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Lighter and Softer
Well, fans feared this would happen, and this was Blizzard trolling them.

"We're gonna fly to school each morning, we're gonna smile the entire time,
We're gonna be more happy, we're gonna finally be fine!
We're gonna get more calm and normal, we're gonna fix our state of mind,
We're gonna be less crazy, we're gonna finally be fine!"

The Light twin of Darker and Edgier, when something is Tone Shifted to be more kid friendly and frothy than the original source. This can either happen to a show over time, or it can be the result of deliberate ExecutiveMeddling. It could be a deliberate throwback to a pre-Cerebus Syndrome incarnation. Thus, a Lighter And Softer reboot may often follow an incarnation which made a point of being Darker and Edgier. Finally, if an adult or more serious TV show or movie has a spin-off aimed at children, this can be the result. Just like its brother extreme, Lighter and Softer can leave just as bad of a taste in longtime fan's mouths as Darker and Edgier if handled poorly.

At its most extreme it can turn a previously vibrant cast into Flat Characters and remove a lot of the show's appeal or even cause fans to abandon the work entirely. If it shoehorns Black and White morality into the work and makes everyone clear heroes and villains, then expect people to complain about the loss of subtlety in the setting, or feel like the writers are talking down to them.

In video games, it can lead to It's Easy, so It Sucks. Though just because a video game is cute doesn't mean that it is always easy — and just because a game is fun doesn't mean it's worthless, either.

In music, this may result in an artist merely recording a Surprisingly Gentle Song, or it could lead to the artist having a complete Genre Shift to a lighter genre (or perhaps Tastes Like Diabetes).

Often found alongside Denser and Wackier, and Younger and Hipper. Also often signaled by an increase in wacky humor.

Just like with Darker and Edgier, please keep in mind that Tropes Are Not Bad. Sometimes when something is lighter and softer than its initial source material, it doesn't mean it's automatically bad. It usually depends on who creates/writes said material as well as how subtly they make the transition. Executive Meddling may of course be at fault; "We gotta appeal to the kids!" But other reasons include trying to be more mainstream, to change an unpopular run, to appeal to another demographic, to recognize and dispel Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy etc. The Lighter and Softer run can end up being positively remembered for years to come. It just depends on who's behind the product and how they execute it.

Compare Bowdlerise, Disneyfication, Menace Decay, Badass Decay, Sequel Difficulty Drop, Reverse Cerebus Syndrome, WAFF.


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alternative title(s): Lighter And Fluffier; Light Fluff; Fluffy Reboot
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