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Administrivia: The Same but More Specific
When someone wants to start a new article which can be summed up as "the same as Article X, only with <specification>" — or may alternately be phrased as "a combination of article X and article Y".

This is generally not a very good idea, since it can easily clutter the wiki with nigh-undistinguishable trope variations. On the other hand, if the added qualification is clear enough that the result serves a distinct narrative function from the original — then it becomes a Sub-Trope.

Whether a given proposal qualifies as a Sub-Trope or The Same but More Specific can be highly subjective; Tropes Are Flexible, after all, but we don't need a new page for every last variation possible. Please consult your fellow Tropers first to get opinions.

When the added distinction is "the same, but played Up to Eleven", this is known simply as The Same but More (since most instances are just an Exaggerated Trope).

If the added distinction is so narrow that the result fails to actually establish a pattern, the trope is Too Rare to Trope.

For attempts to create a suspiciously-similar Sister Trope, instead of a hierarchial Sub-Trope, see Ridiculously Similar Trope. (Please try to avoid getting the two confused.)
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alternative title(s): But More Specific; But Different; The Same But Different; The Same But More Specific
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