Awesome: The Good, the Bad, the Weird

  • The massive Chase Scene at the climax of the film involving the three protagonists, the Japanese Army, the Manchurian bandits, lots of guns, explosions, and even a flail. 8 minutes of pure awesomeness, combined with some epic music... and all done without CGI. Arguably one of the best ever put to film.
  • The fight on the train at the beginning of the film, again accompanied with some great music.
    • Chang-yi only has to stand on train tracks, smoking a cigarette, to be cool.
    • Tae-goo's introduction: He's walking through the train, disguised as a waiter - we only see the back of him - breezing past a fight breaking out on a train and coolly ignoring his friend attempting to talk to him, then bursts into a Japanese military car, Guns Akimbo, shoots down several soldiers and holds up the rest. This is all before Chang-yi pulls the brakes, sending Tae-goo tumbling and ruining his imposing image, but it gives us a good impression that he is far more dangerous than he appears.
    • Do-won's introduction: rescuing a little Chinese girl by expertly shooting her captor with a shotgun.
  • The fight in the Ghost Market, complete with lots of improvised Fast Roping by Do-won (The Good).