Action Pet
This also takes place under lake in a collapsing tunnel, and the dog still survives!
When a pet can be just as much of an action character as any person.

Even in Real Life, pets aren't always timid. They can be dangerous (say if people take in attack dogs or rescue dogs with behavioural problems as pets), or helpful. But this takes that even further, where the pet is fed on a diet of Rule of Cool.

These pets don't stop at going for help when people are trapped behind a landslide. They push boulders out of the way, fetch dynamite to toss at those rocks, or even just will the rocks to move by staring them down.

And the kind of pet doesn't matter. A parakeet, to an alligator, could count, as long as it does stuff that even amazes people that know what the species can do.

A Sub-Trope of Action Hero.

Can overlap with Cool Pet, Badass Adorable, Killer Rabbit, Living a Double Life (if the owner is not aware of the pet's action nature), Heroic Pet Story, Heroic Dog, Team Pet.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • The series InuYasha features Kirara, an adorable nekomata (basically a feudal era demon cat) that can shift into a vicious combat mode that has increased size and flight. Is part of the main party, but is owned by Sango as a partner in the demon-slaying tribe.
  • Pantherlily from Fairy Tail is this to Gajeel. While the other Dragon Slayers have talking, winged cats as pets, Gajeel has one that can turn into a gigantic humanoid panther who wields a BFS.
  • The Strawhat Pirates of One Piece have a cute, cotton candy love, naive reindeer-man as The Medic, who also doubles up as Team Pet. However, once he goes into Monster Point, he can kick some serious ass.
  • Œufcoque of Mardock Scramble is an experimental multi-dimensional all-tool shaped like a mouse. He's also a complete gentleman.
  • Iggy in Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders. A dog with a stand, the Fool, that has the ability to shape-shift sand into a variety of objects, such as a hang glider.
  • Shoukoku No Altair: The entire Tughril clan became famous for training golden eagles to help them hunt and fight. The clan's two surviving members, Mahmut and Süleyman, are never seen without their eagles Iskender and Caterina.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Fledgling Year, Aravis’ belligerent horse Inga takes out her fair share of bad guys.
  • A Growing Affection: Ni-ne, Hinata's pet cat a.k.a. happily sealed version of the Two-Tails. She later helps Hinata fight off Kabuto's giant two-headed snake summon and stands guard over Rei when Konan tries to kidnap her.
  • In the Final Fantasy VII fanfic, Cissnei's Path, Rufus Shinra's guard hound, Dark Nation, joins him in every battle and is the first line of defense should something try and harm him.

  • In The Cameraman, Buster's monkey jumps on a Tong thug that is about to jump Buster, saving Buster's life. Then the monkey starts cranking Buster's movie camera when Buster saves Sally, proving Harold's cowardice (he swam away and abandoned Sally) and Buster's heroism.

  • In the The Dresden Files series, Harry acquires a very large dog named Mouse which is really a Foo Dog. Said dog is explicitly smarter than a human, VERY resistant to damage, has a bark that can instantly wake everyone in an apartment building during an emergency, and innately detects evil.
  • In the Honorverse you have Treecats. Though not actually pet's. Try to harm one or its adopted person and your dead meat.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, the Stark children each adopt one of a litter of orphaned direwolf pups. So far they've saved their owners' lives on numerous occasions.
  • Tortall Universe
    • Starting with Faithful in Song of the Lioness, a divine entity in cat form who accompanies her on her quest.
    • Kel's pets in Protector of the Small, largely due to the presence of Daine at the Palace. The animals Kel adopts—a flock of sparrows, an ornery horse, and a mutt named Jump—are intelligent enough to act as scouts and fellow combatants in battle.
    • Provost's Dog has Faithful again, this time under the name of Pounce, taking an active part in police work. Beka also gets a scent hound named Achoo in the second book. While she's not a fighting dog, she does go with Beka into some dangerous places and takes on a couple of thugs who try to do her in.
  • In The Dinosaur Lords, Karyl's pet dino Shiraa is infamous for her war toll, a capable predator and able to cross half the continent to get to her master. At some point, she even considers eating her pursuers, and doesn't only because she knows Karyl wouldn't approve. Oh, and she's a freakin' allosaurus.

    Live Action TV 

  • Disney used to have a magazine where they had super-powered pets named the Jet Pets who attacked villains, while also being adorable pets.

  • Wet Willie's dog in White Water, who accompanies him on all of his river rafting expeditions — over waterfalls, down whirlpools, and dodging boulders — with a big smile.

    Video Games 
  • Pokémon is about making creatures into action pets through defeating wild ones.
  • The dog companions in the Fallout series (Dogmeat in Fallout, 2 (special event), K-9 and Robodog in Fallout 2, the other Dogmeat in Fallout 3 and Rex in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The Team Pet in Koromaru in Persona3 fought off a shadow with his bare teeth and joined SEES to continue the fight fighting with a knife in his mouth, and also saves the team from Ikutsushi
  • Dark Souls: Great Grey Wolf Sif could be considered this, as he was the companion of Sir Artorias before his death. He also fought alongside his master and when you face him, he wields Artorias' Greatsword with his mouth.
  • Poppy, Galford's dog in Samurai Shodown, does many of his moves, including some of the super moves.
  • Interceptor, Shadow's dog in Final Fantasy VI, will block attacks. In Final Fantasy VIII, Angelo will perform some of Rinoa's super moves.
  • In the FATE series the player has a pet that fights and levels up alongside you, and you can transform it from a cat to a werewolf, wyvern, or other such creature to improve its ability to fight your enemies.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation