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Idiot Ball
WARNING: Prolonged exposure to the idiot ball can cause severely reduced intelligence, complete social ineptitude,
and death.

Obi-Wan: Wait a minute. How did this happen? We're smarter than this.
Anakin: Apparently not.

A moment where a character's stupidity fuels an episode, or a small plot line. If multiple characters have the Idiot Ball, it becomes an Idiot Plot. Temporary (or permanent) Genre Blindness is often a cause of this trope.

Coined by Hank Azaria on Herman's Head: Azaria would ask the writing staff, "Who's carrying the idiot ball this week?" This is generally not a compliment. Frequently, the person carrying the idiot ball is acting out of character, misunderstanding something that could be cleared up by asking a single reasonable question or not performing a simple action that would solve everything. It's almost as if the character holding the ball is being willfully stupid or obtuse far beyond what has been established as "natural" for them. Frequently, it's only because the story (and by extension, the writers) need them to act this way, or else the chosen plot/conflict for the episode won't happen.

Unsurprisingly, this provokes a What an Idiot response from the audience. However, sometimes, the purpose is to help the audience. Sometimes, the holder of the idiot ball asks the dumb question to allow a certain amount of exposition to occur, that wouldn't naturally be talked about, but needs to be stated for the audience.

On the other hand, making stupid mistakes can be the hallmark of Character Development if the person recognizes it in the end. Seeing someone discarding the idiot ball can be a rewarding moment when they are Taught by Experience.

Idiot Balls can also deflect a boring Invincible Hero, which is positive for an audience reaction. There is nothing like a "Why on earth did he do that?" to get the fans talking about the show after it's over. However, idiot balls can be really bad when it's caused by Character Derailment (or vice versa).

This trope can be seen as Truth in Television, as everyone makes stupid mistakes every once in a while.

Subtropes include:

This trope is the opposite of Smart Ball, and probably not closely related to Sanity Ball, Happy Fun Ball, or Advantage Ball. And not even remotely related to the Timey-Wimey Ball.

Compare and contrast Hanlon's Razor.

Now if you excuse me, I'll be spending my vacation in Chernobyl while all of you tropers look at the many examples of this trope.


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alternative title(s): Smart Character Stupid Decisions
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