Fanfic: With This Ring

The Team

Paragon path:
"This is my cause, this is my fight!
Shine through the void with orange light!
I've claimed all within my sight!
To keep what is mine, that is my right!"

Renegade path:
"This is my power, this is my might!
I stand alone in darkest night!
With this ring, my foes I smite!
I conquer all with orange light!"

With This Ring is a Self-Insert Young Justice fanfic written by Mr Zoat, and posted on Spacebattles, featuring him as Orange Lantern 2814, and founding member of The Team.

It is currently on its eleventh thread, and has a story-only thread. Links to the threads: Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5, Thread 6,Thread 7,Thread 8,Thread 9,Thread 10,Thread 11 and Story only.

Not to be confused with the trope With This Ring, which is about wedding rings.
  • Achilles' Heel: Initially, Orange Lantern (OL) has absolutely no ability to resist magic, meaning spells that others would shrug off were crippling to him. Chaos magic was even worse, as it could ignore his shields. He rectified this with a high-grade defensive magical amulet from Atlantis, but that only protects him from direct magical attacks, leaving magic-users one of his worst match-ups.
    • In general, since his constructs' strength are determined by avarice, he has difficulty making strong constructs in situations where he lacks strong desire. In effect, this means that a shield over a random stranger is not going to be nearly as strong as a shield over a friend, and making a construct strong enough to harm a random villain he doesn't want to fight is basically impossible.
    • He also employs clever tactics, advanced constructs, and sophisticated attacks as standard, but as a result he is easily flustered by direct, intense pressure that doesn't give him time to think or plan. This is in contrast to Green Lanterns, who are typically quite adept at simply reacting without thinking in combat.
  • Adaptational Badass: Following in Young Justice tradition, Onomatopoeia. In the comics, a guy with a gimmick. Here? A powerful magic user that uses onomatopoeia as the incantations for his spells.
    • And also Dark Druid. In comics, he was a villain from the U.K. and thus barely even mentioned. Here, there are hints at him being a herald of the Black Lantern Corps.
  • Adult Fear: Robin's uncle, Rick, was healed from his comatose state thanks to Orange Lantern and woke up to discover that his nephew had become a vigilante. He's currently taking a "don't ask, don't tell" stance on the matter, since the last time he asked for details he only wound up losing sleep when thinking about it.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Paul learns to that he needs to take off the ring and be himself to distance himself from the ring's influence when it started to neglatively impact his mind after nearly being killed in a home invasion. He stops an episode after when he gets caught off guard, though later text does imply that he kept up the practice.
  • Alternate Universe: Justified that OL is stranded in a universe where there are superheroes, magic, aliens, and etc.. Though there are interesting differences from our world (see Different World, Different Movies): there is a Pope Pius XIII; Richard Dawkins apparently doesn't exist or didn't became very important (likely because of the universe's aforementioned Fantasy Kitchen Sink which makes Dawkins' outspoken skepticism totally irrelevant), and the September 11 attacks never happened.
    • There are apparently two universes the stories take place in- the main one, and a second world where Paul takes more actions that could be termed renegade, such as turning Sportsmaster into a construct, trying to steal tech from the New Gods, injecting himself with Venom Buster, and eventually begins calling himself Greyven.
  • Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome: Orange Lantern plans to invoke the trope by using his powers and convincing other people (both heroes and villains) to help improving and advancing Earth. For example he single-handedly cleaned up the Great Pacific rubbish patch and clearing Earth's orbit of space debris.
    • He is also working on a plan to reice the poles using appropriated ice villain's tech.
  • Ambiguously Bi: OL has admitted he has (some kind of) feelings for Superboy, though he is still trying to make sense of them and determine whether they're anything beyond platonic. He's also commented on the attractiveness of several of the females around him. Given the ring influences him through his desire, further exploration of the matter is likely.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Reputation-wise, he started off as this, as no one could tell if he was interested in Superboy, or simply over-protective.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Zatara isn't too impressed by Paul's association with John Constantine, mainly because he knows what happens to people who work with John or owe him favors. When he learns that Paul had John give him magical tattoos that will help him develop a soul he freaks out and rushes to the cave to make sure that Paul isn't about to suffer some horrible fate in the near future.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Wonder Woman briefly doubts the existence of a Zombie Green Lantern. Paul responds that there have been far stranger lanterns, listing off that there have been lanterns who have been a Mathematical Equation, a Robot, a Squirrel, a Plant, and a Planet (and yes, all of those are real.)
    • When Kid Flash decides to go on his "Magic isn't real" rant just before the battle with Klarion, OL points out that not only is it real, but that several League members and Aqualad are all proficient in its use.
  • Armor Is Useless: Averted, so hard, with the Trope itself being Subverted by Orange Lantern, who wears high grade body armor under his Ring-generated armor, which wound up saving his life. He also points out that Robin and Kid Flash have Kevlar incorporated in their costumes, and later convinces Kaldur to wear Ocean Master's armor in battle after he claimed it as spoils of war, and arranged for Artemis and Zatanna to acquire proper armor of their own. And Kon, despite the whole "near-invulnerable kryptonian" thing, received a set of armor with Nth metal, increasing his durability and allowing him the power of flight. On top of all that, when stealth goes out the window, one of the first thing OL usually does is cover the entire team in Construct-armor. So far only and M'gann are the only ones he hasn't convinced to wear extra plating in the field, and that's more of her powerset not being suitable for it than anything else.
    • When one of the team brings up Wonder Woman fighting crime in what is essentially a leotard, OL points out that not only could Wonder Woman, quote, "Tank anti-armor rounds naked", but her armor was forged by the Greek God of the forge and is actually of higher quality than his own.
    • Played with in regards to head covering and hand coverings; OL deems the loss of awareness and dexterity far more deletrious to his survival than a minor increase in protection.
  • Author Filibuster: Played for Laughs when OL goes over defending Guy Fawkes Night with Zatanna. He then shortly start criticizing about the American Revolution (as "complete nonsense you lot get taught about British colonial policy") until being interrupted by Kid Flash.
  • Badass Boast: "Power rings are awesome."
  • Badass Family: In addition to the Bat Family (Batman, Robin, etc.), we also have a burgeoning Wonder Woman family, consisting of Cassie Sandsmark (future Wonder Girl), Donna Troy (Troia), Kon-El Kent (Superboy), and Orange Lantern.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: The Narrator takes great care to ensure that he stays this trope, as his ring will constantly subtly influence his mind towards avarice; he must continually counter that with meditation on his own desires and a rational breakdown of them, on top of aligning his desires with the desires of other individuals he cares about and the population at large.
  • Barrier Warrior: What OL often acts as, shielding his team mates and innocents from harm. When he's not doing this, he's maneuvering for an instant-immobilizing hit via precise, specialized constructs that disrupt neural activity. He combines all of this with very high mobility and a talent for intelligence gathering, situational awareness, and attacking from unexpected angles at unexpected times in order to disable enemies before they even realize they're hit.
  • Big Eater: Kid Flash, just like in the cartoon.
    • This is later Deconstructed; Orange Lantern, Wally, and Jay Garrick theorize that Wally's heightened metabolism was caused by an impurity in his replication of the Speed formula. It's later shown that Wally is actually quite bothered by his eating disorder and dreads dealing with it for the rest of his life.
  • Big Ego, Hidden Depths: The lanterns initially mock Guy because he's a loud, obnoxious man with a crass attitude and is more than a little reckless. However, he learned how to project constructs without tying them to the ring before either Hal or John, figured out how to use his ring to heal himself based on something he watched Paul do, and helps rehabilitate criminals.
    • He also learned how to weaponize his large ego, or rather, he figured out how to No Sell Orange Lantern assimilation because he wills himself to be the best he can be, and since he's already perfect, if he changed he wouldn't be the best, now would he?
  • Big "Shut Up!": Swamp Thing (who is in giant form) said this to Poison Ivy when he is about to cut off her connection to The Green.
    Swamp Thing: Your.. voice. Always.. on the edge of hearing. Whining, screeching, demanding voice! Be.. silenced.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: No pun intended but the Ophidian. It understands the concept of wanting and being possessive of something but doesn't understand emotion outside of it. Paulphidian couldn't literally understand emotions such as love, hate and anger when he tried recalling what he felt.
  • Boring but Practical: When OL first comes to this universe, he doesn't try some complex scheme to power up- he simply goes to the original Earth Green Lantern's house, knowing that he's retired from costumed heroics, and offers to buy his lantern.
  • Brick Joke: OL covers up his Male Gaze moment on Wonder Woman by performing an impromptu Sherlock Scan and saying he was staring at her armor. After discussing the nature of OL's relationship with Superboy, Donna snarks she understands why he was staring at her armor.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Several years before the story proper, John Constantine gathered up his friends and allies, and managed to stop an evil cult from summoning an Eldritch Abomination; at the cost of one of their number being driven insane, and several of them dying. Including Zatanna's mother. Zatara's never forgiven him for getting her involved.
  • Brought Down to Normal: OL willingly gives up his ring after he freed from the Ophidian. Batman permits him to take it back when it becomes clear.
  • Camping a Crapper: Red Torpedo separates OL away from his ring and nearly kills him when Paul took it off to go to use the toliet.
  • Canon Immigrant: Mainstream DC Comics characters that didn't appear or mention in the original Young Justice show are: Yao Fei from the Great Ten; John Constantine and the recurring cast of Hellblazer; the casts of Knight and Squire including the eponymous duo, Captain Cornwall and Cornwall Boy, and Dark Druid; Arnold Munro from Young All-Stars; Swamp Thing and Abigail Arcane; Henry King, Jr. of Infinity, Inc.; Holly Robinson; and the Super Young Team. There are also a few cameos from the comic "The Sandman," including Delerium of the Endless and Lord Kilderkin.
  • The Cameo: Desire of the Endless briefly came to watch Ophidian-possessed OL when the latter is suffering a severe mental withdrawal.
  • Catch Phrase: "Power rings are awesome."
  • Clark Kenting: One of Paul's Berserk Buttons. He is constantly amazed that people are unable to figure out secret identities, or that Superheroes with such flimsy masks and costumes are surprised that he can figure it out so easily (when he doesn't know it from his old life, of course).
    Tiny mask! Tiny, tiny mask!
  • Colour-Coded Emotions: The Emotional Spectrum. Interestingly, the SI's thoughts and speech are often coloured Orange, and on occasion, the other colours of the spectrum. The Green Lanterns also demonstrate this, but so do other characters who feel particularly strong emotions.
  • Combat Medic: OL's secondary role to the team is a healer, he uses his abilities to immediately heal the team on site.
    • OL is also trying to get the League to get a dedicated Superpowered Healer for their team, as it would make life so much easier.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Orange Lantern, very much so. He prefers to disable his opponent before they even has any idea he's present, and if that's not possible, to disable them before they even realize they're hit—attacking from odd angles and through solid objects is a typical practice for him. He'll also employ more creative constructs, like a ring of high-powered sonic attacks that converge in the center—the target—for heavy damage against an otherwise-implacable foe. And even though power rings are awesome, he still caries a pistol around as a backup weapon and an advanced directed-energy weapon in his subspace pocket for use when his ring is running low on power. On top of all that, he wears custom-made armor into battle, underneath his far stronger construct armor, in case he's dealing with something that can counter his constructs or somehow hits him when he doesn't have his construct armor up. Those last few come in handy in Bialya, when his ring is running very low on power and has to fight the local military.
  • Comic Book Movies Don't Use Codenames: Orange Lantern usually address super-villains by their real names.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Batman takes the cake. He managed to take down Constantine, when John was under a spell that made him invisible and so that no one wanted to even look at him. Batman noticed that no one was going into a certain part of the room or even looking at that part of the room, so he started attacking it to make sure.
  • Curbstomp Battle: The general result of unpowered humans going up against Orange Lantern.
    • Orange Lantern is also at the receiving end of one, thanks to Klarion. He ends up with two chunks of raw Chaos Magic lodged in his chest and gut, which are shredding and melting his body, all the while triggering his pain receptors. Even worse, thanks to having no resistance to magic due to his lack of a soul, instead of ending after a few seconds, the spell just continues on endlessly. It takes most of his rings power to keep him alive, and the efforts of three different magic users to fix him. The rest of the Team fairs better, with the worst being M'gann, who suffers a few broken bones.
    "Not dead quite yet, M'gann."
    • OL actually breaks the infamous training simulation with the help of Ophidian, and simply starts assimilating all the alien ships. He gets up to seventy motherships under his control before J'onn manages to snap M'gann out of it.
    • Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing. Given that one is the champion of all plant life on earth and the other has spent a few years in Arkham... it doesn't end well for her.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: OL discusses this with the Trope Namer and why he doesn't use the advanced technology to actually improve the world and dominate the market.
    • He also ask this to the Terror Twins of using their super-strengths to legitimately earn more income in demolition or ship breaking, or working for the military or CIA to have the permission to kill, which left Tuppence gobsmacked.
  • Dating Catwoman: Double Subversion. OL invoked the trope to cover up that Cheshire was his informant and mole for the League of Shadows. He later admits that he does desire her romantically after he keeps seeing her despite her no longer being useful as a spy.
    • Both played straight (metaphorically) and averted (literally) with Batman, who is currently in a relationship with Talia al Guhl, daughter of Rahs. Both Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and OL think that Catwoman would be better for him.
  • Deconstruction: Remember the episode where all the grown-ups were sent to one dimension, and kids were sent to another? Paul points out that "Hey, what happens to all the adults flying planes, driving cars, operating delicate machinery, performing operations?" and "What happens when children in critical condition who need minute-to-minute care suddenly lose that care?" One Omake reveals that the death toll rose to seven hundred thousand, and that it's only going to keep rising due to things like suicide or injuries sustained either from lack of adults or from things like plane crashes.
  • Didn't Think This Through: OL shortly realized that after turning Black Adam back to Teth Adom, he start attacking Wotan with near-lethal force by tearing his right arm off given that he's unfamiliar with the heroes' modern rules of engagement.
  • Different World, Different Movies: On movie night, OL founds out the varying and almost familiar movies on WebFilm.
  • Drugged Lipstick: Orange Lantern falls victim to this after kissing Jade, because he didn't scan her lips. He found the idea of this too implausible (which, in reality, it would be, but he didn't account for the more subtle differences between his universe and YJ's universe).
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Artemis and Robin, after Ophidian-OL gives the Danner formula against their will.
  • Exact Words: During Bane's assassination attempt, OL orders the ring to "Find the Missiles." He has to narrow the search parameters once it begins showing him the location of every rocket-based weapon in Asia.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: When OL and Diana are discussing the Greek Pantheon, OL comments that Hera doesn't get much out of being Queen of the Gods to due marrying Zeus. Diana defends Zeus by saying that he doesn't cheat anymore and he's much respectful of his marriage to Hera. OL has tell Diana of the eight-year old Cassie Sandsmark, one of Zeus' illegimate children. Who is a genetic match to her half-brother, Ares and whose mother met Zeus during a cruise on Greek waters.
  • Eye Colour Change / Glowing Eyes of Doom: The Orange Lantern's eyes will occasionally glow orange, due to augmenting his vision with his ring.
    • When he is feeling particularly strong avarice, his eyes will turn into Orange Lantern Corps symbols. This is consistent with other Lanterns, whose eyes turn into symbols of the emotion they feel strongly (usually their designated corps).
    • Paul is capable of summoning the Ophidian's eyes so that he can see people's deepest inner desires.
  • Fan Disservice: OL does a web search on Sonic Sally and it rewards him with a ten second clip of her masturbating with a piece of barbed wire.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Teth Adom, the first Black Adam who later takes over the body of Theodore Adam with help from Paul, finds several things about the modern world strange and confusing, if not outright horrifying. Such as people turning away perfectly good food like bacon because of Religion, men no longer considering kilts fashionable clothing, and a funny, if disturbing, misunderstanding related to indoor plumbing and tap water, and their source.
  • Flat Earth Atheist: Lantern, who was an Athiest before he came to the YJ universe... and remains so, despite meeting people who are either the children of or have had direct meetings with actual gods, such as Wonder Woman or Black Adam.
  • For Want of a Nail: The Renegade sections. In them, OL take choices that, normally, in the main fic he would of never made. Such as Turning Sportsmaster into a construct and using the Venom-Blockbuster on himself.
  • Fountain of Youth: OL accidentally de-ages Paula Crock to her prime when he heals her spinal damage so she can walk again.
  • Generation Xerox: Discussed. Wally points out if Donna Troy joins the team, they would have a complete match of the original seven.
  • Giant Food: Ophidian-infused OL make a giant cake over New York City. He later had it stored in the mountains of Switzerland, but the problem is finding a way to bring it out after OL is separated from the Ophidian.
  • God Guise: Renegrade!OL is mistaken for a god by Apokolipian criminals.
    • To be fair, the reasons for this are that the Orange Light "Feels" Apokolipian, and in the Renegade Omakes he physically resembles Grayven, one of Darkseid's sons.
  • Hellish Pupils: Orange Lantern can use his connection to the Orange Light of Avarice to call upon a bit of the Ophidians power, allowing him to see a persons soul, and more specifically, what they desire. While doing so, his eyes turn into that of a snakes.
    • When OL is feeling a lot of Avarice, his eyes turn into Orange Lantern Corps Symbols. It must also be noted, however, that this is a common trait shared by any who wield the Emotional Spectrum and are channeling one color particularly strongly (Green Lanterns having Lantern-shaped pupils, Yellow Lanterns having their corps' symbols in their eyes, etc.)
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: John. Constantine. Hands down. Absolutely no one in the organized hero community likes him (he has his own group of friends), ranging from Zatara (though he has his reasons) to Swamp Thing. In fact, Nabu uses Paul's association with Constantine as a reason why he shouldn't be made a member of the League.
  • I Know Mortal Kombat: OL previously played Time Crisis and this factors into his gun training.
  • If I Wanted You Dead...: When Red Arrow is busy listing off how various members of the Team could be the mole, Orange Lantern defends himself by pointing out that if he was the mole, then the week before where he became the Host of the Ophidian and became a Physical God would have been more than an ideal time to not only off the other members of the Team, but accomplish any number of goals for the bad guys.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: OL gives Cat Grant an interview detailing the events of "Displaced" and his role in it. He was completely unaware that it was a live telephone interview for the GBS morning news until after the fact.
  • Ignored Ephihany: Father Mattias nearly gets through to Paulphidian that he doesn't need the Ophidian and it's trying to make him believe that he does. It fails apart.
    Father Mattias: "You are stronger than this. You do not truly want this."
    Paulphidian: "But. We. Still. WANT."
  • Interspecies Romance: Ferdinand the minotaur chef at the Themysciran Embassy has a relationship with Leslie Anderson.
    • M'gann and Kon, but that was canon already.
  • In Vino Veritas: Alan Scott drunkenly reminisces on his dead comrades, his lost love, OL's sexuality and how OL resparked his hope.
  • Irony: Orange Lantern is mistaken for being a Palette Swap of Green Lanterns, his natural eye color is green.
  • Istanbul Not Constantinople: As in canon, being a DC Universe, several countries have different names, even when supervilains aren't involved, such as North and South Rhelasia instead of Korea.
    • With Teth Adom now in control of Black Adam's power, Kandaq (the local form of Egypt) is getting more attention.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Paulphidian and Renegrade!OL both point out that it was mostly Martian Manhunter's fault that the training scenario when so horribly for failing to properly assess M'gann's telepathic potential, throwing the team in a high-stress scenario in a technique the team never used before and for his poor methods of ending the scenario. Black Canary couldn't give a counter to that.
  • Lack of Empathy: Paulphidan cannot understand why his friends are so upset about their merging and seem so listless after seeing themselves die in a horrible scenario.
  • Lampshade Hanging: When asked why she has Wildebeasts- which are native to Africa- in the wildlife preserve (which is in the local equivalent of Iraq)- Marie Logan starts to explain, only for the author to end the section there.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: When OL uses his powers or shows great avarice, his text turns orange. When others or himself show great feelings of any of the other colors of the emotional spectrum, their text also turns that colornote . In addition, when OL is under the effects of a drug trip or magic, the font of the text changes.
    • When Paragon!OL reaches Avarice enlightenment his quote marks when speaking are orange.
    • M'gann asks "Who would write fanfictions about a show several years off the air?" OL responds that "You'd be surprised."
  • Like a Son to Me: OL is one to Alan Scott.
    • Kon is one to Diana. The later eventually decides to adopt Kon.
  • The Lost Lenore: Alan Scott reminsces with OL how he permanently lost his love, Rose Canton to her evil personality, Thorn.
  • Magic Versus Science: OL is working hard to avert this, pointing out that magic is a freely available resource with many practitioners and many benefits, but no one is willing to examine the industrial or scientific potential of such resources. He uses as an example that people have made many attempts to clone Superman (pointing to Kon as one example), but no one has ever tried to copy the spellwork that allows Billy Batson to turn into Captain Marvel, whose power is at least as effective as Superman's. Following the "World Without Children" storyline, it looks like some headway is being made in that department, and both Lex Luthor and members of the Justice League are looking hard at alchemical sciences (such as the Garrick and Danner formulas). At the same time, he's also investigating ways to improve Earth's scientific knowledge and technological capabilities.
  • Male Gaze: OL has a couple of moments: when he checked out Wonder Woman when he first met her and when he accidentally sends a mental picture of M'gann in a bikini when telepathically communicating with her.
  • Master of Your Domain: The Orange Lantern Ring allows the Narrator to completely manipulate his own body, along with the bodies of others.
  • Metaphorically True: OL says a number of things that are technically true, such as that he works for the Controllers rather than the Guardians - he certainly plans on working for them, and would submit to their authority if they asked, but they don't actually know he exists yet.
  • Money Fetish: Inverted by Orange Lantern. He actually disdains fiat currency, and valuable metals are only useful in their utility, and in what he can get from others with it. His ring actually disintegrates any fiat currency he tries to use, since he subconsciously views it as less valuable than the precious metals.
  • Mundane Utility: The Sword of Beowulf, a powerful magical sword capable of launching blasts of magic, wielded only by those of pure heart... and Cornwall Boy is capable of using it as a recharger for his power, since if anyone who isn't pure (read: most people) attempts to pull the sword from its scabbard, it throws a powerful pulse of magic at them. Considering his power works by absorbing magical energy...
    • OL tends to use his super-powered ring for mundane tasks, like cooking or making chairs. He's hardly the only one to do that with a ring, though.
  • Mushroom Samba: No less than seven times; thrice from magic, once from the above drugged lipstick, once from magical LSD (yes, that's counted as seperate from the other three magical sambas), once from believing he was dreaming, and a mild samba ensued once from a mild concussion. He has done this so many times, the Mushroom Samba state occurring during a mission is more of a rule than an exception.
  • Mythology Gag: In this world, Street Sharks outcompeted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and are now the dominant "Mutant-man-like-teenage-good-guy-cartoon-franchise" for kids... because in this universe, Greg Weisman was the one who made one of the reboots and is credited for its massive success. In our universe, Greg Weisman (in addition to other shows) created Young Justice, which this fic is based on.
  • Nazi Gold: Lex Luthor kept a surviving pre-war painting made by Adolf Hitler, for curiosity.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: OL tends to lean towards this, favoring more permanent solutions to problems than the standard "Capture Villan, wait for him to escape and cause death and havoc, capture again, repeat." Just for one example, when he found out where the Injustice Guild's headquarters were, his first thought was to orbitally bombard the place until it resembled the moon.
  • Noodle Incident: At some point in the future, the Orange Lantern Corps are responsible for an event so horrible, so nightmarish, that Abra Kadabra specifically checked for signs of them before time-traveling, and just the sight of Orange Lantern caused him to start gibbering in terror.
  • Number Two: OL is treated as second in command to Kaldur and is leader when Kaldur isn't available.
  • Oh, Crap: This is the Narrator's reaction to Bane's chosen method of attack on a peace conference.
    • Martian Man-hunter and Batman gets one in episode 16 Contingency(part 22) where they meet Ophidian-infused OL
    • Renegade Paul (Grayven) gets this big time when he finds out that the mark he placed on Desaad is being personally examined by Darkseid. It takes all of his avarice and the aid of Father Box to break the connection.
    • Paul gets this big time when he learns that the man who will be teaching him about ringslinging (Guy Gardner) really likes Lantern Kilowog, who is not only Guy's friend, but also the one who taught Guy everything he knows... and whom Paul had previously described as "A muscle brained idiot." And Guy knows that Paul said this.
  • Older Than They Look: OL has, thanks to the ring, obtained a "perfect" body (or rather, the "most perfect form of 'me'"), as-per his desires. Unfortunately, this makes him look much younger then he is, causing people to think he's a teenager instead of an adult. He doesn't find this out until much later, much to his horror.
    • His mentor, Alan Scott, also appears far younger then he actually is. It is thought to be the result of exposure to the Emotional Spectrum Light.
    • Miss Martian is forty-eight years old according to Earth years. When OL reveals this to Kid Flash, his appropriate response was a Flat "What.".
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When Paul stops taking his Ring off to meditate and starts getting more and more violently protective after the attack on the base by Red Torpedo and Red Volcano, Diana and Guy figure out that something is wrong and stage an intervention to let him know that he was being influenced by the Orange Light.
  • Our Souls Are Different: OL is naturally without a soul. This is a problem, as the soul is what protects people from magic. Without one, even a novice magic user can trivially incapacitate him. After the Ophidian episode, he's managed to acquire one... somehow.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Apparently the whole reason why Lex Luthor is against Superman. During an discussion between OL and Lex Luthor, the latter explained that on the day Superman first appear by stopping some bank robbers, Luthor had two-third of Metropolis working for him in making revolutionary discoveries such as bacteria that could eat industrial pollution. But his works and contributions are immediately overshadowed by "some guy in a cape, with his underwear outside of his tights."
  • Palette Swap: Subverted. Everyone thought Orange Lanterns were basically Green Lanterns with a color swap, but he proved them wrong when he temporarily killed Ra's Al Ghul.
  • Polite Villains, Rude Heroes: Subverted by OL, he always remains polite to villains despite knowing who they are as he thinks it would be his detriment. Lex Luthor finds his attitude refreshing.
  • Qurac: Kahndaq. OL describes it as 'Saddam's Iraq, without his noble self restraint and fair-mindedness' and is ruled by President Forlife Asim Muhunnad, who is condemned at international conventions and the country gets repeatedly sanctioned.
    • They do actually go to the real Qurac a few times.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: After doing a background check and some tests, Aqualad and OL conclude that there is no mole on the team. They're right because Red Arrow isn't part of the team.
  • Samus is a Girl: And so is the Ophidian, according to OL. Though given that it's an eons-old god-snake made of concentrated avarice, it's understandable why no one knew that.
  • Sanity Has Advantages: It's due to Paul's sanity he can function and utilize the Orange Light.
    • It's also why the Ophidian possesses him, OL can give the Ophidian needed perspective due to being able to prioritize. Unfortunately Paulphidian loses the ability once possessed, though arguably it still works to a degree- instead of becoming an all-consuming greed monster, it acts on his deep desires to improve the world.
  • Sarcastic Confession: Zeus tells Doctor Helena Sandsmark, Cassie Sandsmark's mother, that he was Zeus when they met. She thought that he was joking.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: A benign example, after getting rich from asteroid mining Orange Lantern attempts to buy Alan Scott's personal lantern so he could charge his ring, not wanting to have a fight. He backs off when he thinks Alan Scott will refuse
  • Self-Insert Fic: A rather excellent one, as OL is not infallible, and the existing world and characters are definitely done justice—even the ones that never appear in the show.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: As an Orange Lantern, he's powered by Greed/avarice. He takes great care to channel this into a positive, stable, and sane lifestyle and goals.
  • Sex for Services: Almost happened during OL's first meeting with Holly Robinson after having caught her for stealing a painting. OL offers Holly a way out of her predicament without getting arrested, in which Holly thinks this is what OL implies. Fortunately, OL quickly tells her to stop taking off her clothes. Even more fortunate that OL clarifies with Holly that this hasn't happen to her before.
  • Shark Man: The Nanauvians.
    • OL also encounter a villainous shape-shifting Shark Man gang called The Fearsome Fish-Eaters.
  • Sherlock Scan: OL covers up his Male Gaze on Wonder Woman by examining her armor to figure out her capabilities.
  • Shout-Out: Orange Lantern thought that Sportsmaster was Casey Jones.
    • He causes an In-Universe meme when he listens to There she is!! during the Rhelasia Peace Conference after stopping the missile attack
  • Shown Their Work: Mr. Zoat utilizes many obscure D.C. comics characters, as well as showing a near-encyclopedic knowledge of more popular character (and their alternate versions) to create a much wider, expansive world.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Red Inferno and Red Torpedo didn't sacrifice their lives in destroying Red Volcano due to OL saving them.
  • Superhero Packing Heat: OL carries both a laser pistol and a very high-power handgun when the situation happens that left him either powerless without his ring or something that is "ring proof". OL cites his justification on how the mainstream Green Lantern Jack Chance also carry a gun.
  • The Stations of the Canon:
    • Sportsmaster and Cheshire are captured by the authorities, and instead Onyx and Bane participate in the attack on the Taipei summit.
    • The battle against the Injustice Gang ends with the first Black Adam, Teth Adom, regains control of his body from Theo Adom, who then rips off one of Wotan's arms, and Poison Ivy is made powerless by Swamp Thing.
    • OL saved Firebrand and Red Torpedo. Firebrand becomes a member of the Justice League.
    • OL deprived Klarion of his familiar by assimilating Teekl and preventing him from existing in normal reality. However, Klarion still manage to get rid of the world of adults by making the genie Bedlam as his new familiar, and thus making him more powerful than before.
    • Wotan is incapacitated and under Atlantean custody, and is replace by Dark Druid, who apparently possess the same powers as a Black Lantern.
  • The Strategist: OL's primary role in the team, he's the largely solves problems with diplomancy or tactics. Exemplified when he gets angry at the rest of the team for trying to fight Mr.Twister and Clayface without regard to strategy or regard to their abilities.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: When OL asks M'gann whether she's wearing clothes since she was able to shape-shift her shirt. M'gann tells him she's definitely wearing clothes, she's not naked.
    • Ophidian!OL denies that the song, Milarepa, has any significance to them or their situation.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Sha'ark, a member of Atlantean Royalty, looks like one of the Street Sharks (which fit into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes demographic in this universe) and keeps getting mobbed by children, leading to him having this opinion of them.
    "I am a large predator! They are bite sized! Do they have no sense of self preservation!?"
  • Take That: Renegade Paul dismisses "Young Justice" as a team name, but offers the reasoning that the "Young" part would imply inexperience, which is something that all the members of the Team rebelled against.
    • The episode about finding the second Kryptonian Clone (Match) is about half story and half "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Cadmus, ranging from the obvious (not knowing about a whole clone of a Kryptonian is a pretty huge misstep), to the legal (the Genomorphs are basically slaves), to the practical (the labs are strangely dirty for such a high-tech area, with people still wearing street clothes, no clean rooms, and no special protective gear).
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: A rare justified case. Since OL needs to feel sufficient Avarice to perform tasks, and sometimes he doesn't care enough about certain targets, he sometimes resorts to this to try to "Convince" himself.
  • These Hands Have Killed: OL is horrified when he believes that he killed Clayface when he baked him alive to stop him from attacking.
  • Threesome Subtext
  • Tomato in the Mirror: This ensues with Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. The former accepted herself as a robot and still goes by her name as Danette Reilly, while the latter tried to resume his human life of James Lockhart and to the point of wanting to remove his water control system.
    • OL discovers that Roy Harper is one.
  • Training from Hell: OL training to use his power ring under Guy Gardner.
    Guy Gardner: Oh, that's it! On Saturday, we're doin' orbital bombardment practice!
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Guy Gardner and OL often trade barbs when training, and often criticize the others limitations when it comes to Power Ring usage, but they eventually form a friendly rapport with each other, and show concern for each others well being. This leads to Guy being the only active Green Lantern on Earth that OL actually gets along with.
  • Weak, but Skilled: OL's constructs are far weaker than those of Green Lanterns, since he lacks formal training and he can't exert as much raw desire as they do will without risking going insane, but he compensates by being far more creative with their use and outside-the-box in his thinking.
  • Wham Episode: When Renegade OL and the Team are investigating the downed plane near the end of the first season, it's not an ambush by the Light- it's an ambush by Apokolips. And one of Darkseid's servants has come to Earth to investigate why, exactly, Grayven is going against his "Father's" wishes...
  • Wham Line: When OL learns just why Abra Kadabra, who is from the future, was frightened nearly to death upon meeting him: ring-users taking everyone over in the future...
    Orange Lantern: "Yes, Black Lanterns can be a bit of a handful, can't they?"
    Abra Kadabra: "Black? No, not Black. Orange."
    • There is another in the episode, "Preparations".
    Detective Bullock: "Where were you last Thursday night?"
    Orange Lantern: "What sort of time?"
    Detective Montoya: "Midnight."
    Orange Lantern: "Is this about the gun? Because I got a receipt-"
    Detective Bullock: "No, it's about the murder of Jennifer Gordon-Hewitt!"
  • Wiki Walk: Mentioned as "TV Tropes disease", which caused the SI to lose two hours on the internet.
  • Young Future Famous People: While web searching, OL found out that there are some very young people who have yet to become either heroes or villains. For example: Victor Stone is eleven and is completely organic. Lonnie Machin is also eleven, but is already fighting the forum wars as 'moneyspider'.