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"SB is involved. It's already Gone Horribly Wrong"
SpaceBattles user SapphireFox, on a new RP, often known as "SpaceBattles" or simply "SB", is a message board dedicated to all things science fiction-related. While far from the largest community on the Internet, it's still extremely active with some 13,000 active members.

It has three major sub-forums:

  • SpaceBattles General: A subforum based around random stuff involving sci-fi and video games. Includes a general discussion forum, a forum about games in general, a Role-Playing Game forum and a tech support forum.
  • SpaceBattles Creative: A sub-forum involving creative enterprises undertaken by members of the forum. Includes a fanfiction section, and rather less popular Art/Animation and Original Fiction sections. It also has a rival Role Playing Game forum. The two didn't use to get along, but it's gotten better over time.
  • SpaceBattles Debates: A sub-forum dedicated to debates. Includes a section for versus debates involving fictitious parties, a section dedicated to actual militaries and equipment and a forum dedicated to news and Real Life.

Compare with, a site with a similar (original) premise to the Debates sub-forum that it had a rivalry with for a while. Its own splinter website is, on average Lighter and Softer.

Now has a Twitter account.

Not to be confused with an actual Space Battle (though it certainly loves them)

This website provides examples of:

  • Alien Space Bats : BROB (Bastard Random Omnipotent Being) is the universally acceptable term for crossover ideas and versus debate that are mostly implausible and hard to organically come about.
  • Armchair Military: Averted to a surprising extent in The War Room, though obviously not completely. This is due to the large proportion of actual military personnel and people who know actual military personnel frequenting the board, as well as some very knowledgeable amateurs. The members of the subforum are fiercely protective of this reputation, and don't suffer idiots gladly; conventional examples of the trope tend to get dogpiled in short order.
  • Berserk Button:
  • Cavemen vs. Astronauts Debate: An entire sub-forum dedicated to it, divided into fiction and non-fiction sections.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • These sometimes occur within the Vs Debates forum, often causing a response awarding the Vlad Tepes Award to the original poster.
      • Some posters even build up a reputation for creating these, usually inadvertently.
    • The basis of the "One At Sufficient Velocity" meme. The meme basically goes like this: How many X does it take to defeat Y? Simple: One, if it's moving fast enough, AKA at sufficient velocity. People use this to argue that yes, you could destroy a Star Destroyer with a Furby, assuming that it was moving, say, at near the speed of light.
  • Deconstructor Fleet: Is very proud of its reputation and ability to deconstruct all fandom tropes.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Once had this done to them. A user posted a seemingly innocuous photo of a toucan and the whole site got DMCA'd with extreme prejudice in response by the extremely touchy creator.
  • Everyone Has Standards: A number of users are... very... dedicated fans of their favourite works, but even they occasionally meet others who carry Fan Wank to levels disturbing even for them.
  • Fan Fic: Has an entire subsection dedicated to them, and hosts a few notable fics. For example: Nobody Dies, Advice and Trust, Children of an Elder God, Once More with Feeling, Thousand Shinji, Witch Quest, Sleeping with the Girls, Renegade, A Hero, Atonement, Intrepid, Ryuugi's The Games We Play, Friends of a Solar Empire, Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella, Finishing the Fight, Terran Ingenuity, XSGCOM, and No Gods, Only Guns.
  • Gun Nut: A disturbingly high ratio of posters, so much so that it often leads to the very next trope.
  • Gun Porn: Conversation regarding any kind of firepower tends to get very detailed, and very intense about their usage and scenarios they can be used in.
  • Improvised Weapon User: Weaponized anything really. Space Battles would find a way to take over the galaxy with a teapot if they had to.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Pretty much you can be a Jerk Ass as long as you have a citation that supports your point.
    WhiteDragon25: "This is Spacebattles. You can be as much of an utter condescending dick as you want, as long as you have an actual point."
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite many users' love for Combat Pragmatism and There Is No Kill Like Overkill, the site's Playby Post Games participants often choose the morally palatable option over the pragmatic but distasteful one and abhor characters and factions that do otherwise.
  • Misapplied Phlebotinum: Likes to accuse various factions of "incompetently" using their abilities or technology and suggesting better alternatives, though various posters try to argue otherwise. It's gotten to the point that "competence" has become something of a slur, as arguments are usually intense, forcing the moderators to intervene.
  • More Dakka: An alternative to the "Nuke 'em" trope seen below.
  • Nebulous Evil Organisation: The Club
  • Nuke 'em: One of Space Battle's catchphrases is the classic "Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure."
  • Only Sane Man: at least a handful of users see the site as this in relation the the rest of the Internet
    • Not So Different: On the other hand, the forums can be just as insane, or even worse, as the rest of the Internet at times, despite what the users say.
  • Overused Running Gag:
    The Imperator: I swear that Xeelee vs. Time Lords/Time War Daleks should just be a bannable offense for starting at this point. It won't go anywhere, and it descends threads into dozen+ page long diatribes of hatred against each other. While everyone else sits back and: [Castle "hold on a moment" GIF]
    • The word "competence." Mostly because when most people ask "What would competent X look like/do" SB quickly creates some completely non-canon version of the faction or character based on fan-Wanking technology and virtual omniscience, often completely disregarding mitigating factors or limitations.
    • The War Room (a subforum dedicated to history and military topics in Real Life) has so many done-to-death topics that one of the posters maintains a list of them. Most notable, though, is anything related to the F-35.
  • Playby Post Games: What the Role-Playing Games take the form of. An example is Sieg Zeon
  • Porn Stash: The mods weren't kidding when they said they have a porn collection.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Has a very large number of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fans that unironically like ponies and other cute things as much as they like Stuff Blowing Up.
  • Roleplaying Games: A subforum and a sub-subforum dedicated to different versions of this. Including the "BROB" forum, which has had adversarial relations with the other roleplay forum in the past.
  • Running Gag: SB has its own memes, like:
    • "Vlad Tepes Award for Excellence" — To anyone inadvertently suggesting a fight that turns out to be a Curb-Stomp Battle. note 
      • Similarly, the Bolostomp Award, which essentially means the same thing, except without the cruelty.
    • "Dr Henry Glassman Award (for Staggering Incompetence in your Alleged Field of Study)"note 
    • Back in the day there was a Troll originally named Samael 3note  who would relentlessly flame stories in the Creative Writing subforum. People noticed he only seemed to target the good stories, leading to the creation of an informal "Sammy Award" as a mark of quality. He hasn't been seen since 2010 at the latest, so it hasn't been handed out in years, and you'll have to ask some of the older posters about him to get the details.
    • "Perfectly Reasonable X Calculations"note  invoked
    • "How many X to defeat/destroy Y? One, at sufficient velocity"note 
    • "Hard Men doing Hard Things (while Hard)"note 
    • "Swarm Award for Fail"note 
    • "Humanity, Fuck Yeah!!"note 
    • Ryuugi's tendency to never finish a fic he starts.
      • This joke has become less prevalent now that Ryuugi has actually finished three of his stories, though it remains his user title.
    • Ever since Silencio started, a number of Worm fics have included mentions of mimes and SHIPPING CHART IA FTHAGN.
    • The SB Shadow Cabal, a grouping of shadowy figures running SB from behind the curtains (actually, just a nickname appropriated by longtime members of SB's unofficial IRC chatroom).
    • "Damn, Ninja-ed", a phrase spoken when a member posts a message, only to find that someone else already posted a message saying the same thing while they were typing theirs.
    Changing to "Imped", especially in the Creative Fiction subsection, ever since Worm has become popular on SB.
    Commonly replaced with "Blake'd" in The Games We Play(and other RWBY fics), "Tenno'd" in reference to Warframe, and "Greninja'd" in Ashes of the Past (as well as most Pokemon threads).
    • The SB Calendar, in which someone remarks that a thread rehashing a constantly-discussed topic is right on schedule to the point that one can mark one's calendar to when someone brings up the exact same argument yet again. A particular target is Mass Effect versus Halo arguments, which popped up weekly like clockwork.
    • Tom Kratman is often called TOM KRATMAN, SPACE MARINE mockingly, even when it would be more appropriate to use a pronoun, after he argued with an SB user (and former M1 Abrams Tanker) about what exactly an M1 Abrams was capable of.
    • The John Sheridan Nuke of Sufficient Yield: The idea that any nuclear device the commander of Babylon 5 uses will always be enough to destroy his target, no matter how tough it is.
    • Durasnow.note 
    • Behold the Mk43 Neutronium UberHammer!note 
    • Saying that the website is on the watchlists of alphabet soup agencies.
    • "Nixon Speed Run" concerning attempts by Donald Trump to hamstring investigations into his alleged ties with Russia, comparing it to Richard Nixon's own ham-handed attempts to cover up his scandals.
    • "Sky bullying"note 
  • Self-Deprecation: As some of the quotes demonstrate, some members are entirely aware of the site's shortcomings.
  • Show Within a Show: Sometimes, a fanfic thread will pick up non-canon stories written by readers. The posters usually refer to them as "Omakes".
    Are you writing fanfiction of my fanfiction - INSIDE OF MY ACTUAL FIC? Is this actually happening?
    Todeswind, upon finding two Omakes in his story God's Eye (The Dresden Files/Stargate SG-1)
  • Spin-Offspring:
    • After one too many crackdowns and censures on the Role-Playing Game board, some members decided to Start My Own at Questionable Questing for content that veers much closer to the line than would be accepted at SB.
    • Due to some unpleasantness regarding an admin (the abovementioned M1 tanker) being 'retired', Sufficient Velocity was spun-off, with many threads cloned or moved.
  • Stupid Crooks: This post is about a businessman who wanted money back from a well off man, who is implied to have some shady, but legal money, so he hires three guys. If you read the trope name, you know where this is going.
    • First off, they kidnap the man, but fail to catch all three phones he had, the one they missed in his coat pocket, and when he calls the poster's lawyer friend, puts the phone in his pants, which they fail to catch.
    • Then he lies about the payment method, which leads to them revealing everything about themselves, such as bank account numbers, names and national ID numbers.
    • After leading to one of the crooks to a donut shop, the crook adds another layer to the stupid by showing a plain clothes police officer his ID.
    • After that, the officers come to the rescue, where one crook was sleeping in the van outside and the other was on the toilet.
    • The commissioner then threatens a client's son to get his money back. The lawyer then explains that the person just committed a felony, and nothing was going matter anyway.
    • In the end, four people got 20+ years... over $5,000.
    • This comment says it all.
    Lord Khuzdul: My friend, at the end of this debacle, said "I think someone whose only exposure to crime is through Hollywood action movies could have planned this better". I think that summarizes this shit perfectly.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: The usual response when someone asks about the Shadow Cabal, as part of the Running Gag.
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks: Creative Writing is viewed by some as a cesspit because, while it is probably the largest attractor of inbound traffic, it also has on-again, off-again issues with NSFW content.
    • Thanks to a major moderatorial purge several years back and better self-policing among the users, this reputation has lessened considerably. The Questing/RP and Non Sci-Fi Debates subforums seem to have picked up the slack, at least where drama is concerned.
    Bullethead: Stay out of most NSFD threads and the Roleplaying/Quest stuff, and you'll miss most of the drama.

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