sense of humor and Jägermonsters – scientifically modified Super Soldiers, completely loyal to the house Heterodyne. Then Bill and Barry happened. They redeemed their family’s name by travelling across Europa and defeating monsters and evil Sparks, and were considered the greatest heroes of their generation. There is also Agatha – a powerful Spark in her own right.
    • Klaus and Gilgamesh Wulfenbach. Klaus returned to Europa only with his infant son in tow and still managed to conquer a good chunk of the continent by himself, apparently for its own good. He is single-handedly keeping peace in his Empire by keeping rampaging madboys and arrogant nobles in check. He and Gilgamesh are both powerful Sparks and very potent fighters, to the point Jägers are scared of them. If rumors are true then there is also Baron's long lost Badass Normal daughter - princess Zeetha.
    • Valois/Sturmvoraus/von Blitzengaard family. Their ancestor was one of the greatest kings of all time - Andronicus Valois. Currently family consists mainly of Manipulative Bastards, backstabbers and McNinjas. Most prominent members are Tarvek - once again a powerful Spark, exellent shamer and a good fighter and Violetta - a Smoke Knight and an Impossible Thief.
  • King Zahard's family from Tower of God. Technically it consists of a group of adopted female warriors, Zahard's Princesses, who received a part of his power through his blood. This makes them so strong that they are forbidden to have any relationships, lest they spread that power uncontrolled.
  • Dominic Deegan's Deegan family. Mother Miranda, retired head of the Quiral School of the Arcane Arts and as an arch-mage, a powerful wizard in her own right; father Donovan, a master swordsman, renowned duelist and bard trained by elves; Jacob, the first son, a powerful necromancer trained by one of the oldest known necromancers in the series history; main protagonist and second son Dominic, who is a master at second sight magic and has a keen knack for planning numerous steps ahead (and also gets visions); and youngest son Greg, who is a perennially cheerful white mage and skilled musician in his own right. Also, there is Dominic's fiancée, Luna, who has a knack for illusion magic and once humiliated an old enemy of the Deegan family in combat.
  • The Walkertons in It's Walky! boast Linda Walkerton, one of the first and arguably most successful alien hunters in that world (Though her claim that she singlehandedly killed all the Martians on Earth turned out to be an... exaggeration), as well as David "Walky" Walkerton and his Separated at Birth twin sister Sal Walters, who are all-but-said to be the two most powerful Abductees in existence. Honorable mention goes to Stephen "Beef" Walkerton, who is not actually related to Walky but was raised as his brother (He was Switched at Birth with Sal).
  • In El Goonish Shive, the Verres could count; Mr. Verres is a Papa Wolf, his son Tedd is a Mad Scientist who's been glowing lately so something's bound to happen. His cousin Nanase is a Magical Martial Artist. And the Shape Shifting Half-Squirrel Girl Grace lives with them and is Tedd's girlfriend. And his mother is apparently a legendary monster hunter. And his Aunt, Nanase's mother, is as involved in the weirdness as her brother-in-law is, but is better about hiding it from her children.
  • The Cannon family in The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon. The father takes down Hackers with his bare hands while wearing a pink Kiss The Cook apron. The mother throws knives with devastating accuracy, and may or may not be a ninja. And the son? Among other moments of extreme badassery, took down a Hacker combat expert WITH HIS OWN KNIFE, punched his way back up to the surface when a Hacker had buried him deep underground, and is perhaps the only person in the world who can "bro-pound" with Max Facepuncher without shattering his hand. That last part is especially badass when you read the 24 hour comic "So Now I Hate The Moon", and realize that Max Facepuncher can punch people into the sun, and once killed the moon with a double facepunch. So Now I Hate The Moon starts here:
  • The McNinja family of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is one of the most badass families out there. On top of being four of the deadliest ninjas in the world, one of them is also a doctor of EVERYTHING, one designs technology so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic in his spare-time, the mom is a Complete Psycho, and the dad assumed the leadership role of all American ninjas by virtue of the authority in his mustache (he also sets himself on fire for fun sometimes). On top of that you've got the Doc's sidekick, the sharpshooting-acrobat raptor-riding-bandito mustachioed-12-year-old Gordito along with loyal receptionist Judy the GORILLA.
  • The Bloodrage tribe in Looking for Group lives up to their name. The chief and his sons are particularly fearsome; DO NOT ask them to surrender. Even the adopted unknown race granddaughter/niece/daughter is a Badass.
  • The Order of the Stick may be seeing the beginnings of one; see this t-shirt:
  • The River family from Irregular Elis. A family of "Super Heroes" with Hanna-Barbera influence.
  • The Andreyasn from Schlock Mercenary are an interesting case. We've only seen Kevyn and Breya, but they can both fight ("I have four brothers", "I'm one of her brothers"), and their mother doled out some interesting childhood advice.
    Kevyn: Well, you know what mom always said...
    Breya: If you swing first, swing hard, and connect.
  • Yoosoman and his sons in American Barbarian.
  • A villainous (or possibly Anti Villainous) example is the Kappel family from Collar 6, with Michael Kappel and his wife Evita aka Butterfly as insanely powerful doms, and their slaves possess their own superpowers. Sixx even refers to them as "A whole family of super powered assholes."
  • Homestuck has all of the Strider family. All of them.
    • Bro Strider (really Ectobiological-Paradox-Clone-Stable-Time-Loop-Father Strider - It Makes Sense in Context) is a master of the ironic arts, can Flash Step fast enough to use stop motion animation as a fighting technique, and is the only character in the comic powerful enough to fight Jack Noir to a standstill in single combat.
    • Dave is probably the strongest of the kids pre-God Tier and kicks a ridiculous amount of ass while in the Medium, not to mention the antics he gets up to as Davesprite.
    • Finally, we have Dirk Strider, the Alpha Universe incarnation of Bro who is arguably the most Badass of all. Born in a Bad Future, he had to raise himself from birth with nothing but a Demonic Dummy for company. He dabbles in robotics - if by dabbling you mean creating fully sentient AIs and combat robots that can slay giant seadragon-lusii easily. (Dirk can beat these combatbots effortlessly, for comparison.) He maintains a group consciousness by keeping his dream self awake permanently, and uses it to slay enemy agents in single hits and to stage rebellions just by showing up. Oh, and did we mention he's Badass Gay?
    • We can't skip over Alpha-universe Dave, who has no trouble assassinating a pair of juggalo presidents in one swing.
    • Since the Lalondes are biologically related to the Striders, it's probably safe to count them all as one big immensely badass family. To say nothing of the Egberts / Crockers and the Harleys / Englishes...
    • In the Egbert / Crocker family we have Dad Egbert who repeatedly escaped from Dersite prisons and Dad Crocker who took over derse simply by being dapper
  • The Andersons (though that's not their real surname...) kind of count. We have Bob and George themselves, who are both Physical Gods with Elemental Powers (Playing with Fire and Shock and Awe respectively), Mom, and her father, who according to Word of God, is Satan.

    Web Original 
  • In The Gamers Alliance, Clan d'Zarnagon, House Aurelac and House Ardyn definitely count. Their members have proven their mettle many times in fields of battle as well as in political scheming.
  • The entire Von Shrakenberg clan in Tech Infantry.
  • The Wilson family of the Whateley Universe. Daughter Billie is Tennyo, one of the most powerful mutants on earth. As a teenager. Parents? Oh, they happen to be Flashlight (laser powers) and Weasel (strength, agility, second-storyman too), superheroes who secretly work for the CIA. Older brother and younger brother? Still teenagers and already working for the CIA too, since they have superpowers as well.
  • Several agents of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum have formed family groups, and all of them fall under this heading by default.
  • The Harper Family in DC Nation. Let's see...Badass Normal Roy Harper and Action Mom Troia. Then, there's Lian, who's twelve and becoming Little Miss Badass. Aiden is too young to manifest anything at this point, but that's probably going to change. Then you factor in the extended family of Arrows, Amazons, and Titans, some of the most fanatically family-oriented groups in Nationverse...
  • Despite the fact that there's only one left, the Church family of Red vs. Blue.
  • The Freemans in Half-Life: Full Life Consequences. We have Gordon Freeman, who's already badass, his brother John Freeman, who when he "has to kill fast and bullets too slow", starts killing Combines with his "bear hands", and shrugs off being hit by a rocket, his son Henry Freeman, who gives the humens "hop", and rallies an army against the Combines. The only exception in the family might be Mom/Wife, who gets "shot in head", setting off the events of Hero Beggining.
  • The Cthoniques in Castle Terribel, are a rather goofy version of this. Four Dark Lords, one of whom is undead, and all of them seem more enthusiastic about their hobbies and home life than causing trouble.
  • The protagonists in Strange Little Band are this in spades. You really don't want to make them angry. And being borderline Villain Protagonists they mix it nicely with The Family That Slays Together.
  • The Shardiks. Start something with them, and you may find an interstellar war coming at you. Start an interstellar war with their friends, and you may find your species extinct.
  • RWBY:
    • Ruby Rose is a nice little girl, but she'll ruin your day if you mess with her. Of course, do that and you'll be in the firing line of her older half-sister Yang Xiao Long too. Oh, and Ruby's cool uncle Qrow, who will protect them no matter who you are or what you are. And then there's the matter of the mysterious samurai woman who may or may not be Yang's Missing Mom, who stepped in to save her daughter from a tight spot and caused her daughter's attacker to flee in terror at the mere sight of her. And their dad, who we haven't seen much of yet but is implied to be just as dangerous, being on a Grimm hunting team with them. Yep, not a family to be messed with.
    • Jaune's family is implied to be this as well, having generations of warriors, heroes and hunters as his legacy. Jaune himself? Not so much.

    Western Animation 
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    • Parodied with the Smiths.
    • The Utoniums themselves qualify: Supergenius dad, and three superhero daughters, and that's when the Professor Utonium is just his normal self. This guy has the skill to create nearly any weapon he could imagine and has, on some occasions, donned a Powered Armor suit of his own and helped out. He can get carried away, but still.
  • The Bennets from Bionic Six.
  • The Saturday family. The father is a Genius Bruiser with a power glove, the mother is a martial artist Action Mom with a Flaming Sword, one of the 'kids' is a super strong Gorillacat and the guardian of an ancient doomsday beast, and the son is able to control cryptids, the most powerful animals on earth, and is the reincarnation of the God of the Cryptids. Even the family pets are Bad Ass. And the Sixth Ranger of the team is mom's long-lost brother, a trained mercenary with all sorts of badass gear, including a jetpack.
  • The Riveras. In this family, being a super hero/villain is litterally in the genes. Nearly every Rivera male known has been one.
  • The Tennysons. Even Ben's muggle dad turns out to be a badass in the episode "Goodbye And Good Riddance".
  • Hanna-Barbera has a few of these:
  • The Longs.
  • Kim Possible
    • The Possibles.
    • The Gos, too.
    • With the inclusion of Hana the Stoppables are too.
  • A Kind of Magic has a French family steered by magical Badassery.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Ursa/Ozai and Hakoda/Kya families. Which are related, spiritually, at least if one assumes Aang marries Katara. Aang's the reincarnation of Roku, who is Zuko's maternal great-grandfather. We should also count Uncle Iroh as Zuko's Parental Substitute. Toph isn't technically related either, but she is part of Team Avatar.
    • However, in The Legend of Korra, it's shown that Toph's daughters Lin and Suyin are just as hardcore as their mother, so there's that. Both are high accomplished Earthbenders capable of Metalbending and Suyin has several kids that are also fairly talented Metalbenders as well as one airbending daughter thanks to Harmonic Convergence.
    • Don't forget Aang's and Katara's children and Tenzin with his kids.
  • The Fentons from Danny Phantom (though Jack is one only under pressure).
  • Do the Mallards from Darkwing Duck count? Only two members, but...
  • The Venture Family, from The Venture Bros.. Jonas Venture, Jonas Jr, and the possible mother of Rusty's children Myra Brandish are all certifiable badasses. Helper the family robot at least looks badass in its battle mode too.
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter's family counts, especially in the episode where they have to use Dexter's robots to destroy an ancient evil Dexter accidentally released. Somewhat parodied/lampshaded by the background music that plays. "Go, Dexter Family go!"
  • The Royal Flush Gang from Batman Beyond: A family of burglars pulling heists based on playing-cards. .. their daughter's relationship with Terry McGuiness was strangely deja vu.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
    • The Foxx family. Patriarch Zachary is Team Dad to his Badass Crew of Series 5 Rangers, but his kids have had a couple Day Inthe Limelight episodes proving they can do pretty well at taking care of themselves. Even Eliza, who spends most of the series trapped in a Soul Jar, has an Awesome Moment beforehand - fighting off an armed Space Pirate and committing a Heroic Sacrifice so her kids could escape!
    • Zozo's family also counts. From Zozo, the Ambadassador, to his loudmouthed Shorttank brother, and his nieces and nephews who can be pretty clever when they want to be.
  • Street Sharks. Four brothers who are all now shark mutants, plus their dad, who is apparently a genius and is doing really helpful stuff in the sidelines (even if he's kind of vanished).
  • The Simpsons. But only a couple at a time are allowed to be badass together.
  • The Chans in Jackie Chan Adventures. There's an Adventurer Archaeologist version of Jackie Chan who fights dragons when not on digs; his niece, Jade, who can pull off Stealth-hi-byes in outer space and grows up to be the leader of Section 13; and Uncle, a Witch Doctor whose magic gets more impressive with every season and also taught Jackie everything he knows about martial arts. There's also a criminal enforcer turned Gentle Giant who isn't related to them but is still considered part of the family (and who has a mother you don't want to mess with). To top it off, they have equally badass ancestors dating as far back as the Old West.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the Apple family is fairly close to this. Applejack is the incarnation of the Element of Honesty, Big Macintosh is capable of pulling a house off of it's foundations (while bouncing), Applebloom has performed dozens of death-defying stunts with her friends in their quest to earn their Cutie Marks, and Granny Smith was one of the founders of Ponyville who, in her youth, braved (literal) timber wolves in order to get the magically-charged apples that helped kick-start her family farm.
    • Not to mention that the rest of the mane 6 (each one of them a badass in their own way) are officially considered "honorary" family members.
    • Celestia and Luna, being sisters, also qualify.
      • Their niece Cadence turns out to also be a Badass Princess too. And since she married Twilight's brother, Twilight and her captain of the Royal Guard brother are now added to the list.
  • Gargoyles consider their entire clan to be family.
  • The Wakemans. Nora Wakeman is a Mad Scientist and a decorated Skyway Patrol veteran. Jenny/XJ-9 is a ridiculously strong, state-of-the-art robot who was literally designed to be Earth's protector. Jenny's robot sisters, XJ-1 through 8, are single-function prototypes, but they kick major ass when they join forces. Aunt Wisteria can create almost anything out of plants (including sentient life), and Cousin Glenn is a Boisterous Bruiser. And since Armageddroid was the first sentient robot created by Dr. Wakeman, you could arguably include him in the family roster as well.
  • Atomic Betty and her family. Betty and her maternal grandparents are galactic guardians; her uncle from "Rodeo Robots" is a cowboy; and her parents, while almost never seen fighting, have shown Greenbeard's gang what they're made of. And they thought they were fighting against actors.
  • A recurring theme in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, starting in 2003, the Turtles and Splinter are a family, and they sometimes extend it with April, and Casey.

    Real Life 
  • The Norman De Hauteville family.
    • William De Hauteville, son of a minor baron, and his brother Drogo went to Italy to earn their fame as mercenaries. William quickly became the second in command of a large group and during one battle he cut the Emir of Syracuse in half at the waist, earning him the name Iron Arm. Later he fought in the Lombard rebellion against the Byzantium Empire. He defeated the Imperial army several times and was made Duke of Apulia and Calabria and Overlord of the Normans in Italy.
    • A younger Brother Humphrey then took control after his death. Later, the Pope, who was annoyed by the Norman power in Italy, sent the Papal Army and the Imperial army of the Holy Roman Empire south to destroy them. Humphrey defeated them and took the Pope captive for a year.
    • To top it off they went on to become Kings of southern Italy and Sicily as well as some of the leaders of the First Crusade.
  • Kublai Khan and his family. Thirteen sons and two daughters, each with their own provence, between them they managed to take over heaps of China and become extremely famous in Europe.
    • Not to mention that his grandfather was Genghis motherfucking Khan.
      • There is even a (generally discounted, but still) legend that Genghis Khan was actually Minamoto no Yoshitsune, which if true would expand Kublai's Badass Family Tree considerably.
  • The Tenzings . A number of whom became great climbers including Tenzing Norgay.
  • The Scipios who provided several generals including one that defeated several members of another Badass Family, the Barcids. Including the most famous Barcid of them all, Hannibal.
  • The Piccards. Auguste, the grandfather, flew into the stratosphere in balloons and invented vehicles for deep-sea diving. His son, Jacques, refined those vehicles and became the first person to dive to the bottom of the deepest trench in the ocean. HIS son, Bertrand, became the first to fly around the world in a balloon.
  • Niccolo, Maffeo, and Marco Polo.
  • Owen and Richard Garriott and Aleksandr and Sergei Volkov, the only children of astronauts/cosmonauts to follow their fathers into space.
  • The Borgias deserve mention here, if not for actual butt-kicking (which was present), then for becoming one of the most INFAMOUS families in history.
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter is about a whole family who cooperates in hunting bail jumpers and then rubs it in by gently telling the miscreants to get right with the Lord
  • The Gracie family. The late Helio and Carlos Gracie essentially created Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and left a legacy of legendary fighters who have competed at the international level in both Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Some of the better known ones are Royce, the first UFC champ. Renzo, Royler and Ryan all competed in PRIDE. Rickson and Relson were supposedly even better than Royce but were too old to have a large impact when MMA really started and now Kyra Gracie is looking to enter into female MMA.
  • The aristocratic Richtofen family managed to turn out no less than three ace pilots during World War I. The most famous was Manfred von Richthofen, known better as the Memetic Badass Red Baron . Manfred's younger brother Lothar and his fourth cousin Wolfram were also flying aces. There were also several other members of the family who gained fame of some sort, but not for badass deeds.
  • During the second Philippines Campaign in 1944, Mrs Jean Mac Arthur and the son Arthur Mac Arthur sailed to Manila and billeted in the ruined city before the fighting was even over. Mrs Mac Arthur went into her son's room and found him trembling. Then little Mac Arthur said, "Are those our guns, mom?" On being assured that they were, little Mac Arthur leaned back on the bed and just went to sleep. Like Father, Like Son indeed.
  • The Royal House of Wessex. Not only did it bring forth England's greatest monarch, but his son and daughter were themselves to win a Curb-Stomp Battle over the Danes at the Battle of Tettenhall. That family founded a kingdom that actually did manage to Take Over the World for a while. They definitely qualify as a Badass Family, considering that greatest monarch's descendants have ruled the kingdom he founded in a nearly unbroken line going back two millennia. His great-many-times-over-granddaughter is HM The Queen, Elizabeth II.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, the least of his badassery being completing an hour and a half long speech with a bullet in his chest, and volunteering to fight in World War I despite being in his 50s. All of his sons were in the military, two of whom served in both World War I and II. There are only two father and son pairs who received the Medal of Honor, and their names are McArthur and Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt III was a Navy pilot, and Theodore Roosevelt IV was a member of one of the Navy's Underwater Demolition Teams, the precursors to the Navy Seals. You'd have a hard time finding a more badass family.
    • That's just the senior male line. All of T.R.'s sons were badass in some way, as have been many of his other descendants.
    • Speaking of Roosevelts, Teddy's distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt may not have served in combat, but was a dominant political force from the 1930s through his death in 1945, despite having been crippled by polio in 1921. He became the only American president to be elected to more than two terms, (at the time there was no limit on the number of terms one person could spend as president) being elected a total of four times. He also refused to accept being paralyzed and through the use of metal braces on his legs actually learned to walk again for short distances. FDR was the man who saw the United States through the panic of the 1930s and the darkest days of World War II, and he did it from a wheelchair.
    • And then there was Eleanor Roosevelt, Teddy's niece and also FDR's fifth cousin and (later) wife. The woman had balls as big as Teddy, singlehandedly redefining the position of the First Lady in an era when the position was strictly in the background. She was a feminist and staunch supporter of Civil Rights, publicly opposed her husband's order to send Japanese-Americans into internment camps during WWII, lobbied her husband to provide asylum to groups persecuted by the Nazis, and was constantly active on the homefront in support of the war effort.
    • Not to mention that Winston Churchill was his even more distant cousin.
  • The Kelly brothers. Both Scott Kelly and his twin brother Mark Kelly are US Navy combat and test pilots and NASA Astronauts. Mark Kelly is married to US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who returned to work on 2011 Aug 1, eight months after being shot in the head.
  • Lighthouse Keepers were often whole families tending a lighthouse and several did heroic deeds.
  • The Staal brothers of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Eric, Marc, Jordan, and Jared are all active in the NHL as of November 2013.
  • There are records of cases where a family's tradition seems to be being Bad Ass which can be easily found in places like US Marine Enlistment Roster. Some have been in the Marines since it was founded.
  • Any sort of family with a military tradition, where members volunteer for the military even without a pressing national need to serve.
  • Jane Austen. She had two brothers who became admiral and lived in a circle of gentry who were very warlike despite their dandyish appearance. They may have had Big Fancy House s and gone to Dances and Balls. But all that was unwillingly subsidized by the French government.
  • The Junii of Ancient Rome. You know your street rep is good when you have a reputation for murdering tyrants.
  • The House of Plantagenet, the royal house that gave England Richard the Lion-Heart, Edward I, Edward III, Henry IV, Henry V, and Edward IV. Special mention has to be given to Henry V and his three brothers. The four of them nearly succeeded in conquering France.

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