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Freud Was Right
Don't you wish your schalldämpfer was this big?

"It may interest you to know, fräulein, that the carrot and the cucumber are both very powerful sexuality symbols. They represent the masculine phallic member. And you are vishing either to chop it up or to pickle it!"
Sigmund Freud, according to My Uncle Oswald

Sometimes also known as "Paging Dr. Freud..."

The truth is that All Men Are Perverts and All Women Are Lustful, but they are too ashamed of it. Thus, they express it in covert sexual symbolism and repressed desire everywhere, every time, with everybody. Not only is everyone Jesus in purgatoryeverything is about sex.

When any kind of long thin shape is a symbolic penis, or any hole that is oval is a symbolic vagina, you've got Freud Was Right in play. Obsession with sex is one of the core aspects of this trope, and is frequently lampshaded.

The Trope Namer is Dr. Sigmund Freud, a Viennese doctor who proposed a theory of human behavior and development based on the idea that all our behaviours are ultimately expressions of instinctual, biological desires. Like, for instance, sex.

Some say Freud was right about something else, too. Not to be confused with All Psychology Is Freudian and Everybody Has Lots of Sex. Frequently leads to Double Entendre and Accidental Innuendo.

See also Compensating for Something, Erotic Eating, Lecherous Licking, Looks Like She Is Enjoying It, Perverted Sniffing, and Phallic Weapon.

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alternative title(s): Phallic Symbol; Symbolic Rape; Sexual Symbolism; Paging Doctor Freud
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