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Film: Dollars Trilogy
The "Dollars Trilogy" (also known as "The Man with No Name Trilogy") is a trilogy of Spaghetti Western films by Sergio Leone. It consists of, in order of production:

They are tied together by these things:

  1. Directed and co-written by Sergio Leone.
  2. A soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone.
  3. Being Westerns filmed far from America — in Spain, since it has more Wild West-type terrain than Italy does.
  4. Clint Eastwood is in all of them, popularly referred to as The Man With No Name (Although he is referred to by a different name in each film, ("Joe", "Manco", and "Blondie" respectively), all of them are nicknames given to him by another character, and it's unclear whether he is even supposed to be the same character).

The Dollars Trilogy is simultaneously a Thematic Series (there are no story connections at all) and a Deconstructor Fleet. Together, they tell how the West was tamed, and where Men with No Name fit in all of that.

This series ended Black and White Morality in later Westerns. It also made everyone who made Westerns after these films want to cast Clint Eastwood.

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alternative title(s): Man With No Name Trilogy; Dollars Trilogy; The Dollars Trilogy; The Dollars Trilogy
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