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Some tropes can be pretty broad. Some can be so broad that even a specific form of them can be tropes by themselves.

Let's say there was a trope for 'Juggling'. You realize that "Scarf Juggling" and "Knife Juggling" are pretty common as well, to the point where you can think of half a dozen examples for both. Those would be Sub Tropes, while 'Juggling' in general is their Super Trope. In logic terms, "Juggling" is the genus, while the different kinds of juggling are the differentia; they share the same common theme in their definition, but they each have additional features that distinguish one from another.

What makes a sub trope can vary. Perhaps the most common way is that several examples of a trope have a common element not seen in the other examples. That makes them distinct from the larger trope, while still being included. Or, as mentioned above, a trope can have several possible variations built in, and once examples of any of those variations are common enough, they form a sub trope.

Heck, some tropes can be sub tropes of more than one super trope. This can be a shared aspect of them or actually combining the two tropes.

Compare Sister Trope.

Compare/Contrast The Same but More Specific (when a distinction is not enough to make a separate trope).

Notable Sub Tropes

Story ArcPt/Índice de TraduçãoSubverted Trope
Square Peg Round TropeTrope TropesSubverted Trope
Story ArcJustForFun/Tropes of LegendSubverted Trope
Square/Cube LawImageSource/OtherSuper-Persistent Predator

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