Spaghetti Western

A sub-genre of The Western, so called because they were produced by Italian studios (and tended to feature quite a bit of gore). These movies were typically shot in Spain, since the Tabernas Desert looks similar to Hollywood's idea of the old west. Since Spanish extras were readily available, Spaghetti Westerns often featured "Mexican" characters and themes, often focusing on the Mexican Revolution, border problems, or Mexican banditos. There was a whole sub-genre dedicated to politically-oriented westerns about the Mexican Revolution called the Zapata Western.

Spaghetti Westerns were originally scorned for their low budgets, fading Hollywood stars, and deconstruction of nearly every Western trope. However, the conventions found in Spaghetti Westerns later became staples of the genre and it was here that actor Clint Eastwood launched his movie career.

Some well-known Spaghetti Westerns are:

Others include:

Works influenced by the Spaghetti Western include: