Art Nouveau

Looking good enough to eat.

A new style of decorative art that predominated much of the Fin de siècle (The Gay Nineties and The Edwardian Era), Art Nouveau's style consists of asymmetric and fluid movements, and naturalistic colors and themes. Its style was applied to every field, notably buildings, crafts, paintings, lithographic posters and furniture. The movement has influences from drawings of plant life, works by Alphonse Mucha, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, Oriental flavours, Neoclassical, Romantic, Post-impressionist and Expressionist movements. The style spread throughout Europe, where its mode was dubbed in many languages, either termed as "new", "modern" or "young" art.note  The style fell out of favour on or before World War One, and its style influenced and helped evolve Art Deco and other modernist movements.

This style predominates much of 1890s style Steam Punk. Note that art movments before 1890 range from Romantic to Impressionist.

Examples that include or applied about Art Nouveau: