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Fake Scot

A non-Scottish actor pretending to be a Scottish character.

Scottish people in particular get very tetchy about foreign actors trying to pull off their accent, probably because we're so conditioned to it being done badly that we can't accept that someone might actually be good at it.

Not to be confused with No True Scotsman.


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    Live Action TV 
  • James Doohan as Scotty in Star Trek: The Original Series.
    • He was actually able to do extremely good Scottish accents. It was Gene Roddenberry and the show's producers who made him tone it down to the cod-Scottish accent you hear on Star Trek. In his audition, he first did Glasgow. Bad move. He then tried the different Aberdeen accent. Still unintelligible to non-Scottish ears. Finally, on the Daphne-Moon-out-of-Frasier principle, he had to adopt a compromise accent that was vaguely there somewhere (just as Daphne Moon's Manchester accent does what it's meant to - except in Manchester). We who actually live in Manchester accepted that Daphne's Manchester accent isn't meant for us - it's to convey the general impression to Americans, while being intelligible to them. Same thing with James Doohan's Scotty: conveying the general idea of Scottishness while still comprehensible to Yanks. Not meant for genuine Scottish people to listen to, alas. Just think how Americans would take to a real Glasgow accent (it's why Billy Connolly's American sitcom went tits up. (For that, could you imagine Daphne Moon having a REAL Manchester-area accent, let's say the sort of broad Boltonian of Peter Kaye?)
    • Later, Simon Pegg (which unlike the Canadian Doohan, is at least British - though from England) in the Star Trek reboot. His accent was heavier to highlight Scotty's Plucky Comic Relief nature.
  • A rather weird example in Doctor Who, where the actor David Tennant has a Scottish accent in real life, then plays a character with an English accent, who in universe fakes a Scottish accent.
    • Doctor Who also has a standard example in the Second Doctor's Scottish companion Jamie McCrimmon, played by the English actor Frazer Hines. (Funnily enough, David Tennant's character used Jamie's name while faking that Scottish accident - giving us an English-accented character played by a Scottish actor who goes by the name of a Scottish-accented character who was played by an English actor!)
  • Discussed here by Tom Hanks in an appearance on The Late Late Show. Hanks claims you can do a stereotypical Scottish accent by saying "silver plate" in a particular way.
  • Emma Thompson in a couple of roles, but most notably in Tutti Frutti. Distinct from most other examples in that she's actually pretty good at it.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Roddy Piper is billed as being from Glasgow, Scotland, and even wears a kilt. He's actually from Canada.

  • Barry Cryer as Hamish and Alison Steadman as Mrs Naughtie in Hamish and Dougal. Dougal is an interesting case, because Graeme Garden is from Aberdeenshire, but grew up in England and doesn't have a noticable Scottish accent normally ... and in any case is clearly matching his performance to the comedy accent used by Cryer.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation