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Wrestling: Black Rose
As PWS Bombshells Champion and Ring Warriors Battling Bombshells Champion

Born in Dorado on Borinquen and hailing from San Juan, this athlete who swam at the Puerto Rican Naval base, dancer who performed at PR & El Show del Medio Dia, actress who worked on El Casco de San Juan and El Show de Sunshine Logroño, trainer for Body Fit Concept on Canal 7 Tele Isla and The Spot in West Park Florida is also a professional wrestler, trained by Pablo Márquez.

As far as wrestling goes, Spanish speaking audiences know Black Rose best for her work in WWC, New Revolutions Wrestling Lucha Libre and other organizations tied to the World Wrestling League. Besides managing troublesome clientele, which ranged from Street Fugitives to limousine riding Huracan Castillo Jr, Black Rose also held WWC's women's title three times. When not there, Black Rose spent her time in the International Wrestling Association, the largest Puerto Rican promotion not connected to the WWL.

English speaking fans best know La Rosa Negra for her time in the National Wrestling Alliance, particularly in former member Ring Warriors where she was the first to hold their Battling Bombshells Championship. La Rosa Negra also gained infamy for an incident regarding the Pro Wrestling Syndicate Bombshells title belt and popped up on the under card of Shine, supported by local Florida boxer Noemi Bosques.

She is not to be confused with the masked Enemigo Público trained Rosa Negra of CMLL nor The Black Rose Nikki Adams of NYWC and WSU.

Rompe abusadora, con tropes batidora!

  • Actually Pretty Funny: La Rosa Negra has little patience for Sienna Duvall or Amber Rodriguez most of the time, but she cannot help but giggle at their trash talk every now and then.
  • Arch-Enemy: La Amazona and Leandra
  • Aside Glance: Given how many themes La Rosa Negra has been associated with, these were the kinds of responses she had whenever Ring Warriors managed to play a theme she never had before or was adverse to during her entrances or victories.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: If the page image didn't tell you, she also started wearing a black Bandana around her leg in mid 2014 but Leva Bates stole it.
  • Bash Brothers: With Los Compadres, El Bronco #1 and Rico Suave as well as their other valet, Destiny. With Los Fugitivos de la Calle, Niche and Lynx in WWC (but not in IWA). Also Sensacional Carlitos (not that one, the one who married Sweet Nancy)
  • Braids of Action: She sometimes wrestled in cornrows.
  • Cameo: Even when not under contract with WWC, Black Rose could sometimes be seen in the crowd cheering on El Bronco #1
  • Christmas Episode: In 2006, Black Rose participated in two Christmas shows for IWA (neither actually on the date but both were called Christmas in Puerto Rico). La Rosa Negra gave out candy canes and presents to the children in attendance during the last Ring Warriors show under the NWA banner.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: When Black Rose was pantsed while trying to escape from La Bella Carmen and Fantasy
  • Cooking Duel: Black Rose does not just strive to be a better wrestler than Barbie Boy, she also wants to outdo him in the art of dance. Sojourner Bolt coxed her into a dance off at Shine… and then took La Rosa Negra by the hair while her back was turned.
  • Cute Bruiser: Black Rose might have a tendency to cartwheel to ring (and sometimes Spin-A-Roonie), but once she's in it she relies on forearms, elbows, clotheslines and fireman’s carries. This makes it somewhat easy to forget she can deal out combinations of kicks or hit a lion sault in a pinch.
  • Dance Sensation: Lead many friends and fans in the Harlem Shake when WOW was in Puerto Rico. Shawn Prime led an attack to prevent her from doing the same in Future Of Wrestling.
  • Eloquent In My Native Tongue: She and contemporary WWC migrants to the 50 States were teased for their limited grasp of English as they tried to establish themselves. While others such as La Amazona could effectively shut this down, it has practically become a running gag amongst La Rosa Negra's opponents, even fellow Puerto Rican Niya Fly.
  • Enemy Mine
    • With Genesis and the Colóns when New Wrestling Stars and New Empire invaded WWC.
