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"Whatever else may divide us, Europe is our common home; a common fate has linked us through the centuries, and it continues to link us today."

Useful Notes on that place where a lot of Americans originate from via their ancestors. Nonetheless, American media often give the impression that Americans believe "Europe" to be one homogenous place (that is, the place next to their buddies in the UK) with minor regional variations in language and an annoying propensity for getting into wars and requiring American help to get out of them.

Note that some of the states mentioned below are usually considered European for cultural rather than geographical reasons, like Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan (near the border between continents, but technically Asian) or Cyprus and Armenia (geographically entirely Asian), while the "Europeanness" of Russia and Turkey has been disputed for centuries (and in any case, both have the majority of their territory in Asia).

In fact, the idea of Europe as a continent is more of a historical holdover than anything that can be objectively justified. There is no continental divide between Europe and Asia, (hence "Eurasian tectonic plate") and some even regard Europe as an Asian subcontinent with delusions of grandeur. Because of this, the exact definition of "Europe" has fluctuated wildly over time - for example, The Iron Man includes the line "all the countries of Europe can fit easily into Australia", which may confuse many modern readers unless they know that, to Ted Hughes, "Europe" stopped at the Iron Curtain. Areas whose "Europeanness" are open to debate include the British Isles, Scandinavia, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia west of the Urals, the Caucasus, etc. etc...

For the list of tropes related to Europe and Europeans, see the Europe Index.

The name "Europe" is derived from the name of the mythical rape victim Europa. Don't ask.

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Modern Countries

Note: EU member states marked with an asterisk (*), Eurozone members marked with a Euro sign (€), non-Eurozone Euro users marked with a Euro sign and exclamation point (€!).

Countries (undisputed):

The UK and Ireland

Western Europe

  • Andorra €!
  • France *€ (Southern half can also be considered to be part of Southern Europe)
  • Monaco €!
  • Portugal *€ (it can also be considered to be part of Southern Europe)
  • Spain *€ (it can also be considered to be part of Southern Europe)

The Low Countries (Benelux)

Central Europe

Southern Europe

The Nordic Countries

Eastern Europe

The Baltics

The Balkans (some of the nations are considered to be part of Southern Europe, according to the United Nations geoscheme)

The Caucasus (sometimes not considered part of Europe)

The Edges (Have territory in Europe but may not be considered part of it)

  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkey (though some people can make convincing arguments that Turkey is a part of, or at least very attached to, Europe)

Other entities:

Defunct Countries, Empires, States and other entities

Useful Notes and Other Articles Related to Europeans and European Culture

Europe in General

The UK and Ireland

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Western and Southern Europe

See France, Spain and Italy for everything solely related to those countries

The Balkans

Eastern Europe and Russia

See Russia for everything solely related to Russia

Central Europe and Benelux

See Germany for everything solely related to Germany

Nordic Europe

Caucasus and Edges

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