Italian Neorealism

If Fascist Italy covered up the truth about Italian society, Italian Neorealism was a post-fascist and late-fascist attempt at Brutal Honesty: show just how much life can suck for the people at the bottom rung of society. While many neorealist films are critically acclaimed, Italians eventually grew tired of despair: directors such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Federico Fellini ultimately took Italian cinema in a less strictly realistic, and to some extent Lighter and Softer, direction, but neorealism clearly retained its influence on later works: Uccellaci E Uccellini may not be strictly realistic, but the focus on the struggles of mere material existence shows lingering neorealist influence.

The trope was pioneered by Roberto Rossellini in Roma cittą aperta in 1945. Vittorio De Sica followed the suit with Bicycle Thieves.

Tropes often seen in Italian Neorealism include:

Notable Neorealist films include: