Film: The Good, the Bad, the Weird

The Good, the Bad, the Weird is a colorful Korean film that plays omage to The Good The Bad And The Ugly, and a self described "Kimchi Western" by Wordof God. While the original is an epic Spaghetti Western, the remake is a more fast-paced and less serious action film.

Three Koreans in exile cross paths in 1930s Manchuria during the Japanese occupation. Park Chang-yi, the hitman/bandit leader, is hired to steal a treasure map from a Japanese official, but a train robber, Yoon Tae-goo, beats him to the punch — only to be captured by a Bounty Hunter, Park Do-won. Tae-goo talks Do-won into helping him search for the treasure instead, and they set off through the desert together, with Chang-yi's gang and the Japanese army in pursuit. During the action-filled chase that follows, each of the three turns out to have some hidden motives.

Compare and Contrast with Sukiyaki Western Django.

The Good, the Bad, the Weird provides examples of the following tropes:

Alternative Title(s):

The Good The Bad The Weird