Comic Book / Mystic
A Comic Book series published by CrossGen, Mystic is a story of magic and mysticism drawn in a conspicuously Art Nouveau style.

Set on the planet Ciress, where magic is an everyday profession and the magic guilds rule, the story follows the sisters Genevieve, the hardworking top sorceress, and Giselle, the spoiled socialite.

The magic guilds at the start of the series are:

  • Dark Magi Guild
  • Astral Guild
  • Shaman Guild
  • Enchantress Guild
  • Tantric Guild
  • Djinn Guild
  • Nouveau Guild

Mystic contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Magitek: A feature of the Nouveau Guild. Other guilds are more traditional.
  • Power Tattoo: Giselle getting the Sigil sets everything off.
  • Right Behind Me: In issue #1, Giselle is talking trash about Genevieve, not knowing she's standing right behind her. Oops.
  • The Roaring '20s: The culture of the Nouveau lands is pretty much this.