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Quotes: Lighter and Softer
Jay: I liked the cartoon, but I didn't like that they incorporated stuff from that cartoon into the movie. None of the Ghostbusters smoke anymore...
Rich: Well, this movie was made for the kids.
Jay: And I was a kid, and I hated that fact! It drove me nuts!

Chris: As much as the tone shift to cartoony nonsense is weird at time, I do really like Cobra Commander Shredder, crawling out of a pile of garbage and being frustrated that he accidentally made mutant babies. Again: I’m a sucker for that stuff.
Matt: It’s amusing, and the actor who does Shredder’s voice plays it with just the right amount of exasperation.
Chris: He is understandably frustrated that his life has turned into a cartoon.

"Yup, the comic and movie are pretty much identical — as long as you cut out all the "I make this look good"s and "It just be rainin' black people in New York!"s and replace them with a whole bunch of murder. The whole point of the comic is that the Men in Black — like the modern urban folklore that they take their name from — are the brutal enforcers of a secret fascist state that controls every detail of modern life. I seriously cannot impress upon you what massive dicks they are. Remember the "neurolyzer" device that Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) uses to convince a housewife that the alien she saw was swamp gas refracting off of Venus, and then Will Smith gets to be charming and convince her to hire an interior decorator because damn? In the comics, they still have neurolyzers, only K uses them to convince teenagers to kill themselves."

Yahtzee: Why don't we just have a Modern Warfare game where you fight aliens from space? And then all the countries get together and be big pals!... And then the games'll be about killing them, and they'll be kinda nonplussed about it.
Gabriel: You xenophobic bastards.

"JYD caught Randy Savage’s steel chair and proceeded to smash his own head into it eight times. If this were today’s WWE, Junkyard Dog would have been fines for each of those chair shots."

"When the Alpha Quadrant used to be a fluffy playpen for Picard to have adventures in has become at this point in DS9’s mythology a dark, unfriendly, dangerous place where death haunts you in every nook and cranny. The Delta Quadrant in comparison is like a Federation vacation spot. I reckon they should find another Caretaker and catapult ships into this region of space whenever things have become too exciting in the Alpha Quadrant so a Captain and his/her crew can have a rest.
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Tsunkatse"

"Data was rehearsing a production of their play H.M.S. Pinafore before he left. Apparently, [Picard's] big plan is to distract Data... with a sing-along.

Just let that sink in for a minute. They're going to distract what's basically an ambulatory, talking computer (which you'd think would be a pretty damn good multitasker, at the very least) with a sing-along. Is it any wonder the franchise died a slow death?

Incidentally, it becomes painfully clear why they had to resolve the Data crisis in this preposterous way, once you know that Michael Piller was given a mandate to make this film 'lighter' than the generally excellent
First Contact. Hey, why have drama and conflict, when instead you can have Picard sing Data into submission?"

"[W]hat De Palma does is completely sever the balls to this satire. The first half of this movie is dedicated to the fact (Tom) Hanks’ character is a nice guy. NO HE’S NOT! That’s the point. He’s a dick and he gets his comeuppance. There is not supposed to be a likable character in this whole affair. Everyone is motivated by greed, fame, and power. It’s a nihilistic work... We even get a “message” from Morgan Freeman by the end of how we should all just get along. It even has the lines, and I sh*t you not this is what he says “Be decent! Its what your mamma taught ya!

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