Freudian Slip

Take a Freudian Sip.

One of my patients had a rather amusing Freudian slip: he was having dinner with his wife, and he meant to say "pass the salt", but instead he said "You've ruined my life, you blood-sucking shrew".
Niles Crane, Frasier (and numerous others)

A Freudian Slip is, as one wag has put it, "when you say one thing and mean your mother". It is an involuntary word substitution that supposedly reveals something you're repressing, hiding, or simply trying not to talk about. As such, it's a perfect tool for the comedy writer.

A specific form of faux pas, which usually leads to Verbal Backspace. Taken to extremes, it becomes a Freudian Slippery Slope. Contrast and compare (respectively): Last-Second Word Swap, Ignore The Disability. Super Trope of Wrong Name Outburst. Compare also Thought Aversion Failure.

What the Freudian slip hides is called Shadow Archetype. Often these turn out to be innuendos or other sexual references, because Freud Was Right.

Compare That Came Out Wrong. Contrast Lampshaded Double Entendre, which is quite intentional. Compare and contrast with the Fauxdian Slip, in which a character wants to openly express what the character making the Freudian Slip is holding back on. See also Boggles the Mind, which plays mostly the same role in a different context. May resemble Accidental Innuendo, but those are usually not noticed until someone says "Heh Heh, You Said X" or "That's What She Said."

This is where you put the penises. I mean examples:

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    Analyzing - uh, Advertising 
  • The Nike Bear "Butte Running camp" commercial that rides on the Naked People Are Funny trope. The Nike salesgirl is a tiny bit distracted by the naturist runners while making her pitch.
    Salesgirl: So the Nike Free 5.0 is incredibly lightweight, as you can see, and very flexible; it's specifically designed to help your foot move more naked-NATURAL. Naturally. Mm hmm.

     Anus - oh, Anime and Kanga - uh, Manga 
  • Lucky Star:
    • Kagami slips one of these in the OVA, where Kagami has a (seemingly-drug-induced-it's-so-weird) dream involving a Cinderella story with wrestling, and to return stuff to normal, she must yell an incantation and (waking up), doing so, says "Let's join our bodies". Tsukasa's reaction is priceless.
    • Hiyori Tamura is also prone to let things slip. She once referred to dodgeball positions as "seme" and "uke" (when the positions are known as "seme" and "mamori").
    • Seme and uke, in addition to their usage by the Yaoi and Yuri crowd, also are used by the martial arts crowd. But eh, funny is funny.
  • Defense Devil. The protagonist's client, a high school girl named Nami, has just came out of a small pond she fell into and is berating herself for her inability to remember the circumstances of her death. He gives a rousing speech that unintentionally ends with the line "The next time you make that face, I'll spank that cute wet butt of yours".
    • He actually does this quite often,usually not realising what he's said until after the fact.
  • Mio from K-On! has one about Nodoka.
    Mugi: "Nodoka-chan is so mature..."
    Mio: "She's really like...mommy..."
    Mugi: "Mommy?"
    Mio: "I mean mother!! A motherly figure!!"
  • A Freudian slip occurs in the UK dub of the second Dragon Ball Z movie (The World's Strongest),
  • Change 123: After Motoko becomes willing to somehow return Kosukegawa's feelings for her, Kosukegawa starts to have fantasies of how their relationship will develop in the following couple of months. These musings culminate with his imaginations of having sex with her and then, immediately after that, when he wants to ask Motoko where should they go ("Doko e ikō ka na?"), he blurts: "Where should we do it?" ("Doko de shiyō ka na?")
  • Bakuman。 From Volume 5:
    Miura: Let's crash and burn! LET'S DO THIS!
    Takagi: I don't think "crash and burn" was the right phrase there...
    Miura: Oops, you're right, Freudian slip.
  • Kanna from Koe de Oshigoto! has rather embarrassing slips on two occasions. First, she called someone she had a crush on "master" after spending a little too long in a maid cafe. The other time was while she was singing at a convention and forgot she was supposed to censor a line.
  • Hannyabal's dialogues in One Piece are filled with Freudian Slips, usually when he states that he wants to be the Chief instead of the current Chief Warden Magellan. And usually when Magellan is right in front of him.
    • It's revealed later that although Magellan wasn't about to give up his post at the time, he saw Hannyabal as the only one worthy to succeed him, which may explain why he more often than not does not react to his Freudian Slips.
  • In Trigun, Meryl is not very good at hiding her attraction when Vash talks about his extensive scarring.
    Vash: It's not exactly something I like girls to see. I think many of them would run away.
    Meryl: I wouldn't run away...Er, I mean, they wouldn't run away.
  • In Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Kirino tells her brother Kyousuke to buy a 30,000 yen (about $380 or so) ring for her in episode 7 while shopping and doing research for her novel. He refuses, and asks why she even needs it. She mentions that her main character in the novel was out on a date before a disaster's supposed to hit. And that the ring has emotional value and should therefore come from the one you love. Then she immediately blushes, turns away, and says she's talking about the novel.
  • Non-sexual example in Fate/Zero. Gilgamesh suggests that Kirei use the Holy Grail to grant himself pleasure, with Kirei angrily declaring he could never do anything that sinful. Gilgamesh gets rather interested in the idea that Kirei associates pleasure with sin and finds out why.

     Comic Hooks - I mean, Books 
  • In chapter nine of Don Rosa's The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, "The Billionaire of Dismal Downs", Scrooge's sisters find the lock of Goldie's hair and start teasing him about it while he tries to talk about his property in America:
    Matilda and Hortense: Scroogey's got a gir-ruhl! Scroogey's got a gir-ruhl!
    Scrooge: The girl — I mean, the land — is in the state of Goldiesota — I mean Calisota — in a small settlement called Goldieburg — I mean Duckburg! Drat!
  • Brainy in The Smurfs story "Salad Smurfs" accidentally refers to Papa Smurf as Papa Pea right after he gets transformed into a pea.
  • In Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, the main character often says "Back in a sex—sec."
  • Monica's Gang: Blu and some of his fellow dogs meet a dog who likes to make dog-based puns. They first suspect that the character making the jokes isn't a real dog when he starts a phrase with "You, dogs...". After being called out on that, he tries to restart the phrase with "We, dogs..." but it's too late. They remove his dog mask and find out he's a cat.

    Fanfriction - uh, Fiction! 
  • Evangelion 303: Asuka slips several times in chapter 5:
    Jessika: What about this new guy? Shinji?
    Asuka: He’s the worst of them! He’s reckless… And can’t even do what he is told… I told him to call as soon as he got to Nevada. And that was this morning!
    Jessika(thinking): Boyfriend: Found.
    Asuka: Ungrateful idiot Shinji… I’m gracious enough to worry about him and he doesn’t even notice! I hope he doesn’t expect me keep the house clean while he’s gone!
    Jessika: Whoa Whoa Whoa! You’re staying in this “idiot’s” home?
    Asuka: Well, yeah… It’s bigger than my apartment. And it’s got a more comfortable bed.
    Jessika (thinking): Aaaand she’s sleeping in his bed.
  • These show up with regularity in Kyon Big Damn Hero, especially around Kanae.
  • In My Immortal, on occasion, Ebony is referred to as "Tara", highlighting the fic's status as a Self-Insert Fic.
  • In Hunting The Unicorn, Blaine's thoughts at the end of the twelfth chapter are either this or Accidental Innuendo: He's thinking about what to say to Kurt, and it blurs together into "I want you." It's not comedy, considering that Blaine used to believe Sex Equals Love, tried to invoke it in his first relationship, and had it fail miserably.
  • Throughout the majority of Face The Strange, the author messes up "gays" and "guys" all the time, leading to unintentional hilarity when you remember the whole fic is basically about Dally and her harem killing Dumbledore for being gay.
  • Scar Tissue: In chapter 10:
    Asuka: "I´ll tell him whatever I dam well please! You just want him for his looks!"
    Misato: "Oh! So you admit he´s handsome!"
    Asuka: "I… I did not! You just have a thing for pretty-boys!"
    Misato: "So he´s pretty, huh?"
    Shinji: "I´m pretty?"
    Asuka: "Shut up! Both of you! Just… just watch the damn movie! Misato, go get us some food, we´re starving!"
  • In Naruto:Asunder, Naruto keeps telling Hinata that he's okay with her being his roommate. When she says she doesn't want to impose Naruto answers with "I won't let you leave!". He doesn't catch on however.
  • In Moon Daughter, one of the author's notes tells the flamers "in ur feces." Also, Alabaster "shit magic" at Kronos's face.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "I Dream Of Smurfette", Empath tries to hide the fact that he had been dreaming a particular kind of dream of Smurfette and fumbles in his words.
    "Oh...well, it's just a little something that rises...I mean, raises this smurf's interest in you, Smurfette."
    "Uh, of course not, Smurfette. This smurf would never insert myself into you...I mean, insert you into this smurf's dreams like that to...uh, do anything to you...that is, uh, of that kind of nature."
    "We're trained to have our thoughts free of anything that would be distracting. This smurf was very sex full...I mean, successful at it before returning home for you...uh, for good."
    • Hefty also does this in "Hefty, The Luckiest Smurf".
    "You're smurfing out to be a pretty girl fighter...I mean a pretty good fighter, Smurfette."
    • And Handy also does this in "Who's That Smurfette?" when he and Smurfette first introduce themselves.
    "And you can call me anytime, Smurfette. I mean, you can call me Handy."
  • In the Back to the Future fanfic Ich Liebe Dich, Marty recalls accidentally calling Doc "Dad" back in 1985. He even calls it a Freudian slip.
  • Reference to Arthur in, of all things, Hivefled; when Jade thinks Gamzee is a runaway violent criminal, she offers him and Tavros candy, saying "I know you guys like Lawbreakers!"
  • In The Dresden Files fic In Your Arms, Molly asks if she can "sleep with" Harry. She hurriedly clarifies that she meant it in a platonic way, but given her later attempt to seduce him, the sincerity of that statement is questionable.

    Fill - uh, Film 
  • In Bruce Almighty, after Bruce uses his powers (supposedly) to enlarge Grace's breasts, she asks him if they look bigger to him. When he finishes his breakfast, he remarks "This has been the breast beck...breast...thank you."
  • In the third Austin Powers film, as Austin is interrogating Dr. Evil, the doctor notes everything Austin does is aimed at his father's approval. Austin denies it ("Nothing could be my father from the truth!"), but the word "dad" keeps slipping out ("No I dadn't!"). Eventually he breaks down.
    • The many encounters Austin has had with Fred Savage's huge mole on his face (other than the irony that he is "The Mole" to infiltrate Dr. Evil's Lair), after this goes on for a really, really, really, really, really, long time like when he says "Nice to mole you", and then inadvertently blurts out the word "mole" every chance he gets after. Later on, the joke looks like it's about to stop (my mole-stake), after Savage tells him to get it out of Austin's system, but not before he eventually breaks down:
      Austin: Mole! Bloody mole! We're not supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's the bloody mole winking me in the face. I'm gonna chop it off and cut it up and make some guacaMOLE!
      • The gag reel takes the joke to an even bigger extreme:
        Austin: Mole! Mole! Mole! Bloody mole! Bloody mole, you bloody moley bastard! Don't talk about the bloody mole, but the mole's so big it probably VOTES! Looks like a bloody bubble on a pizza, you bloody mole-faced mole bugger! Moley, moley, moley, the brothers MacMolen. You'd be in Spain you'd be a bull and you'd say 'MOLLAAAY!!!' Even the bloody mole's got a mole it's such a bloody big mole. It's the moley grail of moles! Your molier-than-thou attitude! Stick your bloody mole up your bum bum, you moley bastard! Moley MOLE!!!
  • In The Boondock Saints there's a particularly jarring one when one of the detectives screws up trying to describe the details of a fat man's demise during the Copley Plaza massacre to Agent Smecker and calls him the "fag man" instead. This does not go unnoticed by Smecker, who has been established as gay. It's even lampshaded immediately after;
    Agent Smecker: Well. Freud was right. So you think they came for the fag man, eh?
  • This was Doctor Doppler's trademark in Treasure Planet, switching "deplorable" for "adorable", "felon" for "fellow" or this dialogue:
    Captain Amelia: Actually, doctor, your astronomical advice was most helpful.
    Doctor Doppler: Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Well, I have a lot to offer anatomically...amamomically! (facepalm)
  • Parodied all to hell and back in the Jim Carrey film Liar Liar.
    Attractive girl in elevator: Everyone here's been real nice to me.
    Jim Carrey: Well, that's because you have big jugs. *alarmed expression* I mean...your boobs are huge! *even more alarmed* I mean...I wanna squeeze 'em! I mean...Mommy.
  • In Hamlet 2, Dana Marschz and the tight-ass principal of the school at which he teaches drama are having an argument about the appropriateness of staging a play which contains (minimal) nudity, sex and a controversial mangling of William Shakespeare's greatest play, organised religion, time travel and Dana Marschz's daddy issues when out of the blue Dana suddenly screeches "You never believed in me daddy I hate you!"
  • Clark Griswold makes several of these at the lingerie counter at Macy's in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
    Clark: Oh, I was just smelling - smiling. I was just blouse - browsing. I, uh, heh heh. Well, I guess it just wouldn't...Oh hee hee, it wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores were any less hooter than they - HOTTER than they are. Whew. It is warm in here, isn't it?
    Mary: You have your coat on.
    Clark: Yes, oh do I? Yeah, it is a bit nipply out. I mean nippy. What am I saying, nipple?
  • In Analyze That, Billy Crystal's character is talking with a pair of plainclothes police detectives (one of whom is an attractive, short-skirted woman) and mentions his late father, whose funeral he's just returned from.
    Crystal: He was a great, great legs. Man.
  • Annie Hall.
    Annie: Well, she said that I should probably come five times a week. And you know something? I don't think I mind analysis at all. The only question is, is 'Will it change my wife?'
    Alvy: Will it change your wife?
    Annie: Will it change my life?
    Alvy: Yeah, but you said, 'Will it change my wife?'
    Annie: No I didn't. I said, 'Will it change my life, Alvy?'
    Alvy: (to audience) She said, 'Will it change my wife?' You heard that, because you were there. So I'm not crazy.
  • In 27 Dresses, when Jane introduces her sister and her boss it goes as follows:
    Jane: Right! George, this is my sister Tess. Tess, this is my George. I mean—not my George, he—Uh—
  • In Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane has a moment where he keeps on repeating the word "Which" when talking to a woman he assumes is a "Witch".
  • George McFly from Back to the Future is often known for his tendency to confuse the word "density" with the word "destiny."
  • "Any questions not about this dress...tunic?"
  • A Getting Crap Past the Radar example in Toy Story 2
    Buzz: In just a few hours, you'll be sitting around a campfire, with Andy making delicious hot schmoes!
    Woody: ...they're called s'mores, Buzz.
  • In Transformers, Sam has minor Freudian Slip that would make any girl inch away, when offering to drive Michaela home:
    Sam: I was wondering if... if I could ride you home... I, I mean if I could give you a ride home.
  • In the first Sex and the City film, Samantha sees Dante taking an outdoor shower completely naked, when he notices her.
    Samantha:I'm sorry, I'm your next door neighbor and my dog ran up on your dick...deck!
  • Spaceballs: "I'll have the cleavage. Uh, the special." (Barf at the diner staring at the waitress)
  • In Superman, Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White tells Jimmy Olsen to get him a coffee black with two sugars, and after Jimmy says, "Yes, Chief", Perry adds "And don't call me sugar" without even correcting himself. The whole thing is a joke about Perry's usual "Don't call me Chief" line to Jimmy.
  • In the live-action version of 101 Dalmatians, Roger tries to offer Anita a cup of tea to warm herself with when he first met her, but instead says, "Do you want a cup of marriage, uh, tea?"
  • In The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, as a parody of John Lennon's "more popular than Jesus" statement, his Rutle Expy Ron Nasty claimed the Rutles were bigger than God, but he meant to say bigger than Rod... Rod Stewart.

    Tokes - uh, Jokes 
  • This one:
    How many psychoanalysts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    Two: One to screw it in, and the other to hold my penis. I mean, my mother! I mean, the ladder!
  • A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother.
  • A well known German joke goes about the anxious announcer on the radio who will present the "Nussknacker Suite". Collegues have made her nervous not to forget the second n note  and she mumbles to herself: Nussknacker. Nussknacker. Nussknacker. The great moment is there. "Now you hear the Nussknacker Suite..." (phew) " Peter Scheißkowsky." note 

    Liberace - oh, wait, Literature 
  • In one volume of Piers Anthony's pun-filled Xanth series, The Color of Her Panties, the well-endowed Mera wears a Freudian slip. It keeps, well, slipping and showing a bit more than she intended.
  • Genghis Khan commits a rather heartwarming slip in Lords of the Bow; talking about the expansion of the Mongol nation, he pointedly tells Jochi that it could all be taken away from him by an annoying son who doesn't know when to shut up. Jochi notes that this is the first time Genghis has acknowledged him as his son.
  • In Spider Robinson's Callahan's Secret, Jake introduces himself to Mary at their first meeting (both of them are naked, on the roof of the bar, in the rain) with the unforgettable opening line "It certainly is a very nice tits." He later reverses himself when attempting to compliment her assets with "you certainly have a very nice evening".
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea has a rare non-sexual slip-up. Arronax is rather perturbed when he finds out he is to go shark-hunting, and later accidentally replaces the word "pearls" with "sharks".
  • In the afterword of Fate/Zero, Gen Urobuchi notes that he made a typo, accidentally writing "courage" as "lingering ghosts." He hypothesizes that this is the result of using HATRED...Whoops, he meant IME.
  • In Book 6 of The Dresden Files, Harry sends his air spirit adviser, Bob, to find out where an enemy is hiding. Bob instead spends the time visiting strip clubs. When Harry is (to put it mildly) upset about it, Bob tries to calm him down with:
    Bob: I was just doing the breast job I co- best, best! The best job I could!
And then Murphy gets into the act when she goes on vacation with Kincaid in Hawaii and leaves Dresden a message on his answering service.
Murphy: Thanks for taking care of my pants. Er, plants, plants!" Harry immediately lampshades that it was a "big old Freudian slip".
  • Freaky Friday: Played With. When the school psychologist asks "Mrs. Andrews" about her relationship with her husband, Annabel says that "it's none of your business about my relationship with my father!" The reader knows why she said it, but the psychologist takes it as a "revealing" slip.

    Light Passion - oh, Live Action TV! 
  • In Game of Thrones, Ser Loras Tyrell subconsciously let it slip that Renly Baratheon (his lover) was far more than a brother-in-law to him when he tells the court, "My sister Margaery, her husband was taken from us before..." He should've said "her husband was taken from her," or simply "her husband was taken" instead.
  • Several in Mock the Week with "Bad things to hear at the psychiatrist's"
    • Hello, and welcome to your first session of freudian analysis. Now, what seems to be the penis?
    • Ok, word association time. I'm going to say a word and I want you to say the first thing that pops into your breasts.
  • Blossom: Blossom addresses Six by the name "Sex" at least once...and blurting out the word made her conclude (incorrectly) that her boyfriend, Vince, was trying to pressure her into taking their relationship to the next level.
  • The West Wing
    • Dramatic example in the episode "Noel". Josh is bemoaning the presence of Christmas bagpipe players in the foyer of the West Wing, and at one point snaps "I can hear the damn sirens all over the building!", substituting 'sirens' for 'pipes'. Dramatic because it is just one of the numerous signs that Josh is acting increasingly irrational and unstable as a result of a rapidly approaching Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder breakdown he is heading towards as a consequence of being shot a few episodes earlier.
    • A more traditionally Freudian family-related one would be in "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail," when Sam finds out that his father has been having a twenty-eight-year affair. On the same day, a friend of Donna's comes to him asking him to look into clearing the name of her grandfather, who was a State Department staffer accused of being a Soviet spy in the fifties, because she knows Sam has shown interest in his case before. He throws himself into it, only to find out that the guy actually was a spy. Donna tries to stop him from telling the friend, and he goes into a big speech about betrayed loyalty and ends it with, "This girl's going to find out who her father is." Donna says, " meant grandfather."
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Thank you, Colin, for showing us your deep desire for Animal Porn!
  • Tobias and Buster from Arrested Development often come up with these, supposedly communicating their subliminal homosexuality/Oedipus complex respectively.
  • Mash
    • Frank Burns loses his temper and snaps at Father Mulcahy:
      Hot Lips: Frank!
      Frank: Oh, sorry, Father. Sorry, Mother...Margaret.
    • In the episode "To Market, To Market", Frank is talking with Henry Blake in his tent, which is strewn with nurses' lingerie:
      Frank: Sir, I'm afraid there may be black, marketeers operating in the camp.
    • In "A Full Rich Day", the 4077th has seemingly misplaced the body of a fallen Luxembourgian officer, to the outrage of the man's commander. By way of apology, Henry proposes holding a memorial service, stating "It's the lost we could do."
      Henry: (officiating at the ceremony) Lost but not least...I mean, uh...least but not lost...
  • Married... with Children
    • Al has a fantasy about a sexy girl coming to the shoestore:
      Girl: Hi there, shoe man. I was in last week, and I can't stop thinking about you. Remember me?
      Al: Nightly. I mean, vaguely.
    • Escorting a pretty woman out of the house:
      Al: After you, my rear. I mean, my dear.
    • Al and Steve go to a bra shop:
      Saleswoman: May I help you?
      Steve: Uh, yes. We'd like to buy some breasts. A bra!
      Al: And breasts.
  • Happened to Captain Archer twice in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "A Night in Sickbay". Dr. Phlox calls to his attention the fact that he is attracted to T'Pol, but Archer denies it. Late when T'Pol enters the room he makes the two following Freudian slips: "...but I'm doing the breast...*beat* The best I can." and "When you get to the bridge, you can send me your lips. Lisp. List!"
    • Hilariously lampshaded by Phlox about seven seconds later:
      Phlox: Two Pillarian Slips in less than thirty seconds. Interesting...
  • Legend says that Captain Kirks slip "...Spock. Eh, Scotty." (somewhen after the non-permanent death of Spock) was a slip by William Shatner and was thrown in because it fit so well.
  • Jane from Coupling comes out with a beauty, when she compliments a co-worker she fancies on his fantastic penis. And goes on to say 'I used to have one of those'. During a later conversation, she goes into a full-blown Freudian Slippery Slope.
  • In the Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Alex Does Good", Alex is forced to join the Happy Helpers Club, where they get rewards for doing next to nothing. Alex ends up questioning whether anyone thought that the club was wrong for it, this is followed by Harper standing up and yelling "I don't, it's time I got some appreciation, Mom!"
    • We also see this in The Movie, when Justin lets slip that the reason he's always tried so hard to be perfect is that he's afraid that his parents won't love him otherwise.
    • And Harper again in "Monster Hunters" when she's teaching Alex study tricks. She starts singing a mnemonic song and it turns into a rant on how Alex is a bad friend.
  • From QI Episode "Fashion";
    Stephen Fry: Anything else were just Freudian slits-SLIPS!
  • The "Football practice!" running gag from Mystery Science Theater 3000 probably count as this.
  • Avenue Q presenting Animania on the Comedy Channel:
    Lucy the Slut: You really have a one-track mind, don't you?
    Trekkie Monster: Porn.
  • Cheers
    • One episode had Cliff explaining to Woody that a Freudian slip was "when you say one thing when you're actually thinking about a mother."
  • Frasier
    • Fraiser lost a girlfriend because he kept calling her Cassandra, the name of his most recent ex-girlfriend.
    • Niles pulled off a truly epic one in the episode "Adventures in Paradise."
    Niles: If you ask me, Frasier, your trepidation is well-founded. It is possible to move a relationship along too fast and ultimately marry too hastily. You could find a few years down the line that the person isn't really right for you, and then, what happens if you meet the right person? Someone who really excites you and makes you feel alive, but you can't act upon it because you're trapped in a stale, albeit comfortable Maris! *several awkward beats* ...Marriage. I have to go now.
    • In another episode, "The Last Time I Saw Maris", Frasier tries to talk Niles out of apologizing to Maris after she files for divorce:
    Frasier: If you back down now you will go through the rest of your life feeling weak and small because you never had the courage to say "I will not let you treat me like this, Lilith! ...Maris!" ...Well, I've lost all credibility here. Dad, will you please say something?
  • On Friends, Ross called Emily "Rachel" at the altar, after which the whole marriage went to hell.
  • Emily from Skins, just after a fairly intense conversation with Naomi.
    Thomas: Which [twin] are you?
    Emily: Gay...I mean Emily!
  • Used as a plot device, near the end of the series, Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch has a Freudian Slip (interestingly in front of her fiance's psychologist mother) when she meant to say "I love _____" (honestly, how many of us can remember the name of the boyfriend at the final season, the show had a real problem with major time holes between seasons) what she ended up saying is "I love Harvey!"
  • Angel:
    • Played for Drama, of course. In the first season episode "I've Got You Under My Skin", when Cordy and Wes start bickering, Angel accidentally calls Wesley "Doyle", revealing that Doyle's death got to him more than he lets on.
    • In the fourth season episode "Spin the Bottle", Wesley blurts out "Lets not give up probe", after Fred rambles about how aliens must have probed her helpless, naked body.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    Xander: Can I have you? I mean, can I help you?
    Buffy: Why does everyone think I'm still in love with Spike?
    • "We're your bosom friends! The friends of your bosom!"
    • Xander also does this in "Teacher's Pet", when seeing the She-Mantis in a rather tight and revealing dress: "It's the most beautiful chest— dress I've ever seen."
    • In the final episode, Willow has to do some powerful magic, and tells her lesbian lover Kennedy she might have to kill her if she turns evil. Kennedy retorts, "Bite me!" Willow says, "I will...I mean I do mean it."
  • On a Late Late Show episode, Craig Ferguson once tried to say, "Glass is breaking", but it came out as, "Grass is breaking". After catching himself, Ferguson remarked, "That was a bit of a Freudian penis."
  • From the Monty Python's Flying Circus episode "Owl-Stretching Time":
    Colonel: I object, in the strongest possible terms, to this obvious reference to our own slogan "It's a dog's, a man's life in the modern army."
    Colonel: I have already warned this programme about infringing the Army copyright of our slogan "It's a pig's's life in the modern army". And I'm warning you if it happens again, I shall come down on this programme like a ton of bricks...right.
    • A later sketch has a list of composers that includes "Panties...sorry."
    • In the "Science Fiction Sketch", after Angus Podgorny's wife is killed by a blancmange, an inspector tells him:
      Inspector: Do sit down, Mr Podgorny. I think what's happened is terribly, terribly, funny...tragic.
    • Once, after an escalating series of slips:
      Art critic: I'd like to talk to you tonight about the place of the nude in my bed...I-in the history of my bed. Art! Art. In the history of art. The nude in the history of girl! Sorry. Start again. (clears throat) Bum. Oh, what a giveaway!
  • The Colbert Report gave us an interesting opening non-sequitur:
    Stephen: Sigmund Freud was born this week in 1850-sex. Oh, did I say "sex"? I meant "boobs". This is The Colbert Mommy!
  • America's Funniest Home Videos managed to compile a whole sequence of people saying "sex" instead of "success" (see Real Life below)
  • In this collection of TV-bloopers a female newscaster, after a seeing a scene from Africa with a lion in it, comments "Mm, nice pussy", probably ensuring that questions of her sexual preferences will follow her throughout her entire career.
  • In the All in the Family episode "Class Reunion", Edith doesn't want to go to her class reunion without Archie, but changes her mind when she finds out, that her old crush, Buck Evans will be there. When Archie hears this, he decides he will go too. When Gloria asks if it's because of Buck Evans, he answers: "No! Because no real man lets his wife go out alone at night after Buck! Dark!"
  • Glee
    Santana: I've got to gay...Go! Go. I-I've got to go.
    Kurt: I have no criticisms. Go with God, Satan! *beat* Santana!
  • A blooper that did not make officially on air on Match Game but has been seen in blooper shows had Gene Rayburn introducing new contestant Karen Lesko, then commenting on her dimples. Instead he said "nipples."
  • Example from Community episode Debate 109
    Jeff: We should study separately, by ourselves.
    Annie: Yeah, that way we can be more reproductive— productive!
  • The Charmed episode Sand Fransisco Dreamin' gives an interesting slip where Piper is anxious about a dream where she makes out with another man:
    Piper: I don't get it. I mean, why would a demon be interested in killing people's dream? I mean, they're just harmless erotic fun.
    Paige: Did you say erotic?
    Piper: Exotic. I said exotic.
  • Happens in an episode of Two and a Half Men. Alan is called in for a meeting with Jake's principal after his son makes fun of a girl's large breasts. Outside the office, Alan meets the girl's mother, who has similarly large breasts, and uses this trope to dig himself and Jake a bigger hole.
  • In Peep Show, Mark is doing some word association with a therapist, and decides to lie. We hear the answer he thinks and then the one he says: "Work." Snake pit. "Snake...charmer." Eventually we get, "Mother." Sophie. "Fuck! No, not 'fuck'!"
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Blink", one of the few non-terrifying scenes are Billy Shipton hitting on Sally Sparrow. Sally tries to sound non-committal, and then this:
    Billy: And that's Sally...?
    Sally: Sally Shipton. Sparrow! Sally Sparrow. I'm going now. Don't look at me.
    • In the original series' Remembrance of the Daleks, there's a throwaway line by The Doctor that's often connected with the fabled "Cartmel Master Plan":
      Doctor: The Hand of Omega is a mythical name for Omega's remote star manipulator, a device used to customize stars. And didn't we have trouble with the prototype...
      Ace: "We"?
      Doctor: They.
  • On one episode of Scrabble, host Chuck Woolery accidentally said "Let's recrap the scores".
  • At least twice during his long tenure as host of The Newlywed Game, Bob Eubanks said "25-point boner question" instead of "bonus".
  • In an early episode of Scrubs, Dr. Kelso unloads a difficult patient on Elliot after she pisses him off. The patient in question is an elderly man who has a habit of disrobing for no reason. The first time he does this in front of Elliot, she nervously makes an excuse to leave the room:
    Elliot: Excuse me while I go check on another penis. Patient! Um, he's a-he's a penis patient."
  • On the first episode of Wheel of Fortune after the retirement of the shopping rounds, a contestant asked to buy an owl instead of a vowel. Host Pat Sajak quipped that they no longer sell birds on the show.
  • On an episode of the 1989 revival of Now You See It, host Chuck Henry was revealing one of the answers that the contestant had missed in the Bonus Round. One of them was "Peanuts", but when saying it, Henry accidentally omitted the "T".
  • When Rose introduces her new boyfriend to Dorothy and Blanche in The Golden Girls, they try desperately to ignore his smallness, but it just becomes an unfortunate string of these.
    Dorothy: May I take your height?—hat!
  • In Major Crimes, Captain Sharon Raydor has this when she's talking about the foster child she's taking care of.
    My primary concern as his mother is—as his guardian—is his safety.
  • On The Thin Blue Line, after the sex therapist Fowler and Patricia are seeing starts stripping — "Thank you, Constable Nipple."
  • RedDwarf; Kryten accidentally calls Rimmer's mother a "silly old trout", and tries to excuse himself with "I've no fish to embarrass you further, I'll see myself trout."
  • Breaking Bad: An example of this trope Played for Drama. In the season two finale, "ABQ", we see air traffic controller Don Margolis at work, stricken by grief after the recent death of his daughter Jane. Eventually, he says "Jane Mike two one" instead of "Juliet Mike two one", inadvertently causing two planes to start heading on a collision course that culminates with them crashing in midair, killing all 167 people aboard the planes.

    Muses - uh, wait, Music! 

    Professional Hustling - wait, Wrestling! 

    Bedroom, er, uh, Tabletop Games 
  • A variation appears in the "Auspicious Beginnings" module for the wuxia RPG Weapons of the Gods: The beautiful courtesan Red Lotus challenges one player to write the character for "beauty" on a 10-foot scroll in one stroke. If they fail their Calligraphy roll...well, all the module will say outright is that they "accidentally spell out what they were thinking, instead", but the implication is fairly clear.

    Cheater - darn, Theater 
  • In Bye Bye Birdie, teenage girls scream their hearts out when they hear their idol Conrad Birdie sing "Honestly Sincere". The lyrics have perhaps less of a Freudian Slip than a case of walking blindly into a Double Entendre:
    "When I sing about a tree,
    I really feel that tree.
    When I sing about a girl,
    I really feel that girl —
    I mean, I really feel sincere!"
  • In "Putting It Together" from Sunday In The Park With George, the modern-day George is busily propping up cardboard cutouts of himself while singing:
    If you want to your work to reach fruition,
    What you need's a link with your tradition,
    And of course a prominent commission,
    Plus a little formal recognition,
    So that you can go on exhibit—
    So that your work can go on exhibition!
  • In On the Town, Madame Dilly, finding her bottle empty, excuses herself from the room, telling Ivy, "I'll be back before you can say Jack Daniels—Jack Robinson."
  • More complex than a simple word swap, in Twelfth Night, when Orsino's Berserk Button is pushed ( he finds out that Olivia loves Cesario), he threatens to murder Cesario, comparing himself to an Egyptian thief who murdered his own lover to keep her from being tortured. He's inadvertently revealing that Cesario is the one he's in love with.
  • In the all-female Chalmersspex of 2012, Cristal asks George to put away the picnic. George grumbles about how he has to do everything around here — Thomas, his object of mutual uncertain affection, blurts this out:
    Thomas: I'll help you, gorgeous—Georgeous—George!
  • In The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged), during the Noah's Ark Audience Participation sequence, the players may suddenly realize that the two ducks selected from the audience are both women. They tell each other not to worry about Noah having two female ducks: "this is a perfectly good pair of dykes and—DUCKS!!! Ducks!! Oh, I'm really sorry..."

    Audio - no, Video Games, Video, right! 
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix remarks about April May "I'll get to that woman's bottom! Wait...I know what I mean."
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, Shale has this in exchange with Sten:
    Shale: I could watch you fight all day long. The skill you display, the the light plays on its muscles...I mean, yes. Well done. With the fighting.
    • In Denerim, one Chantry sister who keeps saying names for food instead of the correct words, does so because it is getting close to meal time and she's hungry.
  • In Beyond Good & Evil, a soldier tells Jade:
    If you want to know the truth, buy the IRIS paper. Uh... I mean the Hillyan Word. No... Anything but the Hillyan Word.
  • Duke Nukem does this in Duke Nukem 3D when you interact with a microphone.
    This is KTITK-Tit! Bringing you the breast, uh, the best tunes in town!

    Wet - uh, Web - Original 
  • Strong Bad. More than once he has let slip that he is not The Casanova, but a mere Casanova Wannabe.
    • One episode has him confusing the words "missionaries" and "mercenaries" during a presentation about his mercenary career. Wasn't exactly Freudian per se, but still an embarrassing Slip.
  • The very first line of The Nostalgia Chick's review of Labyrinth: "I think everyone remembers their first bone- Bowie!"
    • And then The Nostalgia Critic does it too in his review of Barb Wire. "Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't boobies! I mean, er...boobies, with the booby boobies...boobyboobyboobies!"
    • From the A Kid in King Arthur's Court review:
    Nostalgia Critic: Hey, they're actresses first and sisters second, and that's good enough in my porno—book.
  • The Nostalgia Chick is also guilty of this, albeit unlike most examples, she didn't realize it. During her video concerning Divergent and other YA movies, while listing the YA movies of 2013, she mispronounces "City of Bones" as "City of Boners".
  • Bayonetta made Yahtzee lapse into tits...I mean this.
    • Not the only time, either.
      ...but it's just not as much fun as tonguing another man's balls. [beat] I mean, as it used to be. I'm not gay.
  • EditZP (who is slightly memetic for making large quantities of workbenches then abandoning them), accidentally slipped up during his Minecraft Golden Hearts Let's Play
    EditZP: Alright, I need to make a wankbench... a wankbench. *laughs.*
    • In the same episode, "Swastika."
  • The Classic Doctor Who Twitter Blog has a tendency to do this whenever the Master turns up. "Seaman-Master!"
    • All instances of Ainley!Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator being called a dildo are, on the other hand, completely intentional.
  • Happens to Tex of all people in Red vs. Blue, while discussing the naked alien.
    Tex: "I was just admiring...his alien...muscle structure."
    Tucker: "Yeah, one particular part of his muscle structure."
    Tex: "Well, that's just a matter of penis. I mean opinion! Opinion! That's-that's it."
    Church: "Smooth."
  • From Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv):
    Aizawa: So you're cool with me invading Misa and interrogating your house? Interesting.
    Light: Oh, wait. You mean the other way around.
    Aizawa: I don't know we'll burn that bridge before we cross it. C'mon Mogi, we have rights to violate.
    Light: Wait, now I believe you meant what you said. Get back here!
    Matsuda: That's not fair!
    • There's also when Ryuk makes the following proposition:
    Ryuk: Tell you what—I need a place to stay. If you let me bunk with you maybe we can experiment together. W-with the Death Note. Not each other. You're a sick little girl, you know that?!
    Light: But I'm a boy!
    Ryuk: Riiight.
  • 50% OFF: "Here, let me help you out of that swimsuit- I MEAN POOL!

    Webcomics! Yes! Got it slight - uh, right! 

    Web Video! Two in a hoe - oh, row! 
  • Lizzie's "what if we missed our chance?" from Episode 91 of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. She's supposed to be talking about Jane and Bing, but the "we" implies that she's thinking about Darcy.
    • Also, George's "I've got people to do and things to see" from Episode 46.
  • In True Facts About the Armadillo, we get this:
    Narrator: Here are true facts about the arma-dildo - hmm, that's a typo. Here are true facts about the arma-dildo - oops. I said it again, two times.

    Western Any Motion - oh, Animation! 
  • In Teen Titans Johnny Rancid was the lowest tier criminal to ever appear; just a violent jerk with a motorcycle and a small laser gun. Then he gets the power to rewrite the rules of reality and turns the world into a gothic hellscape.
    Raven: Cool... I mean oops.
  • In Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire, Milo has a line: "I know how to swim pretty girl — good! Pretty good, I swim pretty good."
  • In the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko wants to defeat their arch nemesis, the Fatherlord.
    • Also in the previous season when Azula's plan to capture Zuko and Iroh by acting like they were being brought back home honorably is ruined by a single soldier accidentally saying "prisoners" instead of "guests". She is rightly pissed.
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Fear of Flying", when Principal Skinner was at a psychiatrist's office, he mentions his "beloved smother -- mother!"
    • In "Lisa's Sax", during Bart's first day of school, Skinner introduced himself to the new intake of students as "Principal Sinner", and when they burst out laughing muttered "Oh, that does it, I've lost them forever".
    • And in The Last Temptation of Homer when Homer is trying to avoid his attractive new co-worker Mindy and unexpectedly ends up in an elevator with her: "I guess we'll be going down together, I mean getting off together, I mean...That's okay, I'll just press the button for the stimulator."
    • When Marge's Romance Novel-inspired daydream is interrupted by Lisa's saxophone practice, she says "Lisa, stop blowing my sex! I mean stop blowing your sax! Your sax! Stop it!"
  • Darkwing Duck slips to Morgana MacCawber, "We're investigating a crime spree, and you're the prime seduction...uh, suspect!"
  • In one episode of Family Guy, Meg is dating a nudist. Her mother slips "Now, Meg, no need to get so testes...Testy! Nuts! I mean crap!".
    • When Meg goes to the meeting of the Lesbian Alliance, she says: "Hi, you gays...guys...girls."
    • Lois says to Chris: "Meet me in the ten inches or less line — items!"
    • In the episode "Jerome Is the New Black", Peter finds out that Lois used to date his new friend, Jerome and gets jealous. Lois says: "You're being silly! I mean, Jerome and I dated over 12 inches ago!"
    • Peter: "Lois, our relationship can not be measured in nipples and dimes...nickels and"
    • Stewie: "Wanna go ride the tea bags? ...I mean, tea cups..? Tea bags...?"
  • In one episode of Arthur, Buster shoplifted something and was paranoid about getting caught when he and Arthur returned to the store. "Lemme just get these Lawbreakers — Jawbreakers!"
    Mr. Ratburn: Arthur? Do you have a headache?
    Arthur: Do I! ...I mean, no...
  • One of the most famous examples in Xiaolin Showdown:
    Jack Spicer: *after defeating the monks and the Black Vipers* Say, who are all these people?
    Jessie: We're the Black Vipers, the most elite all-girl gang to ever roam these wild plains.
    Viper Girl: And since you have defeated us, our law demands that you inherit leadership of the Black Vipers.
    Jack: Yes...I guess this makes me QUEEN!
    *everybody stares*
    Jack: Uh...king.
  • The 1944 Popeye cartoon "Puppet Love" has a deliberate Freudian Slip. Popeye finds out Bluto crossed him with Olive with a Popeye marionette, so he knocks Bluto out and uses him as a marionette, staging an attempt on Olive's life. As Popeye jumps into to the "rescue":
    Popeye: Unhand that swine, you girl! Er, that girl, you swine!
  • Used in a literal sense in Anastasia when Sugmund Freud, singing along with "Paris Holds the Key," slips on a banana.
  • Pinkie Pie talking about a fancy ornament causes Cranky Doodle Donkey to have one about Matilda in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    Pinkie Pie: It's awfully pretty.
    Cranky: Yes, she was.
    Pinkie Pie: Huh?
    Cranky: I mean, it was, I mean, it is, yes, it's pretty, now put it down!
  • Gargamel in The Smurfs episode "Gargamel The Generous" tries to hide the fact that his sudden niceness to the Smurfs is because he wants the diamonds that they have found, though he accidentally refers to Papa Smurf as Papa Diamonds.
  • In Robots, after the main character Rodney Copperbottom saw that the landlord had a huge bottom, he tried to introduce himself.
    Rodney: I'm Rodney Bigbottom - No, I'm Rodney Copperbottom. Copperbottom.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), Donatello accidentally slips up when he's trying to convince April to try some pizza gyoza.
    Donnie: Just try one! Sometimes things that don’t seem like they go together actually make a great couple! *Realises what he just said* I mean food.
    • Donnie slips again in "The Gauntlet", refering to April as 'my April', before verbally backspacing to 'our April', and then finally settling on just 'April'.

    Real Wife - uh, Life, Life! 
  • A radio commentator said "Martina Navratilova has been beaten in straight sex. Sorry, sets."
    • A BBC newsreader who announced "Israel has been invaded by lesbian forces".
  • Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota had one during a Hockey game. "Now it's time to drop the I mean puck."
  • Instead of saying 'Bela kuca' (White House), a Serbian news anchor once said 'Bela kurac' which means 'white cock'.
  • George H.W. Bush has made a couple...interesting...gaffes.
    • About Ronald Reagan: "For seven and a half years I worked alongside him, and I'm proud of being his partner, and we had triumphs, we made some mistakes, we had some sex...setbacks."
    • Decades later: "Some of you may have gotten my ass email—my mass email...Freudian slip only!"
  • Silvio Berlusconi was complaining about the many charges against him, and said, that he already spent 200 million euros on "consultants and judges...consultants and lawyers."
  • One Dilbert Newsletter has an allegedly true story where a boss who is hiring his daughter as a higher up, and at the meeting he states "Now you may accuse me of incest, but-" and one of his employees says "Don't you mean Nepotism?"
  • It is amazing the number of valedictorians that say sex instead of success in graduation speeches. It always gets a big cheer from their peers however.
  • When credit cards were first introduced to Britain, one early prospectus had an interesting misprint: "The Access facility can be used at all stores displaying the red and greeD symbol."
  • Speaking about misprints, one edition of the Bible inadvertently dropped a "not" from the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery". (The printers received a heavy fine and most of the copies were recalled and destroyed; only 11 remain to this day.)
  • In a common anecdote, a vicar attempting to introduce actress Diana Dors by her real name - Diana Fluck - was so nervous about mispronouncing her name that he introduced her as 'Diana Clunt'.
  • This Memo
  • This post on FailBlog.
  • Not Always Right gives us this. Also, "Cockporn". (He meant "popcorn".)
  • Students often mistakenly call teachers 'Mum' or 'Dad' revealing a great deal of affection for said teachers in doing so.
    • Similarly, if a male (say) teacher is working in a school with no other male staff, he should get used to being addressed as "Miss" or "Mrs" very quickly, especially from the younger kids.
  • When U2 was presenting the "Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years" at David Letterman, one of the things mentioned by Edge was:
    "Cool name The Edge, Uncool name The Sting. The Itch!"
  • Freudian Slippers
  • Someone on Stupid Free Drama at LiveJournal once infamously referred to capslock comms as "cockslap comms".
  • Guy Sebastian in the Australian version of The X Factor had one here.
  • In an interview, French politician Rachida Dati once used the word "fellation" instead of "inflation."
  • This newscaster was talking about a report on a blind man who climbed mount Everest, and in doing so she made an...interesting slip. I wonder what's going on in her head when the camera's off?
  • Most likely, at least one person in your class have said "orgasm" for "organism" at school.
    • Or say "seduction" for "sedition" or "subduction".
    • A librarian once informed me that an octopus grasps its prey with its testicles.
    • Learning trigonometry, it is quite common to say "sex" when you mean "sec(x)", particularly because the latter sounds awkward.
  • This website. All of it.
  • In Geometry class, you can determine if a triangle is congruent to another by finding the lengths of certain parts. The Side-Side-Side Postulate is abbreviated to SSS, Angle-Side-Angle is ASA, and so on. While not a valid one, there is always someone who mistakenly tries to use Angle-Side-Side...
  • NHL analyst Darren Pang went on to comment about PK Subban, one of the very few black (and one of the most colorful) hockey player. He then compared him to Alex Pietrangelo, saying that Subban should be more like the latter who:
  • Following the assassination of the world's most wanted terrorist, Fox News reported "Obama bin Laden" dead.
  • Irish Sky News, reporting on the Hurricane Katrina, used the caption: "Bush: One of the worst disasters to hit the US".
  • This video of news anchor/reporter slip-ups is packed full of them.
  • This post on Tumblr.
  • When Meryl Streep accepted a BAFTA for Best Original Screeplay for Charlie Kaufman, (who won it for Adaptation.) she said: "I would like to thank BAFTA for this wonderful honor, I would like to spank... thank Spike Jonze...
  • Political slip, awful slip. A rather right wing German politician comments on the Charlie Hebdo attacks that they happened sooner than he hoped. Of course he wanted to say feared. In any case, rather left wing politicians rejoiced. (Minor shitstorm ensues.)
  • While announcing the nominees for Best Cinematography at the live 2015 Academy Award nominations, Academy head Cheryl Boone Isaacs meant to say "Dick Pope" (for Mr. Turner), but it came out as "Dick Poop". The flub became a meme almost faster than Isaacs could correct herself, and it's been viewed in the same light as John Travolta's "Adele Dazeem" flub.