Shaking the Rump

This is the trope where a character moves their buttocks around, which can be used for many purposes - sexual arousal, cockiness, or celebration. Firstly, a character is doing this to arouse another character (note that when a male does this for this particular reason, it's seen as being quite jarring, which is why female examples of this are commonly intriguing, especially if the female is the Ms. Fanservice). Secondly, a character does this as a way of being cocky towards another character, particularly when annoying or taunting them. Thirdly, a character does this as a part of celebrating their success or achievements, although the second and third variant can overlap if winning means the character is arrogant enough to rub it in on other competitors.

Compare Belly Dancer, which is someone who shakes their belly and hips but doesn't use this trope. Taking this trope too far would also overlap with Mooning, which is of course according to straight men rather gross when a male does it, but not a female, even though female examples of Mooning aren't very common. Related to Sexy Walk.


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     Anime & Manga 
  • Everyone in the opening theme of Galaxy Angel Rune.
  • Kazumi is implied to be doing this on the cover of the 12th manga volume of Mahou Sensei Negima!.
  • From Pokémon, Jynx's Pokedex entry says it wiggles its hips seductively and sometimes induces people to dance.
  • The opening sequence of Potemayo starts with Potemayo herself shaking her butt, followed by the rest of the main cast in the background.
  • From Soul Eater, Kim does this in order to turn it into a portal to another world in Chapter 98, using the motion of her butt to spell out the kana for the word "Majou" (witch). She's not particularly thrilled to have to do this, as apparently the witch in charge of setting up the portal had a rather twisted sense of humor.



    Live-Action TV 
  • Deputy Chief Johnson of The Closer (s4e2) gets carried away while leaving a flirty phone message for her cohab Fritz.
  • In That '70s Show, Eric is upset that Donna mooning Jackie during a school event made it into the yearbook. Donna's response is to shake her ass during their "circle." The Stinger involves everybody engaging at this as they shake it at the camera.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • Averted by Harmony when she breaks up with Spike, saying that the only thing Spike will see of her from now on is her ass walking away — unwilling to give him even that pleasant sight, she decides to back away instead.
    • Cordelia is jealous of the way Xander is obsessed with Buffy. Xander says he's just watching Buffy's back, which Cordelia turns round on him by claiming Xander is always checking out Buffy's butt. When Xander denies this, she says, "Fine, watch my back" and walks off. Xander obediently checks out her behind.
    • When Wesley first meets Cordelia, he notes that she's quite "cheeky" after watching her walk away from him.
  • Done in the Orange Is the New Black episode "Fucksgiving", where Piper and Alex happily shake their butts to "Milkshake" at Taystee's goodbye party, even grinding on each other towards the end. As it occurs late in Season 1, it's one of the signs of Piper putting aside her distrust of Alex and rediscovering her feelings for her.
  • The X-Files. In "First-Person Shooter" an entire police precinct is having a Hello, Nurse! reaction to Ms. Fanservice stripper Jade Blue Afterglow, including Mulder. As she leaves the interrogation room, Mulder leans sideways out of his chair to check out her ass as she walks down the corridor. An amused Scully leans sideways in unison, to block his view.

  • Done by the playfield Tube Dancer toy in Big Bang Bar.
  • Tee'd Off:
    • The game starts with a close-up of the golfer shaking his rear, limbering up for the tee-off.
    • Gunther dances on top of the backbox during the game to distract the player.

     Professional Wrestling 
  • Rikishi did this frequently. This is the first of many reasons why his Face–Heel Turn was an utter failure. It's hard for people to buy you as a "bad man" when even your jumbo tron clips feature your ass prominently.
  • The reason Pitbull's Culo and Shakira's My Hips Don't Lie used to be used during Black Rose's entrances; she always does this.
  • Frankie V did this in a show of how seriously he wasn't taking World Xtreme Wrestling's Elite 8 in 2003, while making an "entrance" into a battle royal he wasn't even allowed in.
  • In WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004, Trish Stratus does this cockily after retaining the Women's Championship in the Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal.
  • TNA's Velvet Sky always does it in her entrances, especially between the apron. As Taz would say "Let the pigeons loose!" When entering the ring during the 2012 WWC Anniversario, Melina Perez mimed smelling something terrible, which caused Velvet to go back to the second rope and keep shaking her rump over it until Melina spanked her.
  • The phrase "There's nothing wrong with showing off if you can back it up." took on new meaning thanks to Dolph Ziggler's gyration.
  • Radiant Rain did so when Homicide called out the WSU roster for a challenge (he wanted to be in Queen and King Of The Ring), which generated giggles even from Jessicka Havok.
  • Ryusuke Taguchi had a tendency to taunt his opponents by shaking his money maker in New Japan Pro Wrestling, something his rival Low Ki would eventually turn back on him.
  • Taya Valkyrie of Los Perros Del Mal is prone to doing so, in annoyance to some of her more "serious" stablemates.
  • This is one of Eve Torres' signature moves. She pops her butt up and down in a squatted position right before performing a moonsault on her opponent. In WWE '13, this is called the "Booty Popping Moonsault".
  • At TNA's Genesis Pay Per View, rather than brag about how well Bad Influence would wrestle or how badly they would beat their opponents, Christopher Daniels decided to return the company's roots and promised to shake his rump.
  • Seleziya Sparx has been known to bounce her butt while making an entrance, as well as on people's heads.
  • Initially subverted at Vintage End Of The Line Where Brittney Savage tried "twerking" but ended up falling on her butt while trying to pop it. Aforementioned La Rosa Negra was there to play it straight though.
  • On the unauthorized ROH A Night Of Hoopla, Davey Richards shook his butt while holding Silas Young in a reverse Indian death lock.
  • "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna took to "twerking" after it became a dirty word to much of America, following a certain someone's performance (and resolved to kicking La Rosa Negra's "derriere" when she proved "better" at it).
  • Jaider Lee, to the delight of many fans attending New Xtreme Order's shows.
  • The New Day always gyrate their hips during their entrances and whenever they celebrate their wins.

     Video Games 
  • This has become a sort of signature trait for Wario, who will often shake or slap his rump as either a taunt or victory pose. One of his taunts in Super Smash Bros. has him mockingly wiggling his butt at the camera.
    • Yoshi has recently taken to doing it, too.
  • One of Daxter's various dance animations when he and Jak find a Power Cell is to turn around and shake his butt at the camera. Humorously, a cowbell can be heard in the background.
  • Crash Bandicoot
    • One of Koala Kong's animations during his boss battle in the original Crash Bandicoot is to turn around and do this, likely to show off his assets.
    • In Crash of the Titans, Crash does a little shaking routine left and right when he holds up Aku Aku for protection
    • In Crash Twinsanity, Dr Neo Cortex is leaning over a balcony and his rear is slowly swaying left and right. Crash sees this an opportunity to boot him off the balcony.
  • In The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, this was done by some of the women in the "Beat It and Eat It" level.
  • Link can do this unintentionally in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword if a Walltula clings to his backside while he's climbing up a wall. Due to Link's back already being occupied by his sword and shield, they usually end up clinging to his butt instead, forcing Link to shake it to get them off.
  • In Brain Dead 13, the resident Ms. Fanservice Vampiress Vivi does this often, either walking or standing. To really drive the point home, there's a brief sequence where the camera is focused on her behind as she moves, complete with punny sentence.
  • The Huntress from Dungeon Defenders does a butt-shaking dance which is one of the qualities that goes well with her status as the game's Ms. Fanservice.
  • In Heavy Rain, Madison does this when Paco forces her to strip at gunpoint. She does it to distract him so that she can club him with a lamp, though.
  • Vanessa Z. Schneider from P.N.03 does this while firing automatic blasts. It doesn't help she's a Dance Battler.
  • In Team Fortress 2, if the Demoman taunts while holding the Scottish Resistance, he turns around and shakes his posterior while squeaking noises are heard.
    • Players can also abuse animation quirks to have the Sniper to a rump-shake/hip thrust by repeatedly squatting and zooming in on the sniper rifle at the same time.
  • This is one of Anna Williams from Tekken taunts towards an enemy, not to mention this also goes along with her butt attack in Tekken 6.
  • When holding down on the d-pad in Shantae, the titular character shakes her derrière in a rather suggestive manner.
  • In Snowboard Kids, when someone uses the rare Rat Face item, a rat appears to steal everyone else's coins, while doing a dance that ends with it shaking its rump.
  • In Pokémon Stadium, Flareon does this when called into battle.
    • Quagsire and Aipom in the second game do this an attack animation, and Quilava also does it before attacking.
  • In Kirby games, recurring mini boss Mr. Frosty often taunts Kirby by shaking his rear.

     Web Animation 
  • The Neurotically Yours episode "The Jiggly Butt" has Germaine shaking her butt, watching it jiggle to see if she gained weight and she does it again happily after Foamy encouraged her to be proud of being a Fat Bastard. Foamy soon regrets this and wonders who wrote this episode.
  • On Homestar Runner, Homestar's character video ends with him randomly doing a "butt-dance". He later interrupts the ending of the Strong Bad Email "bottom 10" to do another one.
    Homestar: Butt-dance again, like the rhythm's down your pants, now!


     Web Videos 
  • The mail box segment from the first episode of Medaka MENT has Medaka, who is wearing bra and panties, sings the mail song from Blue's Clues while shaking her butt to emphasis herself "waging her tail".

     Western Animation 
  • In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic shakes his butt on the monitor screen, looking over his shoulder.
  • The Macarena parody "Macadamia Nut" from Animaniacs features some Grade-A booty shaking from Dot, Hello Nurse and Minerva Mink.
  • Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender taunts General Zhao by shaking his butt at him, which ends up in Zhao burning his own ship.
  • One scene from the "Bad Little Boy" episode from Adventure Time has Cake morphing her body into a voluptuous one and proceeds to shake her butt at the camera for a couple of seconds during Marshall Lee's song.
    • Marshall Lee himself also wiggles his bum seductively at Fiona during the same scene. Fiona is not amused and quickly shoves him away.
  • The Boondocks:
    • In the episode "The S Word", Granddad tells Huey how "traumatized" Riley is for being called a "nigga" by a third-grade teacher, but what Riley is doing is what Huey believes to be the "celebratory booty dance" due to the fact Granddad will sue the teacher for restitution.
    • One of the show's strips ends with "a black woman's gyrating rear end", as a comment on the quality of television entertainment.
  • In the The Fairly OddParents episode "Smarty Pants", A.J. mocks Timmy by doing this after receiving yet another A+, and after wishing to be the smartest kid in the world, Timmy does this in front of A.J. in return after teaching the class about the Alamo and the state of Texas, in which he receives an A+ for it.
  • In one episode of Family Guy, Peter does it as a part of his goofy impression of Winston Churchill, much to the annoyance of Lois and the other flight attendance.
    • Everyone at a beach party that Quagmire brings Chris to. There's even a close-up of one woman's bikini butt during the number.
  • King Julien in Madagascar and its spin-off cartoon, The Penguins of Madagascar shakes his "royal booty" a lot.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • From the season 2 finale, this is part of Twilight Sparkle and Cadence's Secret Handshake involving with both ponies shaking their rumps together.
    • The season 4 episode "Filli Vanilli" sees Fluttershy do this a few times, dancing along with the music she's singing.
    • In Equestria Girls, we see that Human Rarity is quite fond of this dance.
    • In season 4 episode "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies", at one point Fluttershy dresses up like a bee and asks a swarm of them if it "brings to mind any images" for them while wiggling her butt at them. note 
  • Phineas and Ferb
    • An unintentional example when Candace shakes her rear all because she has squirrels in her pants. The extended version of the song has extra ass shaking action!
    • There's also one episode where the Fireside Girls did this in which they call it the "Waggle Dance".
  • In The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium makes fun of HIM and starts taunting him, shaking his rear and everything.
  • Rick and Morty: Rick, Morty and Summer do such a dance at the end of season 1. The song they're dancing to is even titled "Shake That Ass, Bitch".
  • Sabrina: The Animated Series: In the episode "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" Quigley does it when he's trying to adjust his camera to take a picture of his plant.
  • In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer walks in on Lisa doing a sexy butt shake and is about to yell at her about it, but then sees the girls on TV doing the exact same thing, which Lisa was copying.
    • A more humorous example occurs during a discussion about an ad featuring Marge that makes her butt look big because it supposedly sells, to which Bart claims it works for the 'Lumber King'. Cue an animatronic sign featuring nothing but (aha) a builder shaking his ass at the viewer.
      Homer: (Mesmerised) "Lumber... We need lumber..."
    • The Stupid Sexy Flanders incident in "Little Big Mom", when Ned Flanders shakes his ass as he's wearing a tight ski suit.
      Ned: Feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all! Nothin' at all! Nothin' at all!
      Homer: (screams, cringes) Stupid sexy Flanders...
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Squidward does it on a few occasions, particularly when he mocks SpongeBob's mishaps. "Christmas Who?" and "Club SpongeBob" are common examples.
    • SpongeBob also does it to Sandy when he wants her to chase him to the Krusty Krab in "Texas".
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: In "School Spirit", Brittney Wong and the other cheerleaders for the Echo Creek Awesome Opossums plan to distract the Silver Hill Warriors with their "booty-shaking dance moves" during the big game. Star (who thinks the game is going to be an actual battle) is rather embarrassed, and unimpressed, when they throw in a demonstration.
    Star: Do you know nothing of combat?! No warrior is going to be distracted by Chantelle's booty!
    Chantelle: (affronted) Wha?
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Giant Woman", Amethyst does this during her Fusion Dance with Pearl.
  • Supernoobs: This is one of Roach's dance moves in "Noob Kids on the Block."
    "Shake your booty-butt! Shake, shake, shake it!"
  • The Sym-Bionic Titan episode "Lessons In Love" has the infamous "Booty Quake" scene where Kimmy tries to get Octu's help for her test by doing a enticing dance, which can be found here.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! episode "Legs", Starfire does this in front of Raven, who isn't that keen on joining along to dance with the other Titans. However, Raven, whose cloak was taken away from Robin, does a little hip shaking after renaming herself "Lady Legasus", and later when all of the Titans are dancing again.
    • In "Nose Mouth", Cyborg does this which is part of the "You were wrong" dance to Raven, who stated that using her dark magic to stop Robin from disturbing people's sleep can cause some issues.
    • In "The Fourth Wall", Beast Boy does this while wearing his underwear in front of the fourth wall, only for an annoyed Raven to smash his head on it.
  • The Transformers Animated short "Starscream Heckles Megatron" has Starscream make fun of Megatron behind his back while he's giving a speech to the other Decepticons, acting innocent whenever his boss turns around. The mocking gesture Starscream performs that gets him caught is shaking his butt in Megatron's direction.

     Real Life 
  • Many dances involve shaking one's butt in a provocative or enticing manner.
  • "Twerking" is a phenomenon that started in urban and African-American communities that involves taking a squatted (or any other posterior-emphasizing) position and twisting the buttocks up and down. On a butt that is sufficiently round or chubby, it will wobble up and down. The appeal is both in how much flesh moves and how fast, and in fantasizing about those same hip movements during sex.
    • The word really entered the mainstream after Miley Cyrus' infamous performance at the VMA music awards in 2013. Which is bizarre, because it's not what she was doing. The bit the media focused on where she rubbed up against Robin Thicke would more accurately be described as "grinding".
  • Some bird-of-paradise species use rump-shaking as a component of their elaborate courtship dances.
  • Many "rump shaking" dances are actually based on or inspired by various dances native to African countries and tribes. While such dances may be considered vulgar or sexual in certain Westernized or conservative societies, they are culturally significant to the natives who practice them and are performed for celebratory purposes (i.e., engagements, weddings, new births, etc.)
  • Some Welsh Corgis do not have tails, so instead they wag their whole butt.
    • By contrast, when a cat's butt starts to wiggle, it's about to pounce.