    • A shaky case with La Morena, who intended to take revenge on Killer Kat and Debbie Ross with a folding chair, who just so happened to be beating up Black Rose. Recovering from that beating, Black Rose saw the chair wielding Morena standing over her and begged not to be hit, leading to a brief team up between them.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Sumie Sakai in PWS. Both are smaller than average veteran wrestlers from islands where not much English is spoken. Both tend to stretch the rules to their limits yet are also eager for audience approval. Both provide copious amounts of fan service as if it were second nature. They even use many of the same moves, albeit in different ways. The biggest difference is that the PWS crowds find Sakai funny, La Rosa Negra they do not.
  • Face Palm: A double palmed one during a March 2013 tag match, which was more out of anguish than annoyance or frustration, after a worn down Sweet Nancy tried to roll away from a top turnbuckle splash from Leandra but got hit anyway.
  • Fighting Your Friend: She pitted a reluctant Niche against Lynx at WWC's 2011 EUFORIA Tour and then ordered him to keep attacking his former partner after Niche lost the match.
  • Finishing Move: Makes use of the rarely seen leg cradle. Rare for cradles themselves, she uses it as a submission rather than a pin, but it makes sense once you see it. More commonly, La Rosa Negra uses a frog splash.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Black Rose used to be a fierce rival of Sweet Nancy’s, but a common enemy in Amazona lead to a lasting friendship. The frog splash? Nancy at first used it to try and take Black Rose off the IWA roster.
  • Funny Background Event: During her matches with Santana Garret, La Rora Negra's manager Rihanna Alli could be seen arguing with or chasing Fabulous Frank, at one point even pacing back and forth with Rosa Negra's Battling Bombshells Championship as if she was the title holder. (Frank was trying to steal the belt)
  • Gimmick Matches: Black Rose beat Sexy Juliette in a mud pool match NWS had put them in, and then had to wrestle José Chaparro right after it. NWS also gave her a hardcore rules match with Demonique and IWA gave her one with Amazona. WWC gave her a steel cage match with Genesis and a street fight with La Bella Carmen.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Sometimes wrestled with them in NWS and WWC. She wore braided pigtails while refereeing Tom Danniels vs Amazona at NRW Lucha Libre.
  • Groin Attack
    • The FOW crowd cheered when La Rosa Negra threatened to punch out referee Fernando after Sienna Duvall hit Rosa with a chair and he would not allow Rosa to strike back with it. She ended up backing off, only to give him one of these instead.
    • Played like she was going to let Jorge Alonso bump and grind but then rammed her butt into his crotch, causing him to double over and be mocked by a passing fan. At times she's also substituted her signature gut elbow for a head drop to the crotch.
  • Heel-Face Revolving Door: Started out as a tweener in the NWA, both by her actions (alternating between doing things to please the crowd and loudly disapproving of them) and audiences responses (some crowds were overwhelming in favor of her, others were dead silent, having no clue who she was or who these Ring Warriors she represented were). She gradually became a beloved baby face. Then heel heat from her PWS title win started to spill into the NWA but responses to her gradually became positive again, while remaining negative in PWS.
  • Humiliating Wager: Beat La Morena and Debbie Ross in a triple threat bra and panties match during WWC Honor vs. Traicion 2010. Black Rose and La Morena almost immediately stripped Ross and spent most of the match beating her up before Black Rose finally stripped Morena.
  • Ignored Enemy: NRW Lucha Libre Champion Queen Adonis took exception to La Amazona and Black Rose ignoring him to fight each other. They eventually did grant his wish and fight him though.
  • Insufferable Genius: La Rosa Negra's more like an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy but she provided a quote regarding Ring Warriors February Fury while on the Reality Check show of Caged Heat radio to host Jorge Alonso that pretty much embodies the trope
    "No worries I respect all opinions, I respect whatever peoples say. So pero, I show you, you's wrong!"
  • It's Personal
    • Her feud with Kacee Carlise was impassioned but mostly professional. La Rosa Negra had no interest in Melissa Coates's grudge (from Black Rose's 2010 WWC heel run) and teamed with Coates in when they "reunited" in Vendetta Pro Wrestling. La Amazona though, she blows up at the mention of.
    • La Rosa Negra really doesn't like Sienna Duvall, whom she feels has no respect for her people or culture. The Diva Beater Duvall in turn resents that La Rosa Negra has body building and fitness competition background (read: “modeling”).
    • La Rosa Negra takes offense to Amber Rodriguez calling herself a Puerto Rican princess, insisting Rodriguez is not even from Puerto Rico. La Rosa takes this one so personally she's even (temporarily) teamed up with Duvall against Rodriguez and threw in her lot with the Backseat Girlz when Rodriguez's group, Strength In Numbers, offered her membership.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: If the description up there did not give you an idea, know that’s the short list regarding Black Rose’s history in athletics and performance arts.
  • Little Black Dress: She has wrestled in one, and it does serve a practical purpose for a Puerto Rican wrestler. Blood stains don't show up well on black.
  • The Napoleon: La Rosa Negra was visibly annoyed when could not reach Taeler Hendrix's hands for a test of strength challenge while defending the PWS Bombshells title.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown
    • Black Rose earned her Red Baron, La Abusadora, by mercilessly beating people and once breaking La Morena's ankle with a chair. On the flip side, Sweet Nancy has had to save Black Rose from being on the receiving end of these at times, specifically whenever La Amazona and Leandra decided to gang up on her.
    • When she and Amazing Kong took on the Backseat Girlz in PWS, they isolated and picked apart Annie Social, completely defying the Ricky Morton scenario. "Luckily" for Missy Sampson, it was an elimination match.
  • Patriotic Fervor: While Black Rose was known for managing two groups of Puerto Rican hating Dominicans, after working off the island La Rosa Negra found that she was very proud to be a Boricua.
  • Pint Sized Power House: Black Rose was consistently the shortest person on the WWC roster (though some such as Sexy Juliette, were slim enough to weigh less). What Black Rose had going for her was being stronger than she looks, having been seen running around with the larger La Morena and Didi Cruz on one shoulder. Her counter to a seated body scissored sleeper hold from Amber O'Neal, started with just standing up, to O'Neal's surprise.
  • Power Stable: The Dominican Revolution with Bacano, Bravo and Shaka the Trucker.
  • Product Placement: La Rosa Negra's attempted response to upstart Amber Rodriguez's trash talk in English did not go so well, leading Amber waving a box of Eggo Waffles at the camera and Rosa on Google looking up how to pronounce ego.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The following list is not even all of them
    • In WWC and NRW Lucha Libre: Culo by Pitbull
    • In WWC My Hips Don't Lie by Shakira, Abusadora by Wisin y Yandel
    • In NWA FUW: Gasolina Daddy Yankee
    • In NWA and PWS: La Batidora by Yaga and Makie. In FOW she has the 2007 La reunion remix of La Batidora, which is more fitting than the original given she usually gets a hero’s welcome in FOW.
  • Retcon: La Rosa Negra's second shot at NWA World Women's Champion Kacee Carlisle suddenly became La Rosa Negra defending her own Ring Warriors Battling Bombshells Championship, which was now “the most important title in the wrestling”. This was because Ring Warriors was breaking away from the NWA. It was pretty clear they were not especially eager to though, La Rosa Negra would still call Kacee Carlisle the best wrestler in the world in future promos, despite retaining the Battling Bombshell's belt clean.
  • The Rival
    • Lady Demonique and Genesis were Black Rose's main rivals during her first WWC champion run, Demonique putting Genesis and Rose on the same page for awhile. Debbie Ross and Killer Kat during her next two runs.
    • La Morena has been a consistent one most of her career, both were even part of The Dominican Revolution at points. Sienna Duvall might be “Queen Of Philly” but isn’t afraid to come after her anywhere, including after the show is over.
    • Traveling the world and still failing to win a championship, Mia Yim came back to USA with resolve to take one of La Rosa Negra's belts. Yim failed in this quest but managed to spoil La Rosa Negra's attempt to become a Triple Crown Florida Champion by beating her out to be the first NWA Florida Women’s Champion and then successfully defending the belt against La Rosa.
    • Sexy Juliette The Huntress/The Anti Diva Sofia Cortez/Ivelisse Vélez has been both bitter enemy and teammate. To a lesser extent she has the same relations with Su Yung.
  • Sassy Black Woman: When managing the WWC Tag Champions Los Fugitivos and as a heel in the NWA she really came off like one.
  • Shaking the Rump: La Rosa Negra usually does so during her ring entrances, which Sienna Duvall and Mia Yim have made frequent note of.
    Mia Yim: "We can't have that! Its rated G up in here!"
  • She's Got Legs: Which, she shows off in her multiple alternating split entrance. So they are not particularly long but Black Rose's legs are very well built.
  • Signature Move: Short armed power slam, diving back elbow out of the corner or a slingshot elbow drop to gut of someone against the bottom turnbuckle. Also, the Boston Crab.
  • Spicy Latina: Black Rose is easy going, but she's also really easy to set off. If she has been, best have ear protection and maybe some self defense classes if you're the reason specifically.
  • Suck My Rose: Black Rose is often seen carrying black roses in her teeth. (Presumably, she does not mind a mouth full of thorns)
  • Sword Limbo: Black Rose's counter to the Amazona Kick involves leaning back to the mat, pushing off with one arm and throwing an elbow with the other. Leg limbo?
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Started out polite and rule abiding on the Pro Wrestling Syndicate shows but then suddenly became a real ass. This was later revealed to be a result of Vinny Fenucci's favoritism going to her head.
  • Tournament Arc: Was a finalist in the International Joshi Grand Prix, where she lost to Sumie Sakai. She won the PWS Majestic 12.
  • Training Montage: Besides doing several for The Spot, she also interrupted one of Jorge Alonso's (who was training to beat her up)
  • Underestimating Badassery: While feuding with Sienna Duvall over the Battling Bombshells Championship, La Rosa Negra had little to say to or about Su Yung (Duvall of course had a lot to say, because Yung trained in revived FCW, making her a "diva"). Then La Rosa Negra pinned Su Yung in an almost casual manner when they first squared off, talking trash to a downed Duvall the entire time. Then in a later contest, Su Yung dropped La Rosa Negra on her head and sent her to the hospital, a threat Sienna Duvall had long been making but failing to follow through with. Then Rosa had a little more to say regarding Yung (most of it positive).
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: Even if you can't hear what she says, her body language often tells quite enough. Take when La Rosa Negra revealed how she leg cradles in PWS, she didn't just hold on longer than necessary, she started doing pushups while Angelina Love was tapping out.
  • Ugly Hero, Good-Looking Villain: Vinny Fenucci, AKA Vinny Vice, made her the villain by hand picking La Rosa Negra to be face of the PWS Bombshells division and proclaiming Missy Sampson too ugly to be on his roster.
  • Use Your Head: Has resorted to head butts, such as a desperate attempt to escape from Sienna Duvall's straight jacket or out of frustration with Mia Yim. La Rosa Negra usually does not strike head to head when doing so, she's nowhere near as hardheaded as Christina Von Eerie or Santana Garret.
  • We Used to Be Friends
    • She and Amazona were tag team partners in IWA. Amazona even took a beating from Sweet Nancy and Morena to stop them from injuring Black Rose. But Black Rose became envious when Amazona won IWA's title and they haven't been right since.
    • La Rosa Negra used to help train and promote Dynamite Didi Cruz at The Spot. This time drama over Rosa's title belt killed the friendship. Didi made an effort to keep it professional and stay friends at Boricua's Most Wanted but Rosa was having none of it.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: While wrestling outside of Puerto Rico, she often wears the flag on her head and everywhere else she is clothed.
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